Why 2021 Will Be A GREAT Year For Football | Extra Time 

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For our penultimate show of the year, Joe Thomlinson joins Patrick van Straaten to predict 2021 in football. We cover the obvious stuff - the title race, the Champions League, the Euros - but also get into some potential shocks, from Arteta being sacked to Barcelona missing out on a UCL spot. Joe gets over-excited about Dominic Calvert-Lewin, and I make a bold call on what I hope is the Euro 2021 final. It's a fun one.

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23 dec. 2020




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Football Daily Podcasts
Football Daily Podcasts 4 maanden geleden
What are your bold 2021 predictions?
Aden Zain
Aden Zain Maand geleden
@Bradley Mordechai damn! It took about 10 mins but it actually worked!
Kian Winstanley
Kian Winstanley 4 maanden geleden
@Ciarán Linnane No I like o O Oothe oomo
Kian Winstanley
Kian Winstanley 4 maanden geleden
@Leo Soffer oo.
Kian Winstanley
Kian Winstanley 4 maanden geleden
@Leo Soffer o
Kian Winstanley
Kian Winstanley 4 maanden geleden
@Fares Dababneh o Oomph oand oo o
GEO TSINT Dag geleden
very good job guys ! I have been practising my listening!! Thanks from Greece!!
DK_Official 17 dagen geleden
talk about the superleague
Hasheem Kalesh
Hasheem Kalesh 2 maanden geleden
Watching this a month later is hilarious 😂
TG games
TG games 4 maanden geleden
Love this
Sir alex ferguson
Sir alex ferguson 4 maanden geleden
shut up so it doesnt be like 2020
Jared Wells
Jared Wells 4 maanden geleden
Thoughts on Son beating out Kane for more goals this season? Given his shot accuracy and Kane thriving in his new adapted role as a striker/playmaker + their excellent chemistry.
farooq amra
farooq amra 4 maanden geleden
Shock Wil be ac Milan winning the league
Oto 4 maanden geleden
Dias and Stones duo is on fire! No goals conceded in 11 hours and 58 minutes on the pitch together!
Oto 4 maanden geleden
City actually have a really really good defense since Dias joined. 13 clean sheets already, most in leagues.
al doe
al doe 4 maanden geleden
is patrick not english?
Macarios Kindamba
Macarios Kindamba 4 maanden geleden
Parents are Dutch I think
Visca El Barca
Visca El Barca 4 maanden geleden
Bayern Munich to win UCL and Bundnesliga. Liverpool to win PL Athletico to win Laliga Inter to win Serie-A PSG to win Ligue 1 Juan Laporta to become new Barcelona President.
incesteagle 4 maanden geleden
we've hit rock bottom it can't get any worse
Ayodeji Twins
Ayodeji Twins 4 maanden geleden
Patrick thinks England had a chance in the Euro's to win it with Southgate as Manager and Rashford is in great form , I think he must be joking
Visca El Barca
Visca El Barca 4 maanden geleden
England will get knocked out in Quarter finals.
Nathan Brown
Nathan Brown 4 maanden geleden
I feel like Arsenal have a few players in their team that if they were injured long term will make them continue this form. Losing Leno, Tierney, or Saka will really ruin their system, they have been without their two best players Gabriel and Partey this season already and have been awful. If injuries continue or hit important players they really might go down. Brighton is certainly better, Big Sam and Sean Dyche are better managers than Arteta and Fulham and Sheffield United are absolute shit.
Levi Mirza
Levi Mirza 4 maanden geleden
Spain has a good chance of the europa
Elisabeth Roberts
Elisabeth Roberts 4 maanden geleden
3:50: Like I know that you mean before we scored our second against Palace but we went 1-0 up inside like two minutes because Minamino scored.
Bashiiro Bashiiro
Bashiiro Bashiiro 4 maanden geleden
Arttu Rautio
Arttu Rautio 4 maanden geleden
The elections are in january due to the resignation of bartomeu. I feel like the 4 2 3 1 system koeman has implemented is to be blamed largely blamed for the lack of pressing. He tried a 3 at the back system last game, and it actually looked ok. Rn, i feel like messi is less out of the door than he was back in the summer, and the elections are going to have a huge impact on that decision.
