Tion Wayne x Russ Millions - Body 2 ft Arrdee, 3x3E1 & ZT, Bugzy Malone, Fivio Foreign, Darkoo, Buni 

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David Torrez
David Torrez 3 minuten geleden
Sheeesh, the best remix in 2021 🥵
Michael Ball
Michael Ball 4 minuten geleden
I usually can’t listen to uk artist but holy fuck🔥
MD ABC 9 minuten geleden
0:19-0:39 1:07
Ares- Exampl5
Ares- Exampl5 16 minuten geleden
Aredee slaps tho
Hasanefe Cengiz
Hasanefe Cengiz 16 minuten geleden
Olum efso 😳
Flamingo Albert
Flamingo Albert 21 minuut geleden
Ronaldo 22 minuten geleden
Fivio foreign just randomly on the track like 😭😭🔥
Anna Howard
Anna Howard 22 minuten geleden
The "English girl named Fiona" part hit different
S13NN4 PL4YZ 26 minuten geleden
This never gets old
REDNIKA 37 minuten geleden
Best song ever
James 57 minuten geleden
All about being unique with your accent, it keeps things different!
Bryceis Togoated
Bryceis Togoated Uur geleden
Me the whole video: ohi mate
natalie defreitas
natalie defreitas Uur geleden
Ardee go
Adz Uur geleden
Bri'ish rap is so corny dawg
Logan Stronach
Logan Stronach Uur geleden
yo my g big arrdee what a lad
The Creative Contingent
these edits are so tight
Daz Reevell
Daz Reevell Uur geleden
This needs more views shares likes and comments this tune is pure fire 🔥🤜🤛🔥
didi X
didi X Uur geleden
Bugzy malones verse is so underrated
Harsh 2 uur geleden
G63 suits this song🔥
Toxic nerd
Toxic nerd 2 uur geleden
Russ made both aitch and arrdee. Thats facts 💯
Juniors gaming channel x
iniglish girl named fianona
Tendigetsclapped Jih
Tendigetsclapped Jih 2 uur geleden
Pop smoke would have killed it
chansea1417 2 uur geleden
0:40 morgz?
Revane Stormzy✪
Revane Stormzy✪ 2 uur geleden
its Arrdee
Stuart Graeham
Stuart Graeham 2 uur geleden
State of this song... So cringe man
Chinmayi Anantharajah
Chinmayi Anantharajah 3 uur geleden
I put this song on mm2 on roblox
jamil ahmed
jamil ahmed 3 uur geleden
Romeo Nkomo
Romeo Nkomo 3 uur geleden
English Boy soo bloody lit 🔥
Lourenço Martins
Lourenço Martins 3 uur geleden
0:40 best part
Big Bean
Big Bean 4 uur geleden
The only part of this song that was actually intelligible was fivio foreigns verse 😂
Adz Uur geleden
Every verse sucks
Linkzy A1
Linkzy A1 3 uur geleden
Yh cah ur American, your used to ur slang and pronunciation.
onyxx 4 uur geleden
Imagine drake was on this remix 🤯🤯🤯
MrSongo GT
MrSongo GT Uur geleden
@Revane Stormzy✪ Drake wouldn’t sound good on drill, even though he made a few drill songs before
Revane Stormzy✪
Revane Stormzy✪ 2 uur geleden
@MrSongo GT drake😐
MrSongo GT
MrSongo GT 2 uur geleden
Draaaaake? 🤦🏿‍♂️
TIK Tok 4 uur geleden
Before i go to sleep i listen to this song so many times
Emın Gurbuz
Emın Gurbuz 4 uur geleden
You like music
mourine jullu
mourine jullu 4 uur geleden
Best song
HeavyMetalBoy4 4 uur geleden
0:41 the way ardee said “body”
j t
j t 4 uur geleden
Ijasan Fisayo
Ijasan Fisayo 5 uur geleden
Arrdee killed it. He had the best verse
Tammy Jones
Tammy Jones 5 uur geleden
0:40 Rahhhh that's what he looks like 😭😭😭 wasn't expecting that. That verse is my favorite part of the song 🔥🔥🔥
Dachild 5 uur geleden
No cap this song would be the most fire concert
RBE Grain _YT
RBE Grain _YT 5 uur geleden
Imaigne if Central Cee was on this remix
Adz Uur geleden
Would ruin it
RBE Grain _YT
RBE Grain _YT 5 uur geleden
And SR 😳
Yetunde Duze
Yetunde Duze 5 uur geleden
Are we just gonna ignore Bugzy and Darkoo's verses?❤🥵
Paula 5 uur geleden
El comentario en español que estabas buscando
Rosary Of The Cross
Rosary Of The Cross 5 uur geleden
YassBass777 6 uur geleden
2+2 is 4 minus 1 dats 3 quick mafs….
Klasicni Youtuberi
Klasicni Youtuberi 6 uur geleden
That word "Adeola" hits different
saba robakidze
saba robakidze 6 uur geleden
Bri'ish people and its consequences have been a disaster for a rap industry
Adz Uur geleden
Most uk rappers are ass but some are valid
connorlee42 6 uur geleden
Quite ⁹Was 001qqqQqqq
Friendzy iRe
Friendzy iRe 6 uur geleden
Never knew Eminem was into track suits
Cyberwolf gaming
Cyberwolf gaming 7 uur geleden
Alan Sabu
Alan Sabu 7 uur geleden
Russ millions and tion wayne dance moves are fire
Rayan Tala
Rayan Tala 7 uur geleden
great remix and great group!!!!!!
