Why Fulham Are Too Good To Be Relegated | Extra Time 

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This week, FD's resident relegation expert (Fulham fan) Henry Hill joins Patrick van Straaten on the pod to discuss the relegation battle. They touch on Fulham rising, Newcastle sinking, Burnley bobbing around as normal, Brighton concerns, and the fully submerged West Brom and Sheffield United, before moving on to some of the prevalent myths and narratives this season, including Liverpool's transfer business, Anthony Martial, and Marcos Alonso. It's a good one!

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10 mrt. 2021




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Football Daily Podcasts
Go on then...who's going down this season?
NIKHIL K Maand geleden
Newcastle West brom Sheffield United
David Anoka-Ayembe
David Anoka-Ayembe Maand geleden
@Ville Thormé Same here. Chelsea need someone to battle with for west London rights
Ville Thormé
Ville Thormé Maand geleden
@David Anoka-Ayembe i really hope fulham stay up
was zwse
was zwse Maand geleden
@Callum Thomas brentford will bottle it watford swansea and norwich is most likely
We want to see more of the cat pato
Ethan Golding
Ethan Golding Maand geleden
The Tsmikas issue is a bit of a non starter. He’s been in and out with minor injuries plus a covid absence. Can’t expect him to just be dropped into the squad ahead of Robertson who himself sat out the first few months of his time at the club (behind Moreno of al people) while he learned the role
Aaron Foster
Aaron Foster Maand geleden
Just a heads up on Tsimikas. He missed the start of the season due to quarantine, was available for 6 days, then picked up a thigh injury tha ruled him out until November, then he picked up a knee injury in December that ruled him out until the end of January. He wasn’t match sharp for Fulham and there was already heavy rotation to start that game. The back line was nico Williams, Nat Phillips and Rhys Williams.
Nick Muratori
Nick Muratori Maand geleden
I truly think if Fulham can survive this season they could build upon that and finish much higher the next season
lochyes Maand geleden
Dyche is a square peg to a square hole, doing precisely what is asked of him, with limited resources. You cant say he's a bad manager when he's spent the 2nd lowest amount on players. Only WBA had smaller combined expenditure beginning of the season, and the Baggies spent more on Jan. Owners love a Dyche.
Martin Abdou
Martin Abdou Maand geleden
it should be Newcastle Sheffield and West Brom
kurtcoibainjr Maand geleden
Another piece of stupidity from Pato... Burnley just beat Everton. They have a good manager, with nearly no funding and he's pissed just because they got a point against a shit Arsenal side. You arrogance knows no bounds Pato.
Danny Hodorowski
Danny Hodorowski Maand geleden
Can Sheffield make it back to the Prem without Wilder?
Ryan Attiyeh
Ryan Attiyeh Maand geleden
Watching this after his resignation changes my outlook
Sam Prizeman
Sam Prizeman Maand geleden
If you get relegated it’s probably because you deserved it, being as 17 teams finished above you in the league table
Shofi Miah
Shofi Miah Maand geleden
Pato too harsh on Burnley, Dyche is a brilliant manager and definitely a top 10 British managers in the world.
Mitchell Patten
Mitchell Patten Maand geleden
I’m a regular listener and I can’t believe the narrow mindedness on display this podcast. The disrespect to teams who grind out results and rightfully earn their space in the league is unfair. Palace specifically have a perfectly competent premier league team with many players who would be starters for the teams in the bottom 4. For example, Zaha, Eze, Guaita, Cahill and arguably Mateta pretty much start for every team scrapping down there. Whilst other players I.e. Luka, Riedewald, McCarthy, Mitchell, Clyne, Ferguson, Ward, Butland, Tomkins, Sakho, even Ayew and Townsend, would be taken by teams in the relegation zone. Please in the future don’t treat teams that play so called anti-football as not having the right to be in the league when at the end of the day it’s points and results that matter, which is what they have (palace, Burnley and Newcastle) over the Brighton’s and Fulham’s who play pleasing football to the eye.
