Which Club Would ACTUALLY Suit Harry Kane? | Scout Report 

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On this week’s Scout Report, we’re taking a look at Harry Kane’s season so far. The Englishman is reportedly considering his future at Tottenham, as the campaign looks set to end without Champions League football, and the amazing stats put up by both him and Heung-Min Son have only drawn greater attention to the underperformance of the club as a whole. Jose Mourinho has departed, Dele Alli remains sidelined, and Gareth Bale has failed to rediscover his spark, and as a consequence, Kane could seek a move this summer, with PSG, Man United, and Man City all apparently interested in his signature.

We look into all three clubs to see which one would make the best home for Kane, and how his evolving role at Spurs affects his value for each. We also examine his injury record, and how his price could be affected by Covid, as well as the emergence of Erling Haaland.

Let us know what you think in the comments.




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6 mei. 2021




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Euro Football Daily
Euro Football Daily Maand geleden
Another bit of content?! Don’t say we don’t spoil you guys... (Dougie)
Mickey Joyce
Mickey Joyce Maand geleden
Roma + Moise Keane + The Special One ☝️😉 🔥🐺
paulyk81 Maand geleden
Priced himself out of the market and even if anyone could front the fee, Levy would do what he did with Erikson and sell him to a bog standard European side. No way Levy will sell him to a rival.
Tim McDaniel
Tim McDaniel 7 dagen geleden
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Cameron 13 dagen geleden
Kane is a good player for Spurs but he might fit with man city
lee buigues gardner
lee buigues gardner 13 dagen geleden
With out watching the video I think city is the right club for Kane
Richard Cory
Richard Cory 13 dagen geleden
Kane slowing down after 28 wouldn't make much difference.
Matthew Anstey
Matthew Anstey 15 dagen geleden
Matthew Anstey
Matthew Anstey 15 dagen geleden
Imagine if he joins Roma ?
Mike B
Mike B 21 dag geleden
Fabian Deasy
Fabian Deasy 22 dagen geleden
Chelsea would be the perfect fit but I just don't see it happening
Jon Kernow
Jon Kernow 22 dagen geleden
I don't think any of those clubs will really suit Kane, best bet from those that could afford him would be Chelsea. Arsenal is a non starter, best fit in the EPL is probably West Ham!!! But are they going to start winning the trophies Kane is missing any time soon?
billybobthegreat epicgamergg
420th sub
Jerry Wood
Jerry Wood 27 dagen geleden
No doubt whatsoever, MCFC
Human Beings R Thinking Beings
I dunno which Club suits him best But hes deffo looking lit in City kit 👌
D Hom
D Hom 27 dagen geleden
I would like to know your suggestion about which other big club should try and get kane, or which big club would be best fit for kane's attributes even though they are not going for him or have enough money.
Simone Amrine
Simone Amrine 27 dagen geleden
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Abdalla SA
Abdalla SA 28 dagen geleden
Martial + Lingard + Jones + Cash for Kane is good no?
Drew Oberle
Drew Oberle 28 dagen geleden
Kane to Chelsea??
Liverpool Ynwa
Liverpool Ynwa 29 dagen geleden
It would be a dream to sign him and kdb in liverpool but thats never gonna happen City will 100% buy him
Justin Mordini
Justin Mordini 29 dagen geleden
He’d be perfect at Atlético
Jolly Da Silva
Jolly Da Silva 29 dagen geleden
Hakuna Matata
Hakuna Matata 29 dagen geleden
Chelsea need a goal striker like him He would fit perfectly
Subhankit Choudhury
Subhankit Choudhury 29 dagen geleden
I wish he does to Anfield
Progue 29 dagen geleden
Your completely forgetting Chelsea here, they want him bad
Steve Elliott
Steve Elliott 29 dagen geleden
Now we know Kane is leaving Spurs and I agree Utd is the best fit.
