Why does Russia have the best maps of Britain? 

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Huge thanks to John Davies and Alexander J Kent, authors of 'The Red Atlas: How the Soviet Union Secretly Mapped the World'. You can view images of Soviet maps and purchase reprints at
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JAY FOREMAN jayforeman
MARK COOPER-JONES markcooperjones
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11 jan. 2021




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Jay Foreman
Jay Foreman 3 dagen geleden
Support Map Men by signing up for a FREE trial of Skillshare Premium. (The more people sign up, the more they pay us. But more importantly, Skillshare is genuinely really good and I genuinely recommend it!) Thank you thank you thank you please! :)
Es Gee
Es Gee 11 uur geleden
so they can sightsee with accuracy in salisbury
TheSpoonKing 12 uur geleden
Weren't the NATO maps you showed intentionally vague?
pugaroo. Dag geleden
@Jay Foreman Nice, I do a little bit of cubing myself and I find that it's quite relaxing and a bit peaceful in a way. Thanks for replying to this and the question of what brand it is.
тимофей К
тимофей К 2 dagen geleden
@Jay Foreman Hey, kremlebot fella, I really appreciate, how you even mispronounced the short vowel [ǝ] by the wrong [o] in "кошмар". That's what we call a proper conspiration.
El Huachinango
El Huachinango 7 minuten geleden
2:24 Loved the sonar sounds... IN SPAAAAAAAACE!!
TheKitMurkit 12 minuten geleden
Soviets did not win ww2
Daniel Dutchy
Daniel Dutchy 13 minuten geleden
Thanks for another hilarious video guys. I'm looking forward to your next one already. Especially your Frome throwback. I loved it
SkyBorik 56 minuten geleden
Не ожидал, что кто-то с запада упомянет, что Советский Союз победил во Второй Мировой войне
rocco soldi
rocco soldi Uur geleden
Vodka is Polish
404 not found
404 not found Uur geleden
Pls stop the bias titles - at one point there were some Russian maps with better details on some areas.... you make it sound like they got the best maps right now. It's a shame you use this jerk tactics since they take a lot of your credibility.
Queue Uur geleden
So it appears the soviets had the best cartographers
Jan-Willem van den Broek
Always a joy to get another one of these! Why the map of Copenhagen at though?
SgtTeeh Uur geleden
3:38 this fact seems false
Dave Smith
Dave Smith Uur geleden
Dan Smoke
Dan Smoke 2 uur geleden
The dear substance collaterally saw because subway whitely boast among a happy illegal. motionless, dark moon
Jakub 2 uur geleden
It's really funny to read the transliterations when you speak both languages
Billder 2 uur geleden
hold tight Tunbridge Wells😞
Cyril Liss
Cyril Liss 2 uur geleden
Охуеннейшее видео. Привет из Рашки. Particularly cool: * 6:05 * 4:57 * 1:34
Von Mehlau
Von Mehlau 2 uur geleden
Winning WW2, yeah of course Buddy.
Knight Lautrec
Knight Lautrec 3 uur geleden
Only one "men" in the intro... This VIDEO ITSELF was made by Russians trying to pass it off as a Map Men episode!!! But they slipped up! We know the truth!
Raymond Johnston
Raymond Johnston 3 uur geleden
Vodka no one needs there vodka
loggert 3 uur geleden
Well, the UK and US maps don't show millitary instalations, the russian ones do show that. Not really better mapmaking, just a different agenda :)
MultiReinforced 4 uur geleden
Don’t watch it nooow watch it latee
Smiil Smiilovich
Smiil Smiilovich 4 uur geleden
Making Monsters
Making Monsters 4 uur geleden
In Your world, the russians, who helped the nazis rebuild the army in 30s and started WWII with them hand in hand in September 39, won WWII ?
Mike Allmey
Mike Allmey 4 uur geleden
The opening map of eastern London / Essex is a gem - I used to live in Sautmynste (Southminster) near Benham (Burnham) and worked in Saufend (a closer phonetic approximation than the native Sarfendinnit?). It's also a pre-Beeching map as it showns all the railways the Doctor ripped out - the more you look, the more now-absent railways you see. But what were the equivalent NATO maps of Bloc countries like?
