Thomas Tuchel Live Press Conference: Chelsea v Brighton | Premier League 

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19 apr. 2021




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Ailsa Ni
Ailsa Ni 11 dagen geleden
Tuchel is a Rolls Royce of managers. 😎😎😎😎
eioshen boboi
eioshen boboi 12 dagen geleden
Classy interview from the manager
bouytt guyt
bouytt guyt 14 dagen geleden
Love this man, love the players, hate the club at the moment.
soiung toiue
soiung toiue 15 dagen geleden
Best spoken manager in the football World. Reminds me of a teacher. Nobody speaks like this man shows what much reading does to a person. 💙⚽🏆
arek suroboyo
arek suroboyo 15 dagen geleden
Ailsa Ni
Ailsa Ni 11 dagen geleden
Hunar Mahajan
Hunar Mahajan 16 dagen geleden
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eioshen boboi
eioshen boboi 12 dagen geleden
genss 16 dagen geleden
I sincerely hope that Mr Abramovič, who was a great owner so far and for who all of us Chelsea fans had nothing put praise up until now, will be the first one to pull out of this European Super League after the reactions from football fans around the Europe, and the rest will hopefully follow then as you can't have a super league without half of the top clubs. He can still make this right and I would be shocked if he doesn't and if opinions of his fans, staff, players, all the employees and the entire football community mean absolutely nothing to him. I still can't believe we are a part of this, it is such a shame and I'm hoping this is just some bluff move to urge UEFA to make some changes. Also hopefully our lads won't be affected by this and will do their best until the end of this season, there is still a lot to play for. KTBFFH
Iftar 16 dagen geleden
Come on Chelsea!!!!! be courageous and do do the right thing.. Preserve the sport that we love and not fall prey to influence from ppl who don't love the game....
Prø GamerYT
Prø GamerYT 16 dagen geleden
Say no to super league or I wont be a Chelsea fan anymore
Taha Hussain
Taha Hussain 16 dagen geleden
Mukesh Anganne
Mukesh Anganne 16 dagen geleden
No To Super League 😠😠😠
Blazer 27
Blazer 27 16 dagen geleden
Vera Duru
Vera Duru 16 dagen geleden
I support Chelsea all the time with our great Kochi
Adam Loune
Adam Loune 16 dagen geleden
Again he doesnt work for Tottenham ask him about today's games not jose
Adam Loune
Adam Loune 16 dagen geleden
How many time he has to say he is not involve and he has nothing to do with decision of some greedy owners.
Mr Reality
Mr Reality 16 dagen geleden
Love Chelsea and enjoy the champions league! I am not completely against a new European tournament with a new format, but it has to be fair and rely on promotion. what would everyone's thoughts be if this super league required promotion and not have a permanent base of founding clubs?
come onnn gg
come onnn gg 16 dagen geleden
If we emter the ESL I'm going to stop supporting Chelsea and support Macclesfield or Sherwbury Town!
JoMoN 16 dagen geleden
Don't give a f*** if it's Super League or whatever, always with the club
TR09 16 dagen geleden
TR09 16 dagen geleden
TR09 16 dagen geleden
Mourad Awad
Mourad Awad 16 dagen geleden
NO TO SUPER LEAGUE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Nishant Pradhan
Nishant Pradhan 16 dagen geleden
Roman please don't do this
Curly J
Curly J 16 dagen geleden
Since the news has come out how can we be excited for the rest of the season?
TheCityzensBible 16 dagen geleden
Feel sorry for him, feel like someone’s told him to keep thing hush
Tinashe**** 16 dagen geleden
Alex Demuth
Alex Demuth 16 dagen geleden
ABRAMOVICH OUT! Thanks for saving the club. But you have to go now. Enough is enough.
David Fyace
David Fyace 16 dagen geleden
why can't you provide the interviewer a microphone?
Joe Hunt
Joe Hunt 16 dagen geleden
If this esl goes ahead I hope all teams involved get kicked out of their respective leagues and the players seek legal action to be released to go to other clubs so they can play in proper comps!!!
