Wie is de Mol (The Mole) S20E10 FINALE with English subtitles 

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NOTE: This episode contains spoilers on previous moles!
Leave a few enters with dots so you need to click more to read the spoilers.
(Comments met namen over wie de mol zou kunnen zijn of wie eruit ligt zonder een aantal enters ertussen zodat het niet direct te zien is, worden verwijderd!)
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15 mrt. 2020




Bezig met laden.....

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Umar Siddiqui
Umar Siddiqui Maand geleden
WTF tina heeft ziek veel siraden
Patricia Postelmans
Patricia Postelmans 3 maanden geleden
Maar tegen wie speelde Rob dan
Matz Chin Joe Kie
Matz Chin Joe Kie 3 maanden geleden
26:00 weet iemand wat de muziek is ???
Norah Kuijpers
Norah Kuijpers 5 maanden geleden
Buddy: het is iets wat je maar 1 keer in je leven mee kan maken jubileumnzeisoen: am i a joke to you?
wherethetatosat 5 maanden geleden
SPOILER 40:28 Production shenanigans! That almost seems like cheating, since the contestants would have no way of knowing that one had been permanently altered.
Hoi ik ben het
Hoi ik ben het 6 maanden geleden
Spoiler: - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -Miljouska is the loser -Nathan is the loser -Buddy is the winnen -Rob is the mole
Ise Vegter
Ise Vegter 6 maanden geleden
Rob tegen die vrouw op de markt: rustig aan Op z’n shirt staat: go fast🤣
tijn nelissen
tijn nelissen Maand geleden
Dat Was Echt Grapig
Laura Neelissen
Laura Neelissen 7 maanden geleden
Lol ik vind dit geinig
Meike Scheepmaker
Meike Scheepmaker 7 maanden geleden
Iemand in quarantaine?
TheRealTricky Maand geleden
De gevangenis... Ja zo zie ik mijn eigen huis nu.... Enkelband vervangen door een mondkap.
Will Stanton
Will Stanton 9 maanden geleden
How did Buddy not get eliminated when he kept going all-in for Leonie most of the tests? Doesn't make any sense.
Sien Jansen
Sien Jansen 8 maanden geleden
Besides Leoni did a lot of the same stuff as Rob and through that he got a lot of the questions right
Lotte Hof
Lotte Hof 9 maanden geleden
You don't have to get the best result on the tests. As long as you don't make it the worst. So probably because other candidates answered more questions wrong.
Eva gaming NL
Eva gaming NL 10 maanden geleden
2:12 leonie: Johannes 😂😂😂
fleur x
fleur x 7 maanden geleden
Volgens mij is dat z’n echte naam
Ise Vegter
Ise Vegter 11 maanden geleden
Dit is de vijfde keer dat ik de finale heb gekeken ik hou zo van dit programma
BEAR KING 11 maanden geleden
Ik wist het😝😝😝😝😝😝
annnathema 11 maanden geleden
Aelisia Jaar geleden
Thieme Kassing
Thieme Kassing Jaar geleden
David Lammers
David Lammers Jaar geleden
Dont click on it before you see the whole video 1:14:18 ben ik de enige die het raar vind dat Rob lucifers op zijn hoed heeft?
ryan spanjer
ryan spanjer Jaar geleden
wie moet er in het zomerseizoen 2020 komen
ryan spanjer
ryan spanjer Jaar geleden
ik vindt Nikki de Jager, Rick Paul van Mulligen, Jan Versteegh, miljuschka witzenhausen, Leonie ter Braak, Linda de mol, margriet van de linden, merel Westrik, Sinan Can, Art de oud-presentator en winnaar
ryan spanjer
ryan spanjer Jaar geleden
tegen wie speelde tegen rob tijdens lasergamen
Vera Pierik
Vera Pierik 11 maanden geleden
Ik denk iemand van de crew
Mats de Mijttenaere
Mats de Mijttenaere 11 maanden geleden
Ik denk tegen iemand van de crew. Met de opdracht richtingsgevoel zal Rob ook wel met iemand van de crew gebeld hebben
jo-amy kooy
jo-amy kooy Jaar geleden
Wie is de mol is mijn lievelings programma ik heb alleen maar seizoen 20 gekeken de rest niet😅
Monika Veerbeek
Monika Veerbeek Jaar geleden
Elk beeld klopt niet want er staat LIVE.
