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5 mei. 2021




Bezig met laden.....

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Vol B
Vol B 3 uur geleden
I JUST discovered they had a channel. Immediately subscribed. I wonder what they have prepared 🤔🙂
166PolarBear 3 uur geleden
My goodness that’s one stunning lady
Eric Schickelgruber aus Linz
Too late. Too few. Too little. Too boring. Too sweet. Too much of nothing. Bye.
Sonia Sarai Alvarez
Sonia Sarai Alvarez 7 uur geleden
Love the intro!
Bye 15 uur geleden
bye - the comments, im dying 😭
Amanda - Might Just Make It
Upcoming videos: What’s in Granny’s purse? How to bathe a corgi - PRO HACKS Tesco Grocery Haul: £10 Budget Banquet Challenge
aleeza 21 uur geleden
hello there
WideVariety Dag geleden
Pull pranks on the queen lol
WideVariety Dag geleden
Harry and Meghan need a channel lol
улаан нохой
Its times like these im glad Diana found a concrete barrier to crash into. If only these losers could follow her example and go out with some style.
Pabasari Kaluthanthri
now that's cute!
rainingrosepetals Dag geleden
Oh I do Love The Royal Family I really want to meet The Queen 👑 I used to want to meet your mom. I Think it's really cool That Kate was born The day after I was in The same year and That you were born 5 Months after me. I want to do something big for my Birthday and I Think meeting HRH The Queen 👑 would be it. It would be way Epic Sorry I don't know what The proper way to Talk to you is.
Joanna Monika Gardyńska
How long ago Queen Elisabeth wanted to see fencing show? Good Luck and God Save the Queen
Shivang 2 dagen geleden
Why your family colonized half of the world. ?
Rupanjana Roy
Rupanjana Roy 2 dagen geleden
Wo wow great
Vilda Olsen
Vilda Olsen 3 dagen geleden
I enjoy this couple....long live the queen!! but when she goes to heaven, the Monarchy ought to skip a generation...PUT THIS COUPLE IN as King & Queen! v Olsen Michigan 48081
Mad Shadow
Mad Shadow 3 dagen geleden
Great news
santa fe
santa fe 3 dagen geleden
Fun video!
Kathleen Hodgins
Kathleen Hodgins 3 dagen geleden
Congratulations on your new NLblock channel! Love you both and love Harry & Meghan. Y’all all need to make up soon and have a family reunion. All the grandkids need to play together and get to know one another. 🙏🏼♥️🙏🏼
Christie Nation
Christie Nation 3 dagen geleden
Love these two!
orce otata
orce otata 3 dagen geleden
I love you,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,NITU(europa)
Elise Elbe
Elise Elbe 4 dagen geleden
Her brother and sister cover Middleton Elisabeth 2 that she is waiting for you at the airport she also has this one picture of the printer I want to meet her already on Victory Day Midsummer, etc. Seis too Instagram kate Middleton prints William
Freya Ashworth (Freya'sLife)
This video should've been: NEW INTRO REVEALED!!
MrHoldemace 4 dagen geleden
Middle aged Toff's trying to look cool is hilarious one must say !
roger 4 dagen geleden
Bunch of peasants in the comment section
Cherry Red
Cherry Red 4 dagen geleden
baerona 4 dagen geleden
Maybe if you dont see lilibet, im looking forward that you are the one who gonna came to them, cause babies are so valuable to covid nowadays. Love u both❤
Emmy Buks
Emmy Buks 5 dagen geleden
Next video - Visit to Canada to meet lilibet (not clickbait)
livia bosakova
livia bosakova 5 dagen geleden
And now there is everything here in ytb, litterally. :D
Elizabeth French
Elizabeth French 5 dagen geleden
I look forward to your videos. I'm going to catch up on those I haven't seen now.
Lobdhi Bunny
Lobdhi Bunny 5 dagen geleden
No matter who you are but you will always want to be a YoUtUBer
aftershock5 6 dagen geleden
Not a fan!
