Wie is de Mol (The Mole) S21E01 with English subtitles 

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3 jan. 2021




Bezig met laden.....

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Szymon Gryglik
Szymon Gryglik 2 dagen geleden
I Love you Thanks so much .
Johann Fer
Johann Fer 11 dagen geleden
🤔Renée is very suspicious
Edalien Olcas
Edalien Olcas 13 dagen geleden
Oke ma die zijn echt dom tf direct al geld voor een joker, je kent niemand nog eens bruh bye
FreeWillie 1
FreeWillie 1 Maand geleden
Waarom ontdek ik dit kanaal nu pas!?😱 de afgelopen 2 jaar de Mol moeten missen🥲🙌
Imaroo Maand geleden
Ah, catching up on this series late as usual. I am so bad at keeping track! Thanks so much Marieke as per usual. Great opening episode, some great tasks here. I am pleased they seem to be keeping things in similar to the last (anniversary) season. That one was such a breath of fresh air! Wondering whether the fact that competitors have to behave a little differently in a pandemic will keep the showrunners creative. I look forward to finding out.
Rumpus Naval Fleet
Rumpus Naval Fleet 2 maanden geleden
43:00 assassins creed black flag thema muziek
ThePokine 2 maanden geleden
I live in Brno and I recognized: Znojmo, Mikulov, Vranov nad Dyjí. Next episode will be from Valtice.
María José Bobadilla Acevedo
Love from Chile!!
Waveman J
Waveman J 2 maanden geleden
Thanks! .... Possible Clue? 21 seems to be the magic number this season. At right about the 21:00 mark, "Ik ben Renee Fokker..." Just saying.
Nathalia Nunes Pereira
Nathalia Nunes Pereira 3 maanden geleden
Thanks Marieke!!! I have a feeling that the joker card is a clue as who the mole is. In the opening we see a card and a joker figure that will probably appear in other assignments. My guest is Joshua just because he was pictured as the good guy who is playing for the money, but a lot of contestants are on him, so I maybe be very wrong.
PedrosVideos 3 maanden geleden
How much did it cost to shoot at the first castle?
XYZT 3 maanden geleden
Lakshmi? Are you here?
Michal Benčok
Michal Benčok 3 maanden geleden
feedback for the show , at the end when u r revealing who did the test wrong its less suspence becouse we know that the first few would not be eliminated, instead you could say X is in bottom 3, Y is safe, and at the end revel from bottom 3 who failed the test most. thanks for interesting show.
Andrea Lantis
Andrea Lantis 2 maanden geleden
that's not always true. when it's closer to the end time that happens. So sometimes you can see that there's 5 min left so it might take some people but with just 3 minutes to go the chance of the first one going home get bigger :p (it rarely happens but it happens)
Jody Walls
Jody Walls 3 maanden geleden
every once in a while they. will have the first or second person called at the execution be the eliminated contestant
S H 3 maanden geleden
Thanks for promoting the Czech Republic! :)
Nora 2 maanden geleden
I went to Iceland after having seen bits of it on WIDM 2012 :) Best holiday of my life. Thanks WIDM :)
Misty Minnie
Misty Minnie 2 maanden geleden
countries should pay widm to have their season there lol !! they always have the most beautiful shots. never knew czech was so beautiful !! it's like old-western europe style with a southern Europe atmosphere. really beautiful architecture
René 2 maanden geleden
Ive been to Czech Republic last summer and it is so beautiful.
Jiří Kozel
Jiří Kozel 3 maanden geleden
The beauty of Czechia ...:)
Maria Clara Cheng
Maria Clara Cheng 3 maanden geleden
Dankjewel Marieke!! . . 21:57 I laughed at lot here 😂
MC PREDÁTOR 3 maanden geleden
Tak kdo je ta krysa?
MC PREDÁTOR 3 maanden geleden
@Marek Vyskočil Taky se mi nezdá
Noa Binnendijk
Noa Binnendijk 3 maanden geleden
THEORIZING This episode's title was "Gelijk" which can be translated to 'right' or 'equal'... or 'immediate'. Maybe a hint that the Mole immediately went for a joker in the first task (which would be Charlotte, Erik, Florentijn, Joshua, Lakshmi, Remco or Rocky)? Or maybe it hints at the Mole being immediately eliminated from the second task- as Erik was, shot before he could accomplish anything.
