Why Is the Premier League DOMINATING European Football?! | UCL Review 

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Hello and welcome back to UCL Review where today Zac and Dougie are breaking down Chelsea’s return to the Champions League final for the first time since 2012.

Hear how the Blues comfortably dispatched Zinedine Zidane’s Real Madrid with goals from Timo Werner and Mason Mount. There were heroes all over the pitch for Tuchel with Rudiger, Mendy, Havertz, and Mason Mount all having outstanding games. But the key man was without doubt Ngolo Kante, who continues to marvel and amaze at the age of 30.

As for Los Blancos well it was clear that Zidane got his selection wrong once again, with Vinicius Junior out of position at right wing back and Eden Hazard clearly not fit. Once again it was left to Karim Benzema to try and rescue them, but he couldn’t do it all by himself.

Chelsea march on to meet Man City in Istanbul on the 23rd May, and we ask why are the Premier League sides so dominant in Europe at the moment?

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6 mei. 2021




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Euro Football Daily
Euro Football Daily Maand geleden
Congrats to City and Chelsea, the two best sides won... roll on the 29th May (kept saying the 23rd during this!) (Dougie)
Brendan A. Fitzgibbons
@G A How does counter attacking make them a worse side? The only time City didn’t have more possession then the other team and that makes them worse? PSG’s plan was to have more possession then City and it backfired on them. Most teams that don’t have good possession stats usually counter attack because that’s just the natural way to play the game. Your either butt hurt because ur a PSG fan or not very bright. Either way your clearly wrong because the result speaks for itself.
G A Maand geleden
@Brendan A. Fitzgibbons I mean city literally just counterattacked. Plus they scored 2 lucky goals. Psg were the better side
Oba oke
Oba oke Maand geleden
Brendan A. Fitzgibbons
@G A Seriously man ..? I can’t tell if that was a bad joke.
G A Maand geleden
I mean psg we’re the better side
Justin Mordini
Justin Mordini 25 dagen geleden
Short answer: it’s not dominating lol last year there was 0 teams in the UCL and Europa finals and this year Villarreal are in the Europa final and Chelsea got the easiest draws to get to the UCL final and in Terms of individual player awards Mendy is the only premier league player who’s gonna run away with an award for most clean sheets and the top scorers and providers in the UCL and Europa league are all not playing in the premier league and Rulli has the most clean sheets in the Europa league 🤷🏽‍♂️🤷🏽‍♂️🤷🏽‍♂️
Omacha24ShnT24 Maand geleden
La liga been living off of messi and tonaldo for like 10 years... now we start to notice the other great players like we should...well be back
Life Kicks
Life Kicks Maand geleden
Because eng have better squads from top to bottom to handle more games...many big teams across Europe have a stellar 1st team but thinner depth. I honestly think that's why eng clubs are doing well.
PatrickTCAPIreland Maand geleden
Those jabronis Real Madrid didn’t know what hit them, time for the retirement home
huma Maand geleden
I like the fact that we have 5 or 6 teams with super stars in the prem.
Daniel Nurse
Daniel Nurse Maand geleden
I wouldn't say dominate. UCL like any knockout competition is a dice roll. You never know what will happen on the day. If Zidane didn't play an obviously unfit Ramos in a rubbish formation you wouldn't have a video to make. Obviously glad to see an all English final but let's not get ahead of ourselves.
Bilaal Ahmed
Bilaal Ahmed Maand geleden
I'm glad this question is in present continuous tense because it only happened this year looool.
A Couple's Christian Journey
The disrespect of leaving out Ole Gunnar Solskjear
Leon Anderson
Leon Anderson Maand geleden
Who's Ole???
