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How To Fix Barcelona | Extra Time
4 maanden geleden
Mark W
Mark W 3 uur geleden
Just a suggestion; would it be possible to get better Mics for the pod? The sound quality is so bad especially through headphones! Other than that great pod keep it up
Bready 3 uur geleden
I'm really not one to complain, but Henry's audio sounds dog. Love the podcast, keep it up :)
England vs Scotland would be some match...
PHR 29
PHR 29 5 uur geleden
Italy won’t get past the quarter finals. They most likely get past the round of 16 but getting past the quarters the way they played against Turkey is not possible for me. People are hyping them up and I want them to get far as I am part italian in my family, but turkey came out and really frustrated them defensively forcing them wide with the ball. Against a more quality side with a dominant midfield as well, Italy will suffer given the way they played. Turkey piled their players in the middle of the pitch but didn’t try to keep possession and their midfield was there as a blockade and didn’t do much. If you watched the game you’d see what I mean.
Harjot Singh Cheema
Harjot Singh Cheema 5 uur geleden
Dougie is the David Alaba of football daily
Matthew Hedge
Matthew Hedge 7 uur geleden
You can’t tell they were drunk when they were watching the game talking as if England played like Prime Barcelona 🤣
J H 8 uur geleden
Not a dark horse. They’re a proper horse. An Italian stallion 🤣
Sam O
Sam O 4 uur geleden
Funniest bit 😂😂
Aga Andrei
Aga Andrei 9 uur geleden
I don't think people are booing the 'taking the knee' because they are racists but because it is seen as a political movement.
Liam Micheli
Liam Micheli 5 uur geleden
@Sean Burtt Yeah that and all the riots that happened lol, Look i agree with fighting racism but it should be something other than the knee. The knee is associated with BLM thats why it is booed. BLM itself is a really fucked up organisation that relies on donates under the pretence that it is benefiting black people. In reality majority of the donations got pocketed by the organisers
Sean Burtt
Sean Burtt 5 uur geleden
@Liam Micheli what do u mean BLM stuff? Do you mean a man being murdered whilst begging for help from people are supposed to protect him? Is that just ‘BLM stuff’ to you? It was linked to Black Lives Matter because it is quite obvious that to way too many people Black lives don’t matter. When the players take the knee they are taking a stand against racism not one player has said I’m taking the knee because I love the Black Lives Matter
Liam Micheli
Liam Micheli 5 uur geleden
@Sean Burtt Well the kneeling started from the BLM Stuff last year
Sean Burtt
Sean Burtt 6 uur geleden
@Liam Micheli BLM has got nothing to do with them taking the knee, not one player has said they’re doing it for BLM they are doing it to bring attention to racial injustice and if you boo the players going out on the pitch to try and win us a Euros then I dunno if you’re racist but you’re definitely a wrongun
Liam Micheli
Liam Micheli 6 uur geleden
@Sean Burtt BLM (the organisation) is a political movement/Weapon. Booing the knee doesn't make you a racist either.
Sebastiaan ten Broeke
Sebastiaan ten Broeke 9 uur geleden
Dumfries did not play bad but he is very lucky getting out the game rated so high. Missed 2 huge changes. was involved in the other 2 goals with a bad cross but if it was good would have been a 100% changes with 2 free players in front of goal. But due to pure luck the ball ended up with Wijnaldum who scored. And the second goal he lost the ball in the box trying to walk through 2 players and again, by no means his plan or skill, it ended up with weghorst who scored. And it wasn’t that he was involved with these chances and goals because he made a amazing pass or dribble. every time it was because someone else gave a amazing pass to him. Giving him allot of space. again he did not play bad but if he didn’t score a last minute winner people wouldn’t been positive about his performance
boi boi
boi boi 9 uur geleden
Rafa Silva was surprisingly impactful.
