What's Going Wrong At Chelsea? | Extra Time 

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This week Joe Thomlinson and Patrick van Straaten chew over the Christmas fixtures to discuss which teams, managers, and players have enhanced or damaged their reputations over the festive period. We discuss the crisis at Chelsea and criticism of Timo Werner, Wolves' quiet decline, Man United's potential title charge, and the impact of Bukayo Saka and Emile Smith Rowe on a directionless Arsenal side. Could Frank be sacked? Is Kieran Tierney better than Roberto Carlos? It's all here.

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6 jan. 2021




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Football Daily Podcasts
Football Daily Podcasts 5 maanden geleden
Who had the best and worst Christmas periods?
mike 5 maanden geleden
Take Lampard behind the shed and put him and this pathetic club out of its misery
Alec Moreira
Alec Moreira 5 maanden geleden
Benfica having a horrible season, could you pleasr talk about benfica? They have been awful, they havent scored many goals and love conceding goals
It’s about winning More
It’s about winning More 5 maanden geleden
We have had poor run 😤
Braden Stevenson
Braden Stevenson 5 maanden geleden
Chelsea the absolute worst
Ethan Pretious
Ethan Pretious 5 maanden geleden
Liverpool didnt have a good one
Teukka 2 maanden geleden
Whos here after they are in ucl semi finals
Eldridge Coutinho
Eldridge Coutinho 5 maanden geleden
I think the first thing we need to do is reduce the number of players that are vying for a single spot. The squad is too fat
Martin Abdou
Martin Abdou 5 maanden geleden
Chelsea fans including myself all want to see a clear plan. Against City, it was the exact opposite. If we wanted to play counter but had zilch a player that isn't a counter-attacking type of player. If we wanted to play passion then Werner is the wrong choice. There was no plan.
cogamers84 5 maanden geleden
Trent Arnold has to be in stock falling, Greenwood as well
Filip Ošťádal
Filip Ošťádal 5 maanden geleden
Poch couldn’t have gone to Chelsea bcs Roman is very traditional and never signed anyone from spurs (and very very rarely someone who played in spurs in the past
Ryan Green
Ryan Green 5 maanden geleden
Arsenal should get Breel Embolo from Gladbach, he’s a young promising versatile attacker who wouldn’t prevent the development of the other younger players
Two players in a pod
Two players in a pod 5 maanden geleden
Lampard does get on to the players but you have to think about what he comes from and the managers he’s played for. He has had success drilled into him and I’m with him, it should be the same for his players
Patrick Stone
Patrick Stone 5 maanden geleden
Incoming Pato Chelsea slander session ffs I hate it out here
DECLAN ARNOLD 5 maanden geleden
Criticising wolves is fair. But they have 5 starting players injured with such a thin squad
Kishan Patel
Kishan Patel 5 maanden geleden
Soucek and Coufal... for once , well done to the Hammers board 👏🏼⚒
James Warrell
James Warrell 5 maanden geleden
I would just like to point out over the festive period wolves have missed 5 key players in boly,dendoncker,jimmnez, Jonny and Podence. Your right we aren’t great this season but as Tim spiers points to the fact we’ve got lots of good young players and are changing system with no pre season. Also just got off the back off the longest season in history.
Josh Brown
Josh Brown 5 maanden geleden
Seriously, how are you arguing that Werner doesn't work as a lone 9, when his start tot he prem where he was scoring fine at the beginning of the season playing in that position and only started to struggle when he got moved to the wing?
