Wie is de Mol (The Mole) S21E03 with English subtitles 

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17 jan. 2021




Bezig met laden.....

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Simone DB
Simone DB Maand geleden
Quite interesting that Renee explains what's in each tube, that gives Rocky the option to choose the money... Also Renee asks 'are you hanging already?' and Charlotte says something like 'you're on top of a building or something I guess?'.
xsundogx27 2 maanden geleden
I think I spotted one of those hidden messages that gives the identity of the mole way! I guess I'll just have to wait and see.
Jaap Wieb Eelkema
Jaap Wieb Eelkema 2 maanden geleden
Denisa Geislerová
Denisa Geislerová 2 maanden geleden
Hello form Tsjechië! it’s so cute when they speak Czech 😍😁
atom angel
atom angel 2 maanden geleden
This is so cool. Greetings from Brno!
Michal Benčok
Michal Benčok 2 maanden geleden
can anyoen explain me the role of jokers? I thought when they use jokers they r immune from exiting, do the jokers fix the wrong answer in the test ? how do the jokers work?
WIDM English Subs
WIDM English Subs 2 maanden geleden
Yes, the jokers fix 1 wrong answer to a correct answer. An exemption (the green thin ones) will give you immunity from the execution. A black exemption (if they show up this season) will make sure that all jokers and exemptions played that test are invalid
Rez Gani
Rez Gani 2 maanden geleden
17:50 hint naar Charlotte ze is bij de w van eenentwintig en zegt dat dat het 6de letter was van het woord en daarna hebben ze het eruit geknipt
Sassieee 2 maanden geleden
Thank you so much again!!
Emmely Jacobs
Emmely Jacobs 2 maanden geleden
26:20 ik dacht dat ik iemand aan de zijkant zag die d8e beelden net lied schijnen
MultiFT 2 maanden geleden
Spoiler: Marije is the mole. At 5:53, the grid with the letters is torn apart and when the hint is revealed later, it is not shown Josh and Marije looking at the window for the hint, probably since it’d become blatant to the viewers at home that a sabotage happened. Since Joshua was the one to say and put in the correct answer, it wouldn’t make sense for him to have done the sabotage, therefore it had to have been Marije. (Also I hard read her as the mole before the season even started, so I am tunneling a little bit. Lol)
test 2 maanden geleden
Hi Marieke i heard widm also has an aftershow do you think in the future you could upload those too im realy intrested in the theorys
test 2 maanden geleden
@WIDM English Subs no worries and thnx for the hint
WIDM English Subs
WIDM English Subs 2 maanden geleden
Hi. No I'm sorry. It's already quite a bit of work to do 1 hour of WIDM and next to my actual job, it would be too much to add those as well. Sorry. Also, if you really want good theories and actual facts to chase the mole, I suggest That forum collects actual good hints. You can translate the site to get the idea behind some hints.
Jacob Roberts
Jacob Roberts 2 maanden geleden
Thank you for English closed captioning. 👍
sem nicolai
sem nicolai 2 maanden geleden
Lisa 2 maanden geleden
Ahaha zoiezo is Rocky niet de mol
Nathalia Nunes Pereira
Nathalia Nunes Pereira 2 maanden geleden
Spoilers below Florentijn was on my suspect list, I'm surprised he's leaving early in the game. That means Joshua is not the mole. Splinter is on my list, he behaved a little suspicious in the first challenge. Joker card appearing again, the mole must have a connection to this.
Aylín Espino
Aylín Espino 2 maanden geleden
i'm 30 minutes in and hoping Josh goes home this episode. will update after i'm done watching. update: okay not finished yet, i wanted to ask some Dutchies here; Josh likes to occasionally speak English a lot. Is that normal in NL? Do a lot of dutch people speak like that? I know a good majority of you speak really good English like Josh but, do you all use it really frequently like he does? SPOILERS final update: dammit 😭😭 I don't mind Florentijn's decision to not use his jokers because i probably would've saved mine too, for the later executions. but damn, what bad luck on his part. maybe karma for not sharing?