Jackson Bow
Jackson Bow Maand geleden
I would like to see what happens if European football brought back the rules of a maximum number of foreign players in your playing squad. It was only 5 once here in UK if I remember.
captainpucko Maand geleden
What is this narrative of English football dominating, pushed HARD down people's throats. Spanish clubs have been completely dominating all those years in european competitions and there was nowhere near the buzz and talk about one league dominating, because people don't really seem to care about leagues, it's more about the teams themselves, but the media seem to get a weird boner for England whenever their teams do the best, it's really weird
face tube
face tube Maand geleden
MAHREZ Deserves the Golden Ball
Ali Tijani
Ali Tijani Maand geleden
What domination? between 2010 and 2020 - 6 Champions leagues to Spanish clubs vs 1 to Liverpool; 7 Europa Leagues to Spanish clubs Vs 3 to EPL clubs. Would you like more? Ballon d'Or award winners between 2010-2020 - All La Liga players Messi (6); Ronaldo (4) and Modric(1). Please, just focus on campaigning for Sancho and the day England wins the euro or a world cup, let me know.
nosrednA nworB
nosrednA nworB Maand geleden
There were no English teams in the semi final round of Champions League or the final of the Europa league last season. But then suddenly, they’ve been dominating European football? Hypocritical as anything.
ArrudaWakeniing Maand geleden
Ahan Biswas
Ahan Biswas Maand geleden
Let's be fair The Premier league is really dominating all the other Big European leagues Chelsea Beat La liga 's Real and Atleti Man city beat Bundesliga 's biggest teams Bayern, Dortmund and then PSG Liverpool beat Leipzig and Atalanta Man utd beat Serie a teams like Milan and Roma Well I wish that if they can also beat the two best teams in serie a that Is Juventus and Inter nta
Alin Muntean
Alin Muntean Maand geleden
FBI Beatles
FBI Beatles Maand geleden
Spanish teams are going through a struggle players getting old etc they will start getting better next season.
IR0NM3N Maand geleden
2 trophies is last 10 years and you’re calling it domination? Are you sure? 4 trophies in 20 years and money spent to get here is in billions of Euros. Seriously, anytime a British clubs pop up once in 4-5 years you’ll see them celebrating for whole decade. 2011-2020 gone to Spain and this is just beginning of a new decade and it will remain same irrespective of money thrown by EPL clubs because Likes Real Madrid, Barcelona and Bayern Munich are there to win European championships no matter what.
IR0NM3N Maand geleden
@Venom Art Acknowledging the FACT!
Venom Art
Venom Art Maand geleden
why are you crying
Rodrigo Santos
Rodrigo Santos Maand geleden
Take a shot of vodka every time Dougie says "as well". Guaranteed emergency room trip.
Fisayo Run
Fisayo Run Maand geleden
Man City already reached the semis under Pellegrini.
B.Alexander Johnstone
B.Alexander Johnstone Maand geleden
Money? Madrid etc spend even more!
Venom Art
Venom Art Maand geleden
purav dubey
purav dubey Maand geleden
Really hate to see this, because it just fuels the arrogance of prem fanboys who think anyone not in the prem is shit. But gotta give credit to their marketing teams, they've branded the premier league into the most attractive league in the world. Not to mention the financial takeovers of some big English clubs over the past couple decades. Hopefully Real Barca Atletico Sevilla Juve Inter Napoli and BVB make their rise back to the top fast.
Anthony P
Anthony P Maand geleden
Im a city fan
DohnJoe Maand geleden
Zach's conundrum at the end prob the best ending ever on this channel tbh lol
VintageBS Maand geleden
Take a sip everytime Dougie says “as well”
Happyapple42 Maand geleden
A huge amount of money combined with the passion of football.
Damion couture
Damion couture Maand geleden
Me know when the champions league was in spain for five(5) consecutive year nobody wasn't praising laliga that much lol sigh.
captainpucko Maand geleden
@Leafy Peach the irony of which comment 🤔
Leafy Peach
Leafy Peach Maand geleden
@captainpucko the irony of this comment
captainpucko Maand geleden
Lol yeah it's so weird, the media get such a weird boner for English teams whenever they do well, they really love to push this narrative
Robert Canizales
Robert Canizales Maand geleden
3rd most minutes in the squad and most touches in the box, numbers come with the quality service Werner has been getting. Hes still underperformed regardless of the inflated stats
Young Stars
Young Stars Maand geleden
I've seen a lot of people saying the UCL final should be held at Wembley cause that way the most fans would be able to attend. If it were to be moved to Wembley, it should (and probably will) be only because of the fact that Turkey are currently under lockdown (and god knows how that'll go). But the argument I mentioned at the start is just an absolute joke and it would set a dangerous precedent for every time a European final is contested between teams from the same nation. Just imagine the uproar if the Bundesliga had tried pulling this trick in 2013... Also, you can't do that and then have the EUROS spread across multiple countries
Blinn K
Blinn K Maand geleden
FACT: After 23rd of May, Arsenal will become the only english team amoung the Big 6 to NOT play in an ALL ENGLISH CL FINAL!!!