Liam Challoner
Liam Challoner Maand geleden
Klopp a fault for playing the same team..... lists players who should be playing but doesn’t realise they’ve been injured 😐. Don’t think how drastic the little injuries have been for us we only have around 11 starting players, can’t exactly rotate can we.
Divyansh Bahuguna
Divyansh Bahuguna Maand geleden
I hope Newcastle gets relegated.
gordy pattison
gordy pattison Maand geleden
Theyre going down...
was zwse
was zwse Maand geleden
Otto Cooper
Otto Cooper Maand geleden
Show Burnley and Palace some respect. Miles ahead of Newcastle and West Brom. Don't ever mention them in the same breath
Ayodeji Twins
Ayodeji Twins Maand geleden
Martial is miles better than Sir Rashford who chased Lukaku away because he wanted to play as the main striker and then discoverd he didn't have the attributes to l
Kai Higgins
Kai Higgins Maand geleden
No club is too good to go down but I do hope they stay up. I think Newcastle will scrape it due to the fact Wilson is back soon and we can scrape points while Brighton play nice stuff yet are simply not a premier league team bar maybe 1 or 2
Robbie O'Rourke
Robbie O'Rourke Maand geleden
Fulham fan here, I think Leeds, Villa then Wolves for Fulham after City, I think 2 wins and a draw, if we can get a draw vs City that would be great, COYWs
K e s t e r S
K e s t e r S Maand geleden
why the fuck do u hate palace so much
Prez-R Maand geleden
Sorry? Martial has attempted 1 tackle all season? That can’t be true.
Liam Reilly
Liam Reilly Maand geleden
Oli Burke and Oli McBurnie strike force recipe for disaster
kurtcoibainjr Maand geleden
A lot of the stupidity comes from Pato 😂 Blaming Sean D for not "squad building" with no budget is absolutely absurd. Also, If Brighton should be 13 the or so with XG then maybe there's an issue with XG and Brighton are also unlucky.
kurtcoibainjr Maand geleden
The cat's back!! :)
Otto Cooper
Otto Cooper Maand geleden
Chris Hammill in the mud
Çan Ünlü
Çan Ünlü Maand geleden
I really didn’t expect Mbaye Diagne to do well to be honest, I’m a Fener fan and although diagne had a good scoring record in Turkey he isn’t a good footballer, either way I’m glad he’s doing well showing that there is a lot of quality in the Süper Lig
Red_YNWA_96 Maand geleden
Liam Alexander
Liam Alexander Maand geleden
If/when west brom go down they will probably get rid of sam Allardyce and so they could go in for Lampard as he proved he can handle the championship and is constantly learning and improving as a manager it would be a great move for everyone involved
daniel baycock
daniel baycock Maand geleden
48:30. Man City having a wealth of options on the bench compared to Liverpool is Klopp's fault? Investment figures lads... Please have some foresight please
Ishaan DW
Ishaan DW Maand geleden
What's the difference in Klopp's Dortmund's demise and his current Liverpool team's form?
ZERO Dsouz
ZERO Dsouz Maand geleden
Henry seems to be that guy in the fd office everyone likes
Will 15
Will 15 Maand geleden
Could you do a pod on the promotion race in the championship?
aliere08 Maand geleden
Surprised Pato didn't know about Diagne, he scored 30 goals in the Turkish league a couple of seasons ago and was in the top 5 for the european golden boot. They must have talked about him on here at one point Also thought his criticism of Dyche was very harsh considering their resources. Although I do believe after a while clubs need to roll the dice and show some ambition. Would be difficult to see them doing better
Tom Crookes
Tom Crookes Maand geleden
And its just clicked the same guy that owns fullham owns AEW mad
Corey Brooks
Corey Brooks Maand geleden
Comprehensively, Chilwell is much better and versatile player than Alonso, but alonso is a better situational player who would perform amazingly in a league like serie a, as opposed to the prem and it's demand for high defensive work rates
Tobi Olusola
Tobi Olusola Maand geleden
Your Dad Has A Dog Filter
Newcastle have replaced Sunderland as the team that's there for no reason. Time for them to go
Daniel Murray
Daniel Murray Maand geleden
Tbf Burnley and Palace are borderline those teams as well
Bruce Ball
Bruce Ball Maand geleden
You lost me at "I like Steve Bruce"
Bruce Ball
Bruce Ball Maand geleden
@ron richardson have to question Pato's credibility when he comes out with shit like this
ron richardson
ron richardson Maand geleden
No Newcastle supporter likes Steve Bruce .he is an idiot . Trying to wreck a football cub single handedly .