Frankie Fontecchio
Frankie Fontecchio 29 dagen geleden
Yeh Zaha definitely should have left he had potential
NEYMAR JR 10 Maand geleden
Ryan Bagiire
Ryan Bagiire Maand geleden
Manchester City
Sanzhar Kurmanguzhin
Sanzhar Kurmanguzhin Maand geleden
As a United fan I wouldn't want him. Not because he is a bad player but because we need more a 1st cdm 2nd right forward (winger) Centre back
Frank Maphoto
Frank Maphoto Maand geleden
I feel like we ask this question every season.
Paul Gernah
Paul Gernah Maand geleden
Kane to Chelsea
Gregory Hill
Gregory Hill Maand geleden
Why not loan him out for 2 years? So he gets what he wants and does a Teddy and return later on ...
MyRCComedy Maand geleden
Jeffrey Alvin
Jeffrey Alvin Maand geleden
Spurs isn't a bad team talent wise. It's just their club reputation crawling into the players' heads of never won anything which MoU tried to change but failed
Ole Martin Bratterud Fernholt
Shut up
Tafari Imara
Tafari Imara Maand geleden
Jimmy Tong Yee Shen
Jimmy Tong Yee Shen Maand geleden
Don't come to United
Anmol Mahajan
Anmol Mahajan Maand geleden
Comes from a United fan🙄
Tony Day
Tony Day Maand geleden
I hate the guy as an arsenal fan but hea a good player, a team like Inter or Ac would suit him they like playing the long ball and he can hold a ball up well and the crosses from the wings would be utalised by his heading ability
Tony Day
Tony Day Maand geleden
@one man Yeah theirs the language barrier but with it seeming Lukakus gonna be leaving they'll need someone to replace him or even act as a backup to Lautaro Martinez
one man
one man Maand geleden
Inter have money but i don't think thay needs him and most of milan players aren't speak's English.
abdirahman ahmed
abdirahman ahmed Maand geleden
i know it sounds different but i really really think arsenal suites him
Kevin Vazquez
Kevin Vazquez Maand geleden
Admin is defo a Chelsea fan
K W Maand geleden
United have a creativity problem??? Bruno Fernandes, 17 goals and 11 assists; Rashford, 10 goals 9 assists; Luke Shaw and Wan Bissaka in on it; what are you talking about? It's clear their problem is having a true goal scorer lead the line week in week out.
Marcus Aurelius
Marcus Aurelius Maand geleden
£150m for Kane is ridiculous. Its ridiculous for any player. Weren’t many of these mentioned clubs just caught crying about how they need more money and were willing to destroy their national leagues to do so? Here is just a though, maybe try not spending £150M on a single player. Radical I know, but its so crazy, it might just work.
maceroni Maand geleden
You're saying 28 was too late for Hazard to go to Real Madrid, but Kane will be 28 this summer
abdi majiid hassn
abdi majiid hassn Maand geleden
roma and barcelona need a decent strong clinical goal scorer and he fit them very well
Sharvagya Maand geleden
How was hazard declining when he went to madrid?? He had his best season before going there.
Visionary Child
Visionary Child Maand geleden
City is the best option for Harry Kane period
Harri Worthing
Harri Worthing Maand geleden
But city havent been leaving aguero and jesus out to have a de bruyne or silva to play false 9 who can drop in to middle field.
Ashirdev-32 Maand geleden
Could be good for real madrid
mohammed zakkaria
mohammed zakkaria Maand geleden
watching tottenham and harry kane play is like usain bolt racing against toddlers
mohammed zakkaria
mohammed zakkaria Maand geleden
@Tony Day i am talking abt present day trophies if utalk abt history and all it goes back to 1960
mohammed zakkaria
mohammed zakkaria Maand geleden
@Tony Day i would rather watch sunday league matches instead of ur trophyless clubs matches
mohammed zakkaria
mohammed zakkaria Maand geleden
@Tony Day i have seen plenty.... getting thrashed by wolfsburg losing to a mid-table club losing against everton in fa cup shut up man trophyless club supporter u focus on playing in conference league stop dreaming abt UCL
Tony Day
Tony Day Maand geleden
What Tottenham matches have you been watching?
mohammed zakkaria
mohammed zakkaria Maand geleden
totnehma s owner is jealous that kane is very good and he wants to join manchester united unlike them
Zahid Khan
Zahid Khan Maand geleden
Man Utd will be the only English club dumb enough to buy Kane when they don’t need him
Zahid Khan
Zahid Khan Maand geleden
@one man hopefully it was just making the dumb signings
one man
one man Maand geleden
Woodward isn't our president anymore.