JG Ballard
JG Ballard 5 maanden geleden
Chelsea fan here. I'm realistic. I don't know what the guy is talking about saying Lampard criticizes players. I think he's only watched a single interview. He also always says he has to work to do himself. So I think you're hearing what you want to hear. Werner can play as a lone striker - think the old Torres in in his prime, Saurez etc. Liverpool make it work. We're simply not at the same level. Let's look at the reality. 1) We have has 1, maybe 2 games, where everyone was fit. Lampard is ALWAYS having to compromise. 2) How can you find your best starting line up and formation if people and in and out because of injury? 3) Lampard is an apprentice, and that means he'll be bold, but he'll also fail. We must accept this, as horrid as it is. 4) The compression of the schedule means having 11 constant players is out of the question. 5) We are bedding in 7 new players, all of them potential starts. We're doing that with the injuries, the compression etc. And that's just for starters. To imagine he's going to get all this right over the next five games is dreaming. I agree that he needs to rethink the formation. I also don't think we play the possession game very well. We need to draw the opposition toward us to open up space. We're too slow, and defenses get set. But I expect Lampard to get things wrong some times, more often than usual. Lamps needs to start winning, for sure. But comparing him to previous managers who did not have these issues, is unfair. IMO
Asia Liverpool
Asia Liverpool 5 maanden geleden
They spent a bunch of fake russian sugar daddy money building a squad then gave it to the local pieman!
Josh Barker
Josh Barker 5 maanden geleden
Love seeing joe on these
Alexander Archie Pineda
Alexander Archie Pineda 5 maanden geleden
I am very surprised that Southampton wasn’t even in the conversation of teams in the top 10 this year that are better than previous years, I would put them above Everton, West Ham, etc. & probably on par with Villa.
Incognito 5 maanden geleden
When will the ginge understand those strikers need space? Which doesn't necessarily needs to be behind the opposition defense, but can be created via movement and rotation as well..?
Jamaican Youth
Jamaican Youth 5 maanden geleden
How do we get called second best team? We need to stop being ridiculous Man city played a almost second 11 against us and took us to school man for man were behind the top four currently we need to stop talking about better on paper...Now hear this about John Stones being the best center back in the league how do we get to this how...seems this is a comedy show...
Jamaican Youth
Jamaican Youth 5 maanden geleden
This is utter nonsense how does chelse look better with Werner in the line up over Giroud this is nonsense whats the proof of this must be the match sheet...until we apply both forwards together ie Werner along with Giroud/Tammy both being strikers as also CHO walking in Man U over who martial is a regular for France btw so is Giroud and thry keep fit and score. Yeah CHO deserves to play now thats a no brainer and until CHO demonstrates that he can hold down his spot..for long periods and win matches inly then u can argue his cause
Hariboi17 5 maanden geleden
Wolves should try and loan Haller. He would be perfect for them.
OfficialGamer xHD
OfficialGamer xHD 5 maanden geleden
@Hariboi17 the move has been in the works for ages, West Ham want him out
Hariboi17 5 maanden geleden
Also u gotta at least Iike the comment
Hariboi17 5 maanden geleden
But if wolves got their first.....
OfficialGamer xHD
OfficialGamer xHD 5 maanden geleden
Signing for Ajax for £20m
Anthony Higgins
Anthony Higgins 5 maanden geleden
Starting the video with covid talk lost me. We are here to get away from that nonsense.
quick f0x
quick f0x 5 maanden geleden
thoughts on sarri back at chelsea?
imad abdullah
imad abdullah 5 maanden geleden
So simple they don't have a reall coach thats all
Couch Potatoe
Couch Potatoe 5 maanden geleden
Werner is getting the least amount of chances he has ever gotten his entire career.
Maks Kałużny
Maks Kałużny 5 maanden geleden
Is he tho? He's getting a lot of them and blows them everytime
Divyansh Bahuguna
Divyansh Bahuguna 5 maanden geleden
Che Adams has also improved a lot.
ktill97kt 5 maanden geleden
Last season I thought Che Adams was so bad. He’s definitely changed the way I think about him now
Diogo Costa
Diogo Costa 5 maanden geleden
No mention of Southampton as stock rising or improved team?