Saek madic
Saek madic 16 dagen geleden
Am I missing something? Honestly, I don't understand were all the hate about the superleague comes from, isn't it just another european competition ? I mean Uefa would love to have more competitions too isn't it ? So isn't it better for the clubs to have their independent european competition were they are not bound to the uefa? - just askin questions here
현우진 16 dagen geleden
Why do you guys do a press conference for a 'league you wouldn't play for anymore'? P. S. I've been supporting blues for 5 yeats
Meena Hassan
Meena Hassan 16 dagen geleden
If chelsea are foolish enough to fall for billions of euros then I will no longer stay loyal to them
Meena Hassan
Meena Hassan 16 dagen geleden
Champions league:EARN IT
Valentine Chinonso
Valentine Chinonso 16 dagen geleden
TT , you are now my role model . you are a man that thinks before He talks. You are a class above all. I suspect Mourinho went against his club decision to join the ESL and it cost him his job. All the same am just afraid how the ESL might affect football generally. I still love the old order
Huitrch Inc
Huitrch Inc 16 dagen geleden
We still support Chelsea
Tanmay Bhatkar
Tanmay Bhatkar 16 dagen geleden
❌❌❌❌❌No to Super League❌❌❌❌❌
Hvslæe Hvslee
Hvslæe Hvslee 16 dagen geleden
mike bloye
mike bloye 16 dagen geleden
What a good manager he has a lot on his plate with the team fighting for a top 4 place and trying to ignore the controversial situation that is developing around the team. Pray god we will not leave the premier ship if Chelsea do then supporting them for over 60 will come to an end for me. And I knew many of the Chelsea players in the 1960s sad but I will have to leave.
Arya Prediksi
Arya Prediksi 16 dagen geleden
Chelsea is win 1-0
Gelo 16 dagen geleden
Chelsea I really hope you are happy. This year has been the hardest time for me. Football is all I had. Now you have taken away the club that I feel in love with and the beautiful game I feel in love with.
Luis 16 dagen geleden
I atmosphere is like someone died
يوسف يوسف
يوسف يوسف 16 dagen geleden
We want the freedom of any player and give freedom to any player who plays in his prime position. thank you Tuchel
Luke 16 dagen geleden
Insane Thoughts
Insane Thoughts 16 dagen geleden
Raise your voice against ESL.✊
kundera1997 16 dagen geleden
Kanyon Beecher
Kanyon Beecher 16 dagen geleden
You will lose your fans by joining the super league. This is a disgrace.
Fred Nze
Fred Nze 16 dagen geleden
The Lampard Chelsea fan the those against the ESL and it will shock you all again like Tuchel did😁😁
Daniel Boye Doe
Daniel Boye Doe 16 dagen geleden
TT the Genuine💜 .Top class as always 👌🏿
Afron Malika
Afron Malika 16 dagen geleden
craftboy 578
craftboy 578 16 dagen geleden
ziyech or not
Joejoe93 joe
Joejoe93 joe 16 dagen geleden
Eye Of The Thriver
Eye Of The Thriver 16 dagen geleden
He 100% new about this potentially happening before he chose to join the club he just has to pretend he didn't know.
Daniel Yuri
Daniel Yuri 16 dagen geleden
Time de covardes
Bailey Tomlinson
Bailey Tomlinson 16 dagen geleden
I actually respect Thomas tuchel so much 🔥
Sammy Rochford
Sammy Rochford 16 dagen geleden
He wanted to say a lot more but he knew he couldn't, He handled it very well, My Manager 💙👏🏼
Dr.Abdullah nayef Al-Dabbous
Leave super league !!??
Enfant de Brouckère
Enfant de Brouckère 16 dagen geleden
4th place or not doesn't matter anymore when the SL starts...
Shavcr7 16 dagen geleden
Luke Mclean
Luke Mclean 16 dagen geleden
He has known Chelsea were going to be in a Super league since yesterday !!?!??!
Evan 16 dagen geleden
Time to cheer for Millwall lads
Dimos 16 dagen geleden
Steve Northall
Steve Northall 16 dagen geleden
Please Chelsea take a stand against this , do the right thing and pull out of this Super League
Anthony Sinclair
Anthony Sinclair 16 dagen geleden
I’m proud of our Manager, what a class act he is.
Sergio Berlin
Sergio Berlin 16 dagen geleden
Roman show your russian pride and leave the american super league
abimbola sanni
abimbola sanni 16 dagen geleden
This guy is quite smart in answering these questions
Chris Ross
Chris Ross 16 dagen geleden
so the fa and fifa want to control everything if only business was that easy
Ehrick Troy Qek
Ehrick Troy Qek 16 dagen geleden
I hope Abramovic step up from joining the so called Super League... The blues 💙💙🇬🇭
Martin Adbo
Martin Adbo 16 dagen geleden
If this goes through as a Chelsea fan of 11 years since i was 8 years old the majority of my life i Will not watch a single Chelsea game ever again after i think ive missed 4 games since i started. If this goes through i Will burn every single Chelsea kit flag and any other thing that has Chelsea written on it and i encourage every other fan to do the same
Christian Heath
Christian Heath 16 dagen geleden
Say yes to super league
Syrgak Omuraliev
Syrgak Omuraliev 16 dagen geleden
I’m really sorry, TT
Hjalmar Fransson
Hjalmar Fransson 16 dagen geleden
Say no to the super league
chris chapman
chris chapman 16 dagen geleden
Its obvious that he knows this is just a power play to force EUEFA to sit down and talk with these clubs. Politics pure and simple.