Dan 123
Dan 123 4 maanden geleden
I’ve been saying that Arsenal should sign Buendia for months. Arteta not filling the obvious hole that is lack of creativity, is what makes me doubt him as a competent manager
Big Burrito
Big Burrito 4 maanden geleden
Jorginho should NEVER get into the starting 11 before Kovacic
yonis 4 maanden geleden
I don't understand his inclusion, especially with Kante back and fit. Kovacic came on against West Ham when they were getting pegged back, and immediately Chelsea retain possession better and score 2 goals immediately.
Will Chan
Will Chan 4 maanden geleden
Hilarious to think about Arsenal being relegated. The fact that this topic is a conversation is hilarious.
Robert Davies
Robert Davies 4 maanden geleden
“Before Liverpool went ahead in that Palace game there was some danger” Minamino scored inside 2 minutes 🤔
Auriflamme 4 maanden geleden
@Benjamin Rowland I'm going to assume you were tired when you missed the obvious sarcasm. It happens, no worries.
Benjamin Rowland
Benjamin Rowland 4 maanden geleden
@Auriflamme the better team lost are you taking the piss. palace had a good 15 mins. did nothing at all in the 2nd half.
Auriflamme 4 maanden geleden
Palace were in total control for the first minute and a half and could have scored 4 or 5. The better team lost.
Divyansh Bahuguna
Divyansh Bahuguna 4 maanden geleden
Jesus is already playing for City and is not playing well.
Alex Garcia
Alex Garcia 4 maanden geleden
My boy Kovacic getting some love 🥺 Single handedly changed the West Ham game, an underrated monster in our midfield
Alessandro 4 maanden geleden
Please check out my brand new video I posted on my channel!
Peter Helmore
Peter Helmore 4 maanden geleden
arsenal will not go down with the owners >>>>>>>oh 4 players i can think of who will go at the end of the season !!!!
Peter Helmore
Peter Helmore 4 maanden geleden
oh joe is ole still manchester united's manager ????and no joe i don't think south america !!!!!!!!
Edward Davies
Edward Davies 4 maanden geleden
Everton fan: absence of James is important but Allan much more. I would probably never play andre gomes ever again. The man literally doesn't do anything. Just another one of our dreadful purchases. If we get Europa that's quite an improvement on the last couple of years.
William Hesketh
William Hesketh 4 maanden geleden
looking very trim patto!
Kyle Malaniak
Kyle Malaniak 4 maanden geleden
great episode lads
SHAHID WILLIE 4 maanden geleden
Daniel Burgess
Daniel Burgess 4 maanden geleden
Harry Kane is a player that will age like fine wine. When you watch him you only see about 2-3 sprints per game, yet somehow he’s constantly everywhere. With the way his game is evolving you could imagine him contributing in the same way he is now until age 32-33. That means potentially another 5 or so years of PRIME Kane. A scary thought.
Oscar Jennings
Oscar Jennings 4 maanden geleden
I absolutely love it when pato calls out british (specifically english) bias and naivety towards english players because let me know tell you it bugs the rest of us
Fran Jackson
Fran Jackson 4 maanden geleden
Wait what? Did Pato actually almost say something positive about Chelsea? 2020 is wild
ET FROM EARTH 4 maanden geleden
I think messi goes to PSG!!
Diego Eugenio Fragachan
Diego Eugenio Fragachan 4 maanden geleden
Barcelona not making top 4? Hahaha come Pat, don't just look at stats and the table for your analysis. On their day there is maybe only two teams better than this Barcelona. Many of the defeats this season have come down to individual errors (especially from Lenglet), even in the Clasico, Barcelona were the better team for 60 mins. In April these guys will be discovering about Pedri and Dest... Get on the train now boys
Danny Blue
Danny Blue 4 maanden geleden
Merry Christmas to everyone at FD, thanks for being so consistent for us giving us great content everyday!
Michael Scofield
Michael Scofield 4 maanden geleden
Michael Scofield
Michael Scofield 4 maanden geleden
Michael Scofield
Michael Scofield 4 maanden geleden
Michael Scofield
Michael Scofield 4 maanden geleden
Michael Scofield
Michael Scofield 4 maanden geleden
Diego Eugenio Fragachan
Diego Eugenio Fragachan 4 maanden geleden
Man you can tell these guys don't actually watch La Liga and just talk by looking at the table. Barcelona is not nearly as bad as the table suggests. They have been dealing with an injury crisis in defense, and Koeman is experimenting to find a formation. I don't think he s a good manager, but the team is much better than the podcast suggests. No, they won't win the league, but top 4 ? Come on now. Besides Real and Atleti, there is no team better right now. Real Sociedad is highly overrated for example, they have not won in their last 9 games. They are super dependent on Oyarzabal for creative plays They barely made it out of their Europa League group, not a serious top 4 contender. (Plus they have played 2 more games than Barcelona, and are only ahead by two points) Realistic top 4 candidates: Real Madrid, Atletico, Barcelona, Sevilla (maybe Villarreal)
Ewerboweski 4 maanden geleden
Anti lockdown pro Chrustmas Joe! Hes the man of the crew in my eyes for standing up for those messages.
