Wie is de Mol (The Mole) Finale S17E10 with English subtitles 

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Wie is de Mol (The Mole) Finale S17E10 with English subtitles
Subtitles were live. I did not have time to do all the subtitles from scratch for this episode so I'm sorry if it's not synched completely but the NPO provided them.
EDIT: The subtitles were a b*tch. There was something wrong in the coding where it wouldn't register space or an enter so I didn't see it in my file but NLblock kept telling me it was an unsupported file. Anyways, with some help I managed to get NLblock to accept it and here it is. Unfortunately some of the ' became an i but after 10 hours of working on this, this is what you'll get ;)
Till next year (maybe)


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13 mrt. 2017




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N B 28 dagen geleden
Echt, ik mis dit soort seizoenen, dit soort mollen en die reacties ook aan het einde. Wat een epische opdrachten, locaties en acteerwerk. Het seizoen van dit jaar daarentegen had echt geen spanning at all, en de mol hoefde amper moeite te doen om een opdracht te laten mislukken. We willen dit soort actie en mini-heartattack momenten terug!!
M 3 maanden geleden
Wow, I'm not sure I've ever been so wrong in the finale. I never suspected them, although I also never really crossed them off my list. So I had the other two on my list since Ep 3, and everyone else I wasn't suspicious of (Vince Yvonne in E1, Ima and Jeroen and Roos in E2) and then for some reason I became convinced that it was Sanne around E3-4, because I just felt like she wouldn't have gotten so far as a player partly cause she kept "pushing through" her fears to succeed challenges. Man, I think that it's the first time It wasn't my first or second choice in the finale, even though he pretty much coasted as my third since E3. And only cause there was no time I thought "I don't have anything to point to for not suspecting him.
wherethetatosat 4 maanden geleden
SPOILERS kinda Two videos had poor audio so I just skipped them. When I returned and there were only a few contestants left, I had honestly even forgotten one of them was still in the game. Turns out, they were the mole.
Benjamin Johannes Sánchez
Benjamin Johannes Sánchez 5 maanden geleden
Wat een fantastisch seizoen, zeker na dat "onindrukwekkende" seizoen no. 16...
Monika Veerbeek
Monika Veerbeek 6 maanden geleden
Wat doet Ellie lust
Ninja Squad
Ninja Squad 7 maanden geleden
11:10 wanneer je beseft dat rik die nu in het publiek zit binnen twee jaar aan de kop van de tafel zit
yeremia frans
yeremia frans 7 maanden geleden
PRO ERS 8 maanden geleden
59:02 he ik snap het niet.
PRO ERS 8 maanden geleden
59:06 Ik!!!
David Lammers
David Lammers Jaar geleden
1:07:15 de titel is toch "... zo gedaan" en niet "zo gezegd"
Ewoud 20
Ewoud 20 Jaar geleden
Ewoud 20
Ewoud 20 Jaar geleden
Esther Veen
Esther Veen Jaar geleden
41.11 they said 'sick sick' all the time and me watching in 2020 had my suspicions anyone............. else?
Brianna Botchway
Brianna Botchway Jaar geleden
13.10 is zo grappig tot 14.10
fleur x
fleur x Jaar geleden
33:40 Ganggangganggang
Heeii x
Heeii x Jaar geleden
33:41 - Molacties (thank me later)
Joni TvZ
Joni TvZ Jaar geleden
this was my favourite season
Owen Bishop
Owen Bishop Jaar geleden
33:41 Wtf??😂😂
Lennard Oskam
Lennard Oskam Jaar geleden
Het is bizar dat Immanuelle, nu in de bak zit...
Lennard Oskam
Lennard Oskam Jaar geleden
@Love X Esmay denk dat der moeder wel teleurgesteld is,
Love X Esmay
Love X Esmay Jaar geleden
Zal der moeder nog steeds zo trots zijn?
fourcefan Fource
fourcefan Fource Jaar geleden
Zit zei echt in de bak?
hatti hay
hatti hay Jaar geleden
Krijg je de koe ook
hatti hay
hatti hay Jaar geleden
De een na beste mol als je kijkt naar de verdenkingen. Omdat Sanne de verdubbelaar pakte heeft hij het slecht met het geld gedaan
JonasHier Jaar geleden
33:36 hahahaha wat doet thomas?!
