"We are in the final of the Champions League!" Pep ecstatic after Man City's semi-final win over PSG 

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Manchester City manager Pep Guardiola chatted to BT Sport's Des Kelly after his side booked their place in the Champions League final in Istanbul.

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4 mei. 2021




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lumani12 Maand geleden
Great for Pep and all it took was £6667755478549
šitas kino teatras
šitas kino teatras Maand geleden
He tried so hard to not give credit to Mahrez. Watch it again when the reporter askes him about Mahrez goals, he starts chocking and mentioning the great pass but nothing about the amazing goals from Mahrez! that took them to the finale!. I have a feeling he hates Mahrez Why?
just Me
just Me Maand geleden
Come on MC from a LFC fan ... Good Luck !
Christopher Brown
Christopher Brown Maand geleden
Hope they lose
spaL Maand geleden
still can't believe they crushed uefa because they said we did not break FFP, its just "sponsor" money. and now they're in finals...
Omeid Frotan
Omeid Frotan Maand geleden
Agüero vow is going to happen!
crownbock123 Maand geleden
I want Chelsea to win but I think man city is gonna win it
anuj parajuli
anuj parajuli Maand geleden
Boss, say something about your own players as well, how much effort they used and hard work rather then praising PSG players only
Ryan Hineson
Ryan Hineson Maand geleden
Congratulations Pep! 1 Billion spent in 3 years. 400m on defenders, a true genius
the boat
the boat Maand geleden
If I was to pick two manager to study under, it would be pep and fergie. The most phenomenal managers there’s been in the last 30 years
Elyptica Maand geleden
disgusting what a stain on football
Daily- Football News
Daily- Football News Maand geleden
Maquinabaja Maand geleden
How much cost to arrive to The Champions l. Final . With Money everthing is possible .
Oussama Kessari
Oussama Kessari Maand geleden
Mahrez ❤
Dave22 Maand geleden
congrats to Pep and all the players and coaches and trainers and everyone involved, now beat chelsea
Cheximus Maand geleden
Big fighters and competitors. Lol. Call them for what they are. Whiney little bitches.
Mohammad Abdulla
Mohammad Abdulla Maand geleden
I don’t know why after this interview and he’s emotions, I feel he’s going to over think again and loss. But I might be wrong because they did great and they played well against PSG.
Nima Scolari
Nima Scolari Maand geleden
The Abu Dhabi guys have delivered and transformed both club and that part of the city. These guys are NOT like other owners. They proved it. Respect.
kadaa Maand geleden
It is sad that he's talking about Manchester United.
Overseshed Maand geleden
I don't ever want Pep to leave but if we win Champo he may just :(
Foqus Lab
Foqus Lab Maand geleden
im rooting for Aguero
Pato P21
Pato P21 Maand geleden
Sell sterling
Wasi Gupito
Wasi Gupito Maand geleden
Guardiola looked so much stressful when he joined Man City
Yasser Ouzar
Yasser Ouzar Maand geleden
Yet another premier league final
Sergiosaukka Maand geleden
Guardiola is not just a football manager but a CEO with a Super Team, at the moment unbeatable.
Matiix Maand geleden
10 years and 1 billion euros. WE MADE IT!!
Andrés Sánchez
Andrés Sánchez Maand geleden
Apdiaziiz Macruuf
Apdiaziiz Macruuf Maand geleden
Pep best manager i know one day man city brought and winning chambion league i hope
chadaville161 Maand geleden
Cant believe City is about to win a champions league before Arsenal
sebastian alegria
sebastian alegria Maand geleden
It's not that easy to win PSG, which came from winning Barcelona at their stadium, so what Guardiola's team did was remarkable. Poch's PSG tried to win but, Man city's defence was quite prepared and built to stop Neymar and Mbappe's possible attacks, so that's why Man city was better than PSG. That would be an interesting UCL's final between these two English football teams, the only disadvantage is we won't see public supporting their respective teams.
