The Underrated Players Your Club Should Buy This Summer! | Extra-Time Podcast 

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10 jun. 2020




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Jonah Thrane
Jonah Thrane 7 maanden geleden
Pato strikes me like the person who would say Harry potter is a waste of time.
Rema Narayanan
Rema Narayanan 8 maanden geleden
Maximilian eggestein from werder Bremen is good
Rema Narayanan
Rema Narayanan 8 maanden geleden
I whould go for Carlos soler from Valencia giving they are in turmoil clubs chould take advantage of that
Rema Narayanan
Rema Narayanan 8 maanden geleden
Aron Martin from mainz is very creative and they chould get him for 10mil
Tanner Harris
Tanner Harris 10 maanden geleden
I think Dougie’s hairline is managed by Hansi Flick
Adam Burt
Adam Burt 10 maanden geleden
Pato says 'like' alot for a man of his vocabulary
Luke plays Everything
Luke plays Everything 10 maanden geleden
Football manager all the way. 😂😂❤️
Sebastian Rodriguez
Sebastian Rodriguez 11 maanden geleden
Would be nice if they added time-stamps with questions :)
G B 11 maanden geleden
You guys really should have a cut shot to the player your referring too, would make it 10x's easier to gauge who you are referring too, just a thought 🤷🏼‍♂️
Allen Mathew
Allen Mathew Jaar geleden
kieran escourse
kieran escourse Jaar geleden
Where did you get the t-shirt from
James Lawrence Allcott
One of my favourite podcasts listening to the boys. great knowledge every week 🙌
luca whaley
luca whaley Jaar geleden
Patrick sounds like a public schooled city boy, yaaa
The Phenomenal Skillz
Juventus have a buy back clause on Berardi. Somewhere around the region of £25 million so if anyone does go for him they’ll just bring him back. Similar to a Morata situation when he was at Juventus.
Moroccan Maestro•
Moroccan Maestro• Jaar geleden
Oussama Idrissi should be on here too underrated same for Amallah thats linked with leverkusen and newcastle 9 goals 6 assists in hes first season at standard...
MoMo Nasri
MoMo Nasri Jaar geleden
The perfect replacement for sancho will be Jeremie Boga from sassuolo or Justin Kluivert from roma in my opinion.
Lauren Thompson
Lauren Thompson Jaar geleden
My dumbass tried to get the Beer52 subscription not realizing that its a UK company...
Joao Lobo
Joao Lobo Jaar geleden
Ruben Dias won't leave benfica without any club paying the release clause, and it's 88 million! And you can say the can lower dow the price tag, because 88M it's much, but Felix, they also asked 120M, and they sold it for that price, and don't forget one thing : JORGE MENDES
bestfullyy Jaar geleden
astounds me how posh these lads are
RISE NBK Jaar geleden
im playing football manager as im watching this...
4Bester Jaar geleden
Are we actually seriously considering the absolute 🔥🔥🔥 of a Bayern Munich left wing with Davies and Sané working in tandem. Christ that is a threat to anyone!
cogamers84 Jaar geleden
Man city should by Nathan Ake, Ruben Dias ro Skriniar
Moose Lord
Moose Lord Jaar geleden
I've read that sapiens book. That's the one where the guy very intelligently explains why the ideas of equality and living in a world with no racism, sexism ect are beautiful but ultimately bullshit coz they will never man lol.
Samson Kabeleka
Samson Kabeleka Jaar geleden
Ben Chilwell at 85 mill is only because his English... I think Premier league sides are trying to find English players to try to increase there home grown numbers. Which is not bad but is grossly over priced
Abdullah Elwi
Abdullah Elwi Jaar geleden
Im not sure if Werner completed his move to Chelsea or not, but if he did I feel like its a huge mistake because Chelsea has not yet secured a UCL spot for next season. This would have been a great point to convince Werner to stay for the remaining days before his release clause expires. Chelsea is only 3 points ahead of United in 5th place, 5 points ahead of 6th place Wolves, and also 5 points ahead of 7th place Sheffield United who have a game in hand.
