Why The Chinese Super League Was DOOMED To Fail! | Explained 

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On this week’s EFD Explained, we examine the rise and fall of the Chinese Super League. Once heralded as a nationwide version of PSG and Man City, it was thought that the CSL could force its way onto the international football scene, with players like Alex Teixeira choosing Jiangsu Suning over Juergen Klopp’s Liverpool, and Gareth Bale almost switching to China back in 2019.

But now Jiangsu - champions in 2020 - have ceased to exist, and owners Suning are looking to sell their other club, Inter Milan, as Covid and government regulation cripple their ability to turn a profit from their football operations. And with a raft of teams across the country on the ropes, it seems like the CSL bubble, which took Drogba, Hulk, Tevez, and Robinho to China, is over for good.

Today we look at the flawed ideas behind the league, the new rules which have changed everything, the effects of Covid, and why there is still reason for optimism about football in China. Let us know what you think in the comments.




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21 mrt. 2021




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Faisal 6 dagen geleden
Saudi league is NEXT
Simone Amrine
Simone Amrine Maand geleden
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Phiinx 91
Phiinx 91 Maand geleden
i dont think luxembourg will come near any top 5 league ever but improvment is really made with some investors already helping clubs like jeunesse esch or hesper, also the rise of our national team an dudelanges journey in the europa league, i really think that we can from amatute football to pro football in the next years trough the first divison
Landser Korps
Landser Korps Maand geleden
Because of the Name! Now we know every "SuperLeague" fails!!!! 🤣
모든 생명은 소중하다. 중국인빼고
Because it had made by chinese.
Thomas Haverstock
Thomas Haverstock 2 maanden geleden
Boycott Chinese soccer
Master Rex _CR
Master Rex _CR 2 maanden geleden
Rn i rather watch the csl than the esl
PIKA PIKA PRODUCTION 2 maanden geleden
New content: European Super League
Anglosaxon Demise
Anglosaxon Demise 2 maanden geleden
It's all bout covid, very hard to raise funds when u don't hv spectators wile European football more settled
Keyboard Dancers
Keyboard Dancers 2 maanden geleden
7:43: Answer to the very last question in this video - *European Super League*
Chris Diggins
Chris Diggins 2 maanden geleden
wish dot com lol
Sidney Sun
Sidney Sun 2 maanden geleden
China is a developing country, neither rich as Europe nor stagnated as South America where football is the ladder for the poor.
Karma88 2 maanden geleden
It's only a time now the CCP will claim football is part of ancient china
Tospip Development
Tospip Development 10 dagen geleden
No politics please
ThokoZani TK
ThokoZani TK 2 maanden geleden
I'm a huge fan,let's fully work on audio entirely
HAIHUA CHEN 2 maanden geleden
look so silly.
Mohd. Hammad
Mohd. Hammad 2 maanden geleden
It was a fake superficial league from the start. Must have been made for tax cuts.
Anthony Servinio
Anthony Servinio 2 maanden geleden
Philippines Football League (PFL), the next big thing in Asian and World Football! #PFL2021 #SupportLocalFutbol #DareToRise
TrueNorthGooners 2 maanden geleden
Football is a game of sport not a politic, you can’t just buy everything, it doesn’t work like that.
Lawrence Lilliam
Lawrence Lilliam 2 maanden geleden
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JUMP 2 maanden geleden
J. League Chinese super league K. League Thai league 😊
plmedici 2 maanden geleden
Reminds me of the old NASL in the US. Really glad MLS has morphed into an academy-driven 'selling' league.
FirstNameCorrectly LastNameCorrectly
chinese gov just care about olympic medal so football team just one medal is not worth.
Rishab Prakash
Rishab Prakash 2 maanden geleden
Hope Oscar comes back to European football!
jkl 😀😀
jkl 😀😀 3 dagen geleden
He will
Saurav Verma
Saurav Verma 2 maanden geleden
The thing with Chinese products is so consistent.. looks brilliant at the start, but turns into a nightmare in no time😂
SanTosh Mahatara
SanTosh Mahatara Maand geleden
@Saurav Verma lol your ass started burning first as always your country people toward china
FuryX TV
FuryX TV Maand geleden
@Money Tao they exist, visit Africa
Saurav Verma
Saurav Verma Maand geleden
@Calm Beast haha well always has been
Amir Yusuf
Amir Yusuf 2 maanden geleden
@Achal Bilung Ooofff!!!