Pedro Armijo
Pedro Armijo Maand geleden
Last season there were no English teams in the UCL or EL finals, this year they are doing really well, it's too early to use a word like Dominating, wait until next year to be fair.
Salman Rafat
Salman Rafat Maand geleden
Billionaires with their oil & vodka money. Hypocrate fans are against them now? Lol
Luis Pulido
Luis Pulido Maand geleden
Hey, what camera does Djellab have? It looks incredible
Adam Spadafora
Adam Spadafora Maand geleden
Premier league is the best league atm because barca and real have spent so terribly the last 5 years. Just think about barcas purchases over the last 5 years, dembele, coutinho, griezmann, and real bought hazard which has turned out to be the most expensive of all of those signings,
Melancholy Maand geleden
The shared TV revenue cannot be understated. We are now seeing the results of that decision now. La Liga where barca and real took a majority of the money. Complains about the money but they bled the league dry, makes sense they want the super league. The super league needs the Premier league more than the premier league need the super league.
Rayyan Abedullaziz
Rayyan Abedullaziz Maand geleden
The super league needs LaLiga more than LaLiga needs the Super League.
Unitedtunic Maand geleden
Appreciate the Chelsea fans. They have not been all smug and talk crap like many Liverpool fans.
Leonardo Bell
Leonardo Bell Maand geleden
I present to you... the most facts comment I’ve ever seen.
Unitedtunic Maand geleden
Everything runs in cycles. Prem and Serie A dominated from 2000-2009. La Liga and Spain wiped the floor from 2009-2018 winning majority of the CL and Europa trophies and now English Clubs are back on the rise. Congrats Chelsea and good luck y’all deserve it.
Vatsal Singh
Vatsal Singh Maand geleden
80's and 90's was also dominated by serie a.
Gabe M
Gabe M Maand geleden
Odd feeling- I think whoever wins the weekend game will loose the final
Zachary Samson
Zachary Samson Maand geleden
Dougie just blatantly lying about City’s UCL semi final appearances
cal c
cal c Maand geleden
1. money 2. improvements in the English player 3. the best coaches 4. The cores of other elite clubs have been aging out 5. Barcelona's management has been horrific
Bucket Head
Bucket Head Maand geleden
5. Barca is no longer with their best players Xavi and Iniesta.
Gabe M
Gabe M Maand geleden
Hazard covered the most distance out of any Madrid player... mental
J haych
J haych Maand geleden
Problem with England is the weather and the cities, Manchester as a city can't compete with Madrid due to weather etc.
preetish bakliwal
preetish bakliwal Maand geleden
if Mbappe to ral madrid happen, laliga teams can be back again in the fold of top teams around the world
Quintinn Rodriguez
Quintinn Rodriguez Maand geleden
I am surprised they didn’t talk to much about azpi he was amazing in the back
Think and act wisely
Think and act wisely Maand geleden
CHELSEA CHELSEA CHELSEA 1️⃣0️⃣0️⃣☑️☑️☑️ KANTE THE GOAT 🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐😎😎😎😎😎💯💯💯💯💯💯💙💙💙💙💙💥💥💥💥 #COYB 💙💙💙💙💙👊👊👊👏👏👏👏👏💥💥💥💥💥💥💥
James Cook
James Cook Maand geleden
Hey Zac... you do know that once Man City are done Chelsea will be reduced to a stain on the grass. 4-1 is my prediction.
Herb Maand geleden
Dougie ‘as well’ Critchley
Ishan Misra
Ishan Misra Maand geleden
come on chelsea
unun septium
unun septium Maand geleden
Don't forget Ole when discussing the best manager in the world! - nobody ever
Patrick Abo
Patrick Abo Maand geleden
You prefer turkey stadium rather than Wembly ? How are a football man ?