Andres Salinas
Andres Salinas 4 maanden geleden
Pato is getting skinny
Colm Hennessy
Colm Hennessy 4 maanden geleden
Exellenct video keep it up
Rayen Khelifi
Rayen Khelifi 4 maanden geleden
There needs to be a podcast about arsenal.
Lyam Donetz
Lyam Donetz 4 maanden geleden
Portugal to win it🇵🇹
Joshua PARK
Joshua PARK 4 maanden geleden
I remember before the season started, everyone was saying that Pato was way too pessimistic about Arsenal but now it seems even he wasn't pessimistic enough...
Gaffer 4 maanden geleden
And remember when he said Arsenal should sell aubameyang.... he got so much hate
Ai 4 maanden geleden
As a Madrid fan, I think it’s disgraceful to rule out Barcelona from top 4 especially when you reason socidad playing better than Barcelona.... both madrid and Barcelona tend to have slow starts in the league it’s only the one off season when Barca run away with the league early on the season and it’s usually related to a terrible start from other clubs other than that by February the league tends to show its battle between The European participants as they don’t have CL and Europa league to play
Visca El Barca
Visca El Barca 4 maanden geleden
I think we will finish third.Athleti and Real will fight for the title and Fourth place will either be Villarreal or Seville.
Wos Colchoneros
Wos Colchoneros 4 maanden geleden
Same Here, can only see Barca getting better now since Messi looks revitalised, real Sociedads honeymoon period looks finished at the top and they haven’t won their last 7/8 games in all competitions
football is my life
football is my life 4 maanden geleden
Bloddy klopp will knock us out of our perch
OBA ARO 4 maanden geleden
bruno fernandes top scorer
Sam McGarry V3
Sam McGarry V3 4 maanden geleden
Pat's talking shite about us being under pressure before we took the lead. We scored 3 minutes in and Palace didn't start having a sniff until 2-0
Michael Riedstra
Michael Riedstra 4 maanden geleden
I think you guys are undermining the Dutch national team. however, it solely rests on VVD coming back and looking good, if he’s back in time and looks sharp, I fancy them reaching semis/finals. They have a phenomenal midfield, (Dony, Freddie, and Gigi) and an amazing defence. (De Vrij, Ake, Virgil, De Ligt.) the only thing I’m concerned about is our attacking. We have Depay and De Jong, but lack of Depth on the wings, however quality young talent like Calvin Stengs, Malen, Ihattaren, Boadu, and Gravenberch. It’s going to be interesting and I look forward to these Euros!
Mohammad Bakeer
Mohammad Bakeer 4 maanden geleden
Netherlands need change in the attack Italy showed their weakness 2 times
Shaheem Jackson
Shaheem Jackson 4 maanden geleden
My bold prediction: Bruno to win Balon d'or if United win Europa league and Portugal retains Euros
Aditya Bhangle
Aditya Bhangle 4 maanden geleden
That's not bold, it's just delusional
Joe Palmer
Joe Palmer 4 maanden geleden
Before they (liverpool) went ahead in the match they were in signs of danger??? Fella they went ahead in the 3rd minute with their 1st or second chance of the game there was no danger at all
Auriflamme 4 maanden geleden
Liverpool were in real danger before the kickoff. Palace looked really up for it in their warmup. Palace won the pre-game 3-0.
ThePuk98 4 maanden geleden
Pato forgetting how stupid the euros format is, Germany, Portugal and France will get out of that group if they beat Hungary.
Corey Brooks
Corey Brooks 4 maanden geleden
Arteta has more excuses than points
Bryan 4 maanden geleden
Reece James for YPOTY
Samuel Ivan
Samuel Ivan 4 maanden geleden
Bold claim - Van Dijk is gonna be back when March comes. Mark my words.
