Thomas Tuchel Reacts To Chelsea Qualifying For UCL Final 

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May 5, 2021 -- Chelsea vs. Real Madrid: Second Leg (UEFA Champions League 2020-21: Semi-Finals)

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5 mei. 2021




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doliio volay
doliio volay Maand geleden
Tuchel be like: Back-to-back UCL finals with 2 different clubs, no biggie.
miko foin
miko foin Maand geleden
This man is a real coach, unlike the one who left us 10th.
doire aintu
doire aintu Maand geleden
This man is a real coach, unlike the one who left us 10th.
Hasan Hassan
Hasan Hassan Maand geleden
Very big mistake from psg
Anthony Sharma
Anthony Sharma Maand geleden
You are the best manager!!!! You deserve a win!!!! Only you can defeat Man City!!!!! This time you will win a trophy!!!!!!
miko foin
miko foin Maand geleden
Real Madrid and Barcelona are past it just like their overrated past it players. Rule Brittania. 🇬🇧
Prism Black
Prism Black Maand geleden
Top Coach. Well played Chelsea maybe we will get you next time
doire aintu
doire aintu Maand geleden
Nick TheKnick
Nick TheKnick Maand geleden
The last two coaches who won the cl were both german, so a good sign for chelsea👍
doliio volay
doliio volay Maand geleden
last year 😂😂
UnrealTatement Maand geleden
Tuchel back to back in fianls
mikea hiooi
mikea hiooi Maand geleden
last year 😂😂
gruener germane
gruener germane Maand geleden
f u
seiom jvony
seiom jvony Maand geleden
last year 😂😂
vSorex- Maand geleden
Psg must be gutted sacking him
seiom jvony
seiom jvony Maand geleden
last year 😂😂
Christian Andre Campos
Christian Pulisic making us proud 🇺🇸
Dersim 62
Dersim 62 Maand geleden
Tuchel 🧠 vs Pep 🧠 is gonna be masterclass
亗ADAM亗ッ Maand geleden
Al Ma
Al Ma Maand geleden
Taktik Tuchel Ehre
Terry Maher
Terry Maher Maand geleden
A fantastic job Thomas Tuchel is doing with our beloved club. 💙
William Saenz
William Saenz Maand geleden
I'm rooting for City personally but this man is forever a legend for taking two different clubs to the Champions League back-to-back. Ps: PSG wtf were you thinking by firing him.
michael jonn
michael jonn Maand geleden
We need him at Man United ! please !!!
Ellys Bwasisi
Ellys Bwasisi Maand geleden
never. he's here to stay at Chelsea 💙
Top coach & human!
BlackEnded Turf
BlackEnded Turf Maand geleden
i swear chelsea fans were screaming how much they didn’t want him and he was incompetent cause he could only take psg to the finals and lost 1-0 to the best team in europe last year 😂😂
bobby bingle
bobby bingle Maand geleden
Real Madrid and Barcelona are past it just like their overrated past it players. Rule Brittania. 🇬🇧
Ernesto Cabral
Ernesto Cabral Maand geleden
Affiq Anwar
Affiq Anwar Maand geleden
Former PSG coach and captain is in the UCL final.
Lucy Lionel
Lucy Lionel Maand geleden
And the next match is Chelsea v man city
wasti82 Maand geleden
Nice to see in the comments that Tuchel finally gets the recognition he deserves.
Jiggolo Maand geleden
1:45 hahah Ehrenmann aber er ist bestimmt manchmal, zu recht, sehr anstrengend!
R P Maand geleden
Madrid looked lost
Al I
Al I Maand geleden
Love this guy, unfortunately he faces much better teams two finals in a row
Vieri Abdurrafi
Vieri Abdurrafi Maand geleden
Tuchel Masterclass 💙
Milliardo Peacecraft
Milliardo Peacecraft Maand geleden
Something about those German managers. We gotta stop them😂
عالم الرياضيات للدعم UNIVERS des Mathématiques
I hope than chelsea will won the final game vs man city Because club chelsea is the world club with the world coach tuchel !!!!! superb and Strong players.