Dan S
Dan S 5 maanden geleden
yeah,, i agree with joe. they should stick to Frank so they can drop further down the table cause "fuck chelsea"
James C
James C 5 maanden geleden
Stock rising, Joe Thomlinson. My respect for him has really risen and I'm a Chelsea supporter. He's spot on about Werner but a lot of Chelsea supporters are afraid to admit it. Werner just isn't suited for that role in this league. Now there are a number of sensible fans that saw the warning signs very early on and were dreading seeing him, Pulisic and Ziyech together and here we are. What Pato is missing is that these chances have all come from Werner being out on the left and Tammy opening up space for him. Timo hardly gets any opportunities playing alone up top
Daxon Habon
Daxon Habon 5 maanden geleden
@Oliver Boisen that could be an option but that would also mean ziyech would have to play at CAM and he's been great playing as an RW/CAM and would also limit CHO's and Pulisic's development. But yeah, I doubt Lampard would see that as the solution
Oliver Boisen
Oliver Boisen 5 maanden geleden
@Daxon Habon Maybe Frank should try a diamond. Although my problem is I don't think he can actually see what's wrong with his team and he's hoping it fixes itself
Daxon Habon
Daxon Habon 5 maanden geleden
@Oliver Boisen exactly. at RB Leipzig he was effective when playing next to Poulsen a target man but when tammy and Werner played together at the start of the year a lot of Chelsea fans slated tammy because he wasn't 'good enough' and cried for havertz, pulisic and CHO to play. not saying that these guys are under par, but the reason why Werner was good at the start of the year had a lot to do with tammy Abraham or Giroud alongside him. they have to find a balance in attack quickly
Steve Veasey
Steve Veasey 5 maanden geleden
He got most of his goals for Leipzig playing wide on the left, you would think Chelsea might have watched some videos of him doing a 'Robben' on the opposite side over and over again.
Oliver Boisen
Oliver Boisen 5 maanden geleden
I think you just simply can't play Werner as a lone 9 tbh. Frank needs to play him in a two with either Giroud or Tammy
Gustavo Ferniza
Gustavo Ferniza 5 maanden geleden
Yo who busted ass @3:38
Fribz 5 maanden geleden
I'm a simple man. I see pato and Joe. I click like
jezza T
jezza T 5 maanden geleden
of course harry maguire is constantly playing, half of the time he doesnt go for balls. its mad how football hipsters are mad on him when he just leaves so many balls from crosses and set pieces that end up being finished
Marquis de Suave
Marquis de Suave 5 maanden geleden
Chelsea signs tranfers the way my alcoholic uncle drafts fantasy football players. "Uncle Bob, why did you draft 4 quarterbacks in the first 4 rounds? You need running backs and receivers." "Yeah, well I have 4 of the top 15 quarterbacks, so obviously Im foing to have a lot of passing yards." "But you can only play one at the position per week." "...........I need a drink."
Aiden Arnfinson
Aiden Arnfinson 5 maanden geleden
i think the best option is 4-1-2-1-2. giroud werner havertz mount kante ziyech chilwell zouma silva james mendy sub: pulisic - tammy - jorginho - kovacic - rudiger - azpilicueta - kepa
Tommo 5 maanden geleden
frank wouldnt bench pulisic he’s their best attacker
Moe K
Moe K 5 maanden geleden
Great content guys, PVS and Joe already a better duo than maguire and lindelof
Big Burrito
Big Burrito 5 maanden geleden
i’ve been supporting Chelsea for nearly nine years and i would not be surprised if Lampard is sacked if he doesn’t make a positive change in this next run of fixtures. i think his team selection is shaky at times, and against Man City it was poor. Timo Werner should not have started after his performance against Arsenal. i would have started Abraham and had Pulisic, Ziyech, and Hudson-Odoi behind him. Mount and Kante in a midfield pair offers so much energy and Mount is very capable of being the man to progress the ball and be a deeper playmaker at times as well as a late runner into the box. i’ve wanted to see Tomori play with Thiago Silva or at least play more often than Rudiger or Christensen. Tomori and Zouma was the best partnership in the squad at the end of last season, i have no idea why he’s suddenly getting no minutes.
Harry Chandhok
Harry Chandhok 5 maanden geleden
Finally a mention about John Stones. He's such a nice guy and his upturn of form goes unnoticed cuz he's at City. Love your content anyway.
Jamie Hind
Jamie Hind 5 maanden geleden
So nice he left his misses for a lass he got pregnant behind her bk to find out it was not his so nice
Matt Malmberg
Matt Malmberg 5 maanden geleden
The only thing that people forget about Wolves is that they're trying to change their system in the middle of the season. A team that has only known a back 5 that suddenly switches to a back 4 is naturally going to struggle. It's very worrying, especially as a Wolves fan, but I don't think many teams would fair much better.