The useless blue one
The useless blue one Maand geleden
What about Chelsea? He would be a much better strike partner for Abraham than Werner or Giroud
Daniel Paton
Daniel Paton Maand geleden
Kanes a hard working Forward although I respect the fact the CM has to be more disciplined like Liverpool if he were to play with Neymar & Mbappe, They were desperate for a better back to goal forward than Icardi vs Man City
Aditya Iyer
Aditya Iyer Maand geleden
Conclusion: Kane will stay a Spurs player.
Free agent-Leaf
Free agent-Leaf Maand geleden
Do something for son
Nathan Ikiekande
Nathan Ikiekande Maand geleden
Harry Kane to Manchester City
Mpumelelo Mandi
Mpumelelo Mandi Maand geleden
Kane should Leave tat's It
Bjørn Egil Hage
Bjørn Egil Hage Maand geleden
I think Kane would be perfect for City and City would be perfect for Kane, but as a United fan, I really hope that City will not get Kane or Haaland. That would totally ruin the Premier League. I think Haaland would be perfect for United and United would be perfect for Haaland, but I am worried that he will sign for another club as our board and staff are totally inept when it comes to making transfers.
Bjørn Egil Hage
Bjørn Egil Hage Maand geleden
Kane was utterly stupid to sign his 5 years contract with Tottenham. What was that man thinking? Levy has Kane by the balls and I doubt he is willing to let go of that grip. I think Levy will demand much more for Kane than any clubs are willing to pay.
Ronnie Chowdhury
Ronnie Chowdhury Maand geleden
Like to see Kane to man city...
Santa Clause
Santa Clause Maand geleden
City. Can't see Man Utd, Real or Barca paying £150m for Kane, and he's too boring for PSG.
E C Maand geleden
United should buy Haaland and forget about Kane.
Ahammed Raees
Ahammed Raees Maand geleden
Imagine kane holdin the ball and givin it to rashfhord
DS Boss
DS Boss Maand geleden
Trust Pep and Poch to get the best out of Kane. Ole not so much
Phil Saunders
Phil Saunders Maand geleden
Which team ahead of Spurs needs Kane? None. So he needs to go to a team that he can make better than Spurs of go nowhere.
G M Maand geleden
Most overrated player in history. Deadly in the box does fuck all else. He’s not good enough to get away with not tracking back. He has a €50million English tax on his price. You couldn’t put him in a bad side like you could Messi, Ronaldo, Mbappe or Halaand. Son is twice the player he is. He’s just a Francis Jeffers who made it.
Richard Torres
Richard Torres Maand geleden
Kane would fit tuchel ball
Justin Moakler
Justin Moakler Maand geleden
Kane to United would be perfect not this summer but next, does anyone else think Zaha should go to everton? He can play on the right wing and James can play CAM
Sajiv Doley
Sajiv Doley Maand geleden
Zaha, James, richarlison, dcl. That is a complete front 4
Danijel Pavlovic
Danijel Pavlovic Maand geleden
I really want Calvert Lewin at utd
Martin Leggett
Martin Leggett Maand geleden
Whatever club Harry goes to next, I would love to see him finish his playing days at Leyton Orient. Maybe as they win promotion into the Championship? I’ll keep dreaming.
daizan Maand geleden
He should buy the club, go full fifa mode.
Syed Hussain Abbas Naqvi
Actually real Madrid would be perfect fit for kane with benzema getting old its their priority to replace him (of course if they cant get mbbape or haaland) While those three you mentioned don’t need him as much •At city pep already doesn’t play with strikers of which two he has on bench he would rather play with 10 midfielders on the pitch •At united they already have cavani & rashford •At psg all they have are strikers they got bigger problems to solve than buying another striker
RVRJ Maand geleden
Spurs are lucky they have Kane and Son pinned down on their respective contracts...