Ricardo Molenaar
Ricardo Molenaar 2 maanden geleden
Joshua sings in a band called Chef special, he sings in English mainly.
Aylín Espino
Aylín Espino 2 maanden geleden
@Sam Nabuurs ahh okay i see! thank you.
Sam Nabuurs
Sam Nabuurs 2 maanden geleden
It’s normal for some dutchies to speak some english, but not as much as joshua does :)
Corinne Eaglebridge
Corinne Eaglebridge 3 maanden geleden
I lost 100 points...
Waveman J
Waveman J 3 maanden geleden
Thank you! I'm in a Renee tunnel big time. Charlotte as well.
Matz Chin Joe Kie
Matz Chin Joe Kie 3 maanden geleden
J-vid's 3 maanden geleden
Respect Marieke! Gewoon in de ochtend na wie is de mol al de aflevering uploaden in 1080p! Thanks🔥🔥
roda 3 maanden geleden
Its the first *thate a look from Who are the mol
Nate Bloemke
Nate Bloemke 3 maanden geleden
As always, thanks Marieke! Minor challenge spoilers below: I was surprised the room challenge started off with revealing everyone’s mole answers! I’m surprised anyone would honestly reveal their answer to that question, even if they are probably all still spreading at this point. I thought Florentijn was smart here for saying Erik so it wouldn’t reveal who he thought about anyone still left.
MCS 3 maanden geleden
One epic challenge after another this season. Great stuff!
Dexter Sagar
Dexter Sagar 3 maanden geleden
Daaaamn. First time my first main suspect goes early. Great quieter episode this week.
Jocheen Van Asch
Jocheen Van Asch 2 maanden geleden
@Dexter Sagar You got taste !
Dexter Sagar
Dexter Sagar 2 maanden geleden
@Jocheen Van Asch Oh I'm a big fan of the Belgian version. It's a masterclass in reality tv cinematography and editing.
Jocheen Van Asch
Jocheen Van Asch 2 maanden geleden
@Dexter Sagar In the dutch version, the mole often doesn't make sense. You should check out the Belgian version, its way better
Dexter Sagar
Dexter Sagar 2 maanden geleden
@Nate Bloemke That wouldn't make sense though. A mole candidate probably would keep the money for themselves.
Nate Bloemke
Nate Bloemke 2 maanden geleden
@Dexter Sagar I've been thinking Rocky since episode one, but it would have been SO EASY for her to sabotage that last mission. Either she is really trying to seem like the hero for saving the money, or she legitimately thought they were all going to take the jokers for themselves.
H0lyMoley 3 maanden geleden
I'm thinking I may be wrong... my only suspect was in the wrong team in that last challenge. It's difficult to see who else it could be though. My thoughts: * * * * 1) Marije (just barely, she seems to have very contestant-like reactions), 2) Charlotte, and 3) Rocky. But honestly I'm completely up in the air about those three right now. I think the fact that Florentijn got out means that a lot of people are probably doing well, which points towards Marije. Maybe Florentijn decided not to split his answers and went full-tilt on Joshua, which would mean that he'd probably get a score of zero since this episode he's basically done the exact opposite of Marije the entire time. Still can't see it being Lakshmi, Renee, or one of the guys, for various reasons.
Sam Nabuurs
Sam Nabuurs 2 maanden geleden
I personally think it’s lakshmi right now!
H0lyMoley 3 maanden geleden
Oh yeah, another fun episode. I enjoyed the last season of WIDM more than a lot of recent ones, and this latest one is turning out to be really entertaining also. I'm happy. It's really felt like the show has gone off-track since season 14 or so, and I'm glad to see it get better.
K6 Kay Six
K6 Kay Six 3 maanden geleden
Thank you Marieke! The production team are playing an absolute home run this season! Although . .. ... It really impresses me how they still put in the small ex mole cameos! Now the interesting thing about this episode was blackjack, but more significantly...21 which is coincidentally the season number so there is bound to be a hidden clue somewhere (did you notice even the building they went to was 21!), so far I'm clutching at straws but Splinter said 'holy moly!' when walking in the room, at around 21 minutes into the episode he was on screen quite a lot and during the test he was shown answering question 12 which is 21 backwards...hmm *EDIT* spookily I have also just read up that Casino Royale is the 21st James Bond film but I don't think that has any relevance based on what happened to the candidate that tried that as a password :(
Gwendolyn Rice
Gwendolyn Rice 3 maanden geleden
Spoiler Ik zat op Florentijn. Jammer
Mohamed A
Mohamed A 3 maanden geleden
Wat is het verschil tusen een vrijstelling en een joker?