Meathead Junior
Meathead Junior 5 maanden geleden
I haven't seen a liverpool game where the opponents didn't sit with 8 defenders in like 2 months. That's why the football looks boring because we aren't on top form
harry wilce
harry wilce 5 maanden geleden
Took Min Son and Ndombele a year to settle into the prem and now Cancelo after a year looks like the best RB on the division this year. Hope Kai Havertz and Werner can find their form again next year. Think it’s a little harsh criticising them already, but guess that comes with their price tags
Alx 5 maanden geleden
its up to the manager and the staff to improve and train these players like werner to add these qualities to them. But they havn't ,no touch timo still has no touch. There are other players too but i cba
Leo Newton
Leo Newton 5 maanden geleden
Completely agree with Pat. The league this season has improved overall. Plus I think it isn't just the prem where the top teams are underperforming this season. Perhaps something to do with COVID?? I.e. no pre-seasons nor crowds?
Hari Jones
Hari Jones 5 maanden geleden
i hate pat
Lukeeykins 5 maanden geleden
I wonder could ye do one of these live and make it more interactive and grow it that way ? Cause alot of other channels are doing this because when it's live it comes up in recommended straight away
Julio Nieblas Perez
Julio Nieblas Perez 5 maanden geleden
swear Joe beats off to Lampard, dudes not even a proven manager.
Julio Nieblas Perez
Julio Nieblas Perez 5 maanden geleden
@ktill97kt Ole has been manager for a while now has tactically proven himself a bit
ktill97kt 5 maanden geleden
He backs Ole so he would look a bit hypocritical to write off Frank. I agree tho Frank isn’t good enough
MrBananaBandana 5 maanden geleden
To add to your point on Jimenez coming back and performing, there is no way he can come and be the same player he was, maybe ever but definitely not immediately. It will be a difficult task coming back into the role of "big, hold-up play, target man" after an injury such as his. I'd personally be terrified to stick my head on the end of anything ever again if I'd fractured my skull attempting the same thing.
Ronnie Hart
Ronnie Hart 5 maanden geleden
Man united title contenders 😂😂 what a joker, they'd be the worst team to ever win it
brian 5 maanden geleden
Aguero is one of the greatest strikers the prem has ever seen your "light weight" argument is pretty ridiculous.
joe gannon
joe gannon 5 maanden geleden
Very true but I remember Pep saying how hard it is to play with a small no 9 defending set pieces etc
Harry Chandhok
Harry Chandhok 5 maanden geleden
Completely agree. I was shocked when his name doesn't come up
BusterBarnes 5 maanden geleden
You're saying Lampard never admits to getting things wrong when he literally did that after the man city game lmao.
EuroExpert 5 maanden geleden
Thank god for Pato. I would love to see a full argument as to why "Tuchel is not good enough". The only rule is that, the argument would have to be based off more than five UCL matches they watched PSG in
MrBananaBandana 5 maanden geleden
Excuse me but Arteta was bringing up betting statistics a couple weeks ago, that is not a man who is happy taking responsibility and criticism for his side's underperformance
Finn Keatinge
Finn Keatinge 5 maanden geleden
That was a gooden
kittenallie 5 maanden geleden
Lampard tends to always praise Mount, but rarely Pulisic, Giroud, CHO...etc. I think he just fails at realizing how that and calling them all lazy does effect the mentality. Honestly he ostracized Alonso from the team, he made a mistake that shouldn't mean being blacklisted while continuing playing the likes of Christensen
It’s about winning More
It’s about winning More 5 maanden geleden
Christensen and CO should have been moved ,board failed in the transfer window!😌
Un Named
Un Named 5 maanden geleden
you mean Emile Smith-Ronaldo?