Saurav Verma
Saurav Verma 2 maanden geleden
@Money Tao I smell something's burning🥵
mister allrounder
mister allrounder 2 maanden geleden
Please make a video in HERO INDIAN SUPER LEAGUE🙏
Tomeé Veauxché
Tomeé Veauxché 2 maanden geleden
This is why communism always fails
Ryan Williams
Ryan Williams 2 maanden geleden
In my opinion, China got it all wrong. They needed to bring younger player who were eager to play football not players that had played at the top level. I've watched several matches in Beijing, Jinan, and Shandong. Don't get me wrong bring these 'stars' make it far more enjoyable to watch, however the level of it's Chinese players has stayed the same bang average at that.
Bernard Jones
Bernard Jones 2 maanden geleden
It was doomed from the beginning real football fans don't even know those leagues exist
Fried Rice
Fried Rice 2 maanden geleden
China tries to do everything as fast as possible. It usually crumbles.
Kanyes Son
Kanyes Son 2 maanden geleden
This is sad. I kinda want to see China prosper in the sport tbh. The more competition the better!
MAHESH MAHALE 2 maanden geleden
Make a video on Indian super league too
Gaming Paradise
Gaming Paradise 2 maanden geleden
ANIMESH JAIN 2 maanden geleden
Can you make video in INDIAN SUPER LEAGUE (ISL)
SanTosh Mahatara
SanTosh Mahatara Maand geleden
Sh** league! Nobody cares
Sahil Ahmedöv
Sahil Ahmedöv 2 maanden geleden
India needs to ban IPL
Smesh 2 maanden geleden
Curry league
Gaming Paradise
Gaming Paradise 2 maanden geleden
ANIMESH JAIN 2 maanden geleden
@Satyam Malakar it has not this much revenue like Ipl this time
N Cruz
N Cruz 2 maanden geleden
Over paying players I guess.
Kwame Kitawi
Kwame Kitawi 2 maanden geleden
Not bad kid
Komic Klepto
Komic Klepto 2 maanden geleden
Dare I say it, but with Qatar hosting the 2022 World Cup could the Qatari League be the next superpower?
Billy Rushin
Billy Rushin 2 maanden geleden
Chinese government threw way too much money at the league / foreign players too quickly, was never going to be sustainable financially. Will be interesting to see if the league further restricts the signing of foreign players, given the significant growth in participation from children and the primary aim being to improve the national team. I’m sure we will see increased success at youth level by China in the next 5-10 years culminating in a first World Cup since 2002 sometime in the 2030s.
Keshav 2 maanden geleden
Football clubs folding in China is clear Indication of Covid having its impact on Chinese economy.
Luthfi Nicola Sereni
Luthfi Nicola Sereni 2 maanden geleden
Communist country but trying to enhance their football through capitalist means lol
deancj1 2 maanden geleden
I think one of the biggest obstacles will be language.
Hey “Hey Ho” Ho
Hey “Hey Ho” Ho 16 dagen geleden
Why? Do they chat while they play?
Porter Tikkanen
Porter Tikkanen 2 maanden geleden
As with everything China does, long term goals are what they have in mind. Give it time, it will succeed, but definitely not right now. It’s still too young a market. But the foundations have been laid, it’s only a matter of time.
Oshaine1 2 maanden geleden
Or hear me out the Chinese league is just trash
Ed Bukvic
Ed Bukvic 2 maanden geleden
Planned economy never worked and never will. China as a global economic power will also fall
Flawful Feelings
Flawful Feelings 2 maanden geleden
Indian super league, the Indian premier football League is an example of how you should walk before you can run Subtle wages, some good foreign players like anelka, coro, del Piero etc and passion of fans from all round the nation making it a spectacle. Getting the support of broadcasters cause the deal was in budget made it a sublime commodity. Would love a video on that😇
Indibar Dutta
Indibar Dutta 2 maanden geleden
@Hari govind That has happened everywhere in world in any league you name it!! Look at MSL, how many clubs has discontinued but new business will arrive!! Look at our own IPL, many have sold or rebranded themselves!! It about how you are going together not individually!!