DAZZA 4 maanden geleden
That’s alright he’s been shit post lockdown anyway
Chris Lampett
Chris Lampett 4 maanden geleden
Italy winning the euros
Julius Rajpaul
Julius Rajpaul 4 maanden geleden
2021 will be a good year for all us
J G 4 maanden geleden
Everton didn’t need to create against Arsenal as Arsenal were as sharp as a bread knife on the offensive in the second half
Tanishq Rahuja
Tanishq Rahuja 4 maanden geleden
They're having a serious conversation about Arsenal getting relegated and I'm not really shocked.
ben tarbuck
ben tarbuck 4 maanden geleden
arsenal could do a reverse leicester, theyre there or there abouts all season and nobody really believes but then it happens and were leicester won the league arsenal go down
Lakshya Vason
Lakshya Vason 4 maanden geleden
Markus Midtboe
Markus Midtboe 4 maanden geleden
Arsenal should sign Jessie Lingard, so he can play everyother game on the Jessie Lingard stadium(Emirates)
Jake Kerr
Jake Kerr 4 maanden geleden
Big Dunc has made DCL into the player we see before us, not as much Ancellotti but Dunc is apparently an amazing coach and has helped DCL no end
NG 4 maanden geleden
18th Fulham 19th Brighton 20th Sheffield United They hype over the hipster's favourite Potter is incredible. Brighton are dross, Big Sam to save the Baggies.
Mauri 1991
Mauri 1991 4 maanden geleden
Heung Min Son might be pretty high up there in the end also because he simply tends to stay fit unlike many other top forwards in the league
mark bevan
mark bevan 4 maanden geleden
When people say certain presenters may change there mind as to who wins the league who gets relegated etc...its a mental season! There is no real way I believe you can not change your mind as this season keeps rolling on..come on. On a side note chelsea will win the league 😉
Conor 000
Conor 000 4 maanden geleden
Adam Carpenter
Adam Carpenter 4 maanden geleden
I think people totally neglect that Chelsea are also going through an injury crisis not to the extent of Liverpool in fairness but it’s definitely still a thing.
Adam Carpenter
Adam Carpenter 4 maanden geleden
@Meekz 5789 It’s not that simple it’s a tactical issue. I don’t know how much you’ve watched of Chelsea but all we do is cross and pray. We haven’t had our wingers all month. James might need surgery still which would put him out for months. Chilwell is clearly not really fit.
Meekz 5789
Meekz 5789 4 maanden geleden
It dosent matter because the starting 11 is still title worthy
Patrick Stone
Patrick Stone 4 maanden geleden
I think Joe is being incredibly kind to Arsenal. Yes it's unlikely that they get relegated but acting like they will probably just come good and finish mid-table seems more of a reputational "it's Arsenal" thing than actually looking at their performances. Arsenal have looked 2nd best in the majority of their recent games. Assuming Aubameyang will just start scoring makes no sense because it's not like he's missing chances, he just isn't getting chances. He isn't getting unlucky, he is just playing dreadfully, not getting chances and not taking shots. They almost definitely won't make any good signings or correct signings in January (their business is ruled by agents and watched over by a billionaire who is unwilling to invest). Arteta has been trying to compensate for a lack of creation with defensive football, but it isn't working. Their defending has been dreadful despite the team being set up to be purely defensive. Arsenal seem steadfast in backing Arteta to the hilt and not sacking him no matter what. They will probably escape relegation but it will only just happen. They will be in a battle to escape relegation most of the season and I wouldn't be surprised if they went down.
Your Dad Has A Dog Filter
Your Dad Has A Dog Filter 4 maanden geleden
They can't attack and can't defend. Perfectly balanced
Diogo Costa
Diogo Costa 4 maanden geleden
I don't think it's that bold but I predict Big Sam to not last the season at West Brom to maybe keep his streak alive
Brandon Bailey
Brandon Bailey 4 maanden geleden
pat looking fresh
jor illmsVita
jor illmsVita 4 maanden geleden
13:43 I love that. Do you love me? 😍💋 💝💖❤️
Tom Veloso
Tom Veloso 4 maanden geleden
You can see the disappointment in joe’s face when pato doesn’t mention man united in the best of the rest
Calum brooks
Calum brooks 4 maanden geleden
Yeah maaan!❤️❤️✌️✊🏻
Theo Paul
Theo Paul 4 maanden geleden
I fear for Brighton, I think they might go down
Eyimofe Taire
Eyimofe Taire 4 maanden geleden
Don't the euros do best loser, so 1 or 2 third placed teams qualify. I think that how Portugal advanced in 2016. So I think France, Portugal and Germany can all advance.
e To eiser Maz
e To eiser Maz 4 maanden geleden
Love you 💋💋😘😘❤️💯
wouter van gils
wouter van gils 4 maanden geleden
Messi and Ronaldo to psg with Mbappe moved to Madrid to balance the books. The revenue of shirt sales and viewers will make psg profit. Just imagine Neymar, Ronaldo, Messi.
