Trump branded “embarrassment to his country” as he shuns Biden inauguration - BBC News 

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President Trump has announced he won't be attending the inauguration of his successor, Joe Biden, just hours after promising a peaceful transition.
He will become the first US president to miss the ceremony in more than 150 years.
Joe Biden said the decision was a good thing and it was one of the only things they'd ever agreed on. He said President Trump was an embarrassment to his country.
Sophie Raworth presents BBC News at Ten reporting by North America editor Jon Sopel.
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8 jan. 2021




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Akbar Safari
Akbar Safari 46 minuten geleden
Tomorrow will be calmest day in whole USA nothing will happen because system is still strongest in the world and these right wing groups now are in FBI files ?? never ever some non organized militias can bring down a giant goverment like USA you will see all
Pour Toujour
Pour Toujour Uur geleden
To attend false event for illegitimate president.. no way
Pour Toujour
Pour Toujour Uur geleden
You did a lot of good for this country, President Trump. I just wish We the People could've done our part to give you four more years. God bless you, sir, and thank you.
Jay Diaz
Jay Diaz 2 uur geleden
BBC a embarrassment to the UK. Please fact check the information they are giving, bbc lie by just opening there mouth and not a trustworthy source of information.
Jesus is Lord
Jesus is Lord 3 uur geleden
John 3:16, reads: “For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.”
Vinny Brig
Vinny Brig 3 uur geleden
Trumps gone. North Korea now advertising there latest nuclear weapons already. And China and Russia, will be laughing there tits off. If WW3 kicks off, were will all the foreigners go, people who have milked our benefit systems NHS for years. Right back home, saying we are not british, not our war. Then for 1st time since 1945. The english scots Welsh, once again, have to defend
GHØŠTŸ 141 4 uur geleden
Their special for breaking into a government building but the blm (peaceful protesters) not the the ones who took advantage of the situation but the PEACEFUL PROTESTERS were thugs woow Donald pump
Kang Kang kang
Kang Kang kang 4 uur geleden
Trump you are the winner, we support you Trump, our lives are for your victory Trump, we are ready to die for you trump.
Domzdream 4 uur geleden
He’s such a Beta male.
Kahren Thriscutt
Kahren Thriscutt 6 uur geleden
BBC do shut up ! Paid for by Bill and Melinda Gates... You are NOT independent, and can no longer call yourselves journalists. Shush up.... blah blah blah... People, do your own research. The media is bought and paid for. They LIE continuously .
KatyLou60 10 uur geleden
This man has a couple personalities not just one
Garret Ager
Garret Ager 11 uur geleden
He sounds that he has been water bordered
Eniac Acrobat
Eniac Acrobat 12 uur geleden
Rehearsed robotic delivery. He is line-for-line reading from a teleprompter in an attempt to protect himself from future prosecution. Too little, too late.
HandsOfLavinia 14 uur geleden
When you've been called Hitler for no more than five years, I should imagine being called an embarrassment makes him clutch his pearls.
Sanchita Rana
Sanchita Rana 14 uur geleden
trained eye
trained eye 14 uur geleden
Biden won't even be there.
razz b
razz b 15 uur geleden
Tow that line BBC
Joseph Lee Hooker
Joseph Lee Hooker 15 uur geleden
minisla 15 uur geleden
What a load of bollocks
Ocean Dream
Ocean Dream 16 uur geleden
Loser 😀 .
post design
post design 16 uur geleden
Brilliant editing the bit where you cut out 'peacefully'. Well done...
Victoria E
Victoria E 17 uur geleden
DEFUND the bbc stand against terrorism and there sympathizers!!!
Val Erickson
Val Erickson 19 uur geleden
You say Trump is an embarrassment ... you reall need to look in the mirror... you are a LOSER
Lee Evans
Lee Evans 19 uur geleden
The BBC is soon to face charges of dealing false news and being complicit in corruption.
lawrencestoke 20 uur geleden
Trump is an absolute disgrace. This reminds of the birther conspiracy. Obama took that lie like a gent. But that was the warning we needed. Trump is an unrepentant liar.
None Yourbuissness
None Yourbuissness 21 uur geleden
God bless those heros who stormed the capital. And please forgive us who did not. All these thieves got to go.
