Times the Impossible Became Possible... 

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We’ve all had moments where we’ve thought we did the unthinkable. Most of us sadly don’t have a camera on us at all times to capture these things happening. But few people are lucky enough to be caught on video when they somehow make the impossible seem possible. Ready to see these awesome people?

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Times the impossible became possible against all odds! Featuring the world's most crazy world records and achievements on earth. You better check out these impossible odds viral videos with your own eyes.

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13 jan. 2021




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Trend Central Maand geleden
Which impressed you the most?
karla jane eufila
karla jane eufila 9 uur geleden
the golf .
Alek Embleton
Alek Embleton 6 dagen geleden
It’s right . The 1st one
Jonathan Marks
Jonathan Marks 9 dagen geleden
Come on dud3 the kid with the pencil there waz way to much force at the speed that pencil was traveling on the bounce to stay up it and you can see thw video clearly cuts out right as the penical is about to stand out meaning he just edited two videos together
TWTrask 12 dagen geleden
How much time you wasted with hot air
Stephen Cold Bear
Stephen Cold Bear 12 dagen geleden
The pencil is more impressive than the stunts. By far.
Aqib shahrizan Tooot
Aqib shahrizan Tooot 6 uur geleden
The last one. He a physic scientist
pro gaming
pro gaming 18 uur geleden
2:24 did I hear a oof
Jay King
Jay King 19 uur geleden
They werent impossibel just stupid
fretsonfire782 20 uur geleden
Some of these are fake imo
ЯickyRisha410 Dag geleden
Times impossible became possible: SURVIVED 2020
Getsum Dag geleden
Man, I really hate these narrated videos. Who talks like that? Freaking drama queen.
fr4g1L iDk
fr4g1L iDk Dag geleden
In fact these things happened everyday but haven't record.
lemme say that one of the stuntmen is Jim Carrey (he does his own stunts sometimes)
dark viper gaming
dark viper gaming 2 dagen geleden
Guess what my classmate at school hamina he jumped down 9 steps with a skateboard I thought he was gonna break his face
Mike_naugz88 3 dagen geleden
The force of the ball being shot out at an extremely sharp object, all he had to do is hold it in front of it and boom same thing.
mdhsabh 3 dagen geleden
Lost me when the narrator couldn't tell the very first stunt was staged.
Rotru Gaming
Rotru Gaming 3 dagen geleden
Wow do excited 🤗
How Mason
How Mason 3 dagen geleden
1:55 I found Hermes Conrad's great grandmother.
Teena Paprocki
Teena Paprocki 3 dagen geleden
I think the footage with the fat is fake. You can see the switch right at the end
arvydas0069 3 dagen geleden
Took me two seconds to turn this annoying crap off
sloth boy gaming
sloth boy gaming 3 dagen geleden
I sloth
TARIK IKOVIC 3 dagen geleden
The pencil said fuck gravati
jonathan barrett
jonathan barrett 4 dagen geleden
ArmaanDesai 4 dagen geleden
3:04 what if he landed on that pole with his legs split ....
Brian Roberts
Brian Roberts 4 dagen geleden
FACEBOOK is just getting ridiculous with their interruptions. One more reason I will never be a part
Fortnite Deluxe
Fortnite Deluxe 4 dagen geleden
You mean soccer
Play-games- Girl
Play-games- Girl 4 dagen geleden
The first bottle flip I did I caped it
Sam Bantula
Sam Bantula 5 dagen geleden
5:44 Narrator: 'guess we'll never know' I'll say Practice make perfect and if you're doing it Everytime you'll know how to control it.
Roblox Obby Creator
Roblox Obby Creator 5 dagen geleden
Ron 6 dagen geleden
WOW. Great video. I likes me dat good shit.
Dvij Tyagi
Dvij Tyagi 6 dagen geleden
I time I flipped a nerf bullet
Br0K3n T0&ST
Br0K3n T0&ST 6 dagen geleden
Did u guys notice that the word impossible means Im-Possible
Chayadom Nil
Chayadom Nil 6 dagen geleden
me:can i borrow your sharperner friend:ok me:am done *throws* to friend friend:OOOOOOOOOOO me:what me:just know i filp the sharperner
Eddie De Leon
Eddie De Leon 6 dagen geleden
renel jay catdula
renel jay catdula 7 dagen geleden
The last though😱
Derrian Bolds
Derrian Bolds 7 dagen geleden
Gun:shoots at samurai Samurai:Cuts bullets in half
Moses 8 dagen geleden
Im sorry but to much talking for me
T udn
T udn 8 dagen geleden
Dude perfect moments!!!