Cher Van Doorn
Cher Van Doorn 2 jaar geleden
Frisian Mapper
Frisian Mapper 2 jaar geleden
Nico Cipriano
Nico Cipriano 2 jaar geleden
good finale
MIATX 2 jaar geleden
Widm 2017 is wel een van de leukste ontknoping om naar te kijken.
Flint Games
Flint Games 2 jaar geleden
Rik van de westelaken is presentator van 2019
Mariam Asadi
Mariam Asadi Jaar geleden
Ja weet ik
Bas Aarts
Bas Aarts 2 jaar geleden
Michiel uitBreda
Michiel uitBreda 2 jaar geleden
Wat is er daar????
ithomas101 2 jaar geleden
Totally thought it was Sanne...wrong again!
Kasper Kapteijn
Kasper Kapteijn 2 jaar geleden
Nu is seizoen 19 al begonnen
fourcefan Fource
fourcefan Fource Jaar geleden
Seizoen 20
ManieYou 2 jaar geleden
21:22 the moment Diederik knew who the mole was
Jamey Ray
Jamey Ray Maand geleden
@Kameron Ulises Testing it out now. Looks good so far :)
Sam Dams
Sam Dams Jaar geleden
Vere_xxx Aries
Vere_xxx Aries 2 jaar geleden
Ar im grazy i Don’t have subtitels
Grace P.
Grace P. 2 jaar geleden
zootjes power tap on the video and top right corner. Select subtitels
sterre k
sterre k 2 jaar geleden
21:28 😱
Edgar Schouten
Edgar Schouten 2 jaar geleden
33:36 ganggangganggang
Anruimentair 7 maanden geleden
Remmen is angst
Remmen is angst 2 jaar geleden
Spannend hè om te winnen of verliezen
Ruben van Dijk
Ruben van Dijk 3 jaar geleden
Jort 3 jaar geleden
That Random girl
That Random girl 3 jaar geleden
9:40 yaaaay 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Levi Azul
Levi Azul 3 jaar geleden
Het duurt een half facking uur voordat ze naar de molacties gaan. Echt er wordt zo veel geluld. Echt te stom!
Love X Esmay
Love X Esmay Jaar geleden
Nou hè je kan ook overdrijven
Do 3 jaar geleden
5:24 tikkertje tikkie😂
jolie jansen
jolie jansen 3 jaar geleden
In 25:7 zit een vrouw achter Diederik en die speelt in de luizenmoeder
Benjamin Johannes Sánchez
Benjamin Johannes Sánchez 5 maanden geleden
Hah dat is Jennifer Hoffman, die deed mee in 2014
Hey Bos
Hey Bos 3 jaar geleden
21:49 is antwoord
Flappies 3 jaar geleden
Nina zegt: Ik ben heel erg trots dat hij de finale heeft gehaald Thomas denkt, NEE JOH NINA
Sanne Derks
Sanne Derks 3 jaar geleden
Ik zeg laat de zoon van Jochem volgend jaar maar meedoen!
Klaptosti 3 jaar geleden
Im dutch (ik ben Nederlands)
sofie '-'
sofie '-' 3 jaar geleden
4:23 is een man aan de linker kant van Jeroen te zien die zit nu in de luizenmoeder als papa van reane wie viel dat ook op? Doe dan een duimpje omhoog 👍
Lavender 2 jaar geleden
DIT IS GEEN NAAM dat is Rop, oud kandidaat
sofie '-'
sofie '-' 3 jaar geleden
Benne Obiora
Benne Obiora 3 jaar geleden
donut eenhoorn tje hij is een kandidaat van vorig jaar
Dunkey97 3 jaar geleden
donut eenhoorn tje oud kandidaat wie is de mol ;)
Wouter Noor
Wouter Noor 3 jaar geleden
Is this inglish?
E 3 jaar geleden
PureGaming no its dutch but you can turn on englush subtitles
Mel E
Mel E 3 jaar geleden
Lol waarom is dit nodig😂😂😂😂😂😂
yoolo 3 jaar geleden
"Want hij heeft de finale gehaalt" Thomas; Ik ben de mol natuurlijk heb ik de finale gehaalt
Paniekzaaier tje
Paniekzaaier tje Jaar geleden
nl nessie
nl nessie 3 jaar geleden
I knew it from episode 1
arianaa grandee
arianaa grandee 3 jaar geleden
Een bever kan geen 6 baby bevers krijgen😂
arianaa grandee
arianaa grandee 3 jaar geleden
Micky MS
Micky MS 3 jaar geleden
Awwwww diederik...