Addi Hann
Addi Hann Maand geleden
Either PSG (neymar and mbappe are leaving and choupo moting is mediocre at best) or Bayern (they need a plan B aside from passing to lewandowski)
Lenninho Maand geleden
if man u didn’t extend cavani’s contract, kane would be perfect there
cool28990 Maand geleden
It's not been done yet?
B G Maand geleden
Bro Jesus is not spanish its Portuguese pronounce the j like you do in English. The only reason im correcting you is because you are using spanish instead of english or brazils actual language....Portuguese for pronunciation
beach bum
beach bum Maand geleden
Grealish looking to head in a similar best villa will be lucky to get 1 ucl campaign in grealish prime if he stays there
Fabian Deasy
Fabian Deasy 22 dagen geleden
@maceroni top scorer and top assists in the league for a team that finished 7th would suggest otherwise
Aditya Iyer
Aditya Iyer Maand geleden
@maceroni Kane is having his best season now. Players also reach their prime around the age of 27.
maceroni Maand geleden
@Aditya Iyer Harry Kane reached his potential years ago
Aditya Iyer
Aditya Iyer Maand geleden
Both Kane and Grealish are the best English players. I feel they will both need big moves in order to achieve their potential. You can't win anything with Eric Dier and Sissoko as the pillars of your back line.
Sam Isaac Alex
Sam Isaac Alex Maand geleden
Kane would do wonders at Chelsea imo.
Guggex | Gustaf Eriksson
Ironic how Chelsea is not mentioned in this video. Not less likely than any of the other clubs.
blakes channel
blakes channel 25 dagen geleden
@daizan haaland is way better than hypebappe.france has a lot of talented players who helped win the world cup no one player is better than the team.
daizan 26 dagen geleden
@blakes channel World cup winner, league winner, champions league finalist and all without injured neymer and a fat agent. Fambappe was a Chelsea fan growing up and side foots everything so none of these tammy/mount sky shots. Only a racist would think Haaland is better than Fambappe. Are you racist bro?
blakes channel
blakes channel 27 dagen geleden
@daizan i don't think hypebappe will fit with chelsea's style of play. haaland would fit better with how chelsea play he is big strong and somehwta like didier drogba was but not completely the same but has some similar traits.
daizan Maand geleden
It's not ironic yet but might be in the summer but I doubt it, I think we will buy halland or fambappe with that ucl money
James Goode
James Goode Maand geleden
Kane will be another Matt Le Tissier... class player but no trophies (barring Audi Cups)
Joel Williams
Joel Williams Maand geleden
He’s not going anywhere
Mr Imfrom
Mr Imfrom Maand geleden
He is right where he is , can't fit in man utd
SHAHID WILLIE Maand geleden
chelsea could use him well
Jin Pang
Jin Pang Maand geleden
Real Madrid should sign Harry Kane
Addi Hann
Addi Hann Maand geleden
Sell bale, isco and benzema and yes he will the main man in Madrid💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻
ERIC Davis
ERIC Davis Maand geleden
I am a die hard Spurs fan but if Kane left son would have to as well. They are the perfect duo.
Rob Tyman
Rob Tyman Maand geleden
PSG will attempt a double swoop fire both of them ......then they'll come back for Ali.
T Bush
T Bush Maand geleden
As a City fan I hope we don’t sign him he’s top class but we just need to chill with the spending find a cheap option instead and give jesus some minutes 😂
Vivere Pericoloso
Vivere Pericoloso Maand geleden
Jesus and Liam Delap
Kamogelo Moloto
Kamogelo Moloto Maand geleden
Yea we should promote delap
Rudraksh Bhardwaj
Rudraksh Bhardwaj Maand geleden
City chilling on the spending is a joke right
Rory Maand geleden
He ain't going nowhere. A new manager will come in, whom Kane will have a big part in choosing, and a lot will probably change tactically with the team.
Vivere Pericoloso
Vivere Pericoloso Maand geleden
Sean Dyche
daizan Maand geleden
I take that back Stevie g or frank lampard or sarri, shit not many options
daizan Maand geleden
Tim sherwood
Arun John
Arun John Maand geleden
Rafa Benitez !!