LazyFatSlime Maand geleden
Imagine blaming Sean Dyche for burnleys squad... It's not his fault the owners give him no money, this man got that so called "terrible" squad to 10th and you're saying Sean is doing bad?
matrixmdog Maand geleden
As a Norwich fan I'm not hoping Fulham stay up they for sure arnt bottom 3 hopefully Newcastle stay up because for me thats 100% relegation next season easier for us to stay up next year 😂
ItsJayJay Maand geleden
Depends if we have Bruce or not
Football Daily Podcasts
You've got to the Premier League first!
Krish Maand geleden
Whatever the case with Fulham ,anguissa will not play at Fulham nxt season
Savi Sosa
Savi Sosa Maand geleden
If we were to stay up, then why wouldn't he?
José Van mourinho
José Van mourinho Maand geleden
Say Liverpool get fifth and Spurs and ManU get top 4. Will Liverpool get CL football if ManU or Spurs win the EL?
liam lusted
liam lusted Maand geleden
pademan92 Maand geleden
Great podcast as always guys. Just a few things on Kostas Tsimikas. He has been injured for most of the season, so hasn't got the chance to play. Had covid as well which meant he missed even more time. The reason he didn't play against Fulham is because Klopp chose to rest Trent and Fabinho instead, and no matter who they're playing, he was never going to pick a back four of Neco and Rhys Williams, Nat Phillips and Kostas. The plan in the summer was to sign him to play games here and there alongside Van Dijk and Matip or Gomez. Due to the injuries, Liverpool have needed Robertson in the defence so it's not completely makeshift
Football Daily Podcasts
Thanks for the insight!
Korab Kosova
Korab Kosova Maand geleden
You guys are absolutely clueless about Liverpool its unbelievable! Tskimikas has been injured and ill the whole time!!! Check how much Liverpools net spend has been the investors had done jack all!!
The Guy
The Guy Maand geleden
They are such a scam literally all their good players are on loan
was zwse
was zwse Maand geleden
@The Guy stfu
The Guy
The Guy Maand geleden
@LedFoot Harry yes obviously not an actual scam 😂
LedFoot Harry
LedFoot Harry Maand geleden
It isn't a scam if their following the rules nothing illegal or hidden about it
Henri Maand geleden
Just under 20 minute in, I said to someone in my family around a month back after the window closed Fulham's recruitment has actually been really good. People make jokes about 'Loan FC' but for when they came up they had the worst and a worse squad than WBA now with the smart loans that aren't necessarily top 10 PL quality right now(they're just the players good enough for where they are now and can improve), they've got better players a better squad, system and manager, certainly overall better than 3 or 4 teams in the league.. Which you've really got to look at and say good job.. WBA, Newcastle Shef Utd etc well be kicking themselves they've not made better signings (improving 11 or squad)but it's all well and good however saying this now in hindsight when we've had 3/4's of a season to judge. Who knows if Fulham do stay up maybe like the guys said they can sign a lot of these option to buy players and even improve once more, next season and then one season at a time.
Max Caubo
Max Caubo Maand geleden
Quality from Henry, love seeing him be more regularly involved!
Football Daily Podcasts
Oh if that's the case you might want to keep your eyes peeled on this channel...
