Thierry Henry & Jamie Carragher pick their next inductees into the Premier League Hall of Fame 

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Jamie Carragher and Thierry Henry pick their selections for the next inductees into the Premier League Hall of Fame after the shortlist of legends was released.

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4 mei. 2021




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djanko ulrea
djanko ulrea 4 dagen geleden
As much a great player you were Thierry, JOKE is on you because Stevie G made it to the hall of fame. The greatest of them all !!
iridxxcent 15 dagen geleden
It's so weird, in english tv Henry says really clever things and show how vaste his knowledge of football is, never speak about himself but when he goes on french tv he says weird things and show quite an "arrogant" persona, he has this defensive posture, the difference is striking it's like it's not the same person. Maybe it's bc he feels wronged about the treatment he got in France and how people keep disrespecting him to this day while in England people respect his carrer and achievement.
Lpadams 23 dagen geleden
IDK how to feel about Thierry saying he loves Stevie G but then doesn't choose him out of the midfield 3 debate while he includes the other 2
Lpadams 23 dagen geleden
Someone get Thierry to talk about ALL his favorite players please, we need it !!!!!!
Mag Shek
Mag Shek 23 dagen geleden
Why does Carra always ignore the legendary, one and only Paul Scholes?
Alan Waters
Alan Waters 24 dagen geleden
David Jones is the type of guy who closes the kitchen drawer with his hips.......
IQ 1985
IQ 1985 24 dagen geleden
Imagine hearing Roy Keane during a game with no fans in the ground
michael davis
michael davis 25 dagen geleden
I think they have confused the hall of fame with Premier league all stars. How Andy cole being 3rd all time goal scorer with no penalties and countless league titles with a 41 goal season total season and giggs with 13 league titles aren't in first is beyond me. Should have done this by team instead of putting players against each other. Rightful players will have to wait or not get in or even worse go in behind players not as deserving.
Jac-Keith Wecee
Jac-Keith Wecee 26 dagen geleden
I'm imagining an epl team that had a midfield of Patrick viera and Roy Keane with Scholes, Stevie G or Lampard as a 10. That mid is frightening.
Vijay Murthy
Vijay Murthy 27 dagen geleden
I'm a United fan here, you have to put Petr Cech there, you have to. Undoubtedly alongside Schmeichel, he is one of the greatest goalkeepers in Premier League history. Absolutely unstoppable and difficult to put past him in his prime which I have witnessed first hand. Amazing Goalkeeper 1) Čech holds a number of goalkeeping records, including the Premier League record for fewest appearances required to reach 100 clean sheets, having done so in 180 appearances, 2) Cech holds the most clean sheets in a season (24), as well as the record for the most clean sheets in Premier League history (202) 3)Čech is also the only goalkeeper to have won the Premier League Golden Glove with two separate clubs, and has won it a joint-record four times; in 2004-05, 2009-10, 2013-14 and the 2015-16 seasons 4) Cech went 1,025 minutes without conceding a goal in the 2004-05 season, a record that was held till Edwin Van de Saar broke it later.
olkhl 27 dagen geleden
scholes team: giggs, beckham, ronaldo, rooney, van nisterloy, keane etc lampard team: drogba, ballack, essien, terry, hazard, makelele etc gerrard team: xabi alonso, torres, suarez (this 3 played in different times) point is that gerrard lacked the amount of world class players in his team ------------ shelvey, spearing, adam, ngog, cisse, aspas, borini, voronin
kashcash 27 dagen geleden
Henry for 3 to 4 seasons was unplayable had everything, the best striker I've ever seen was Ronaldo phenomena not at Madrid I'm talking yeah he was great in 2002 world cup but from 95 to 99 barca inter for me he brought out the lone striker role before that 4 4 2 and in england still was but he was deadly the pace the skill the finishing shrugging defenders off oh my god I'd say Henry for 2 3 seasons was the closest if not on par with him
Jason Jansen
Jason Jansen 27 dagen geleden
The French guy speaks better English then Carragher
MePirateArrrg 28 dagen geleden
Henry talking about legends: Wow Legends talking about Henry: Wow Wow
RYG 28 dagen geleden
My 6 is shmeichel, Keane, Vieira, scholes, Gerrard, lampard
Obi Smalls
Obi Smalls 29 dagen geleden
Cannot believe Henry put Lampard in his list. LOOL
Anurag Roy
Anurag Roy 29 dagen geleden
The Liverpool player chose the Liverpool player. The arsenal player (who also happens to be a Hall of Famer) chose the United player. I'd prefer not to say anything else.