Thomas Van alphen
Thomas Van alphen 2 maanden geleden
Or rocky hah
Thomas Van alphen
Thomas Van alphen 2 maanden geleden
If you follow this theory then its Charlotte. Because all the other Arent jn the game anymore
Nathalia Nunes Pereira
Nathalia Nunes Pereira 3 maanden geleden
I think the mole went for the joker first, because it would feels less suspicious and he/she wouldn't use the joker for anything. The people who had the joker played it in the first test.
Denz 3 maanden geleden
Thx for this!
Axis Quijano
Axis Quijano 3 maanden geleden
Love from the Philippines! ❤️ I really love this series. Thank you! 😘
Lenthe Faasen
Lenthe Faasen 3 maanden geleden
Splinter is echt heel veel in beeld
Nate Bloemke
Nate Bloemke 3 maanden geleden
Thank you, Marieke! . . . . My question to everyone is what would you choose to do if you were the mole for the very first challenge (which was excellent)? Would you initially accept or reject the offer? I'm really excited for this season; what a gorgeous starting city!
Annie McCabe
Annie McCabe 3 maanden geleden
Yayyyy!! Thank you so much 😊
gamehelp16 3 maanden geleden
Thank you for subtitling again this year! I appreciate it.
Dexter Sagar
Dexter Sagar 3 maanden geleden
Thank you, Marieke! ❤ Loved this premiere.
gerretet 3 maanden geleden
Franklin Shen
Franklin Shen 3 maanden geleden
Thank you so much Marieke! This is looking to be an epic season, even better than some of the non-pandemic seasons! . .. ... .... ..... Top suspects: Marije: Hiding in a tractor without making any effort to get money? She would have contributed nothing if Joshua hadn't forced his 100 euros on her. Might be a good strategy as mole to just try to stay in and not get shot until the call to cannibalize, which may have backfired on her once everyone did not want to. Joshua: In the first assignment where the mole makes a visit to all the contestants, Joshua gets the least amount of air time, so maybe there's less footage because he's been visiting everyone? (Although I should also point out that the shadow seems to be a woman or a more slender man.) Also, his call to "unite" seems mole-ish to me because I think a mole would realize at that point, getting 7 people to cannibalize each other is pretty hard and it would be a better opportunity to seem like a candidate (yet still bring nothing into the pot by being shot). Florentijn: He gets shot in the laser assignment pretty early on without making an effort to duck behind something? Suspicious. Renee: Not sure if just blind and deaf or the mole...
Noah D'haemer
Noah D'haemer 3 maanden geleden
* eurovision girl *
* eurovision girl * 3 maanden geleden
. . . . . . . . . . . . . Spoiler: I'm thinking the mole is most likely a girl and I feel like joshua is def not the mole idk something about his attitude
Pamela Hunter
Pamela Hunter 3 maanden geleden
Ahhh, it’s back and I’m thrilled! Thanks so much, Marieke! ❤️
H0lyMoley 3 maanden geleden
Oh yeah, one spoiler-free comment... I kinda love how they've upped the drama of the red screen / green screen elimination results at the end. Every time one of those screens appears, I feel like I've been played a segment of the most dramatic music ever, and then hit in the face by a truck. In a good way of course. "Person X"... (insert rapid crescendo of orchestral choir here)... COMBINED METALLIC STRIKE PLUS H-BOMB EXPLOSION!!!!!!!!
Joanne 3 maanden geleden
Thank you so so much.
