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Hello and welcome back to Continental Club where Dougie, Henry and McCubs are rating the worst £100m+ signings in football history.
Hear how Eden Hazard’s injury woe have left his manager Zinedine Zidane perplexed, with his injury record at Chelsea prior to arriving at Real Madrid in 2019 almost spotless. Brought in to replace Cristiano Ronaldo’s output following his transfer to Juventus it’s fair to say that Los Blancos’ second highest earner behind Gareth Bale simply hasn’t been worth it.
He’s not alone in failing to live up to the billing though with Barcelona’s £142m transfer of Liverpool’s Philippe Coutinho turning out to be a disaster. Frequently injured, he did his best work on loan at Bayern Munich, where he even helped knock the Blaugrana out of Champions League last year. Behind Ousmane Dembele, Antoine Griezmann, Trincao, Pedri, Ansu Fati and obviously Lionel Messi in the pecking order it remains to be seen whether he’ll still be there next summer.
We also cover Joao Felix, Ousmane Dembele and Antoine Griezmann as well as decide who has been the best mega signing between PSG’s Neymar and Kylian Mbappe and Cristiano Ronaldo.
As if that wasn’t enough we also discuss Roma vs Napoli this weekend and ask whether La Liga is now the worst Top 5 League in Europe!
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Euro Football Daily
Euro Football Daily Maand geleden
Who is the WORST 100m signing of all time?! (Doug)
Nathan Tony
Nathan Tony 10 dagen geleden
I dont know if anyone gives a shit but in less than 15 minutes I hacked my friends Instagram password using InstaPlekt. You can find it by Googling for Instaplekt account hacker if you wanna try it yourself
Hamzeh Janakat
Hamzeh Janakat Maand geleden
@THEchrisse95 While I agree with you, that doesn't contradict the tax story, in anyway I'm not a member of the board there, but the story made sense to me
unstoppableExodia Maand geleden
Hazardous Eden
Tawedzerwa Zhou
Tawedzerwa Zhou Maand geleden
rdfgg gghvdf
rdfgg gghvdf Maand geleden
JD 29 dagen geleden
Lol are people here forgetting what Hazard did for Chelsea? He basically /never/ had any serious injury. And even in a pretty shit team he was by far the best BPL player. I'm not a Barca OR Real fan, but Real is known for being absolutely sheit when it comes to player treatment. They are always ontop of the list that counts the amount of injuries squads suffer. Granted, part of it has to do with the /insanely/ packed schedules clubs have nowadays. But it also raises alot of red flags when it's always Real Madrid that suffers so many injuries. As mentioned, Hazard never had any injury problem when he played for Chelsea. We can have a long discussion about it either being his age or him being not disciplined enough to stay fit. But I believe a big part of this is Real's medical staffs fault. Especially considering the muscle injuries he suffered. Those may seem alot less volatile like tearing your ACL or whatever, but without proper rest and recovery those are the most agonizing injuries to deal with. When not dealt with properly, those will linger throughout the rest of your career. I don't want to hate. I really don't. But this kind of stuff hapened way back to Kaka. When involved in a huge organisation like Real (in this case) the responsibility doesn't just lay at the player. The coaching staff and medical staff all take a big part into it. And to me, personally, it always felt like Real Madrid has an absolutely sheit medical staff.
Zac Maand geleden
Kepa is worth 0 and brings 0, at least hazard brings reputation
Arnab Roy
Arnab Roy Maand geleden
Madrid spend 100M+ and high wages to book a hospital room. Chelsea successfully sold their garbage.
Ryan Joseph
Ryan Joseph Maand geleden
Joa flexis over rarted
Ryan Joseph
Ryan Joseph Maand geleden
Eden harzed is lucky with injuries😁
Ryan Joseph
Ryan Joseph Maand geleden
Countiho was good is that the postion to play him😁
Ryan Joseph
Ryan Joseph Maand geleden
Prince botang
SAFI 01 Maand geleden
People say laliga player won't perform in england but the truth is laliga player go there and perform good but some england player come here in laliga and they lost themselves.