Always Right
Always Right 6 dagen geleden
Ben Stokes
Ben Stokes 6 dagen geleden
Wowww I can't believe it!!! I'll surely subscribe. We all love you 💙
Marlina Rasyid
Marlina Rasyid 6 dagen geleden
In love with them
Marlina Rasyid
Marlina Rasyid 6 dagen geleden
Great couple
Khaitatun Hisan
Khaitatun Hisan 6 dagen geleden
Khaitatun Hisan
Khaitatun Hisan 6 dagen geleden
My favorite royal couple❤❤❤
Khaitatun Hisan
Khaitatun Hisan 6 dagen geleden
Love them so much
Aubrie Akins
Aubrie Akins 6 dagen geleden
You guys need a Tik Tok!!!!!!!!
Italian Lunch
Italian Lunch 7 dagen geleden
Monteen McCord
Monteen McCord 7 dagen geleden
Ya'll, please have another ten children if for no other reason that it will drop Haz down the line of succession even further. We're sick of them over here. Also no American citizen shall be granted titles of nobility, shall be deported.
MsWhoEverWhatEver 7 dagen geleden
Damian Derick / πManifestoProductions AUTTP
I wanna George so badly!
charla 8 dagen geleden
next vid; spying on the queen at 3 am -SHOCKING-
Princess Nk
Princess Nk 8 dagen geleden
Niceeeeeee waiting for u guys!
Katherine Sampson
Katherine Sampson 8 dagen geleden
Love you guys! ❤️💕❤️Beautiful, modern royal family! 🌹🌹 Greetings from USA, California.
M R 8 dagen geleden
'i wish lili all the very best'.... Weird
Sherryl Abanza
Sherryl Abanza 8 dagen geleden
Love this couple! Next King and Queen❤️ from us in the 🇵🇭🇵🇭🇵🇭
zzara shaaru
zzara shaaru 8 dagen geleden
Kate we love you ❤ beauty
Emalyn Rose
Emalyn Rose 8 dagen geleden
God bless you and the Queen (the whole Royal Family)… From Canada. I ordered Hold Still a couple of weeks ago and just got notified it shipped. So excited! You rock! Please keep up the great work… class acts!
Lilly Dee
Lilly Dee 8 dagen geleden
Love them.
Ma. Erlinda Lumbao
Ma. Erlinda Lumbao 8 dagen geleden
Terry Kelley
Terry Kelley 8 dagen geleden
Love Prince William and Kate. From America💞
Lori Ann
Lori Ann 8 dagen geleden
Keepin' it real..Royal style 💓
L H 8 dagen geleden
Kate at the end is iconic
Maria Paz
Maria Paz 8 dagen geleden
Next video: What I Eat In A Day * ROYAL EDITION *
Robash Sandhu
Robash Sandhu 8 dagen geleden
.....everyone is officially on youtube...not a fan, but respect that they went for it..
Shaunagh Matthews
Shaunagh Matthews 9 dagen geleden
Prank on the queen
suanne rogers
suanne rogers 9 dagen geleden
i have never heard Kate's voice before and this is not what i had imagined her voice to sound like
Mr Molerat
Mr Molerat 9 dagen geleden
next vid: 24 hours in the tower of london
E R 9 dagen geleden
now let's get on with the challenges - these two have a lot to catch up on. Perhaps a little chubby bunny and innuendo bingo from a few years back? OR you know, if we're going full speed ahead- let's follow the tiktok craze
Greg Mawer
Greg Mawer 9 dagen geleden
Today would have been Prince Philip the Duke of Edinburgh's 100th birthday. Prince Philip was one of the greatest prince consorts in history and was very loved and respected throughout the world . He gave us a good laugh when we needed one by calling it how it was in such a humorous way . He was a mans man with a wonderful compassionate heart and a level head . i guess at times we took him for granted and expected he would always be there. Then sadly just recently he went to heaven and we all realised how much Prince Philip did behind the scenes and how much he supported and protected our beloved queen and his family . We celebrate his birthday today and thank God for his life and legacy . God bless you sir and thank you from the entire commonwealth .
Z B 9 dagen geleden
Hater's that disliked must be H M hatful supporter's.... God bless them...
Simona Tsitse
Simona Tsitse 9 dagen geleden
Wait... 😳😂
HANNA ARDIANSYAH 9 dagen geleden
Jan C
Jan C 9 dagen geleden
Thank God, Ginge and Cringe haven't set up a NLblock channel yet!