Leeds are Premier League
Agreed they seem on their way to safety. They have been picking up wins recently and have closed the gap on Brighton to just goal difference. Parker has them playing well and comes across well in interviews. Better team than Leeds on paper.
The Guy
The Guy Maand geleden
All their players are on loan tho
Alexander Thomas
Alexander Thomas Maand geleden
What if newcastle stays up but they sign the coach from Sheffield Utd?
LedFoot Harry
LedFoot Harry Maand geleden
He wouldn't leave Sheffield United for Newcastle even if Sheffield get relegated
Dusan Stanisic
Dusan Stanisic Maand geleden
I have just one question. If liverpool was this supposed big club how come they haven't sacked their manager yet? Newcastle would have sacked klopp. Even lecester sacked ranieri after a historic campaign because they were horrible. Let's not mention chelsea cause that's a different story. So is liverpool really smaller than all these clubs? Keep in mind that after falling apart at borussia they also sacked klopp. So liverpool isn't even bigger than borussia? I mean I don't care it's just funny when liverpool talk about being a big club and not act like it. Oh at real madrid (the biggest club in the world) he also would have been sacked so I rest my case. The season could still be salvaged, get an interim, care-taker, someone to rile up the players and who knows maybe have an own di matteo story. But if they want to become the next southampton (where it's fine to lose 9 0 twice cause they have no standards) fine by me.
ItsJayJay Maand geleden
You used the worst example ever we haven’t sacked Bruce and we’ve only won 2 games in 18
LedFoot Harry
LedFoot Harry Maand geleden
Silly comment which shows you know nothing about football klopp is a world class manager Bruce hassenhutil ranieri are not Liverpool are having a blip you seem to be the human equivalent of football nowadays you want everyone sacked change now change now instead of being patient Liverpool will be back challenging next year and can still beat anyone when they turn up so 🤫🤫🤫🤫🤫🤫 don't talk on things you know nothing about
Callum Baker
Callum Baker Maand geleden
Patrick should be relegated form doing these podcasts if borings the criteria for deserving to go down
Balu Lool
Balu Lool Maand geleden
The cat is back again. This must be a new superstition/cult thing that we must keep on the podcast
kurtcoibainjr Maand geleden
I said it first
ZeroFox75 Maand geleden
Petition for cat cam
Senbai Maand geleden
God save the Queen 👸 God save Queen Elizabeth!
Matty O'neil
Matty O'neil Maand geleden
Please do a palace one
Max Woolman
Max Woolman Maand geleden
Fulham are going to stay up💯 Newcastle will probably drop or Brighton wouldn’t surprise me either tbf
Conor 000
Conor 000 Maand geleden
Yeah we all want the Newcastles to be relegated because they are so boring, but who comes up? They would get replaced by another Newcastle. Another boring side struggling to get results all season.
was zwse
was zwse Maand geleden
probably norwich swansea and watford
Lewis Waithe
Lewis Waithe Maand geleden
Liverpool's issue is shocking squad management. Letting Lovren go with no replacement was insane. They went into this compressed season with 2 or 3 games a week knowing injuries would be more likely with only 2 reliable centre backs, it was always suicide. They were definitely complacent, they've known fo months that their centre backs would be out until the end of the season and weren't even going to buy any cover in Jan until their midfielders got injured so they panic bought some garbage on deadline day.
Liam Challoner
Liam Challoner Maand geleden
@liam lusted makes it worse with our squad depth that each player you’ve mentioned here have been injured
liam lusted
liam lusted Maand geleden
Good point! Liverpool have awful squad depth all over the pitch. A 2nd choice goalkeeper who wouldn’t make it into any other side in the league. No second choice RB who can play on that wingback system, potentially Ox? No cover for CB past 2 main choices and an injury prone backup. A midfield replacement in the failed stoke winger that is Shaqiri, a 35/6 year old Milner and Keita who never recreated that prolific season at Leipzig. Their forwards are awful in terms of back up…… Jota is an amazing signing but he’s the cover for all of the front 3 with Origi being ineffective.
