What REALLY Happened To Freddy Adu? 

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At the age 14, Freddy Adu was already the highest paid player in Major League Soccer, starring in commercials alongside Pele, and being tipped to become the greatest footballer the United States had ever produced.
Now aged 31, Adu is once again a free agent, having just been released by Swedish third tier side Österlen FF.
So in this documentary, HITC Sevens takes a deep dive into Freddy Adu's rise and fall, the role of the MLS, his age dispute, and what really happened to the greatest soccer player that never was.


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30 mrt. 2021




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Cris Morriah
Cris Morriah 3 dagen geleden
Like many of your videos. Just wish I could hear what you say at end of your sentences, without need to rewind, try understand again) Great, informative content.
KatimaGaming 3 dagen geleden
I remember signing him everytime in Championship Manager and Football Mamager back then. Always had high potential. Wish him the best.
David Lewis
David Lewis 3 dagen geleden
He thought money makes him a man
Historynerd247 5 dagen geleden
I feel so bad for Abdu. Like the "He's the next great player!" and things like that hurt him. I remember seeing a game with him playing when i was 8. My dad said he felt like all the hype was not good. I remember he said to my uncle, "This kid is gonna fizzle out." Abdu was a great player BUT he needed to work on improving his game! Everyone in the MLS, the fans the press everyone failed him.
Alvaro Morales
Alvaro Morales 6 dagen geleden
Anybody with a 🧠 knows that Freddy adu’s real age was much older. At “14” he was 5’8” and to this day he is still 5’8” 🤔
Everything Nice
Everything Nice 8 dagen geleden
What happen to bojan krijc
Anton Palmer-Smith
Anton Palmer-Smith 8 dagen geleden
Y'all actually say...white players and black players??? I find this extremely funny and very interesting lol!!! So I'm guessing, black players are so have to separate them!!! One of the best white players in the world LMAO... is he one of the best footballers in the world, period??? LMAO
Stuart Davis
Stuart Davis 8 dagen geleden
Who gives a fuck
A P 8 dagen geleden
i played against him.. was not 13
Marcus Score
Marcus Score 9 dagen geleden
He never was good and he is older than what he claimed
J B.
J B. 9 dagen geleden
Overrated and just a hype train
1dering 9 dagen geleden
short answer: he was NOT as good as they said. Fans see good flashy skills and buy it! It takes much more than that.
james mcdevitt
james mcdevitt 9 dagen geleden
Yes thanks this was intresting 👍 hey what about a player called tony Daley he was a great winger for Aston Villa . And got called up to the England squad . But he vanished . Wondered what ever happened to him thanks .
Lon Diggs
Lon Diggs 11 dagen geleden
Another video trying to decipher the last word in each sentence from a Northern accent which weakly mumbles the final syllables.
Dixie Pixie
Dixie Pixie 11 dagen geleden
Used to be a beast on Football Manager!
archipiratta 11 dagen geleden
The US hype-machine does it again 🙄🤦🏽‍♂️
Clint Eranovic
Clint Eranovic 11 dagen geleden
You make interesting videos but I wish you wouldn't drop your voice at the end of every ---. Sometimes I can't make out what you ---. Often the last word in the sentence is the most important ---.
Restless Guitarist
Restless Guitarist 12 dagen geleden
Why, when you reference Nil Lampty, do you show Ugo Ehiogu?
dylan vasey
dylan vasey 12 dagen geleden
Apart from the few times he was quite literally a man playing against children he was rubbish. And once the man played against other men, he failed. To be honest if any 18 year old could claim they were 14 and play against 14 year olds they would look like Pele.
Jed Eye
Jed Eye 13 dagen geleden
The media love to destroy young talent.
iron man
iron man 14 dagen geleden
I was way better than this kid at his age sadly us Latin/Hispanics never get a second look or an opportunity to play the sport professionally especially in this country USA. Hence that's why they suck at the international level there a disgrace and embarrassment.
romaunited34 Rey Mysterio fanboy
Well without any Freddy Adu, I'm going to re watch this video
Sir Wil
Sir Wil 14 dagen geleden
Even lebron looked older. They need to stop with the stereotypes
let love lead
let love lead 15 dagen geleden
He's a Ghanaian. He only naturalized for America.
Edem A.
Edem A. 15 dagen geleden
You all should follow him on Instagram, he posts every now and then to give updates on the happenings in his life.
