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In Zack Snyder's Justice League, determined to ensure Superman’s (Henry Cavill) ultimate sacrifice was not in vain, Bruce Wayne (Ben Affleck) aligns forces with Diana Prince (Gal Gadot) with plans to recruit a team of metahumans to protect the world from an approaching threat of catastrophic proportions. The task proves more difficult than Bruce imagined, as each of the recruits must face the demons of their own pasts to transcend that which has held them back, allowing them to come together, finally forming an unprecedented league of heroes. Now united, Batman (Affleck), Wonder Woman (Gadot), Aquaman (Jason Momoa), Cyborg (Ray Fisher), and The Flash (Ezra Miller) may be too late to save the planet from Steppenwolf, DeSaad, and Darkseid and their dreadful intentions.
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14 feb. 2021




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Pradeep Kumar
Pradeep Kumar 2 minuten geleden
Pradeep Kumar
Pradeep Kumar 5 minuten geleden
STEVEN CUBILETE 8 minuten geleden
Just Some Guy Eating Noodles
Just Some Guy Eating Noodles 15 minuten geleden
people who say this movie will suck like BvS, let me tell you something.. the BvS that people hated are NOT FULLY ZACK'S VISION. it was a compromised version. it was chopped off 30min of USEFUL footage and is released to the cinema. and then BvS ultimate edition came out and guess what, many people who hated BvS and trash talked zack for it, APOLOGIZED to him on the media because they didn't know that the theatrical release BvS was RUINED BY THE STUDIO. and guess what, BvS ultimate edition IS ZACK'S FULL VISION for the movie and people love it. so, zack snyder's justice league will also be zack's full vision with ZERO COMPROMISE. that's how we fans know this movie will NOT suck. just like BvS ultimate edition. people who say that it's trash are just ignorant, insecure, haters that just wants to see dceu get buried deep underground. but we won. the movement won. our voices were heard. we raised over half a million dollar for suicide prevention charity. has any other fandom do something like that? no right? so why are you haters say snyder's fans are 'toxic'?? that's because the haters are the toxic ones, damn right.
Rambo 2 minuten geleden
I like BvS.
Rose Q
Rose Q 7 minuten geleden
Shahzaib Sargana
Shahzaib Sargana 47 minuten geleden
Where is thor?
CPM3 26 minuten geleden
He is MARVEL. And he's in Avengers
Mahveen Rahman Zaahra
Oh my gosh I can't wait for it!!
boricuaboy4e Uur geleden
I’m confused... wasn’t this the Batman Vs Superman movie??
Brian Uur geleden
Marvel-Dc Jr
Marvel-Dc Jr Uur geleden
For Darkseid
Jesse pinkman
Jesse pinkman Uur geleden
CPM3 Uur geleden
The best device to view this on, is an IPAD, the black bars won't be seen
CHRISTIAN DARIO 2 uur geleden
me encanta!!! esperando esta gran pelicla !!
mr cinéfilo geek
mr cinéfilo geek Uur geleden
respawnado 2 uur geleden
Carlos Galindo
Carlos Galindo 2 uur geleden
Crazy how this trailer is already better than Jostice league
ShahNasz Video
ShahNasz Video 2 uur geleden
To Jared Leto, dont make Joaquin Phoenix slap you
DeadpoolFan BvS
DeadpoolFan BvS 2 uur geleden
flash hhh
flash hhh 2 uur geleden
Alex Moreno
Alex Moreno 2 uur geleden
14 days
Echelon 2 uur geleden
14 days to the snyder cut 🤩
Nicolás Leonardo
Nicolás Leonardo 2 uur geleden
#manofsteel2 #BatfleckSeriesOnHboMax #ReleaseTheAyerCut #ReleaseTheJenkinsCut (ww/ww84) #CyborgMovie #KatanaSeriesOnHboMax #ReleaseTheCampbellCut (gren lantern 2011) #ReleaseTheEndingOriginalOfFirstTemporadeOfTitansCut
Nicolás Leonardo
Nicolás Leonardo 3 uur geleden
esta pelicula ya paso
Luis 3 uur geleden
Why does it feel like the closer I get to March 18th, the longer it feels I am waiting
Jeremy Fears
Jeremy Fears 3 uur geleden
Superman reboot news is just WB chumming the water to distract from this epic movie! Probably nothing even in the works. Just like that Jason Mamoa snowman movie
Amr Samir
Amr Samir 3 uur geleden
To describe both Affleck and Cavill's retirement from Batman and Superman as heartbreaking would be an understatement... It's seriously depressing...