Chiu Andrew
Chiu Andrew Maand geleden
I'm sorry I have to press the unsubscribe button based on this video... Ronaldo behind mbappe and neymar?? Ronaldo has won 4 ballon dor 4 champions league with Madrid.. Mbappe and neyney plays in a farmers league that any other year they would win running backwards.. Mbappe has the potential to be a great player but I don't think he has justified his fees and no one will be able to afford his sell on fees BTW.. Ronaldo transfer fees is also easily recovered by the shirt sales his name and reputation brings.. And yet he is behind those 2.. What a joke
Patrick Abo
Patrick Abo Maand geleden
You might’ve called this “Barca are stupid as shit”
Alex GamerDg
Alex GamerDg Maand geleden
Coutinho is not that bad *Hehe he got revenge* 8-2 only fans know what im talking about
John Izzo
John Izzo Maand geleden
Li ul
Jack QYH
Jack QYH Maand geleden
I thought Bale was 100M transfer as well but it doesn't matter bc Bale is nowhere even near the conversation of the worst 100m signing I don't even think this transfer is bad. Edit: Pogba as well and this transfer is on the same tier as Bale transfer kind of underachieving but nowhere near bad transfer.
Victor Cheng
Victor Cheng Maand geleden
@Jack QYH yeah in Euros Dembele was about 120 million.
Jack QYH
Jack QYH Maand geleden
@Victor Cheng I thought they doing euros bc I thought Dembele was 105M euros, maybe he just have a big addons
Victor Cheng
Victor Cheng Maand geleden
Bale was 100 million in euros, under 100 million in pounds.
TT 97
TT 97 Maand geleden
Henry made a small error on Coutinho‘s appearance clause (if it‘s true at all): Coutinho has 90 appearances for Barca, he‘s not in the squad against Sociedad. In other words he‘s „available“ for 9 of their remaining 11 games after tomorrow
Jahid Hasan
Jahid Hasan Maand geleden
14 ads in a single video? Are you serious? 😑 Anyways enjoy your pods like always
Euro Football Daily
Euro Football Daily Maand geleden
There wasn’t 14! I placed them myself... think there was 7 (Dougie)
cullermann2 Maand geleden
Proud that my favourite club made it into this list on more than one occasion ! We are going strong xD
Shadman • 47 years ago • Updated
We feel you friend 🙃
Alido kadri
Alido kadri Maand geleden
Damain Ponce
Damain Ponce Maand geleden
Barca way overpaid...they coudve waited til summer and got him cheaper
Victor Cheng
Victor Cheng Maand geleden
Yeah literally did not understand their urge to buy him in January, which itself puts a premium. They were unbeaten the entirety of the league season before, and most after.
ThatRedHairedDude Maand geleden
Unless you hit Lionel Messi levels, anyone sold for £100m+ is never gonna be seen as good value
Zac Maand geleden
If vvd was that much he still wouldve been seen as good value
Jorji Maand geleden
@Dexz Won them 2 Champions League finals and was great for like 4 seasons. If that’s not worth it, what is?
Dexz Maand geleden
@Jorji bale was not worth 100 m defo not
Jorji Maand geleden
Neymar, Mbappe, Felix? If we’re talking euros then also Bale.
DamnRidge Maand geleden
Hazard needs to change the team man
John Johnson
John Johnson Maand geleden
Mr. Goodfellas makes some good points.
Alastair Maand geleden
Hazard by a mile - last year of his contract too! utterly overpaid for a guy that can't play (in hindsight) the WORST singing by far
Alastair Maand geleden
Best sale by Chelsea mind you
William Goode
William Goode Maand geleden
I see a like button but not a love button, giving me my Euro fix. Soo much love for continental club
ankr3w1 Maand geleden
Guys, like 9 ads? Seriously?
JB Rap
JB Rap Maand geleden
Hazard is a Chelsea agent tanking so we can buy him back for 30 mil
Jam Vids
Jam Vids Maand geleden
Dont want hom back at chelsea
Nicolas Rodriguez
Nicolas Rodriguez Maand geleden
La Liga being the 4th best league in Europe? I like you guys a lot but this take is an absolute joke. Very disappointing, you sound like football twitter. I thought you were better.
