What On Earth Is Going On In The Chinese Super League? 

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A few days ago, Jiangsu Suning announced that they were ceasing all operations of both their men's and women's football teams.
Jiangsu are the reigning Chinese Super League champions, and their demise has sparked questions as to whether China's remarkably lucrative state-sponsored soccer league could be a bubble that's about to burst.
So in this brief documentary, HITC Sevens takes a look at the relationship between China's president Xi Jinping, the country's footballing finances that extend to Serie A and the Premier League, their bold plans, and whether it is all about to come crashing down in the CSL.


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3 mrt. 2021




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Kenneth Mascarenhas
Kenneth Mascarenhas 19 uur geleden
Love the channel and content. A humble request : Could you pronounce words a bit more clearly towards the end of your sentences? I have no clue which Man City sticker you're referring to at 1:50
tjjs 2 dagen geleden
Love how there are so many CCP bots in this comment section
Brian incidentally
Brian incidentally 2 dagen geleden
I'm just glad that the recent introduction of a wage cap and reduction of the foreign players quota has made the CSL less of a draw for Korean players looking for a quick payday instead of challenging themselves in more competitive leagues.
Mathew Omolo
Mathew Omolo 4 dagen geleden
10:42 this is the second facial expression I've seen of him.
Jed Eye
Jed Eye 4 dagen geleden
The fall of capitalism
Hyde Hill
Hyde Hill 5 dagen geleden
Might want to research in this context what happened/ is happening at ADO Den Haag in the Netherlands. Absolute nightmare of a Chinese investor.
Zhi Han Lee
Zhi Han Lee 5 dagen geleden
Well China is still able to beat Singapore 4-0
zimpirate.coms 7 dagen geleden
Why can't it be about sport only without being polluted with outdated Western political opinions
F M 8 dagen geleden
The Chinese Leagues needs some invest in the youth academies not pay foreign players like they were messi or ronaldo!
diddid3684 8 dagen geleden
Great video as always! But please work on a different cadence for your VO. Ending on the same down inflection for every piece of info gets very noticeable throughout the video. Mix it up, be a bit more natural.
Christopher Vijay Jacob
Christopher Vijay Jacob 10 dagen geleden
So boring. I literally fell asleep
Andy murday
Andy murday 10 dagen geleden
The Chinese need to invest their wealth on youth development if they want to become a major force in the game. Buying ageing and greedy foreign players is not the answer. Never has been and never will be.
Jeff Fuller
Jeff Fuller 13 dagen geleden
"China has become THE dominant force at the Olympic Games". No, not really. They're top 3 at least though.
geznicks 13 dagen geleden
Man like yakubu
Crunchy Netto
Crunchy Netto 14 dagen geleden
it seems like more than a year now…still stuck at 405k subs…
WSRLD 15 dagen geleden
I despise the CSL
CERN 15 dagen geleden
i just clicked on this vid to ask the ultimate question... WHO THE FUCK CARES ABOUT CHINESE LEAGUE?
Japarican 17 dagen geleden
Chinese teams should propose some spots in the European super league
stephen smart
stephen smart 17 dagen geleden
I heard all this stuff about China scaling back on football about 5 years ago never happened! 😕
Alfred Bottombattaock
Alfred Bottombattaock 17 dagen geleden
it’s 2050 china won the world cup they beat America and everything is a little bit darker since you have to have a passport to play recreational ball kick god i miss the old days !!!
Henry Pruski
Henry Pruski 15 dagen geleden
@Mineiro Did you happen to finish the video? you have missed the point
Mineiro 15 dagen geleden
@Henry Pruski china Will be one of the greatest football teams ever,they just like tennis and football,and the president is support the kids to be Football players
Henry Pruski
Henry Pruski 15 dagen geleden
@Mineiro and so is China. Your point?
Mineiro 16 dagen geleden
Usa is a shit in football my man
bruh bruh
bruh bruh 17 dagen geleden
jesus christ, the way you speak is so disorienting and stupid, please take elocution lessons
jeankof morales
jeankof morales 18 dagen geleden
China has been heavily investing in esports, specifically league of legends. Their efforts there have payed off, I imagine while this isn’t the biggest factor, it is where some china’s investment has gone instead of football now as they’ve had two world champions in 3 years. The process to improve the Chinese league of legends scene started in a similar matter as they did in football with the “great Korean exodus” where they bought dozens of top Koreans players contracts and offered high salaries to come over
Matt Hargest
Matt Hargest 18 dagen geleden
MLS and their strategies, although many don't agree with them, are proving to be far better for the log run when comparing to other newer leagues like the CSL.
No Name
No Name 18 dagen geleden
10:18 That's a Gaelic football Xi is kicking, a completely different sport to the one being talked about in the video. But there aren't any pictures of him playing soccer, so it's usage is understandable.