Still Blood - *Serie*
Still Blood - *Serie* Maand geleden
Het was toen LIVE
Guido de Heer
Guido de Heer Jaar geleden
Judith Duindam
Judith Duindam Jaar geleden
heel veel beterschap johan kijk uit dat je geen corona heb he
Noek Jaar geleden
Hij was fantastisch
Tijn Verhoeven
Tijn Verhoeven Jaar geleden
kipmeneer 08
kipmeneer 08 Jaar geleden
Myla Vink
Myla Vink Jaar geleden
Salome Haasnoot
Salome Haasnoot Jaar geleden
Hahaha nahtan je zoon is grappig
Lisa Zwaan
Lisa Zwaan Jaar geleden
Die dab doet pijn aan mijn hart Rob
niomigrace Jaar geleden
Marieke, as ever, thank you for your hard work this season - we really appreciate you!
ryan spanjer
ryan spanjer Jaar geleden
who must be in the who is the mol after the summervacation
ryan spanjer
ryan spanjer Jaar geleden
Wanneer eet Leonie haar sandalen op
TheRealTricky Maand geleden
Ze moet toch eens gaan vertellen hoe sandalen smaken.
fourcefan Fource
fourcefan Fource 7 maanden geleden
Ik denk nooit
BEAR KING 8 maanden geleden
Ja ze had het gezegd
Nixahma Jaar geleden
I once again want to mention the sheer screeching that emitted from our living room at the reveal.
Hmoro hat
Hmoro hat Jaar geleden
WAAROM PRAAT IEDEREEN ENGELS IN DE COMMENTS? ik garandeer je dat 90% nederlander is
TheRealTricky Jaar geleden
"Dit hele kanaal is gemaakt voor toegankelijkheid voor buitenlanders." Hier heb je geloof ik het punt gemaakt wat de OP even ontgaan was.
Pieter van Nes
Pieter van Nes Jaar geleden
@Hmoro hat Kleine moeite toch? Daarnaast zijn titel en beschrijving ook in het Engels, dus dan is het wel logisch als de reacties dat ook zijn. Dit hele kanaal is gemaakt voor toegankelijkheid voor buitenlanders.
Hmoro hat
Hmoro hat Jaar geleden
@Pieter van Nes Dus de 90% moet zich aanpassen aan de 10%? Waar herken ik dit van🤔
Pieter van Nes
Pieter van Nes Jaar geleden
Omdat alle nederlanders Engels kunnen en die 10% kan geen Nederlands.
EvelineUK Jaar geleden
I know the circumstances aren't exactly great, but I do prefer a quiet finale without any crowds that are being asked over and over again who they think the Mol is....
Video Game Radio
Video Game Radio 23 dagen geleden
Emberri 28 dagen geleden
Yeah I totally agree, like, I don’t give a shit about the opinions of random people on who the mole is
EvelineUK Maand geleden
I am Dutch too. ;) (but live in the UK). I prefer the quiet finale, so they can actually ask questions and not spent half the show talking to the audience.
Ellie Bellet mackay
Ellie Bellet mackay Maand geleden
I’m Dutch and this is a Dutch show and before COVID people went to the Vondelpark and that’s what I was looking forward to most it’s the best ending to a season the Dutch people is the people they entertain the most sorry if this sounds rude
TheRealTricky Maand geleden
In Dutch comments I mostly read the same assessments. Not only that, seeing the mole revealed without the crowd also makes the response of the other candidates (especially those who never even thought it was possible the person who turned out to be the mole would be it) gives more effect to the mole yelling "IK BEN DE MOL!" (Which must be clear to mean "I am the mole" in Dutch). As a matter of fact, I've seen that comment here on the English translated channel as on Dutch channels so much, that the crew behind this show should really think about this.