King Jesus
King Jesus Maand geleden
City vs Chelsea 1:0
Tymko C
Tymko C Maand geleden
I like how he always praises THE TEAM first, and never brags about how the win was his doing like Mourinho. Doesn't say "We" but says "the players". Great manager!
MP2S Maand geleden
This goes to show you that Frank Lampard was a horrible coach that underachiever, and Chelsea were right to sack him, good work for tuchel
JAPARICAN Maand geleden
One of the greatest managers in world right now
Eric Zion
Eric Zion Maand geleden
@Ellys Bwasisi Hansi Flick joins the chat..
JAPARICAN Maand geleden
@Ellys Bwasisi agreed
Ellys Bwasisi
Ellys Bwasisi Maand geleden
I'd say 3rd after Pep and Zidane RIGHT NOW.
Sean Grimison
Sean Grimison Maand geleden
„It’s not done yet. We wanna go all the way. That means, we‘ll arrive in Instanbul to win“
K D Maand geleden
thank you tuchel fr
Amar Rahimi
Amar Rahimi Maand geleden
Chelsea will win against City 2-0
James Maand geleden
First manager back to back CL finals and took him 3 months and a week with a new club Wasn't even dreamt of in anyone's wildest dreams 4 months ago! Rooney needs a hand Frank a trowel follows a shovel
Ajmal S
Ajmal S Maand geleden
If he pulls this off it will be German (manger)hattrick.
Ajmal S
Ajmal S Maand geleden
If he was there from the start he would have challenged city for the Prem title as well.
Mason Turner
Mason Turner Maand geleden
We already stopped City winning one trophy and we will do the same again in the UCL final 💪🏼Blue is the colour 💙⚽
Ian Solo
Ian Solo Maand geleden
PSG was very arrogant to sack him after he reached UCL final with them. Now he did it again with Chelsea after just a few months. He is a genius
Vincent LO
Vincent LO Maand geleden
Everybody was against him at PSG, players and staff. It wouldn't have worked out. But Chelsea is great for him: young, disciplined players with German players among them.
Al Maand geleden
‘Very arrogant’ is a strong word for this situation. Sometimes it’s time to move on also you forget all the players shining rn were bought by lampard so things happen for a reason
Ahmad Maand geleden
He will win ucl and FA cup, then win nothing next season and get sacked, chelsea for you
[360] BladeHunter
[360] BladeHunter Maand geleden
If Drogba was there 😢
Dimitri malatches
Dimitri malatches Maand geleden
Where my city supporters at. Chelsea is getting destroyed on the 29th. Come on you city!
Luke Maand geleden
he is great no doubt but the team is too young for Man City and also Real lost against them selves, they were literally walking both games
Yasir Alhasan
Yasir Alhasan Maand geleden
we already beat city 3 three weeks ago and we'll do it again on May 29th. U P T H E C H E L S!!!
marty mcfly
marty mcfly Maand geleden
real was really weak men
john pariama john pariama
Tuchel brought Chelsea to the finals, PSG's owner can suck their thumbs
MrJustliketht Maand geleden
I wish Id see Martin Oneil coach a solid team again.
Genesis TV
Genesis TV Maand geleden
2 CL Finals in 2 years. Tuchel really making his mark in modern Football
Seyithan Kahveciシ
Seyithan Kahveciシ Maand geleden
11 disslikes the whole RMD starteleven dissliked
Abdullah Zahid
Abdullah Zahid Maand geleden
Hansi flick predicted that chelsea can win cl when lampard was in charge and we are in very bad position.I think he has greatest vision of all time.
Ehsan Kamran
Ehsan Kamran Maand geleden
Best part was what he said or maybe something wrong depends who u ask 🤣
sbonginkosi thabiso
sbonginkosi thabiso Maand geleden
In Tuchel We Trust💙💙
Jahas Niyas
Jahas Niyas Maand geleden
Real Madrid fans are literally crying..............Haaaahaahaaaaa 😅 Up The Blues 💙💙💙
- K A R I M -
- K A R I M - Maand geleden
💞Ziyech❤Chelsea💜Morocco💖 💞Ziyech❤Chelsea💜Morocco💖 💞Ziyech❤Chelsea💜Morocco💖
Tay Ren Jie
Tay Ren Jie Maand geleden
could be in contention for Manager of the year if Chelsea win the champion league
Sen Sahir
Sen Sahir Maand geleden
Man city will win UCL
Priroda i zivot Balkana.