Hari govind
Hari govind 2 maanden geleden
But we have already seen clubs like Delhi Dynamos and Pune City either rebrand or shut down 🙄
andyusfca 2 maanden geleden
In any given industry, the longer time it takes to see results, the less likely the Chinese are able to suceed.
Kazuo Tan
Kazuo Tan 2 maanden geleden
@andyusfca what for?
andyusfca 2 maanden geleden
@Kazuo Tan Sure, then maybe China should start ban US businesses from using Chinese
Kazuo Tan
Kazuo Tan 2 maanden geleden
I think you are describing perfectly 🇺🇸 businesses
Los 2 maanden geleden
Tell that to Amazon
BR225 2 maanden geleden
We have a sensible system here in the U.S. for football??? I didn't know that. From where I'm standing it looks like we're just as shit as ever.
The Red Flash
The Red Flash 2 maanden geleden
Imo J league is way better the the CSL for the asian league
archipiratta 2 maanden geleden
Time for big clubs to go bargain hunting
Iblaze 108
Iblaze 108 2 maanden geleden
Please make a video on the Indian Super League
sohail ahmed
sohail ahmed 2 maanden geleden
Make video on isl (indian super league) also plz
Indranil Dutta
Indranil Dutta 2 maanden geleden
@Karthik Udaya do u even know our success in hockey???
Berserk Guts
Berserk Guts 2 maanden geleden
In india 7,8 team play in super league not even regular league
Karthik Udaya
Karthik Udaya 2 maanden geleden
It's shite where chairman's spouse literally owns a club cricket will forever remain the pinnacle of sport in india get on with it!
Saibal Ghosh
Saibal Ghosh 2 maanden geleden
@Arale so are you too
Arale 2 maanden geleden
Is shit
Athay Phom
Athay Phom 2 maanden geleden
Lesson : Trust your youngsters and develop them like they do in the Dutch league Eredivisie
andy tang
andy tang Maand geleden
chinese womens are for some reason better???? wang shuang pkays for psg... i just dont get it... chinese womens side are better than tje mens... fan zhi yi and sun jihai were the last great chinese players i know of???
The Drinking Game Maker
The Drinking Game Maker 2 maanden geleden
Busby-era United
Ezinne Ebele-Adinnu
Ezinne Ebele-Adinnu 2 maanden geleden
Too bad eredivisie can't keep them
Sip.z 2 maanden geleden
Well china is boring u just there for work
Warren Dredge
Warren Dredge 2 maanden geleden
This whole league is just a publicity stunt for China. Promoting China around the world. Now the league has served its purpose and they need the money for other projects. So China is pulling the plug. The foreign players better get used to the idea of normal wages again.
C W 2 maanden geleden
Crap starter teams on fifa are fucked lads
Sory Chang
Sory Chang 2 maanden geleden
1:45 that’s Hong Kong Premier League, which is totally different thing
jason van der loew
jason van der loew 2 maanden geleden
CSL clubs can't even competing against Jleague clubs. Because football in China are just plastic.
Prabij Shrestha
Prabij Shrestha 2 maanden geleden
Don't expect anything good that is made in china 😂😂
Kevin Barker
Kevin Barker 2 maanden geleden
Wonder if this kind of reasoning is behind the possible combined leagues that are becoming the big talk around the world.
KyleRC 2 maanden geleden
I'm predicting that there will be 2 world class players from China in the next 10 years
Cedric Coe
Cedric Coe 2 maanden geleden
This was always obvious to me that this was going to happen. For a nation known for intelligent people, those running Chinese football are kinda stupid. What they should have done was buy decent, but not world class players from around the world, from leagues like the English Championship, Belgian Pro League, Eredivisie etc. Then slowly but surely buy better more expensive players after laying the foundations for it. Instead they bought a select few world class players and paid them insane wages, and, well... look how that turned out, it's like an 18 year old kid that wins the lottery and blows the fortune in a year buying 7 mansions and 12 Ferraris and a house full of Armani suits and his own private island. A smarter 18 year old who won the lottery would invest that money further and create more... Oh well.