J r Z C o V e R s
J r Z C o V e R s Uur geleden
I heard that HBO Max is secretly planning Batfleck's 8 ep mini series which the first 4 episodes takes place in Batman's first 20 years and the other half takes place after ZSJL. Rumors say that the "reboot" Black Superman is just a movie for another Earth and that Henry Cavil's still the Superman of the DCEU. The only confirmed part is that WB REALLY wants ZSJL to fail bcoz they can't admit their mistakes and to take the opportunity to bury Zack's original vision for this Universe.
Anmatrix 3 uur geleden
@Amr Samir I agree all other supes are overrated. This mos version showed an alien that was more human than us. That's why mos is the best Superman movie.
Amr Samir
Amr Samir 3 uur geleden
@Anmatrix I really hope so. I'm still holding my breath for the day we see Batfleck and Joe Manganiello's Deathstroke duke it out. Seriously too epic to not see on the big screen. And we need a MOS 2... There is just no Superman without Cavill.
Anmatrix 3 uur geleden
Afleck is back. Not only in this he is in flash too. All of them are ready if Zack directs
Marco Antonio
Marco Antonio 4 uur geleden
WeighedLocket 4 uur geleden
We want Henry Cavill no other Superman. #CavillourManOfStell.
MeltingCORE2 4 uur geleden
I've been waiting and cheering on the Snyder Cut for years... DARKSEID IS.
Aavi Khan
Aavi Khan 4 uur geleden
We live in a society, where people illegally download movies from Torrent. #HenryCavilSuperman
Bersus 4 uur geleden
Audience Response
Audience Response 4 uur geleden
Finally 20 million views 🔥.
Crappy.G 4 uur geleden
I'm not a Leto fan but I really do hope he kills it on this cut
Lindo-gen G
Lindo-gen G 4 uur geleden
#restorethesnyderverse #henrycavilissuperman
La Fish
La Fish 4 uur geleden
can I ask Zack Snyder to cut my hair?
Bersus 4 uur geleden
Yeah you better be
Batfleck 4 uur geleden
You should
Bryce Birkinbine
Bryce Birkinbine 5 uur geleden
Just here for my daily rewatch
GabireixXxon Games
GabireixXxon Games 5 uur geleden
After Justice League Snyder Cut, we will need more... #suicidesquadsnydercut #shazamsnydercut #wonderwoman1984snydercut #greenlantersnydercut #birdsofpreyandthefantabulousemancipationofoneharleyquinnsnydercut
Anmatrix 5 uur geleden
Bruh. We just want Zack to continue jl and batfleck movies and Superman too Ask for David ayer version of suicide Squad.
Minha Faculdade
Minha Faculdade 5 uur geleden
The original movie was terrible, but this seems to be darker, cruel and coerent. Take all my money Warner, kisses from BRAZILLLL. We wait for this masterpiece.
Bersus 4 uur geleden
This is the original wdym lol
Anmatrix 5 uur geleden
Stop calling that original lol. This one is original
Sergi Escubedo Pujol
Sergi Escubedo Pujol 5 uur geleden
I can’t stop watching this!!! #Snydercut
CALEB DARSKY 6 uur geleden
20 million congrats everyone!!! We've shown WB how much we want this.🙌🙌🙌🙌
Yellow Devil
Yellow Devil 6 uur geleden
just here to post a none threatening / none trolling comment for all the decent snydercut fans. just remind the mcu trolls to watch wandavision this friday. its not getting the views that their mcu gods want. hail darkseid \[T]/
Killian Dooley
Killian Dooley 6 uur geleden
If dark side wasn’t enough they added a whole new joker,yay?