Arjun Kumar
Arjun Kumar Maand geleden
Bergkamp has to be there
Anau Anau
Anau Anau Maand geleden
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John Badger
John Badger Maand geleden
Roy Keane? Lol. That thug should be nowhere near the Hall of fame.
Avi Maand geleden
Well it won't be Giggs.
Van Maand geleden
Frank, Stevey, Scholesy, Patrick, Roy-all amazing Prem mids, but Beckham took the league and the game to mainstream. He took England to the World Cup on his right foot. I’m not saying he’s clear and away the best, but it’s telling that he’s played and won with some of the best teams in the world, while those other guys really mostly made their name in England
Abdulkadir Madraswala
Abdulkadir Madraswala Maand geleden
Why isn't anyone talking about Giggsy??
Teo Fitness
Teo Fitness Maand geleden
Where is Cristiano Ronaldo ?Just because he played only 6 years in Man Utd doesn’t meant that he can’t be named in the Hall of fame .I really doubt If any player had the year CR7 had in 2008
The Wumpus
The Wumpus 28 dagen geleden
He isn't retired yet dumb
PAtR PoWeR Maand geleden
wayne rooney ?!
Plantain Maand geleden
Henry’s passion for great players is so refreshing
ThisUserName15Taken Maand geleden
Gerrard has to be in there ahead of Cantona.
Chaldean Kareman
Chaldean Kareman Maand geleden
Aguero should have been on the list too...
Shannon Felini
Shannon Felini Maand geleden
God damn Ashley Cole is so underrated in these things. By far the best in his position for the longest time and especially in the prem noone was even close to him, Arsenal, Chelsea, didn't matter, he just killed it.
kewell65 Maand geleden
Gerrard should be in everyone's top 5
prodbyAWAVE Maand geleden
1:53 Jamie Cobraggher
Dominare McFakename
Dominare McFakename Maand geleden
"He was very French, wasn't he?" -- Henry on Cantona
Andes Tung
Andes Tung Maand geleden
I read Vieira and Pires' books as a huge Arsenal fan, and when they were asked who's the BEST English player they ever played against, they both singled out Paul Scholes, just like Henry did!
The Cat
The Cat Maand geleden
Henry must be on drugs if he puts Viera ahead of Gerrard.
aayush goyal
aayush goyal Maand geleden
really overlooking David Beckham. just my opinion
Grom Hellscream
Grom Hellscream Maand geleden
I am an Arsenal fan. Doesn't matter. Thierry can write an essay and argument himself. I like such intelligent people, who choose wise- he made his team like a puzzle, smart and correct.
Hayden Godfrey
Hayden Godfrey Maand geleden
Spoilt by the quality of this punditry
Vuyani Asher Kona
Vuyani Asher Kona Maand geleden
Lord Bendtner isn't on the list so this is a useless conversation🙄
Sean Dolan
Sean Dolan Maand geleden
Keane needs to be next.
Chris Alexander
Chris Alexander Maand geleden
Henry, Bergkamp, Aguero, Zola, Shearer, Silva, Ashley and Andy Cole, Vieira, Les Ferdinand, Gerrard, Di Canio, Kompany, Lampard, Drogba, Scholes, Terry, Rooney, Keane, Overmars and Ronaldo to name a few, players that made a real difference and made the Premier league what it is, one thing for sure JC and GN won't be in the hall of fame
Mighty Red
Mighty Red Maand geleden
Crouch must be in the hall of fame , he’s one of the most iconic strikers in the league . Absolute legend
Farah Mohamud
Farah Mohamud Maand geleden
Thierry Henry I use to hate him but cried when he retired (Man Utd fan )
A MN Maand geleden
Lampard has more Premier league goals than Henry
vbddfy euuyt
vbddfy euuyt Maand geleden
esque accent
sagar singha
sagar singha Maand geleden
Finger crossed, a few years later I hope to see David Silva, Sergio Aguero, Vincent Kompany in there when they retire. Otherwise, It will be a shame, but as we know they might just ignore them as always. But who cares! Also Eden Hazard and Ngolo Kante. Czec. Vardy and Mahrez even later.
chris johnston
chris johnston Maand geleden
Cantona just for the flying kick and right cross.