Ivan 2 maanden geleden
I'm happy it failed
Andrew Smith
Andrew Smith 2 maanden geleden
Couldn't have happened to a more deserving communist country...lolololol
governor madea
governor madea 2 maanden geleden
I did an exchange 2 years ago in Cape Town and I actually think the South African league is pretty good. Better than most leagues in Europe.
Musa 8 dagen geleden
@Cj Pearce And another will say Tunisia with the another saying Egypt. You sure you aren't reading personal blogs? At the end of the day, no other league in Africa can match South Africa in terms of financial power, popularity, infrastructure and broadcast. We have two clubs in the CAF Champions League semi-finals and, despite it being a pointless (useless) brag, are the only African league that has representation on FIFA.
Cj Pearce
Cj Pearce 8 dagen geleden
@Musa funny because I actually did my own research and one site says Morocco is the best league so 🤷‍♂️
Musa 8 dagen geleden
@Cj Pearce They haven't. Most of these top players were scouted earlier on in their careers by European clubs without ever playing in their domestic leagues. The South African Premier League has the most money, best facilities and sponsorship and our players can afford to play here and earn good money without ever needing to go to Europe. Its the most professional league in Africa with the Egyptian League coming a very close second. We pay more or less the same amount of wages as some Belgian and French Ligue 1 clubs also. Do some research
Cj Pearce
Cj Pearce 8 dagen geleden
@Musa well I mean other African countries have produced better footballers from their league but ok
Musa 8 dagen geleden
@Cj Pearce It's the only one I could find. Much better than just saying "not even the best in your continent" without backing it up with facts.
yolo 1690
yolo 1690 2 maanden geleden
This is a place for retirement just like usa $$$$$$$
Nicks Corsair S1 Tips
Nicks Corsair S1 Tips 2 maanden geleden
the abrupt fall of the Chinese Super League is typical of China as a country. So many ill thought schemes (not just in sport) that are pushed out without any planning or long term thought and end up being a disaster. China never built on its only World Cup appearance back in 2002. The CFA needs to look to the J League to see a long term patient approach to develop the game as Japan is now a major player at the World Cup. The J League is stable, doesn't pay ridiculous wages and is slowly growing its TV rights into foreign markets. The J League is now broadcast live in the UK. The CSL however, doesn't look like we'll be seeing that again on the TV
Indranil Dutta
Indranil Dutta 2 maanden geleden
the problem is fifa never focused on Asian football be it China be it India be it Japan be it any other Asian countries only focus on ufea basically rich getting richer approach
fullybad boss
fullybad boss 2 maanden geleden
@hitcseven did a review of this about 2 weeks ago....So I thank you for let me keeping up with what's going on
Shaun Zaghet
Shaun Zaghet 2 maanden geleden
A-League to flop next football(soccer) not big enough in aus and no top 5 league talent coming out of the league
Sidd Jain
Sidd Jain 2 maanden geleden
A-League players are themselves coming to India to play , so it’s already happening
FirstName LastName
FirstName LastName 2 maanden geleden
Oscar what an idiot to ruin his career
Hey You
Hey You 2 maanden geleden
They offer citizenship to foreign players so they can perform on Worldcup lol. With literal billions of people, I really dont get why theres no Chinese superstar
Tim Jim
Tim Jim 2 maanden geleden
The Chinese every 4 years usually dominate the Olympics along with USA but they compete in far less events then likes of United States of America and Great Britain. Otter than badminton and table tennis 🏓 I don’t know what proper actual sports China competes at.
Jeffrey Alvin
Jeffrey Alvin 2 maanden geleden
Football was never the national sport so back then no one dreamed of becoming a football star
Kai-Yen Lau
Kai-Yen Lau 2 maanden geleden
Simply too many clubs living beyond their means just to impress Xi Jinping. The average revenue for a CSL club per year is £16 Million for TV, £3+ Million on match day revenue, £1+ Million for sponsorship and shirts = £20 Million. And Alex Teixeira's transfer was £43 Million.