Joe Biden's Husband
Joe Biden's Husband Maand geleden
As an Arsenal fan I am very jealous of how different their team gets operated.
dimoshanti Maand geleden
And Bayern didn‘t want him as a coach 😀
PlasmaArmelund Maand geleden
What a legend
DC Danny
DC Danny Maand geleden
Pure class
Edi Pomangkoso
Edi Pomangkoso Maand geleden
Alhamdulillah Insya Allah Chelsea win UCL 2021. Alhamdulillah Alhamdulillah. Thanks to Allah SWT
Ellys Bwasisi
Ellys Bwasisi Maand geleden
Dentou Steam
Dentou Steam Maand geleden
Just shows how important a capable manger is. Same players as Lampard had.
Ajejoo Izzda
Ajejoo Izzda Maand geleden
The key to Beat City is, to Score earlier! Chelsea has the Power and the Spirit more than City to win this UCL title. Thomas, nicht so viele 100%-ige liegen lassen.
TaMiL Dass
TaMiL Dass Maand geleden
I'm still in doubt how this man can manage this squad until this level. - Most of the player still under perform - stricker still waste lot of good opportunities - no world class stars in squad - player commitment rise up. Mount, Rodigure, - injured players How man? How? How can make it..
Lookman Freedom
Lookman Freedom Maand geleden
Humble manager and he is always on point
Charles Augustine Masayire
His ability to use Ngolo kante is Splendid ,Tuchel is the best Lampard must take notes and learn from the best
Name is just a name right?
Mendy is class... clear of neuer if he keeps playing like he did against Mainz and psg in 1st leg.
riyan Indriyanto
riyan Indriyanto Maand geleden
Jika pelatihnya masih Lampard saya tidak yakin Chelsea di musim ini se op ini. Jika saja Tuchel melatih Chelsea dari awal musim pasti Chelsea udah berada di rank 3 besar .. Tuchel tau Chelsea punya banyak pemain bagus dan hampir squad utama dan bench sama bagusnya. Jadi Tuchel tinggal finishing aja ., Apapun club' yang di latih Tuchel pasti club' itu akan sukses ..
THE VIEWER Maand geleden
Without Lampard the harmonic team spirit wouldn’t be there which is a big part of their success
Name is just a name right?
with lampard it was safe to say bye bye in ro16 lol
scounty_ kiosk
scounty_ kiosk Maand geleden
Thomas tuchel: we will build the team that no one can play..... words of tuchel
Gs 59
Gs 59 Maand geleden
Welcome in İstanbul Chelsea favroi 🇹🇷
StuIsArt Maand geleden
Now please go and beat that oil small club
_EliteBlazin Maand geleden
Thomas Tuchel sends out his best regards to Mr. Leonardo ;)
Abu Muhammad Özüsakiz
Glückwunsch an Tuchel. Bin gespannt auf das Spiel im wunderschönen Istanbul. Hoffentlich ein Fussbal-Fest. Und mit einem verdienten Sieger. Das schönste ist Elfmeterschießen. Falls es das bei den Champions gibt.
Youcef Sami
Youcef Sami Maand geleden
Mehrez awaits you 💪💪💪
Ellys Bwasisi
Ellys Bwasisi Maand geleden
Altaf Hadi
Altaf Hadi Maand geleden
so sympathisch der kerl
Daniel Maand geleden
Imagine the scenes if Tuchel wins the Champions League and says in the post-match interview: 'I dedicate this trophy to PSG and Leonardo.' XDDD
Nińa 27 dagen geleden
@jjagwe dennis hahaha so true 😂
Gemasto Hegri
Gemasto Hegri Maand geleden
@jjagwe dennis hahahaha Mourinho would definitely do that 😂😂😂
jjagwe dennis
jjagwe dennis Maand geleden
This is the most Mourinho thing I've read on the internet today
Gemasto Hegri
Gemasto Hegri Maand geleden
I would die 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Kevin Pineda
Kevin Pineda Maand geleden
He’s a world class manager, I hope Chelsea do good in the final!
