This is why Barcelona wants Erling Haaland 

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Every team wants wonderkid Erling Haaland. Why? He is one of the most complete strikers in modern football for the moment. He is big, fast and has a good technique too. His agent said he's likely going to Spain, where FC Barcelona and Real Madrid really want him! Where will he go at the end of the season?

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2 apr. 2021




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Wouva 2 maanden geleden
Is Erling Haaland the striker Barcelona needs? Will he sign for Barcelona? What are your thoughts about this Wonderkid?
J Bagger
J Bagger 26 dagen geleden
@chaitanya dandekar Not enough to get out of the disastrous debt(1.3 billion euros, that's about eleven Griezmann's). Barca needs to sell players of greater value, probably half the squad, then it has to issue shares on the public exchanges to attract investors or the club is going to go bankrupt if it can't qualify for champions league next season.
chaitanya dandekar
chaitanya dandekar 26 dagen geleden
@J Bagger players like coutinho dumbele braithwaite can sold. yaah but still money is problem
J Bagger
J Bagger 27 dagen geleden
@chaitanya dandekar Barca doesn't have the money, 1.3 billion euros in debt...
chaitanya dandekar
chaitanya dandekar 27 dagen geleden
no halland is great talant but he's not perfect fit for barca's game philosophy we should re-sign suarez
J Bagger
J Bagger Maand geleden
Barca doesn't have the money.
Ennis Del Mar
Ennis Del Mar 14 uur geleden
His pure strength reminds me of Ibra kadabra
Erlend Sandbakk
Erlend Sandbakk 2 dagen geleden
Rajib poudel
Rajib poudel 3 dagen geleden
No.10 for Barcelona in 3/4 years
Floki 7 dagen geleden
Bedol Klein
Bedol Klein 8 dagen geleden
Haaland is too fast n strong,to take one on one with him will not be easy for his opponents...
Donald 8 dagen geleden
Blue matter -
Blue matter - 9 dagen geleden
This is why Chelsea want haaland
Zeo 10 dagen geleden
Barca should clear their debt then think about signing anyone let alone haaland
Brandon Ignacio
Brandon Ignacio 10 dagen geleden
It's absolutely incredible how this young man can be so fast in such a size like a basketball player
KingJohnson1985 10 dagen geleden
This young man is a machine...
Brage Ellingvåg
Brage Ellingvåg 11 dagen geleden
HAHAHAH Barca couldn’t afford him if they sold their whole squad 😂 after paying all their debts, they could maybe afford to buy Peter Crouch
Natural Suntan (Pele)
Natural Suntan (Pele) 13 dagen geleden
He's great plus he has a size advantage
Moonpixie 14 dagen geleden
haalands secret is his willpower hes greedy af for goals like a shark in the water same as lewandowski
Gandalf der Weiße
Gandalf der Weiße 18 dagen geleden
'cause, he just can score, if he's alone in front of the goal.. put him at barca and he will fail miserably.. at barca, he's not gonna get that much space within the penalty area
Valeri Vassilev
Valeri Vassilev 21 dag geleden
Rename it to any other club and get more views.
æŜŤěľL·ıČ MUI 23 dagen geleden
Put him in chelsea and see what happens
æŜŤěľL·ıČ MUI 23 dagen geleden
He's basically werner but on drugs with pinpoint accuracy
æŜŤěľL·ıČ MUI 23 dagen geleden
He's basically werner but on drugs with pinpoint accuracy
James Radova
James Radova 24 dagen geleden
Hey ERLING.. we told them to get your first Ballon dOrr shined up and ready.. !! Make sure you have room for a few more after that! The only "if" is Barca or Real ?? depends which one is willing to invest in the only player who will lead them to another Champions League Trophy.
Lalit Sharma
Lalit Sharma 24 dagen geleden
he would crush defenders in his way to score goals :o
fabstar910 25 dagen geleden
Why should he go to a broke club? Hope he stays a while longer at Dortmund
NothingButTrueHere 25 dagen geleden
i am better.