Kai-Yen Lau
Kai-Yen Lau 2 maanden geleden
@Samuel kirk I checked the Chinese Super League page on wikipedia
Samuel kirk
Samuel kirk 2 maanden geleden
@Kai-Yen Lau nah Chinese businessmen are cool and I was just interested how u know about the financials cuz I was looking hard to find them few months back when I wanted to compare CSL V ISL
Kai-Yen Lau
Kai-Yen Lau 2 maanden geleden
@Samuel kirk Its all on the internet and a lot of it is already in English. I personally suggest reading about the owner of Dalian Shide, Xu Ming and his relationship with politician Bo Xilai, they represent everything wrong with Chinese football.
Samuel kirk
Samuel kirk 2 maanden geleden
How u know
Kai-Yen Lau
Kai-Yen Lau 2 maanden geleden
@Richard Alexander You're certainly right, especially in the case of Guangzhou Evergrande that they used the club to promote their owners business but even they sold a good chuck of it for a profit to Jack Ma and his Alibaba Group and Jack Ma certainly has used the club to get into the good books with Xi Jinping. Sadly the main reason why anyone owns a Chinese club is to gain favor with the highest political official whose a football fan and who will then grant you one of those lucrative government contracts. Dalian Shide learnt that the hard way, with deadly consequences.
Anon 2 maanden geleden
Improving refeering standards but brings on Clattenburg?? Lol
Rohan Vyas
Rohan Vyas 2 maanden geleden
They deserve it. Players go there for high wages and not football says it all
MrLochay 2 maanden geleden
@Sidd Jain nope. Southamerica countries also has nations leagues, domestic cups, champions league Copa Libertadores. crazy fans there, check their football atmosphere. if South American were wealthier, the european players would be playing in south america at the moment.
Sidd Jain
Sidd Jain 2 maanden geleden
@MrLochay no Europe has better football structure and infra compared South America plus more fame while playing in Europe Helps them build their personal brand and fan base apart from getting top notch developmental opportunity as a player
MrLochay 2 maanden geleden
It’s same players coming at Europe from South America
ManLikeMrKhan 2 maanden geleden
Joke league 🤣
Harry .Templeton
Harry .Templeton 2 maanden geleden
is it not pronounced hedge-e-moan-e @1.20
HubDub (HubDub)
HubDub (HubDub) 2 maanden geleden
Indian Super League? Hmmm
Icer Woodz
Icer Woodz 2 maanden geleden
Could the south Korean k league be considered world class what of the Japanese J league, investment youth is a great idea but if the league is substandard so will be it's players if investment in youth alone is good enough to amend a broken system the north Korean league would be considered world class and the national team would have won the world cup so please let's be realistic as it is the Chinese super league is substandard and if what is going on continues it's growth Will stop as is
Sirat Ali Ahmad
Sirat Ali Ahmad 2 maanden geleden
Indian super league...
Aaron Legg
Aaron Legg 3 maanden geleden
The CSL is just a dodgier MLS
Terven James
Terven James 3 maanden geleden
Basically the china CSL bird ruin the league plan of bringing in foreign players and improving squad depth abd international notoriety.
Don Makaveli
Don Makaveli 3 maanden geleden
Don Makaveli
Don Makaveli 2 maanden geleden
@Mahin J-Fun hitc sevens he did a vid 3 weeks ago
Don Makaveli
Don Makaveli 2 maanden geleden
@Icewallowcome 1 hitc sevens he did a vid 3 weeks ago
Mahin J-Fun
Mahin J-Fun 2 maanden geleden
Not really
Icewallowcome 1
Icewallowcome 1 2 maanden geleden
From who
Matthew Cardoza
Matthew Cardoza 3 maanden geleden
I'm glad the Chinese league was destroying football anyway.
Psychokiller Gaming
Psychokiller Gaming 3 maanden geleden
You can talk about Indian leagues
Sukhchain Singh
Sukhchain Singh 3 maanden geleden
ISL can be a next global player. Hope so
William Stannard
William Stannard 3 maanden geleden
Is pat ok?