Anmatrix 5 uur geleden
It's sad u didn't mention martian manhunter and Deathstroke
Annie 5 uur geleden
I wonder how many there are out there
Francisco Mellado
Francisco Mellado 6 uur geleden
I would like this trailer AGAIN if I could.
Daniel 7 uur geleden
We live in a society, where cinema is a distant memory!
GAME BUSTER 7 uur geleden
I like that 1. trailer start with jokers card and 2. trailer end with Joker :)
Mike H
Mike H 7 uur geleden
Congrats for 20 million viewers!!!
Rambo 7 uur geleden
This movie will destroy Marvel.
Adrian Alferez
Adrian Alferez Uur geleden
Aaaah no. Marvel has a structure universe. But this movie will be better than iron man 3, thor trilogy, spiderman homecoming, far from home, captain marvel yeah those movies
Get Jacked
Get Jacked 7 uur geleden
March 18th is my birthday! Best gift ever!!!
Get Jacked
Get Jacked 7 uur geleden
@RXTZ SleekZ were doing a live podcast on my bday from a bar. Should check us out!
RXTZ SleekZ 7 uur geleden
R4MBO X 8 uur geleden
Lets goooooo!!! We gonna push for JL2 and JL3!!
Willie McNeal
Willie McNeal 8 uur geleden
I don’t really get why people are getting excited over the guy who made Batman v Superman but I will keep my expectations in check
Anmatrix 5 uur geleden
Ya that guy who made masterpiece like mos bvs and watchmen, ya I'll watch his justice league sure #usunited
Willie McNeal
Willie McNeal 5 uur geleden
That’s cool I just wasn’t feeling it
RXTZ SleekZ 7 uur geleden
I don't care if zack snyder make "dissapointing" movies, zack never dissapoint us *NOT US UNITED*
soy yo
soy yo 7 uur geleden
If you still don't get that this movie is for people that like man of steel and BvS then you may be a bit dumb
LeiToxic 7 uur geleden
Donkeys who got used to easy Marvel plots don't get it, it's that simple. I fully understood it the first time I saw it and it seems like a masterpiece to me.
Abid Ali
Abid Ali 8 uur geleden
FINALLY!!!!! 🙌🏻 20 Million Views
Iva Pad
Iva Pad 9 uur geleden
Amazing achievement by fans! Thanks HBO Max for sticking with fans and supporting the artist vision. Can't wait to watch it.
COBRA GAMING 9 uur geleden
Name movis please
RXTZ SleekZ 7 uur geleden
Umm it's in the title??
Red Hood
Red Hood 9 uur geleden
20 M !!!!!! C'mon Brous
red dragon
red dragon 9 uur geleden
This is definitely gonna be rated high on the most meter
Alex Zabal
Alex Zabal 9 uur geleden
is this again a poo movie? othe than watchmen i still dont like any DC movie
Anmatrix 5 uur geleden
Huh go back kid. Watch ur kiddy marvel movies then. Most DC movies feel great Mos, bvs, watchmen, sincity, v for vendetta, tdk trilogy. Does marvel has such masterpiece movie's No.
LeiToxic 6 uur geleden
Donkeys who got used to easy Marvel plots don't get it, it's that simple. I fully understood it the first time I saw it and it seems like a masterpiece to me.
RXTZ SleekZ 7 uur geleden
kaaluha 8 uur geleden
then go back to marvel
Jonathan Müller
Jonathan Müller 9 uur geleden
Ok, bye.
BatmanX 9 uur geleden
20 M views... and up!!
Rosemarie Valdez
Rosemarie Valdez 9 uur geleden
soy yo
soy yo 10 uur geleden
I just watched a movie that ends on a cliffhanger and doesn't have a part 2, and then i remember what is gonna happen with ZSJL. #RestoreTheSnyderverse
RXTZ SleekZ 7 uur geleden
This might end up like Ash vs Evil Dead, The Girl With the Dragon tattoo and Spiderman 3 but we won't let that happened
Hola Buenas Tardes
Hola Buenas Tardes 9 uur geleden
#RestoreTheSnyderverse This is gonna happen. I Hope. I’m sure. S is for Hope! #HenryCavillistheSuperman
godzilla nerd
godzilla nerd 10 uur geleden
the justice league extended edition that should it be the name
Anmatrix 5 uur geleden
But it's not extended edition
Aakash Saini
Aakash Saini 10 uur geleden
We live in an honour, where Batman is a distant memory! Isn't that right, Society?