Gautius Maand geleden
kanté can also play alone in midfield
Abdi Ali
Abdi Ali Maand geleden
I dont think thierry rates gerrard his just saying it to respect him coz his in the debate 🤣.
vbddfy euuyt
vbddfy euuyt Maand geleden
henry head is huge wtf
Stephen McSweeney
Stephen McSweeney Maand geleden
Where’s Rooney?
mark dance
mark dance Maand geleden
Nothing better than truly great players getting inspired by other great players .
kolim jone
kolim jone Maand geleden
Roberto Carlos era)
mighty mouse
mighty mouse Maand geleden
Ryan Giggs 🤔🤷
Kevin Webster
Kevin Webster Maand geleden
Scholes is the GOAT
Leroy Brown
Leroy Brown Maand geleden
no gigs?
Cool guy 420
Cool guy 420 Maand geleden
Charlie Adam should be there
kolim jone
kolim jone Maand geleden
Lampard and Gerrard are way ahead of Scholes for what they did for the league.
Sameer Kashyap
Sameer Kashyap Maand geleden
If you don't like Thierry Henry. You don't like football. I said it. No regrets.
Sameer Kashyap
Sameer Kashyap Maand geleden
I think it will be Peter Schmeichel and Ian Wright.
Trucker Maand geleden
No one in Britain gives a flying crap about ‘halls of fame’ it’s a load of Americans bs
Jonny L
Jonny L Maand geleden
How many players in any sport have played a game when there is already a statue of you outside .... cant be many ?? Henry was special
Craig Olver
Craig Olver Maand geleden
I’m A newcastle fan and IMO it had to be Peter s Micheal the best goal Keeper the premier league has ever seen
Floyd Mulala
Floyd Mulala Maand geleden
Give Henry an hour and let him say something about legends in epl.the guy is wow!!
Gio Caballero
Gio Caballero Maand geleden
henry head is huge wtf
Nathan Davids
Nathan Davids Maand geleden
Andy Cole. What a player. I developed a soft spot for Newcastle because of him even though I support Arsenal, a team where he began his career.
Nikhilinho Maand geleden
Get crouchy in
Richard Davis
Richard Davis Maand geleden
Rio was a far better player than Terry
TheJonSadler Maand geleden
“There’s one missing” - yes, Ryan Giggs.
عزيزالحكيم تيمين
N Golo Kante is the next PL legend
Asma Kaddache
Asma Kaddache Maand geleden
An obvious choice : Dennis Bergkamp
rlmross Maand geleden
Lampard and Gerrard are way ahead of Scholes for what they did for the league.
Legend united
Legend united Maand geleden
Thierry Henry what a pundit
___BBC 1197__
___BBC 1197__ Maand geleden
The fact that Cristiano Ronaldo isn't even listed makes this whole thing a joke. Yeah he only played in the EPL for 6 seasons, but he accomplished more in that time than any player in EPL history. Only EPL player to win the fifa world player. European golden boot. Set the EPL goal record for a 38 game season. 42 goal season. Back to back FWA player of the year, back to back PFA players and fans player of the year, etc, etc. The fact that guys like Owen, Fowler and RVP are listed but not Ronaldo is a joke. Best player in EPL history by a mile.
Jj Maand geleden
I don’t care what anybody says but to have Shearer especially ahead of Scholes invalidates the whole thing. Ask any player in the world of that generation who was the best player in the premier league or English player and Shearer does not get mentioned once. Yet Scholes is mentioned by everybody, including some of the best we have ever seen, like Xavi and Iniesta. This Hall of Fame thing has started off on a bad footing for me. It seems to me that it’s not about football it’s about popularity. In that case, it’s a joke.
Liryc Maand geleden
I'd have Keane and Vieira In first tbh.
Springtrap Lover2010
Springtrap Lover2010 Maand geleden
Even as a United fan, Gerrard deserves to be in the hall of fame at some point and his lack of a PL trophy shouldnt even be considered. I dare think of where Liverpool would have been without him. But I do think that Keane and Viera should go in before him though.
