Wie is de Mol (The Mole) S21E05 with English subtitles 

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31 jan. 2021




Bezig met laden.....

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HydraWerewolf Maand geleden
Those 3 selfish women taken 1/2 of the money
Simone DB
Simone DB Maand geleden
Around 27:00 Rik asks all candidates if they know who the mole is, exept for Renee... And if you look to the sun on the wall, you can see Renee was there as the last one (maybe because she's the mole?) :))
Corona Virus
Corona Virus Maand geleden
.... And you were right 👍
M 2 maanden geleden
Not exactly spoilers but.... before the Execution I'm thinking not so much Splinter or Josh(too obvious, right?), and really only on Charlotte With the bidding of the pot... I feel like Rocky is back on the table. So I most suspect Charlotte and then Rocky, then Renee, and possibly Marije.
mia knezevic
mia knezevic 2 maanden geleden
Wanneer komt aflevering 6??
WIDM English Subs
WIDM English Subs 2 maanden geleden
Die staat er al een hele tijd op...
lucas z
lucas z 2 maanden geleden
ik had het leuk gevonden dat ipv Rik de mol on herkenbaar het aanbod deed bij de kandidaten... dat was veel spannender geweest.
Cammy Chameleon
Cammy Chameleon 2 maanden geleden
Thank you for making these subtitles available! Just a small note: Abseiling = rappelling
WIDM English Subs
WIDM English Subs 2 maanden geleden
Apparently abseiling is also a perfectly fine English word. But I think a lot use rapelling yeah.
MOAB MOAB 2 maanden geleden
As ever and always, Marieke... Thanks!
Nel Iglesias Perez
Nel Iglesias Perez 2 maanden geleden
32:27 huh k3 zit daar gewoon op interview bij widm? ff gek ouwe mijn kindertijd gwn
Nikki Mathoera
Nikki Mathoera 2 maanden geleden
Bedankt voor de 5 de afl😘
Burki zéro trente
Burki zéro trente 2 maanden geleden
Hopelijk krijgt de winnaar weinig doekoe
Aaron Ong
Aaron Ong 2 maanden geleden
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . I think Renee is the Mole, maybe Charlotte is my backup. The fact that she supposedly put Joshua as her primary suspect and didn't go home could support this I guess it's fitting that Joshua went home since he dropped the ball with the postage bags on the train. I never thought he was the Mole because he was too obvious and drew too much suspicion I've also crossed out Rocky because she brought in a lot (although if she knew beforehand that they could bid on this assignment, maybe she could be the Mole.) Marije doesn't seem Mole-ish to me. So maybe Splinter could be a distant 3rd suspect for me
Freerk Hettinga
Freerk Hettinga 2 maanden geleden
28:35 vrijstelling niet nodig marije?
Monaca 2 maanden geleden
Im 100% sure she's the mole, knew it from the start
Dutchie q
Dutchie q 2 maanden geleden
Serieus? Vind je dat verdacht.....pfffff
Franklin Shen
Franklin Shen 2 maanden geleden
Spoilers (Including a potentially found clue) And thanks Marieke! This is the assignment the mole has been waiting for the entire time; therefore I think the mole was doing a purposefully bad job at moling in the earlier episodes just in an effort to stay hidden. That being said I think SHE still had some good sabotages. Full on Renee now after Florentijn and Joshua have left; as important as the second assignment was, I don't think it matters for the mole to bid that much to lower the pot. It's only in the natural instinct of a contestant wanting to go further to bid high for an exemption. BUT I think I've found a clue: This is the 21st season of WIDM and 21 was the clue to get out of the escape rooms in that earlier episode; At 21:13 (or abouts for EVERY episode), you clearly see Renee in every shot. (The :13 is to account for the intro part where they talk about the app.) Including the very first episode, where at around there, you see Renee introducing herself.
Thomanski 2 maanden geleden
. That 'clue' is exactly the same clue that was going around last actual season in China when Leonie appeared at the same time every episode, so I won't go off that
Nathan Van Beek
Nathan Van Beek 2 maanden geleden
For me 2k or lower seemed a reasonable bet to make. If the mole thinks the same, I dont think he will settle for 2k, but wants to be sure at least 5k disappears. This was the highest amount of money earned at this stage of widm ever! You dont want to play around if you are the mole so you bet 5k
* eurovision girl *
* eurovision girl * 2 maanden geleden
* * * * I get that it's the point of the game but i kind of hated the advantage they had it just felt kinda scummy 🤷‍♀️
Love X Esmay
Love X Esmay Maand geleden
Agreed, they should have used the privalege from the week after this one. Especially if Renée is the mole and Joshua was right.
John Byrne
John Byrne 2 maanden geleden
Agreed. 3 exemptions at this stage feels a bit yucky.