Patrick Abo
Patrick Abo Maand geleden
City and Chelsea have basically bought their way into it. Unfair and sad to see 😒
Venom Art
Venom Art Maand geleden
cry more take
Zane Hamel-Smith
Zane Hamel-Smith Maand geleden
awful take
extremeuzer3 Maand geleden
Cant wait for Pato to come up with some bullshit excuse for Real Madrid and not give Chelsea their credit
Tajay Watson
Tajay Watson Maand geleden
CHELSEAAAAA!! 💙🔥🔥🔥 absolutely buzzing right now!
Israel Jasso
Israel Jasso Maand geleden
Been about a year since prem clubs were good in UCL and all of a sudden they think they’ll dominate it 😂
captainpucko Maand geleden
@Euro Football Daily 7 out of last 11 Europa Leagues have been won by Spanish teams and 6 out 11 last Champions Leagues have been won by Spanish teams and your argument is 2019 all english finals, is this a joke? It surely is I don't even have to ask lol
Nicholas McArley
Nicholas McArley Maand geleden
@Croissant Power yes but no teams from england in the semis isnt a great advert for apparently dominating europe
Croissant Power
Croissant Power Maand geleden
@Nicholas McArley in the semi finals there are only 4 teams, unless each team is from a different league then at least two of La Liga, Serie A, Ligue 1, Prem, Bundesliga won’t get past the quarters
Croissant Power
Croissant Power Maand geleden
Or you could look at it as prem clubs having an off year last season
Nicholas McArley
Nicholas McArley Maand geleden
@Euro Football Daily how about 2020 when no english team got past the quarters?
Frank Martin
Frank Martin Maand geleden
Competition. Even beyond “the Big Six”, there are other teams in the running for both the Premier title, and the Champions League. This creates interest, which drives viewership and fan bases (which drives even more revenue.) All this interest creates revenue for all the teams, allowing them to acquire the quality players, managers and players needed to compete on the world stage. No other league has this depth. The German and French leagues have one “Big Club” and Spain has 2 1/2, but most of that is driven by tourism, both of fans and players. Throw in Big Number commerce (really, how many scarves, jackets and beanies do Barca fans need on their sunny beaches? That is a lot of extra merchandise that gets sold, and those extra pence add up) and other climate based money issues (northern clubs need up to date stadiums, fans don’t like leaking roofs when it rains half the season, etc.)
Hankiñho Maand geleden
at the beginning, Zac look like that dude from the meme who's punching the car seat next to him.
V C Maand geleden
Michael Dogan
Michael Dogan Maand geleden
Top premier league clubs are business oriented with a focus on winning to provide funds. Barca and Madrid fell behind because they don’t buy smart, but instead buy players at their most expensive peak and sale for major loses. Losing money like that is gonna take a toll at some point...
Venom Art
Venom Art Maand geleden
@_$_.4years ago 🤔
_$_.4years ago
_$_.4years ago Maand geleden
Lol PL clubs also do the same .. only difference is PL clubs like city and Chelsea are run by oil money(unlimited money) while Madrid Barca are not which means they have only a limited money from thier profits other than that they don't have any source of money
Swagato Sarkar
Swagato Sarkar Maand geleden
Man city will manhandle this Chelsea side
Just Diego
Just Diego Maand geleden
I was willing to prefer Chelski over City for the final as both are despicable clubs but then... This curly 12yo Zac and his personality made me realize I also hate Chelski community... Sad times for people who love the sport, hate corruption and like me, always thought somehow these Psg, man city and Chelski teams would never dominate 😕
Alex C
Alex C Maand geleden
Because it goes in circles. English teams dominate now.. Then Spanish teams rebuild and they will be stronger and then English teams rebuild.. Etc etc and you'll always have the extras like psg, Bayern juve who are there and have better years here and there.
jwh2333 Maand geleden
The lucrative TV deal they have. No other league can compete financially.
demonwares Maand geleden
They're not better they just lucky to face injury ridden teams
Venom Art
Venom Art Maand geleden
chelsea dont have injuries? can you please cry more
P7. Active
P7. Active Maand geleden
Cry cry
Jake H.
