Tyron Woodley challenges Jake Paul to a fight, doesn’t think he’ll accept | Ariel Helwani’s MMA Show 

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Tyron Woodley returns to Ariel Helwani’s MMA Show to discuss being in Ben Askren’s corner for his boxing match vs. Jake Paul, his UFC future and more.

0:00 His thoughts on Askren’s loss to Jake Paul.
2:20 Woodley says some celebrities box better than Jake.
5:30 Woodley says he was prank called by Jake Paul.
8:37 Woodley describes what happened in the locker room when checking Paul’s gloves.
14:20 Woodley asks the UFC for permission to fight Jake Paul.
17:00 Looking back at his bout vs. Vicente Luque.
29:40 His thoughts on Kamaru Usman vs. Jorge Masvidal 2.
33:00 Looking back at his UFC career.

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21 apr. 2021




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j toet
j toet 9 dagen geleden
i hope you do Destroy him Tyron Let's Go Brah
Dually Gang
Dually Gang 9 dagen geleden
Tyrone just wanted a pay day
lewis griffin
lewis griffin 8 dagen geleden
He did not get it for a Payday he wants to back even after Jake Paul if you just get it for a Payday or on the one fight learn what you're talking about before you make yourself look foolish again
Young Nigga
Young Nigga 10 dagen geleden
Young Nigga
Young Nigga 10 dagen geleden
Andrés Ruca
Andrés Ruca 10 dagen geleden
He hasnt got any first cousin in ufc.... Fake as fuk
Fuck You
Fuck You 12 dagen geleden
T-wood 4rm da hood , 🧓🤛🏿
West 15 dagen geleden
If our boy Twood wins he deserves a drake feature
Red Baron
Red Baron 16 dagen geleden
Who’s back after this is now an official fight happening in August?
CamperVan Clark
CamperVan Clark 17 dagen geleden
Oh man! It's on. Tyron going to sleep this dude.
Tim Rolls
Tim Rolls 18 dagen geleden
oh boy here we go again...
Lootador daerb
Lootador daerb 18 dagen geleden
This Video will get a lot of extra views after fight announcement 🥳😅 Hope Woodley will Get the W. But! It might be a bigger challenge!
Mohammed Farhad Hussain
Mohammed Farhad Hussain 18 dagen geleden
I can’t believe he actually got it sorted
NovaSix 18 dagen geleden
And the fight is official. Let's go
J Jj
J Jj 18 dagen geleden
C G 18 dagen geleden
8:45 good impression
Cord cutter cam
Cord cutter cam 18 dagen geleden
Who's here after the fight between him and Jake Paul was announced
Washington Washington
Washington Washington 18 dagen geleden
Awwwww poor baby.....he didn't want to see he wants to call out JP..... You should have challenged the one who was in your face.
Nathaniel Gonzalez
Nathaniel Gonzalez 15 dagen geleden
Bc Love will get DOMINATED in every aspect of fighting, except the one where you can only use your hands, and give your opponent break if he falls, and not hit him when he is down, and.. and...
Nathaniel Gonzalez
Nathaniel Gonzalez 15 dagen geleden
Yeah challenge him to a REAL fight. Or how about 5 styles? Best 3/5. Boxing, Muy Thai, Wrestling, BJJ, Taekwondo. Best Tyron wins 4/5 and Love won’t make it out of any (except boxing) with will / consciousness.
The King
The King 18 dagen geleden
So here you go T Wood is ready fkr revenge.
Mike Carroll
Mike Carroll 18 dagen geleden
This is gonna be fun to watch
Colin Lucas
Colin Lucas 18 dagen geleden
Can’t believe he’s gonna box jake
ExposedByWez 19 dagen geleden
Who’s here after Jake Paul is going to fight him 😂
TIM Aldridge
TIM Aldridge 19 dagen geleden
You got the fight, maaan don't let this kid catch you too please
Cam 86
Cam 86 19 dagen geleden
He gonna knock Jake out
Andy H
Andy H 19 dagen geleden
Not that a J.Paul loss would shut them up. The Paul brothers take advantage of m.m.a fans respect and faith in their Champs. Who imagine J.Paul being beaten to a pulp, crying his eyes out, never to be heard of again. Truth is, he'll be looking out for a new mansion and a couple of lambos. The only way to shut them fools up is ignore them. M.m.a fighter ego and greed come before brains. No fighters care that the Paul brothers grind our gears.
Will Hanley Reed
Will Hanley Reed 19 dagen geleden
Who’s here after the greatest news youve heard all week.
IAmLegend 19 dagen geleden
Who’s here after he accepted?
