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30 okt. 2020




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Euro Football Daily
Euro Football Daily 7 maanden geleden
REMEMBER GUYS 4,000 likes and we do an instagram live on FD this weekend! (Dougie)
T. N. Bull
T. N. Bull 6 maanden geleden
So did you not do this then due to likes ?
Harman Serai
Harman Serai 7 maanden geleden
Cheers 🍻
VAIMA KARIO 7 maanden geleden
We want Mike on the IG live!!!
Adam Mokdad
Adam Mokdad 6 maanden geleden
The disgusted knight analytically tip because gram postoperatively sniff despite a neighborly position. xenophobic, soggy blinker
Bastian 6 maanden geleden
Oh shit...I'm in the comments
koba 7 maanden geleden
Partey may have made the wrong move there.
AcidBeats 17
AcidBeats 17 7 maanden geleden
dont forget suarez has left barcelona which marks messi's expected assists down
Rip _MONSTER KODY 7 maanden geleden
Add economically mentally physically destroyed
Jeff vasquez
Jeff vasquez 7 maanden geleden
I think barca need time to work same with real they trynna use more youth where as real need to use their youth
John Doe
John Doe 7 maanden geleden
lets not forget when Cristiano Ronaldo, Xabi Alonso and Benzema joined Real... they had not got past the round of 16 for 8 consecutive seasons and was hammered 6-2 by Barcelona... so there's always an appeal to play for Real. the only question is if they have the money to splash
Simoko James Phiri
Simoko James Phiri 7 maanden geleden
22:42 Atleti no longer as formidable in European competition? Ask Liverpool if that's true.
Adam Smith
Adam Smith 7 maanden geleden
Jack Mellor
Jack Mellor 7 maanden geleden
I think Atletico Madrid is the strongest La Liga team at the moment.
Harvey Carmody
Harvey Carmody 7 maanden geleden
Incendion 7 maanden geleden
Reporter: So, Koeman, how secure do you think your job is right now? Koeman: I U S E D T O P L A Y F O R B A R C E L O N A
sam covington
sam covington 7 maanden geleden
Right got it
Randy Sinha
Randy Sinha 7 maanden geleden
Just spamming for the live, though I hope he does it only if he is feeling well
Andres Nava H.
Andres Nava H. 7 maanden geleden
excited for KSI to be obliterated
Ishan Misra
Ishan Misra 7 maanden geleden
henry wins on gladbach
Aertist 7 maanden geleden
I had to dislike the video because it is more than clear that there hasn't been a lot of research and effort put into this video. It's almost like all the information is a gap filler produced by having only knowledge gained from looking through a window of La Liga. "We can only call Vinicius a prospect for so long...". Vinicius Jr. is 20 years old, did you expect 30 goals a season from a 20 year old kid who is doesn't even consistently start?
Blu_ind 7 maanden geleden
@MrSparkymajor couldn't understand? now I can't help you get more brain cells 😂 ciao man
MrSparkymajor 7 maanden geleden
@Blu_ind I don’t get your point. You just sound stupid. Have a good day buddy! That this L like a man 😉
Blu_ind 7 maanden geleden
@MrSparkymajor attach facts with your argument atleast 😂
Blu_ind 7 maanden geleden
@MrSparkymajor salah was 23 when he moved to roma😂
Blu_ind 7 maanden geleden
@MrSparkymajor lol I have not defended vinicius anywhere ..just stating it's too early to judge that was the whole point buddy,you said look at the stats I looked ,at 17 , 7 goals in 37 at Flamengo.... At 17 ...who knew salah when he was 17 😂
Mr Kennedy
Mr Kennedy 7 maanden geleden
Euro stutters daily
Joel 7 maanden geleden
I have nothing interesting to say, am only commenting to up the comments numbers
Jorge Dlm
Jorge Dlm 7 maanden geleden
Real are one Eden & Odegaard away from dominating domestically, hope they perform
Lindsey Ricketts-Mol
Lindsey Ricketts-Mol 7 maanden geleden
get well soon dougiel ad
Jaafar Naseredine
Jaafar Naseredine 7 maanden geleden
What Vinicius needs is from the manager to improve him and help him, this is the 3rd season he plays at the first team and still playing the same way with some small improvements, but his finishing is bad, like is Zidane happy with that or what? Vinicius finish problem is known and clear, and Zidane and the team should help him improve instead of letting him look bad and they are just watching. Improving is an important thing like a lot of Manchester United’s players need improvement and some work from Ole Gunnar Solskjaer, and this is a reason why the Red Devils look bad(in addition to other problems). I believe that Vinicius has a big talent and he can be one of the best players, but he needs help from his teammates and needs some work with the manager to improve and become better, whether that is in becoming more integrated in the team’s system, better with passes or becoming better with his biggest problem which is bad finishing
George Lawson
George Lawson 7 maanden geleden
New drinking game, take a drink every time Mike says "You Know" Love the vids👍
Botan Kara
Botan Kara 7 maanden geleden
Do it
Michael Mendez
Michael Mendez 7 maanden geleden
dougie a legend for keepin it up the content
Wille Bergström
Wille Bergström 7 maanden geleden
Dont let Henry talk about Real. He so sooo anti-real.