Ryan Nokes
Ryan Nokes Jaar geleden
Ok this isn't a spoiler but a hugely unanswered question....The assignment that they had to get the Chinese Tea set.....does anyone know what the value of the set they collected was? They never said at the time and IM sure they didn't cover that during finale. Spoiler:* And thanks SO MUCH Marieke...glad to spend another awesome season. TOP 5 Mol for sure!
Tracy Lee
Tracy Lee Jaar geleden
If you watch back that chinese teapot assignment episode, it was written that the teapot was worth €2700 :)
jean-françois Jaar geleden
thanks Marieke so lovely.... One thing i will say, i found it so much better without all the crowd shots, and the random questions to live fans. My investment in the series is to the 10 contestants and the host, and this is what i am looking for.
Erwin van Tol
Erwin van Tol Jaar geleden
Ik heb ook de finale gekeken 😊. Groetjes Stijn 7 jaar
Dexter Sagar
Dexter Sagar Jaar geleden
Thank you, Marieke. Just... thank you. You've been a bright spark since we lost ThatDarkSpark.
H0lyMoley Jaar geleden
Quick comment about the clues - did anybody else notice that the final four's names were all immediately preceded by something with "De Mol" on it in the opening credits, whereas the other candidates' names were not?
David Whitworth
David Whitworth Jaar geleden
Many thanks for your uploads!! This is the best show in the world and we all very much appreciate your translations! Always an outstanding programme the reveal show with the heart pumping and jaw agog at the revelations. Many thanks!!
Jen Bowman
Jen Bowman Jaar geleden
Thanks so much for doing the subtitles for all of us! It’s really selfless of you and it brings so much happiness to so many of us! Thanks again!
Huibertjan Fousert
Huibertjan Fousert Jaar geleden
Super bedankt voor het vertalen. Ik woon in de VS en ik kan het niet kijken op NPO.
Mirjam Kluijver
Mirjam Kluijver Jaar geleden
Hartelijk bedankt voor het posten weer dit seizoen! Vanuit Canada is het moeilijk te vinden, erg gewaardeerd
Wojtek Gancarz
Wojtek Gancarz Jaar geleden
SPOILERS: That was a good WIDM season. I enjoyed this one much, much more than the previous years. Rob did a great job. Even though some of the assignments were stacked in his favour, he still quite a lot to do. I also like the fact that they all mentioned off-camera behaviour. It makes the game a little bit more believable ;) It's a shame there was no explanation of what happened during the assignment with multiple individual tasks (Super Mario being one of them) where one of the slides disappeared. Did Rob take it out? Or maybe someone just dropped it on the floor? Buddy deserved it. I felt he was the stronger out of Mil/Buddy duo. Nathan had no chance, his bond with the mole reduced the amount of intel he had. I am quite curious about that "extra season". Is Avro doing a WIDM season with "regular" people? If it comes out "after summer", it should've already been recorded, right? Were there announcements about any auditions/recruitment? Or is it something extra with the celebrities? Maybe multiple moles and/or winners from the previous season? Marieke, you've given us a pleasure to enjoy an amazing show for another year in a row. Thank you so, so much
Nora Jaar geleden
Wojtek Gancarz The new season is already recorded, that was announced after questions about whether covid-19 could still mess it up. Whether next year’s season can be recorded according to plan, is still uncertain. No further info yet about contestants, or the destination or anything..
port566 Jaar geleden
Spoiler: - - - - - - I'm a little confused. I kept track of how much money each contestant was responsible for adding to the pot. I showed the winner at #1 and the mole as a close second, The first-shown non-winner was a very distant #4. I could have been a little more diligent about my accounting, but did anyone else have similar results?