Lesley Gent
Lesley Gent 23 uur geleden
Nope. There’s more to the story, friends. Maybe try another channel.
Joey The Alien Hunter
You don’t know your facts that’s it end of conversation
Joey The Alien Hunter
I disagree Biden is the embarrassment
Savage Ceeza
Savage Ceeza Dag geleden
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Dizzy Dabbz
Dizzy Dabbz Dag geleden
Joe the lightning thief
Dizzy Dabbz
Dizzy Dabbz Dag geleden
Joe your a traitor
Tae All Day
Tae All Day Dag geleden
Ok all you Englishmen we both have shit leaders, we just got rid of ours. Now we can focus on making fun of you tRump double, that was licking his boots in the beginning.
Ian Andrews
Ian Andrews Dag geleden
Why does Trump need to be at the inaugeration anyway ? Biden himself just said it would be best if Trump didn't attend , saying "This is one thing we agree on" . Mainstream media these days contains only left wing hacks masquerading as journalists , it seems .
Jim Figgerty
Jim Figgerty Dag geleden
The BBC's an embarrassment to the U.K.
Joellen Wortham
Joellen Wortham Dag geleden
The dems have embarrassed America to the whole world they are disgusting ut sting human and idiots moron ughhhhh so embarrassing!
James Watson
James Watson Dag geleden
BBC branded embarrassment to nation.
paulo ricardo
paulo ricardo Dag geleden
That's it . He makes America a laughing stock.The wannabe dictator shutdown by democracy . The rest of the world just lose more and .ore respect for America
Jason Eaton
Jason Eaton Dag geleden
Black protesters would not have made it that far
Patrick Teo
Patrick Teo Dag geleden
Go home you love ❤️ you, you are very special?👍👍👍👍🔥🔥🔥🔥🎭🎭🎭🎭
Anwar Mohamed
Anwar Mohamed Dag geleden
Where Is My $600 Stimulus ????
Trebo Boi
Trebo Boi Dag geleden
Mainstream media = combinationalemonger.. Definition of monger. (Entry 1 of 2) 1 : broker, dealer -usually used in combinationalemonger. 2 : a person who attempts to stir up or spread something that is usually petty or discreditable -usually used in combinationwarmonger. monger.
Ryan callery
Ryan callery Dag geleden
kangdanlin Dag geleden
like a dictator fignighting for power. such a disgrace
kazedmonks Dag geleden
Donald trumps Farwell speech
Andrew Smyth
Andrew Smyth Dag geleden
The BBC is an embarrassment to the media and the UK.
Laurence Baberday
Laurence Baberday Dag geleden
Would you rather listen to The Sun?
ck ck
ck ck Dag geleden
Say Milner Group devxls...
Egy Dag geleden
Goodbye 👋 don’t ever come back 🍊 Boy!
Kelvin B
Kelvin B Dag geleden
Trump's no embarrassment, BBC may be though
Karl Hulme
Karl Hulme Dag geleden
Suddenly the democrats don’t mind walls.
Terry Mullins
Terry Mullins 2 dagen geleden
I think Binden is going to have a lot of embarrassing moments in the next few years ! Lol
Terry Mullins
Terry Mullins 2 dagen geleden
I'm from England, and I think American politics is a joke just like ours
Terry Mullins
Terry Mullins 2 dagen geleden
Embaressing !, The BBC is embarrassing supporting a two faced liar with dementia !, Lol
Terry Mullins
Terry Mullins Dag geleden
@Laurence Baberday what are you on about ?
Laurence Baberday
Laurence Baberday Dag geleden
Would you rather listen to The Sun?
I Am Just Here For The Tea!
*He's a joke all over the world,not just North America!* *He should be erased from American history!*
449Raphael 2 dagen geleden
“I don’t need your votes, I just need your support after I am elected” Sen. Joe Biden........
V Force Mizo
V Force Mizo 2 dagen geleden
I dnt trust BBC
FeLiX 2 dagen geleden
When his ego fades, he will only feel shame
Funny how the BBC won't expose the corruption of Biden.