Schläfrig-Koala Yi
Schläfrig-Koala Yi Maand geleden
By hearing Bundesliga is only with 3 strong clubs, I knew he's just an EPL-premier guy.
Heerendra Digarse
Heerendra Digarse Maand geleden
except for maybe Sevilla, all the other teams except the top 3 arent really good
joseph pandini
joseph pandini Maand geleden
Juve got worse with cr7
Saptak Bose
Saptak Bose Maand geleden
Hazard's been the most fouled player in Europe over the past decade. Of course he's injury prone now.
Zaki Taufik
Zaki Taufik Maand geleden
also may be a case of burning out from playing so many games already
Licha Tamo
Licha Tamo Maand geleden
he didn't even have to be fouled for latest injuries lol
Seyam Rahman
Seyam Rahman Maand geleden
Yea but after joining madrid his fitness levels have really dropped
sarvesh chowkekar
sarvesh chowkekar Maand geleden
Guys start doing Europa breakdown as well, big teams there! 3 guess for which team I want to hear about😂
j pounds
j pounds Maand geleden
The long lost brothers are back
Louis Clarke
Louis Clarke Maand geleden
As a liverpool fan we take coutinho back
DamienBatemen2k Maand geleden
Klopp would to add depth tbh
Louis Clarke
Louis Clarke Maand geleden
@Macarios Kindamba I said as in me I be happy to see him
Macarios Kindamba
Macarios Kindamba Maand geleden
No we don’t
Aritra Nath
Aritra Nath Maand geleden
@mikemccub looks like Griezmann and @dougiecritchley like Braithwaite with a touch of Hugo Weaving
Adrian Amundsen
Adrian Amundsen Maand geleden
Worst is easily ousmane dembele
Denilius123 Maand geleden
Nowhere near worst.
Ayoub El
Ayoub El Maand geleden
Nah hazard easily
Reza Esmaili
Reza Esmaili Maand geleden
Very good
10 player that went to big club and it went wrong for them. Any opinion
Joe White
Joe White Maand geleden
Ronaldo surely has to be one of the worst. That's nothing against him, he's been phenomenal but juve bought him solely to win the champions League and they've been awful in that competition. In the league they've regressed and it's looking like the first time they'll not win the league for a very long time. Higuain was great until Ronaldo came then suddenly he was binned off for no apparent reason. Dybala has been pretty poor alongside Ronaldo and it seems like they're worse with him. They'll get no resale value on him at all because of his age and even keeping him is pretty much out of the question because of his wages.
Alex Warren
Alex Warren Maand geleden
@Mad_Intalect Dybala WAS a beast. If you play with great players (Ronaldo) club level and (Messi) national level it shouldn't affect your performance. I really hope dybala gets back to his best when Ronaldo leaves in the summer but the team is still going to be a mediocre one that I'm sure he wont be able to drag anywhere.
Mad_Intalect Maand geleden
Juve was a better TEAM without Cristiano. Dybala was a beast.
Alex Warren
Alex Warren Maand geleden
No ONE player has ever won a champions league cup on his own. Only great teams. At Madrid Ronaldo had a great team, at Juve I cant say the same, very mediocre team. If your looking for someone to blame then it has to be Juventus management, very clueless club.
Joe White
Joe White Maand geleden
@Kate Fedrick absolutely not, but he should be amongst the worst rather than the best.
Joe White
Joe White Maand geleden
@John P yes, but their attack hasn't improved with him, higuain was doing pretty well until Ronaldo arrived and was then let go because he couldn't play with Ronaldo. Dybala has often struggled to play alongside him and even players like bernadesci have been worse since Ronaldo joined.
ET FROM EARTH Maand geleden
That is what happens when you don’t take great care of ya body!!
unstoppableExodia Maand geleden
They must make really good hamburgers in Belgium if Hazard can’t hold himself back when on holidays between seasons
Victor Cheng
Victor Cheng Maand geleden
@Kip Smithers I mean it’s not like Hazard is a notoriously lazy trainer and always shows up to pre-season with a belly.
Kip Smithers
Kip Smithers Maand geleden
Or he’s just been unlucky.