Altaf Hadi
Altaf Hadi Maand geleden
Hier ist die deutsche Kommentare was du suchst
Olaf Haroldsonn II
Olaf Haroldsonn II Maand geleden
PSG are truly idiots for letting him go. They should’ve sacked Leonardo instead
Meme shop
Meme shop Maand geleden
Lampard said Chelsea is not yet ready for Trophies:0
Sean Kennedy
Sean Kennedy Maand geleden
@dd ff they may well do it but dont write leicster and city off yet
dd ff
dd ff Maand geleden
I’m from the future and we won the cl and Fa cup the women also won the champion league
Sean Kennedy
Sean Kennedy Maand geleden
we'll find out in the next few weeks if they are
Sid Beddiaf
Sid Beddiaf Maand geleden
The best manger for chelsea
Safi Faruqi
Safi Faruqi Maand geleden
You know what, Chelsea is a great club and no manager will say no to us ever. We provide the best opportunity for the manager and players to win title. Conte came in won us a title, Sarri came on had never won anything won europa league, Tuchel came in and we can win UCL. What a club what a coach
Tenretni Tnuocca
Tenretni Tnuocca Maand geleden
Anyone seen Klopp lately? 😐😂😂🤣
Al Maand geleden
@Sean Kennedy gaurdiola always inherits big teams I would like him to inherit a challenge like arsenal lol
Sean Kennedy
Sean Kennedy Maand geleden
@Al exactly tuchel inherited a talented team that had finished top 4 and gaurdiola inherited a team that had won the league and were still in top 3 and had major backing almost straight away
Al Maand geleden
@Sean Kennedy bro they forget klopp built the dourtmund team and Liverpool. As much as I hate Liverpool props to klopp
Sean Kennedy
Sean Kennedy Maand geleden
@Al the disrespect klopp gets is astounding they should look at klopps first team sheet in his first game for liverpool and realised whart he achieved in a short time
Al Maand geleden
@Sean Kennedy haha facts tho
Think and act wisely
Think and act wisely Maand geleden
CHELSEA CHELSEA CHELSEA 1️⃣0️⃣0️⃣☑️☑️☑️ KANTE THE GOAT 🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐 😎😎😎😎😎💯💯💯💯💯💯💙💙💙💙💙💥💥💥💥 #COYB 💙💙💙💙💙💙💙 👊👊👊👏👏👏👏👏💥💥💥💥 💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💥💥💥💥
Mr Dips
Mr Dips Maand geleden
Big man-love for TT.
Bagla Bats
Bagla Bats Maand geleden
He was in the final last year too psg should’ve not sacked him
MrHamz1993 Maand geleden
I bet those plastic fans crying about lampard being sacked have swiftly forgot about that now.
Neos Zera
Neos Zera Maand geleden
This man is a real coach, unlike the one who left us 10th.
goonervetle Maand geleden
Ffs how we didn't sign this guy I dont know. Well deserved Chelsea, that performance was a madness. Should of been 4-0
Al Maand geleden
Tbh maybe it would’ve been different if he didn’t come January because you forget this is lampards squad. So maybe it’s great he came January
Kadir R
Kadir R Maand geleden
I just wished my Club wouldnt have done that mistake by sacking him. No matters what I stand behind PSG but i will always respect tuchel. Big dog ❤️
GR V Maand geleden
Leonardo should get sacked, for sacking Tuchel
Une Finale Algérie 🇩🇿 Maroc 🇲🇦 Ziyech Vs Mahrez Ziyech doit bien se préparer est gagner la ligue des champions ✌️
simosaghir84 Maand geleden
TUCHEL > Nemo + Ninja Turtle
Jai Bennett
Jai Bennett Maand geleden
COYB. Let’s take down Man City and get that 2nd Champions League.
Joshua Joe Chinda
Joshua Joe Chinda Maand geleden
Jai burnnett city will win cuz they have the spirit.
Chelsea tv
Chelsea tv Maand geleden
Well done Mr tuchel you have made an old man very happy final number 3 heartbreak in 08 ecstasy in12 now once more 21 let's bring it home we beat them before just believe cfctnt
Thee Royalty Life
Thee Royalty Life Maand geleden
His so full of positive energy 👏💙💙🔥🔥
Vaccine Magnetic Powers #Shorts