KLD ALM 19 dagen geleden
1.5 Billion human being in China, and they can't form a good team of 11 players .. same goes to India .. what a shame.
Not MainManMané hth
Not MainManMané hth 20 dagen geleden
we'll all be suggested this video in 2050, see u then if China be world champions
Ní Síocháin Gan Saoirse
Sorry, what??? China have dominated Olympic football??? Since when??? Come on Alfie, sort it out.
Ní Síocháin Gan Saoirse
How the hell does a communism nation employ footballers on vastly inflated wages??? Capitalism and communism don't play nicely together...
James Mako
James Mako 21 dag geleden
These HITC SEVENS productions are pretty entertaining but the narrator needs to not let his voice trail off to near inaudible at the end of his sentences. It's particularly hard for American ears.
Side Effects
Side Effects 21 dag geleden
Check whats happening in the world. China supports alot of weird stuff and now its slowly degrading. They are failing in USA too with Biden (P)residency. Its all falling down
Alfredo Ricciardo
Alfredo Ricciardo 21 dag geleden
Find it amusing that China are significantly inferior to Australia at an international level, bearing in mind that soccer is a minor professional sport in Australia where it is domestically dominated by Australian Rules Football and Rugby League. How can a country with a small 25 million population, that really doesn’t give a rat’s arse about soccer, dominate China on the biggest stages? Actually all of Asia must be rubbish at soccer if Australia can win the Asia Cup (2015) and routinely qualify for the World Cup Finals from its tiny base.
David Alexander
David Alexander 22 dagen geleden
Man, I live in Jiangsu, used to leave down the street from the stadium. I was so happy when we won the title, but now, no team, bummer
Mörður 22 dagen geleden
That moment when Iceland has scored more goals in the World Cup than China
Bob Boberson
Bob Boberson 22 dagen geleden
Of course China thinks their Super League is an "emerging power" in football. That's what China does.
Fabio Artos Cassone
Fabio Artos Cassone 23 dagen geleden
Like USA's soccer NASL in 80s
R.Mageddon 23 dagen geleden
Just like everything in China... Big claims and poor quality.
Calvin 23 dagen geleden
Please stop mumbling the last word of the sentence. You do that in almost every sentence in the whole video.
Calvin 23 dagen geleden
0:24 Inter Mala
Paul Leach
Paul Leach 23 dagen geleden
You need to turn the amount of adverts down. 9 adverts in 18 mins..... that's the most I've seen in a video before
Eric Johnson
Eric Johnson 23 dagen geleden
America has it's faults but so many countries don't have access to drugs or weed. Glad I wasn't born in China. All those cameras'd be murdered by the Government just for some bud! Ridiculouslessly stupid.
Vu Nguyen
Vu Nguyen 23 dagen geleden
The Chinese Super League is the NASL of the 70's.
Marc S.
Marc S. 24 dagen geleden
They should learn from the USA. Americans create their own sports that nobody else plays (besides basketball) and then call themselves world champions.
Trucker 24 dagen geleden
WhT you mean that league that paid the highest wages on earth despite having no one in the least bit interested in it has gone bust?
partlycurrent 24 dagen geleden
I'm shocked!
HAIHUA CHEN 25 dagen geleden
I took no interest in soccer at all. but YT was thinking I love football / soccer. I don't know why.
Rue Smale
Rue Smale 25 dagen geleden
Watching this from Beijing, vpn. Honestly it’s the big European clubs that Chinese kids follow.
AngKionG 25 dagen geleden
Chinese should do away with football.
JS2000 25 dagen geleden
I've said it many times that English football fans need to be seriously careful what they wish for when these Chinese and Middle East Billionaires come trying to buy the football club.
AORourke 25 dagen geleden
10.47 that’s a Gaelic ball not a (English) football. Doesn’t matter I know, just saying
Andy F
Andy F 26 dagen geleden
Chinese culture just does not like football enough for it to be a passion or higher importance in Chinese society. Hence why the underperformence. It has got nothing to do with population but culture. Most Chinese parents will encourage their children to study hard rather then getting them to pursue a career in football. Football is just not in high regard within the Chinese culture and mindset.
Panos OT
Panos OT 27 dagen geleden
Oh My Goal's next video: What the hell happened to Alfie from HITC Sevens?!
just me
just me 27 dagen geleden
This is a rally interesting story. Many countries have a strong popular interest but can't seem to get their act together. China, Indonesia and India are three massive countries with very poor national football teams.
Scottie B
Scottie B 29 dagen geleden
F**k China and their tyrannical government. Couldn't have happened to a nicer bunch of murderers. There are so many here in the States that defend them constantly, especially our "new" administration. Any informed thinker sees through the Beijing smog. Well, at least we don't have suicide nets on our buildings ... yet.