Kenny Milne
Kenny Milne Maand geleden
He says he dedicates the win to the absent fans , every time I watch man city there seems to be about 15,000 absent fans , theres empty seats everywhere , sugardaddy club 🙄
Niamh O'Connor
Niamh O'Connor Maand geleden
Pep: incredible Ronaldo: unbelievable Solskjaer: fantasticc
AEW- Orginal
AEW- Orginal Maand geleden
Another AGUEROOOOOO incoming
Arnold Les
Arnold Les Maand geleden
How man utd didnt sign pep is beyond me
Dave lewis
Dave lewis Maand geleden
I’d love Man City to do it 🏆 . There football is played on a different galaxy 🌌. A joy to behold. Well done and and good luck . Rams fan Dave 🖤🐑🐑🐑 👍
Kufre Udo
Kufre Udo Maand geleden
The feeling was awesome
Christer Johannessen
Christer Johannessen Maand geleden
The genius of football.
Phurpa Tsering
Phurpa Tsering Maand geleden
Pep can do anything with any club ❤️❤️❤️❤️city past years they have reach to semi so many times now they r into final
Real OG
Real OG Maand geleden
Hate For Pep & City is Unreal . They've been playing the best Football from the past 3-4 years had several back lucks in UCL. What's funny is People who call him Cheque Book Manager are no more than Trollers who picks cherries of the cake. Mostly are Liverpool & United fans with salt in their mind & ignoring their clubs are spending a lot as well , one is havin hard to be even get included in Europa while other has a fanbase who calls it's Manager a P.E teacher .
MKK Maand geleden
Lahmarschchiller Maand geleden
I really hope aguero makes the winning goal for City to win the CL, that would be the best ending ever (kinda similar to kompany goal in season for their 1:0 win to win the league later on)
Datenschutz Datenschutz
FM PEL Maand geleden
Manchester City obviously better especially with a better defense in contrary to the previous years, that was the key. Although Chelsea is great on defense, the opportunities they've missed against Real show that it will be a struggle. First time since ever an interesting and original Champions League final.
Amoo Olusina
Amoo Olusina Maand geleden
Guardiola interview is very exciting and knowledgeable especially after a major win. Guardiolismo vs Tuchel Ball will be classic come May 29
Rollin' not Strollin'
Rollin' not Strollin' Maand geleden
Soccerfax Maand geleden
Can’t wait to see VVD vs Dias next season
C2de G
C2de G Maand geleden
Well done city!
roya Maand geleden
Riyad mahrez was incredible unbelievable like pep always say lol😂💙
roya Maand geleden
Mahrez is the champion 💙
Ifants Aurells
Ifants Aurells Maand geleden
Money can buy trophy..... Facts....
Xamuudi Jamac
Xamuudi Jamac Maand geleden
This our first final and i hope changing first champion trophy 👊
Revelian1982 Maand geleden
I want City to win, just for Aguero. As an Englishman I never thought I would want an Argentinian to win so badly.
Rafael Nadal
Rafael Nadal Maand geleden
We are in the final of the champions league cost us 2 billion on players to get there we are a plastic club with plastic fans and oil Arab money will buy us every trophy
redrhino995 Maand geleden
Terry is 'sleepy' 😂
Justyns Sagan
Justyns Sagan Maand geleden
The interviewer is clueless 😐😑🙄😒😕😳💯🇺🇲🇨🇦🇬🇧
Syrgak Omuraliev
Syrgak Omuraliev Maand geleden
He doesn’t seem that happy
DNOZO Maand geleden
respect to city as a bayern fan i hope u go on to win it.
anson20ify Maand geleden
Come on PEP & Man City. Go and get the trophy. (Arsenal fan).
Daman K.K
Daman K.K Maand geleden
Premier League rules 💪🏻
Isleofskye Maand geleden
MANCHESTER CITY V CHELSEA........No wonder the others wanted a Super League with the top English Clubs and The other Final might ALSO be all English, as welll......:)
Lawrence bolt
Lawrence bolt Maand geleden
These mercenaries should be banned next season. Money has destroyed football.
Stephen Egan
Stephen Egan Maand geleden
Congrats to Pep and City..its not all about money but £870m helps
Marek Lindner
Marek Lindner Maand geleden
Damn I like that interviewer from England, alwyas hear him after matches, straight to the point, have some jokes up his sleeve and doesn't try to catch everyone with some stupid questions
Anthony Dry
Anthony Dry Maand geleden
Sums up this forgettable, terrible season
Eucalyptus Da Villa
Eucalyptus Da Villa Maand geleden
I bet he'll be with the same composure even after he wins the Final.