Maria Clara Cheng
Maria Clara Cheng 2 maanden geleden
42:12 & 2:32 👀 👀 👀
Anna Geerdsema
Anna Geerdsema 2 maanden geleden
Nate Bloemke
Nate Bloemke 2 maanden geleden
Thanks, Marieke! Spoilers below: I know some people were disappointed by the results, but I thought the train challenge was really entertaining. I definitely agree that 3 exemptions at this point in the game is way too much at this stage. I think this episode would have made a bit more sense if the people who got to the end just didn't have to see their screens. Only having three people's quizzes counted means that you and your ally could be the two best in the game but one of you has to go if the mole's quiz is also counted.
JP X 2 maanden geleden
Spoiler alert . . . If Renée is the mole, Joshua is ROBBED. In the test, Splinter and Joshua went both full game on Renée. Don’t like those THREE exemptions.
Sam Nabuurs
Sam Nabuurs 2 maanden geleden
You know what I think, i think Splinter is actually the mole!
Nathalia Nunes Pereira
Nathalia Nunes Pereira 2 maanden geleden
Spoilers below We know why they earned so much money on the last episode. This one was difficult to earn any money. First task many people messed up. Kind of unfair to give that advantage so close to test. Feel sad for Josh. The mole has to step up a little now that Josh isn't there to sabotage.
EvelineUK 2 maanden geleden
Didn't they do this in the Flemmish version of WIDM two years ago..? It looked so familiar.
EvelineUK 2 maanden geleden
@BVH Ah, didn't know that! I do love the Belgian version with non-celebs. The games are far more complicated and it's played much more cut-throat as the money actually means something to them.
Ulrike Vandamme
Ulrike Vandamme 2 maanden geleden
@BVH It did take off; I think it's the most popular show in flanders every year, but they took like a hiatus of 15 years after the first three seasons. The new season is coming up in march i believe.
BVH 2 maanden geleden
WIDM is actually intellectual property of a Belgian company (Woestijnvis). If I’m correct the Belgian version never really took off like the Dutch has.
Thomas Van alphen
Thomas Van alphen 2 maanden geleden
I thinks it’s Charlotte. Its the most annoying mole ever. She always smiles at excetions.
Wojtek Gancarz
Wojtek Gancarz 2 maanden geleden
Great episode. Thanks, Marieke! zboilerz belou . . . . . I wonder if the writers anticipated multiple people choosing the same value, or did they just make up the rules as they went. What would happen if 4 people went for the same amount? Joshua - a very likeable, too direct to be a mole kind of guy. Without him in the fray, the Mole might need to invent some new ideas. I'm still on Renee.
jean-françois 2 maanden geleden
4 contestant out of 5 bidding same amount would be odd. Mole can just change bid to fit. Same as if 2 people went with same, you tell Mole to match it to get 3
HelloItsMe 2 maanden geleden
I think their first plan was for the 3 highest bidders to get the info (and then the highest amount is the amount disappearing) I think they just hoped that the highly unlikely, that more than 3 people voted for the same amount, wouldnt happen. Maybe if it were 4 or more, they would make them bet against each other, no idea
Davinho 2 maanden geleden
Bit of a disappointing episode to be honest. You can get almost no information out of the tasks about who the Mole could be.
Sam Nabuurs
Sam Nabuurs 2 maanden geleden
it was an amazing episode to watch tho, it was a hard episode indeed
Anja 2 maanden geleden
Spoiler . . . . . I'm fully in a Rocky tunnel now. To me there's no way it could be anybody else. Also I'm surprised basically everyone was on Joshua. It seemed obvious that he was only trying to look suspicious.
Holey Moley Global Fans
Holey Moley Global Fans 2 maanden geleden
Leaving Space For Spoilers ... ... I can't pinpoint it but jumped on the Splinter train last week and now I am locked on him as my suspect...
Sam Nabuurs
Sam Nabuurs 2 maanden geleden
H0lyMoley 2 maanden geleden
That's a familiar name! Do I have global fans now? :D
Izzy T
Izzy T 2 maanden geleden
wow... that was quite an episode! . . . . . . so the three ladies who got the exemptions were the three that I had ruled out for earning too much money but I was also kinda waiting for an assignment like this where they'd get the chance to take all of that money back out again so they could go back to the top of my suspect list, didn't expect all three of them to go so high though! I definitely suspect Marije and Rocky more than Charlotte at this stage. And the first assignment seemed impossible to win money (though they all seemed to be sabotaging it too) but Splinter dreaming of a ghettoblaster while at the cheese market really tickled me 😂
PATR0NUM 2 maanden geleden
This whole episode frustrated me so much. What the heck was that first assignment, how could anyone manage to make money out of it? And that execution was so unfair.. I hate it when people benefit from selfish actions.
Andrea Lantis
Andrea Lantis 2 maanden geleden
@John Byrne I agree with that. Especially knowing that there will always be an episode where everyone will go to the next episode. (so why couldnt it be 3 people wont see their screen if the red screen is in theirs everyone goes to the next round) so just because the others were not selfish they suddenly got a 30 or 50 percent chance of failing and it felt unfair. and yes it especially hurt more because i found joshua entertaining lol
John Byrne
John Byrne 2 maanden geleden
@Sam Nabuurs 3 exemptions at this stage of the game feels a bit much, is the gist. I think if it was the winner getting it then that's cool, but it can result in a bunch of random where people playing well are eliminated before those who aren't. On a personal note I thought Joshua was the most entertaining player this season, and if not for this would have went further as he was suspected, so it was a shame to see him go out to what I think is a fairly unfun challenge from a game pov. It was exciting to watch the escape room style challenge, just don't think it should be for that many exemptions. Glad you liked it, though!