Mohamed A
Mohamed A 3 maanden geleden
@WIDM English Subs dankuwel voor je hulp
WIDM English Subs
WIDM English Subs 3 maanden geleden
Met een vrijstelling ben je automatisch door naar de volgende ronde. En met een joker maak je een vraag die je fout in de test hebt beantwoord goed.
Brian Storm
Brian Storm 3 maanden geleden
Extremely annoying how even in episode 3, Florentijn still fucks up Lakshmi's name. It's not a hard name, everyone can do it, so can you.
Brian Storm
Brian Storm 2 maanden geleden
@Michenator I am not, but I am good at reading social cues.
Michenator 2 maanden geleden
Based on your reaction you are clearly the expert on what's funny
Aylín Espino
Aylín Espino 2 maanden geleden
i agree. his energy is a little off for me. bit awkward of a joke if that's what he's going for
Brian Storm
Brian Storm 3 maanden geleden
@Michenator let's just pretend that's true for a moment, and analyse: 1) given her reaction, she's clearly not in on it. 2) last week he said "Lakshimi" instead of "Lakshima", so either it's a completely new joke or he's joking around with a name he actually doesn't know how to pronounce. 3) it hardly even sounds like Máxima, so it's not funny.
Michenator 3 maanden geleden
Dude that's a joke with the name of the Queen....
Izzy T
Izzy T 3 maanden geleden
that awkward moment when your only suspect gets the red screen... guess i need to do some rewatching before next episode to find a new mole
Bas Vds
Bas Vds 3 maanden geleden
Charlotte dat is superlief dat je die aan splinter hebt gegeven
Thomas Van alphen
Thomas Van alphen 2 maanden geleden
Ze moet splinter erin houden on zelf niet verdacht te worden. Ik denk dat we met de slechtste mol ooit te maken hebben.
Ajonah_ 2
Ajonah_ 2 2 maanden geleden
Ze heeft hem toch niet nodig😏😏
Elizabeth 3 maanden geleden
Thanks as always!
saBree58 3 maanden geleden
If anyone is interested what the tubes meant: To je malá výhoda: That's a little advantage (joker) To je větší výhoda: That's a bigger advantage (2 jokers) To je malá nevýhoda: That's a little disadvantage (the joker card) To může by výhoda: That can be an advantage (money)
saBree58 2 maanden geleden
@Brandon Martin-Moore The direct translation from Czech literally just says how the actual item may help in the game. But who knows maybe if you rearrange the letters somehow, or do some other WIDM magic with it, there can be a hint in Dutch :D
Brandon Martin-Moore
Brandon Martin-Moore 2 maanden geleden
I was expecting one of them to contain a hint to the mole.
Mariëtte Tet
Mariëtte Tet 3 maanden geleden
Dobry den! 👊🏽
Louis Manresa
Louis Manresa 3 maanden geleden
I lost all my point 😭
Gijs kikkert
Gijs kikkert 3 maanden geleden
I lost no points😂
Quinty Westerink
Quinty Westerink 3 maanden geleden
Yodeliyo 3 maanden geleden
Wat is the name of the music by 1:22?
Mr. Krabs
Mr. Krabs 3 maanden geleden
Final Confrontation, by London Session Orchestra & Cecilia Weston
Stargate 246
Stargate 246 3 maanden geleden
Thx for the upload Gisteren niet kunnen kijken nu hier verder maar kijken
liimu 3 maanden geleden
Heel erg bedankt!!!
Brian Mante
Brian Mante 3 maanden geleden
ik ben 33 punten verloren
Quinty Westerink
Quinty Westerink 3 maanden geleden
Intense happiness right here!!! :)
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