The WORST Tactics I have ever SEEN in Cycling | Amstel Gold Race 2021 Ladies 

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Amstel Gold Race Ladies' Edition 2021 featured a closed circuit course of 116km with three climbs each done 7 times, finishing with the Cauberg with 3km to go before a flat 1500m to the finish. Kasia Niewiadoma had won the last edition in 2019 but was up against strong competition with Marianne Vos in fine form, Elisa Longo Borghini wearing the WWT leader's jersey and SD Worx bringing a stacked team as per usual.
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19 apr. 2021




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Reyguarin nJBchannel
Nice race
SuperCatBarf Dag geleden
NLblock has been trying to shove this down my throat for the last few weeks via suggestion so I relented, and after watching I understand that the suggestion algorithm has utterly misunderstood me. I don't give even a slight fuck about roadies riding on flat ground. I never have. Roadies tend to be gear-whore assholes rather than cyclists and I have zero interest in them...yet here I am being suggested this bullshit, along with 50% of videos I already watched. Nothing beats signing out of Google and going back to NLblock so maybe you might find something actually interesting.
Bombero33 Dag geleden
Makes you wonder if there was something personal between them???
B007 2 dagen geleden
Vos is pretty much like peter sagan, she doesn't need teammates to win as long as she's in a group.
Bill MacQuarie
Bill MacQuarie 2 dagen geleden
Just wait till transgenders start in this race.....
gast128 4 dagen geleden
ELB's strategy in the final km was to beat Niewiadoma and she succeeded in that.
Matt Mac
Matt Mac 4 dagen geleden
"She" has more testosterone than I do running through her
The Void
The Void 5 dagen geleden
party pace I see , fucking lol
dev droid
dev droid 5 dagen geleden
Not many comments about DV, but the way she rocketed to MV is quite impressive. Vollering put on quite a show of strength. Congratulations to her.
mork 5 dagen geleden
Damn, I gotta start watching women's cycling, it's so unpredictable and amusing. The last bit at the finish line was the cherry on the cake 😂
William Ng
William Ng 6 dagen geleden
Surprised no one shaved themselves bald for the extra watts/kg and aeroness.
.Renato. 7 dagen geleden
I am sorry, but this is women cycling. what do you expect? they are better at arguing why they should earn more.
左岸亮 7 dagen geleden
How wonderful!
Moritz Wagner
Moritz Wagner 7 dagen geleden
tactivally i agree with your admonition about Longo Borghini and the Canyon Sram Rider(especially Longo Borghini). But hey let‘s also speak about the tactical and metaphysical aspects of annemiek van vleuten‘s tactic that she quitted her attempt to go over the keullberg(however it is pronounced @2.3k to go) in Order not to pass beneath her max Heart rate and to save energy. She saved @ 3rd place. the question is also about communication while beeing in the peloton. Because before i try to jump away i need to know wheter i get company or not(exept speaking about the mental fight)
Scott BikeDawg
Scott BikeDawg 8 dagen geleden
Great analysis--the women's races are almost more exciting then the men's!
DMcTyke 9 dagen geleden
Maybe ELB's race radio wasn't working, and with no one yelling in her ear telling her what to do...
cesare danese
cesare danese 9 dagen geleden
1 million of time happen the same actitud as ELB did! Sometime it is a goal sometimes not ...
Jose Luis Sobral
Jose Luis Sobral 9 dagen geleden
Women's cycling, what do u expect. LOL.
Jonny Rocket
Jonny Rocket 9 dagen geleden
cyclists don't make good team players, that's the nature of the sport.
cosgrove notts
cosgrove notts 10 dagen geleden
Never this trouble with electric
Holland Meester
Holland Meester 10 dagen geleden
Hail the seven Dutch V's. Vos Van der Breggen Van Vleuten Van Dijk Vollering Van Aert Van der Poel They all won great races......
Jim Reid
Jim Reid 10 dagen geleden
Rookie moves for pros
Sam-MtbTV 10 dagen geleden
P D 11 dagen geleden
God that's boring.
Miky Schuster
Miky Schuster 11 dagen geleden
Thats what happens when you have the legs to win but not the brain to pull it off. 🤣
Deez Nutz
Deez Nutz 11 dagen geleden
e m o t i o n a l
Reginald Scot
Reginald Scot 11 dagen geleden
So what you are saying is it's like watching men's Cycling.... only worse?
joynthis 11 dagen geleden
Le0 fon Zagoric
Le0 fon Zagoric 11 dagen geleden
Probably didn't like her hairstyle...funny finish as well...emotions emotionsss yeah 😂😂😂
Oli CrankMaster
Oli CrankMaster 11 dagen geleden
Of course it would be a woman’s race that has the worst strategy 😂
G G 11 dagen geleden
Would you ever go away with this race and fuck off. A race with a closed circuit is like a car with no wheels. More Covid bullshit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
F. P.
F. P. 12 dagen geleden
Next time you record a video please dont forget to put out the bubblegum😉 no, seriously, I donz know which accent that is, I assume british, but that shit is partially so hard to understand...
