Wie is de Mol (The Mole) S21E09 with English subtitles 

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28 feb. 2021




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WIDM English Subs
WIDM English Subs Maand geleden
Just to give you a heads up, just saw the reveal. It was live. Which means possibly no subs or bad live subs that I have to fix. Which takes a lot longer and I have plans tomorrow morning. So maybe it'll be a bit longer until they are up. Working on it asap!
Louis Ubels
Louis Ubels 3 dagen geleden
Imaroo Maand geleden
Thanks so much as always Marieke, being able to watch the series alongside you all is one of my highlights of the year. It's gonna be tough waiting for the next one. So glad I caught up in time for the finale. I have to admit that I have never been able to firm up on a proper suspect this year but I definitely have one now. If it is the other person, it will have been the biggest blinder ever haha. Roll on the reveal!
K Flashheart
K Flashheart Maand geleden
Possible Clue: . . . . . . . . . Not sure if it's been brought up, yet, but the intro sounds off. Checked it against an older series, and the last word is different. Instead of "Trust no one", it sounds to me like "Trust no bai", which could also be "Trust nobody". I can't tell properly due to having terrible hearing. Anyone with better hearing got any ideas?
Smouv Maand geleden
The person is whispering "Trust Nobody", but to my knowledge it has been "Trust Nobody" in every series they've used it. Maybe they just got a new recording after last season?
Engin Yasmine
Engin Yasmine Maand geleden
That one dislike 💀
Dexter Sagar
Dexter Sagar Maand geleden
Thank you, Marieke! ❤❤❤
Waveman J
Waveman J Maand geleden
Thanks again for another helping us watch another great season! You're the best. .... Been on Renee for forever. If it's her this will be the earliest I've caught on. Rocky sort of looks like she has something she wants to get off her chest though...Also shame about Charlotte. I would've loved it if it turned out to have been her.
Pamela Hunter
Pamela Hunter Maand geleden
Thank you, Marieke! ❤️
Hana S.
Hana S. Maand geleden
Thoughts......... . . . . . Why would Rocky open the “hint” envelope for money ... than not even try to figure it out and put it away immediately? 🧐 but maybe I’m just confused about how this works😂 (it’s the first season I’m ever watching)
gerretet Maand geleden
Well we got 3 seasons pretty fast after each other. Now we have to wait a whole year again :(
gerretet Maand geleden
@TecKnifer I can understand dutch, so no problem :)
TecKnifer Maand geleden
Create an account on to watch the Belgian 'De Mol'. I doubt there's subs though.
spoodnty Maand geleden
De Mol Belgium starts March 21! And there's a Finnish season here (hope it's ok to share)
Sèm van Putten
Sèm van Putten Maand geleden
24:35 Holy fuck toen de muziek van The Last Of Us II speelde... jezus ik kreeg kippenvel
Sèm van Putten
Sèm van Putten Maand geleden
@Chris van Egmond 24:35
Chris van Egmond
Chris van Egmond Maand geleden
Not That Guy
Not That Guy Maand geleden
I was waiting for them to say the mole did a great job. What about the people who took 5,000 euros from the pot?
H0lyMoley Maand geleden
In all fairness, I think Rocky (if she is the Mole, which I think she is) probably went for the E5,000 knowing that the other two had already done so. Honestly I hate that that "challenge" was even in the show in the first place, meaning that the winner could absolutely lose literally the entire pot for themselves without having had a chance to stop it from happening. Renee will get E5,000 less despite not being one of the ones who bet that amount and not having any chance to influence those who did. Having said that, I think there was a lot of money that was up for grabs that Rocky probably stopped from going into the pot. From her shooting Florentijn when he was holding money in the laser game (this was what first put her on my radar alongside Marije) to her misreading the signs in the truck game to various other moments, she's definitely had opportunities to keep money out of the pot.
Dj_eliot NBA
Dj_eliot NBA Maand geleden
Spannend 😁
Milan Podmaník
Milan Podmaník Maand geleden
This is first season i am watching. Can I ask how the final goes? they must know who is mol (if its not me, its second one) so how can mole win?