BRUCE WAYNE 10 uur geleden
I still can't believe are getting this movie , HBO MAX deserve more credit and love because if it weren't for them we never would of been able to see it ❤ #ReleaseTheSnyderVerse #HenryCavillSuperman #BenAffleckBatman #ZackSnydersJusticeLeague2 #ForAutumn ❤
Jonathan Müller
Jonathan Müller 10 uur geleden
NEXT: Push it till 25M views. It'll become the most watched and liked trailer on HBOMAX channel.
Vaibhav Explained
Vaibhav Explained 10 uur geleden🎉
Jas Kan
Jas Kan 10 uur geleden
20 million views!!!
Vaibhav Explained
Vaibhav Explained 10 uur geleden🎉
Karan Pandey
Karan Pandey 10 uur geleden
Steve Rogers in MCU = Bruce Wayne in DCEU Avengers Assemble = ? Assemble
Anmatrix 5 uur geleden
Uh. I think Tony Stark is at place of Batman in marvel. Their characters match more
RXTZ SleekZ 7 uur geleden
Jonathan Müller
Jonathan Müller 10 uur geleden
*Unite The Seven*
Dorian Seward
Dorian Seward 11 uur geleden
I’m honestly most excited for steppen wolf and darkseid
Александр Коптев
Snyder! May the Force be with you! Hello from Russia
Vaibhav Explained
Vaibhav Explained 10 uur geleden🎉
PsyhoPanda 11 uur geleden
We did it, over 20mil views
Gracialon Ignasiver
Gracialon Ignasiver 11 uur geleden
It's official. 20 million Views!
Aaron Torrealba
Aaron Torrealba 12 uur geleden
I don't know how you blind people think this is the most anticipated comic movies of all time. Please, This crappy movie doesn't hold a candle to Marvel's Avengers and all his sequels combined. I will laugh so hard when this hits HBO MAX and you end up being disappointed because of how bad the movie is. All this wait, all this "fight" and your outcry will be worth nothing. You can't change a horrible movie. Period. GROW UP.
CPM3 2 uur geleden
Get ratio'd!!
RXTZ SleekZ 7 uur geleden
"Grow up" Also you: *Watches Corny MCU movies* Yikes
Brightburn 10 uur geleden
Avengers story is copied of jl story lol marvel is bs
Aakash Saini
Aakash Saini 10 uur geleden
No one is asking you to watch it bruh. And no need for you to be this toxic over others happiness 👍🏻
Toppy Games
Toppy Games 11 uur geleden
@Diego Haung snyder haters are really toxic. hopefully theyre just marvel fans going through puberty
Felipe S.V
Felipe S.V 12 uur geleden
Vaibhav Explained
Vaibhav Explained 10 uur geleden🎉
Anmatrix 12 uur geleden
Hallelujah 20 mil. I mean let's go 25 mil toll release. That would be awesome
Kian Gholi
Kian Gholi 12 uur geleden
we need to promote the hell out of this movie if we want to continue Zack's universe!! #RestoreTheSnyderverse
Vaibhav Explained
Vaibhav Explained 10 uur geleden
SOUL ZACK 12 uur geleden
Hindi dubbed karro salo
Vaibhav Explained
Vaibhav Explained 10 uur geleden
Check my channel
Nas TV 📺
Nas TV 📺 12 uur geleden
20 million views guys we did it!!!!!!
Nas TV 📺
Nas TV 📺 7 uur geleden
@Bruce Wayne what is the witches is it a new movie?
Bruce Wayne
Bruce Wayne 12 uur geleden
One more million to take The Witches down! Lets goooo
The_ Blaze
The_ Blaze 12 uur geleden
Superb! Wish U Good Luck Honoourable Sir!! This will be the perspective changer of DCEU Movies.