Hugo Brandsen
Hugo Brandsen 3 jaar geleden
Op 5.37 zie je iemand linksachter diederik die eerder heeft meegedaan aan wie is de mol😕
Hugo Brandsen
Hugo Brandsen 3 jaar geleden
Ja kwam er al achter. En ik volg dit programma al 4 jaar lol
Hilltycoon 3 jaar geleden
Het hele publiek bestaat uit oud kandidaten en oud mollen.... faal. >.
Nordin Weijman
Nordin Weijman 3 jaar geleden
Hugo Brandsen bijna iedereen daar in die zaal heeft meegedaan aan widm volgens mij ken je dit programma helemaal ni3t en heb je alleen dit seizoen gekeken
Reclame Isapre
Reclame Isapre 3 jaar geleden
Called it on episode 3, what did it for me was going back to episode 2 Thomas telling Yvonne and Imma they should go do something else and leave Diedrik alone, to me that was a production thing because they needed Diedrik alone so they could kidnapp him, those 3 were not supossed to be there and Thomas saved the situation. Also, at the auction he was always bidding and really high (in episode 9 he says Jochem is his mole because of that auction but he was bidding the same amount) Also, in episode 9 he changes his mole out of nowhere, a production move to have 3 people with 3 different moles. Also, on episode 3 when he was shot at in the park it was weird to me. And overall, his attitude.. we didnt see much of him strategizing and stealing the joker was really out of character. Finally, his facial expressions when he reacted to game stuff were always forced.
Suzanne 3 jaar geleden
As much as I hate the recent 'live finales' (too much 'live'-yapping leave too little time for sabotages/clues), it's really nice to see the great mass of people that turn out each year for a show like this (not even counting the millions watching from home), that has been cancelled after a few seasons in almost every other country it's aired. Combining the fact that ours is the only one that's continued to air every year since 1999, it really shows the immense popularity here in the Netherlands. I'm also really glad to see that Belgium picked it up again after 13 years, they did a fantastic job, in some aspects even better than the Dutch WIDM. On behalf of Mole-loving earthlings, I want to thank you for translating these into English. So that other people (from countries that cancelled their show years ago, for example) can still enjoy our version of it.
Irene 7 maanden geleden
@Erin Schepers let me guess you're a belg
Erin Schepers
Erin Schepers Jaar geleden
Watch "de mol " from belguim , the quality of the show is Mutch better.
Bas Zeppenfeldt
Bas Zeppenfeldt Jaar geleden
Robbert/Thomas pussy fuck
Pangafilet Jaar geleden
@Bas Zeppenfeldt Why does she need to shut up?
Bas Zeppenfeldt
Bas Zeppenfeldt 3 jaar geleden
Shut up
domexazsskra1 3 jaar geleden
Polski Agent z lat 2000-02 najlepszy na świecie!
Fons 3 jaar geleden
Live ontknoping vind ik niet zo nice. Maak het pls weer gewoon niet live.
Patty Brard
Patty Brard 2 jaar geleden
helemaal mee eens, was veel leuker zonder al dat gedoe met die fans erbij
Jolijne 3 jaar geleden
Fons Vandenboogaard ik vind dat juist leuk
Niek Smit
Niek Smit 3 jaar geleden
Soner Kamer idd
Soner Kamer
Soner Kamer 3 jaar geleden
Fons Vandenboogaard lol nee is fantastisch om te zien hoe iedereen verbaast staat. Ik vind het beter live, dan zie je ook direct al hun reactie’s ipv alles te editten.
j . elgersma
j . elgersma 3 jaar geleden
Zo onzettend jammer dat sigrid er niet bij was
Emma Peters
Emma Peters 3 jaar geleden
saminami 3 jaar geleden
I have few months now to learn Dutch. So i can enjoy season 18 even more
N Dubbeldam
N Dubbeldam Jaar geleden
Sam Dams kan je Engels?
Iris Scheers
Iris Scheers 2 jaar geleden
Sam Dams *and can u speak dutch now
Xxshadow5 stormxX
Xxshadow5 stormxX 2 jaar geleden
season 8 was my favorite!