TheRealTricky Jaar geleden
... Important to note is that the mole's task is not only to keep the money in the pot low, but also not to be discovered. Therefore, the mole does sometimes put on a show what makes it seems they pot most in the pot, so they lose suspicion. Also, it has also happened that the mole did bring loads of money to the pot solely they pulled a stunt disabling the others to find more money, but that stunt is then not taken into the calculations. Moles sometimes also "steal" money during tasks or even destroy it or make it unfindable (Mole Dennis once threw money overboard during a task on a ship, and mole George threw money into a trashcan, not to mention he stole €15000 from the pot which nobody ever found out, so no list could have taken that into account), and many lists do not take such stunts into account since they are only revealed afterward. Sometimes the mole plays like any other candidate, but did cause confusion making the task fail anyway, and quite often the blame then goes to the confused one and not the mole themselves. "Follow the money" has never been the best way to unmask the mole, as there's quite often too much you don't see, so that's quite deceiving.
Bright blue
Bright blue Jaar geleden
- - - - - - I have seen other people keep track of how much money each person was responsible for, and the mole was #4 of 4 in most of them.
Pangafilet Jaar geleden
Does anyone know the song that plays at the countdown?
Dante Jaar geleden
(kinda spoilers lol) Does anyone else think that the season is kinda a cheap ripoff of season 18? An attractive, cheeky and daring mole that nobody suspects until the last minute and that develops a close relationship with another candidate. I did enjoy this season. It just felt like they wanted to repeat their most sucessfull season
Pangafilet Jaar geleden
Jan isn't the only mole like that, besides I don't think there will be a mole more daring than Jan
Karolina Jędrasik
Karolina Jędrasik Jaar geleden
Dziękuję bardzo za tłumaczenie 😘Świetna praca Pozdrawiam 😀 do następnego razu 😘
sirinx Jaar geleden
Thank you for translating again. Cheers from Prague.
Mateusz Kuchnecki
Mateusz Kuchnecki Jaar geleden
I really do hope they do an All-Stars season where e.g. ten of the winners play nad one of them is the mole :)
Mateusz Kuchnecki
Mateusz Kuchnecki 7 maanden geleden
HelloItsMe I sure have :) i do not know some of the „kandidaaten” but glad Ron got his green screen!
HelloItsMe 7 maanden geleden
Well good news :) idk if you have seen it already but its indeed allstar
Unicorn Trash
Unicorn Trash Jaar geleden
I was thinking a similar thing but with the previous moles!
TheRealTricky Jaar geleden
@jean-françois Yeah, that accident Janine had betrayed that she was a WIDM candidate, as normally they are not revealed until all shows, except the reunion in which the mole is revealed have been recorded. As Janine was not the mole back then (since Kees was) they could go on with the show and by Janine's own request they played on. Maybe the most tragic season was Milouska's season. Now Milouska was hated due to her (played) stupid behavior as mole (and nobody realized how a journalist could be so dumb), but that is not what I am referring to. The winner of that year, Frederique Huydts, died (from cancer) between the recordings of the show, and the actual revelation of the mole to the public. As the mole revelation was not live back then, Frederique did know who the mole was when she died (she was still alive when her fellow candidates did see the mole revealed, but she was too ill to be with them). The money she won for unmasking the mole was shared over the WWF and Stichting Kika (A Dutch foundation fighting against cancer by children). It was also her wish that the season in question was broadcast normally, and so it happened. What is also a fun fact about that same season. Milouska, the mole, was pregnant during the recordings of her season, but she only discovered that while they were somewhere halfway recording (at least so I'm told, the birth year of her daughter appears to confirm this, though). I guess Ellie might indeed be the most popular cop in the Netherlands, although it's former cop by now as she could no longer combine her TV work with her police work. She's now playing host to the show "Ellie op patrouille" (means: Ellie on patrol), in which she works with several police units abroad, in order to show the Dutch