Prison Mike
Prison Mike Jaar geleden
Just a heads up for people temped by beer52. To cancel your subscription you’ve got to actually Call them. It’s abit of a pain in the arse
Will Jaar geleden
What abt Chiesa as a Sancho replacement?
WEPS 89 Jaar geleden
Pato should be a scout for a top team. Big dog 🤙
Young Stars
Young Stars Jaar geleden
21:15 think Pato might be confusing the game...Partey played four minutes in 2016 (when the match was already set for penalties) and he definitely wasn't playing as a striker (Griezmann and Torres were both on the pitch)🤣
Dan 123
Dan 123 Jaar geleden
I’m happy you are giving players like Sangare, Chouiar and Anguissa the recognition they deserve. Particularly Sangare, who has been outstanding over the last 2 seasons with his market value actually dropping this season due to the poor performances of Toulouse. He’d be an absolute bargain this summer. Of course the players you mentioned are not perfect, with Chouiar putting up pretty awful xGBuildup numbers and Sangarés overall passing accuracy needing improvement, but they are defensively players full of potential that I’d love to see get big moves at some stage
Rydog Jaar geleden
I find Tah looks incredibly slow. Weird.
Eli Nadd
Eli Nadd Jaar geleden
My favorite show on fd yess guys keep it up.
Andreas Landon
Andreas Landon Jaar geleden
Theo Hernandez was better this season, but still a solid season for Bennacer
Fred Schneider ate my baby
Karl Pilkington has a new podcast?
Kyle Beardin
Kyle Beardin Jaar geleden
If anyone has a console, I would recommend playing Monster Hunter World! Super fun game, especially if you can play with friends!
Sayed Ahmed Al-Alawi
Is it just me or pato looks like he's choking himself 😆😆 I thought that was his hand over his neck
George Crofts
George Crofts Jaar geleden
35:56 "Tah is a bit quicker over the ground" yeah but Koulibaly can fly wayyyy faster than Tah
Dan 123
Dan 123 Jaar geleden
People are sleeping on Matt Targett at left back. I think he’s actually had a better season than Chilwell and would be a fraction of the price
Callum Fryer
Callum Fryer Jaar geleden
I swear to god if these mongs go on about how ndombele has been mistreated I'm gonna go mad. If they didn't just bum off stats all the time and actually watched games they'd realise while he's had good moments he's been poor overall and defo not shown worth yet. And we haven't even mistreated him we've put so much work into getting his fitness up This is from a spurs fan btw.
Joshua Conrad
Joshua Conrad Jaar geleden
Big Fryer he never got time to fully recover from his injury which is why he had so much trouble running
Callum Fryer
Callum Fryer Jaar geleden
@huu ikl An especially poor method in the middle of a batch of mediocre ones he'd tried plenty of methods and had to try something new. Since then he has put a lot of individual work into ndombele physically and psychologically
Kushagra Sachan
Kushagra Sachan Jaar geleden
Beradi has had serious injury problems. I think it was his knee ligaments @Football Daily
Blaz Kozjek
Blaz Kozjek Jaar geleden
Partey to Barca, oh nevermind they are dumb
Calum brooks
Calum brooks Jaar geleden
Love it boys!❤️❤️✌️
aro oppo
aro oppo Jaar geleden
I want to see hojberg at spurs
wizardaka Jaar geleden
Don't drink too much of the Kool Aid with Sapiens Dougie. He's a bit of a weird determinist etc
Steven McCarthy
Steven McCarthy Jaar geleden
I’d also say that whilst the Anguissa praise is excellent, it’s worth mentioning that not only was he mismanaged with injury & his positioning during the season at Fulham, but this season he’s been really good defensively! His work covering the RB has gone under the radar as he seems to read the game so well!