Sam Dams
Sam Dams 2 jaar geleden
And can you dutch now? En kan je nu nederlands?
justxlucy 3 jaar geleden
oh thomas says that he wants to make the m that is the bigening letter of mol
Finn Temmink
Finn Temmink 3 jaar geleden
Wat zijn dit nou weer voor een aanwijzingen
Love X Esmay
Love X Esmay Jaar geleden
In mijn ogen waren het goede aanwijzigingen aangezien dit een van de weinige jaren was dat ik het raden.
Brian Storm
Brian Storm Jaar geleden
Tsja. In 2016 was er één te duidelijk en dat was al helemaal niet leuk.
jonas vermeeren
jonas vermeeren 3 jaar geleden
Ik dacht sanne
Annika 3 jaar geleden
Jonas Vermeeren srs?
Simon Mout
Simon Mout 3 jaar geleden
Mein droom is om hier mee the doen in wie is de mol like als dat ook jouw droom is
Tymen. S
Tymen. S Jaar geleden
Simon Mout ga eerst maar is Nederlands leren voor dat je mee doet aan Wie is de Mol
Owen Bishop
Owen Bishop Jaar geleden
En mijn droom is dat je het woord mein goed schrijft
Anne-Fleur Wiggers
Anne-Fleur Wiggers 2 jaar geleden
Warrior cat Miauw voel je stoer
Anne-Fleur Wiggers
Anne-Fleur Wiggers 2 jaar geleden
Femke.x ja🤪😂😂😂😂😂
Puckytje 2 jaar geleden
Ik ken de dochter van Sanne
Isabel !
Isabel ! 3 jaar geleden
sanne is de winnaar!
l Hugen
l Hugen 3 jaar geleden
Isabel Hoefnagels je ver aad het
Isabel !
Isabel ! 3 jaar geleden
goed hoor thomas
Anner Kramer
Anner Kramer 3 jaar geleden
22:01, my face when I forget on Sunday my homework for Monday 22:01, mijn gezicht als ik op zondag mijn huiswerk voor maandag vergeet
N Dubbeldam
N Dubbeldam Jaar geleden
TIAviation nee?
Owen Bishop
Owen Bishop Jaar geleden
Atshika er is 1 woord fout sukkel🤦‍♂️
Iris Scheers
Iris Scheers 2 jaar geleden
Aviation Spirit No look twice
ahva 2 jaar geleden
T was makkelijker als je zegt: My face on Sunday when i forget my homework for Monday bdl k lol
ahva 2 jaar geleden
Aviation Spirit lol sorry. Over paar maanden ofz weet je t miss
Yvon 3 jaar geleden
Thomas is de beste en leukste mol ever
James Canner
James Canner 3 jaar geleden
I'm missing the part about the final assignment in which the prize money is doubled because Thomas does not finish his puzzle first. I remember some footage of Thomas being quite disappointed about that but I cannot find it. Anyone know where it is?
Annet de Klerk
Annet de Klerk Jaar geleden
Laura Laura
Laura Laura 3 jaar geleden
That was episode 9. The entire game started at around 35 minutes into the video. And the part where Sanne wins the puzzle is after 41 minutes into the video. Btw I don't know if you misunderstood that assignment, or if I misunderstood your explanation, but the money wasn't doubled because the Mol didn't finish first, but because Sanne did and she won. If Jochem had made the puzzle first then Sanne her prize money would not have been doubled.
Maarten Brouwer
Maarten Brouwer 4 jaar geleden
waaaaaaaaaaaaat heel goed thomas
Justin Blake 2
Justin Blake 2 4 jaar geleden
Can you plz upload season 2014 online bc I really loved that season and I cant Find iT anywhere
Hidde Zijlstra
Hidde Zijlstra 3 jaar geleden
Justin Blake i
Kaelynn Pot
Kaelynn Pot 3 jaar geleden
Justin Blake ui
WIDM English Subs
WIDM English Subs 4 jaar geleden
Justin Blake I have them all but if you have HD version you can always wetransfer them to
Justin Blake 2
Justin Blake 2 4 jaar geleden
WIDM English Subs but do you have all of the episodes from 2014 because can you send them to my email adress or something bc I want to see that season again bc I really enjoyed it
WIDM English Subs
WIDM English Subs 4 jaar geleden
Justin Blake Working on getting more uploaded.