audience how police work is done abroad, and then she also goes to countries that are very much unlike the Netherlands. I've only seen a few fragments of that, but it looks pretty interesting. She is also famous for her work as an activist for equal rights for homosexuals, and she even won several awards for her work in this area. She was even the speaker for "Roze en Blauw" (pink and blue), a team of "pink" cops and a contact point for people who are gay or are in other kinds of "sexual minority" as it is sometimes called. Her newest TV show is "Ellie in de handel" (Ellie in the trade or Ellie in business) in which she show how illegal trade is investigated, exposed and in the end leads to arrests of the people involved. Now I only read about this on the Dutch wikipedia and her own website (unfortunately both are in Dutch). I also found out that she wrote a book "Mijn jaren bij de politie" (lit. My years at the police). Of course, Ellie failed to unmask the mole, she did correctly deduct that two of her fellow candidates were falling in love with each other when she participated, but still given her background as a cop and investigator I think she may indeed be a wonderful host for Wie Is De Mol? once Rik needs a succesor.... She is the kind of woman who can express authority without saying a single word... If I were sitting there while she types my name, during the execution, in order to show my green or red screen I think I'll be trembling in fear (even if I was the mole myself at the time, knowing I'd never get a red screen). Of course, the Netherlands has a very complicated network when it comes to TV productions, and this may be in Ellie's way, but there's a ray of hope. The hosts of WIDM must be employees of AVROTROS, and both Ellie's shows are hosted by the same company, as a matter of fact, Rik did do some voice overs for her shows, so maybee...... ;)
jean-françois Jaar geleden
@TheRealTricky thanks for the info. I have been a nomad for over 5 years now, (on hold obviously) travelling around, and have had many talks with Dutch travelller that the only thing i know about the Netherlands is WIDM , to usual bemusement. since they expect me to mention the usual Amsterdam Platitude. Among them i have met a few other fans of WIDM, so i do sometimes get the Dutch perspective, but now more than for Ellie, she sounds like an impressive character for most Dutch people. As i am now in Isolation, i'll look into Anita and maybe some of the past contestants. (This made me check on Janine from season 13 (the jumping accident), nice to see she was able to get back to work after)
Captain Subpar
Captain Subpar Jaar geleden
Thank you so much for once again subtitling this fantastic show! As far as the season itself went, I must admit it wasn't my favorite. It was the first time that I can remember where who the mole was felt incredibly obvious within the first few episodes. And I wasn't a huge fan of the winner. I found them to be fairly annoying and not in a funny way. That being said, I still had a great time and I look forward to the next one. :)
Yehet!! 9 maanden geleden
The writer said that the next season is the best season he had ever written (so I hope he is right)
modzel Jaar geleden
Thank you so much for subtitling this season! Much appreciated! :) The mole this year was quite obvious. I'm slightly surprised that the production showed in the episode broadcast, that Rob reversed the order in the parking lot and that he appeared in the crowd behind Rik. Still, it's great to watch WIDM. It would be great if they did the previous moles season or all stars ;)
modzel Jaar geleden
@port566 I can tell you that the first episode was soooo good ;)
port566 Jaar geleden
@modzel I usually do, but I haven't started this season yet. I'm pacing myself a little. I saw the first episode was posted a few days ago. I'll probably watch the intro thinking "I think Nathan is the mole.... wait, when did he get eliminated?" :-)
modzel Jaar geleden
@port566 I had no idea xD Do you watch belgium season?
port566 Jaar geleden
@modzel - - - - - - - I forgot to mention that the 20th scene in the intro is the two women giving the two-finger "peace" sign. Rob was the 2nd person introduced.
modzel Jaar geleden
@port566 and also in the intoduction the music changes with his shot
Career with Kieran
Career with Kieran Jaar geleden
Thanks for your hard work adding the subtitles, we really appreciate it!