Patrick 11 dagen geleden
@F. P. No worries!
F. P.
F. P. 11 dagen geleden
@Patrick but yeah, ur last sentence is right... its just the tempo sometimes combined with his accent
F. P.
F. P. 11 dagen geleden
@Patrick lul kekw... I am blind, my mistake😂🤦‍♂️ sorry for wasting your time
Patrick 11 dagen geleden
@F. P. Australian, not Austrian! It seems like a typical enough Aussie accent to me, perhaps he speaks a little fast at times
F. P.
F. P. 11 dagen geleden
@Patrick okay, that is insane... I am German and would have never expected that an Austrian speaks that way - so fluently, but at the same time with a terrible accent like he is chewing a big big bubblegum
D Kelly
D Kelly 12 dagen geleden
Checkout the 2012 Olympic men's road race for the worst tactics ever by the British team! 😂
CinePhonic 12 dagen geleden
I’m Dutch and its so funny to hear you pronounce these dutch names😂 👍🏻
Tomasz P
Tomasz P 12 dagen geleden
Borghini has no heart for this sport.
Andrew Pinchen
Andrew Pinchen 12 dagen geleden
Longo...what a Drongo!...but that Vos celebration was a little early, could have gone all bad.
Velomania Romania
Velomania Romania 12 dagen geleden
Nice material!
Chau Nguyen
Chau Nguyen 12 dagen geleden
Elisa Borghini lacks IQ
James Wilbraham
James Wilbraham 12 dagen geleden
No Lizzie? 😲😲
Bert Groeneveld
Bert Groeneveld 12 dagen geleden
ELB does what Italians are famous for in cycling (with a few exceptions) Let others do the work and try to cheat their way into a surprise sprint and win. Luckily this didn't work !
ThunderStruckCoach 12 dagen geleden
What ever happened to running, pedaling THROUGH the finish line? This look-at-me stuff is not how I was taught, that's for sure.
Michael Riber
Michael Riber 13 dagen geleden
that was very bad LOL
Adam Kristensson
Adam Kristensson 13 dagen geleden
Yes, so frustrating for Niewiadoma who I was cheering for.
Michael King
Michael King 13 dagen geleden
I prefer watching women exercise. So thank you very much amigo.. Subscribed with a tip of my hat and a red butt cat to you sir.
Orion 77
Orion 77 13 dagen geleden
the only problem I see here is their utter dependance on the other people IT IS A INDIVIDUAL SPORT!!!!! you do NOT need any of those others to help you, just do your thing and push when you want to push. leave all the rest of them to sit and whine and complain amongst themselves about you not cooperating with their sheep behaviour.....
Andreas Schellinger
Andreas Schellinger 13 dagen geleden
could you speak a bit faster and put more words between words ?
Kasper Hermans
Kasper Hermans 13 dagen geleden
What about VDB chasing Terpstra in Omloop 2015?
Bxtkk 13 dagen geleden
Just started cycling. No idea what you are saying but it looks epic
Dennis Datu
Dennis Datu 13 dagen geleden
She is history... she just signed with a career ending tactic. Nobody will want an ELB on a breakaway.
hagai derech
hagai derech 13 dagen geleden
Is it can happen at men race?
Jam velez
Jam velez 13 dagen geleden
Damn they really look slow compared to mens.
Jam velez
Jam velez 6 dagen geleden
@Kayleigh Tuck who said im hating haha lol, like you can even keep up with them. Who knows i would definitely want to try cycling with them. You have no idea haha im one of the fastest in my city.
Kayleigh Tuck
Kayleigh Tuck 6 dagen geleden
@Jam velez it's "twice as fast" by the way. Those women would tear you apart, so stop hating purely for the sake of it. They made it, you didn't. You don't even look like a bicycle could hold you to be honest.
Jam velez
Jam velez 6 dagen geleden
@Kayleigh Tuck hahha yea right faster than you too. Men twice as faster than you.
Kayleigh Tuck
Kayleigh Tuck 6 dagen geleden
Still faster than you
Patrick 12 dagen geleden
Just checked out Demi Vollering’s Strava and compared it to Pidcock’s. Men’s average speed was 42kph, women’s about 38kph (shorter race with less elevation). Vollering went up the 0.78 km 7.5% Cauberg at 24.6 kph, Pidcock at 32 kph. Slower yes, but devastatingly fast to an amateur like me all the same.