KEVIN 29 dagen geleden
Chinese Super League lower than championship (English 2 div) Chinese Second Messi or Ronaldo= all bulsht China with football: 90% of the country is thinking China is better than India Well.. that 3 is True..
Marlon Basti Sebastian
Last video
Jos VES Maand geleden
The Winnie the Pooh president! I wonder what Ior is doing nowadays
Antonius Tyaswidyono
Antonius Tyaswidyono Maand geleden
Oh god, seeing the evil Winnie The Pooh is nauseating. Also, I am disappointed PP TV broadcasts just football match instead of... y'know... PP
Jon Paul
Jon Paul Maand geleden
Basically got no passion in football, they got passion in betting on football😂😂😂
jonny begood
jonny begood Maand geleden
china is being put under sanctions in the near future theres a reason for that in 2013 they abolished 1 child policy. this is ur time. as sanctions sink in folks must boycott china also forcing the modernization of china not hardware software rather. boycott china
Yuwen T
Yuwen T Maand geleden
If there is one thing you make fun of in China and the whole nation will follow, is Chinese soccer.
Alejandro Esquivel
Alejandro Esquivel Maand geleden
muy bueno..Carlos Estévez bajo su rendimiento en chinas!!!
Shane Kelley
Shane Kelley Maand geleden
I never think of China as anything positive, Greed, Corruption, Murder, Diseases and oh that old favorite Communism.
Dialectics Junkie
Dialectics Junkie Maand geleden
As a Chinese football fan... this is just the same old 😂 we're so unfazed by it. It's the reason why many of us prefer to support foreign club teams than pay much attention to the CSL, because it's such a joke
El mesías del gol
El mesías del gol Maand geleden
A club from my country made an agreement with the Chinese government to remodel its stadium, the Chinese would put 80 million dollars for that. One of the things that stadium would have would be a government office. What I think is that they want to take youth players to China, continue training them there and that they play there to keep the league alive.
Marty G
Marty G Maand geleden
@10:18 you used a picture of Irish ☘️ Gaelic Football not soft English football 🙃
Holt Mody
Holt Mody Maand geleden
You know a video will be good when it has Paulinho on the thumbnail. I think it would be better if Hulk was there, but he’s at Atletico Mineiro now(I think)
Only Facts
Only Facts Maand geleden
TALKING ABOUT kidnaps the daugther of HUWAEI CEO is still arrested....
ginger Maand geleden
Plastic league melts ...
Danknight _
Danknight _ Maand geleden
Oh My Goal in a few weeks: “What the hell happened to Alfie from HITC Sevens!?”
Jacob Meza
Jacob Meza Maand geleden
Bruh this is probably bad, but I'd be coo with having Xi Xi Ping as my president if we could have the same plan issued
Standin Valentine
Standin Valentine Maand geleden
everyone in china team had corona virus and close the the club
TheShareeve7 Maand geleden
China league is like that one MMORPG dude, crazy stats crazy armor crazy items pay to win but noob as hell to the point it just garbage.
Sebastian Maand geleden
xi jinping is not a dictator
Eric Rerrud11
Eric Rerrud11 Maand geleden
Wow so China invented football, interesting
Davis M
Davis M 24 dagen geleden
@partlycurrent You agree. That's good.
partlycurrent 24 dagen geleden
@Davis M sure thing buddy
Davis M
Davis M 24 dagen geleden
@partlycurrent No it's not, it's a dumbed-down version of it. No one thinks of anything other than 11 vs 11 and 90 minute games with offside rule, yellow/red cards & throw ins/corners when they think of football. There's a reason why when you played with your friends as a kid in the school yard it finished 32 - 17. Because there was no offside rule. There's a lot more to football than simply trying to kick a ball in a net. And there's a reason why no one gives a shit about 5-a-side.
partlycurrent 24 dagen geleden
@Davis M "Football is defined as 11 players on each side, 90 minute games/45 minute halves, offside rule, yellow/red cards, throw ins/corner kicks etc etc" not really mate. If you play 2v2 on one goal without halftimes and cards it's still football.
Davis M
Davis M 25 dagen geleden
@Eric Rerrud11 It's not a matter of opinion. The English were playing a type of football game throughout the middle ages, long before they had any contact with China. The game of football started to take shape in the 16th century, in Cambridge. Over time, rules were added, until they were codified in 1863: 'Cambridge Rules' - look it up. It's entirely possible that different cultures around the world had their own ballgame traditions, which is absolutely the case. But just because China MAY have had a kickball game before anyone else (there's no evidence which proves this), that doesn't mean the heritage of the game we know today called football lies in China. And you still haven't provided any evidence the creation of the English game of football was influenced by the Chinese game, which, by the time the English had contact with China, was virtually extinct.
