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14 dagen geleden
10 Best COMEBACKS This Season!
28 dagen geleden
Joe Findlay-Bada
Joe Findlay-Bada 6 minuten geleden
Zeki Celik not doing himself any favours with his Euro performances 😬
ruth juday
ruth juday 21 minuut geleden
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Manu Rawal
Manu Rawal 31 minuut geleden
Bernardo must go to Atletico in Barcelona he will another pjanic
Shaq from #ShaqTV
Shaq from #ShaqTV 32 minuten geleden
Been waiting for Paulo to come to PSG for awhile. He should be getting 30-40 goals a season smfh
O pvt
O pvt Uur geleden
Barcelona failed Coutinho not the other way round
Chibuike Ezeh
Chibuike Ezeh Uur geleden
I think united should sign dybala to refind his form instead of sancho. Salah should go to psg and sancho should replace salah at liverpool. Kieffer moore should replace kane at spurs while kane should replace aguero at city
Hugo Thompson
Hugo Thompson 30 minuten geleden
What is the point of dybala at UTD when they have Bruno and need a winger
Shankar Narayanan
Shankar Narayanan 2 uur geleden
I think lamptey to arsenal would be perfect too
Tomas Harrison
Tomas Harrison 2 uur geleden
Would love to see zaha or thuram at spurs
Andrew Ragoo
Andrew Ragoo 2 uur geleden
1.25 speed ftw
Micah Kiyimba
Micah Kiyimba 2 uur geleden
I mean AC Milan is about to Make Kessie the Capitano..with a deal that makes his salary 2.5 times bigger.I think Utd can get him..but not below 75M..that is for sure
Mohasin Sohag
Mohasin Sohag 2 uur geleden
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Kai Uwe Buchsner
Kai Uwe Buchsner 2 uur geleden
Bailey isn‘t worth 40 mil. As a Dortmund fan i hope they won‘t go for him.
Tony tone
Tony tone 2 uur geleden
Did u see celic in the euros
Max Diego
Max Diego 2 uur geleden
No Kevin Nolan?! Disrespect even now lol
Masivuye 3 uur geleden
Bissouma at Man City under Pep would be Kante on steroids
Rants 'N' Bantz
Rants 'N' Bantz 3 uur geleden
Arsenal should just give up get relegated and win the championship hahaha
Mauro Victoor
Mauro Victoor 3 uur geleden
Lokonga to Arsenal?
Alen V
Alen V 3 uur geleden
Really sad that Ac Milan isn’t even linked to Vlahovic. Seems like he could be the perfect replacement for an old Zlatan
Fifa- Legend7
Fifa- Legend7 3 uur geleden
Make the academy less expensive to play and send high US prospects 13-17 year olds to a youth academy Team in England, Netherlands, Spain for best development.
Abdullateef Busari
Abdullateef Busari 4 uur geleden
sign kessie , sign kessie , declan rice isnt a better player
Alex George
Alex George 4 uur geleden
Kounde should stay at Sevilla for at least 1 or 2 more seasons, gain some more experience playing against Real and Barca.
TC 4 uur geleden
The best players at the Euros are Switzerland's Embolo and Hungary's Sallai. Chelsea should buy them both.
Yohaan Alexander Thomas
Statistically speaking, Kessie is far too similar to McTominay in that he's more box to box than a DM despite playing there, don't think he'd dictate play and make us move the ball better.
Super Penguin 64
Super Penguin 64 4 uur geleden
To be honest setting a 100M fee on declan rice isnt surprising, danny drinkwater cost 35M and rice is 5x better than him so id consider it reasonable
Krish 3 uur geleden
Rice is worth 50-60 mill at the most and this is being brutally honest
Abdullateef Busari
Abdullateef Busari 4 uur geleden
That's not how valuation works mate, first drinkwater ain't worth 35 .and with that logic rice should be worth 45 since Sancho has more than twice the impact. unless a player can take over the game himself, he shouldn't be near that 100 million mark . Rice just like 90 percent of english players , is highly overvalued.
Kyle Castellanos
Kyle Castellanos 4 uur geleden
Navas to Juventus makes more sense to me, especially since he will most likely not want to compete against Donnaruma for the position. Though he is aging, surely he is head and shoulders above this Audero guy
Srim 1
Srim 1 4 uur geleden
psg want to loan donnaruma
Mark Bradshaw
Mark Bradshaw 4 uur geleden
AC Milan value Kessie at 80,000,000.
Micah Kiyimba
Micah Kiyimba 2 uur geleden
@Gtvgj Gygujh They are definitely resigning hmi to a new deal in the summer
Gtvgj Gygujh
Gtvgj Gygujh 4 uur geleden
1 year left on his contract
Rithesh Rao
Rithesh Rao 4 uur geleden
Il Presidente is not for sale buddy
Micah Kiyimba
Micah Kiyimba 2 uur geleden
@Krish Does not matter..Kessie actually loves being in Milan. Plus Utd is toxic af.
