Wie is de Mol (The Mole) S21E02 with English subtitles 

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10 jan. 2021




Bezig met laden.....

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HydraWerewolf 13 dagen geleden
That one woman is so selfish, going for Jokers twice
ANDRÉA Maand geleden
Wait mag je eigenlijk alliance vormen in het spel? Wist ik helemaal niet
ANDRÉA 29 dagen geleden
@Andrea Lantis Oke dankje! Het is de eerst keer dat ik de mol Nederland kijk, in de Belgische versie zag ik nooit twee mensen samenwerken
Andrea Lantis
Andrea Lantis Maand geleden
Tuurlijk! Het kan mensen of heel ver brengen (zoals miljuschka en buddy) of juist eruit gooien omdat het vertrouwen ervoor kan zorgen dat je hem/haar niet als mol ziet.
Esther Talma
Esther Talma Maand geleden
Super mooie foto zonder remco
Waveman J
Waveman J Maand geleden
I don't know why I think the Blacklight Ballerina game is so hilarious but it is. It's like a Mario Party minigame on steroids. . . . . . . Renee is the Mole. Look at how she switches up the clues Lakshmi gave them so that different color ballerinas keep their money in different boxes. THEN, look how she runs up to the right box, creating all kinds of ruckus, doesn't open it, moves to the second box opens it, sees nothing, goes to the third, sees nothing, goes back to the one she knows doesn't have anything and opens it again, before going to the correct box and getting shot with Money in her pocket. She gave the ballerina a direct line to follow her. Then she screams for the ballerina to hear that there's more money left. I cannot get out of the Renee tunnel.
Brandon Martin-Moore
Brandon Martin-Moore Maand geleden
It's strange that Rik mentions the name Tatra but they still blur the badges.
Hans Oonk
Hans Oonk Maand geleden
22:08 yay that song
sem nicolai
sem nicolai Maand geleden
Vera theBanana
Vera theBanana Maand geleden
Spoiler kind of Marije is de mol calling it now
Nathalia Nunes Pereira
Spoilers below Joshua continues to do mole action, so obviously that it's not him. Florentijn is a suspect, but one person who were on good places to mole that I didn't notice is Splinter, yeah so Splinter is a top suspect for now. I'm so excited for the escape room challenge!!
Nora Maand geleden
Blacklight ballerinas with laser guns 🤣 wow That made me laugh
Fatma Avci
Fatma Avci Maand geleden
Ik ben de mol. schrijf corrrecte namen onder de beelden lafaards
Robin Cauwels
Robin Cauwels Maand geleden
Joshua mag er gewoon uit, mol of niet,... Irritant ventje
Evi Venema
Evi Venema Maand geleden
Hij wordt erg verdacht gemaakt door de productie dus ik vermoed dat hij er in een paar afleveringen uit is
Tessa Privé
Tessa Privé Maand geleden
Echt he
HelloItsMe Maand geleden
For anyone not knowing; clues weren't a thing in last season but they are again
Keiko_Narita_Music Maand geleden
Such a fun show!
Izzy T
Izzy T Maand geleden
Thank you for sharing this! After watching most of the old seasons during lockdown I'm so excited to watch this season as it airs! Agree with some of the other comments that the assignments are really cool this year - maybe because of covid the production team have had to be more creative and that's showing? No idea who the mole is as everybody I suspect from the first episode either didn't really mole this episode or did something to make me think there's no way they can be it so I'm clueless about who it might be, especially as the only player I'd ruled out completely is the one who got the red screen... can't wait for next week's episode!
Captain Subpar
Captain Subpar Maand geleden
You know how they say necessity is the mother of invention? So far, this season has proved that in spades. I can tell this was filmed during the pandemic yet due to the inability to have a lot of interaction with regular people, they've managed to come up with some incredibly cool, creative challenges. The ballerina one was especially awesome and the opening challenge from the first episode was quite clever. The cast seems fun. I only have two suspects, one of only two definite non-moles went home this week, and I still have a whole bunch of question marks. This is a huge step up from last season. Thank you again for all that you do, Marieke!
Henk Maat
Henk Maat Maand geleden
@Captain Subpar!,the whole entire cast & al of the candidates where testen on COVID before traveling to the Scheck Republic,& had to Stau/life in their own bubble during taping this 21th Season,& Chose Not to have any Inter action with the locale,to keep al of them safe & healthy!
Pamela Hunter
Pamela Hunter Maand geleden
Great episode! Thanks so much, Marieke! ❤️
J-vid's Maand geleden
Thanks Marieke!🔥🔥
Jonathon VS
Jonathon VS Maand geleden
Fun episode, and next week’s looks awesome! MINOR SPOILERS … . . . . . The challenges they pick are great, although they do seem to follow some themes so they aren’t too different from each other. That’s okay, though. It looks like next week they’ll be doing a “Hitchcock Hotel” type of challenge, which is my favourite! 😀 (People who have watched the The Mole USA will know what I’m talking about.)
Nate Bloemke
Nate Bloemke Maand geleden
I've been waiting SO LONG to see them do a similar challenge in WIDM!
Carl Dayandante
Carl Dayandante Maand geleden
Thanks again Marieke! I am loving this season so far. The challenges have levelled up!
H0lyMoley Maand geleden