Ryan Yowell
Ryan Yowell Maand geleden
Video idea: Ranking the best signings under 15mil in the past 5 seasons (excluding release clauses).
unstoppableExodia Maand geleden
Pedri on current form would be a lock for that list. Although with the variables in the deal his transfer fee could actually reach over 30 million euros if all the bonus conditions are met
Euro Football Daily
Euro Football Daily Maand geleden
I like it! (doug)
Khiem Vo Thanh
Khiem Vo Thanh Maand geleden
Dougie covers football daily as much as Kante covers the rest of the earth, give that man a pay rise
Danny Yates
Danny Yates Maand geleden
Dougie has made it his own 😂
J H Maand geleden
Well said
Euro Football Daily
Euro Football Daily Maand geleden
Lol thanks man! (doug)
Tahsin Ahmed
Tahsin Ahmed Maand geleden
9:28 "not point 5" or did he meant to say "0.5" can somebo help
Tahsin Ahmed
Tahsin Ahmed Maand geleden
@Vincent Chandra thanks for helping out
Vincent Chandra
Vincent Chandra Maand geleden
nought point five = 0.5
Mark Royter
Mark Royter Maand geleden
Coutinho's best game after leaving Liverpool was against Barcelona in the 8-2 😂
Sahil Ughade
Sahil Ughade 2 dagen geleden
Against Levante he scored a hat-trick.
Danilo Hernandez
Danilo Hernandez Maand geleden
It's actually Barça 5-4 loss v Levante in 2018.
cullermann2 Maand geleden
pretty much :D gotta take it with humour though
Latrell Westby
Latrell Westby Maand geleden
Davin Pajuelo
Davin Pajuelo Maand geleden
@Miguel L was literally the only good thing he did in 180 minutes
NicoWassie31 Maand geleden
McCubz sort out that trim😂 jk what a magnificent mane. Dougie really doing the most on this channel. Great show
B M Maand geleden
20:14 “Upwards Projectory” - Henry Hill 2021
Mujeeb Ahmed
Mujeeb Ahmed Maand geleden
Hazard has been terrible..
Diarmuid Forrest
Diarmuid Forrest Maand geleden
Dougie, is mcgeady ur fav player
Euro Football Daily
Euro Football Daily Maand geleden
Do love McGeads (Doug)
saahil gupta
saahil gupta Maand geleden
Hazard to Madrid is the best transfer for Chelsea. How is it a failure 🙄
Alastair Maand geleden
Lol true and I'm a Spurs fan - you pulled their pants down on that
Vito Corleone
Vito Corleone Maand geleden
@Amol Mehrotra Werner alone has morę goals (and I'm pretty sure assists too) for Chelsea than Hazard has for Real and Werner is still considered a flop (add to that a tony detail of Hazard being at Madrid for two seasons already, while for Werner tjis is his first)
Vito Corleone
Vito Corleone Maand geleden
@Amol Mehrotra Coutinho actually got some numbers. Hazard got 3 fucking goals in over 2000 minutes and his fee payed for last Chelsea's transfer window, not to mention the fact, that a mere year later Hazard would've been for free
Amol Mehrotra
Amol Mehrotra Maand geleden
@Vito Corleone countinho to barca is much worse, that money made sure liverpool got a champions league and a premier league title.
Vito Corleone
Vito Corleone Maand geleden
true, I haven't seen anyone fucked as hard on a transfer, as Perez got here xd
loonyleper Maand geleden
When the PSG top drops the coin that Dougie is the British-tec Lucas Moura: 😶⚡️
john cartar
john cartar Maand geleden
Luis Guerra
Luis Guerra Maand geleden
Chelsea drawn with Porto. 🤯🤯🤯
Пётр Сухин
Пётр Сухин Maand geleden
@Michael Clarke in the crowd... he lost to dinamo zagreb in le
Michael Clarke
Michael Clarke Maand geleden
Shame he won't be anywhere near 😆
Muhammad-Zaid Ahmed
Muhammad-Zaid Ahmed Maand geleden
The Mourinho derby 👀
No Video
No Video Maand geleden
Im number 1 for coment and like shot out me
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