THE SUPER LEAGUE IS OFFICIALLY ANNOUNCED - Barcelona, Real Madrid plus 10 more clubs sign up 

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The European Super League has now been confirmed, with Barcelona, Real Madrid, Atlético Madrid, Man United, Liverpool, Man City, Arsenal, Chelsea, Tottenham, Juventus, Inter and AC Milan all announced as founding members of the competition - which is set to replace UEFA's Champions League tournament. But what will this mean for football?!

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19 apr. 2021




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TalkFCB 17 dagen geleden
I cannot believe we're sitting here talking about a Super League... and it really could be about happen in front of our very eyes.
Daniel Lobodáš
Daniel Lobodáš 14 dagen geleden
why bro its gonna be like NHL in hockey like i dont think its bad thing to have best teams in one leauge
Rogier7305 16 dagen geleden
The fans have the final word. Protest it, make sure no one goes to those matches. Dont watch the games.
Stand Up Against Pessi Fanboy Racism
@56 Risav Chakraborty 12 sc What's your point? Am I supposed to give a shit??? 😂 Keep crying fanboy, Pessilona is doomed! 😂 😂 😂 😂
Bernard Luis
Bernard Luis 16 dagen geleden
@56 Risav Chakraborty 12 sc @56 Risav Chakraborty 12 sc excuse me mtf just read the comments carefully I didn't disrespect messi .fool I am barca fan not Ronaldo and Juve fan I just give a explanation to cyber wick what sena genesis said in previous comments . Don't cry like a child
Syeda Khudsiya Tarannum
Syeda Khudsiya Tarannum 16 dagen geleden
I just dont believe joan laporta agreed to this I would like to ask whether victor font would have also done the same
Kevin Martinez
Kevin Martinez 11 dagen geleden
When British people get angry it sounds so beautiful. I didn’t even pay attention to the video 😂
The Took Playing Dream League To A New Level
Big Bang
Big Bang 15 dagen geleden
Actually the problem was 15 founder clubs that would never changed
Reese's Pieces
Reese's Pieces 15 dagen geleden
As someone who just joined really watching futbol, why is this bad? What exactly will the super league trying to be? Will La Liga dissolve? Or is this some sort of side tournament? This is an honest question.
Prophet Yaw
Prophet Yaw 16 dagen geleden
Why r people mad about super league Be mad a UEFA Football is dead with UEFA as monopoly Why cant these elite clubs form super league. Sometimes it is hard to get Madrid vs Barca final in UEFA format. But with super league we .can have such big matches
Deepak lekhak
Deepak lekhak 16 dagen geleden
This shows how much of a control Perez has over football.
D Roman
D Roman 16 dagen geleden
Interesting you mention how much more the Super League is paying out compared to UEFA Champions League. Is FIFA getting a fat cut of the money ? I can't help but notice that many founding teams have recently spent huge money on Stadium renovations. I place a lot of blame on FIFA for these elite teams forming a new league. Either way, I'm still supporting my Real Madrid team wherever they play.
Oladilmeji Olugbenga Oni
Oladilmeji Olugbenga Oni 16 dagen geleden
I think the super league proponents are using it against FIFA & UEFA as leverage to concede some grounds in terms of finance and other structural deficiencies they see in both bodies. How they intend to achieve this and how far they can go. We will see. It's just a matter of time.
Adedeji John
Adedeji John 16 dagen geleden
That means messi wont be able to play for argentina come 2022 world cup
Adedeji John
Adedeji John 16 dagen geleden
With all this big money they talking about how are they going to get the revenue with the pandemic still ragging.
Adedeji John
Adedeji John 16 dagen geleden
What will happen to lionel messi future with the super league
toucastoucas 16 dagen geleden
i hope super league happens. it's gonna be great . great football matches. it will be worth twice as much as a champions league title.