G M 3 maanden geleden
SPFL is gonna be too 5 cos of rangers
PP jha
PP jha 3 maanden geleden
Brandon mikabrandonong
Brandon mikabrandonong 3 maanden geleden
as an asian, all this happening in csl is due to political agenda, by boot licking towards xi then buying the clubs then pull out after xi have other better 'stuff' to focus on... it is sad to see...
AquaTeenHungerFork 3 maanden geleden
Texeira didn’t turn LFC down, the owners didn’t want to pay Shakhtar an extortionate amount after they changed the asking price for him
Michael B. Penis
Michael B. Penis 3 maanden geleden
The world does not care about China. That will always be their downfall.
wayne conway
wayne conway 2 maanden geleden
Most of the world lives there
John Blessed
John Blessed 3 maanden geleden
They invested big money but the quality of football is not the same as Europe. I never think of watching Chinese league football.
deepak hegde
deepak hegde 3 maanden geleden
The ISL will be the next 'talked about league'.
Sourav 782
Sourav 782 3 maanden geleden
Indian super league (isl)
Gaming Paradise
Gaming Paradise 2 maanden geleden
Emin Kirac
Emin Kirac 3 maanden geleden
I’d rather have a strong Chinese team than e strong Us team. Like bro imagine a Middle Eastern country trashing the US in a World Cup. That would be further propaganda tool for them
Icewallowcome 1
Icewallowcome 1 2 maanden geleden
I wouldn’t,also USA is way better then any middle eastern team
Keylor Navas
Keylor Navas 3 maanden geleden
THRIQUILLED 3 maanden geleden
Mexican league
Arun 10
Arun 10 3 maanden geleden
I personally feel that ISL(Indian Super League) can be one of the top leagues in the future. The quality of Football is improving day by day, many Foreign players who never really got a chance to play for their national sides, finally got a chance after playing in the ISL. It has also gained a lot of popularity among Indians (considering the fact that India is a "Cricket-dominated" country). Recently (I mean, like 1 year ago) CFG bought a club in the ISL(Mumbai City FC).
Saibal Ghosh
Saibal Ghosh 2 maanden geleden
Yes I completely agree. Football in India will develop
Nathan 3 maanden geleden
Great video, guys! I went to Guangzhou with University in 2019 - saw Evergrande play and spent a morning at R&F's training ground, would recommend going if you ever get the chance before things change.
Fejiro Djakpor
Fejiro Djakpor 3 maanden geleden
The BeNeliga 🇧🇪 🇳🇱 could break into the top 5 leagues
Lucian Raphael
Lucian Raphael 2 maanden geleden
Youre dumb
Londronable 2 maanden geleden
Nah, too low a population and as has been mentioned in this video, not a really global language for the most part. They're probably not overtaking Portugal or Russia so 8th(where bboooth Belgium and the Netherlands have been over the last few years) is imo the best they can hope for in the next 10 years after the creation of the BeNeLiga.
Ren 3 maanden geleden
The investment in academies and football pitches will definitely pay off in the long term. With such a high population, there should be some exciting stars in the making.
Joe Mama
Joe Mama 3 maanden geleden
Background music
Rohan Rai
Rohan Rai 3 maanden geleden
Indian Super league next
Sahil Ahmedöv
Sahil Ahmedöv 2 maanden geleden
Lol they never gonna do that Europeans always makes fun of us.🙄😒 And if yes all gonna make fun of us.😣
Jonah Thrane
Jonah Thrane 3 maanden geleden
They pumped too much money into it. They couldn't keep paying. They were focused on buying players and that's it. They should do like Man City, they didn't just compete for the top players, but the future top players. They should invest in the academy. Hire good coaches, good directors are more important than players. Train young Chinese players, focus of Chinese speaking populations, so mostly in Asia. Asia has a lot of football fans, but are far from their favourite clubs in La liga and BPL. If China had a world-class league, closer to Asian countries, that's a market. And they could even hire English/Spanish/french speaking commentators, to make it more attractive for foreign fans. Then play earlier/later in the day, so European viewers can watch the Chinese league in the evening (I haven't looked into the time zone thing, but playing at times where European viewers are awake and watching football, would be smarter than playing 2 am euro time.
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