Vasco Amaral Grilo
Vasco Amaral Grilo 13 dagen geleden
MarchuxProductions 13 dagen geleden
Ferrari F1 strats
Carn Soaks
Carn Soaks 13 dagen geleden
Voss played the Valverde card. (others have used this 'skill' before him, but he made a career out of it.) NEVER STAMP ON A PEDAL WHEN YOU ARE IN THE WIND. ONLY DO SO WHEN IN THE WAKE OF ANOTHER CYCLIST. Save the credits for the last 150 metres
Adamh 13 dagen geleden
Sad from Poland
Cruzanbum 13 dagen geleden
Kinda like when a female cop grabs her gun and thinks it’s her tazer. This is why I don’t watch women’s pro cycling, thanks anyway.
Bob Roberts
Bob Roberts 13 dagen geleden
And I though chess was complicated!
Pompey Monkey
Pompey Monkey 14 dagen geleden
Women's racing is just going from strength to strength right now. Long may it continue! :)
The Time Traveller
The Time Traveller 14 dagen geleden
I feel so bad for Kasi(Niewiadoma) 🥺
Erik Argueta
Erik Argueta 14 dagen geleden
TheXtrafresh 14 dagen geleden
Amateur racer here. I've ridden with people who have been around and won enough in their scene that they get a sense of royalty, like they are entitled the respect of their lessers, the wins and the free leadouts by mere virtue of being who they are. New, unaccomplished riders NEVER do this. I can't look inside her skull obviously, but ELB fits the profile of that type of rider perfectly. It might also be that she had some old beef with Niewiadoma, and was willing to dump this race. Those are the only two explanations I can come up with for this behavior.
bc_00001 bc_00001
bc_00001 bc_00001 14 dagen geleden
why wasn't bike exchange disrupting the chase of grace brown? like trek does when they have someone in breakaway
Tomasz Król
Tomasz Król 14 dagen geleden
Disrespect for smarts like ELB !!!
Evan 14 dagen geleden
Absolutely mental. What the hell was he ds doing allowing that!
BB 10
BB 10 14 dagen geleden
actually seems like real love, if I cant i will take you down with me
O. Celis
O. Celis 14 dagen geleden
why only 116k?
Hamza Cycling
Hamza Cycling 14 dagen geleden
بورغيني كوزينتك 😅
Mark Schwartz
Mark Schwartz 14 dagen geleden
I see your point but I had a slightly different take watching it live (on GCN, not in person). Longo Borghini had to work at least as hard if not harder to catch Niewiadoma on the climb, and the attempt to ride Niewiadoma off her wheel-whether you agree with it or not-looked to have taken what she had left. If ELB takes another pull she really is just dragging Niewiadoma to the line. If Niewiadoma also really had nothing left to give at that point to make an attempt to kick solo to the finish then they were going to get caught anyway. So if neither of them had anything left in the tank to kick solo to the line, they wouldn’t beat the bunch together either, so there really might not have been good choices. Ultimately it doesn’t matter why ELB is refusing to pull through. Once she refuses, you have to go back and ask Niewiadoma why she made the move on the Cauberg. It didn’t look like she did it because she was hoping anyone could stay on her wheel, it looked like she did it because she wanted to try to win the race from the front. It seemed to me watching at the time that they both decided they’d rather lose (or take their chances against Vos in a sprint 😆) than allow the chance the other would win. I respect the perspective you provide but I don’t come down quite as hard on Longo Borghini, it seemed more 60-40 to me. Either way, it’s nice to be talking about women’s racing, I’ve been enjoying it more and more. (I think we can all agree on a hearty “Chapeau!” to Grace Brown though)
Laura Roberts
Laura Roberts 14 dagen geleden
like a boss (vos)
Paul Hennlein
Paul Hennlein 14 dagen geleden
The problem is all of them wearing diving Googles.
Stuart Hickson
Stuart Hickson 14 dagen geleden
ELB is not my kind of rider at all. That's all I'll say. Niewiadoma deserved to be on the podium.
Francisco de Bastos
Francisco de Bastos 14 dagen geleden
ELB was absolute dumb
Oliver Henderson
Oliver Henderson 14 dagen geleden
I think I may have learned more about cycling tactics from your commentary in this video then in any other dozen cycling videos I've ever watched.
barefoot bob
barefoot bob 14 dagen geleden
Trying to watch road bike racing is like pulling teeth with no novocain!
Nexu Jin
Nexu Jin 14 dagen geleden
I enjoyed listening how you butchered all those Dutch names 😂
GB Sailing
GB Sailing 14 dagen geleden
thank you for putting all the work into this coverage. I especially like the way you pause critical points and pop int he names. This is handy for those of us who are challenged by the team jerseys and lack face recognition software! Keep up the good work. Please attempt the same with with the men's races, please.
SportsFan Tommy
SportsFan Tommy 14 dagen geleden
Frustrating to watch and I'm so sick of rider's celebrating early when the race to the line is so close.