Αντώνης Καρανικολος
bundesliga maybe took this logo from haaland's goal at 0:23 😂
Juanca Leal
Juanca Leal 26 dagen geleden
This is why Barcelona can't buy Eerling Haaland, stop doing fake news, the club can't buy him
Augustine Rajkumar
Augustine Rajkumar 27 dagen geleden
Last minute music ? ❤️
Steve Chen Director of YouTube
He is a Normal player
TheEagleG 27 dagen geleden
Every big club wants him
Ofer Mashiach
Ofer Mashiach 28 dagen geleden
With Messi and CR7 at the end of their career, the next 15 or so years will be the Haaland and Mbappe era.
Vacant No Name
Vacant No Name 26 dagen geleden
Kdb era :D
Marian Simon
Marian Simon 29 dagen geleden
But they are not going to get him. Because they don't have money
Bluetec H
Bluetec H Maand geleden
Robin Nilsson
Robin Nilsson Maand geleden
Fun fact: Barcelona turned down Haaland "He is not good enough"
Gokul Kanna
Gokul Kanna 24 dagen geleden
technically he is poor, so, they rejected
clan HATE
clan HATE 28 dagen geleden
What ? Barca doesn't have money now.He will come at the end of the next season
Vitor Oliveira da cruz
Erling halland best Young player best talenty for goals magical Borrussia dormuntd for Budesliga on best player for from fotball Promise evolution
Old KSI Videos
Old KSI Videos Maand geleden
Man scored 4 goals vs bayern this season
Don Gustavo
Don Gustavo Maand geleden
I hope i can see him play at Real Madrid
Marcus Poosz
Marcus Poosz Maand geleden
after what he did to Upamecano some days ago....yeah he is a TANK
MonsterLegends Gamer
MonsterLegends Gamer Maand geleden
he is really ugly tho. great footballer
RodMusic Maand geleden
this is the kind of players that is going to make history in the sport but may never win a goal cup. And sadly every great player has to get it in order to be remembered or consagrated, just look at Messi he is a beast but everyone expects he does everything and its just not possible
Daniel Key
Daniel Key Maand geleden
"This is why EVERY TEAM IN THE WORLD wants Erling Haaland"
Gear Maand geleden
borussia dortmund is so good at finding talented players and build them up
God of Reality
God of Reality 23 dagen geleden
@Eoghan O'Mahony Off the bench too.
Eoghan O'Mahony
Eoghan O'Mahony 28 dagen geleden
@Ders snek in me boots Halaand was incredibly talented well before Dortmund. He scored 6 goals in 1 match in the champions league for salzburg and scored in anfield
Ders snek in me boots
Ders snek in me boots Maand geleden
Bundesliga clubs always find their way to get young players and make em talented
Xxkate xx
Xxkate xx Maand geleden
Haaland e fotbalistu next generation dacă la 20 de ani face asta apoi la 24,25,26,etc..
Xxkate xx
Xxkate xx Maand geleden
Un tânăr fotbalist de 20 de ani face cât toți acest puști le dă clasă.
zanotti mellie
zanotti mellie Maand geleden
quá hay cho tai năng trẻ mới
Annu Nakian
Annu Nakian Maand geleden
Gareth Bale on steroids.
Xxkate xx
Xxkate xx Maand geleden
Haaland mai trebuie să joace în bundesliga să le arate lui Bayern München cine e șefu și apoi să plece liniștit spre Barcelona lângă Leo Messi și să-i devasteze pe toți în la liga apoi în liga campionilor 😉💪🏆
Mysticbuu16 Maand geleden
Nah we want them as a Madrid. Barca is fro cry babies
Old KSI Videos
Old KSI Videos Maand geleden
Spanish clubs are a disgrace including madrid
Xza Azx
Xza Azx Maand geleden
No, actually this is why everyone wants Haaland.
bluewave renovations ltd purton
And he wants to play for Leeds United, his favourite club.
Peer M
Peer M Maand geleden
Everyone: Slow down we are leading. Save your energy for... Haaland: RELEASE THE KRAKEN!