Thouern Thansa
Thouern Thansa 10 dagen geleden
Wow I'm gonna record everything I do
Grain 567
Grain 567 10 dagen geleden
these are all awesome but the best achievement is the fact the thumbnail wasnt clickbait
Singa Dorito
Singa Dorito 10 dagen geleden
Impossible more like Possible
Jay Ominous
Jay Ominous 10 dagen geleden
The guy who cut the baseball actually ended up cutting a 6mm airsoft bb shot at him, I’m surprised y’all didn’t show that instead
Dario Durà Armadans
Dario Durà Armadans 10 dagen geleden
Almost all fake
Ribsy Brown
Ribsy Brown 10 dagen geleden
First one was staged.
Muffin King
Muffin King 11 dagen geleden
I played badminton and the rocket got stuck in the bat
Angelo Vasiliadis
Angelo Vasiliadis 11 dagen geleden
Shamika Campbell used to be my neighbor her dad still is
Emily Bevins
Emily Bevins 11 dagen geleden
That bat is eloominatti
Ofentse Mwase Films
Ofentse Mwase Films 11 dagen geleden
I 100% thought the Thumbnail was click bait!
Phoebe Clarence
Phoebe Clarence 7 dagen geleden
{A} random person
{A} random person 9 dagen geleden
Exactly! I was literally hovering over the dislike button 🤣 but this vid was lit
Gollum 11 dagen geleden
The Story with the rollercoaster Is in Germany. She‘s named Mammut and I was there.
COSMOKRAMER751 11 dagen geleden
Is the narrator annoying?
Eric Nash
Eric Nash 11 dagen geleden
The absurd carrot occasionally develop because shadow notably serve at a lazy snake. testy, many dredger
Eilrach PH
Eilrach PH 12 dagen geleden
That's what I called coincidence
Nestor Garcia
Nestor Garcia 12 dagen geleden
I heard a roblox oof
luthfi mail
luthfi mail 12 dagen geleden
luthfi mail
luthfi mail 12 dagen geleden
Zafor 12 dagen geleden
If the earth exists, then anything is possible
rdaystrom 12 dagen geleden
Some of those look fake.
Emmajslagx was
Emmajslagx was 12 dagen geleden
I. Love. You
syam lie
syam lie 12 dagen geleden
I’m dare to compete the sliding rock and the hiking the wall to race with the lift ! Believe me I can do the same.! Notice me and I’ll prove it!
how life is
how life is 13 dagen geleden
One in a million years
cutzycoolgirl 13 dagen geleden
With the pencil there was a magnet underneath the table. Maybe a fisherman’s magnet.
dark side
dark side 13 dagen geleden
thats kid name is john wick
Navier Gnat
Navier Gnat 13 dagen geleden
The brainy zinc lily soothe because girdle thermodynamically stare over a broad camp. miscreant, soft landmine
Alexa._.Fandom 13 dagen geleden
Did anyone notice that he’s said football instead of soccer
David Drasher JR
David Drasher JR 13 dagen geleden
You said football in the video not soccer
Andy Hughes
Andy Hughes 13 dagen geleden
thats fake so fake...
Nathan Yu
Nathan Yu 13 dagen geleden
These guys are on X games mode
Jenny Navel
Jenny Navel 14 dagen geleden
By the laws of physics these people broke the laws of physics and then make these possible.
SkyGamerツ 14 dagen geleden
Antonio Marcano
Antonio Marcano 14 dagen geleden
That axe on the ski jump will kill someone
SkyeIsTheLimit 14 dagen geleden
I stood up then sat on the air , is that impossible?
RED Sul 14 dagen geleden
Ahmed Raza
Ahmed Raza 15 dagen geleden
Long story short: There is no such things like (impossible) Humans can do everything.
caronsocool9 15 dagen geleden
Soccer player
leroy jenkins
leroy jenkins 15 dagen geleden
03:00 Once again you said that David Wise smashed the world record by going up 46.5 feet in the air and beat the previous record of 36 feet 11 inches by 9 Feet 8 inches in this video but then on another video you released a month or two earlier you said he smashed the previous record by 13 Feet so which is it?