Joanne Jaar geleden
Thanks again for all your hard work
Kaichun Wang
Kaichun Wang Jaar geleden
Deze ontknoping was wel echt een van de beste
S. Yama
S. Yama Jaar geleden
Thanks for always doing this. Much appreciated! Take care
Nicky Thatsme
Nicky Thatsme Jaar geleden
Super bedankt voor al de afleveringen ! Hopelijk tot over een paar maanden ;)
NICK IS SLICK Jaar geleden
SPOILERS . . . . . . . . . NEIN!!!!!!!!! NEIN!!!!!!!!! NEIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I thought for sure that Buddy was the mole, and it was ROB!!!! Well played Mr. Mole. You got me like always. What's crazy is that I've watched since season 15, and EVERY SINGLE YEAR I've picked the winner as my Mole. I'm so glad season 21 is happening this fall. I was worried that corona was going to halt it for awhile. Thank you SO MUCH Marieke for subtitling like always, and I'll see you next year. - Nick PS. If any of you like reading, I've made a Mole story on (FFN) I just finished uploading the 50th (and final) chapter this morning. I would appreciate it if I could get more readers. My FanFiction name is InTheNickOfTime410. I am also thinking about making a Mole game on FFN forums if anyone is interested in playing.
Amber Jaar geleden
@NICK IS SLICK Simon was quite annoying some times, so he was on my list as well. But then I didn't suspect him anymore, and Trucy and Ike were not on my list as well. I had no reasons, actuslly, but I went for Miciah, because I didn't suspect the others😂 You should totally make a Mole Game!
NICK IS SLICK Jaar geleden
@Amber Thank you for reading! What lead you to the Mole? Was it any of the clues, or actions?
Amber Jaar geleden
I read your story! Very impressive and well done! The hints were so clever!😱👏👏👏
H0lyMoley Jaar geleden
SPOILERS: * * * * * * * Rik: "There will be an extra season of De Mol" in the summer. Marieke: "Fuuuuuuuuuuu..." Seriously, thanks so much once again for doing this Marieke!
Odusiri 7 maanden geleden
WIDM English Subs the time came
WIDM English Subs
WIDM English Subs Jaar geleden
Lil bit.... ;) ;) Nah, will see when the time is there.
Joelle Diederik
Joelle Diederik Jaar geleden
Bedankt dat je dit online hebt gezet echt nice gedaan 💪💪
Christian Pistucci
Christian Pistucci Jaar geleden
Great Mol, mediocre season. Thank you so much Marieke!
Luigiman1089 Jaar geleden
Another series! I've got GCSEs next year I don't want all these distractions.
Jonathon VS
Jonathon VS Jaar geleden
This was such a good season! I really enjoyed it, much more than Season 19. I'm also excited for season 21, although it's annoying they're going to mess up the fact that the season number matches the year. Ah well! Small price to pay. Once again, thank you so much, Marieke, for making this accessible to all of us. It really is appreciated, and you do such a good job!
Lostfrequentie _
Lostfrequentie _ Jaar geleden
Jonathon VS Wie is the mole season X X
Jairo Castanja
Jairo Castanja Jaar geleden
Wie is de Mol: Season 20,5
Sander Jaar geleden
Yeah they should do a special season with old moles or great former candidates only :) call it Season Royale or something and continue with season 21 next year
Pamela Hunter
Pamela Hunter Jaar geleden
Thanks for all your hard work, Marieke! ❤️
Literate Misfit
Literate Misfit Jaar geleden
We are so grateful for your hard work every year!