Teukka 7 maanden geleden
I think he is just anti spain. All of these guys are pl biased
Inst1nct Nuclear
Inst1nct Nuclear 7 maanden geleden
Inst1nct Nuclear
Inst1nct Nuclear 7 maanden geleden
mreeveoh 7 maanden geleden
1 shot per mccub 'Y'know'
Ugo Uduchukwu
Ugo Uduchukwu 7 maanden geleden
Get well soon Dougie
Nick Karagiannis
Nick Karagiannis 7 maanden geleden
Mbappe will be a Madrid player there is no other team he would go
Feixas 7 maanden geleden
Am I the only one who thinks that Mike sounds like David Beckham but just a bit deeper ?
J H 7 maanden geleden
Dougie, the Gilberto Silva of Football Daily 🙌🏻
J H 7 maanden geleden
If I had friends, I’d like for them to be like these three good guys.
Ze Ro
Ze Ro 7 maanden geleden
Real Madrid have been declining on the European stage since Ronaldo left and Barcelona's decline came as a result of their sale of Neymar. Atleti's decline is due to them selling their best players, a rigid system and poor recruitment. Sevilla is still winning the Europa League as always.
Mustafinho 7 maanden geleden
Barcelona started declining in 2015. Not just because of Neymar. Our entire team and squad has declined. The defence, Midfield and Attack. Also our style of football. We haven't replaced most of our core from a decade ago. Real Madrid miss Ronaldo but their core has aged and declined as well. Atlético sold some of their best players but they have the same problem as Barça and real. Felipe Luiz, Godin, Jaunfran, Gabi and Thiago all getting older and leaving. Sevilla are improving and can go deep in the UCL this year.
n00bk!ng 7 maanden geleden
Every team goes through a transition period and it takes time. They'll bounce back but it'll take time.
Chelsea Fan
Chelsea Fan 7 maanden geleden
Well done Dougie how you are battling COVID and still making videos. Superhuman!
Euro Football Daily
Euro Football Daily 7 maanden geleden
Thanks boss! (Dougie)
Dennis Hansen
Dennis Hansen 7 maanden geleden
Leipzig's high line was terrible against Manchester United's counter attacks. Upamecano looked so bad in that game
Yousef 7 maanden geleden
Posting a comment so we can see that insta live
Mateo Blesses
Mateo Blesses 7 maanden geleden
"You know x3000" ~ Mike McCub
Mateo Blesses
Mateo Blesses 7 maanden geleden
RB Leipzig has got no fans and to be fair nobody likes them!
Stanley Ngungi
Stanley Ngungi 7 maanden geleden
Yeah let's go!
Sherren Don
Sherren Don 7 maanden geleden
jj is cmg omggg i can't waitt let's goo that' gng to be fun to watch
BrazilKidSw6 7 maanden geleden
Snejider, Werner and Schurrle
Paprika-Papa 7 maanden geleden
I was so happy to see the length of this episode
where t
where t 7 maanden geleden
Michael "kind of" Mcubbin
Jonathan Mejia
Jonathan Mejia 7 maanden geleden
Always making great content! Love you guys!
