Vikkstar Has Unmatched Athleticism 

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5 mei. 2021




Bezig met laden.....

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Uzumaki 19 dagen geleden
0:37 Lol 🤣 its the best part .
401, Sumer Rana
401, Sumer Rana 22 dagen geleden
Timo? is that you?
Daniel shoots
Daniel shoots Maand geleden
Wtf is the music 😂😭
Allyson Zhelyazkov
Allyson Zhelyazkov Maand geleden
The little hehe at the end. Hahaha
TEDDY Maand geleden
He's Of Indian Origin , He has Cricket in his blood
TEDDY Maand geleden
Wait Untill Vikkstar starts playing cricket
Lord Gonk Droid
Lord Gonk Droid Maand geleden
0:19 clearly a fake by Vik. Acted like he was gonna go for the goal just to fake out the defender.
PURE MEMES Maand geleden
This is the video that discovered me Sidemen....
VT_Fst Maand geleden
vik has actually improved over the years
Zayyan Mahmud
Zayyan Mahmud Maand geleden
You can tell that MO edited this
the iKonic
the iKonic Maand geleden
Vik is so clumsy
lightblace Maand geleden
Its unmatched because it's so bad. Good title sidemen, *_good..._*
Evame Asembia
Evame Asembia Maand geleden
LOL sidemenshorts are making vik a meme
IA 13
IA 13 Maand geleden
Rumor has it, Maradona skipped school to watch Vik football compilations
Jacob Yates
Jacob Yates Maand geleden
Just how is this happening? What am I witnessing from Vik
marc alfred gabao
marc alfred gabao Maand geleden
0:37 when your legs fall asleep
kalvin kang or KKang
kalvin kang or KKang Maand geleden
To be fair though
Jack Arthur
Jack Arthur Maand geleden
I thought it was going to be the football interview edit that Harry made lol
Mitch Van berkel
Mitch Van berkel Maand geleden
Timo Werner highlights 20/21
GeorgeBokolos21 Maand geleden
seeing vik today he actually is the most improved from all the sidemen. He is still last tho
ayush surendran
ayush surendran Maand geleden
Timo Werner must be his idol
Captain Jack Sparrow
Captain Jack Sparrow Maand geleden
I read the title as "Unmatched Autism" 😂😂
Shinsō Maand geleden
Zayaan Jamil
Zayaan Jamil Maand geleden
Vikk is what Ronaldo and Messi wish they were
erwin kort
erwin kort Maand geleden
i read autism
let's trade
let's trade Maand geleden
Stop vikk abuse
Dark Memoriz
Dark Memoriz Maand geleden
The first song slaps bro does anyone knows it?
Ashish Rajput
Ashish Rajput Maand geleden
Do you know remix
Saksham Khandelwal
Saksham Khandelwal Maand geleden
still has more trophies than Kane
Hanzo hasashi Scorpion
You mocked it playing diljit dosanjh 😂😂😂😂
Alfie Levitt
Alfie Levitt Maand geleden
Vik’s famous last words: vikkstar12C
Alex Maand geleden
It’s actually baffling how uncoordinated this human is. Truly astounding.
Raunak Mondal
Raunak Mondal Maand geleden
watch and learn Neymar
Malla Maand geleden
Timo Werner has learned from Vik
dev ravi
dev ravi Maand geleden
"they dont work like they used to before" dead
Ricardo Garcia
Ricardo Garcia Maand geleden
Hes my greatest challenge yet" -Manuel nuer
Benxeta Maand geleden
Well the tittles not wrong 🤷
Seth Hector Vasquez
Seth Hector Vasquez Maand geleden
Nice Edit KSI you did a great job Bullying him
Alan Joseph
Alan Joseph Maand geleden
0:41 jj's laugh LMAO
Princess Marian
Princess Marian Maand geleden
the legendary primark hoodie 😂
Cosmic Mage
Cosmic Mage Maand geleden
Viks touch is so good the ball doesnt even leave him
Vedaant Mahajan
Vedaant Mahajan Maand geleden
We all know thats a cover up for his true identity that he is a pro PRO baller.
Lucky Ducky
Lucky Ducky Maand geleden
Manvendra Shekhawat
Manvendra Shekhawat Maand geleden
Indian for a reason huh😂😂
WiseGuyAsif Maand geleden
Anmol Cheema
Anmol Cheema Maand geleden
Do you know by diljit dosanjh in the background
Muralidhar M
Muralidhar M Maand geleden
Tobi: What happened to your legs? Vik: My legs don't work like they used to before😂
Thalanir7 Maand geleden
“Vik I’ve put some various spices in the curry” We all know what Harry meant was he had put some drugs in the curry.
ADI Maand geleden
this channel is turning into what moresidemen used to be
Rey Walker
Rey Walker Maand geleden
These people don't know what this song does to the desis! Dude I love this song and the singer as Dilgit is the GOAT. Love from Pakistan.