Sam Nabuurs
Sam Nabuurs 2 maanden geleden
@* eurovision girl * can you explain why you didn’t like it, i thought it was pretty damn exciting
* eurovision girl *
* eurovision girl * 2 maanden geleden
I also wasn't a big fan, I'm used to tasks where you can choose yourself over the group but this was just not it 😐
Sam Nabuurs
Sam Nabuurs 2 maanden geleden
@EvelineUK yes, I don’t really know why people are complaining, i think it’s rather exciting
Ahmed Hidad
Ahmed Hidad 2 maanden geleden
This literally confirms that the mole is a woman! The mole is obviously one of the three with the advantage.
Sam Nabuurs
Sam Nabuurs 2 maanden geleden
@Endy Lu i still think it’s splinter, but i’m probably just in a “tunnelvisie”
Endy Lu
Endy Lu 2 maanden geleden
Yeah same also when they got the exemption they “forgot” to stop the timer to get less money in the pot. I definitely one of the girls
Max1996 2 maanden geleden
@Sam Nabuurs True...
Sam Nabuurs
Sam Nabuurs 2 maanden geleden
@Max1996 Look, i meant it like this: If someone got to hear what the other ones bid it’s the mole, the candidates wouldn’t get to hear that. And if the mole was the last person, they could’ve thought that 5000 euros was already a lot to be taken out of the pot, and that they could just bid low so they won’t be suspected, do you understand me?
Max1996 2 maanden geleden
@Sam Nabuurs The thing is that, regardless of whether the last person was a candidate or the Mole, they'd be more likely (guaranteed in the case of the Mole) to out-bid the €5000, *if* they were told what the other people bid.
J-vid's 2 maanden geleden
SPOILER . . . . . . Thanks for everything Joshua❤
J-vid's 2 maanden geleden
Thanks Marieke!💪💪
Thomas M
Thomas M 2 maanden geleden
Simon 2 maanden geleden
. . . . . . Wow. That challenge and elimination was bs. The first task wasn't good either. Still on a Renee tunnel.
Ahmed Hidad
Ahmed Hidad 2 maanden geleden
@jean-françois I just said that they wouldn’t have to be the last one done since it’s most likely that someone taking long is a contestant rather than the mole.
jean-françois 2 maanden geleden
@Ahmed Hidad why? They never go home.... what would be the point of finishing fast like they had all the answers ahead? wouldn't that be suspicious?
Simon 2 maanden geleden
@Ahmed Hidad That's not the only reason why I think she's the mole. Still, I could be wrong.
Ahmed Hidad
Ahmed Hidad 2 maanden geleden
@Simon True, but I don’t think that a mole has to fake that. It’s obvious that it’s more likely that she’s a not the mole based on the fact that she took the longest time to do the test.
Simon 2 maanden geleden
@Ahmed Hidad She can fake it because how well she does on the test does not matter. The production obviously knows who the mole is.
Brandon Martin-Moore
Brandon Martin-Moore 2 maanden geleden
So many jokes I can make about Joshua and Splinter sneaking away together.
Jairo Castanja
Jairo Castanja 2 maanden geleden
Spoilers I think it's bullshit that they made the execution like that. I think they should've made it so that if the person who did the test the worst was on the winning team, that nobody should've went home.
Jairo Castanja
Jairo Castanja 2 maanden geleden
@TheRealTricky Oh yeah I didn't think about that, that's true
TheRealTricky 2 maanden geleden
@Jairo Castanja Wouldn't be the first time that happens, either. Last minute exemptions are quite often given. Take the last bonus season for example where Ellie got herself an exemption by merely sitting on the chair set next to Rik's. Now I don't know if she'd be on the plane home if she wasn't sitting there as that wasn't revealed, but it is quite possible, since she trusted Jeroen fully (who turned out to be the mole).
Jairo Castanja
Jairo Castanja 2 maanden geleden
@TheRealTricky not where a person who didn't do the test worst, went home?
TheRealTricky 2 maanden geleden
Not sure about this... Every season there's an execution like this... It's not that exceptional, so I don't really see the point to complain about it.
jean-françois 2 maanden geleden
@H0lyMoley i would agree if we find out the Mole is the one that bids the highest. Fact at least 2 contestant, maybe 3 bid the amount i think this is as part of the game (i do think it should be done earlier when less money however). This is no different than Joshua spending money by on purpose messing challenges to make others suspicious.
Pepi 2 maanden geleden
Small warning!!!! There are SPOILERS in these comments (at the time of writing this comment) !!!!!!!
Gokage 2 maanden geleden
Xian Bono
Xian Bono 2 maanden geleden
Thanks Marieke!
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