Tyron Woodley altercation with Jake Paul Team at the Fight 

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Tyron Woodley and Jake Paul have words about a bet and goes back and forth with boxer J'Leon Love at Triller Fight Boxing
Ben Askren vs. Jake Paul
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18 apr. 2021




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ChubbThaGOAT 216
ChubbThaGOAT 216 9 minuten geleden
They act like people care about boxing. Boxing is dead. Their biggest events involve MMA fighters
ChubbThaGOAT 216
ChubbThaGOAT 216 11 minuten geleden
Woodley would murk both those clowns at the same time.
Summer 1724
Summer 1724 2 uur geleden
T'Wood: I got my belts JL Love: "I got my vaseline and u don't know about this"
Raybombs 3 uur geleden
Twoods patience was tested and he passed. ✔
Worldwide Boxing HQ
Worldwide Boxing HQ 4 uur geleden
How much is Jake Paul really paying this dude tho for him to be acting outta pocket like this over a NLblockr 🤣🤣🤣
Samwise Gamgee
Samwise Gamgee 5 uur geleden
Give khabib location
mikemillionaire81 18 uur geleden
This man J Leon love is trash can water! He just lose his last two fights and got ko by David Benavidez. Man if this dude don’t go sit down somewhere, lookin like a full Fledge heavyweight
Khan Spade
Khan Spade 19 uur geleden
J'leon love has never been a champ
solarg2b 21 uur geleden
I dont even like Tyrone but I was hoping he would spanked one of these clowns
Randy M
Randy M 22 uur geleden
He's not going to fight any real fighters I'm confused why everyone cares ?
The 54th
The 54th 22 uur geleden
Did J say he has his belts too? Since when? 😆
Reece Davis
Reece Davis 23 uur geleden
Woodley would probably kill all of them lol what they playing at 😂
J Leon love would embarrass Tyron Woodley and DC and any other MMA star in the boxing ring
H P Dag geleden
2:14 da fuq
CiniRice Dag geleden
Idk if boxing gloves would ever save u in a real fight..
Happy Bee
Happy Bee Dag geleden
It’s like jake paul went around looking for the biggest idiots for his team. He succeeded.
Arch Dawgg
Arch Dawgg Dag geleden
F the gloves! See me in The Octagon.
Carlos Gonzalez
Carlos Gonzalez Dag geleden
I don’t care for Tyrone’s personality, but Jakes dude got No clue with whom he’s jackin around!
Aricram Snika
Aricram Snika Dag geleden
Your for sure doing it for clout JLeon 🙃
Shy Guy
Shy Guy 2 dagen geleden
Twood would wreck that J'Leon Love dude.
GuiltyUntil ProvenInnocent
“You don’t know about these champ 🥊 “.... And you don’t know about getting slammed on your neck
Stanky Fishing
Stanky Fishing 2 dagen geleden
Why is he even in there lol he’s just getting gassed. That whole team is professional shit talkers
D J 2 dagen geleden
sêth RS
sêth RS 2 dagen geleden
Tyron would beat em both, at the same time.
LaNarian Wilson
LaNarian Wilson 2 dagen geleden
One on one tyrone woodley would eat them alive.
the Star Casino of Western Sydney
Nothing wrong with being humble. Im jus saying, no need to act like that. Big props to twood for not losing his cool
GuiltyUntil ProvenInnocent
I bet he gets down with that Vaseline
Aza Kem
Aza Kem 2 dagen geleden
Never liked woodley but who is the clown cheerleader of jake paul needs a slap
hruaia khawlhring
hruaia khawlhring 2 dagen geleden
Man wasn’t confident enough to bet tho lmaoo
Sean Sullivan
Sean Sullivan 2 dagen geleden
God damn that guy is ungodly annoying.
D C 2 dagen geleden
Real tough with all his boys around him u know for a fact we wouldnt be talkin like that in a dark ally. Fake gangster
SLIME GANG 2 dagen geleden
Dude inna yellow ....NOBODY KNOWS YOU DAWG 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Jusaisrae 2 dagen geleden
Tyron’s stock did go down. He’s no longer champ. Love is right, Tyron is not a great Boxer. Not sure what ya’ll are on.
jk Sureiya
jk Sureiya 2 dagen geleden
Jleon really can’t be talking.He straight up lied about being a champ.Shit at least tyron won a belt and proved that he’s a top fighter in his sport.
THEE KINGIONAIRE's 2 dagen geleden
This dude is supa clout chasing. If you want a piece of TWood, getcho ass in the octagon. He not talking about no damn boxing. Get in the octagon since you so charged up. These youtube dudes doing to much.
Brian Perry
Brian Perry 3 dagen geleden
Tyrone Woodley doesn't even wanna waste time. That guy talking all that nonsense. Tyrone Woodley would put SMACKDOWN on the guy. And Fake Paul, Lol!!!!
TheEnd 3 dagen geleden
Leon love I like that guy 🤣
Andre diaz
Andre diaz 3 dagen geleden
What is the song in the first clip???