FlegSlav //TestPatterner
Plot Twist: *Russians have been spying the UK the entire time*
staninjapan07 5 uur geleden
I was brought here without my choice, and how glad I am that I was. What a great video!
GailForce 5 uur geleden
In soviet russia, skills share you
Something Else
Something Else 5 uur geleden
1:22 that man WOULD have known who you are ... I’ve said too much
Brad Miley
Brad Miley 5 uur geleden
Excellent video chaps! Thank you so much for showing me a trundle wheel again, an item I last saw during a maths lesson in 1981 (we had to measure the playground). As a comedy "Paper Street" type aside, I once managed to convince a group of pretend showoff musos that The Trundle Wheels were a real band (1987, pre-Internet lookup and prove me wrong days), explaining in detail their line up, discography, and random trivia. This was firmly locked in when a friend turned up and (bless them) confirmed everything I said and added his own trivia. So the humble wheel of trundle has a happy place in my heart! Thanks again for your excellent video - Map Men is always fascinating!
Емил Ефендулов
"probably nicer" *shows Andropov*
Olaf Wysocki
Olaf Wysocki 6 uur geleden
0:50 I don't understand! (Greetings from Poland)
Derek Schinke
Derek Schinke 6 uur geleden
come on, at least pronounce the polish spelling correctly. it's not hard.
Maddy Carbuncle
Maddy Carbuncle 6 uur geleden
Best sponsor segment EVER!! (that I've seen yet. This is the first video I've seen on this channel!)
Jay Foreman
Jay Foreman 4 uur geleden
Thanks! There are 16 more adverts similar to this on my channel. Enjoy!
GamerBajan 6 uur geleden
2:13 Soviets missing some pointy bits at the thing runway neat 12 and 07 labels
worldoftancraft 5 uur geleden
My people know this "thing" under the name "road"
Андрей Щербаков
How did they manage to do it ? After you try to guide yourself from thousands of kilometers of marshes and swamps in northern Russia , you will not have this question(tried it, done it, love old Soviet maps).There is an old Russian proverb: " Everything was clear on the paper, but the ravines were left out (and you will have to overcome them)" (Гладко было на бумаге, да забыли про овраги, а по ним ходить...)
MelvinDorkus 6 uur geleden
I thought it was about to be a vpn ad but then my many uncles taught me about skillshare
Константин Осипов
You'яe welcome.
Mick Mickymick
Mick Mickymick 6 uur geleden
I like this channel so much I watch it on normal speed
Danish Zuhairi
Danish Zuhairi 7 uur geleden
Thank you Russia! Your welcome. Oops! this made me laugh dead😭😭
Verge Busta
Verge Busta 7 uur geleden
Random User
Random User 8 uur geleden
The american map not showing the security fence is for strategic reasons. ;p
worldoftancraft 5 uur geleden
@Random User are you sure? And tell me the reason why Intel should conceal somebody's else fence? Just curious
Random User
Random User 8 uur geleden
It's surprising the russian don't take that approach.
theeddorian 8 uur geleden
One curious aspect of US Government cartography is that each agency may use a USGS base map for the specific quadrangle of interest. And, if you employ various maps for a given quadrangle - say, to develop a list of historical landscape changes, then you soon discover that the various agencies are not at all in step. Three different agencies may release the "same" map, with the same date, and aside perhaps from the elevation contours and controls, the maps may differ pretty radically. Another, and to construction workers, much more aggravating thing is for agencies to refuse permission to notify projects as to the proximity of the work to potentially lethal buried systems such as 60 kV transmission lines. That decision often neglects that fact that in older cities there are often numerous abandoned pipe lines, electrical lines, storm drains, sewers and occasionally surprise cellars. So, generally after a brief discussion with the city a project may proceed to partially demolish an "abandoned" facility. Nobody said be careful there's a buried electrical line that can melt a backhoe if you hit it.