Shashwat Gupta
Shashwat Gupta 7 maanden geleden
What's the problem to experiment the European Super League for 1 season? If it fails then just another bad season and we are used to it due to COVID and if it is a success then everybody will laugh at themselves and we will have something new. All Iam saying is, Iam up for 1 another different season
Guapo Savvy
Guapo Savvy 7 maanden geleden
Mate Madrid are always cash positive they are never in debt because they only spend net earnings. Listening to you lot talk about their financial situation with no research done is sad. That's why they offloaded players and waited a year to target Mbappe, Camavinga, Etc etc
Aaron Spavin
Aaron Spavin 7 maanden geleden
I agree with mccubz the decline is due to the end of an era
Ben 7 maanden geleden
Ben 7 maanden geleden
Sean Rush
Sean Rush 7 maanden geleden
Kit Mackenzie-Johnson
Kit Mackenzie-Johnson 7 maanden geleden
Naveen Kumar
Naveen Kumar 7 maanden geleden
Only commented for Instagram live
Guapo Savvy
Guapo Savvy 7 maanden geleden
You lot are too harsh on Hazard man he broke his ankle two times. It isn't Madrid fault Meunier snapped his ankle lmao. He's been at Madrid for a year and when he plays he brings a massive spark. Too early to tell
Guapo Savvy
Guapo Savvy 7 maanden geleden
It's because they're rebuilding. They're still some of the richest clubs with the best resources in the world. You can't be the best team forever, you have to rebuild over time. Madrid's old guard is in its twilight for sure. Barca are just awful lmao
Newt Rockstar
Newt Rockstar 7 maanden geleden
Another comment
DS Boss
DS Boss 7 maanden geleden
Big up Dougie for still doing this even with the virus. Always hardworking as usual
Timmy Coffey
Timmy Coffey 7 maanden geleden
David Bergelv
David Bergelv 7 maanden geleden
At 53:58 Henry had his Michael Scott moment
Antoni Rosic
Antoni Rosic 7 maanden geleden
LemiTheRedPanda 7 maanden geleden
LemiTheRedPanda 7 maanden geleden
Alex Vega
Alex Vega 7 maanden geleden
DID THEY REALLY ASK, WiLl AnYoNe wAnT tO JoIn ReAl mAdRiD, its literally the biggest club ever next to barça rough patch but not impending doom damn
Mr Kipling
Mr Kipling 7 maanden geleden
Sorry to hear that you have the horrible virus Dougie. Get well soon.
Jake H.
Jake H. 7 maanden geleden
Road to 850
Jake H.
Jake H. 7 maanden geleden
Road to 850
Jake H.
Jake H. 7 maanden geleden
Road to 850
Kyle Beardin
Kyle Beardin 7 maanden geleden
we NEED to get these likes and comments
Hariboi17 7 maanden geleden
Commenting for the Dougie promise
Bessi 7 maanden geleden
Poor planning by our board fucked us in the last 2-3 szns,We managed to win la liga and copa in 17/18 due to ev’s conservative approach and ter stegen and Messi doing the business. 18/19 pretty much the same except we only won la liga and our older players were a year older. 19/20 was just a horrible szn. Now the rebuild has actually started With young blood coming in from transfers and la masia and older players being phased out. It’ll take 2 seasons minimum for Barcelona to Become a European giant again but u trust Laporta/Font to bring us back to the glory days. What our team needs rn Is a striker preferably haland which is a realistic chance if Laporta is our president cuz he’s raiola’s friend and a Cb replacement for pique and and Lb replacement for Alba. Now I know you can’t do all this in one window. U either trust Ronaldo araujo the young Uruguayan(who’s been excellent) to replace pique next szn or you pay upamecano’s release clause. Lb I would trust alex balde coming through from La masia but if they deem him too young go for someone like ait Nouri or Alex moreno
Richie Young
Richie Young 7 maanden geleden
Best show on YT
Douglas Marron
Douglas Marron 7 maanden geleden
It’s like barca and real haven’t dominated in Europe for the last 15 years haha
Jaime Baldeon
Jaime Baldeon 7 maanden geleden
Vinicius is 20 yrs old and has showed signs of stardom. Has had an impact in big games like el clásico last season and played well against man city. The hazard purchase was probably not the best investment.
Randy Sinha
Randy Sinha 7 maanden geleden
Personally, I feel, players like vinicius and Rodrygo need proper mentoring, which for some reason Zidane hasn't been able to provide. And Benzema should remember that when he was going through a bad patch in his career where he couldn't score or contribute, people like Ronaldo and Ramos helped him gain confidence, which is something he should do in regards to vinicius. Let's be honest, Benzema is not really a good striker also, he is so off position because of which we miss a lot of chances
Jaafar Naseredine
Jaafar Naseredine 7 maanden geleden
Vinicius needs improvement from Zidane to become better, especially in finishing
Dy Colony
Dy Colony 7 maanden geleden
lol Vinicius wouldn’t start for any epl big six club,
Tumelo 7 maanden geleden
This is for the live
Euro Football Daily
Euro Football Daily 7 maanden geleden
Yes boss! (Dougie)
Alternative 8
Alternative 8 7 maanden geleden
lets motor to 4000 likes!
Umar Ali
Umar Ali 7 maanden geleden
This is to bring up the comments to 850
Mikey Jones
Mikey Jones 7 maanden geleden
Chelsea fan here. I really relate to Barça's struggles. We're spending loads but are still hit or miss on matchday.