JACQUES BETUKUMESU 17 dagen geleden
Surely these journalists knows that he's simply a manager right
NEW_PRO_FREESTYLE 17 dagen geleden
Get out of this cash grab
Blazer 27
Blazer 27 16 dagen geleden
Dude don't talk to the club talk to the owner then
Jamz Maiza
Jamz Maiza 17 dagen geleden
He managed that interview well. Especially when he references trusting that the club will make the right decision. Gives his opinion respectfully without disrupting the focus on the game! COYB!!!
Ariel S
Ariel S 17 dagen geleden
Moose never change brodie never change 👍
Gman83 17 dagen geleden
Tuchel is a Rolls Royce of managers. 😎😎😎😎
Gman83 17 dagen geleden
This guys is classy asf. We landed on our feet with this one. I hope Roman keeps him a while.
ali zena
ali zena 17 dagen geleden
No to Super league!!!!!!!
Shaun Kelly
Shaun Kelly 17 dagen geleden
Jurgen Klopp has shown he is a man of principle tonight.
Andreea Cozma
Andreea Cozma 17 dagen geleden
uefa could ban us from this year UCL. all thanks to the greedy bosses .fumming .....
Dr. Hanif mk
Dr. Hanif mk 17 dagen geleden
This guy is pure class manager amazing
Entin der Zerberster
Entin der Zerberster 17 dagen geleden
I really ike him but this is so cowardly
Anu90 E
Anu90 E 17 dagen geleden
It's disgusting how the offcial tried to deny the journaist from asking a question about Superleague (around 20th min) even after Tuchel gave his okay to ask the question.
PHR 29
PHR 29 17 dagen geleden
The laugh from Tuchel at 20:50 made me smile because he knows this is hot water and the top news. He is really holding in his opinion.
F4 Warrior25
F4 Warrior25 17 dagen geleden
You Join The Super aleague We Leave You
Fatima Ahmed
Fatima Ahmed 17 dagen geleden
Congratulations Leicester for winning the FA cup 🙄🙄🙄 we beat the best team in league for what?
Shaun Kelly
Shaun Kelly 17 dagen geleden
If Chelsea join ESL I am done with them. Every real fan should abandon them - and the other clubs who join it.
Nero Pasta
Nero Pasta 17 dagen geleden
Toye 89
Toye 89 17 dagen geleden
Disgusted by this announcement as i am sure most if not all footballer fans are! Hats of to TT tho he handled the questions very diplomatically
Steven Franco
Steven Franco 17 dagen geleden
Change your profile pic to mine if you want this to stop
Paul W
Paul W 17 dagen geleden
I hope the players refuse to play in solidarity with the fans. But we know they won't, there are no words to describe how disgusting this is.
Luckas 17 dagen geleden
no to super league
Anuj Ranamagar
Anuj Ranamagar 17 dagen geleden
very intelligent.. really love this man
classic ninetythree
classic ninetythree 17 dagen geleden
Premier league without these six teams 😪😪😪😪😪😪
ryan81923 17 dagen geleden
no to the super league
Dheeraj K
Dheeraj K 17 dagen geleden
Say no to Super league
Trent Hurlburt
Trent Hurlburt 17 dagen geleden
Tuchel answered everything very well 👍👍👍
Kodaz 17 dagen geleden
no super leagues
Football News
Football News 17 dagen geleden
I have always dreamed of playing for Chelsea one day but this changes everything. We just got to champions league final in like how many years and it has been long since we have gotten to the final of a domestic cup but we recently lost one last season, but I just want Chelsea to be great and forget all of this. If any Chelsea staff or roman Abramovic is watching this (sorry if I spelt your name wrong) pls i hope you stop and remove yourself from that competition it is not good. It is a disgrace, Embarrassing, Bad, Awful.
David Wied
David Wied 17 dagen geleden
My Gaffer💙💙💙
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