Jlash 90
Jlash 90 3 dagen geleden
I'd love for someone to challenge these MMA guys to a straight up fight before acting all hard...
Anthony Romani
Anthony Romani 3 dagen geleden
But tell they ass to get in the octagon! A real fight 💯 but everybody ohhhh can’t box of course ! Mma is not boxing and boxing is not mma . Mannnn
Triplows 3 dagen geleden
How is a failed boxer now youtubers groupie trying to start beef with a beast lmao
Swindle Nation
Swindle Nation 3 dagen geleden
That’s my boy Jlove ! the 1st person to beat me. Tell’em JAY! “We do it this! “ he don’t know nothing bout them 🥊😂
DrummerJacob 3 dagen geleden
The actual fight wasnt anything more than an altercation.
Victor Ramos
Victor Ramos 3 dagen geleden
Boxer talking shit to a legit legend MMA champ. Stfu my man. Boxing is a joke compare to what these mma fighters do.
Bugzzy 3 dagen geleden
J Leon Love acting like he's some kind of an exceptional boxer when in fact he was just a B fighter throughout his career. Woodley could silence that arrogant in an instant.
International Tang
International Tang Dag geleden
Mike Mempin
Mike Mempin 3 dagen geleden
Jake Paul is Charlie Zelenoff with money
AcS 3 dagen geleden
Boxing is fighting....but MMA is FIGHTING.
XXX Encryptacion
XXX Encryptacion 3 dagen geleden
Who is that clown ?? Boxer LOL talking shit to tyron
Mattt Alllen
Mattt Alllen 3 dagen geleden
I can’t believe woodley thought Ben was gonna win that makes me question his knowledge of fighting
beachbum Lifestyle
beachbum Lifestyle 3 dagen geleden
Jake Paul made all you real fighters look real stupid 😂😂😂
NUDDA HUNDO 3 dagen geleden
Street fight tyron would wash him ....
Tony DeanDriskell
Tony DeanDriskell 3 dagen geleden
Woodley would give Love the business in a real fight! I've NEVER once seen Love in war or in a exciting fight.
texas sheet poster
texas sheet poster 3 dagen geleden
anyone else hoping to see T-wood put his hands on these jokers ?
J Money
J Money 4 dagen geleden
Can’t stand dudes like that a nobody challenging a somebody smh should of put them hands on him but choose to remain professional
Salty Marine
Salty Marine 4 dagen geleden
Why do they keep wanting to fight MMA fighters and not real boxers....
FREDDY CASTRO 4 dagen geleden
Jake Paul was what the heck are u saying. Shut the hell up. Did u all seen Jake walk behind him and rub his eyes. Like thinking ur stupid bro for talking crap.
DimeStoreProphets 4 dagen geleden
He should kick his teeth out. And then ask what you know about that?
J Vill
J Vill 4 dagen geleden
That mario lopez is a bitch
Dylan Huff
Dylan Huff 4 dagen geleden
Tyron could’ve slept any of those clout chasers,don’t disrespect one of the greatest to do it.
The Unwarrented
The Unwarrented 4 dagen geleden
Lol he clowning bout getting dropped but he got tko his last fight man respect the man's credentials amd stay in your lane before twood throws you on your ass. That's was disrespectful props for Woodley to keep his composure
Ricky Trickyyy
Ricky Trickyyy 4 dagen geleden
Is you reading this... I wish you the best of the world!!
whatever9042 4 dagen geleden
If your biggest bragging right is youre signed to al haymon shows you haven’t accomplished anything in your sport. You’re a champion you say? Of what? WBO, WBC, WBA, IBF? Ain’t saying nothing but a word? Whoever you are, that’s exactly who you are, talking smack and you ain’t worth a damn. Show some respect to a man that excelled in his arena.
RZA77 - Reza Yaghoubi
RZA77 - Reza Yaghoubi 4 dagen geleden
who the fuck is J leon love ahahhaa
Lit 90
Lit 90 4 dagen geleden
Mario Lopez at the end just puts a cherry on top of the cake of cringe here
Joshua Cano - yellow bird
They felt like a lawsuit and a payday was worth a near death experience by the hands of T-Wood....but Woodley was calm AF
Mohamad H
Mohamad H 4 dagen geleden
Bro if i was a ufc fighter i would NEVER let anyone talk to me like the way jake's trainer did to tyron..
Forza Bruhh
Forza Bruhh 4 dagen geleden
Bro got ko by a dude named porky in front of his ma...... we really don’t know how you get down
Forza Bruhh
Forza Bruhh 4 dagen geleden
No bro we do not know who Jleon love gets down. I watched David Benavidez’ sorry ass dumb you on the canvas last fight bruh 😝💀😝💀😝💀😝💀
looped __
looped __ 4 dagen geleden
Tai Samuels
Tai Samuels 4 dagen geleden
I love the sport of boxing, but hate some of them bums. Meantime the worlds watching this saying “Hew dafuq is dat goi?!”