Deborah Martin
Deborah Martin 9 dagen geleden
Nice to find this channel... I don't know much about the working of the Royal Family, but found the website link and now will know where to look for real information about your families... :-)
birdznest 9 dagen geleden
Thanks for making a NLblock channel!!!
Sam Sung
Sam Sung 9 dagen geleden
🙏💓God bless them.
Manya Kulshreshtha
Manya Kulshreshtha 9 dagen geleden
Gregory Teeple
Gregory Teeple 9 dagen geleden
God Bless you and your beautiful family!!!
Susan Parker
Susan Parker 9 dagen geleden
William is so lucky to have Catherine. ❤️🇨🇦
Lynn 9 dagen geleden
Brenda Needle
Brenda Needle 9 dagen geleden
Welcome to U Tube., Prince William, and Duchess Catherine. What a beautiful family you have. All 3 of your children are so adorable! May you both have a happy experience on U Tube.
Judith Núñez DP
Judith Núñez DP 10 dagen geleden
Beautiful Royal couple 🥰🥰😘😘 Hermosos 🥰🥰
Golden Goddess
Golden Goddess 10 dagen geleden
Very classy Royal couple... 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼
Fernanda Iturriaga
Fernanda Iturriaga 10 dagen geleden
Keeping up with the Royals
Burnt Chicken Nugget
Burnt Chicken Nugget 10 dagen geleden
I cant-
pop universe
pop universe 10 dagen geleden
Next Video: Prince William on Bald Cafe
Ludimila Correia
Ludimila Correia 10 dagen geleden
sheeza 10 dagen geleden
family muckbang ft.queen **tea with prince harry**
Tess Cooks 4u
Tess Cooks 4u 10 dagen geleden
Carter✓ 6 dagen geleden
luckyisbored 10 dagen geleden
"Only a small percentage of you are subscribed, so scroll down below to check if you are"
빼빼로 10 dagen geleden
머야 내 알고리즘 어쩌다 영국왕실까지 가게 된거지 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 그래두 왕실은 구독각이다~
yoomi miss
yoomi miss 10 dagen geleden
Heh? Srius ini pangeran punya cenel???
Nadia Shireen Siddiqi
Nadia Shireen Siddiqi 10 dagen geleden
But isn’t Kate anti-social media?
Ashten s
Ashten s 10 dagen geleden
Racist family
R. M
R. M 10 dagen geleden
And yet, MM names her baby after The Queen of a racist family, who she said in her engagement interview was they Family she never had.
Avis Mark
Avis Mark 10 dagen geleden
so cool cant wait to see whats next
Evelyn Gonzales
Evelyn Gonzales 10 dagen geleden
Estoy segura que el mío es el único comentario en español.
Liliam Montecucco
Liliam Montecucco 10 dagen geleden
Hermosos..Kate y William! Cariño grande 💖💐 Que William no se olvide nunca de Diana Inolvidable. 💜🌷💜🌷💜🌷💜🌷💜🌷
Grace M
Grace M 10 dagen geleden
💛,... .❗❗❗❓
JJ EE 10 dagen geleden
Next video: "I messed up."
Karen Coker
Karen Coker 11 dagen geleden
amazing video
Zahra Azmoon
Zahra Azmoon 11 dagen geleden
Very nice ❤❤❤
TruthofDilly 11 dagen geleden
Omg 🤦‍♀️!
TANNER FRIESEN 11 dagen geleden
you didnt search this
nissim limbu
nissim limbu 11 dagen geleden
"Before we get started with the royal mukbang we want to say that this video is sponsored by Nord Vpn. Get a safe browsing experience from Nord vpn"
Laudevan Fernandes
Laudevan Fernandes 11 dagen geleden
They are beautiful!! Prince William and Kate, are wonderful people, Princess Diana IS in the sky , loving her these sons William and Harry ... Your mother never Go stop of love yours. Hugs from Brazil. 😘😘🙏🙏😍😍😍🤴🤴👸
Negin Salehi
Negin Salehi 11 dagen geleden
Real Essence
Real Essence 11 dagen geleden
This comment section 😂😂😂😂😂
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