C.T.H productions
C.T.H productions 16 dagen geleden
Gotta say I'm a 50/50 supporter of the super league, sounds great but nobody else sees otherwise, I mean these clubs still want participate in their domestic leagues and back away from the champions league then what's the problem, that means different clubs can participate in the champions league, and the founders play their own league, they pay the domestic leagues then there shouldn't be a problem, because those leagues could pay the other clubs a percentage of the profits. So what's the issue with the ESL? 🤔😐
Ryan Sardjoe
Ryan Sardjoe 16 dagen geleden
"It is what it is" -Ernesto Valverde
Fru Tumanjong
Fru Tumanjong 16 dagen geleden
This is a very bad guy
Jeremy Agutu
Jeremy Agutu 16 dagen geleden
Well, it's time for us (the poor) to invent another sport which the rich will eventually ruin🚶🏿‍♂️🚶🏿‍♂️
Ian M
Ian M 16 dagen geleden
The fact that Perez is in charge of this, means Real Madrid will be winning the competition every year😂
Different George
Different George 16 dagen geleden
This is a shame for lovers of this sport and honest competition
PETE ALLISON 16 dagen geleden
Boeing 737 Max and the super League, what's the difference: nothing both run buy suits who know nothing about aircraft or football.
BFG 10,000
BFG 10,000 16 dagen geleden
Looks like there won't be any Cinderella stories. Oh well.
Samuel Kamaloni
Samuel Kamaloni 16 dagen geleden
JP Morgan is sponsoring the Super League. It's safe to say it's as good as done.
Rogier7305 16 dagen geleden
Ajax also rejected it
Rogier7305 16 dagen geleden
4 teams NOT in it (Ajax, Bayern, Porto and Dortmund) have won more CL's combined than 10 of these 12 so called 'super teams' combined !
raj luffy
raj luffy 16 dagen geleden
wwell i dont think itss too bad i mean uefa having ripping clubs what do u expect? do u think uefa would care about small clubs? PEOPLE learn to look both side of the coin
Umair Ali
Umair Ali 16 dagen geleden
In all wrong & right decisions of FC Barcelona. I will always stand by them. Even if I disagree with the decision. Stand with your club for forever
Simmer83 16 dagen geleden
I know Barca has financial issues but this is not the way to go. Morally wrong. The format with founding clubs who can't relegate is pathetic. Of course, you probably get good games but in the end they are nothing more than glorified friendlies because there is nothing at stake. This is not what football is about. and definitely not the Barca way.
ryan manyemba
ryan manyemba 16 dagen geleden
will the banned players be able to play in the Olympics?? bcoz if yes, check yr history u will see that the IOC started with the football world cup in essence during the Olympics games... they only made changes like not accepting professionals or limiting age to 23 to allw the fifa world cup to have a chance.... i believe the IOC will be happy to have all players from all leagues to represent their countries
lnaveenan 16 dagen geleden
New lows
Kumaraswamy Kumar
Kumaraswamy Kumar 16 dagen geleden
I'm not going to watch any Barça games if this ESL becomes a reality.. They just don't worth for our love, support and trust..
Андова Хинанание - 68
Gosh I really hope some players speak out. I know they don’t have to, but I hope they do. I don’t even know- I just don’t want this to go through. Also if they don’t care about the fans at all, and hypothetically all those fans just decide to boycott those teams forever(I know it won’t happen, but it’s a hypothetical), how would they make money? Would it just be a game for the 1% then or- what? 🤦🏽‍♀️
Hiếu Nguyễn
Hiếu Nguyễn 16 dagen geleden
Football is gradually becoming less of a sport and more of a reality tv gameshow.
Amazing Dodo
Amazing Dodo 16 dagen geleden
I'm not sure if I support barca anymore
Ahmed Rahma
Ahmed Rahma 16 dagen geleden
Good for football. Tbh football isn't the same as before so we need a change
Gil Fatien Origí
Gil Fatien Origí 16 dagen geleden
Probably the only video I will like of yours, sorry I’m a madrid fan mate, great video god bless, god bless football.
The Beast JACK
The Beast JACK 16 dagen geleden
This league will become like dream games every week
Pradyumnan Nair
Pradyumnan Nair 16 dagen geleden
The big teams actually don't plan on going ahead with the super league. This is actually a ploy to make the UEFA champions league more lucrative for the teams.
Mohammed Al-Hothi
Mohammed Al-Hothi 16 dagen geleden
My head is totally frozen . 100 years ago the poor people we’re playing football , they were trying top get money to buy kits and football shoes . Now , its a different story . The rich is now greedy and greedy . #ripfootball #NoToSuperLeague
Khaled Kayal
Khaled Kayal 16 dagen geleden
If Barca want to keep Messi why is Barca in the super league? He will eventually leave
ANIRUDH NAUTIYAL 16 dagen geleden
It's not going to happen, PERIOD!