Marinus de Jager
Marinus de Jager 9 uur geleden
Locatelli should start over Jorginho and I'm a chelsea fan
Marinus de Jager
Marinus de Jager 8 uur geleden
@Duncan Walter Surely veratti comes back and replaces one of them though? I feel like you could push florenzi a lot higher and play a single pivot of locatelli instead of the double with jorginho sitting. You definitely have a point when it comes to big games though because that two in midfield gives them a LOT of solidity
Duncan Walter
Duncan Walter 8 uur geleden
@Marinus de Jager but again, locatelli and jorginho play well together so there's no need to drop one for the other. Plus the role Jorginho plays for Italy is vital for them and Locatelli can't fulfill that same role, even if he is a better carrier with the ball
Marinus de Jager
Marinus de Jager 9 uur geleden
@GunMan Khan 'Balling' will get you nowhere if he can't defend counters. Italy is having to keep a fullback back to cover for him when they could just play veratti. Im not expert though 😂
Marinus de Jager
Marinus de Jager 9 uur geleden
@Duncan Walter Because locatelli offers everything he does going forward and you dont have to rig your entire system to fit him in.
GunMan Khan
GunMan Khan 9 uur geleden
No way. Jorginho was balling out against Turkey
Daniel Krob
Daniel Krob 9 uur geleden
Change the name to Dougie Daily already.
HarolddPvP 10 uur geleden
Fix your audio lads…
Ben 10 uur geleden
Audio mehh
Yuvraj Singh
Yuvraj Singh 10 uur geleden
You know what hitc uploaded today though right ???
Yuvraj Singh
Yuvraj Singh 8 uur geleden
@Football Daily Podcasts i am pro fd but I boota know who replied 😂😂🤣🤣 my guess is JOE
Football Daily Podcasts
Michael H
Michael H 10 uur geleden
Simon Kjær, and not because of the Eriksen-incident. The guy has literally been a top 3 CB in the world for the past three-four years. Best CB in Serie A by a country mile.
Michael H
Michael H 7 uur geleden
Ruben Dias has only been good for two seasons calm down. And De Ligt???? You don't watch Serie A.
Andy S
Andy S 7 uur geleden
not top 3 but you are right. i would say the inter back 3 and de ligt are better. kjaer right behind
ytp 123
ytp 123 8 uur geleden
I think you're overating kjaer on the fact he saved Eriksen he's a decent defender but no more than that he's no better than van dijk koulibally and Ruben dias and there are so many more defenders better than kjaer , a decent defender but no more than that
Michael H
Michael H 9 uur geleden
@Viggo Martinsson There's been one game lol. Pretty early to call someone underrated. My point is Kjær is the most underrated player at the tournament, which is an answer to the title question.
Michael H
Michael H 10 uur geleden
@Nipun PRAKASH Over the past 3-4 years consistently, Kjær has been a top 3 CB. That's what i said. Idk what you're on about, and Varane is definently not a top CB. 10-15 for Kjær is laughable, please don't speak.
TB 10 uur geleden
Locatelli has really impressed me💯I finally agree with you guys because you’ve been singing his praises for a long time
Mahesh Menon
Mahesh Menon 10 uur geleden
Henry Hill back again! Things you love to see
mango chutney
mango chutney 10 uur geleden
Wow amazing video (I haven't watched it yet but ik it's gonna be good) 😂
Football Daily Podcasts
Who has surprised you so far at EURO2020?
Akhil Sadasivam
Akhil Sadasivam 6 uur geleden
Schick's 51 yard goal!!!
Andy S
Andy S 7 uur geleden
Hamsik; still got it. Spinazzola but it wasn’t a surprise for those who actually knew him
Saveli Amaru šAKA
Saveli Amaru šAKA 8 uur geleden
@Change Begins ok mate
Change Begins
Change Begins 9 uur geleden
@Saveli Amaru šAKA yeah I know 50% of them are playing in the wrong continent but I'm not being a snowflake. Being a snowflake is pandering to a political gesture that does nothing but hate us and our way of life. We are a European country not an African one.