Kartik Shetty
Kartik Shetty 22 dagen geleden
I think almost every active fighter will accept a fight with Logan or Jake Paul, cause it will be an easy pay day. But the brothers, themselves know, that they won't win against a fighter, who is in top shape, and is regularly competing
MICHAEL W SUDZIARSKI 25 dagen geleden
MICHAEL W SUDZIARSKI 25 dagen geleden
MM Sizzlak
MM Sizzlak 28 dagen geleden
I forgot that Masvidal and dude got history... But cmon...tyron still got hands... And for anyone who says otherwise, would YOU box this dude? Maybe he may not have UFC hands any more, but anything not in the octagon? Pffft
Ceasar Moreno
Ceasar Moreno Maand geleden
Ty - rone is on Jake's butts so obvious
Nevius Maand geleden
Woodley should fight Pauls trainer he was talking like a man talks when he really wanna put hands in on Woodley.... WOODLEY SHOOK... gonna try to pick a fight with Paul vefore his fight smh shane on Woodley what a looser 🤣🤣🤣 "I GOT MY 5 TITLES"🤔🤣🤣🤣
Trumped Maand geleden
You sound like a desperate ex-girlfriend Woodley
Anthony Stansbury
Anthony Stansbury Maand geleden
J Leon wanted that smoke with Woodley he ain't want to fight him though
Harry Richard
Harry Richard Maand geleden
He’s so cool now
Widowm4k3r Maand geleden
Ufc vs NLblock beef how low is the ufc will go?
tfunknationtown Maand geleden
TBH, I just like that woodly wants to whoop this guy who just whooped his friend 😆. 🥊
Honey Badger
Honey Badger Maand geleden
Can we all just agree that T-Wood would obliterate Jake in any martial art including Aikido
Power Up
Power Up Maand geleden
Woolley would definitely hurt and I mean seriously hurt either one of those guys don’t do it you’ll get criticized for hurting them afterwards
Eddie Gonzales
Eddie Gonzales Maand geleden
Robbie Lawler Nick and Nate Diaz Conor Jorge Masvidal Justin Gaetghe Kelvin Gastelum Isreal Adansanya Whitaker Dominic Cruz Cody Garbrandt Dillashaw Charles Olieira Micheal Chandler you got all these guys who are great strikers in MMA he doesnt pick any of these guys take on Henry Cejudo he wants to throw down with you quit picking wrestlers unless you wanna get in the cage
Gnana Jiva
Gnana Jiva Maand geleden
Get real! Woodley is going after that money. For sure. He's just trying to nobilize it with all this virtue signaling. Are you saying that Woodley is doing this for anything else? What? If he is going to revenge Ascren he doesnt have to go along with this production and collect 5-10 million dollars. Give it a break Woodley- you are going after a paycheck. This pretense is dimishing you....
Jonathan Davis
Jonathan Davis Maand geleden
Woodley wants a payday 😅😉🤑
Nick Manning
Nick Manning Maand geleden
These boxers forget about randy couture smashing james toney in 20 seconds
Harry Tamblyn
Harry Tamblyn Maand geleden
Woodley can put me to slip just with his words!
j dogg
j dogg Maand geleden
The way tyron fights now reminds me of kevin randlemen in his last fights
The Los
The Los Maand geleden
J Leon Love says you don't know nothing about these.. 😆 Love would give wood a boxing lesson
kyle Kjerstad
kyle Kjerstad Maand geleden
Fake it till you make it, name drop like a boss... woodly i think im falling out of love with you
Als Fath
Als Fath Maand geleden
He to scared to fight I he won’t fight someone good
j j69
j j69 Maand geleden
Of course who wouldnt wanna fight jake paul, easy million dollars plus dude just lost his job😂
Enlighted Vison
Enlighted Vison Maand geleden
Tyron is a True example of pure Friendship
Victor Ramos
Victor Ramos Maand geleden
Woodley is a Beast! Jake not fighting. Stupid if he does. This dude fighting for a long time. This isn’t Ben...jake💀
gp Rz
gp Rz Maand geleden
I’m not an MMA fan, I’m a hardcore boxing fan but I’m with the MMA guys on this one. Please someone put an end to this Jake Paul girl, don’t let him cherry pick, come out swinging like this Tyron guy.
AdeptX Maand geleden
everyone wanna fight jake paul now 😂😂
SandaBoxing Maand geleden
TWood need that payday!
Lil David
Lil David Maand geleden
If you ever wanted to know what true honesty looks like , there it is.
MVTHAJEWELER Maand geleden
Joseph Godinez
Joseph Godinez Maand geleden
Tyrone Woodley is always gonna be UFC...
stefan w
stefan w Maand geleden
T wood ain't knocking anyone out now! It's like he's hesitant to let his hands go! He was great at one time and hope he gets that hunger back.
AirHeath Maand geleden
MIZZOU REPPIN. Tyron better get this fight. Jake won’t take it I’m afraid.
