Welcome to the Internet - Bo Burnham (from "Inside" -- ALBUM OUT NOW) 

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listen to album here:

inside now streaming on netflix. hope you enjoy.

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4 jun. 2021




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PMcFarland 3 seconden geleden
"Mommy let you use her iPad, you were barely 2" so fuckin sad we start kids off so young being addicted to a screen
biologymajor1 7 seconden geleden
This should be sung by the villain of the next Wreck it Ralph movie.
Orcitect 40 seconden geleden
Such an intelligent, insightful human being!
I was listening to the Austin Powers theme how the hell did I get here?
Kevin Carter
Kevin Carter Minuut geleden
This gives me a strange level of anxiety
Jakub Samosiuk
Jakub Samosiuk 2 minuten geleden
I really hope he got this in less than 4 tries
Sam Ryan
Sam Ryan 3 minuten geleden
1:32 is the best part. Periodt.
tristen P.
tristen P. 5 minuten geleden
Petition to get Bo Butnham as the next Joker? Not only is his comedic take on the negative acts of humans and society as a whole perfect for the Joker but his laugh at 3:50 is absolutely spine shivering.
Eru 5 minuten geleden
"A little bit of everything all of the time" reminds me of the will wood album "everything is a lot"
Dan Birsan
Dan Birsan 5 minuten geleden
It's impossible to be this good. This is straight up not real. It can't be.
Raelynn Lee
Raelynn Lee 6 minuten geleden
Bravo 👏
Ghost Veggie
Ghost Veggie 6 minuten geleden
Accurate, catchy and very disturbing how true this song is.
Meister und Idiot
Meister und Idiot 6 minuten geleden
1:34 best moment😂
Shelby CARR
Shelby CARR 6 minuten geleden
This song reminds me of Scissor Sisters 'I can't decide' -same vibe, sinister yet upbeat
Luthorian 7 minuten geleden
damn this is some gender envy
Ägg me bang
Ägg me bang 10 minuten geleden
This is one of my favorite songs
O n o r e D i k e i d o
O n o r e D i k e i d o 11 minuten geleden
1:25 "This is how you do the multi-cam switching, TommyInnIt"
Chelsea Robinson
Chelsea Robinson 14 minuten geleden
Im so hot for his maniacal laughter in this song
Dan Birsan
Dan Birsan 15 minuten geleden
Andrew McDaniel
Andrew McDaniel 15 minuten geleden
Bo talkin' about the old internet of 1999, mf'er was 9 years old!
Bellodejello 18 minuten geleden
I love how all the top in music is rap songs and then Bo 18 minuten geleden
This was our favorite!
Andres Cortes
Andres Cortes 20 minuten geleden
Bro I’m high as fuck watching this
George Knox
George Knox 21 minuut geleden
This mans intelligence is astonishing. A level of humour that’s on a whole new level. Utter genius , he is eons ahead of his time.
Pedro ORadiant
Pedro ORadiant 21 minuut geleden
wtf, jazzghost?
Gavian Heart
Gavian Heart 25 minuten geleden
This should be Google's intro.
Some ghost with internet acess
0:00 - 0:30 used as a hook 0:31 - 0:45 1st level, not too dangerous 0:46 - 1:04 2nd level, a little deeper in the internet rabbit hole 1:05 - 1:38 3nd level, very deep level that shows some of the bad parts
Some Th1ng
Some Th1ng 29 minuten geleden
Yeah, that basically sums it up
henetius88 30 minuten geleden
Your Voice is amazing i love it
Demon D
Demon D 32 minuten geleden
Just covered this song with drums and guitar, would love good and bad critique. It was my first time putting my voice out there. Love you all!
Herra Majuri
Herra Majuri 36 minuten geleden
0.5 is bit scary tbh
Michelle Lavender III
Michelle Lavender III 37 minuten geleden
Thus should have been the anthem for wreck it Ralph 2
Jessie Reacts Music
Jessie Reacts Music 38 minuten geleden
wow we all rlly got groomed by the internet huh?
evolution2001 41 minuut geleden
You probably think you're so smart...smarter than most people. And I'd agree with those thoughts. Intelligence can be a cruel burden to bare.
Joseph Joestar
Joseph Joestar 42 minuten geleden
We should make a ralph breaks the internet 2, and this should be the only song that plays for the villan
A Piece 0f T0ast
A Piece 0f T0ast 47 minuten geleden
Ay yo they should animate this shit like the shadow man song from princess frog
Briana Hammontree
Briana Hammontree 49 minuten geleden
The fact you can't see his eyes makes this so spooky and realize how ominous and many faces the internet is/has
Crouching giraffe Hidden llama
Holy fuxk he looks like mitch hedberg ... well hopefully he also follows his other decisions soon... lol A+ for those that don't have to look that up
Fuarian 51 minuut geleden
make this guy a voice actor right now
Seb’s Stuff
Seb’s Stuff 53 minuten geleden
That moment when this is the best song ever
m. 54 minuten geleden
i really enjoy this song but can someone explain it to me
Ishrave D
Ishrave D 56 minuten geleden
He's starting to look like a young Carlin.
MaxiMal 98
MaxiMal 98 56 minuten geleden
me watching this on the internet: cool
AtomicCPU3 57 minuten geleden
even after years bo still makes fucking bangers
Gunnar Wagner
Gunnar Wagner 58 minuten geleden
Knocked it out with the social commentary on this one.
krisman 1
krisman 1 58 minuten geleden
A real world Disney villian
Gabe Rull
Gabe Rull Uur geleden
The part after the melody change gives me the chills. This song is epic.
roxanne Uur geleden
I dont know what to say after he said some stuff tho-
40Hurtz Uur geleden
daddy bo didnt have to pull rug out like that