Anneliese Mitchell
Anneliese Mitchell 15 dagen geleden
The fluttering cement predominantly load because skirt regularly obey within a light heat. gifted, accurate man
Cwilliam 15 dagen geleden
3:11 is that titanic
Wēirdø bøì
Wēirdø bøì 15 dagen geleden
0:09 was cool
AJ UBER 15 dagen geleden
You came here for 3:44
Fazel Offski
Fazel Offski 16 dagen geleden
Fredrik Haddad
Fredrik Haddad 16 dagen geleden
My friend.. I got one advice.. the world is watching you.. use metric system
제 미카
제 미카 16 dagen geleden
All i can say is WOW
Cynex 16 dagen geleden
that samurai cut a bb in half what do you think
it_ alexanderthegreat
it_ alexanderthegreat 16 dagen geleden
3:49 what y'all came for in the thumbnail
Phoebe Clarence
Phoebe Clarence 7 dagen geleden
minimalist1807 16 dagen geleden
this with skate is can see it
Josef Jensen
Josef Jensen 17 dagen geleden
So what the sword guy did would be slightly harder then a bunt and not nearly as hard as a hit in baseball. Yes he is closer to the machine but with the machine you have a good idea of where the baseball will be located. It is just a matter of timing, which is not hard to do with machines. Now as a condition if we knew that the machine would randomly send a baseball with no indication that it was coming other then one's sight then I would be impressed. You would have to muffle ALL sound and nothing visual but a hole that the ball will come out of.
crashmyzebra 17 dagen geleden
This is unwatchable, over the top editing and use of that fucking sound effect on every clip..
William Leach
William Leach 17 dagen geleden
The John Rahm water shot actually happens every year at The Masters. It is always during Tuesday’s practice round. And always on hole in 16. With that being said, they play their initial tee shot and THEN play a shot skipping across the water. So while he made a hole in one, it didn’t actually count. It apparently started in the late 70s. Earliest photographic proof is of Tom Kite doing it in 79 but the tradition of it happening every year started in 87 with Seve Green. Btw, Rahm is the third person to actually hole the ball after skipping it across the water.
Suvarna Chauhan
Suvarna Chauhan 17 dagen geleden
These dudes are perfect.
d h
d h 17 dagen geleden
Why does everyone do these fake voices? Bro you're not on NBC News
R.T.X.B! 17 dagen geleden
I did a side flip by pushing the bottle
Hidden Mystery
Hidden Mystery 17 dagen geleden
dude i cant even make a pencil stand upright with my hands and not flipping
Jonathan Kosyjana
Jonathan Kosyjana 17 dagen geleden
imagine skating the roller coaster and you fall over and break your spine a thousand times
Michal yoboi
Michal yoboi 17 dagen geleden
Don't say its never going to happen ever again if you put your determination and dreams into your mind you will be able to make it and it won't be impossible to do the thing that you want to do.
Dragonite Poderoso
Dragonite Poderoso 17 dagen geleden
Use meters cmon man
Jacques Goosen
Jacques Goosen 18 dagen geleden
6:42 that was not a Bicycle kick it was a scissor kick
Melon 01
Melon 01 18 dagen geleden
I can easily do that those bars because I’m so skinny I can fit more I can just fall through that without the one that beat her record
Trina Beaulieu
Trina Beaulieu 18 dagen geleden
2:23 who else heard OOF when the orange got sliced??
sr7bbird 18 dagen geleden
that golf ball trick at the end, damn i wish i could have seen that reaction.
Rhonda Johnson
Rhonda Johnson 19 dagen geleden
The relieved kettle luckily tug because ketchup macropharmacologically sin apud a selfish perfume. cold, loose millennium
Andy Mwes
Andy Mwes 19 dagen geleden
Ok I'm high asf on edibles and for some reason the commentary on the rock skipping guy is making me laugh so hard. The narrator is really generous with his praises and does it with passionate delivery. I hope you have a beautiful day random stranger reading my comment. 😅
daisy Luis
daisy Luis 20 dagen geleden
Thanks for not click baiting us
Iddris Parks
Iddris Parks 20 dagen geleden
The boy with the pencil came way before the bottle flip… Where my OG viners at
ZIR AHMAD 750598
ZIR AHMAD 750598 20 dagen geleden
I can make a pencil stand up without flipping it
Gent Gashi
Gent Gashi 20 dagen geleden
Maybe if I Rope Swing on Harness that will be fun I'm not scared btw
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sms nooit naar meisje123
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