Cameron “CamboFadeMasterLudwig” Ludwig
Id like to see Wiz snuff Jake out :)
Conversation Strangler Steven
I love that Tyron is a legit Condit fan. He always mentions his name and gives him respect.
Conversation Strangler Steven
@FK jesus really? It's a term that people use. Who cares? Respect isn't the word either. I guess admire might work. But you get my point right? Ok, I like the fact that Tyron is Condit fan is that acceptable enough for you?
FK Maand geleden
u love? Try using different words. I "respect', I "admire". You don't actually love a fact.
skinnykai Maand geleden
Put jake in the octagon with tyron, I swear he gonna get k.o’ed in the first two rounds
Conversation Strangler Steven
Ben Askren is one thing, Tyron is a different animal. Jake Paul is not dumb hes not getting in there with T-wood.
Young Lil J
Young Lil J Maand geleden
Peep the spit on Tyrone's Chin.
Tarrence Conyers
Tarrence Conyers Maand geleden
The way Jake Paul throws that right hook reminds me of Dan Henderson these MMA guys know who hendo is.
Ron Senyor
Ron Senyor Maand geleden
Mr SouthCity
Mr SouthCity Maand geleden
Who else saw the altercation and had to google j’leon love and saw how benavidez was beatin the snot out that boy
Robert Haddad
Robert Haddad Maand geleden
Respect to Tyron woodley. He has been there and done that. The guy has my respect and for most of the things he’s done already. Been the head of the welterweights for a while as champ. But he’s got my respect
Travis Stoneking
Travis Stoneking Maand geleden
Jake obviously has good hands but he won’t fight nobody that’s in the MMA ( nobody his size ) it’s all about the money 💰
F m
F m Maand geleden
Woodly would destroy Paul that would be a great fight.woodly got them hands also it would bring Paul back to reality.
Anthony Bly
Anthony Bly Maand geleden
Tyron is a shell of what he once was.........he's actually more pathetic these days and its very sad.
Drew Bunch
Drew Bunch Maand geleden
Jake Paul would knock woodly out and will if they fight
Black Pill
Black Pill Maand geleden
Tyron Woodley's contact expired with the UFC. He'd be a perfect fight for Jake Paul. I think Jake Paul is ducking Tyron Woodley. Because Tyron Woodley is actually a good striker in MMA (unlike Ben Askren) and might actually beat Jake Paul in a boxing match. Tyron Woodley is not a pure boxer, he's a MMA boxer, so there is no guarantee he would beat Jake. Boxing in MMA is not the same as boxing in boxing. But I think it would be a competitive fight. Jake Paul might duck this fight if he thinks Tyron Woodley has a chance of beating him
Recovery Lifestyle
Recovery Lifestyle Maand geleden
Recovery Lifestyle
Recovery Lifestyle Maand geleden
Drew Yager
Drew Yager Maand geleden
Crickets. That was awesome. Go ahead TW
Michael Hoilman
Michael Hoilman Maand geleden
Props to Helwani for being all over this.
knuckletherapy serve others first before yourself
Jp is in the sport of boxing right? And his record is 3-0 so they say . But he hasn't fought any boxers. Why are they even calling them pro fights ? Not trying to hate on him . Just don't get why he is being considered a pro fighter and he has not been in the ring with a pro boxer . If he is going to challenge an MMA fighter do in the octagon under those rules
Conversation Strangler Steven
@knuckletherapy serve others first before yourself No you're good bro. I knew you weren't being disrespectful, you didnt come off as it either. I was just bringing up the fact that if it were a real fight Askren would kill Jake. Which is a non sequitur on my part anyway as were talking about the sport of boxing not an actual street fight or anything of the sort. But yeah you're completely right.
knuckletherapy serve others first before yourself
@Conversation Strangler Steven your right I agree 👍 Thanks for breaking it down for me. That's what I was trying to say for the most part. And I wasn't trying to disrespect Ben especially since he's an Olympian if I'm not mistaken. I know he's a world class athlete for sure. I must have said in the wrong way. My point was just to say he's never boxed under those rules. If they had chosen mma then it jp wouldn't have a chance. And I think jp is doing it for the money. I just think it's disrespectful to professional boxers who put in all the work for their craft and not everyone makes it. And calling jp a professional fighter cheapens the sport that has such a rich history. Just my opinion.
Conversation Strangler Steven
@knuckletherapy serve others first before yourself I dont consider Jake a real pro boxer either.