Rithesh Rao
Rithesh Rao 3 uur geleden
@Krish look as a fan I feel bad for losing donnarumma but the fact is he is too costly for us. And calhanoglu is inconsistent most of the time . But it's different for kessie. He is consistent from last one and half season. And his salary is affordable so I think there is no way milan let him go.
Krish 3 uur geleden
@Rithesh Rao well you all said the same about donarumma, calhanoglu etc not that he will end up like them but we really are desperate for someone like him, really desperate and don’t worry my club won’t move for him cuz it’s sensible
Rithesh Rao
Rithesh Rao 3 uur geleden
@Krish he is the first priority for Milan in terms of contract extension. and already extension works are in progress. More than that he wants to stay in milan.
Krish 3 uur geleden
1 yr left on his contract
Samuel Ingram
Samuel Ingram 4 uur geleden
Manchester United should swap Diogo dalot for Franck kessie for cash
tinashe lungu
tinashe lungu 4 uur geleden
No one knows what's gonna happen to arsenal this window. Can only hope good things
Øyvind Aanderaa
Øyvind Aanderaa 4 uur geleden
Very misleading on Kessie. Most of his goals are penalties, which he wouldn't take for United.
Mthokozisi Ndlovu
Mthokozisi Ndlovu 4 uur geleden
Arsenal need every player on this list
TheBlackSwordsman 99
TheBlackSwordsman 99 2 uur geleden
Kroenke probably given Arteta about £10 and a packet of crisps.
Samuel mesfin
Samuel mesfin 3 uur geleden
But they won't spend as usually
JuiceStain 123
JuiceStain 123 4 uur geleden
Kessié is incredible
Milly Mahinra
Milly Mahinra 4 uur geleden
Is this Doughie? Whoever it is come be sporting director at Arsenal. You can't understand that decision and Neither can I. There is no defending a Decision like this unless we get Camavinga,we probably have a bigger chance of landing Grealish than him. Edu Gaspar,why?
Robester D
Robester D 4 uur geleden
Camavinga is on an expiring contract next year, and didnt have the greatest season, perfect stepping stone club
Joe Mc
Joe Mc 5 uur geleden
Sancho will not go to United. Am telling yah
Joe Mc
Joe Mc 3 uur geleden
@mustafa abdullahi #GLAZERSOUT #oleout #conte in no1 cares about what? United I agree
mustafa abdullahi #GLAZERSOUT #oleout #conte in
@Joe Mc no one cares
Joe Mc
Joe Mc 3 uur geleden
@very very honest pessi fan much worse like Pepsi compare to Coca-Cola
mustafa abdullahi #GLAZERSOUT #oleout #conte in
@Ciaran Grimes ok mate
very very honest pessi fan
@Ciaran Grimes well tbf it still counts
Fernando Silva
Fernando Silva 5 uur geleden
I think Dortmund will end up signing Malen, who will probably be the Thuram guy for Marco Rose
Joe Mc
Joe Mc 4 uur geleden
@Fernando Silva oh I see, aha
Fernando Silva
Fernando Silva 4 uur geleden
@Joe Mc none of your business😉
Joe Mc
Joe Mc 4 uur geleden
@Fernando Silva 😂 what do you watch then?
Fernando Silva
Fernando Silva 4 uur geleden
It’s pretty easy to trigger premier fans😂
Fernando Silva
Fernando Silva 4 uur geleden
@whythelongface thanks for the help bro
mustafa abdullahi #GLAZERSOUT #oleout #conte in
Honestly united should sign kessie he has a year left on his contract and is a upgrade on mcfred
El Derpito
El Derpito 2 uur geleden
@J haych 🤨
J haych
J haych 3 uur geleden
He can't play that role
Ankur Mehul Sarkar
Ankur Mehul Sarkar 4 uur geleden
@Robester D McKessie
Robester D
Robester D 4 uur geleden
Robert Arrowsmith
Robert Arrowsmith 5 uur geleden
1st comment
Baraka Mandi
Baraka Mandi 6 uur geleden
We shouldn't keep a player in the club who doesn't want to be there
Soopun Zoubayr
Soopun Zoubayr 7 uur geleden
What about wan bissaka? The lad has barely been given the chance by southgate
Ramouy Mitchlel
Ramouy Mitchlel 8 uur geleden
What Eder was one of Madrid’s best defenders last season🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️
Joe Dawson
Joe Dawson 8 uur geleden
Jaafar Naseredine
Jaafar Naseredine 9 uur geleden
I hope they do great in the euros and do a big surprise like Iceland did back in 2016
B0bby Moon
B0bby Moon 10 uur geleden
Sterling, B Silva, Mahrez, 1 of them need to go if the price is right
Rune LB
Rune LB 6 uur geleden
@B0bby Moon Sterling ain’t good enough for you, so he could go
B0bby Moon
B0bby Moon 7 uur geleden
@Rune LB I am not saying 3 of them are not good What I am saying is there are too many attacking player in our squad. We will need to make good use of our money if we decided to buy Kane + Grealish
Rune LB
Rune LB 7 uur geleden
Mahrez is so much better than both.