Sarah Van der Spiegel
Sarah Van der Spiegel 4 jaar geleden
heb alle afleveringen eens gezien en vindt de Vlaamse versie toch beter in elkaar gestoken.. wrm mogen onbekenden niet meedoen? En maar een halfuur kijken naar hoe de mol te werk ging is wel heel kort! Hij moest thuis voor vertrek zelfs niets oefenen 😒
Nathan Joosten
Nathan Joosten 3 jaar geleden
Hou je bek
Jolijne 3 jaar geleden
Sarah Van der Spiegel Ga dan lekker Vlaamse wie is de mol kijken, zeik niet zo
Janet Lin
Janet Lin 4 jaar geleden
I have to add to the thank yous in this comment section of taking the time to subtitle Wie is de Mol for us English fans - I watched That Dark Spark's subs years ago, was gutted when I found out recently that they'd been taken down, and then became delighted when I discovered your channel. I really hope that you'll sub other seasons in the future (maybe S13, which was my favorite of the previously-subbed seasons?)! :) As for this season, I both found the winner and Mole to be very deserving. I really liked how Sanne had a character arc from "older woman who starts out scared of getting on amusement park rides." to "smartest contestant in the room who bests the Mole *and* doubles the pot" and how Thomas flew under the radar for most of the season but still performed enough sabotages that I had a "D'OH! Why didn't I see it before?!" moment at the same time Sanne did. Sometimes I feel like "under-the-radar" Moles prioritized remaining hidden from the contestants a bit too much over actual sabotage (looking at you, S14 Mole), but this wasn't the case with Thomas (at least for me). There were also many other great contestants like fantastic fanatic Imanuelle, lovable bumbling fool Jochem, and geeky leader Diederik who was completely taken in by the Mole. It was a wonderful viewing experience and I'm looking forward to more from you!
Janet Lin
Janet Lin 4 jaar geleden
Awesome - great to hear that!
WIDM English Subs
WIDM English Subs 4 jaar geleden
I'm translating 2010 now and will do 2011, 2012, 2013 and 2014 too
Hobi's Hearts
Hobi's Hearts 4 jaar geleden
Thank you so much Marieke!!❤️ I hope you always will translate!!
Ashley King
Ashley King 4 jaar geleden
Thank you for the subs its a real treat to be able to watch the dutch series!
Yar Winter
Yar Winter 4 jaar geleden
UGH!!!!! They fooled me once again. Well done for the mole, who I didn't suspect for a minute. It crossed my mind in episode 9 that he got so far while he was so under the radar the whole series and I've found it weird - but I couldn't believe it would be him after all. But well done to him, he did a brilliant job as a mole. I'm glad to see the winner winning it - the winner deserved it, brilliant candidate. I can't believe my mole turned out to be the worst player with the best luck in the history, with all the tasks that he (truly) failed and the jokers and exemptions that actually saved him. Second year in a row that my mole is the runner-up. *Thank you so much* for uploading and translating another series (one of the best, I must say). I think I'll start another series next week, after I recover from this one hahaha. I hope to see you next year with another translated series,as you're doing such a wonderful job! :)
ithomas101 2 jaar geleden
I think what is hard about watching the game at home is that Sanne and Joachem messed up MORE than the Mole. So, I was a little dissapointed that Thomas was the mole. It was easy for him to sit back and relax, because everyone else around him was terrible, LOL.
Lieke Tol
Lieke Tol 3 jaar geleden
Yar Winter I
niomigrace 4 jaar geleden
SPOILERS * * * * * YESSS! Thomas was a fantastic Mole and overall this was a brilliant series. To be undetected until so late in the game is no easy feat. Great to see Sanne win too :) poor Diederik - so close and yet so far lol. Marieke, you are amazing - thank you SO much for your hard work throughout these last few months, it's truly appreciated ♥
Maurits Buiter
Maurits Buiter 4 jaar geleden
ima zag er gek uit
gamehelp16 4 jaar geleden
Another fantastic season again this year! Also thank you for fixing the time stamps on this episode, since the timing on the official subtitle is pretty inaccurate (which is reasonable though since it's done live). Anyways I think the mole has done a really great job on making him not suspected on the earlier episodes, although looks like this made him dare to take more risks and as a result he can be unmasked in the end. Looks like for the finale episodes they need to make it like 2 hours long lol since it would be nice to have more discussions about the season. But yeah, see you guys again next year!