Saveli Amaru šAKA
Saveli Amaru šAKA 9 uur geleden
@Change Begins u do understand that 50% of english players are black? And if they want to do that its their right to do that? You commenting here is the most snowflake thing you can do
Cataleya Gomez
Cataleya Gomez 2 dagen geleden
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Columbo 2 dagen geleden
luke colebourne
luke colebourne 2 dagen geleden
Big up all the chefs! 👨‍🍳 I’ll be in the prem in no time 🤣
Karrie Williams
Karrie Williams 2 dagen geleden
Love the content
Fred Schneider ate my baby
FootballExpert 3 dagen geleden
Zac I HATE u
Greg Heffley
Greg Heffley 3 dagen geleden
If pat has a boy at any point he must call him Memphis van straten
TheFootballScoop 3 dagen geleden
Such a top bloke
J Zz
J Zz 3 dagen geleden
Kicking should be a 99 just for the League cup 2011
Ariel Luna
Ariel Luna 4 dagen geleden
Ahhh yes Ben Foster the Cycling Gk and Football Daily final meeting up 🔥
Back Stronger
Back Stronger 4 dagen geleden
Foster was good on that peter crouch podcast. Top pro. Hopefully gets more game time next season in the prem
Khiem Vo Thanh
Khiem Vo Thanh 4 dagen geleden
Ben foster what a guy
ben tarbuck
ben tarbuck 4 dagen geleden
its so refreshing seeing people talk about football that actually enjoy it, brilliant video. what a great guy foster is
Josh Sykes
Josh Sykes 4 dagen geleden
Zac's smiley face!😂
LOUIS 2005
LOUIS 2005 4 dagen geleden
Awesome interview from Zac as well 👍
LOUIS 2005
LOUIS 2005 4 dagen geleden
KJY 4 dagen geleden
Let'sssss goooooo!!! We got the Cycling GK on the pod!
Swagato Sarkar
Swagato Sarkar 4 dagen geleden
Loved this!
Alex 4 dagen geleden
Need to podcast a week
Hubba Bubba
Hubba Bubba 5 dagen geleden
This aged well
VintageBS 5 dagen geleden
I’ll keep saying it. I love that you guys say Obaseki the correct way. 🇳🇬
Corey Brooks
Corey Brooks 5 dagen geleden
Arsenal and Spurs are garbage, and Chelsea is about to secure Halaand after just winning the champions league. Life's good lol
Steve Veasey
Steve Veasey 6 dagen geleden
From the future - we still don't know and Spurs are so desperate they might go for Paulo Fonseca...
Craig Bennett
Craig Bennett 6 dagen geleden
Always had Hamill down as a catcher not a pitcher 😜
Elisabeth Roberts
Elisabeth Roberts 6 dagen geleden
16:30: Actually I heard it had to do with the length of the contract because apparently Gini wanted closer to three or four years while Klopp wanted a shorter deal.
Davy Peters
Davy Peters 6 dagen geleden
What about Gerrard to Spurs?
Regan Brannigan
Regan Brannigan 6 dagen geleden
Barca fans underrating Wijnaldum. Maybe a bit of salt after he tore them a new one
Alex Orpin
Alex Orpin 6 dagen geleden
Dougs was fangirling so hard when he said Sebastian Larson 😂😂
gambo hassan
gambo hassan 6 dagen geleden
Norwich want 10% sales closed on buendia arsenal refuse £34M plus 10% sales closed
Jose Tobon
Jose Tobon 6 dagen geleden
Only in the uk?? Or only in Europe or can I play here in the U.S
Mauri 1991
Mauri 1991 6 dagen geleden
The world is full of good, yer affordable CBs for Levy to choose from: Mingueza, D Leite, Caleta-Car, Botman, Schuurs, Kabak
Tom D
Tom D 7 dagen geleden
What is with the sad bum fluff he will look like Gary Neville once he starts dying his barnet.
ted framp
ted framp 7 dagen geleden
Thoughts on Ruben neves to Arsenal ?
TheBlackSwordsman 99
TheBlackSwordsman 99 6 dagen geleden
@Oscar Jennings Doesn't have as many howlers either.