Big Burrito
Big Burrito Maand geleden
if Callum Wilson is on the field against Fulham and Newcastle only need to beat them to stay up, he is going to score at least one goal. i think Fulham should outscore Newcastle, but very often they don't so who knows.
Kyle Malaniak
Kyle Malaniak Maand geleden
“Burnley are just...down bad” 😂😂 lovely stuff lads another quality wednesday morning
Kyle Malaniak
Kyle Malaniak Maand geleden
@Michael Adoasi who?
Michael Adoasi
Michael Adoasi Maand geleden
He said damn bad
Mustafa Maand geleden
Pat spot on about Martial, brilliant player however he is a LW.
Oscar Bennett
Oscar Bennett Maand geleden
Newcastle. Sheffield United. West Brom. Being a Newcastle/ Leicester fan this is unfortunate
chad leech
chad leech Maand geleden
The Newcastle squad isn’t bad. The problem is Steve Bruce who doesn’t believe in tactics and makes us train twice a week ffs
MBTE Maand geleden
Football Daily Podcasts
That's exactly what the guys said!
GloTheActivist Maand geleden
I hope Newcastle get relegated, they play some absolute dire football and Steve Bruce is a joke meanwhile Fulham and Brighton play some good football and their games are enjoyable to watch.
Kai Higgins
Kai Higgins Maand geleden
Brighton are just awful. Clearly have no intention of staying in the prem long term
George Eard
George Eard Maand geleden
As henry was saying about Palace for another podcast you really should talk about rebuilding palace. Hodgsons contract up end of this year, along with 8+ players contracts. With money to spend it’d be interesting to see your views on palace
George Eard
George Eard Maand geleden
@Matthew Smith it does spend a high percentage of income on wages but the big earners like benteke and sakho leave this summer ans Meyer left in January and AWB left for 50 million and none of that was reinvested
Matthew Smith
Matthew Smith Maand geleden
@George Eard I think your club spends nearly all its money on wages, one of the highest % also who was the last player they sold for a profit? all similar to sunderland tbh
George Eard
George Eard Maand geleden
@Matthew Smith we do yeah however haven’t spent significantly for years and have been in the league 8 years now with American owners now having shares
Matthew Smith
Matthew Smith Maand geleden
doubt they have that much money to spend, think they have one of the highest wage bills
Football Daily Podcasts
Like it, maybe we'll have a look into it!
David Anoka-Ayembe
David Anoka-Ayembe Maand geleden
The description has me crying. FD's relegation expert☠️😂
David Anoka-Ayembe
David Anoka-Ayembe Maand geleden
@Euro Football Daily Cheer up mate. If you do relegate, your owners will release a tweet explaining how if they had gotten all the transfers they wanted it wouldn't have happened.😂
Euro Football Daily
Euro Football Daily Maand geleden
Im crying too but not tears of happiness 😥😆 [Henry]
spek888 Maand geleden
Just want to see Brighton get relegated so chris hamil can finally be stopped.
Whisky Morsa
Whisky Morsa Maand geleden
@spek888 While playing some of the best football in the league...
spek888 Maand geleden
@Whisky Morsa I enjoy good football but chris lives up potters ass and he's 1 point off relegation.
Whisky Morsa
Whisky Morsa Maand geleden
- Someone who doesn't enjoy good football.
Richie Mckeever
Richie Mckeever Maand geleden
PVS so salty about Burnley getting a draw against Arsenal, how can he build a squad when they’ve zero money to spend
marcus mclean
marcus mclean Maand geleden
I mean they should have money from the years in the Premier league just stingy af owners
Richie Mckeever
Richie Mckeever Maand geleden
Yeah so he’ll be able to spend a bit in the summer hopefully for the first time in years
Tomasz Elliott
Tomasz Elliott Maand geleden
They have new owners😬
Tibin Sabu
Tibin Sabu Maand geleden
Tsimikas has had 4 separate injuries. That's y he isn't able to get into lineup
nufcrule0101 Maand geleden
Newcastle’s squad is good enough to stay up - Steve Bruce is the problem. If they had Scott Parker, they’d be safe
Ben Ortiz
Ben Ortiz Maand geleden
I hope the relegation teams are Se Sheffield United, West Brom, and Newcastle
Pranav Kamath
Pranav Kamath Maand geleden
Henry is the best part of FD podcast and suits well with PvS!!