Nora Maand geleden
I guess you could say that, other than the honour, there is the “prize” of being sure you’ll experience the whole series, beginning to end. But that’s really all :)
Nora Maand geleden
@Max1996 No, that’s never been the case as far as I know. 99% sure. I have watched all seasons except the first 2, I think (I tried watching them online, but the quality is so bad that I couldn’t discern the faces 😉)
Max1996 Maand geleden
@Nora Isn't it that the Mole gets the amount of money they actually kept out of the pot? I think I heard that once about the Dutch Mole series?
Nora Maand geleden
Those 2 last finalists do indeed know for sure who the mole is, and who the winner is. The mole can not win. Being the mole is considered an honour :) so no prizes other than that. They’re just keeping *us* in suspense now ;) Next week we will see who the mole is, and what she’s been up to.
Zebra music
Zebra music Maand geleden
Mole just wants the pot as low as possible. The mole can't win the pot
iIliterati Maand geleden
Spoiler: Obviously, Renee is the mol, and a pretty terrible one at that. The group was doing amazingly so the producers had to play mol themselves and take money from the pot to kneecap them. However, I have a theory that Renee's whole master plan was actually to have the final four all be women. She has given Charlotte, Marije, and Rocky roughly 3 jokers each. Not to mention, the literal week after those 3 took 5000 euro from the pot, she not only gave 3 jokers to them, she also saved two of them from being eliminated, and was visibly upset when Splinter got a joker. Why would she be so trusting of them after they took that much money from the pot and that distrustful of Splinter who she had just teamed with the previous week and was nothing but nice to her. Not to mention the fact that Charlotte was already on Renee as the mol at the time, so why would the mol want to keep her around so bad. I think since week 2 or so she's been trying to have the final four be Rocky, Marije, Charlotte, and herself. Marije being completely awful is the only thing that kept it from happening.
Wojciech Świerżyński
It's sad that this season is almost over. That means another year without WIDS, especially since they've cancelled it in my country last year. Question for the Dutch friends here - will the finale be in the same formula as the All Stars Season finale? It worked really well without loud crowd. Spoiler . . . . . . The true mole of this season was and always will be Charlotte and her casually taking money out of the pot. XD I'm still torn. There are more clues for Renee, but wouldn't the producers want to fool us? And Renee does everything she possibly can to be a perfect suspect - especially with this episode's physical challenge. I was dying inside; at least she haven't tried going uphill. I think Rocky is the saboteur. Typical mole who wants to be a perfect candidate and when she took money out of the pot nobody really noticed. Maybe at least this year I am not wrong?
Wojciech Świerżyński
@spoodnty Thanks! I’ve the Belgian version but I didn’t know about Finnish.
spoodnty Maand geleden
If it helps, there's a Finnish season here (all but the finale) and De Mol Belgium is starting March 21, I've found previous seasons with English subs.
Nathan Van Beek
Nathan Van Beek Maand geleden
@Chris van Egmond so true, the screaming crowds were just awful. C'mon man, its not a football match, just a tv programme
Chris van Egmond
Chris van Egmond Maand geleden
@Nora Yeah. They used to do the final episodes in private with just the candidates, and it makes for a much better TV experience (for one they can inject mystery, music and production value; you don't get that with screaming crowds and fan interviews every 5 minutes). I really hope they go back to that older format.
Nora Maand geleden
Gatherings of people are still not allowed, so (yay! 🥳) no screaming crowd drowning out next week’s episode :)
Izzy T
Izzy T Maand geleden
spoilers . . . . . . so excited that Renee and Rocky, my two main suspects since the very beginning, are the last two in the competition! I picked these two out as potential moles from when they revealed the players before the show started as I thought they'd both be cool moles and very different to recent old moles and I think that's shown to be true. Whoever it is has done a good job and I can't wait for the reveal of the sabotages as there's sure to be some cool ones we haven't yet seen. My head is saying it makes more sense for it to be Renee, particularly now that it seems like the reveal could be Renee showing whatever clue is on the envelope, but my heart has been saying Rocky since the start. I'm gonna stick with Rocky, but I definitely won't be disappointed if it's actually Renee. Thanks for uploading the episode and I can't wait for the reveal next week!