Andre Boyd
Andre Boyd 4 dagen geleden
These MMA’ers keep WALKING UP TO Jake Paul to say “I don’t play games “. You played yourself by walking up... Whoop his ass Jake 😂
jk Sureiya
jk Sureiya 2 dagen geleden
Bro Jake won’t be able to do shit to tyron😂. Tyron kills Jake in a street fight
Al Storm
Al Storm 4 dagen geleden
It's amazing, Jake's entire team is as big as asshole as him.
James Ross
James Ross 4 dagen geleden
j. love is trash lol
B Obamadoesn'tcare
B Obamadoesn'tcare 4 dagen geleden
Who is the annoying fluffer in the yellow cap
Jake Wavez
Jake Wavez 4 dagen geleden
Guaranteed it’s all staged knowing Jake Paul.
Louis Lopez
Louis Lopez 4 dagen geleden
Woodley would mess them both up lol I'm tired of the boxing ring honestly. How bout these jerk offs get in the octagon?? How about a real fight ? 😈😈😈
BestDanTheMan80 4 dagen geleden
1:18 he does know about “these” and he would take you down and smash your fucking annoying face in. How about Tyrone said “you don’t know about these” then pointed to his entire body, all parts of it. Boxing has really left the building these days. There so desperate to get back to where they were in the 80s. Bitter at the success of MMA and more importantly the UFC.
Unbiased Perspective
Unbiased Perspective 4 dagen geleden
I guess he ain’t at 168 no more hardly recognize j Leon, I remember what David did to you, talking big shit ain’t ya
master brute
master brute 4 dagen geleden
Who is the idiot holding a boxing gloves
Ty L
Ty L 4 dagen geleden
Can twood fight this "you know I get down" mug
Rich Fort
Rich Fort 4 dagen geleden
Tyron woodley will fucking destroy that dude he will legit make him look like his bitch
Keith Dudley -
Keith Dudley - 5 dagen geleden
UFC everyday all day.
Sapphire City Music Channel
So many people misunderstand each other that it is ridiculous. Shout out to the dude holding the gloves. He held it down for Jake Paul.
Michael Mendoza
Michael Mendoza 5 dagen geleden
Who the hell is the guy in yellow? That groupie needs to stay quiet
Pavan Nair
Pavan Nair 5 dagen geleden
I dislike Tyron woodley but I respect the way he handled this.
1 28Ve 980
1 28Ve 980 5 dagen geleden
2 clowns
Triton h
Triton h 5 dagen geleden
Boxers think they can fight. Boxers can only fight in America because only in America for whatever PC dumbass reason, the crowd stand you up after you did a take down and start beating their ass. Weird fucking country. A fair fight is a fight. A fight goes to the ground. We are not kicking boxing or boxing. We are fighting.
grizzlytomahawk 5 dagen geleden
It's clear the Paul boys are just out there looking for 💲not real fights
Geno Batchelor
Geno Batchelor 5 dagen geleden
1:58 Same field? Not even close. That all mouth sissy j love is only in one field of many fields of Twood. Twood would embarrass the boxer in a true fight..... like beating up a child
Oh yeah Burgers for the boys
Too much talking.
palaciosphotography1 5 dagen geleden
I favor mma because i trained martial arts most of my life. But i also boxed for a couple of years. Jake Paul would beat Tyron....sorry. I hate Jake with a passion...but its a fact. The trainer love would also. Paul is rangy, bobs and weaves and moves good enough to win. Against another pro boxer or good amatuer he would lose. MMA doesnt translate over to boxing good ..thats why their isnt any ex mma boxing champs.
Mercy • 7 years ago • edited
Do you want Boxing rule or mma rule ?
Isaac Melgar
Isaac Melgar 5 dagen geleden
I Leon is Bitchmade 😂
nitroxize 5 dagen geleden
I'm already Hall of Fame. J'Leon got nothing on that lol..
trevor drexler
trevor drexler 5 dagen geleden
God damn this is so pussified.
1911 Nate
1911 Nate 5 dagen geleden
J Leon Love is a bum thats why hes begging for a fight with an MMA fighter cuz he couldnt beat a single dude at top level competition. Bum. Should stick to being a youtubers hype man
Edwin Valero
Edwin Valero 5 dagen geleden
Tyron ma boi
TrappGLueQueen 5 dagen geleden
Tyron Woodley vs loud mouth in an mma match..... I’ll wait
Dan Greene
Dan Greene 5 dagen geleden
All I see here is a butthurt T Woodley... looking for all his props that no one is giving him, chasing clout, and JEALOUS that jakes name is bigger than his..
Osvaldo Dior
Osvaldo Dior 5 dagen geleden
Tyron could’ve beat the shit outta everyone in the room
Teeko __
Teeko __ 6 dagen geleden
J’Leon is a fucking joke lol. He barely a gatekeeper now days lol.
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