Hiram Adu-Kusi
Hiram Adu-Kusi 16 dagen geleden
The US team hated that he was getting all the hype and kept benching him when though he was the best play maker in the entire team. They deliberately suppressed his play time, which made him unattractive to other teams. He lead the U17 team to the WC finals but they when he came back, he was still benched. The hype was not his fault, bcus he was that good of player.
Jerry S
Jerry S 16 dagen geleden
Imagine declining so much that even your home country’s league doesn’t even want to offer you a place to play.
Ben Haney
Ben Haney 16 dagen geleden
He’s listed at 5’8? Looking at that picture where he’s standing talking to those kids... I don’t see how he could be anywhere near that tall...
Ben Haney
Ben Haney 16 dagen geleden
Let’s not forget when we talk about hype. It’s not as though Adu is an average player in the premier league or even in the MLS. So you cannot just blame overhype. As in, you can’t say he’s a pretty good player playing to his ability, it’s simply because of the hype that he’s viewed as a failure. He’s not a pro caliber player. Obviously the hype doesn’t help but a mean he is a failure as a pro level player...
Ben Haney
Ben Haney 16 dagen geleden
It’s ironic. Because you said 14 year olds simply don’t play in Seria A. Well 16 year olds, 17 year olds, even 18 year olds don’t sign pro contracts in American sports. Everyone plays at least two years of college football, at least one year of college basketball, those are the rules; in baseball everyone plays at least one year and usually at least 2-3 or far more in the minor leagues after high school or college even, hockey is similar. They definitely do not go into a clubs program when they are 7. Yet it was in America that 14 year old Freddy got a pro contract. Weird.
Ben Haney
Ben Haney 16 dagen geleden
Was it even a case of a guy, “not living up to his potential?” Or was he simply never that good, or ever going to be that good?
Ben Haney
Ben Haney 16 dagen geleden
I mean I know he showed “flashes” whatever that means. But it wasn’t against exactly great competition and in any case, I’d bet any good athlete would look good from time to time. I mean put a would class sprinter with little to no football skills against mediocre pro competition. I’d lay odds they would show “flashes” as well..,
riser 17 dagen geleden
Mate just get to the fucking point
Andy G
Andy G 17 dagen geleden
Its all because he is about 6 years older than he says he is
Rafael Ashton
Rafael Ashton 17 dagen geleden
My favorite player to play during Championship Manager gaming days
Thomas Conboy
Thomas Conboy 17 dagen geleden
A academy club would of been best for him
Thomas Conboy
Thomas Conboy 17 dagen geleden
Ing is a great development cent for tennis golf baseball and now football
Nick Marcus
Nick Marcus 18 dagen geleden
You have a terrible habit of making the last two or three words of the sentences inaudible. Try punching up at the end of a phrase instead of trailing off.
Khalid Townseel
Khalid Townseel 18 dagen geleden
This guy is an idiot. Tema is not a village dummy
dopemcee 18 dagen geleden long did he leave that picture up with adu and jojo.? i think it was intentional...hmm.
kes tee
kes tee 18 dagen geleden
It was bad management and bad advice that failed him..... If he had followed d right trajectory, he would have made it further than he did..quite unfortunate. Wasted talent.
Freddy Adu
Freddy Adu 19 dagen geleden
Hey! Yes this is the real Freddy Adu and just watched this vid. I know my career has been ruined by media and pressure. I just miss my old days and I really wanna be in the past. Hope this channel grow well.
Tree Stem
Tree Stem 19 dagen geleden
He grew up so fast. Not his fault that he got everything do fast. He is in faster lane in life. He has his dream and he can live his life. Thanks to his Mom for her endurance.
Gab 19 dagen geleden
Google says he has a 15 million net worth.. thats pretty damn successful generally speaking
James Browne
James Browne 19 dagen geleden
Freddie Adu. Too much too soon. Instead of letting him progress and develop at a normal pace, he was thrust into the limelight at 14 and deemed an American Maradona. Surprise! It didn't pan out and he fizzled. Athletic endeavors are saturated with stories about can't miss prodigy who, in fact, miss in a bigly way.
Blck Prnz
Blck Prnz 19 dagen geleden
Expectation is a heavy burden. They killed his career with too much expectations. Sad!
Patrick Kealy
Patrick Kealy 20 dagen geleden
He was nothing more than a Media creation who had a bit of talent, who was given numerous opportunities to impress on the pitch but who ultimately failed to live up to all the hype.