Akshit Gupta
Akshit Gupta 7 maanden geleden
@Mikey Jones True but for now Giroud seems to be the best bet for a robust 9 at Chelsea at least until Jan
Mikey Jones
Mikey Jones 7 maanden geleden
@Akshit Gupta I agree that we need a 9, and I think that Tammy Abraham's being lined up to be that player in the future, but Giroud needs replacing with someone younger, who can be integrated into this new generation of players. If we can free up the wages, play time, and squad roles then it'd be worth losing Giroud, IMO.
Akshit Gupta
Akshit Gupta 7 maanden geleden
There might be a chance to develop Abrahms in that aspect but for now he isnt that quality to play regularly in that role for a top team.
Akshit Gupta
Akshit Gupta 7 maanden geleden
@Mikey Jones Dont really agree with you here. I think Chelsea needs a proper 9 as a focal point who can hold and screen the ball in the final third thats what the modern game demands you can look at any team who is good going forward. Liverpool have Firmino, Tott have Kane, Everton have Calvert Lewin, see how effective Antonio has been for West Ham, Benzema for real for so many years. Onky a robust 9 can enable the likes of Werner, Mount and Pulisic to burst in forward runs and recive the balls in dangerous areas. Not a big fan of Giroud myself but he clearly fits the bill, gives you aerial superiority, screens and holds the ball well. Just means he can very well hold u in final third more robustly which in my opinion has been lacking in Chelsea's attack. Its been fluid and all but they seem to give away the ball easily in the final third.
Mikey Jones
Mikey Jones 7 maanden geleden
@Akshit Gupta true, being spoilt for choice isn't the worst thing in the world! I think that if we offload a couple of players (like Giroud) to free up spaces then that'd help. Just gotta hope Lampard's got the tactics to make it all work.
Finn Keatinge
Finn Keatinge 7 maanden geleden
Adrian Aguilera
Adrian Aguilera 7 maanden geleden
I don’t think Atleti are falling behind so much as Real and Barca because their defensive style favors in the tournament in the idea that “defense win championships”
luka sabotič
luka sabotič 7 maanden geleden
Well, technically, La liga is a championship.
Arvino K
Arvino K 7 maanden geleden
Can’t wait for that Instagram live got a really good question
Benjamin Cox
Benjamin Cox 7 maanden geleden
I better see you live this weekend Dougie
Euro Football Daily
Euro Football Daily 7 maanden geleden
Haha get those likes and comments up Bro! (Dougie)
Gurveer Sunner
Gurveer Sunner 7 maanden geleden
Vini is sooooooooo quick
Mzamo Gagai
Mzamo Gagai 7 maanden geleden
Real Madrid: If Mbappe is gonna cost more than €250m I think Madrid should rather get two players that backup RB, CB, CDM, LB and CM (Kimmich and Alaba) then a clinical striker or winger with good movement and pace, (doesn’t have to be the very best) Just well above average. Maybe Rashford, Lewin, Werner(😢) that type of player.
Mustafinho 7 maanden geleden
Kimmich won't leave. Alaba has been really poor. None of those strikers you mentioned are anyway near good enough for Real Madrid. At least not what they require.
Mzamo Gagai
Mzamo Gagai 7 maanden geleden
Get well soon🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾 Dougie.
Mzamo Gagai
Mzamo Gagai 7 maanden geleden
Marcos Garcia
Marcos Garcia 7 maanden geleden
the la liga decline started when cristiano left
Dilshad Areen
Dilshad Areen 7 maanden geleden
@Tom Levy Valencia is my second favourite team in Spain after Barca.And I am sad what is happening with them.
Tom Levy
Tom Levy 7 maanden geleden
@Dilshad Areen Absolutely. And that's not even going into the bullshit going on at Valencia.
Dilshad Areen
Dilshad Areen 7 maanden geleden
@Tom Levy a statue of Bartomeu should be built. Outside Bernabeu of course😂
Tom Levy
Tom Levy 7 maanden geleden
Ronaldo's departure is just symptomatic of the biggest problem Mustaphino mentions tbh. Also worth mentioning that there are or were some terrible people in charge of some of the big clubs in Spain and that coronavirus has hit them harder financially than most.
Mustafinho 7 maanden geleden
No, it started when the core of Barça, Real Madrid and Atlético Madrid got older or left the team. Valencia has also massively declined but the rest of the league has improved. The big 3 are all going through trasition and the next summer transfer window will be big for them. They all have to get it right.
mark bevan
mark bevan 7 maanden geleden
Dougie, keep it up man I know your suffering with this horrid monster of a virus. Iv had and gone through man. And you doing this work at the same time. I take my hat off to you sir.