Amber Jaar geleden
I really loved the way they showed who it was, showing all the previous Moles. My heart was pounding . . . . . Before you start complaining about Rob being the Mole, because you thought he was "boring"(I've seen some comments with people saying that) : Every Mole is different. Some are more daring, like Jan. Some are thinking more about their actions. But every one of them does it their own way. There isn't a right or wrong way to be the Mole, in my opinion. It's really, really hard to lie two/three weeks straight when you're playing a game like this. It's also difficult to do some actions. It really depends on how the group is as well. I loved to see Rob as the Mole! It seems like he did a lot behind the scenes. Acting like a player who doesn't trust anyone to make sure the others wouldn't think he was the mole. Behind the scenes is a part of this program we don't see often, but that was a very, very clever move from him!! I thought his actions were quite funny, like making M's everywhere with his hand and grinning at the camera's😂 Good job, Rob! I'm proud of you!😆
H0lyMoley Jaar geleden
@TheRealTricky Also - nothing against Miloushka - I thought she did a great job! So did the Season 7 Mole. I think my beef with that particular season had less to do with the Mole and more to do with the fact that it felt like the one where the challenges started becoming much more... small-scale. (Also seen in this season. In the original non-celebrity seasons, the "laser tag" challenge involved the contestants working together in a giant farmhouse, barn, or ruined stone fortress, to defend a target from commandos overnight. A challenge that's been re-used in many, many international series including the UK, US, Australia, Poland, Sweden, etc. Then look at the laser-tag game this season by contrast: it's one-on-one, with no opportunity for teamwork, taking place in a small enclosed space. It just feels less "epic".) But going back to Season 7, which took place in Thailand... the producers have hired a giant thai-boxing gym with a massive boxing ring for the final four players to compete in - this was a season where there was a final four, not a final three, so this was one of the last challenges in the series. And what do they have the contestants do in it? Play "Jenga". Not quite a grand finale, is it? I feel like Season 5 was the last season to really capture that "epic" feeling. It's something I miss in recent series of WIDM.
TheRealTricky Jaar geleden
@H0lyMoley True, and I wonder if the producers really care at all about these subtitled versions since they are not actively being removed, but still you cannot blame them for not taking unauthorized translations into account.
H0lyMoley Jaar geleden
@TheRealTricky Figured, lol! Still, the old seasons are still, as far as I'm aware, available on Avrotros's streaming service ( I think?) so people can still go back and watch the older seasons legitimately.
TheRealTricky Jaar geleden
Let's say, I've seen people make a whine about nearly all moles so far. And let's be frank, you can't be loved by everybody, and that goes for every human being, and that includes moles. What I remember most is how people whined about Miloushka Meulens, as she really managed to make people believe she was downright stupid (not realizing she's actually a journalist, which ain't a job for stupid people, and people also never realized how come somebody that stupid never got herself a red screen). Now that people know that she was merely pulling an act she gets more admiration by some, although a lot of fans still hate her for that. And indeed, after Jan, Thomas, Kees, and maybe also Merel, this was a more calm mole and more putting himself on the background, which is actually a role more moles took, but a lot of people forgot about that.... figures.
TheRealTricky Jaar geleden
@H0lyMoley I'm not really sure these subtitles uploads are officially authorized by the producers...
Ilham Omar
Ilham Omar Jaar geleden
Zo veel dank aan het harde werk!😊 thanks Marieke!!😊
Tracy Lee
Tracy Lee Jaar geleden
Thanks Marieke for your hardwork! . . . . . . Eventhough the mole this season is pretty obvious for us viewers, I do enjoy watching Rob's mole actions. And an extra season of widm after summer!! Omfg!
iIliterati Jaar geleden
Honestly, the mol this season was mostly pointless. They didn't accomplish much that wouldn't have happened if they do no moling. Leonie and Johan had better mol actions.
Niko Scheinhardt
Niko Scheinhardt Jaar geleden
@Ilham Omar No comments are only for the positive things, people who give helpful critics should shut up. How did you even get 3 likes
Ilham Omar
Ilham Omar Jaar geleden
iIliterati if you can't say something nice than don't say anything!!😑😑😑😑
Iris van Dorp
Iris van Dorp Jaar geleden
Thank you so much for working so hard to get this up today! I’m Dutch, but live in Berlin and this is the only way to watch my fave show. So really appreciate you doing this all season long!