Economic Music
Economic Music 7 uur geleden
1:55 literally the worst verse . It ruined the drill
Daphney Matlou
Daphney Matlou 8 uur geleden
AM I the only one who repeats Ardees part😤☠
lewis o'gara
lewis o'gara 8 uur geleden
this is the best song in 2021
drila g
drila g 8 uur geleden
Been here since it was on 1000 views
Aesthetic moosic
Aesthetic moosic 8 uur geleden
Thw way he pronounce sweetheart 😩
えσяεиzσ YT
えσяεиzσ YT 8 uur geleden
Bugzy without autotune 😂
Mike Honcho
Mike Honcho 8 uur geleden
For a song talking about girls, all I saw were guys guys jumping around with other guys
Hugo Mundén
Hugo Mundén 9 uur geleden
Arrdees part was better than 6ixe9ines career
Hugo Mundén
Hugo Mundén 9 uur geleden
xMCIMDx 2055
xMCIMDx 2055 9 uur geleden
Video n track go hard
AdiBoj 9 uur geleden
Video and choreography is amazing
Spaddled C
Spaddled C 9 uur geleden
White guy was the best imo
BIGKINGZD 10 uur geleden
If it wasent for accents if swear these dudes were from NY
crizzy.10 10 uur geleden
Imagine centrall cee and aitch where in this song
Ionut Ion
Ionut Ion 10 uur geleden
Edmonton green i live there😂
Brandon Fambrough
Brandon Fambrough 11 uur geleden
hokey pokey
hokey pokey 12 uur geleden
Not me trying to find arrdee in every scene
Tommy Mx
Tommy Mx 12 uur geleden
Ngl ardees line didnt match in the song on that time
CLA MotoVlog
CLA MotoVlog 12 uur geleden
1:21 Insane
Andrew 12 uur geleden
So British people can't rap.... Got it
Adz Uur geleden
Most british can't rap. Some uk rappers are good
Andrew 11 uur geleden
@big brain it's stupid Body-ody shaped like cola, back up back up ayy come closer You have to be mentally ill to believe this is talented
big brain
big brain 11 uur geleden
It's drill, not rap lol
Om Rohit
Om Rohit 12 uur geleden
ZT was best 2:56
tom __
tom __ 12 uur geleden
0:31 compare that to the origional. yeah the energy is gone
mellomelette 13 uur geleden
they're all fine as hell what the fuckk
NIGERIANO JENET 13 uur geleden
I can’t take black British rappers seriously. 😂
Zoey Arely
Zoey Arely 13 uur geleden
The lethal hawk cytogenetically store because mosquito roughly lie anenst a old block. ruddy, cloistered aluminum
PO1SON CL4N 13 uur geleden
Arrdees bit slaps hard witha fn montage
Alexander rolov
Alexander rolov 15 uur geleden
For fivos part I started woo walking
Eli Rades
Eli Rades 15 uur geleden
Arrdee made me like British rap because of this song
Adz Uur geleden
Fml he's the lil pump of the Uk
oktavianus yudhistira
oktavianus yudhistira 16 uur geleden
every english girl named viona:yes mate?
Archie L
Archie L 17 uur geleden
Bugzzy was cold
Byulie Moon
Byulie Moon 17 uur geleden
Never heard of arrdee before this song went viral on tiktok but his rap is so good and his voice is oddly super attractive 😩
SAUCEGOD TAJ 17 uur geleden
I wanna know the drug in ardee verse
thebestpersonever :lies
it's woo
Fragz FN
Fragz FN 17 uur geleden
Damn there’s so many people
MIent1313 17 uur geleden
Fivi Sosa 🔥🔥🔥
gaming with ric
gaming with ric 18 uur geleden
I was watching the video only for the British partch
Danielle Morden
Danielle Morden 18 uur geleden
Ardeee!!!! Can't beat him, fittest chav ive ever seen!!!
LLAMAZANAI 18 uur geleden
Who is that old man
Ahmed Guled
Ahmed Guled 18 uur geleden
Who’s at 3:51 he’s fyeeeee
das_manky god
das_manky god 4 uur geleden
JAMAICAN KID GM 19 uur geleden
Cho bloodclatt this lit🇯🇲
Стефан 19 uur geleden
This what happens if u sell your soul, dangerous game beware, hell is around the corner. †
Amir McGruder
Amir McGruder 19 uur geleden
They should’ve got Meekz on the track
Khadija Ba
Khadija Ba 19 uur geleden
senpai 20 uur geleden
why is an american in this
das_manky god
das_manky god 4 uur geleden
shut up
EL JEFE 20 uur geleden
Fuck Arrdee! ZT had the hardest verse no 🧢
Yogi Bear
Yogi Bear 20 uur geleden
Terrorist music. Promoting a gangsta lifestyle. All about girls and taking your own people out. A disgrace to our people. The next gen are truly screwed
Karma Akabane
Karma Akabane 20 uur geleden
"What, do you wanna get smoked cigarette?"
AdiBoj 20 uur geleden
0:30 cold af 🥶 🥶🥶🥶🔥🔥🔥
Koi Fish
Koi Fish 20 uur geleden
I feel betrayed that the part that slapped the hardest was rapped by a white guy
Chloe Hurst
Chloe Hurst 20 uur geleden
Unpopular opinion but the part that’s trending on tiktok is actually the worst part
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