I definitely agree. Huge step-up from seasons 16 and 17. I enjoyed the anniversary season as well. Things are looking up for WIDM!
Joe Simko
Joe Simko Maand geleden
That awkward moment when my mole suspect went home last episode and my new mole suspect goes home this episode.
The gaming Politoed
The gaming Politoed Maand geleden
Christian Pistucci
Christian Pistucci Maand geleden
Thank you so much! I'm loving the season!
K6 Kay Six
K6 Kay Six Maand geleden
Thank you very much Marieke...obviously the Mole clicked the dislike button two times to try and sabotage the likes! . .. ... This was a fun episode, I laughed at Rik : Nobody got any jokers luckily Joshua : I got one! Rik : But you got shot... :D Also I liked Erik :(
H0lyMoley Maand geleden
I have to be honest... I thought Joshua was 100% gone. WIDM hasn't pulled a dummy on me like that one in a while. By the end I thought: "He might as well have a giant skull floating above his head." Generally when it's that obvious, the person always turns out to be the one who actually gets cut, but not this time. Still on Marijn although looking for alternative suspects. I feel like I might be suffering from tunnelvision a little bit, but there's so much from both episodes that seems to point to her... Just on this episode alone I'm inclined to rule out Rocky, Florentijn, Renee, Joshua, Lakshmi and Splinter. That only leaves the blonde and the redhead. If it turns out I'm a sucker for schmoozing the ladies again and it's actually a guy, then I'm dead wrong. I'm a little worried about Erik having named Marijn as one of his four, but it absolutely could be a "throw-off" by the producers.
Nate Bloemke
Nate Bloemke Maand geleden
I have so many questions about Joshua. I feel like he's either trying really hard to convince people that he's the mole or he's the mole but it's so obvious that he can convince people he's actually not? Either way I'm not sure yet if it's going to work out. It did seem like he convinced Splinter not to vote for him, but I don't think as the mole he would actually try to ask Splinter to make others vote for him.
Kinga's_Stuff Maand geleden
Uit de opdracht met de ballerinas vermoed ik 2 dingen over Rocky: 1 Ze is de mol niet want ze heeft als enige geld voor de pot kunnen verzamelen met die opdracht 2 Ze is de mol wel omdat ze die opdracht expres zo goed heeft gedaan zodat mensen haar niet meer verdenken asl mol.
Grace P.
Grace P. 9 dagen geleden
100% eens
Nora 23 dagen geleden
^ de essentie van “wie is de mol” :)
Christian Cazzimiei
Christian Cazzimiei Maand geleden
This season is fire, I'm loving the strategies and the challenges. Also, thank you so much Marieke!
Shanuna Rietveld
Shanuna Rietveld Maand geleden
@Nate Bloemke they tried to do a more less boring year this year because these are less known celebrities :)
Nate Bloemke
Nate Bloemke Maand geleden
I don't know what it is, but the show has really had great challenges all season! Usually in past seasons there's at least one each episode that I find a bit boring, but I don't think there's been a single one like that so far this season for me.
illyana Maand geleden
Thank you for the new episode!
Holey Moley Global Fans
Thank you! The subtitles stopped working for me at 41:51... anyone else having this problem or just me?
Holey Moley Global Fans
@WIDM English Subs thank you so much. You are incredible for this community.
WIDM English Subs
WIDM English Subs Maand geleden
It's all fixed now. There was a 3 that should be a 1 in the coding and it messed up that whole bit. But it's good now.
Ben Maand geleden
@WIDM English Subs thx for uploading! Don’t know what i would do without you 😁❤️
Holey Moley Global Fans
Oh yes they return at 43:48! Thanks so much :)
WIDM English Subs
WIDM English Subs Maand geleden
@Ben Ok I'll have a look...
Nixahma Maand geleden
Wie Is De Mol episode: gets released Marieke: Aw shit, here we go again.
Maria Vasilopoulou
Maria Vasilopoulou Maand geleden
Thank you so much!!!!
ghaidaa kassar
ghaidaa kassar Maand geleden
Omg i minuut geleden omg i Love you video
Quinty Westerink
Quinty Westerink Maand geleden
Yes yesterday I was too late, thank you so much! I was so excited!
Quinty Westerink
Quinty Westerink Maand geleden
@Tom274 ik noem dat altijd Dunglish, mijn vriendin en ik doen dat de hele tijd, maar wij doen het omdat we gewoon raar zijn XD
Tom274 Maand geleden
@Quinty Westerink Ok dat begrijp ik nog. Maar het nieuwe zogenaamde 'nederlish' zoals die Joshua spreekt met constant halve Engelse zinnen ertussen... Klinkt zeer indrukwekkend op 't internet (sarcasme) maar is echt om oorsuizen van te krijgen in 't echt
Quinty Westerink
Quinty Westerink Maand geleden
@Tom274 haha ik kan ook gewoon Nederlands praten, hoor XD Ik ben alleen niet gewend om Nederlands te praten op NLblock, want 'wie is de mol' zijn de enige Nederlands-talige video’s die ik kijk. Voor de rest kijk ik alleen maar Engelse video's.
Tom274 Maand geleden
@Quinty Westerink OoOh so quirky🤪 Engels spreken in NL is doorheen de jaren zo niet-indrukwekkend en dominerend geworden dat het een persoonlijkheidsaanvulling is voor de meest oninteressante mensen die te lui zijn om nederlandse substitutiewoorden te gebruiken. Bon... Succes ermee :)
Quinty Westerink
Quinty Westerink Maand geleden
I know, but I prefer speaking English :)
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