Visstick Vrijdag
Visstick Vrijdag 4 jaar geleden
Thomas is de beste mol ooit vind ik
Mariam Asadi
Mariam Asadi Jaar geleden
@Feyenoord Fan ze is niet de mol
Mariam Asadi
Mariam Asadi Jaar geleden
Nee Merel
Xxshadow5 stormxX
Xxshadow5 stormxX 2 jaar geleden
ik vond jan fantastisch maar ook sjors was echt geweldig
ArdTheGamer 2 jaar geleden
@Feyenoord Fan en nu is ze er idd uitgeflikkerd🤣🤣
Maarten 2 jaar geleden
Geert Wilders Ey lekker man!
windfalls of dreams
windfalls of dreams 4 jaar geleden
Once again, a HUGE thank you to Marieke for subtitling another season for us!!!!!! This is truly something that I look forward to every year. I enjoyed this season, even though ****************SPOILERS**************** I was hoping that someone other than Thomas would end up being the mole. I am very glad that Sanne won, and I'm glad that Jochem made it to the final episode (even though I normally think it's unfair when the contestant who would have been eliminated makes it to the finale due to an exemption) because he is such a likeable person. I liked the live show this year more than last year's, particularly the interviews with the finalist's family members and friends (how cute was Sanne's daughter?!?!?!?!?!) and the fans in the audience (Chris Zegers was my favorite contestant from his season, so it was nice to see him back). Overall, it was a good season. It looks like I will have to wait another year to try to improve my record of correctly guessing the mole, which I have done exactly once (and I have seen at least 20 seasons, between The Netherlands, Australia, UK, USA, and Belgium versions of the show). I have enjoyed reading everyone's comments and participating in the discussion. Until next year, friends! :)
Julian Smit
Julian Smit 3 jaar geleden
ardendweller3791 what mole are you on this year? I’m on Jan
Nancy H
Nancy H 4 jaar geleden
Thank you so much for your translations. I knew nothing about this show until it started filming in my home state and I had the opportunity to be a set medic for a couple of the segments. I have to say that all of the crew members that I met were absolutely charming, and I am sad that our state won't have the chance to host such a clever and engaging show again. I admit that I am hooked on the show now, and will eagerly anticipate next season.
shiregirl2001 4 jaar geleden
I was wrong. I'm always wrong, lol. This time I had tunnelvision, and really thought the winner was the Mole, from episode 1 on. the The loser was my #2 Mole from the first episode, on. The Mole wasn't ever once on my list. Haha, I love this show so much. Thank you for uploading and subtitling these every year!!!! This was a great season.
jwongcha 4 jaar geleden
Thanks so much for subtitling these. The mole was my top suspect after the first episode but I ended up switching to a few others before eventually going back to them. Great job!
GaryRaiders 4 jaar geleden
Thanks so much for doing this. And a huge thank you for separating the subs from the videos this season . Makes it a lot easier for me to download it and change the subtitle color to yellow. Also makes it nicer to save to a Blu-ray disc!
WIDM English Subs
WIDM English Subs 4 jaar geleden
It turned out it was way easier for me too. As long as I have the Dutch subs for deaf people. Doing it from scratch is waaaay worse, as I noticed when I was doing the finale. Luckily they eventually added subs on monday so a lot of it could be taken from the Dutch subs.
Dale McClung
Dale McClung 4 jaar geleden
That was the best finale in the the last few years. I called Thomas from the first episode, he just had a certain look about him that I found sus. But Diederiks antics distracted me and I changed my guess to he was gone! I think that Thomas' friend is going to be second guessing their relationship for a while! Thanks for the Subs as always Marieke I appreciate your hard work! Side note if anyone is interested there has been some info floating around that Germany is reviving the show under the title Der Maulwurf for either May or September of this year. So we may have some more mole goodness later this year :D
markopolo310 4 jaar geleden
Another fantastic season, and a shocking reveal! I was blown away by who the mole was. My jaw is still nailed to the floor. So happy for the winner, they really played a great game. Last but not least, thank you, Marieke, for all your hard work this season! Thank you for letting us mollotes share in this experience. Cheers to next year!