Fruitistic 23 uur geleden
exactly, because theres no corruption.
m.jamshid ghafar
m.jamshid ghafar 2 dagen geleden
Vvk 7 3 14 16
Nanay Ko
Nanay Ko 2 dagen geleden
So sad... At least in the Philippines they do cheating discretely. There’s freedom of the press. Here in USA its already in front you YET Mainstream Media, FBI CIA Supreme court, Congress, senate etc dont see the anomalies... they are controlled by whoever....I thought America will never be like philippines...
Nanay Ko
Nanay Ko 2 dagen geleden
Am I the only one who cant see? Nothing was done or said by mainstream media about all the burning and violence done by whoever after floyd’s set up death ... now the capitol violence... is all over the news blaming on trump.... Who can not see the truth? Me or the Mainstream media and Democrats...
Aysia Norr
Aysia Norr 2 dagen geleden
Look..u people are like squirrels. I'm neither a cheerleader or a mental case..dc is like a cocktail fight..its like a two headed cyclops
Colin Hendra
Colin Hendra 2 dagen geleden
Why should he attend a crook's function. Americans who support Biden should be ashamed of themselves
Lee Wamwam
Lee Wamwam 2 dagen geleden
The American police are more shameful than the Hong Kong black police. They can surpass the Communist Party of China. China is the first. The United States is declining and perishing.
Patriot2452 2 dagen geleden
He is not an embarrassment to our country, he is very loved. Fuck you and all the establishment media, you have all been his enemy from before he even got into office.
nada hiro
nada hiro 2 dagen geleden
On January 14, 2020, Mr. John sullivan was arrested by the FBI. He said he was trained by the Chinese Communist Army using Zoom from Hong Kong. The Chinese Communist Army occupied Hong Kong. Previously, the Chinese Communist Army disguised Communist troop soldiers as civilians in Hong Kong's democratic movement and confused them. The democratic movement intensified and they occupied the Hong Kong Parliament Building. Again, Mr. John sullivan instigated the people. They succeeded in occupying the Capitol. This was to divide the government and the people and paralyze the government function. The FBI has arrested those who broke into the Capitol as Trump supporters. However, the reality was that Mr. John sullivan and the general public, instigated by BLM and Antifa, occupied the Capitol. Leftist media and defenders of the left have defended Mr. John sullivan and wrote about it. Exactly what happened in Hong Kong was repeated in the United States.
Brett. Crealy
Brett. Crealy 2 dagen geleden
President Trump awarded by the Morrocan Royal Family, their Nations highest award! President Trump has the respect of liberty loving folks everywhere!! 🏆😊👍
jash Knap
jash Knap 2 dagen geleden
Only the military is invited to the inauguration as their superiors will tell them not to "Boo Biden sucks shit".
Christine Oconnor
Christine Oconnor 2 dagen geleden
Fuckin clown,the only thing the rest of the world had seen from trump's term in office is what a shit show America really is,and badly the average Joe is treated by their government.their all fuckin corrupt politicians no matter what side their on.and biden is the lesser of two evils.
Cezary Cezary
Cezary Cezary 2 dagen geleden
Trump is the best, Biden and Kameltoe is embarrassment to human kind
Ethan Slapp
Ethan Slapp 2 dagen geleden
he was the best thing for this country in the last 3 presidents. fact
Rawinia Clarke
Rawinia Clarke 2 dagen geleden
They know its true you. Don't know you weren't their i watched all the untruth disclared
Rawinia Clarke
Rawinia Clarke 2 dagen geleden
He is better than the thugs he will triumph be sure of that
Philip oliver
Philip oliver Dag geleden
You are right .....Good Morning Rawinia 🌹🌹
Rawinia Clarke
Rawinia Clarke 2 dagen geleden
Why should he it's not his doing
LaserCat 2 dagen geleden
i thought this was a youtube video not a bunch of real life numbers hmmm maybe evrything we know is people talking about numbers
Sandor Clegane
Sandor Clegane 2 dagen geleden
Cant wait to see your crocodile tears under biden..😂
ITSMZPOO 2 dagen geleden
James Brewitt
James Brewitt 2 dagen geleden
Peaceful transition to his 2nd term in office 👍🇬🇧🇺🇸 BBC your so full of shit stop giving the false president elect air time the mans a disgrace and a fraud 😡
Baboi George
Baboi George 3 dagen geleden
\\o// Sounds like the captured soldier was forced to read from a written script for the television -
saitej g
saitej g 3 dagen geleden
Yes Joe Boden said correctly. It's best that trump won't be attending Joe's inauguration, as this only opportunity to get away from another chaos and ruckus. His presence really makes another appalling events inevitably tragic.