Ashim Barman
Ashim Barman 16 dagen geleden
Luthando Nyweba
Luthando Nyweba 16 dagen geleden
If it’s every week they should reconsider their positions regarding domestic league games, UCL/EL (if they aren’t kicked out by UEFA by some miracle), for the sake of the players... unless they gonna be playing their fringe players in the domestic and UCL games
Md. Usama .S
Md. Usama .S 16 dagen geleden
why aint we talking abt laporta confirming the super league........we have to be unbiased
Md. Usama .S
Md. Usama .S 16 dagen geleden
perez has FIFA and UEFA by the neck......we cant't help it.....coz the shear confidence in his voice is scary
Shaggy 16 dagen geleden
Cules- I never thought I’d die fighting side by side with a Madrid fan. Madrid fan- How bout side by side with a football fan. Cules- now that I can do
Santy Walmiki
Santy Walmiki 16 dagen geleden
If those clubs got more money then don't forget the inflation too would rise. Then neymar would be 444m euros
Krist Jon
Krist Jon 16 dagen geleden
I’m not even going to watch the super league
Richy Rich
Richy Rich 16 dagen geleden
Predictable to blame Bartemeou. Laporta is the president today and his silence now is deafening
Leo 16 dagen geleden
I think MESSI should leave now and play with Neymar in PSG. This is not football anymore its business.
Lydia 95
Lydia 95 16 dagen geleden
I am outraged, but if it kicks on, Jamie won't you post the match review and previews? 🧐🤭
Ashish Pereira
Ashish Pereira 16 dagen geleden
Mourinho hasn't been sacked... That's the wrong word...He resigned.. Because he is never for the ESL....Hats off to Mourinho 🙌🏻❤️
gabriel gutsa
gabriel gutsa 16 dagen geleden
The super league is pure rubbish 🗑hope the players will be banned in the world Cup and domestic leagues.
Food Health
Food Health 16 dagen geleden
This is a the fault of uefa and fifa, the never knew someday someone will challenge them, everyone wants freedom and money. My problem here is just about the small club owners, what will happen to them because sponsors will pull away. After playing 38 matches in a year how much do clubs get?
Sudipto SHP
Sudipto SHP 16 dagen geleden
Even the new UCL format is similar to ESL. I hate this. And if Barca gets in, our values would be nothing.
julhasdie die
julhasdie die 16 dagen geleden
Joseph Dunn
Joseph Dunn 16 dagen geleden
How on earth did Arsenal get invited to this party?
Leon Shaljani
Leon Shaljani 16 dagen geleden
Bayern joined😢
hki cgh
hki cgh 16 dagen geleden
I'll be honest with you, if it actually happens, we'll all watch it, even though we don't like it to begin with.
t0x1n 16 dagen geleden
how many of us are gunna stop watching football after this ?
Abel Cazares
Abel Cazares 16 dagen geleden
So our past president left us on debt in order to join the super luage
Mister Librarian
Mister Librarian 16 dagen geleden
We don't want European Super League.
Leo 16 dagen geleden
This is not football , this is madness
Shubaair Bana
Shubaair Bana 16 dagen geleden
What was mes que un club is no longer worthy of even being called a club :(
Rizzo 16 dagen geleden
Okay okay let's about this... Surely this league is going a little bit overboard although we can't say for sure whether it inherently bad or not... But is playing against the best teams in the world week in and week out a really healthy plan🤔...
Swastik Sharma
Swastik Sharma 16 dagen geleden
even losing 8-2 was not this much embarrassing
Jenish Adhikari
Jenish Adhikari 16 dagen geleden
People angry on FCB for joining ESL . Ok its bad agree . Lets now think if FCB have not joined . RM and ATM has joined ESL if ESL will really be a thing then FCB will be in huge loss .RM and ATM will earn a huge amount of money from ESL. FCB wont be able to keep up with them financially we are already in billion dollar debt . Not having money to buy best player but our rivals having a lot of money. RM have already started renovation of their stadium. And FCB has such project on future we need money for that.
EBIN DYLER 16 dagen geleden
Barca got big debuts like 1 billion so the club to exist they r forced to join just like that.