Alex Liáng
Alex Liáng 4 jaar geleden
Thanks so much Marieke, it's been a great season. Sending you loads of love from London. Dank je wel!!
modzel 4 jaar geleden
First of all thank you for translating this season!!! :) I can't believe that I was right from the beginning :) Thomas was on my mole list from episode one! haha ;D I love how cocky he got in the end. He was a proper mole. However he got some help especially form Jochem. One of my fav season alongside WIDM 2012 and 2013. One of my fav moles alongside WIDM 2013. And my fav top 3 ever :)
S. Yama
S. Yama 4 jaar geleden
Thanks for doing this. Much appreciated!
Alvaro Castro Sebastián
Thank you for translating the season yet again! We owe you a lot! Of course I was wrong, like always. Also *spoiler* I love the frame at 51:47 . . . . . . There are like 5 moles in that screenshot
Yendo De Vries
Yendo De Vries 2 jaar geleden
Anne Marie (topleft), Suzan (middle) and Thomas
Max1996 2 jaar geleden
Who? I do see Klaas and Margriet, but who else?
Kyra Lim
Kyra Lim 4 jaar geleden
Anemone Japan's charming September
Monique Zweije
Monique Zweije 4 jaar geleden
Alvaro Castro Sebastián u
gamehelp16 4 jaar geleden
Only if the other mole was included on that shot, then there would be 6 moles in a frame!
Nate Bloemke
Nate Bloemke 4 jaar geleden
Thanks, Marieke! I was really pleased with this season. The location was fantastic, the editing really made everyone seem suspicious, and Thomas was a very stealthy Mole. I loved seeing the Thomas sabotages. I also wanted to point out that Sanne was a good winner, and for once it was nice being able to see confessional by confessional how the winner finally deduced the Mole's identity. I wonder if you could tell me how popular this season was? Judging from the crowd reception and extended finale, it really seemed like the ratings may have been higher than the previous season. Thomas and the Mole two seasons ago are my favorite Dutch moles so far!
AYTOL 4 maanden geleden
I am like 3 years late but the final had around 3.4 million viewers
culdraug 4 jaar geleden
Thank you INCREDIBLY much for all your hard work yet again. For my spouse and I, these 10 weeks have become a highlight of every year. We would even like to visit Amsterdam on the night of the reveal, and it's all thanks to you. Cheers!
RazanirTheOrc 4 jaar geleden
Thank you so much for your hard work in translating and subtitling the episodes! What a great season!
Ramon Miguel Panis
Ramon Miguel Panis 4 jaar geleden
Thank you very much! The mole was my favorite from the start but I suspected him around episode 7. hehehe. THANKS AGAIN FOR YOUR HARD WORK! :D
EnricoIV 4 jaar geleden
Thanks so much for doing this.
H0lyMoley 4 jaar geleden
Thanks one last time for all your work subtitling this espisode especially Marieke. A fun last episode. * Spoilers, for the final time: * * * So I knew Thomas was the Mole at the end, particularly the week after Immanuelle left. One thing they didn't mention in the Mole confessionals, but that I went back and watched a few weeks back, was that Roos' "rose" got swallowed by the sea during the fireworks assignment. But who directed where the pictures were placed? Thomas. So yeah, I was pretty confident that it was him before this episode aired, although I hoped that it was Jochem just because I didn't want the mole to be someone who hadn't been involved in any money challenges in the first episode. * I hope the producers retire the auction challenge, and any other challenge where money can be taken out of the pot, for good; and take Episode 2 in particular as a model of how "De Mol" should be done. It's been a frustrating season, especially compared to the excellent Belgian season that we've had recently, but there's been a lot more good in it than in WIDM 2016. I feel as though it ended on a high note, which is always good, too; Thomas' Mole confessionals were very entertaining. I maybe would've liked to have seen more of his personality before then. Something to consider for WIDM 2018? * Congrats to everyone who suspected Thomas, commiserations to those who suspected Jochem, and to those who suspected Sanne... yeah, I'm not sure what you guys were thinking there. :D WIDM 2017 has topped 2016, and let's hope 2018 tops 2017!
Zucchini Potato
Zucchini Potato 4 jaar geleden
Marieke thank you so much! I really did not expect that person to be the mole. Great season!
Isaac Miller
Isaac Miller 4 jaar geleden
Thank you so much :) loved this season, and you doing these subs makes my life better
girlaubie 4 jaar geleden
Thank you so much and once again, I was clueless as who was the mole
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