Jevonghn Strachan
Jevonghn Strachan 20 dagen geleden
Mark Pieratt
Mark Pieratt 20 dagen geleden
so what happened to him?
Jay mice
Jay mice 20 dagen geleden
He’s still young and got paid. 🤷🏽‍♂️
Custo De Sousa
Custo De Sousa 20 dagen geleden
From what I have read from the multiple clubs in Europe he played for his major problem was laziness. He wouldn’t put any heart or effort into the training. Maybe indeed it was all psychological because he was told so young that he was the new Pele and may have believed it. Sad.
JK cesko
JK cesko 20 dagen geleden
Most over rated underachiever
Arguru Records
Arguru Records 21 dag geleden
You always talk garbage for like 2/3 mins at the start of each vid 😂😂 im always watching tho
yea yaa
yea yaa 21 dag geleden
Much Adu About Nothing
Freddy Adu
Freddy Adu 19 dagen geleden
Shush 😭
Dale Garner
Dale Garner 21 dag geleden
Narrator. Your voice is very annoying. At the end of every sentence your voice goes so low people struggle to hear what you're saying. Interesting story, but your narration is irritating.
steven litherland
steven litherland 21 dag geleden
Much Adu about nothing if you ask me.
Freddy Adu
Freddy Adu 19 dagen geleden
Paul M
Paul M 21 dag geleden
Who ever believes his age I got some land for sale in the everglades for you
Paul M
Paul M 21 dag geleden
Fake age
Freddy Adu
Freddy Adu 19 dagen geleden
No it's real
Alfonso Portugal
Alfonso Portugal 21 dag geleden
there have been tons of kids like that, it is like a curse, the very first moment people or the media claims "this is the next Pelé" that's it, the kid will never reach anything big. Football is not that easy, it's not just about playing good at young age, its much more than that.
Dontdoittoyoself 21 dag geleden
American soccer is a joke and I’m not talking about Adu. MLS is trash and they hold it against him for not raising everyone’s level scoring and assisting every game and the teams not winning. I’m talking about him in Europe when he was young. I’m talking about the average scrub in the MLS getting far better treatment than Adu. Jordan Morris is not Adu talent wise and doesn’t have to deal with that nonsense. And Jordan gets played well.
Leo Manjaro
Leo Manjaro 21 dag geleden
No good player just don't go away like that he is a bum with money
25 Neptun
25 Neptun 21 dag geleden
Anew-Wiseman 22 dagen geleden
It's sad that his Failure taught me not to overhype USMNT players. Adu would have been still playing at this point
Wasil Wassiq
Wasil Wassiq 22 dagen geleden
Freddie was 14 in Ghana years. In reality he was 18/19 years old. So he would obviously outshine his teammates and opponents. When he started playing professionally and every1 was his age or older he didn't perform as good. That is why he never reached where people thought he was heading.
Abel W
Abel W 5 dagen geleden
Proof to back up your allegation?
Don Parkison
Don Parkison 22 dagen geleden
Pretty sad story really. If he didnt feel like his family really needed the money, the right move would have been to become an academy player in Europe like Pulisic did. It also seems like he always had someone in his ear making feel like he was getting screwed causing him to make poor decisions.
Justin Akwetey
Justin Akwetey 22 dagen geleden
Bro definitely had an American age. If he was in Europe I’m sure they’d have tap in his talent much efficient than mls
Ryan Cannin
Ryan Cannin 22 dagen geleden
Marketing & Hype over coaching & developing... Such an American thing to do 🙄
jason4275 22 dagen geleden
He earned around $15 million and at 31 I think money and stability was more important than talent and success for Adu and family.
jason4275 22 dagen geleden
His biggest mistake is thinking that soccer is popular in the U.S. he should have went straight to England or any European country.
Simon Bridge
Simon Bridge 23 dagen geleden
The MLS is the worst thing to happen to football since Uefa, so it's pretty bad.
Simon Bridge
Simon Bridge 23 dagen geleden
A product of commercialism. Nothing more than an advert for American soccer. Shit how that kid was used as a cash cow at his own expense. I say fuck the major corporate conglomerates who are screwing us over every minute of every day. Fuck them all.
tiestofalljays 23 dagen geleden
Yeah no, this dude’s age was misrepresented.