DASophie Smidt
DASophie Smidt 3 maanden geleden
Living abroad I can now share my love for WIDM with my English speaking new family 🥰 ‘Thank you’ doesn’t cover enough how grateful I’m to you ❣️
Josh Snyder
Josh Snyder 3 maanden geleden
THANK YOU MARIEKE FOR GIVING US YET ANOTHER SUBBED SEASON!! I CANNOT THANK YOU ENOUGH! . . . . . . . . . . . . My Mole is 100% Lakshmi. After the teasers, the pre-season interviews, the introductions and the first episode, I still have a massive tunnel vision on her purely from intuition. We'll see if it holds true.
rbrucerye 3 maanden geleden
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . 8866 Code M, 1209 Code F 1971 Code N 2842 Code A 7021 Code H 1303 or 7201 Code J? 8182 Code D? Just seeing if there is a clue in any of the codes.
K6 Kay Six
K6 Kay Six 3 maanden geleden
. .. ... .... ..... They usually like to make a clue featuring the season number, 12+09 = 21 = Code Florentijn?
Jairo Castanja
Jairo Castanja 3 maanden geleden
2:53 "foto's van de kandidaten" , maar zij staat er niet tussen. Miss kan je het opvatten alsof zij zich uitsluit als kandidaat, omdat ze de mol is??
Captin Sirius
Captin Sirius 2 maanden geleden
@Jairo Castanja ah oké
Jairo Castanja
Jairo Castanja 3 maanden geleden
@Captin Sirius Ja dat was dus niet mijn punt. Ze zei het alsof die andere negen, zij dus niet, DE kandidaten waren en zij dus de mol. Maar lm, ik denk niet dat zij de mol is.
Captin Sirius
Captin Sirius 3 maanden geleden
Tuurlijk staat ze er niet tussen, Rocky kent haarzelf toch al? Waarom zou er een foto van haarzelf bij zijn?
Stargate 246
Stargate 246 3 maanden geleden
I think is Rocky for sure the mole is in 2021 En dankje wel voor deze upload!
NICK IS SLICK 3 maanden geleden
My top 3 suspects are . . . . . . . Marije, Florentijn, and Renee Marije is super suspicious right now, especially with the bike challenge getting peel/squeeze wrong along with not focusing on the facts of who wanted to be de Mol Florentijn is sus because along with Remco, he missed the sign with Renee's Mol answer. Renee because she was screwing up codes in the lasergame.
jean-françois 3 maanden geleden
Thank you Marieke, so appreciated. This first episode was great. Still worried about a Mole season in "isolation" from public interaction, but these were well executed challenges, that actually felt classic Mole like.
Pannekoek Chris
Pannekoek Chris 3 maanden geleden
Thank you to match 🤩
aron scuf
aron scuf 3 maanden geleden
Thanks so much from Berlin! Love to watch Wie is de Mol NL!
S. Yama
S. Yama 3 maanden geleden
Thanks for doing this again for us, much appreciated! And Happy New Year. Wishing you all the best in 2021.
H0lyMoley 3 maanden geleden
Yay! New season of WIDM! Thanks Marieke once again! Enjoyed the last season a lot more than several recent seasons... so I'm hoping this one turns out to be another good one. Good first episode. Spoilers abound: * * * * Not at all surprised at the elimination. I've got a pretty firm first suspect in Marije. If I were the Mole, I'd want to be in the group that didn't take the joker card, so that I could be the first one to take an actual joker, denying the group any money that they'd not already lost. Marije did this. She also acted very much like I'd expect the Mole to act in the next two challenges. She survived the lasergame but brought in a miniscule amount of money to look good (I wonder if she was able to open any of those cases and get rid of money or mess with the combination locks while the others were pinned down?) In the last challenge she kept the attention off the relevant questions by focussing it on the irrelevant "peel / squeeze" thing. She's definitely my top choice right now.
H0lyMoley 3 maanden geleden
@jean-françois Could be... but my reasoning is that if the Mole was the first one to take an actual joker, the others would be more inclined to follow them. And as you say, the Mole would know how many people had refused the joker card offer earlier on. Marije was the one who immediately made it clear she'd go for the joker come what may. And by doing that, she encouraged the other two to follow her. Also, by putting themselves in the "refused the joker card" group, the Mole would have put themselves in a key position straight away. If they just take the joker card, they can't really do anything later on; but by refusing it, they're in a position to influence the events concerning the people who could still win money. Just as I think Marije did. BTW I think any of those three could be the Mole. I'd be surprised if it was anybody else, although it's too early to rule people out. I'd also be really shocked if it was a male this year, and not for any meta-reasoning (previous seasons have proven that even saying "They wouldn't have a male / female four times in a row" has been a bad assumption to make) but rather because I can't see any of the guys acting as I would expect the Mole to. Again, it's too early to be sure, but I'm pretty happy with my current pick.