Jb Chad
Jb Chad 3 dagen geleden
Trump hands down the most dumbest president of all time
Thomas Hart
Thomas Hart 3 dagen geleden
Define Hypocrite:
rojichrstn 3 dagen geleden
America: *pays billions to kill the deadliest dictators and terrorists, toppling countries.* Also America: *pays Capitol security in subway giftcards*
paulo ricardo
paulo ricardo Dag geleden
They also send the military to Knock down democratic regimes like in Chile when the left wing Allende won.and they helped install one of the bloodiest dictators Pinochet
Ahmed Ibrahim
Ahmed Ibrahim 3 dagen geleden
There is no importance for Trump to attend the inauguration of Biden. What is so good about Trump in the last four years which had been very rocky for the whole world and particularly for Iran, Venezuela and Syria.
John Ah Kuoi
John Ah Kuoi 3 dagen geleden
American freedom of choice. Embarrassment ? shows BBC feels against Trump.
ebutuoymai7 Google
ebutuoymai7 Google 3 dagen geleden
You are an embarrassment to the British public bbc
nickolaus cabcabin
nickolaus cabcabin 3 dagen geleden
BBC is controlled by the ccp.
Alex Rios
Alex Rios 3 dagen geleden
The "T" virus indeed insidious, hypocritical a presidential travesty for America 🇺🇸
Lex S
Lex S 3 dagen geleden
The guy just throw his supporters under the bus That’s not a leader 👎👎👎
fouoii gyhh
fouoii gyhh 3 dagen geleden
America's military in movies: Dont try us. America in real life: Capitol gets taken Mel Berstein: My garage has more security than that building
Backwater Sage
Backwater Sage 3 dagen geleden
Trump branded “embarrassment to his country”? Says the BBC, an embarrasment to journalism. Lol!
truthtalker 3 dagen geleden
The real embarrassment is the MSM...
Cynthia Rodriguez
Cynthia Rodriguez 3 dagen geleden
He shouldn't attend. The election was rife w fraud. It's one thing if he lost because he lost, but that's not what happened here. What I'm upset about is the fact no one has done anything, and we Americans seem to be ok w having a president chosen by bureaucrats and not the citizens as it should be. I will never vote again, and I'm thinking of leaving the country. This isn't the America I've grown up in and taught to be proud of. Our freedoms are being stomped on one by one, and the people who care about that are being silenced. I'm done. It's sad.
fouoii gyhh
fouoii gyhh 3 dagen geleden
Jem Collins
Jem Collins 3 dagen geleden
BBC not many subscribers, i wonder why..
susan Johnson
susan Johnson 3 dagen geleden
He is such a good liar, best conman I have ever seen...
susan Johnson
susan Johnson 3 dagen geleden
We don't want him there anyway, the sooner he is gone the better!!
hiitsmehereagain 3 dagen geleden
Hahahah USA a joke
hiitsmehereagain 3 dagen geleden
Biden is as bent as bent can be
simp So
simp So 14 uur geleden
hope trump can still find a way to win this election🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏
Jonny Cool
Jonny Cool 3 dagen geleden
BBC woke morons, at least Trump understands the threat from China.
Harry Low
Harry Low 3 dagen geleden
Hope all that happened is enough for Americans to be humble and reflect.
Sarah 20 uur geleden
The rest of the world is waiting for you to catch up.
theKillingJokes 2 dagen geleden
Good luck with that. As an American who has lived among these people my entire life, they are completely immune to rational, critical thinking. Most of them believe in Angels and Demons, it's near impossible to get them to believe that the person they chose to be their great white savior is actually a psychotic, racist misogynist whom is only guided by self interest, and that he is not in fact here to stop a satan worshipping cabal of baby eating lizards. Self reflection just doesn't fit into a picture with madness at it's core.
Illusions of Time
Weergaven 4,3 mln.
Illusions of Time
Weergaven 4,3 mln.