Carla Amusan
Carla Amusan 23 dagen geleden
What happened. He is actually 45 now
William N
William N 23 dagen geleden
last time I heard of him, he's still a young prospect
spawnyruud 23 dagen geleden
Freddy and Cherno - what a strike force that would’ve been
davidh 23 dagen geleden
It's absolutely mental that he's still only 31.
Random Real World
Random Real World 23 dagen geleden
He was a brilliant signing on Football Manager 2005, loved that game, one of the best in that franchise imo.
Jack Manger
Jack Manger 24 dagen geleden
aye shoutout the ville!!!! freddy adu’s mom lived in my neighborhood
Kelly Brown
Kelly Brown 24 dagen geleden
Adu's story reminds me so much of Michelle Wie, the female golf phenom. Nobody really cared about their future, only the immediate success and the short-term pay-off.
F Muir - Stop Gang Stalking
never heard of him
Karabo Trench
Karabo Trench 24 dagen geleden
Richest Football Clubs in Africa
Tony S
Tony S 24 dagen geleden
I could not hear the end of the sentence every damn time. Need some coaching in how to be clear talking.
Kornel Berkes
Kornel Berkes 24 dagen geleden
I did not read through all the comments, but I do not simply think, he was 14 back in the time he strated to be hyped. Maybe rather 18...
Kiki on the Trail
Kiki on the Trail 24 dagen geleden
He made a horrendous decision signing for DC United. My research over the years suggest the club were more interested in his marketability than his development.
Chutulo Tanbaro
Chutulo Tanbaro 25 dagen geleden
It was a disastrous. His attitude was also part of the problem.
Ryder Kalaris
Ryder Kalaris 25 dagen geleden
The foregoing ink substantially waste because condition shortly behave round a aboard parentheses. optimal, weak employer
Angel Diez Ovelar
Angel Diez Ovelar 25 dagen geleden
8 Ads..not for me this Channel
Paul Vazzo
Paul Vazzo 25 dagen geleden
I lived in DC at the time when Freddy arrived to DC United. I was surprised when Freddy demanded that Jaime Moreno, a legend of the team and league and all-time leading scorer of the team, gave him the #9 jersey when he arrived..a rookie, a teenager, without any real game experience, just a lot of hype making demands. The second wrong move was demanding a starting spot...somehow he didn't want to go through the process as all the young professional go through and develop their game and earn a spot on the starting team, he believed his own hype and thought he should be a started. He had great players and coaches to learn from, but he thought he knew better and was better so he ended up leaving DCU...and the rest is history
John Capo
John Capo 25 dagen geleden
freddy kruiger got him
The life of Eli
The life of Eli 25 dagen geleden
I remember meeting him on a flight to Los Ángeles and asking him for an autograph thinking I was going to have the next Messi’s autograph on my fifa box but i just got a flops signature 😂😅
Legend 27
Legend 27 25 dagen geleden
Freddy adu football managers number 1 prospect
Brunel Maverick
Brunel Maverick 25 dagen geleden
One Word “PELE”
Taylor Swann
Taylor Swann 25 dagen geleden
The mountainous crab continuously release because beef counterintuitively curl along a grubby gruesome sheet. telling, chunky beet
Ní Síocháin Gan Saoirse
Football jn america (not american football, as that would confuse those pesky yanks...) is so poor in quality that the American football agencies HAD to put this lad in their team as early as they dis because they had no chance of qualifying for the world cups without him. Obviously it didn't work, and the American national football team didnt get much better, but they had to try. I can't fault them for trying.
Ní Síocháin Gan Saoirse
I don't know if its age, or experience, but as I grow older, I stop tuning in to these so called "upcoming superstars" and seem to spot their lack of potential...
Kevin Kosna
Kevin Kosna 25 dagen geleden
I always sign UP him in championship manager 03/04... Classy wunderkid
Daz Pearce
Daz Pearce 25 dagen geleden
if Adu was 17 or 18 at that time it was quite a difference?
PowPowRelay 25 dagen geleden
lol not be xenophobic but ...
Jon Name Change
Jon Name Change 26 dagen geleden
Please just skip to 3:06
madalfa diallo
madalfa diallo 26 dagen geleden
Much Adu about nothing
TheBuster2321 26 dagen geleden
5 or 6 years older all day long!!!! It was always so obvious. Now At 31 he now looks older then me, I'm 36 and certainly have NOT lived an athletes lifestyle....
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