Oscar Jennings
Oscar Jennings 6 dagen geleden
@Daniel Murray sort of, but i think hes better on the ball and more creative than xhaka, probably not as good a leader though
Daniel Murray
Daniel Murray 6 dagen geleden
@Oscar Jennings so he’s exactly like Xhaka? Xhaka gets a lot of hate but his passing is top tier and he has good defensive output
Oscar Jennings
Oscar Jennings 6 dagen geleden
personally would prefer bissouma, but hes an excellent deep passer with solid defensive stats and hes only 24 so wouldn't mind it at all
It ain't Obeezy
It ain't Obeezy 7 dagen geleden
No Pat no party, get him back on the pod, he’s not a woman he doesn’t need months off
TheBlackSwordsman 99
TheBlackSwordsman 99 6 dagen geleden
Nah in the UK men get paternity leave as it should be.
It ain't Obeezy
It ain't Obeezy 6 dagen geleden
@joe poole 😆
joe poole
joe poole 7 dagen geleden
It ain't Obeezy
It ain't Obeezy 7 dagen geleden
Coco what a horrible name, literally a dog/stripper name
Callum Spooner
Callum Spooner 7 dagen geleden
You can tell Sam's a Chelsea fan 😂 "why don't they just buy buendia and Odergaard?" not everyone buys their success!
TheBlackSwordsman 99
TheBlackSwordsman 99 6 dagen geleden
Yeah it's like he thinks it's FIFA or that Kroenke actually cares.
James Mourant
James Mourant 6 dagen geleden
Cuss no players wants to sign for Arsenal 😂
Toye 89
Toye 89 7 dagen geleden
I honestly don't get Hammels hype with Potter 🤷‍♂️
Nathan Brown
Nathan Brown 7 dagen geleden
PSG bringing in Wijnaldum, and Donnaruma on a free and then getting hakimi and possibly another winger they will be champions league favorites. Hakimi is one of the most under rated players in the world and will improve them greatly
Edward Burgos
Edward Burgos 7 dagen geleden
Another great ep guys. Just curious have any of the FD squad caught Ted Lasso on Apple+? Think you guys would like it and a WNTT on it would be awesome.
Matthew Parker
Matthew Parker 7 dagen geleden
BANYHU123 7 dagen geleden
Literally no actual Barca fan cared that Gini went to PSG 😂 if anything we hailed PSG for “stealing” the player from us.
Sam O
Sam O 7 dagen geleden
X Saber
X Saber 7 dagen geleden
I don't see Conte getting a job for a year and maybe next summer if Poch leaves he goes to PSG
Van Ameyde
Van Ameyde 7 dagen geleden
Kick in the nuts FanTeam doesn’t support Canadians yet can’t bet. That stupid:/ disappointed as hell damn.
Aakash Kumar
Aakash Kumar 7 dagen geleden
Spurs can't support any of their managers cause they are billion dollars in debt . They aren't gonna spend shit
X Saber
X Saber 7 dagen geleden
Show starts at 6:10
unstoppableExodia 5 dagen geleden
Big Burrito
Big Burrito 7 dagen geleden
Pellegrini would easily be the most elite player at Arsenal aside from maybe Kieran Tierney or Thomas Partey
Rory 7 dagen geleden
Completely agree with Chris apart from CB this Tottenham squad is probably the 5th best in the league
Kev M
Kev M 7 dagen geleden
We are only getting worse tho
tom brown
tom brown 7 dagen geleden
Kronke does not care its clear we know it other fans might not but we already do I can't wait til fans are chanting #ekin #kronkeout #Artetaout on TV next season fuck arsenal right now its not the club I grew up supporting
Delon Thompson
Delon Thompson 7 dagen geleden
Imagine Football F*ck Ups season end Special Featuring Rhys James on Football Daily
Ishaan DW
Ishaan DW 7 dagen geleden
More Barcelona fans are happy about not signing Wijnaldum. Barca have 3-4 promising midfielders coming through.