jean-françois 3 maanden geleden
. . . . . . suspicious i agree, however the Mole would know how many people would have taken the under the door Joker, so with 6 already taking it it would probably be comfortable to join that group, and be "one of the group" with the fine assumption the rest would see this and be individualist after seeing that.
Christian Cazzimiei
Christian Cazzimiei 3 maanden geleden
This is one of the best premiere I've seen, such an intense episode. I love the assigments, especially the laser one because of the battlefield. Marije in my main suspect so far, she's way too fanatic and over the top, she doesn't seem sincere. Thank you so much for your hard work Marieke, you are the best!
H0lyMoley 3 maanden geleden
Spoilers... * * * I'm really feeling Marije as a suspect too. As soon as they revealed that the joker cards were fake and that actual jokers were available, I was like "The Mole will want to be in that group so that she can immediately snaffle a joker and encourage the rest to do the same." Marije did exactly this. That one moment put her straight to the top of my suspect list, and her actions in the next two games pretty much confirmed everything I was thinking. It's way too early to eliminate suspects yet, but Marije has to be at the top for me.
K6 Kay Six
K6 Kay Six 3 maanden geleden
I am waiting for the day they invite Marieke to be a candidate on the show, as far as I'm concerned she is the real celebrity around here :) . .. ... .... ..... Also I loved the 'joker' twist as I spent at least 10 minutes wondering how they were planning to shove an actual joker under the door, and Rik 'I have a message for the group...a fact...prepare for TEST and EXECUTION!' he has really grown on me now!
Heather King
Heather King 2 maanden geleden
Can there be subtitles in Dutch and English simultaneously??
vogelmeister 3 maanden geleden
Max1996 3 maanden geleden
My initial thought before the card twist was that a note would be slid under the door that said a joker would be left for the contestants at the actual test, something that *did* happen before.
jean-françois 3 maanden geleden
yeah, Rik has now really grown into the role.
Jacob Derwin
Jacob Derwin 3 maanden geleden
mom come pick me up I'm scared
Jacob Derwin
Jacob Derwin 3 maanden geleden
@Maria Clara Cheng it’s SO good
Maria Clara Cheng
Maria Clara Cheng 3 maanden geleden
I want that shirt hahaha
Jude Kennedy ATCL
Jude Kennedy ATCL 3 maanden geleden
THANK YOU!! Can't wait for next week!
Rush Dos
Rush Dos 3 maanden geleden
First episode was great!!!
Carl Dayandante
Carl Dayandante 3 maanden geleden
Thank you Marieke! What a good first episode! :)
Lightning Monkey
Lightning Monkey 3 maanden geleden
Great to be back. Thanks Marieke!
Chloe 3 maanden geleden
Thank you so much!! You are a star ❤️
Ben 3 maanden geleden
Thank u so much! Great first Episode! Can’t wait for more! :)
EvelineUK 3 maanden geleden
Dank je wel!
Rikkert Sp
Rikkert Sp 3 maanden geleden
Dankjewel om dit online te zetten ik had de aflevering gemist
Rikkert Sp
Rikkert Sp 3 maanden geleden
@HelloItsMe weet ik maar dat is slecht scherm
HelloItsMe 3 maanden geleden
Je kunt het trouwens ook via de NPO app gratis kijken
Gabry Di Stefano
Gabry Di Stefano 3 maanden geleden
Dank je wel Marieke! 😃
Sean E
Sean E 3 maanden geleden
Marieke Thank You So Much!!! You’re starting us out with a great gift this new year!
Matz Chin Joe Kie
Matz Chin Joe Kie 3 maanden geleden
Dankjewel Marieke 😘❤️
Matz Chin Joe Kie
Matz Chin Joe Kie 3 maanden geleden
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