Joanne Maand geleden
The Mole - Family Quarantine Edition
Spoiler . . . . . . . That 100 euro Charlotte won by running the last kilometer sure makes up for the 7,000 she previously cost the winner. LOL!
Wojciech Świerżyński
XDDD Thank goodness she somehow didn't take another 1000 euro out of the pot this episode, with her you never know. XD Best mole who wasn't an actual mole ever.
MCS Maand geleden
Thanks, Marieke! Spoilers... . . . . . . Still fully in my Renee tunnel. Glad to see that Rocky will either be the deserved winner or the most surprising mole ever (to me, anyway). It seemed strange to me that Renee picked Rocky as her mole this week. Wasn't she on Charlotte before? Perhaps the candle clue led her to Rocky. But more likely is that the producers had her choose Rocky to set up the 1 on 1 drama. Also, I think it will be revealed next week that the candidates could've used the candle and the envelope in the first assignment to get the same clue - but really, who would've thought to do that?
Ryan Nokes
Ryan Nokes Maand geleden
Before the season started I thought Rocky was the mole. After watching… There’s no shot that it is her. She picked up on the mole very early when no one else would and this is a well deserved win.
Axis Quijano
Axis Quijano Maand geleden
Spoiler. Do not expand if you haven't finished watching this episode. 😁 . . . . . . . . . If I'm in the place of Rocky and Renee, and Charlotte was eliminated and I know that I'm not the mole, maybe I wont be able to contain my happiness. I would have shouted or have the biggest smile on my face knowing that I've won when charlotte got the red screen 😂 Thanks Marieke! 😘
Chris van Egmond
Chris van Egmond Maand geleden
Could be they shoot that take several times or even use other footage of those two for that shot, lol. I was thinking the same thing.
Wojciech Świerżyński
Probably someone in the history of this show acted like that, that's why they can shoot a "tv version" for the episode where they sit still :D
kyara lauppe
kyara lauppe Maand geleden
Ik dacht dat renee altijd een leesbril nodig had, mmhmhmhmhm🤔
K6 Kay Six
K6 Kay Six Maand geleden
Thank you Marieke! Leave the HD moaners to subtitle their own HD episode, I got on just fine with this quality and the subtitle mistakes well I didn't notice any! :) (Do you happen to know what Rik said right at the end of the episode regarding the finale?) . .. ... .... ..... I often think they run out of ideas by this episode sadly, and it just turns into a stealth highlights episode, I did like how at 19:45 however that Rocky nearly went flying straight into Rik! No idea between Renee and Rocky so a nice surprise next week, I can't wait to see what that candle 'clue' was all about and presume it will form part of the reveal montage! Also very sobering to think around this time last year I was booking flights and hotels to Amsterdam to go and see the live finale which got cancelled :(
WIDM English Subs
WIDM English Subs Maand geleden
He just said that next week is the grand finale. Who sabotages all these weeks, who is the mole, Rocky or Renee. Why is the pot so low. You'll see next week, at AvroTros on NPO 1.
ESC Wilde222
ESC Wilde222 Maand geleden
50:28 she perfectly explains why it's Rocky!
ChrolliForever Maand geleden
Please let it be Rocky.
SSJDennis Maand geleden
Thx so much. Still think it’s Ron Boszhard
Joanna Maciejewska
Joanna Maciejewska Maand geleden
Spoiler: At this point I'm pretty sure it's Renee. I've been a WIDM fan for some time now and I believe that there is a certain pattern when it comes to mol's and winner's behaviour in the finale. Renee and Rocky fit those patterns, behaving like the mole and the winner correspondingly, so I'll be extremely surprised if the reveal turns out to be different
rbrucerye Maand geleden
Spoiler . . . . . . At this point, I'm 100% sure it's Renee. If Rocky was the mole then Splinter wouldn't have been eliminated in the previous episode because it was clear he had split his vote between Rocky and Renee
Salma Abdullah
Salma Abdullah Maand geleden
waarom gaf rocky haar mountainbike niet want zij is een voetballer zij haart het gemakkelijk
Chris van Egmond
Chris van Egmond Maand geleden
@kender babeliano ja maar je denkt toch niet dat Rocky geen topconditie heeft?