Jake H. Maand geleden
drink a shot everytime dougie says "as well"
Gabriel Ordonez
Gabriel Ordonez Maand geleden
Simple Answer: Money and FFP violations
Gabriel Ordonez
Gabriel Ordonez Maand geleden
@Icewallowcome 1 yes sorry.
Icewallowcome 1
Icewallowcome 1 Maand geleden
Do you mean ffp?
Máté Rácz
Máté Rácz Maand geleden
To the PL vs other leagues debate: I'm not quite sure that they can offer more money after tax then clubs from other countries. Also if you go to Man city or Liverpool you can say that in the last few seasons those teams only had 2 big games a season (against each other) because they were so far ahead of the rest. If you want to say that they had other big games based on history or the opponent's merits then most leagues also have way more big games that don't have the international hype.
Lawrence Danao
Lawrence Danao Maand geleden
@Máté Rácz doesn't dominating mean title year after year? How can they be dominating if 4 teams won in the last 5 years?
Máté Rácz
Máté Rácz Maand geleden
@Lawrence Danao Yeah but you didn't read that I've said that in the last few years. Since City won it with Pep for the first time the difference between them and the rest of the league became bigger then most leagues in Europe.
Lawrence Danao
Lawrence Danao Maand geleden
@Máté Rácz your first post said only 2 teams dominate the league I just proved to you that you are wrong.
Máté Rácz
Máté Rácz Maand geleden
@Lawrence Danao You aren't really answering to any of my arguments, just saying the same things again without actually reading anything. Also there's a difference between winning because you are great and winning because you are the least shit (Leicester).
Lawrence Danao
Lawrence Danao Maand geleden
@Máté Rácz the last 2 decades man United, arsenal, Liverpool Chelsea, Leicester City and man City have won the league. In the last 5 years 4 different teams have won the league. Tell me another top league in Europe that has that kind of spread when it comes to championship teams. The Premier league is the most entertaining league and the most competitive. The Premier league has the history,the rivalry, the most entertaining football and is competitive. Marketing does not work if you don't have the substance. If you have a couple teams buying all the talent and monopolizing their league then no amount of marketing will help them sell their product.
Oscar Aquino
Oscar Aquino Maand geleden
London is Blue💙💙💙
Charles Walsh
Charles Walsh Maand geleden
As well as well as well as well - dougie
Charles Walsh
Charles Walsh 28 dagen geleden
@Euro Football Daily big love doogs!!! No malice intended, just an observation - keep up the good work, as well ;)
Euro Football Daily
Euro Football Daily Maand geleden
Ha I’ve never noticed that! Will try and get rid! (Dougie)
Andy S
Andy S Maand geleden
because of money. that’s literally the answer goodnight
Jonn Stewart
Jonn Stewart Maand geleden
@Rhys Mckee on individual players but in terms of the entire squad nah
A Iniesta
A Iniesta Maand geleden
I'd say the others are in a bad patch
Rhys Mckee
Rhys Mckee Maand geleden
Not really tho, Bayern won last year and Real and Barcelona have spent more
Hans Hendrickx
Hans Hendrickx Maand geleden
Congrats on spending loads (and loads and loads and loads) of cash on your teams for a decade and ruining euopean football for the rest of europe. Lets see when Englad crashes out of the euros next month and talk again about dominance.
Neyo De souza
Neyo De souza Maand geleden
Like you Are saying rest of Europe don't spend loads of money for their club
Nick Evans
Nick Evans Maand geleden
cos its the best league in the world
Yellow Maand geleden
Come on West Ham!!!!!
Venom Art
Venom Art Maand geleden
Alex Poncel
Alex Poncel Maand geleden
Dougie: “ well...”
dont cry
dont cry Maand geleden
I think the chill well thing was more tuchel showing chill well the culture change and as Alonso is a traditional wing back it was perhaps a warning or example of how chill well had to play and since that chill well has played just like Alonso but with more fitness and defense
Full Speed Ahead Barcelona
La Liga is dead.
Phiinx 91
Phiinx 91 Maand geleden
imo just because 2 english teams are in the cl final this year doesnt mean they are dominating europe last year there were 2 german teams an 2 french teams in the last 4 doesnt mean they dominated europe
Leafy Peach
Leafy Peach Maand geleden
But not in the finals?