Robert Plattner
Robert Plattner 9 uur geleden
I’ve made a breakthrough! The reason the titles on this video only have one “men” at the end of the opening is because it’s making up for the 3 “men”s in the East Berlin episode. Edit: I think that’s why because they mention the video later in the video. This time stamp: 1:29
Jay Foreman
Jay Foreman 4 uur geleden
It’s not that. We’re changing the titles music slightly in every episode to keep you on your toes. There’s much more that can vary than just the lyrics. Strap in!
spawnof200 10 uur geleden
Don't Be Stupid
Don't Be Stupid 10 uur geleden
An excellent and original way to tell history. Subbed.
Snarky Mcsnarkles
Snarky Mcsnarkles 10 uur geleden
Russia wasnt the reason the Allies won WWII. They played a key role, your wording was terrible.
worldoftancraft 5 uur geleden
Oh yeah, indeed. Everyone knows the legendary assault of West Prussia and Berlin under Eisenhower's command.
Valentyn L
Valentyn L 11 uur geleden, men
TheTripleTKA 11 uur geleden
i didn't know i cared about maps until this very moment
Lorem Ipsum
Lorem Ipsum 11 uur geleden
when it's one "men" time: кошмар!
tk9780 11 uur geleden
I expect the USSR was more concerned with how NATO countries rebuilt after World War 2 and whilst in a Cold-War arms race still managed to develop and maintain a high standard of living.
tk9780 2 uur geleden
​@worldoftancraft A few nice points, food for thought
worldoftancraft 5 uur geleden
And how did maintain it, why don't you tell us? Because, IMHO, there is not much honor in exploitation of "developing" countries of African and Latin America - that's why your remark is keeping silence about the great ways that greatest civilization used to be prosperous. A very unique and new way, bu the way. Also, all that rambling about "high standards of living" is not only a funny topic of 100% speculations, but also… … … this topic is hilarious by itself, due to the fact, that people compare barely comparable things and moreover: they do blame some aspects for the problems that they, the aspects, just couldn't make due to very very obvious reasons, like "TIME".
Goober Aran
Goober Aran 12 uur geleden
I think this is the best video series for my aspergers
illegal_opinions 12 uur geleden
"Why does Russia have the best maps of Britain? " *Why did the USSR have the best maps of Britain? British communists being traitorous.
Gen Yak
Gen Yak 12 uur geleden
Love the Chip's Challenge spies, but instead of stealing your ice skates, they'll try to poison you with nerve agents
itsmarmalade 12 uur geleden
Am I the only one that recognized the chips challenge spies? :D:D
Gregory Bogosian
Gregory Bogosian 12 uur geleden
3:40 Don't you mean "at most 10,000 feet from a Russian Spy"? If I were at least 10,000 feet way from a Russian spy, then there would be no problem.
worldoftancraft 5 uur geleden
1,5 miles of distance is not a problem to you? Nowadays, I see a lof ot brave men in comments…
Patrick Not Star
Patrick Not Star 13 uur geleden
YESSSS fuck I wish they’d give Mapman a Netflix series
BashingDinosaurs 13 uur geleden
Is that the icon for Spy++ or DDE spy or some antiquated program like that?
Jay Foreman
Jay Foreman 4 uur geleden
It’s the spy from Chips Challenge.
Dylan Leeman
Dylan Leeman 13 uur geleden
Wow just discovered this channel, I could really appreciate the content once I got over unlocking fond memories of watching love at the electric. Great stuff
pbjbagel 13 uur geleden
That pen flying off due to low gravity for a five second skit kills me!
Gnomey G
Gnomey G 13 uur geleden
And now you can see all the details of
Morgan D
Morgan D 13 uur geleden
This is like when my wife's tennis coach knew more about her closet than I did
4elove4ishee 13 uur geleden
God I loved that "кошмар"
Songbird 14 uur geleden
Calling Soviet spies and cartographers Russians is a bit like calling the Allied cartographers Texans.
Simsov A
Simsov A 14 uur geleden
6:03 U don’t say comrade
Azzag Thoth
Azzag Thoth 14 uur geleden
Товарищи эвакуирумся, нас раскрыли.
AN Posen
AN Posen 14 uur geleden
as a Polish i had to trun on sutitles to understand what you try say
Ethan Black
Ethan Black 14 uur geleden
I comment to help statistics
Mel Clifford
Mel Clifford 15 uur geleden
Well you two are a pair of useless flippant shites aren't you?