Ethaniel Clyne
Ethaniel Clyne 5 maanden geleden
Buendia can play wide when Smith rowe plays in the middle or at CAM when you rest him, he's a great and passer and he puts in a great shift every game
Dom Brown
Dom Brown 5 maanden geleden
This was definitely filmed before the lockdown announcement given their attitudes hahaha
dhruv holla
dhruv holla 5 maanden geleden
If there's any disease going around, Chris hamill will contract it? Sure y'all don't want to rephrase that so we don't make fun of all the STDs hamill has?
shubham chauhan
shubham chauhan 5 maanden geleden
PVS is a top notch football analyst. He called out fat Frank before he got schooled by pep and arteta. Fully agreed on wolves too. Their style of football is boring for the players they have.
Chepe Martinez
Chepe Martinez 5 maanden geleden
I've been looking for a football podcast and i found it
Relaxing and Soothing
Relaxing and Soothing 5 maanden geleden
ABU Podcast
Josh Mason
Josh Mason 5 maanden geleden
The best duo!!
Toyesh Singh
Toyesh Singh 5 maanden geleden
This PATRICKBVS guy firstly doesn't listen to all the interviews and then basically narrates his agenda against Chelsea. But after all he is an Arsenal Fan, we can expect that I guess from him.
Giorgos Kyriakides
Giorgos Kyriakides 5 maanden geleden
Eric Bailly has a couple of decent performances in the last couple of years and Joe bigs him up to push United to the title. Makes you wonder. Such a reactionary take.
Akampa Mugambe
Akampa Mugambe 5 maanden geleden
Pats face when Joe says Stones is the best CB in the league 😂
legsuFIN 5 maanden geleden
No stock rising player, manager or whole team from villa? Ok..
BergenCountysFinest201 5 maanden geleden
It falls on Lampard 80/20 I want him sacked as a Chelsea fan
George Hollington
George Hollington 5 maanden geleden
You just know Bielsa watches Cancelo teary eyed whilst wishing Dallas was that good
Andy S
Andy S 5 maanden geleden
if they hired a manager like Allegri they would be able to easily salvage top 4 and probably beat atleti, but they shouldn’t do that if they really want to build a dynasty. allegri will always win now but doesn’t really build anything
Julius Rajpaul
Julius Rajpaul 5 maanden geleden
When Werner plays he looks so one footed and therefore predictable
Alexander Thomas
Alexander Thomas 5 maanden geleden
Remember folks, don't get too many players during the transfer window.
Jeremy Bunoit
Jeremy Bunoit 5 maanden geleden
Frank just needs 4-5 players like Halaand, Messi, Rice, Sancho , Donaruma, Mbappe and De Bryne to become best team in europe. Chelsea is already a top team, few transfers and booom 🔥
OfficialGamer xHD
OfficialGamer xHD 5 maanden geleden
You must be joking?... also you say 4-5 player but mention 7
Michael Jones
Michael Jones 5 maanden geleden
Took 4 minutes for pato to bring up expected goals:D
Ethaniel Clyne
Ethaniel Clyne 5 maanden geleden
I actually can't believe that Adama traore didn't score in 2020 that's insane
Diogo Costa
Diogo Costa 5 maanden geleden
@Arianna Reguly his passing and crossing is also pretty poor but yeah dribbling wise, physically wise and even defending or workrate wise he is very good
Arianna Reguly
Arianna Reguly 5 maanden geleden
@Diogo Costa I know aha! if he could finish he'd be world class, literally has everything else.
Diogo Costa
Diogo Costa 5 maanden geleden
@Arianna Reguly he actually has dribbling skills, Dan James is 80% just pace
Arianna Reguly
Arianna Reguly 5 maanden geleden
my friend called him Dan James with more protein lol
Salty Soul
Salty Soul 5 maanden geleden
@Visca El Barca he got assists. I remember one vs wets ham for neto volley
LG 5 maanden geleden
FD getting ambitious with that 20 second unskippable
Fork Jake Paul
Fork Jake Paul 5 maanden geleden
im a Chelsea fan I agree with pat
loonyleper 5 maanden geleden
1:26 History made as PVS sounds out being old as a competitive advantage.