Aribyarianagrande Grande
En praat engels omdat?
Sander Jaar geleden
Kleine tip als je een VPN gebruikt kun je alle seizoenen (vanaf 5) op NPOStart bekijken als je als Land Nederland kiest. De kwaliteit is echter niet best maar ze zijn er iig
Lostfrequentie _
Lostfrequentie _ Jaar geleden
WoW what a great reveal of the mole and what a twist 2 seasons this year thanks wie is de mol. And thanks Marike for translating the series
Lostfrequentie _
Lostfrequentie _ Jaar geleden
Sam Dams Rik did mention this at the end after the summer is a second season this year as a present for 20 years
Sam Dams
Sam Dams Jaar geleden
2 seasons?
J-vid's Jaar geleden
Je zal maar 2 uren voor de finale nog al je 4000 punten op Rob hebben ingezet en daarna toch zijn overgestapt op Buddy..😂😂
Elena van der Wal
Elena van der Wal 2 maanden geleden
Heb je dat gedaan?😆😉
Michael Harmstone
Michael Harmstone Jaar geleden
Thanks for all your hard work Marieke! Much appreciated :)
Lala Liane
Lala Liane Jaar geleden
Pip Rap
Pip Rap Jaar geleden
This season could have done so much for dutch tourism in China - and then corona came along ...
fleur x
fleur x 7 maanden geleden
senpaiEriik money*
Leo No
Leo No 10 maanden geleden
Came along?
senpaiEriik Jaar geleden
I thinks China have enough monny, 😂
Sander Jaar geleden
Don't worry after the virus is gone the Dutch will be everywhere once more ;)
Alyssa van Walraven
Alyssa van Walraven Jaar geleden
Jullie zijn net optijd weggegaan met Corona virus
Game Boy
Game Boy Jaar geleden
Het was al vorig jaar opgenomen
Davinho Jaar geleden
@Sander Liever niet, deze finale was veel beter dan die de finales waar nutteloze interviews worden gehouden met nietszeggende tieners in het schreeuwende publiek
Sander Jaar geleden
Ja laten we hopen dat het finale van het seizoen na de zomer wel publiek mag zien
Joleen Douw
Joleen Douw Jaar geleden
thanks a lot :)
Yusthekiller 1
Yusthekiller 1 Jaar geleden
Beste seizoen
Dante Jaar geleden
dan moet je s seizoen 18 bekijken
Sander Jaar geleden
Idd een van mijn lievelingsmollen nu
Movie Night
Movie Night Jaar geleden
That was very quick
port566 Jaar geleden
I, too, thought it was fast. The update video made me wonder if I could watch during lunch today. I checked early and saw it'd been posted for a few hours already! Thank you, Marieke!
Abel Reins
Abel Reins Jaar geleden
Ik vind het wel sick dat ik hier alles kan terug kijken
Inke Jonker
Inke Jonker 7 maanden geleden
dat kan op veel meer youtube kanalen
Stan 7 maanden geleden
Raphaël Tireliren ja man echt super cool dit vind je ook niet 👍
the boomerang boy
the boomerang boy 7 maanden geleden
ryan spanjer
ryan spanjer Jaar geleden
Kees Balder
Kees Balder Jaar geleden
Echt hè ik keek altijd het van 2019 terug want ik vindt dat geweldig en dit is nu de eerst keer dat ik het terug kijk EN IK HAD HEM GOED maar nu hoef niet in spanning en trillend kijken😂👍
Merel Noorman
Merel Noorman Jaar geleden
Bedankt voor alles Marieke!!
Sophie Evt
Sophie Evt Jaar geleden
Thank you so much for your hard work xx
Tjeerd B
Tjeerd B Jaar geleden
Top gedaan Marieke!
Max Hamelink
Max Hamelink Jaar geleden
Eerste reactie! Eindelijk de finale!!