Sai Girithar Rao
Sai Girithar Rao 4 maanden geleden
This video didn't age well for Arsenal fans
Aidan O’Loughlin
Aidan O’Loughlin 4 maanden geleden
Football is a results business not an xg or stats business
Aidan O’Loughlin
Aidan O’Loughlin 4 maanden geleden
@Tom Veloso people act like Graham potter is a genuis when Brighton are in relegation trouble
Tom Veloso
Tom Veloso 4 maanden geleden
No shit genius
JackGrealish69 4 maanden geleden
Fun fact: If Aston Villa were to win their two games in hand they could go as high as 2nd which is absolute madness!
JackGrealish69 4 maanden geleden
@Frites O'Donovan With Villa’s current form I genuinely believe we could give any team in the league a run for their money tbh, even City.
connor ftw
connor ftw 4 maanden geleden
@Frites O'Donovan I'd have us to beat city more than Newcastle 2bh. The way we play is perfect for City/Liverpool etc.
Frites O'Donovan
Frites O'Donovan 4 maanden geleden
One of those games is against City tbf
Ben 4 maanden geleden
That is madness
Ella Bergin
Ella Bergin 4 maanden geleden
I am 15 seconds in. First of all Patos hair is 😍 Second of all Joe dressed up my have made my shit day less shit Thank you guys
Daniel Burgess
Daniel Burgess 4 maanden geleden
I feel like City are one signing of a dominant, goal scoring presence up front away from Liverpool’s level. Aguero career as the main man for City is over, they need to accept that and move on. Then they’ll be unstoppable.
unknown m
unknown m 4 maanden geleden
Best duo since Messi and Neymar
Chuck 4 maanden geleden
Almost as good as smalling and johnes
George Larder
George Larder 4 maanden geleden
I think pat is only saying this so if arsenal are relegated there aren’t clips of him saying “arsenal won’t get relegated” but realistically their players are way too good to get relegated.
Macarios Kindamba
Macarios Kindamba 4 maanden geleden
Their young players, yes
Stone Cold
Stone Cold 4 maanden geleden
New hairut suits you Pato.
Joe Tren
Joe Tren 4 maanden geleden
Wasn’t Pato backing Man city to win the league up to a couple of weeks ago?
Jack Loveridge
Jack Loveridge 4 maanden geleden
Beundia would be a good signing for arsenal or even cantwell
Zaid _
Zaid _ 4 maanden geleden
@Jack Loveridge agree!
Jack Loveridge
Jack Loveridge 4 maanden geleden
@Zaid _ I didn’t say arsenal were going to or I think they will I’m just saying it would be a good signing for them they would offer the creativity that arsenal are missing they would also come cheaper than a lot of alternatives (regardless of Norwich not needing to sell) although financially there sound when a premier league club comes calling and a players head turns it’s hard to keep them
Zaid _
Zaid _ 4 maanden geleden
Arsenal won’t get him, Arsenal are too incompetent and Norwich don’t really need to sell even though they’re in the championship
chazza craigan
chazza craigan 4 maanden geleden
This is the 100th Podcast (according to Apple anyways) Congrats Lads! Merry Christmas!
Sol Chatz
Sol Chatz 4 maanden geleden
Merry Christmas to you all
Sol Chatz
Sol Chatz 4 maanden geleden
Loving the hat mate
Peter Kolodziej
Peter Kolodziej 4 maanden geleden
Leicester will finish top 3
Harry Thake
Harry Thake 4 maanden geleden
What a duo!!!
Mrwaffles69 4 maanden geleden
Popular opinion utd will finish 5th
Visca El Barca
Visca El Barca 4 maanden geleden
Ashmeet Singh
Ashmeet Singh 4 maanden geleden
@Aditya Bhangle Sure.
Aditya Bhangle
Aditya Bhangle 4 maanden geleden
@Ashmeet Singh no way untied will finish in top 4
Ashmeet Singh
Ashmeet Singh 4 maanden geleden
Stupid opinion *
Waseem Waadallah
Waseem Waadallah 4 maanden geleden
Nationale herdenking 2021
Nationale herdenking 2021