M Maand geleden
true. But 4 out of the last 6 finalists were english. And liverpool were in the 2018 final. Look at europa league. Arsenal v chelsea in 2019 and man u vs maybe arsenal this year
James Cook
James Cook Maand geleden
Yeah that's a good point. Epl benefits from having good managers though.
Sam Watts
Sam Watts Maand geleden
Ang a lottie 🤣🤣
Turpal Jachiajev
Turpal Jachiajev Maand geleden
The Premier League is doing everything but dominating European football. It's always funny to see how English media overhypes its competitions and players. There will now be 2 English teams to win the Champions League in 3 years and they're already speaking about DOMINATING European Football? La Liga sides have won 5 consecutive Champions Leagues, that's as much as Premier League Sides have won in the last 22 years... Humble yourselves.
captainpucko Maand geleden
The media love this joke narrative it's absolutely laughable if you think about it
Lawrence Danao
Lawrence Danao Maand geleden
@Aayan Bhadoria Barca vs arsenal Barca vs Chelsea Madrid vs Bayern. I also remember Barca vs ac Milan at the nou camp where shevchenko scored a goal where it was disallowed for no reason. Those are a few on the top of my head But im sure there’s more.
Aayan Bhadoria
Aayan Bhadoria Maand geleden
@Lawrence Danao all ik remember is Bayern vs real and Chelsea vs barça where some obvious decisions were wrong and only Chelsea vs barça had an English team involved English teams were smashed to bits in the last decade you can accept it or be bitter and cry about refs And it probably won't be long before barça and madrid get their act together and along with Bayern shit on these English teams again for a decade
Lawrence Danao
Lawrence Danao Maand geleden
@Turpal Jachiajev they were better in that era but the refereeing helped them a lot during that era even you can't deny that. So not only did you have to compete against the best teams you also had to deal with biased refereeing, That's how they had a run like they did in the CL.
Turpal Jachiajev
Turpal Jachiajev Maand geleden
@Lawrence Danao Instead of looking that hard for an excuse look at the obvious thing. They were simply far ahead of the PL teams.
Rayen Khelifi
Rayen Khelifi Maand geleden
whatcha lookinat
whatcha lookinat Maand geleden
Been buzzing like Zac all fucking day lmaoo
Tommy Maand geleden
I remember earlier in the 2010's how English clubs sucked a** in European competitions so it's great to see this turnaround!
James JJJ
James JJJ Maand geleden
we did this during the liverpool vs tottenham final, one year later no english teams in the last 4
Christian Scott
Christian Scott Maand geleden
Great video but the champions league final is 2 weeks after the fa cup final?
Euro Football Daily
Euro Football Daily Maand geleden
Yeh that’s my bad! Got too excited! (Dougie)
MrGlennJohnsen Maand geleden
Someone once said "do you want the best league in the world or the best team(s) in the world" it turns out having the best league in the world also means more viewer and sponsor money, which in return means clubs are able to invest more in their development. obviously Chelsea and Man City (and PSG in France) have cheated FFP and youth players regulations set by FIFA, UEFA and the English FA ...but the point still stands: *Spanish, French, German and Italian clubs struggle against English clubs because their home leagues are terrible.*
Rayyan Abedullaziz
Rayyan Abedullaziz Maand geleden
English, French, German and Italian clubs struggle against Spanish clubs because their home leagues are terrible.
Ariel S
Ariel S Maand geleden
ZAC we love you !! KTBFFH 💙💙
Michael Collins
Michael Collins Maand geleden
Someone tell Zac it’s draw-ing and not draw-ring
fahim ahmed
fahim ahmed Maand geleden
Zac is all of us chelsea fans!!! GET INNNNN
Shafquat Tanvirul Islam
love zaccc
Ash Ketchum
Ash Ketchum Maand geleden
Best marketing in Europe. There is a saying among Italian football fans that the best signing serie a could make would be to hire the premier league marketing team because serie a is currently marketed like a dinosaur
Logan Franklin
Logan Franklin Maand geleden
Honestly i barely see anything about Serie A and to be fair the race for the league and the champions league spaces has been very exciting this year. You have Atalanta emerging, the resurgence of AC and Inter Milan and a lot of high scoring. There’s product there that’s just not marketed. Shame.