Muhammad Hilmi
Muhammad Hilmi Maand geleden
Honestly i think Chelsea is better than City because in real madrid. match they miss many chances.. but think about what if they not miss the open chances they would have win BIG
kishan kr
kishan kr Maand geleden
It's the battle of the English teams In the finals I belive it's going to be amazing
Sandeep Mann
Sandeep Mann Maand geleden
Its only taken this guy years to get city to a final after spending nearly aa billion. What a great manager.
Football S SEBO
Football S SEBO Maand geleden
Manchester City deserves it to win because all that try year by year failing and those players who waited already 5 years to go to the finals of the UCL needs to win!
Francesco Romanicum
Francesco Romanicum Maand geleden
Congrats UEFA, Man City-Chelsea....the SUPER LEAGUE is Awesome!
Verah ajekie
Verah ajekie Maand geleden
Congrats pep. From a united fan♥️ what a manager
Suraj Patil
Suraj Patil Maand geleden
Zinchenko stepped up big time
K. Bahk
K. Bahk Maand geleden
Pep is really amazing.
Jj Jj
Jj Jj Maand geleden
Manchester city 💯 % champion
peter varone
peter varone Maand geleden
An all English final with no English players.
Cheesy Bob
Cheesy Bob Maand geleden
Werner can't go to the final 😭😭😭 he's missed the plane 😜
zaid alamara
zaid alamara Maand geleden
Man pep sounds depressed some1 needs to check on him or give him a holiday asap
Babita Chourasia
Babita Chourasia Maand geleden
Werner finally scores
S S Maand geleden
I think perhaps even the great greta thunberg can lead this city team to finals and certainly win the PL. 👻💪💪
Virtual realistic
Virtual realistic Maand geleden
I am not a Manchester City fan and they deserve to win ucl. And I want them to win bcoz I am the fan of Pep
Daniel Penaloza
Daniel Penaloza Maand geleden
Crazy how man city won without “ Agüero , sterling , Gabriel Jesus , mendy who else I’m I missing
Cruyff1899 Maand geleden
Visca Pep!!!! Vamos!!!!! Greatest Manager of All Time!!!!
Robert Smith
Robert Smith Maand geleden
Gosh it must be nice to have unlimited expenses to get the perfect squad. It was certainly more tough to perform in orthodox Bayern!
C J Maand geleden
Renaldo Matadeen
Renaldo Matadeen Maand geleden
Dias was the missing piece he didn't have at Munich. Hummels was poison
andres iniesta
andres iniesta Maand geleden
Pep voice likes mourinho 😁
Temuri Kakachiya
Temuri Kakachiya Maand geleden
De Bruyne need a balloon dor
Janice from Accounting
That last part was a stealth dig at ESL.
Robert Wall
Robert Wall Maand geleden
Come on chelsea
Harmon Salmon
Harmon Salmon Maand geleden
Chesea know how to beat city,so it is bad news for city.
Super Dyuber
Super Dyuber Maand geleden
The Stars!
Life lines
Life lines Maand geleden
Man city showed it's not easy to become next Goats
Iz_paparengos Png
Iz_paparengos Png Maand geleden
Between Lamp&post
Between Lamp&post Maand geleden
Man city , the best team in football, bar none!🏆
Sonu Guru
Sonu Guru Maand geleden
mvp of the game was sterling XD
Bruno Giovannini
Bruno Giovannini Maand geleden
City: Level Unlocked: UCL Final. Well done, noobs!
Ayush Biswas Gaming
Ayush Biswas Gaming Maand geleden
In farmer's league, PSG can win every year, there's no competition at all.
projectboy ss
projectboy ss Maand geleden
Mahrez is still on fire! 🔥🔥🔥 I love this player!💙 He's soo special!👑
Noureddine D
Noureddine D Maand geleden
Last year it was your responsibility PEP. U didn't started RIAD against Lyon in the 1/4 final. This season, things have positively changed. u r benching the overestimated players then u got raison n the result is there.
Noureddine D
Noureddine D Maand geleden
it's like he is training them yo interviews too. the all answer the same spitch.
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