KC2Lucky 15 uur geleden
All of these maps yet they were still scared of some farmers with skiis and vodka
TheWeiWuWei 15 uur geleden
Map Men: Look at these British and US maps with their lack of detail! These publicly available maps are clearly missing key security features! British and U.S. Gov: Yeah, you got us there. That is the only version of the map and there are no classified versions so don't bother looking. Haha. >.>;
Violet 15 uur geleden
As an actual Russian cartographer, I can say that most of the map making was military founded so they had put all the info they could find. For example distance between trees, that was mentioned, goes with average height and width, which is used for determining whether tanks could easily go through it.
silver lining
silver lining 16 uur geleden
Yaaaay a new map men video! Who needs sleep anyway
Andrei 16 uur geleden
Не за что
MoutainMan3000 16 uur geleden
Map men map men map map map men.
The Salty Dog
The Salty Dog 16 uur geleden
Nice knowing that if Russia ever invaded Canada, they would know the place better than the government.
sirha konik
sirha konik 16 uur geleden
oh kurwa, sorry brits
OrchidAlloy 16 uur geleden
liimlsan3 16 uur geleden
Hey, Russian Spies don't scare Laura Jane Grace anymore, why should they scare us?
LisztyLiszt 16 uur geleden
1:10 love that humour
gentuxable 16 uur geleden
Russia just wanted to beat Google on Maps but too much vodka after the maps were done and they forgot about it. I'm sure they'll implement live street view as well haha.
veuzou 17 uur geleden
in the 90's the company I was working for was using those Soviet map for the cellular network planning of Morocco. Gosh, I can't say how many thousand square miles of those I've digitised!
worldoftancraft 5 uur geleden
Goddamn those birthmarks of cum munism
Connor, the android sent by CyberLife
Vodka's Polish
Rem Sutton
Rem Sutton 17 uur geleden
great vid, loved finding out jays bro is beardyman
Sam 17 uur geleden
I don't mean to go off topic but I looked up the Gorbachev Pizza Hut commercial and it was very funny. 😆
Just Looking
Just Looking 18 uur geleden
I'm guessing because you need good maps in order to plan an invasion.
Николай Побетов
Пожалуйста, товарищи!
Alison Scanlan
Alison Scanlan 18 uur geleden
Sir bill de mudd
Sir bill de mudd 18 uur geleden
Its a darn commie plot
Makhno Malatesta
Makhno Malatesta 19 uur geleden
At least 10,000 miles from a Russian spy
Matt S.
Matt S. 19 uur geleden
5:19 Haha the Russians forgot the Erie Main Line section from East Rutherford to Clifton, the NEC from Newark to NY, Reading's Staten Island branch from Cranford, the entirety of the Montclair branch, the NY&GLRR Orange Branch, the lower Empire connection, the CRRNJ Newark branch beyond the ElizabethRR connection, among others haha so stupid
worldoftancraft 5 uur geleden
Sorry for lack of deep respect to crowned royal ass. Apologies. Long live the Queen.
Мария Вершинина
I get 2012 NLblock vibes from this video
R Smith
R Smith 20 uur geleden
Wait ! so you mean national militaries public maps of their own bases are inaccurate ?
Flufflet 20 uur geleden
0:50 im polish i have no idea what he said
Nocta 20 uur geleden
A video about maps has no right being as funny and well written as this one.
Mark Cooper-Jones
Mark Cooper-Jones 20 uur geleden
Kseniya 20 uur geleden
Гайсы в ахуе с детализации советских карт? Кто-нибудь, покажите им 2GIS
CarthagoMike 20 uur geleden
Yes Jay, same time next week. I need more mapmen.
KarlMarx8004 x
KarlMarx8004 x 21 uur geleden
Could you do an video about Gerrymandering?
A Person With A Name
A Person With A Name 21 uur geleden
-make next intro "Map Map Map Map Map Map Map Map Map"-
GroovingPict 21 uur geleden
Stop that. You know what Im talking about. You all know what Im talking about. Stop it.
AnJ Andrzej
AnJ Andrzej 21 uur geleden
5:40 "Polish allies" is a little stretch as we were basically under occupation.
Blame USA
Blame USA 21 uur geleden
really... now russia won the war....... Ive heard it all now
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