Steven McCarthy
Steven McCarthy Jaar geleden
Bit harsh on Boga to say that Berardi has been the stand out in that Sassuolo side! I personally think Chelsea will buy Boga back for the rumoured £14m clause. Great shouts though! Mounair is an excellent shout, I’m a big fan of him & I think West Ham should be all over him, he’d be the closest thing to Payet we’d have since he left...
- Matt
- Matt Jaar geleden
Wolves don’t have much depth at LB? What bs😂😂
Maximilian Cunniff
Maximilian Cunniff Jaar geleden
15:54 bless you Pato
Mateo Blesses
Mateo Blesses Jaar geleden
Bayern have said that Hernandes isn't for sale and that they are counting on him!
Alex O'Neill
Alex O'Neill Jaar geleden
pato always get very scared with old players- i think koulibaly will have many years ahead of him- look at Cheillini (tho injured), Ramos and Pique
Luke Jaar geleden
Alex O'Neill Napoli should’ve sold him ages ago but yeah I wanna see him in the prem bc it would just be fun
Alex O'Neill
Alex O'Neill Jaar geleden
@Luke yeah defo- 80 mil would be too much. But I think he will want to leave and Napoli may need to sell so any team would love to have him if a bit cheaper
Luke Jaar geleden
Alex O'Neill I don’t think he’s scared of old players, i think he just can’t seem to justify paying 80m for a cb going into in his 30s despite those players who you have mentioned who have played very well in their 30s, I just think pato prefers longer term signings that can grow and develop rather than experienced players 🤷🏻‍♂️🤷🏻‍♂️
Suddsdriller Jaar geleden
Next time you guys do this you should have graphics of the players and stats you're discussing. I know things are dodgy right now under lockdown and all but it would certainly help getting your points across. (e.g. I didn't know who "Tah" was so I found out by starting a Google search looking for "Tarr")
Tshego Ramushu
Tshego Ramushu Jaar geleden
that intro had me dying🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Laurent Vieux
Laurent Vieux Jaar geleden
Pato I m from Haiti check out the "Prestige" beer from my country its the 2000 and 2010 World beer cup winners
sam reese
sam reese Jaar geleden
Pat is a classic poufsouffle
Peter Hans
Peter Hans Jaar geleden
Diaby for 42mil is delusional. He'll not leave this summer.
Alex Vega
Alex Vega Jaar geleden
try argentine beers they can be quality also paulaner is a must
Zaid _
Zaid _ Jaar geleden
34:50 “matyoor”
Jordan Renton
Jordan Renton Jaar geleden
And yeah if you sign Koulibaly you'll get 3 maybe 4 years out if him but you aren't going to receive hardly any money back after those years.
Jordan Renton
Jordan Renton Jaar geleden
@C.C you won't get him for less than 60 i think Napoli will want 70 at least and I know he's decent but I'd rather go for Upamecano who's 21 or for someone that you can grow into a top defender
C.C Jaar geleden
If you can get him for 60 or less for 3/4 years or his services that's a good deal tbh
Jordan Renton
Jordan Renton Jaar geleden
I agree with Pato on Kalidou Koulibaly. If a big club were to sign they should have signed him 2 years ago after Sarri Left Napoli
George .m
George .m Jaar geleden
If manutd don’t get Sancho their will be outrage by manutd fans
King Tzu
King Tzu Jaar geleden
Diaby was shocking against Bayern. Should not be up here
Daniel Burgess
Daniel Burgess Jaar geleden
Used to prefer Hamil and Joe. Now I see the light and realise that Pato and Dougie are the real MVPs
JOSHR24 Jaar geleden
So true. Joes a bit cringe now IMO and dougie is slyly hilarious
Joe 33
Joe 33 Jaar geleden
@Hm Gs depends what you're after, but you're right pato does know alot and he's not shy about telling people either 😂😂
Hm Gs
Hm Gs Jaar geleden
Joe 33 egos make it better plus pat is allowed to have one since he literally knows everything
Joe 33
Joe 33 Jaar geleden
Joe and Dougie for me, pat n ham got egos out of wack imo
Amos Starkey
Amos Starkey Jaar geleden
You've joined the light side
Ruven Berger
Ruven Berger Jaar geleden
My football team is in Seria A, i believe the title is lying =S
Urius Tosh
Urius Tosh Jaar geleden
Bro, Malcom is on a nearly season ending injury shortly after he signed for Zenit. Most players dont play too many minutes when they suffer injury which spans many months of recovery. Do a little research you silly billy. Malcom had 63 minutes at Christmas.