Michael Leppan
Michael Leppan Maand geleden
He has a good team as well that helps set him up.
martin cottington
martin cottington Maand geleden
Its not only barca that wants him...
hyfo o
hyfo o Maand geleden
MaskinistN Maand geleden
Haaland plays like you play your character on career mode in fifa
Austin “Feizo” Teagan
who doesnt?
Lukas Lyngås
Lukas Lyngås Maand geleden
Short version: HE IS GOOD
TheOnlyEn Maand geleden
He is great, BUT he NEEDS to put his chances. He misses a lot of sitters. He needs to be more clinical
Lucy Fair
Lucy Fair Maand geleden
M'Bappe is 2 times better .
Old KSI Videos
Old KSI Videos Maand geleden
@Lucy Fair I already knew it tho
Lucy Fair
Lucy Fair Maand geleden
@Old KSI Videos i made you check them stats , congratulations , you have been trolled .
Old KSI Videos
Old KSI Videos Maand geleden
@Lucy Fair mbappe won world cup with France which is an op team with/without mbappe. Psg is an incredible team. Haaland is 2 years younger than mbappe and scored 40 goals this season, mbappe never scored these many in a single season. Haaland will show more of his potential in coming seasons. Stay tuned 💪📈
Lucy Fair
Lucy Fair Maand geleden
@Old KSI Videos lol do you even check their stats ? you need to know what u talk about boy . Hahaha 😂😂😂
Old KSI Videos
Old KSI Videos Maand geleden
No, mbappe has a better team and haaland is younger
Nelson Mayo
Nelson Mayo Maand geleden
This is a future replacement of messi
TheSuperQueen Maand geleden
This is why Barcalona can't afford Erling Haaland*
C'zarro Faiq Wcksn
C'zarro Faiq Wcksn Maand geleden
Haaland is good but he's got the biggest weak is His Dribbling is not good
C'zarro Faiq Wcksn
C'zarro Faiq Wcksn Maand geleden
I Think Haaland better Move to Madrid cause Kroos can make Haaland score many goals
Laskiboy Swer
Laskiboy Swer Maand geleden
Hallan is tall and lucky his level to Lukaku Muller levondoski
OliverNOR Maand geleden
A really well-done compilation with great snips of commentary and soundtrack
PES EF Maand geleden
Man Oh Man After Messi & Ronaldo we have got a New Superstar
morten kristoffersen
morten kristoffersen Maand geleden
Hopr never go tp Batcelona, lr Real Madrid, stay in your club or go to a Pl club, but not Man C, Arsenal, or Chelsea. Clubs with much mony, but no heart for the game, and dpsent have any honest players. Just look at them on the pitch, they will fall, like they are going to die. Players from this teams should be denied the rigt to play proffesional football in PL.
Thomas Stathakos
Thomas Stathakos Maand geleden
U mean: Why all the teams want Erling Haaland...
Stiwa Müller
Stiwa Müller Maand geleden
First eliminate your financial debts before you think about 150 million for Haaland. He also has a contract in Dortmund. So show a little respect! But yes, Haaland is the striker of the future. He can help any club, including Barca.
Navheen SM
Navheen SM Maand geleden
Too bad they got no money to do anything now
Roury 69
Roury 69 Maand geleden
We just need a finisher😂
Maximus Murphius
Maximus Murphius Maand geleden
By the way Erling in his language means essentially Prince how many of you muppets knew that ?
Leo D
Leo D Maand geleden
@Maximus Murphius This is from wiki , translate this from norwegian to english ;) : Fra Wikipedia, den frie encyklopedi Erling Betydning: trolig «jarlesønn» eller «jarleætling» Mye brukt i: Norge Norge Jentenavn: Erla, Erle Andre former: Elling, Erlung Muppet!