Rory Maand geleden
Imagine the scenes if he went to Arsenal. It'd be fucking beautiful.
- Maand geleden
If he moves, it’s gotta be City.
- Maand geleden
@daizan bro they are and they’ve been making history tho. Gotta start somewhere
daizan Maand geleden
Because they have no history lol
BANYHU123 Maand geleden
Not a single club will be interested in him for the fee Spurs are demanding. Media will create stories saying he wants to leave, these clubs should buy him, etc. but you’ll def see him at Spurs next season.
rojan kayastha
rojan kayastha 29 dagen geleden
Otto Cooper
Otto Cooper Maand geleden
Ahh jee re-really?
Nikhil Chitale
Nikhil Chitale Maand geleden
Hazard already slowing down .. I understand your Chelsea biases but if you watch that season again (WC , league and Europa league ) or his goal and xg . He was too 3 player in the world
Samuel Maand geleden
“Already slowing down”? Hazard was in the form of his life! Unfortunately his mentality slowed him down in the end..
Diogo Costa
Diogo Costa Maand geleden
@EpicRenegade777 hence the mentality point 😅
EpicRenegade777 Maand geleden
that and putting on an extra 2 stone
daizan Maand geleden
100% bro not everyone can be cr7 or need to be.
Diogo Costa
Diogo Costa Maand geleden
@Samuel you're completely right, that went under the radar because the video was about Kane
LO17 Maand geleden
Kane should leave. If he doesn’t win a decent trophy in his career it would be a travesty
Stephen Merrick
Stephen Merrick Maand geleden
Man utd
Taha Hadada
Taha Hadada Maand geleden
Dániel Dobos
Dániel Dobos Maand geleden
His problem is that he'll cost any club £150m, and that's the amount that buys you a Haaland as well. Sure, he may still not be an established name, but when a 20-21 year old does what he does so consistently, that's where you put your money. Kane is priced out of any moves and by the time his departure will be a real option, he'll be past it due to injuries and slowing down.
Richard Cory
Richard Cory 13 dagen geleden
However good he is now Haaland is not a guaranteed success because there isn't any such thing. With Kane you get the finished product and a fully mature individual.
Addi Hann
Addi Hann Maand geleden
150m..if neymar and mbappe leave PSG can afford him If halaand and Sancho leave Dortmund can afford him
Rhys Mckee
Rhys Mckee Maand geleden
If Kane goes to city that wraps up the title and maybe a few ucl in the next few years
Omar Bradshaw
Omar Bradshaw Maand geleden
@Rhys Mckee I thought it was 150, but point taken
Rhys Mckee
Rhys Mckee Maand geleden
@Omar Bradshaw No one is buying Harry Kane for 120 mil tho not one club
Omar Bradshaw
Omar Bradshaw Maand geleden
Bayern and liverpool wouldn't pay that, Juventus, Barcelona, The 2 Madrid clubs, and Man Utd can't really afford him, and Chelsea (although they can afford him) would definitely get a ban from UEFA for buying him
Rhys Mckee
Rhys Mckee Maand geleden
@Omar Bradshaw doubt he will go this summer
Omar Bradshaw
Omar Bradshaw Maand geleden
@Rhys Mckee true, unless they sell Mbappe
00 7
00 7 Maand geleden
Real madrid swap with benzema.. win-win
Recky Maand geleden
Man said Cavani has elderly needs
Sreejith V
Sreejith V Maand geleden
Shane McGowan
Shane McGowan Maand geleden
Kane will be priced out of a move this summer
Richard Cory
Richard Cory 13 dagen geleden
How can you price Abu Dhabi out of a deal?
paulyk81 Maand geleden
Agree. And also you have a cool name 😂
Imran Hasan
Imran Hasan Maand geleden
Signing kane means we most likely wont sign sancho. And id much rather have sancho at united than kane
Imran Hasan
Imran Hasan Maand geleden
@BANYHU123 a dm is definitely most important but a right winger who will stay wide and can create chances is a priority as well. Certainly over a defender
BANYHU123 Maand geleden
Would much rather have neither and focus on a CB and DM 😬