Will Chan
Will Chan Jaar geleden
The pod is super dope in video format! Wasn't the same on spotify.
user name
user name Jaar geleden
We love diaby he only left PSG to reach his highest potential to just join PSG again. I was sad he left but I understand his decision and can’t wait till he joins again 🤩
Peter Hans
Peter Hans Jaar geleden
@Subhan KAMRAN no they have not and I don't think he'll play for them again
Subhan KAMRAN Jaar geleden
Do PSG have a buy back clause
Ben Jaar geleden
It's weird that over the years teams haven't have bought tah considering he's young
Zach Skinner
Zach Skinner Jaar geleden
Just a quick note, every time I've seen him play he's made mistakes
Zach Skinner
Zach Skinner Jaar geleden
He makes lots of mistakes, ik he's young but it's a risk
Jordan Renton
Jordan Renton Jaar geleden
Anguissa could replace Partay at Athletico Madrid and has already played in the league with Villarreal
suttonexplorer Jaar geleden
I'm surprised you guys don't mention Anthony Caci as a left back. Puts up incredible numbers at Strasbourg. It's possible you haven't seen him. Definitely worth a scout
Euro Football Daily
Euro Football Daily Jaar geleden
Thanks man will check him out! (Dougie)
Wissem Azzouzi
Wissem Azzouzi Jaar geleden
Kumbulla from Hellas Verona is a good alternative at CB for big clubs
Euro Football Daily
Euro Football Daily Jaar geleden
Good shout! See him linked everywhere! (Dougie)
Fletcher Jaar geleden
When is the Wijndal part?
Imfucking Goated
Imfucking Goated Jaar geleden
Fletcher at the start
The Insider Provider - Football Analysis
I suggested that Newcastle buy Berardi in my Newcastle takeover video. He’s a quality player that can run the entire attack
The Insider Provider - Football Analysis
Owen W* thanks it took a lot of research to find the right players for the right price that would fit their system!
Owen W*
Owen W* Jaar geleden
The Insider Provider with almiron at attacking midfield that’s a pretty dangerous attack
The Insider Provider - Football Analysis
Owen W* defintely a possibly but I think if you have Berardi and Maximin coming in off the wings playing off of Joelinton everyone is used to their best ability
Owen W*
Owen W* Jaar geleden
so he can run st maximan
Adam Smith
Adam Smith Jaar geleden
Just checked your channel out and it’s great!