Vault Boy CEO
Vault Boy CEO 5 maanden geleden
I have a bunch of admin at work to do - hello new episode! Delighted to hear Joe and Pat soothe my ears once again
Pierre Hinds
Pierre Hinds 5 maanden geleden
do a full podcast on how great arsenal are before we're shite again
thewaffleman 5 maanden geleden
Chelseas best win in the prem this season is west ham btw
thewaffleman 5 maanden geleden
@Alex Aransiola same shit 😭
Alex Aransiola
Alex Aransiola 5 maanden geleden
Ishraq Nur
Ishraq Nur 5 maanden geleden
You dont spend 200 mil when you have an inexperienced manager. Werner and Kai were not Lampards signings, they were the club's signings. Lampard wanted Ziyech, Chilwell, a defender and a GK. What lampard needs to do is change his formation and try something new. Play 4-4-2 or 3-4-3.
Ishraq Nur
Ishraq Nur 5 maanden geleden
@It’s about winning More well, Sarri said the same thing when we bought Pulisic, he also said that he didn't know that we were buying Pulisic. The board might have spoken with lampard before buying them, just to let him know, but the board would have bought them even if lampard said they were not needed.
It’s about winning More
It’s about winning More 5 maanden geleden
Kai Harvetz and Timo Werner were his signings,he also gaved an interview with BBC that he liked Kai Harvetz play🙂
Alex Webber
Alex Webber 5 maanden geleden
I think saying that frank over criticises the players is harsh, he's only done it once vs arsenal when the players clearly weren't working hard enough.
Will McNamee
Will McNamee 5 maanden geleden
Havertz is not a box to box midfielder or a left midfielder, the only way I see them going forward is a 4 2 3 1, with jorginho and kante at the base with Havertz as a 10 with Werner on the left and Tammy or Giroud up front and when they defend they revert to a 4 4 2 or a 4 4 1 1 with werner shifting into the striker position to catch teams out on the break and and tammy or Giroud dropping back into the CF role to hold up the ball to shift it to Werner running in behind
Rory Blessington
Rory Blessington 5 maanden geleden
Can we have more European/Euros content pls! I’m fed up with the premier league at the moment
Colt45 &Kalasnikov
Colt45 &Kalasnikov 5 maanden geleden
Last few weeks pl has been so boring
Crispin Peet
Crispin Peet 5 maanden geleden
They also have a channel called euro football daily which covers that
Rory Blessington
Rory Blessington 5 maanden geleden
1:35 kinda offensive as an asthmatic I know people that do seriously need the vaccine because of how bad their asthma is. So I know it’s a joke Patrick but pls don’t make yourself look like ‘bad’ because you think a joke is funny but also quite offensive to others that do have those health conditions.
Viggo Martinsson
Viggo Martinsson 5 maanden geleden
Not offensive at all
Jaskaran Singh
Jaskaran Singh 5 maanden geleden
Get in there pvs cancelo has been soo good👌👌
Mister S
Mister S 5 maanden geleden
3:51 Do you really think Poch would even consider the Chelsea job after leaving the Tottenham one?
Mister S
Mister S 5 maanden geleden
@_n_ mohsin_27 Fair enough
_n_ mohsin_27
_n_ mohsin_27 5 maanden geleden
He’s at PSG
lewis morgan
lewis morgan 5 maanden geleden
I know this sounds like a weird point but Stamford Bridge' pitch is pretty small and gives these players less room for the runs Werner etc would like
Viggo Martinsson
Viggo Martinsson 5 maanden geleden
That would add up if he performed well when playing away games but he doesn’t....
Aung Kaung Myat
Aung Kaung Myat 5 maanden geleden
Patrick's hatred for chelsea is unbelievable 🤣 pls set aside your personal feeling if you are to analyze professionally and you don't have to stress the word "hated", we know you hate everyone from chelsea fc Learn from Joe how to be a professional
Aung Kaung Myat
Aung Kaung Myat 5 maanden geleden
That's what most of managers do...and what I mean is he doesn't need to stress that word TWICE
nelson msola
nelson msola 5 maanden geleden
Wea did he lie about lamps?