Salma Abdullah
Salma Abdullah Maand geleden
@kender babeliano oow oké
kender babeliano
kender babeliano Maand geleden
Ze is een straatvoetballer klinkt flauw maar het gebrek aan conditie wat je daarvoor nodig hebt is minder dan gw voetballer
Aaron Ong
Aaron Ong Maand geleden
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . I'm not surprised Charlotte didn't win. Rocky was onto Renée much longer and had more intel. She also wasn't the Mole because Marije was executed when she was onto Charlotte
Aaron Ong
Aaron Ong Maand geleden
@H0lyMoley Yeah, I think that's possible. But I'm sticking to Renée this time. I actually started to consider Renée when my Dutch friend pointed out that in the first episode when Florentijn and Remco were answering which contestant said they were willing to be the Mole, the phrasing of the sentences matched the sign they saw for Renée. Like everyone's statement was phrased differently, and only Renée's was used It could be a red herring, but I still think it's a strong possibility. And going by the previous seasons, the Mole always does sabotages off-camera whenever they're in a challenge where they split up, so whoever the Mole is has had multiple opportunities
H0lyMoley Maand geleden
@Aaron Ong My theory is that his first suspect was Renee, his second was Rocky, and he didn't want to split (he'd also been talking the previous episode about not wanting to spread his questions too thinly). He decided to go full on his #1 pick and just chose the wrong one. Again, not certain about this. Just seems to fit the facts best. I would also posit this - they really pushed Charlotte's suspicion of Renee, but downplayed Splinter's, even though Splinter has said repeatedly that Renee was his prime suspect earlier on. Maybe the reason for this would be that they wanted to make Rocky a little more deceptive in the edit. And finally - if Renee is actually the Mole and Splinter did know it, shouldn't Rocky have gone out instead of Splinter? For that not to happen, you have to assume that 1) Splinter threw enough votes at Rocky to completely negate a two-joker advantage, and 2) he did it at final four, AFTER he talked about worrying about spreading too much this late on. But mostly I just cannot see Renee as the Mole. Even right back at the start I couldn't see it, and I basically had it provisionally narrowed down to three suspects from the first challenge alone 'cause I could not see the Mole choosing to take the "joker card" and lose any chance of influencing the people who chose not to. Would YOU choose Renee as the Mole? Would you trust her to be able to manipulate the others? I think you just let her be a big red herring, which is pretty much the role she's actually played.
Aaron Ong
Aaron Ong Maand geleden
@H0lyMoley Based on their monologues, Splinter was the only person who answered questions with Rocky in mind when he got executed. If it's Rocky, why did he go home? Charlotte went full on Renée and used as many jokers as him; she should've gone home then
ajamhs Maand geleden
@M13Vulpecula XIII, ruler of Vulpeculand to be honest i don't pay too much attention to the penultimate episodes. I get your reservations but I also overthought season 19''s mole.
M13Vulpecula XIII, ruler of Vulpeculand
@ajamhs TBF if Renée is the Mole I wouldn't consider her a great one, because she indeed did some of those questionable things. But I consider her going for the clue in the final assignment a build-up to the reveal next episode: I foresee the reveal having Renée show us the clue on that envelope and then pointing out to us that it's referring to her, maybe the text even explicitly saying "Renée is the Mole". I also foresee that the envelopes the players received from the Mole in the first assignment in E1 also have a similar text on them - every player had a burning candle in the room, meaning they could've learned the Mole's identity in Episode 1. Kinda similar to what was done during the anniversary season with both the mirrors and the 'Mole walking behind everyone's back'-assignments.