Yann Dylan
Yann Dylan 7 dagen geleden
We were pretending to be angry in a very sarcastic way, we're glad psg swooped in
Caden Turner
Caden Turner 7 dagen geleden
For Arsenal the best realistic scenario this summer would be calhanoglu since he’s been a target for years, finally get rid and ambitiously replace xhaka (neves and camavinga could both use a new environment to grow etc) as well as a young left back maybe Robinson out of Fulham
Caden Turner
Caden Turner 6 dagen geleden
@TheBlackSwordsman 99 I didn’t say get both, that would be unbalanced and pointless. they were just two examples
TheBlackSwordsman 99
TheBlackSwordsman 99 6 dagen geleden
Neves and Camavinga would be around £120 mil. Kroenke ain't backing Arteta so it means we're gonna have to raise money from player sales and with the covid market most of them aren't gonna go for their value. We ain't getting both of them and it's gonna be another disappointing window.
Xasew 7 dagen geleden
Wijnaldum was easily the least important out of the four free transfers available to Barcelona. None of the fans seemed to care about this transfer hijack.
Kev M
Kev M 7 dagen geleden
Barca have so many good youth products in midfield, especially when you compare them Gini like they all press so well and are good on the ball, Barca need a Cdm really Imo
Arianna Reguly
Arianna Reguly 7 dagen geleden
exactly, I'd rather give his minutes to youth
Stone Cold
Stone Cold 7 dagen geleden
Hammill says the word "bullish" in every video. Just noticed. That's all I have to say.
Stone Cold
Stone Cold 6 dagen geleden
@Kev M He gets words wrong sometimes though. He's used "retort" wrongly and one or two other words also.
Kev M
Kev M 7 dagen geleden
He’s very well spoken tbf guy must read a thesaurus at night
Rohan Naval
Rohan Naval 7 dagen geleden
He also says "enigma" a lot
Sean Burtt
Sean Burtt 7 dagen geleden
I rated Henry as the host, bit different to all the other stuff
J L 7 dagen geleden
Lol you wish you were as good as tifo
Euro Football Daily
Euro Football Daily 7 dagen geleden
@El Shaarawy 92 appreciate the loyalty!
El Shaarawy 92
El Shaarawy 92 7 dagen geleden
@Euro Football Daily We are with you dougley specially after wallet incident.
J L 7 dagen geleden
@Euro Football Daily lol I did watch until the end though if that says anything
Euro Football Daily
Euro Football Daily 7 dagen geleden
How rude! (doug)
Don Ole
Don Ole 7 dagen geleden
darthchevious 7 dagen geleden
with pvs still got his newborn baby matter, ive seen chris and sammy everywhere 😂, but nevertheless good job man
Sam O
Sam O 7 dagen geleden
Shashwat Gupta
Shashwat Gupta 7 dagen geleden
We got Wijnaldum, almost got Hakimi, Camavinga and Donnarumma for free next season is also basically done, now we only need to get Zidane so that Mbappe renews his contract
Aayan Bhadoria
Aayan Bhadoria 7 dagen geleden
@BANYHU123 I get your point tho if he really wants to stay and loves the club he would have signed the contract by now and I refuse to believe psg haven't offered him some insane 400k or 500k a week that being said he could just sign the contract after the euros or he could just turn up and say I want to leave(cos as a Madrid fan I want to be optimistic but its very unlikely it happens this summer) only credible reports in Madrid say it is real Madrids wish ti sign this summer but that is only possible when he makes it clear to psg that he wants to leave
BANYHU123 7 dagen geleden
@Aayan Bhadoria I really don’t see the speculation tbh. He’s said multiple times how much he loves the club and is happy in Paris. No credible reports of him pushing for a move either or any clubs that are financially able to afford him.
Aayan Bhadoria
Aayan Bhadoria 7 dagen geleden
@BANYHU123 mbappe stays for the next season that is almost certain but whether or not he signs a new contract is a different thing
BANYHU123 7 dagen geleden
Mbappe is definitely staying in any case. Camavinga tho I haven’t heard any news regarding him going to PSG?
Aayan Bhadoria
Aayan Bhadoria 7 dagen geleden
Zidane won't be managing this season tho you'll end up keeping mbappe anyways your president won't let him leave and as Madrid fan it pains me to say Madrid won't have the 150 mil that you guys will ask just to end our hopes tho you can still lose him on a free