Jack Wheeler (Game 'n' Guides)
Do a podcast with @hitcsport
Charlie Glover
Charlie Glover Jaar geleden
Love the thought of Dougie getting scared of his own reflection
Euro Football Daily
Euro Football Daily Jaar geleden
Hahaha! A new look will do that to you! (Dougie)
Dreonix Jaar geleden
"if ur team can't afford those players" pato as an arsenal fan was clearly trying to give us hope
Asir Taha
Asir Taha Jaar geleden
dougie might’ve taken overtaken chris and joe for me 😳
Apapadopulos Jaar geleden
James Lines mike as well
Asir Taha
Asir Taha Jaar geleden
Charlie Glover manchester united*
Charlie Glover
Charlie Glover Jaar geleden
@Asir Taha cos he's only interested in the Premier league
James Lines
James Lines Jaar geleden
That’s a fair comment man. I don’t want to sound like a dick but I’ve never been sure about Joe. I’ve often wondered how he got this job? I assume he was a competition winner or something?! Like the over excited bloke at the pub just saying ridiculous things.😒
Asir Taha
Asir Taha Jaar geleden
James Lines true that is the dream team, harry’s still got some way to go for me but joe has fallen off recently
Alex O'Neill
Alex O'Neill Jaar geleden
my guess is that none of these players are underrated
Alex O'Neill
Alex O'Neill Jaar geleden
@Imfucking Goated maybe half
Imfucking Goated
Imfucking Goated Jaar geleden
Alex O'Neill except that they are
Milly Mahinra
Milly Mahinra Jaar geleden
Very excellent video To replace Chilwell, Antony Caci at Strasbourg To replace Thomas Partey, Florian Grillitsch To replace Koulibaly, Mohamed Salisu, Mohamed Simakhan and Malang Sarr 🙌🏿🙌🏼🙌
Daniel Murray
Daniel Murray Jaar geleden
kabir hosangadi huh? Players don’t peak until 26/27 and it lasts until they’re about 30. 24 is nowhere near peak years
kabir hosangadi
kabir hosangadi Jaar geleden
florian grillitsch has already hit his peak years he's 24 he won't get any better so maybe he would be a bigger risk than the other you suggested cuz they are very young
suttonexplorer Jaar geleden
Anthony Caci is an incredible player. Couldn't agree more
The Poltical One
The Poltical One Jaar geleden
Dougie you have finish the Epstein documentary
The Poltical One
The Poltical One Jaar geleden
@Euro Football Daily it's a rough one to get through but in the end it without all those brave women we would never have know about what happened. Plus it incriminates a lot of people
Euro Football Daily
Euro Football Daily Jaar geleden
Really... I’m not keen atm! (Dougie)
Smile Please
Smile Please Jaar geleden
Listen,I really rate your stuff at FD and you did very good finding low cost alternatives but one glaring error that I cannot let pass is Tah being quicker than Koulibaly,I honestly don't know where that one came from. Watching Tah,he is about as fast as Mertesacker. He is big and strong at 1.97M by 96 Kg but once you spin round him the job is done. I swear I've watched every Leverkusen game last 2 and a half years except the DFB Pokal Tah isn't quick. Tapsoba and Bender are all quicker
Mattijn Jaar geleden
Wijndal is not yet capped by The Netherlands, he has 5 caps for the U-21s
Euro Football Daily
Euro Football Daily Jaar geleden
That’s my bad! Meant to say U21s! (Dougie)
Nathan Franklin
Nathan Franklin Jaar geleden
Dougie is looking extra egg today. This is the content we want 🥚👍🏼
Euro Football Daily
Euro Football Daily Jaar geleden
I try! (Dougie)
Jesper Strampel
Jesper Strampel Jaar geleden
Join the FD discord! You can find a link on the Reddit!
kiké Jaar geleden
y’all be showing penis?
ICU Lucas
ICU Lucas Jaar geleden
George Jaar geleden
Join the FD discord, we host our own stat wars competitions!
Oliver Davies
Oliver Davies Jaar geleden
Great discord join now!
Colm McCarthy
Colm McCarthy Jaar geleden
Dub dub dub
Oliver Davies
Oliver Davies Jaar geleden
Lots of Football daily fans use the FD discord, so if you want to talk with like-minded people, join now!
Colm McCarthy
Colm McCarthy Jaar geleden
@Tobi Olusola well for starters its the place to go for FD fans to talk about pretty much anything and we also host lots of fun events and competitions on it, for example we are currently running our own stat wars currently. I could go on, but the best way to find out is to see for yourself!
Tobi Olusola
Tobi Olusola Jaar geleden
I've heard about discord but can someone tell me what is unique about it in a nutshell.
Oliver Davies
Oliver Davies Jaar geleden
You can find the link at @DiscordFD on twitter, or on r/FootballDailyUK on reddit. See you soon!