Ishraq Nur
Ishraq Nur 5 maanden geleden
Again, not the best line up. Talking about Chelsea Football Club with an Arsenal fan and Manchester United fan. Where is Zac or Sam Obaseki?
lewis morgan
lewis morgan 5 maanden geleden
went 13 games unbeaten .. lost a few games and now Lamps is a bad manager. This season is just nuts and everyone is having their ups and downs
Lumiya 5 maanden geleden
Nothing's wrong with Chelsea. But a lot of things are not going right.
Abhi king
Abhi king 5 maanden geleden
I think luke Shaw is really improved player GGMU ❤️
Mark Royter
Mark Royter 5 maanden geleden
Chelsea will be good next season. Not sure if it will be under Super Frank, but they will be challenging for the title in 2022
Jamie Frew
Jamie Frew 5 maanden geleden
Would Chelsea bringing in a DM like Rice, and switching to a 4231 with Havertz at 10 turn their form around?
Mister S
Mister S 5 maanden geleden
@Jamie Frew Agreed that a switch to 4231 is best for now. But I feel that Chelsea should prioritise getting a streak of W’s under their belt before addressing singular player issues (Kai in this case). If Frank gets some momentum following wins, it shall be easier to get players in to slot in and thrive.
Jamie Frew
Jamie Frew 5 maanden geleden
@Mister S he won’t get accustomed to the league if he isn’t playing games, I also don’t think it’s helped that the system doesn’t suit him. He needs to be further forward in and around the box. Although I wouldn’t be opposed to seeing Ziyech in the 10 and CHO wide right. Still feel like a switch to a 4231 from the 433 is the way forward.
Mister S
Mister S 5 maanden geleden
@Jamie Frew Havartz looks like he’ll need some time to get accustomed to the league while Hakim seems fine. For the time being why not play the player (Hakim) who is able to perform while leaving the odd game or sub appearance for the player who is struggling (Kai). Especially when things aren’t going well in regards to results
Jamie Frew
Jamie Frew 5 maanden geleden
@Mister S but why move him from somewhere where he’s been playing well? When fit the best pairing down that side is Ziyech and James
Mister S
Mister S 5 maanden geleden
@Jamie Frew doesn’t have to. He’d make a stellar CAM if given the chance, he’s done it in the past.
nihal kotwani
nihal kotwani 5 maanden geleden
chelsea wont make top 4 tott will make top4 instead
Tyler Doran
Tyler Doran 5 maanden geleden
Stock rising Thomas Soucek
Peter Kolodziej
Peter Kolodziej 5 maanden geleden
Stock rising, my fpl pts
Colt45 &Kalasnikov
Colt45 &Kalasnikov 5 maanden geleden
@Julius Rajpaul 😂😂😂 get OUT of here Soucek is out of this world I have no idea how West Ham even found him
My_Slice_Of_Illusion _Rowan
My_Slice_Of_Illusion _Rowan 5 maanden geleden
@Julius Rajpaul lol you clearly don't watch the hammers lol
Jose Lazalde
Jose Lazalde 5 maanden geleden
@Julius Rajpaul he is still a great player 🤩
Julius Rajpaul
Julius Rajpaul 5 maanden geleden
Only Scores from headers, in open play hes average
Mahesh Menon
Mahesh Menon 5 maanden geleden
Here for the ESR love.
Bazz Boes
Bazz Boes 5 maanden geleden
A defensive midfielder like donny vd beek would do the truck with an false 9
Viggo Martinsson
Viggo Martinsson 5 maanden geleden
Donny is not a defensive midfielder get off fifa
ATB Jumpoff
ATB Jumpoff 5 maanden geleden
Van de Beek is most definitely not a defensive mid
Kas Boks
Kas Boks 5 maanden geleden
Donny vd beek is not a defensive midfielder
Calum brooks
Calum brooks 5 maanden geleden
Love it lads thank you❤️❤️✌️
Hugo Bch
Hugo Bch 5 maanden geleden
Palace, with Eze and Zaha, could be an established top half team. Solid midfield with Guita, that's enough
Måneskin - Beggin' (Lyrics)
Math Has a Fatal Flaw
Weergaven 7 mln.
Måneskin - Beggin' (Lyrics)