David Julius
David Julius Maand geleden
Fowler over Aguero and Anelka? What a joke
David Julius
David Julius Maand geleden
How can you leave out Kompany, Silva and Aguero though? Cantona only had 4 good years and Owen was a wreck for 80% of his PL career. Such a bullshit list, surprised they didn't put Nicky Butt in there
Elijah Tchilembe-Mpovie
As a lifelong Liverpool fan, love my guy JC, but Thierry Henry was special, Liverpool vs. Arsenal was always a massive fixture during the 2000s
fttw Maand geleden
Andy Cole was unreal anyway but it's crazy that him and Beardsley at Newcastle is almost tagged onto his achievements when really it should be up there as a focal point. Taking just promoted Newcastle to 3rd and getting the golden boot with 40 goals is absolutely incredible
Andrei Cornea
Andrei Cornea Maand geleden
Thiery rated Scholes from a rival point of view, Carragher did rate Gerrard from a teammate perspective.
Michael Sherlock
Michael Sherlock Maand geleden
Why is the second top scorer in the league not even mentioned Rooney
Michael Sherlock
Michael Sherlock Maand geleden
How is Michael Owen van perdue led Ferdinand and Matt le tissier on list and Wayne Rooney is not don't get me wrong there excellent players but scored over ,200 goals only Sherear has more who made this list and Roy Keane is definitely in it don't care what anyone says
Dorian Wright
Dorian Wright Maand geleden
Cantona overrated
Filip Poznić
Filip Poznić Maand geleden
Can we get an audio book of Thierry talking about players he admires. I would buy that thing without a thought.
Oladapo Adedeji
Oladapo Adedeji Maand geleden
Henry should just stay in punditry permanently. Very good at it.
Leken Ollemoita
Leken Ollemoita Maand geleden
As a Man united fan, I think Patrick Vieira was the best ever player in his position.
vincent benghabrit
vincent benghabrit Maand geleden
You could not be any more wrong Carrengher . Real and Barcelona are owned by their own supporters ( stakeholders) and run like any other company, hence the need of finding income Ressources like any other business would They do NOT have the luxury of a Russian billionaire or a big Arab state pouring money constantly into the club . Your arrogance is unacceptable.
L 78
L 78 Maand geleden
Frank Lampard dominating games from a defensive point of view 🤔 dunno about that like
Donovan Dunn
Donovan Dunn Maand geleden
So Giggs is just dead until he's cleared then he suddenly reappears?
Z aphrode
Z aphrode Maand geleden
Nott A Problem UK
Nott A Problem UK Maand geleden
So Les Ferdinand, Matt Le Tissier and Robin Van Persie all make the shortlist - but no Wayne Rooney? Really? Second highest PL goal scorer of all time, and 3rd of all time for assists, won 5 league titles, all time Man Utd top scorer, former PFA Player and Young Player trophy winner... But those guys get in ahead of him? Laughable.
Herbzinho Maand geleden
No lampard ? Ludicrous
Andrew King
Andrew King Maand geleden
4:52 'the six that should be indicted by the premier league'? That's easy isn't it? City, United, Chelsea, Spurs, Arsenal, Liverpool
Barun Aditya Borah
Barun Aditya Borah Maand geleden
No rooney??
A.STAXX MUSIC Maand geleden
Thierry punditry is so much smoother nowadays
PowerFX Maand geleden
Steven G ahead of come now Carra stop the jokes
Sorin Rezmuves
Sorin Rezmuves Maand geleden
Henry talks like he is more intelligent than anyone in the galaxy 🤣😂😂
daniel webb
daniel webb Maand geleden
Is Giggs not on the list because of his current court case? Because clearly he should be in the first half dozen in. Certainly a long list of 20+
asifjavedcloud Maand geleden
Why no Ryan Giggs? He's won it 13 times?
Ansaar Omar
Ansaar Omar Maand geleden
How can they not choose Le Tissier!!! Yes he didn't play for a top club but one the best midfielders in the premier league. Creativity and goals! This man deserves to be there!
BENMJR - Maand geleden
FAIR arguments can't complain
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