Anmatrix 12 uur geleden
I guess mos and bvs were great too. This is the third in line
The_ Blaze
The_ Blaze 12 uur geleden
Arslan Latif
Arslan Latif 12 uur geleden
Where is Superman 😑
Anmatrix 12 uur geleden
@Arslan Latif I guess justice league is a team. They all are main characters. And Superman is upposed to come after 1 hr in movie. Since he's ded
Arslan Latif
Arslan Latif 12 uur geleden
@Bruce Wayne didn’t see him as a main character
Bruce Wayne
Bruce Wayne 12 uur geleden
Are you blind?
Dominic Elston
Dominic Elston 12 uur geleden
Is this going to be available in the UK i see no plans for it to be available here
MegaDoug 10 uur geleden
World wide streaming has been announced to help those areas that don’t have HBO Max yet. Probably from the WB website but we shall find out in 2 weeks!
RIGHT MARK 12 uur geleden
George Freemon
George Freemon 12 uur geleden
#keephenryassuperman Cmon make our voices heard! WE WANT HENRY AS SUPERMAN!
srilakshmana pradeep v
srilakshmana pradeep v 12 uur geleden
This is what I called "trailer"
Daniel DuVall
Daniel DuVall 12 uur geleden
How can people not be into this? Like really?
kunal biswas
kunal biswas 12 uur geleden
Rolo Tomachi
Rolo Tomachi 12 uur geleden
Now 03/03/2021 Fucking 20 Million views
KALPANA THOOL 12 uur geleden
I need some dark atmosphere in this movie.
Adrián Chupáč
Adrián Chupáč 9 uur geleden
It definitely will be dark movie
Roach 12 uur geleden
*Superman reboot Me: is cavill not dark enough?
BeronisVerzum 12 uur geleden
Its still gonna be a very bad movie... unfortunately.
RXTZ SleekZ 7 uur geleden
For you
Jonathan Müller
Jonathan Müller 11 uur geleden
See Ya.
Anmatrix 12 uur geleden
Ok bye
Shota Zarqua
Shota Zarqua 13 uur geleden
#fuckWBbosses #vivaSnyder
Universal Studio
Universal Studio 13 uur geleden
Dylan Zivic
Dylan Zivic 13 uur geleden
YEAH!!! 20 Millions!!! I can say it now! #ReleaseTheMoustacheCut
João Victor Dias Alves
Hallelujah, March , Hallelujah!!!
Dwi Susanto Aji Wibowo
Dwi Susanto Aji Wibowo 13 uur geleden
Finally 20M views
TrashBoat 14 uur geleden
Finally Dark Side arrives Humanity: panic
Hma 14 uur geleden
Best line : God is dead
Josef Berniquez
Josef Berniquez 14 uur geleden
The music is 🔥🔥🔥🔥
xubhendu 14 uur geleden
Happy 20 Million views!!
Vikram 14 uur geleden
Joker be vibin at the end
Vikram 14 uur geleden
Waiting for Indian version........
Taferzzlol 14 uur geleden
20 million
Rajini Mohan
Rajini Mohan 14 uur geleden
20 Million Views 🔥😍❤️
General Zod
General Zod 15 uur geleden
20 MILLION VIEWS BABY! AND STILL RISING! Let's make this the most watched HBO Max video!
Covetable 13 uur geleden
@Nazh Man we truly apologize for that mans behavior, my lord. it will never happen again.
Nazh Man
Nazh Man 14 uur geleden
@Aashish Basnet did I give you permission to speak? Ask me next time if you'd wish to comment.
Aashish Basnet
Aashish Basnet 14 uur geleden
Nazh Man
Nazh Man 14 uur geleden
If you honestly believe this movie will be that much better than the original piece of shit. Than you are lost kid
Mustafa Frosty
Mustafa Frosty 15 uur geleden
Abdelrahman Ahmed
Abdelrahman Ahmed 13 uur geleden
Mustafa Frosty
Mustafa Frosty 14 uur geleden
@Taferzzlol stfu
Taferzzlol 14 uur geleden
shakk3n 15 uur geleden
The biggest enemy of superman is not lex luthor or doomsday. IT is Warner Brothers.
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