Dragonus Uralis
Dragonus Uralis Maand geleden
The premier league executives have been extremely smart since the 90’s. They’ve been advertising the league extremely well to a global audience and now the tv revenue they make is crazy.
Dragonus Uralis
Dragonus Uralis Maand geleden
@Anthony Villanueva yea agreed, I think serie a is on espn+ though
Anthony Villanueva
Anthony Villanueva Maand geleden
Yep, the EPL is one of the only top leagues that made it a main focus to market to American audiences as well. It's extremely easy to watch EPL matches on basic networks or cheap subscriptions like ESPN+. The Bundesliga is a close second when it comes to marketing here. La Liga and Serie A like to pretend that Americans don't like soccer because trying to watch their games still require an expensive tv plan.
night hawk
night hawk Maand geleden
@Dragonus Uralis Man City and Chelsea are rich because they're owned by oligarchs from the UAE and Russia, not because of the TV deal...
Dragonus Uralis
Dragonus Uralis Maand geleden
@night hawk what are you saying. Last year English teams flopped but that was an anomaly. Premier league teams are currently the best because they have the most money, and they have the most money because they make the most tv revenue worldwide
night hawk
night hawk Maand geleden
ok, and last season when there were no English clubs in the semis and only one in the quarters was before the 90s?
Naveen Kumar
Naveen Kumar Maand geleden
Please do a Europa League review for smalldini derby and unai emery derby with Joe and George
H Ouzoud
H Ouzoud Maand geleden
real Madrid won more champions league than all English teams combined.
Venom Art
Venom Art Maand geleden
papa perez don't have much money to buy refs
Boi Boi
Boi Boi Maand geleden
Perez was so scared of competition he still believes super league exist. Thats how pathetic RM are right now.
MajorLongDong Maand geleden
More teams can win the league, creating more competition and being able to attract better players. Pretty obvious
Tim Scott
Tim Scott Maand geleden
Simple they’re used to no crowds since English fans are so quiet
Jesus H
Jesus H Maand geleden
Best players and best coaches
Tarik Fretes
Tarik Fretes Maand geleden
Because i came 4🤑🤑🤑i came4🤑🤑🤑
Aslam Bakar
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Chelsea Chelsea Chelsea Chelsea
Fuck YouTube
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Cause money and Real Madrid played with injuries Damn near all season and Zidane loaned a lot of good players he could’ve used.
Fuck YouTube
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@Harsh Mishra Finally someone who doesn’t overuse world class. I don’t think either side had a world class player. Maybe real with Luka and Ramos, but they’re old asf. Werner, havertz, chillwell, ziyech, Mendy, pulisic, etc. Chelsea are stacked on the bench and as starters.
Harsh Mishra
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@Fuck NLblock they don't get more money than madrid. They just make smart investments unlike idiots at madrid. half of your income goes into the wage chill with ppl like bale earning millions for sitting on the bench. Keep your big club attitude which will lead you to bankruptcy. Show me where the oil money is in Chelsea. The account are an open book. Don't just shit on comments. State some facts
Fuck YouTube
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@Harsh Mishra Chelsea is a small club. There’s no way they should be getting a higher income than Real Madrid. They rely on the tv deal money and oil money.
Harsh Mishra
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@Fuck NLblock also chelsea did not sign any superstar. They won with this game with youngster who are very talented but still far of from being world class. This is the same team which no one gave a chance a few months back and now suddenly everyone remembers the oil money because they reached the finals. Pure jealousy. Just take the L in its stride and try to manage financial affairs better next time.
Harsh Mishra
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@Fuck NLblock dude just look at the income of all the clubs. Chelsea is in the top 10. How can you even say that Chelsea spends oil money. FFP already regulates the amount of money one can spend. Just check out the net spend and Chelsea will be among the lowest spenders. There's a reason why Barcelona and madrid are going bankrupt because they are spending money they don't have unlike so called oil clubs.
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Hamza Ali
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Would love to see Zac doing videos without a script, he would be sick making videos unscripted. Just seems too wooden scripted
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see you soon
Weergaven 3,2 mln.