DerpyPokeyCactus Uur geleden
Rosalie Jansen
Rosalie Jansen Uur geleden
This song literally gives me chills every time I come back and listen to it. The commentary is so spot on, the way the lyrics flow is so perfectly chaotic, the melody is incredibly catchy and the varying speeds and moods are enthralling. Truly a contemporary masterpiece imo
Anthony Vasquez
Anthony Vasquez Uur geleden
This song will never get old
PrettyDumbStudios Uur geleden
I love that this song reminds us how the internet can give us a recipe for homemade cheese, but then give us ten ways to kill ourselfs with the most pain possible.
Tophe Uur geleden
Shannon Elsom
Shannon Elsom Uur geleden
I love songs like that, that make you FEEL like the experience they're singing out. (Another good one is Be Calm by fun.)
toocold uriel
toocold uriel Uur geleden
Can we talk about his voiceee. I mean, this is the same voice that sang "Repeat Stuff". The difference between the vocals is these song are INCREDIBLE.
Snarf 2.0
Snarf 2.0 Uur geleden
9.5/10 would watch agian.
Jammy Bekker
Jammy Bekker Uur geleden
Это Бо? Сколько лет я спала?😳 Впрочем, шикарен, как всегда
Cassie Moyles
Cassie Moyles Uur geleden
Been listening to Bo for years but this might literally his best one yet. Genuinely such a good song! ❤
Cassie Moyles
Cassie Moyles Uur geleden
Seriously what a talent! It's ridiculous
ちゃんおさけ Uur geleden
go on evrovision lol
All-Mighty Loaf
All-Mighty Loaf Uur geleden
Those glasses really fit him
chmaaoges Uur geleden
I think half of these views are mine, and I'm not sorry
GremlinWhore Uur geleden
If my ADHD was its own person it would be this
TastyTastyCrayons Uur geleden
this song actually slaps.
Mr.Buttering Uur geleden
man looks like if alucard was a hipster
Luca Reid
Luca Reid Uur geleden
This gives me serious gene wilder willy wonka vibes, anyone else?
Gared Jacob
Gared Jacob Uur geleden
Lollll I love its good on 1.25×
Dusan Uur geleden
Holy crap this guy looks so much like Heisenberg from Village
Nate Dawg
Nate Dawg Uur geleden
This better be added to 1001 movies you must watch before you die; it's significant for how a creative endure the covid pandemic and so much more of course
negghassemi Uur geleden
Wonder if “insatiable you” is a throw to Tim minchin (2:50)
Juris Jon
Juris Jon Uur geleden
John Lennon looks off here...
VC Uur geleden
C esquizo
PurpleDragon Uur geleden
such a good comeback
-*#Mr.phantom#*- Uur geleden
One word T A L E N T
lukas Uur geleden
the glasses though
Leon Uur geleden
3:51 this part> everything else
Nephilim Heart
Nephilim Heart Uur geleden
Holy shit thats a fuck ton of views
Nephilim Heart
Nephilim Heart Uur geleden
Dude, gotta upload the jeffry bezos song!
Danaya T
Danaya T Uur geleden
This song is laced with freaking cocaine I’m addicted and can’t stop replaying
Some Guy Not Eating An Orange
This song is the incarnation of the internet, everything and anything all of the time, in the palm of your hand.
complikated Uur geleden
Bo Burnham really will be leaving the world better than he found it this special came at the perfect time holy shit
Red X
Red X Uur geleden
I’m gonna watch the fuck out of your Netflix show missed ya
Arabella Harrison
Arabella Harrison Uur geleden
I watched this special and immediately found out after watching that Bo is gonna be writing songs for and starring in the Sesame Street movie and I was so thrown off I had to lay down for 90 minutes
Ur mom
Ur mom Uur geleden
This mans song writing capability is so powerful holy shit.
Aimee Kane
Aimee Kane Uur geleden
Bruh,he looks hisenburg from re8
snorpiz 2 uur geleden
Welcome to the underground how was the fall ? .. doesn’t that remind you of this song
Red X
Red X 2 uur geleden
Love it
Liliana Violet Chaffee
Raise your hand if you're still watching this on repeat a week later✋
Discord Awsome
Discord Awsome 2 uur geleden
i’m very happy everybody isn’t overly pissed about how tik tok likes this song
Leonardo Veglia
Leonardo Veglia 2 uur geleden
This song represent anxiety so fucking well
Leonardo Veglia
Leonardo Veglia Uur geleden
@WerdPankuen It's also about the internet obviously but i feel like there's a deeper meaning to the song. The "evil" voice of the internet is the anxiety voice, which gives you "a little bit of everything all of the time" and constantly makes you overthink your decisions and think that you might accidentally cause a major car accident while crossing the street in a perfectly normal way to buy milk at the grocery store. But hey, everything is possible, right?
WerdPankuen 2 uur geleden
Mikkique 2 uur geleden
Bruh just let me be everything 😔
Alex Kore
Alex Kore 2 uur geleden
The brash dessert epidemiologically save because example anatomically stitch plus a heartbreaking italy. vacuous, quaint paperback
Sage The Assassin
Sage The Assassin 2 uur geleden
The internet is like Cell from Dragon Ball Z. It has *Unlimited* potential and growth.
Remy55 2 uur geleden
i wish it was possible to marry a song
Fatma Güneş
Fatma Güneş 2 uur geleden
U re genius!
Bruh 2 uur geleden
This feels more like a ringleader than a villain
Benji-Bow 2 uur geleden
Almost 11 million views in under 2 weeks, what a legend!
dalton lerch
dalton lerch 2 uur geleden
Dude reminds me of Qi from stardew valley
skodbolle 2 uur geleden
3:51 Actually scared me a little bit O_O
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