Khanh Phong
Khanh Phong Maand geleden
Only Vik can score a pelnaty with his head Pete Cech
Mohammed Ahmed
Mohammed Ahmed Maand geleden
Messi could learn something from the star himself.
James Giles
James Giles Maand geleden
fact: vikk just pretends to be bad at football because he doesn’t wanna hurt the sidemen’s feelings
yerro Maand geleden
Unmatched indeed... No one else could be this bad
Trarey Maand geleden
I think you spelt autism wrong
Frantic Maand geleden
Vikk is the one that doesn’t have legs 😂
Shantiv Monga
Shantiv Monga Maand geleden
I think this is bullying
MINO Maand geleden
0:19 timo Werner this season
savage kai
savage kai Maand geleden
No way someone’s that bad at football
Soap Maand geleden
The way his legs just shut off is hilarious 😂😂😂
Nicky Koel
Nicky Koel Maand geleden
This video is all I need from youtube, just replaying this all over again, every minute, every hour, every day, for ever
Adox 28
Adox 28 Maand geleden
Jay Shah
Jay Shah Maand geleden
He went from this to scoring the best penalty ever taken
Random Doggo
Random Doggo Maand geleden
Vik’s legs just gave out under him like they didn’t want him kicking the football anymore
George Farley Plays
George Farley Plays Maand geleden
thought it said autism
zyzz syss
zyzz syss Maand geleden
Believe that Jesus Christ died for your sins on the cross, was buried and rose again on the third day, and you are saved.
Ahmed Samatar 07
Ahmed Samatar 07 Maand geleden
the indian song eveytime it's vik lmaooo
DJ McQuoid
DJ McQuoid Maand geleden
He is the best at football in the whole sidemen his skills can never ever be completed form a sidemen
Dzaky Maulana
Dzaky Maulana Maand geleden
Entity Mays
Entity Mays Maand geleden
Damn Vik has come a long way
Profootball Sad
Profootball Sad Maand geleden
Messi has been real quiet lately
Im_Gh0st Maand geleden
Vaffel 1
Vaffel 1 Maand geleden
The last clip is iconic
Omar Maand geleden
“Vik I’ve put some various spices in the curry” - Harry 😂😂
Sunay Mukherjee
Sunay Mukherjee Maand geleden
Is it even possible to do what Vikk did genuinely?!?!!
Ngk Panda
Ngk Panda Maand geleden
I didnt even know that someone can be so shit at football
J F Maand geleden
0:35 it's Bruno
Bessi Maand geleden
Diljit Dosanjh in the bg uno 🔥
#HZ22 Maand geleden
JUSTIN SIU Maand geleden
It true Messi learns vik dribbling skills
Ya boi
Ya boi Maand geleden
Vikkstar123: the living meme
T Maand geleden
At this point even Vik abuses Vik
BrandonLV Maand geleden
I think vik should work on his craft and surprise everybody
Ahmed Helmy Ahmed Abd Elghany
Stop bullying
Ily Hx55xn
Ily Hx55xn Maand geleden
ofc the indian music
ygz ekz
ygz ekz Maand geleden
How can he miss that penalty ? Like seriously, missing the ball is harder than hitting..
Hunter Maand geleden
Simbarocks ONE
Simbarocks ONE Maand geleden
He’s one of if not THE BEST in the world right now.
Random Retard
Random Retard Maand geleden
I'll be honest, the shape of you indian version sounds very sick
Sam Meydan
Sam Meydan Maand geleden
vikk playing football is literally QWOP lol
E Sadge
E Sadge Maand geleden
two left feet
Mian Maand geleden
Lingard : you’re challenging me now huh?
Arbër Maand geleden
whats the indian background music in the first clip called
Bottom Left
Bottom Left Maand geleden
Imma need to know the Indian music. Low key hits hard
Just A Pokemon Commenting On Videos
It would be amazing if in the next charity match vikk trains hard with some professional coach and destroy everyone it would be amazing to see the reactions
Liquidator Maand geleden
I never knew someone could be so good at football.....
Amber Louise
Amber Louise Maand geleden
@mewtwo fan 0001 mc just no it’s not soccer
mewtwo fan 0001 mc
mewtwo fan 0001 mc Maand geleden
Soccer *
Hriditya Ranjan Biswas
never imagined this very vikkstar would now become ✨thickkstar✨
Intlex Maand geleden
Vikk: does anything remotely astoudning Editor: QUEUE THE INDIAN MUSIC
ajc Maand geleden
0:37 should’ve gone to acting class
Jesus Maand geleden
would make it into arsenal starting 11
Sundar yt
Sundar yt Maand geleden
Gloria Borger
Gloria Borger Maand geleden
What video is this from?
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