Conversation Strangler Steven
@knuckletherapy serve others first before yourself Askren is not more like a wrestler, he is 100% a wrestler. He was such a good wrestler that he did well in MMA without being elite at the other aspect ofthe sport (striking). It's fair to say he cant box, or the very least it's fair to say that his boxing is very rudimentary- they're just set ups to shoot a takedown so he can dominate his opponents on the ground. Askren is definitely a pro fighter, but not a pro boxer. And Askren and Jake had a "pro" boxing match. If it was an MMA fight- the closest representation of a real fight in any combat sports (apart from vale tudo) it would've been obvious who wins that. I agree though, if Jake wants respect tagged on his name he should fight someone who's a striker. But honestly I dont think the dude really wants to be a legitimate respected fighter. He just wants to make money the easiest way possible, relative to his skill. The only fights I could see him sincerely trying to secure would be against other non strikers with names, and significantly lighter than him. MMA fighters like Dillon Danis or maybe Kron Gracie lol. Apart from that he might fight another celebrity.
knuckletherapy serve others first before yourself
Maybe that would work. Just saying the last guy he fought wasn't a boxer . He's more like a wrestler. It's not even fair. And I'm not trying to say he can't box . But calling him a pro fighter is a bit much. You know what I'm saying. If he can win against a legitimate pro boxer . That would be interesting and probably open a few bigger paydays and more respect in the boxing community.
freedomrider #1
freedomrider #1 Maand geleden
Jack won't take this fight. He'd be a fool to fight tyron
RAY W Maand geleden
Jake Pauls wealth is estimated at anywhere from 1 to 20 million. His occupation is entertainer not boxer. One loss and the ride is over. He's well aware of that. Any legit challenge he accepts will be bought and paid for. Very few (if any) fighters wouldn't take a dive if the price is right. I have zero respect for him because he has a generation of 12 to 15 year olds in a complete fantasy world on boxing to satisfy his own greed. Just like the Kardashians, his subs are his prey. Young and naive easy prey. It's so obvious he is already laying the groundwork for a fake CTE retirement excuse.
flashfire157 Maand geleden
Too bad Jake Paul won't fight real boxers
T B Maand geleden
Fuk da gloves, barre knuckles for JP.
44108dave Maand geleden
I always like woodley .. He said it how it is
BuffaloWick Maand geleden
Woodley you are the man. You won a lot of fans with your composure in that room full of clowns. We know what would have happened...
K moyer
K moyer Maand geleden
Brian Schindler
Brian Schindler Maand geleden
Ty....don’t you know how to box. Therefore, he won’t fight you. He only boxes non boxers.....that’s how he wins. This “boxer” would never box another boxer.....why do you think he goes after MMA....cause MMA focuses on everything....and then have to focus on just that aspect...which is minute to most animals they are. His next 4 boxing matches will never be boxers....that’s his style. It’s so sad he can’t and won’t box another his brother. I dare this clown to fight a real boxer.....he will not.
Gary patterson
Gary patterson Maand geleden
Hey Woodley, you are going to get destroyed
Good Solonius
Good Solonius Maand geleden
At this point Jake Paul would probably knock Woodley out
Anthony Cruz
Anthony Cruz Maand geleden
I’m back on the Woodley train! Lol It’s been a while
tonyboy tonyboy
tonyboy tonyboy Maand geleden
Hmmm let's face, name alone, fight Paula or fight Tyrone....easy pick
Antonio Lopez
Antonio Lopez Maand geleden
T wood is an insecure lil kid inside all that muscle.
Derrick Buckley
Derrick Buckley Maand geleden
If tyron was still champion he would laugh at fighting jake. 4 loses later and he’s looking for scraps
Animals are Perfect
Animals are Perfect Maand geleden
I might pay attention when Jake fights actual boxer
King In Black
King In Black Maand geleden
Jake Paul ain't tryna fight him
Ronald Shiffman
Ronald Shiffman Maand geleden
First of all, Jake Paul doesn't fight. He boxes. So MMA fighters can throw out about half of their skill set before the match would start. Second, Jake Paul has many more followers than Tyrone Woodley, so Woodley is not a audience attraction for Paul, which is what Paul is after. Bottom line, Paul won't fight Woodley because Woodley is not a money-maker.
Spacedude182 Maand geleden
Is there a green screen behind Ariel or is that real?
Belis Breckenridge
Belis Breckenridge Maand geleden
Get suckered into a boxing match and get REKT, I really dont care. If you're dumb enough to get baited by a youtuber, that's on you
Jedi Brooks
Jedi Brooks Maand geleden
Who da Fook is dat guy
Bugin1967 Maand geleden
I love The Hungry Woodley!!!
anthony Sloan
anthony Sloan Maand geleden
Woodley scared to box love. Love called him out
anthony Sloan
anthony Sloan Maand geleden
@Petr Novak J'Leon Love. He did it in his face. You can tell woodley was nervous
Petr Novak
Petr Novak Maand geleden
Who called him out???
Christopher Harrington
Woodley is the man. The logan sisters and this Jay leon Louvre kid, don't even know who da fook that guy is
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