Maximus Murphius
Maximus Murphius Maand geleden
@Leo D not according to wiki ... muppet
Leo D
Leo D Maand geleden
Prince? The male name Erling is of Norse origin, and means earl's son or earl's descendant. The Norse form of the name was ErlingR..... muppet :)
Maximus Murphius
Maximus Murphius Maand geleden
Hype will win for some but he's not all that ...I think its because there's not much excitement in the game and anyone will; do ..Maradona still not replaced.
carington rainford
carington rainford Maand geleden
It would be Good if he got in Barca but then one of the chair man be like he was rude and didn’t show no respect
Imtiba Jamir
Imtiba Jamir Maand geleden
No...that won't work ..Real Madrid needs him..
krisgrafili Maand geleden
Who would he replace if he went to Barca?
Kray Maand geleden
Please don't let this happen....
CruzGamma Maand geleden
They won’t get him though
Just Smile
Just Smile 2 maanden geleden
Barcelona needs player like Braithwaite
Nicolas Perdomo
Nicolas Perdomo 2 maanden geleden
I didn’t even watch the video .... simple because he can score
xd lit
xd lit 2 maanden geleden
He simply added the technique of the Americans to his football game. In America, they use this run and gun technique and brute force to play soccer.
Jukka Mielikäinen
Jukka Mielikäinen 2 maanden geleden
If barca will get him, and Real madrid will get Mbappe, it will just be Messi & Ronaldo all over again
Antonis Spyropoulos
Antonis Spyropoulos 2 maanden geleden
The only video where the generic compilation music is acceptable :)
GuTan selfie
GuTan selfie 2 maanden geleden
But I think haland don’t want Barca
Travis Chaatha
Travis Chaatha 2 maanden geleden
Barca dont need halland barca have the best player in the world
the Dean
the Dean 2 maanden geleden
watched him play against city was he on the pitch
Marcus Aurelius
Marcus Aurelius 2 maanden geleden
His slimy agent is gonna make him toxic on the market with his outlandish wage demands. Too bad, as he seems a nice kid, but he got into bed with a snake.
Martin Mickels
Martin Mickels 2 maanden geleden
Where's the audio from?
Mr San
Mr San 2 maanden geleden
He's a real life version of the player we create in PES, weird face, amazingly tall, all 99 stats
Darktides 14 uur geleden
The simulation is real!
Imran Harith
Imran Harith Maand geleden
Aahahahaha. True af
H Pradip
H Pradip Maand geleden
ANKM Maand geleden
trueee lol
Ziggy 2 maanden geleden
He looks like he's constantly stumbling for some reason
Benjamin R
Benjamin R 2 maanden geleden
i did not subscribe
don juco
don juco 2 maanden geleden
hell no!! la liga is such a boring league. He should go to the premier! and he knows it.
Minimalist SG
Minimalist SG 2 maanden geleden
Imagine Liverpool has Haaland and Mbappe as their main strikers up front.
Syed Habib
Syed Habib 2 maanden geleden
No only zlatan, barca did same to Ronaldo the phenomenon
Carlos Godoy
Carlos Godoy 2 maanden geleden
We need him at Barcelona. Messi needs somebody that finishes his fantastics assists. Sadly Barcelona doesn't have the money and I don't think he's going to wait another season at Dortmund:/
Alexx 2 maanden geleden
Honestly I dont think Barcelona can sign him as the owe around 1000 million euros
Pink Panter
Pink Panter 2 maanden geleden
He can't, Even a small village club has more money than Barcelona
Chandra Thoudam
Chandra Thoudam 2 maanden geleden
Barca needs Haaland asap. If barca fails to sign haaland then Barca will be under the shadow of Real Madrid along side Mbappe. New generation of El Classico begins here. RM+Mbappe Vs Barca+Haaland Biggest match of the World.
Unknown User
Unknown User 27 dagen geleden
Barca should pay their debts towards Dortmund first. Banter club,
nevermind 112
nevermind 112 2 maanden geleden
This guy is in his peak
Sandro Casabona
Sandro Casabona 2 maanden geleden
Barça its Barça. Its early
Sandro Casabona
Sandro Casabona 2 maanden geleden
It is Barça
Sandro Casabona
Sandro Casabona 2 maanden geleden
Ha nacido para el Barça
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