Colum Counihan
Colum Counihan Maand geleden
At 10:17 Xi is pictured kicking a Gaelic football in Ireland and not a soccer ball. Boy I really hope somebody got fired for that blunder.
Rusty Wooden spoon
Rusty Wooden spoon Maand geleden
Well it’s China the govt sucks leave it to communism to suck
s c
s c Maand geleden
*What a derogatory video and narration! This video deserves to go into the garbage heap!*
ficke deine
ficke deine Maand geleden
Pointless league
Basketball, Table Tennis and even badminton are more popular in China than football (soccer). Is it true?
SergioSkywalker _
SergioSkywalker _ Maand geleden
I remembered the CSL fans said that the Their league is better than the MLS. MLS is producing top talent, while CSL was buying has-beens.
Macho Fantastico
Macho Fantastico Maand geleden
The Chinese Super League is nothing but a retirement home for professional players. Not surprised things are changing over there. I do think it could be worrying for Chinese owned football teams like Wolverhampton Wanderers.
Federico di Giulio
Federico di Giulio Maand geleden
Also relevant to mention that inter players have not had their wages paid for several months now. Other teams were relegated to the lowest levels for much less financial struggle
mkdalwai Maand geleden
Tim Liu
Tim Liu Maand geleden
Football is the best reflection of a country and its culture. All the shocking things have happened with Chinese football over the years are the exact mirror of what the country is like. It's not shocking at all.
Ploke Newo78
Ploke Newo78 Maand geleden
Meanwhile in America the game is getting more and more popular by the year. Some clubs already have fan bases the size of some Euro premier leagues.
jimkhana007 6 dagen geleden
@Ploke Newo78 guess you don’t understand sarcasm 🤷
Ploke Newo78
Ploke Newo78 7 dagen geleden
@jimkhana007 not a story. It’s true.
jimkhana007 24 dagen geleden
Cool story bro...
sld1776 Maand geleden
The Chairman lost interest in his Football project. That's it.
Daniel Ese
Daniel Ese Maand geleden
I will watch this space alright, just to see if you're still uploading .
Dane Maand geleden
good to see that a lot of foreigners talking about Chinese football~though it is shit~ahh~
Luis Prado
Luis Prado Maand geleden
No Shaolin soccer jokes? This seems like the perfect time!
Walter Aragonese
Walter Aragonese Maand geleden
This video sucks!!! It is not specify anything but revealing some kind of bitterness towards China at different points. Jesus Christ!!! This is probably his worst video. All the others have a broader scope and are left to the viewers to conclude whatever which way they want, this is a joke 😅😅
xkumanekox Maand geleden
So they wanted a Chinese national team that can qualify for every WC, but instead of investing in the local youth academies, they spent billions buying washed up players from Europe and South America. That is plainly stupid and obviously counter-productive to their original goal. It's not politics that is killing this sport; it's money (and corruption of course).
Peter Helmore
Peter Helmore Maand geleden
who knows hitc sevens may be bombed by the c-i-n-s-
MrPmc1983 McMental
MrPmc1983 McMental Maand geleden
Why would anyone want to go to China ? Obviously people chase money but imagine living in a place where literally within a mile there are concentration camps, organ harvesting..... no human rights and absolutely horrendous animals cruelty like boiling, skinning and beating dogs cats that are alive to death because their stupid traditions think it makes them taste better 🤮🤮🤮🤮 what a disgusting place to live !
Carlvl Maand geleden
the Aztecs and the people before them played Football over 10,000 years ago.
Generic Guy
Generic Guy Maand geleden
Ccp bots are out in full force in the comment section
Batyngshain Majaw
Batyngshain Majaw Maand geleden
When professional players wants to go and take an expensive shit...china is their destination.
Fredy Mendez
Fredy Mendez Maand geleden
Always know this !! Brazilian players flop at 29 and once you got them in the Chinese league you just accelerated that decline. At my if you disagree or get triggered by my statement. Yes it’s true all players decline getting older but Brazilian players notoriously decline fast as their greatest players all declined real fast!!!
jamlove2020 Maand geleden
10:45 The honey bear is playing Gaelic football.
- uju -
- uju - Maand geleden
When your citizens can’t afford to attend a football match or do not have the time because of their ridiculous working schedules what do you expect. Improve the lives of your citizens and then maybe frivolous ventures such as this might stand a chance
Bernhard Sonn
Bernhard Sonn Maand geleden
5:57 haha and one of the worst as well hahahs so sad at this size xD shit as fuck
Bernhard Sonn
Bernhard Sonn Maand geleden
3:52😂😂 good one
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