Ian Marsden
Ian Marsden 14 dagen geleden
Thanks for the video.
ronaldo T
ronaldo T 14 dagen geleden
Happy for vos
Per Edlers
Per Edlers 15 dagen geleden
Don't forget to breathe - You can be very sick... 😊
fredshino 15 dagen geleden
This is unbelievable!! Great commentary as usual! Good stuff!
frv84 15 dagen geleden
Longo bourricot
Bluemoonday 15 dagen geleden
Ha glad others noticed this, I watched it live and couldn't believe my eyes. Talk about cutting off your nose to spite your face... I won't help you in case you beat me, I would rather neither of us won!
Karl Schleifenbaum
Karl Schleifenbaum 15 dagen geleden
I'm only here because of the name pronunciations
Michael Porter
Michael Porter 15 dagen geleden
Hold F for Niewiadoma
TheHawk686 15 dagen geleden
Lmao women’s sports always a shit show 😂
Max C
Max C 15 dagen geleden
Correct idiot tactics by Borghini
sarthak kukreti
sarthak kukreti 15 dagen geleden
kasia was strongest on the last cauberg ???????????????????????????????????????????
Argyle 15 dagen geleden
If this was a footy match some might wonder if there was some match fixing going on!
4val4nche 15 dagen geleden
Painful to watch, even to someone who isn't that much into cycling tactics
Bereket Haile
Bereket Haile 15 dagen geleden
I remember ELB losing the sprint to Anna Van der Breggen and the other Swedish rider in olympics after she pulled all the way to finish line. May be she had this flashing in here mind for refusing to help Niewdoma.
citanullunatic 10 dagen geleden
@wotnobrain So, nobrain, you're saying because someone beat her before she should let people beat her again? Strange logic.
wotnobrain 14 dagen geleden
Indeed, and more recently maybe we should also go back to Strade Bianche 2021, where ELB did all the work dragging Chantal VDBB to the last km and then being dropped? Also, I wonder how many of the people commentating here would be able to be in ELB's position at the end of a race? As usual, plenty of armchair commentators here. Maybe before criticising someone for their tactics you should try and be in their position? Oh, wait... you lack the talent don't you?
Craigy E
Craigy E 15 dagen geleden
imagine ruining the momentary enjoyment of a victory by celebrating a bike length too early then getting nervous as you cross the finish line.
adrian b
adrian b 15 dagen geleden
Imagine the advantage a rear view mirror would have in this race.
Ken G Kabira
Ken G Kabira 15 dagen geleden
ELB’s decision made no sense at all. Having said that, considering the circumstance, Kasia could have just sucked it up and gave everything to the line to secure a podium spot, so I can’t say she’s just a victim with no fault of her own.
Scott Bentrup
Scott Bentrup 15 dagen geleden
Yeah, agreed. When it was clear ELB wasn't going to work, KN should have gone all-in at that point and attacked with whatever she had left. She would have probably gotten beaten, but it was her best option. ELB was worse, but KN didn't do a great job here either.
Weiyun Y
Weiyun Y 15 dagen geleden
Yes, stupid!
Christian Navarro
Christian Navarro 15 dagen geleden
that really grinds my gears
Osteopathy Nelson
Osteopathy Nelson 15 dagen geleden
Think you were watching a different race mate - Fisher-Black did the lion's share of pulling Brown back - but held back pushing for the catch until the descent to the final ascent of the Cauberg. Mooolman-Pasio and Vollering were both protected riders. Shackley hasn't quite got the grunt yet to do that kind of work in the final kms.
Osteopathy Nelson
Osteopathy Nelson 15 dagen geleden
Should add that Vos agrees with me - she bought drinks for the SD Worx girls that night.
Andrew Smith
Andrew Smith 15 dagen geleden
I can only think that ELB doesn’t get along well with Kasia Niewiadoma, and is therefore happy to take 8th to spite her. If that’s not the case then it was just plain stupidity for them to not duke it out for first and second. I would hate to be the DS and have to file the cat claws or worse try and educate that second is still better than 8th.
Luca R
Luca R 15 dagen geleden
yes i agree, i m Italian and i cant understand why Elisa stopped to push, she could be 2nd as worst result, and she could try to win... to me she is one of the strongest girls so... next time please Elisa believe in yourself!
Martino Scolaro
Martino Scolaro 15 dagen geleden
Probably you never raced before ... ELB did exactly what she wanted. Not to pull for Kasia ( maybe she felt beaten in a sprint or in her mind she could win only if staying behind all the time ). If Kasia wanted to arrive she should have pulled....; very easy. Kasia has to blame only herself!
Matthew K
Matthew K 15 dagen geleden
Kasia wasn't going to win ELB would've won, her sprint was significantly better than Kasia that day.