MrSparkymajor 7 maanden geleden
Virus isn’t even that bad lol
Euro Football Daily
Euro Football Daily 7 maanden geleden
Cheers Mark! Think I’m nearly done with it thank the lord! (Dougie)
Adam Babuljak
Adam Babuljak 7 maanden geleden
On the same day: EFD: There is nothing much to say about Barcelona to be honest FD: We need to talk about Barcelona
Angelo Terrana
Angelo Terrana 7 maanden geleden
Theyre falling behind because they have no real competition. Athleti are good but their ceiling will always be lower than barca and real. They never desperately need to improve. If a club like villlareal can make a step to becoming elite, then we will see the two giants fearful of their stature being lowered. Also it seems that the worlds best players would prefer to go to england now rather than spain. It seems like the league as a whole arent as appetizing as it used to be. I see players like sancho, haaland, and mbappe prefering a move to england over the spanish giants. We are definitely seeing a power shift happen right before our eyes. Also the fact that the 2 best players ever to play the game are now looking at other leagues thinking the grass is greener over there should be very troubling for La Liga. Italy and germany are now clear, England looks miles ahead, and france has some fantastic teams. I can see la liga being the worst of the top 5 leagues within the next few years, if that isnt the case already. Sorry for the rant
Dilshad Areen
Dilshad Areen 7 maanden geleden
@Mustafinho exactly.Once this period is over they will show their real worth.
Mustafinho 7 maanden geleden
@Dilshad Areen Every big team needs trasition periods. Barça and Real Dominated Europe for over a decade. Most of their core is older now but they have a group of young players.
Dilshad Areen
Dilshad Areen 7 maanden geleden
@Mustafinho people said the same in the mid 2000's.The rest is history.
Mustafinho 7 maanden geleden
No, they declined because all of their core got older or left recently.
Freya murtem
Freya murtem 7 maanden geleden
Griezemaan here sh**ting on barca.
Uyiosa Igiehon
Uyiosa Igiehon 7 maanden geleden
I really just think Real Madrid consciously are in a transition phase and they recognise it. They aren’t spending huge and they’re tryna terraform the squad on the fly. So they’re still churning out results here and there but they know they’ll do the best they can and simply restructure the squad over the next few years. No one is dominant forever. Took Bayern time to be relevant in Europe again, other giants aren’t relevant anymore and current giants like man city and psg don’t win anything. We just have to step back and be objective and say that no one is dominant all the time
Ian Miroff
Ian Miroff 7 maanden geleden
Great vid
Donal Maguire
Donal Maguire 7 maanden geleden
I agree with PVS on the podcast this week, dougie really needs to buy clothes that aren't football related llf
Shopnol chakraborty
Shopnol chakraborty 7 maanden geleden
Lorenzo de Luca
Lorenzo de Luca 7 maanden geleden
As a United fan I'm really jealous of seeing the Barca fans celebrating as they watch the people who ruined their club finally bid adieu to their club. But I wanna know that why these election systems and all these vote of no confidence thing doesn't happen here in England? I mean I know that clubs here are owned by a single person, but why can't it be owned by fans or association of fans here in England? So many good decisions could of been made with regards to the future of the club, if that was the case. Can anyone explain me anything about it ??
Derek Morris
Derek Morris 6 maanden geleden
Our system is different. There is nothing stopping a fanbase from buying a club (if it was for sale) but it's just not our way. I believe the German's have a law where 50% of the club is owned by the fans, a much better more accountable system.
Dilshad Areen
Dilshad Areen 7 maanden geleden
@Lorenzo de Lucaand Barca are considered the symbol and international representative of Catalunya which makes the situation worse.
Lorenzo de Luca
Lorenzo de Luca 7 maanden geleden
@1997lordofdoom haha I know who you are referring to, but the fact is that, things are very very political in that club. Normal people like you, who just watch the game for some joy, might not be able to understand this, but believe me, I'm doing my graduation in political science, and you'll be astounded to know what sort of political scandals and corruption bartomeu and his board have done during their regime....
1997lordofdoom 7 maanden geleden
Don't worry, Barcelona fans will be crying again in 1-2 months after their team crumbles because they can't realise who is the actual problem in that team.
Andrew Ragoo
Andrew Ragoo 7 maanden geleden
I agree the mid table teams would definitely be better off and all those clubs that were liquidated over the years possibly would still be standing today.
Sundi 7 maanden geleden
Wish you a quick recovery Dougie
Euro Football Daily
Euro Football Daily 7 maanden geleden
Thanks Brian! (Dougie)
Rio Singh
Rio Singh 7 maanden geleden
Mike uuuhhhmmm mccub
see you soon
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