TyKazan Maand geleden
Nice to see the money box in the finale
Nib Costa
Nib Costa Maand geleden
Yah... Is Shame is not in HD.. 😔 But is what is, is good work anyway and a public service 👌👍
Aaron Ong
Aaron Ong Maand geleden
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . Usually when there's an assignment where the contestants spread out on their own collecting things, the Mole can freely sabotage by picking up or discarding items that would contribute to the pot unseen. I think the same thing would happen in the cave assignment
Joeri van der lans
Joeri van der lans Maand geleden
Op 33:03 ''ik ben de mol, ik wil geld uit de pot houden''
Simbodu Maand geleden
Sandra Jacobs Hofman
Sandra Jacobs Hofman Maand geleden
Het is nu ZOIESO ROCKY! 😂 Ze laat het super makkelijk merken
Sham Awla
Sham Awla Maand geleden
@dreams can come true hoe weet jij dat?
dreams can come true
dreams can come true Maand geleden
Volgens mij zo duidelijk als wat: Rocky en Charlotte hadden Renee als mol, Charlotte ligt eruit. Dan kan het niet anders dat Rocky de mol is en Renee de winnaar.
Sham Awla
Sham Awla Maand geleden
Aranka l
Aranka l Maand geleden
Dankuwel !! HELDD HAHAH
H0lyMoley Maand geleden
Thanks once again Marieke! Spoilers... * * * Yeah, that last elimination was pretty obvious. Leaves it nicely up in the air as to whether the Mole is Renee or Rocky. At least I know my deduction in the very first episode was correct. The Mole wouldn't take the joker card and leave themselves purposefully out of the deliberations by whoever was left to potentially earn money when Rik offered the real joker later on. I pretty much narrowed it down to Marije, Renee and Rocky just on that basis. Despite some occasional thoughts about Charlotte in the mid-game, Rocky and Marije have been at the top of my list from very early on. Renee has never "fit" for me. Although she has lost some money she's never put herself in the positions where she can make the big losses. Rocky has. Who is it now? Still think it's Rocky. Am not certain, but she definitely fits in terms of behavior better than Renee does. This episode was mostly about her taking advantages of the weaknesses of the other two for me. She encouraged them to wait for her while she went back for the E150, could definitely have stalled a bit, and then encouraged Renee to go on the bridge and ladder. Are you telling me that this incredibly sporty person just lets her Mole take that task when she (Renee) is obviously not looking up to it? I think if Rocky had been a candidate she'd have jumped at the chance to try that bridge challenge.
Chris van Egmond
Chris van Egmond Maand geleden
Yeah I have been thinking Renee for a little while now but this last episode Rocky has looked very suspicious. As for the first E150 locker, you can hear Renee and Charlotte discuss giving Rocky a few more moments before they'd move on. They knew exactly how far back that locker was, and Rocky being a professional athlete should've been faster than they'd expect, so I figure she stalled there if it made the others consider whether they should wait any longer. Also as you say there's a few challenges here that she would've easily done but lets Renee do. Then with 1km to go she doesn't want to run for it? I mean come on. Another thing that did not make sense at all, was, if she is so convinced of who her mole is that she would put the candle back because "she doesn't need it", why didn't she decide she doesn't need it before she opens the envelope? Surely production will charge her E250 for opening that envelope anyway. It feels like she saw an opportunity to say out loud "I don't need any hints" [because I am the mole].
H0lyMoley Maand geleden
@声の達人SpinjitzuStudio's I don't think there's been a recent season with this much disagreement between the fans for a while. It's also interesting that the Renee votors seem to be the more convinced, whereas I'm not certain at all. How that eventually works out, we'll see...
It can't be Rocky tho since episode 8 i'm convinced
liimu Maand geleden
I was just about to take a nap when I got the notification.. Thank you though!😂
Gijs kikkert
Gijs kikkert Maand geleden
Yaaay Thanks!!
willgrrr Maand geleden
Thank you Marieke! Can't wait to watch 😁😁😁😁
WIDM English Subs
WIDM English Subs Maand geleden
The people who provide us with the HD versions haven't done that, but as I explained in my pre-season chat, I will not wait for it. So do not ask me where the HD versions are, they are not available at this moment. Secondly, I did use Google to help me translate, so any mistakes have then slipped through my thorough check. So sorry if anything stuck. Enjoy!
SquitchySquitchy Maand geleden
Thank you! I love watching!
jean-françois Maand geleden
again, thank you for all the wonderful work.... so appreciated...
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