Human Being
Human Being Jaar geleden
Do not use beer 52 it is so hard to cancel that unless you wanna keep it for life it's not worth it
Enzombie Jaar geleden
You guys should do "wich player should your club SELL this summer" good video lads greetings from Argentina
Steven Hyde
Steven Hyde Jaar geleden
Chillwell has a £20mill English tax
thearousedbrick2 Jaar geleden
What about that Ukrainian winger Dougie has mentioned before that plays for Dynamo Kiev - Viktor Tsygankov?
Milly Mahinra
Milly Mahinra Jaar geleden
@Euro Football Daily That Raphinha guy at Rennes is looking like a bad boy Footballer
Euro Football Daily
Euro Football Daily Jaar geleden
I can’t mention him everytime! (Dougie)
kaans Jaar geleden
Patrick, do you have Dutch roots?
Çan Ünlü
Çan Ünlü Jaar geleden
His surname is Van Straaten so I think so
Darren Ewart
Darren Ewart Jaar geleden
I think he said his dad had a Dutch passport
William Hesketh
William Hesketh Jaar geleden
he does yeah, he's a dutch national team fan as well
James Davies
James Davies Jaar geleden
Maybe szboszlai
P1txy Jaar geleden
I swear arsenal should sell Lacazette, put auba up front, sign Leon bailey or moussay diaby for the LW, or just put martenelii on the LW
J haych
J haych Jaar geleden
They afford them
Jazza 11
Jazza 11 Jaar geleden
Yes. Fave FD member defo dougie. Absolute legend. And host of the greatest quiz show
Eli Nadd
Eli Nadd Jaar geleden
I said it last week i'm starting to like extra time more than sunday vibes.
Euro Football Daily
Euro Football Daily Jaar geleden
Thanks Jazza! (Dougie)
George Walton
George Walton Jaar geleden
Jef Costello they just have for now because it’d be hard to film new ones in isolation, particularly like hot potato and buzzing in on guess who because it’s often out of sync
Jef Costello
Jef Costello Jaar geleden
Did theybstop doing stat wars?
jamie DaSavagee
jamie DaSavagee Jaar geleden
@Jazza 11 I like stat wars but the football pyramid is better
FIFA Farm Jaar geleden
Benaccer Is Underrated? Then Why In Hell Are They Demanding 50 Mil For HIM
Zaid _
Zaid _ Jaar geleden
Yeah he is
Juls Jaar geleden
That's his release clause
TacticalBacon 58
TacticalBacon 58 Jaar geleden
Wijndal hasn’t been capped yet
Josh Hines
Josh Hines Jaar geleden
He needs to come to Liverpool. The our 2nd choice back line with Hoever, VDB, and wijndal is a Dutch dream.
Euro Football Daily
Euro Football Daily Jaar geleden
That’s my bad... meant to say U21 caps! (Dougie)
Fletcher Jaar geleden
He should have been😉
Sokulunga Ryan Nkiwane
Football Daily on ropes. HITC sport for the win
noname no
noname no Jaar geleden
Benacer underrated: AC Milan demanding €50M for him🤦‍♂️
Caroline Manning
Caroline Manning Jaar geleden
Didn't know that he had a 50m € release clause
Juls Jaar geleden
@Caroline Manning why are you sorry? Dont be
Caroline Manning
Caroline Manning Jaar geleden
Adheesh Chatterjee
Adheesh Chatterjee Jaar geleden
his 50mil release clause isnt active until next summer
Wissem Azzouzi
Wissem Azzouzi Jaar geleden
Yes you can be underrated and still be worth a bit
JAKE VLOGZ Jaar geleden
Great podcast guys! You have inspired me to make my own channel all about football! Would appreciate anyone checking it out if you want! Keep up the good work!
Victory and Vices Podcast
Some good choices on here! I think the most under rated this summer could be Grealish. Magical player 🧙‍♂️⚽️ Our transfer videos are up on our YT channel too. Come take a look and subscribe. We tryna reach 1000 subscribers!!
Ruairi Spooner
Ruairi Spooner Jaar geleden
V and V for the win!
Måneskin - Beggin' (Lyrics)
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