Yonzblock Maand geleden
Michael Barry
Michael Barry Maand geleden
It’s so hard to look past Newcastle goin down with Fulham’s upturn in form. It seems inevitable
liam lusted
liam lusted Maand geleden
I have a suspicion that Brighton will head down in that final place… Newcastle are poor and injury hit but Brighton are absolutely dire
Shspurs1 Maand geleden
Sheffield United, West Brom, Burnley.
The Poltical One
The Poltical One Maand geleden
GunMan Khan
GunMan Khan Maand geleden
Really hope that Fulham don’t get relegated. They have been such a joy to watch and scott parker looks like a real promising manager.
Noah Bowie
Noah Bowie Maand geleden
I'd like to see Newcastle relegated because they are so boring under Bruce And if Fulham stay up then they will probably be a mid table club hovering around 14th next season is my guess
marcoantonio keymolen
marcoantonio keymolen Maand geleden
Brighton play better
SFAAPK7 Maand geleden
@OnionBag in both games they played against Liverpool, they completely outplayed us, even before our downfall. Like they were faster, stronger, better on the ball. We were more outplayed by them than any other team this season.
Balu Lool
Balu Lool Maand geleden
@GunMan Khan no they are good to watch coming from a united fan especially against the traditional top 6
Rishabh Agarwal
Rishabh Agarwal Maand geleden
@OnionBag they are very good to watch. The passing is actually amazing
Josh The Matrix
Josh The Matrix Maand geleden
Okay, Unbiased opinion before the video: Relegated: Newcastle Westbrom Sheff Utd Ye👍
Jamie Richards
Jamie Richards Maand geleden
Would definitely rather have Scott Parker and Fulham in the premier league than teams like Newcastle as much as i like Newcastle they need to either find a new chairman or a new manager just painful to watch at times. Thoughts?
Iain Tipping
Iain Tipping Maand geleden
@Alvaro Torres I don't see Ashley selling up at a huge loss and he would have to do so if we were in the championship at the time.
Alvaro Torres
Alvaro Torres Maand geleden
As a Newcastle fan I agree with you we don’t deserve to stay up this season after the way we’ve played, a step down to the championship will hopefully be what we need to finally part ways with Mike Ashley and Steve Bruce.
Sam Prizeman
Sam Prizeman Maand geleden
Iain Tipping
Iain Tipping Maand geleden
@Paz the Pole yeah, having to spend £6.5 million to bring in our 11th choice manager is a real sign of just how unappealing the job is. I do agree with you on the squad. Overall its not the 3rd worst in the league and should be doing better than it is...
Paz the Pole
Paz the Pole Maand geleden
@Iain Tipping in all fairness it’s probably a good manager away Joelinton is a good player a decent manager can get him to a reasonable point him Wilson and Saint Maximin would be good as any in the bottom 10 bar probably Palace, the midfield is shocking but the defence has got a couple of pieces that u could build around lord knows who to get as a manager tho
Dries Beenaerts
Dries Beenaerts Maand geleden
Fulham so deserve to stay up
Uyiosa Igiehon
Uyiosa Igiehon Maand geleden
Iain Tipping
Iain Tipping Maand geleden
Should be Newcastle. We're just terrible.
Iain Tipping
Iain Tipping Maand geleden
Yep, at least one person was pleased with what they saw on the pitch. Most likely it was only one person as I just saw tedious championship dross.
wouter van gils
wouter van gils Maand geleden
It's about luck and having the attitude to draw at the boilerboys game 😅
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Weergaven 3,3 mln.
Making transparent wood
Weergaven 3,3 mln.