Fabian Kurian
Fabian Kurian 16 dagen geleden
Ashamed to be a Barca fan!!! Laporta is a clown...Barto definitely was. But Laporta is a lier...he signed the contract before the Copa del Rey. Everything he said was a lie to win the election. Hate you, Laporta!!! Thanks for ruining football.
Axel Martinez
Axel Martinez 16 dagen geleden
I’m not gonna lie, I don’t agree with the Super League, but I do want to see these matches
real shady
real shady 16 dagen geleden
if Laporta approved of this he needs to go
Abhijit Mohanty
Abhijit Mohanty 16 dagen geleden
I will watch, if this format is moved to production environment. A question to those who all hating it now - how can you guys not watch even a single match if this happens? Don't take this question as an offence, just curious. We are often intrigued by something shiny, so thought to clarify. Also, if our opinion did matter, Dembele wouldn't have donned our badge.
ANTIFA-GawdKilla 16 dagen geleden
znhendra xxx
znhendra xxx 16 dagen geleden
well if all of this come true.. then the nxt year ucl champ will be eibar or Norwich City
Tom McMahon
Tom McMahon 16 dagen geleden
Glad I'm not the only one feeling frazzled
Shuvo Saha
Shuvo Saha 16 dagen geleden
Its a business..Their club is their products,,We guys are consumer..So not surprised with what is being unfold...🙂
Houssain Al ahmafi
Houssain Al ahmafi 16 dagen geleden
Ooow boy these guys mustve forgotten by now every single one of these clubs have hooligans who dedicate their entire life to their club 😂😂 through hell and back, this guy must have a death wish
naveen s
naveen s 16 dagen geleden
Oppose super league
abhishek yadav
abhishek yadav 16 dagen geleden
Barca finally can get thier finances sorted and we can watch good games , what more do you want
NIKOLAI More 16 dagen geleden
I wonder what Messi's thoughts are on the super League
Dexton Burton
Dexton Burton 16 dagen geleden
Why money over the passion of football the passion of football is what made legends and it is the passion of football that is making young superstars what better felling than seeing young players succeed
NIKOLAI More 16 dagen geleden
IMAGINE LALIGA WITHOUT *BARCA* , & ATLETICO😓😓🙆🏽‍♂️🙆🏽‍♂️🙆🏽‍♂️ imagine the premier League without Man city , Liverpool, TOT,chealse , man Utd & Arsenal🙆🏽‍♂️🙆🏽‍♂️ basically the teams that made those leagues what they are
Baba Infinity
Baba Infinity 16 dagen geleden
On one hand i feel bad about this, but on the other hand remember laporta has to clear up a $1.3 bn
Tristan Yacub
Tristan Yacub 16 dagen geleden
UEFA could've been big and strong against racism. Now they want to flex ay. Fuck super League still.
amazoner0cks 16 dagen geleden
Barca and other big clubs will go bankrupt without this league, how can they sign new players, renew their stadium, pay the huge wages, settle the huge debts"?!!! Uefa steals from the big clubs, they gain around 3.7 Bil and only distribute 1.7 Bil for all the clubs, a huge team like RM/Bayern/Barca can take similar amount to teams like Porto or Sevilla which isn't fair, this huge TV deals made mainly cuz of the big clubs and their huge fan base. UEFA and FIFA are stealing and keeping the money in the banks while those big clubs are suffocating cuz of Corona.
Asaduz Zaman
Asaduz Zaman 16 dagen geleden
/TalkFCB Do you think players like Messi, Ronaldo, Suarez, Griezmann, Dembele, Dybala etc will leave their respective clubs if they are not allowed to play in Copa or Euro and even in their national leagues next season..?
Simba King
Simba King 16 dagen geleden
The love of 'money' is indeed the root of all evil!!!!!!
Ansu Jeng
Ansu Jeng 16 dagen geleden
The most painful thing about all of this is that we ( the fans) can't do anything about it
Dan C
Dan C 16 dagen geleden
I dislike Florentino, very much, but you can't make your mind about something without hearing both sides of an argument and after reading more info on it I can't blame those teams for wanting to look after themselves. The way things are going, around the world, with Covid and all that, football has been struggling to survive, look at how much money every team has been losing because of the fans can't fill their stadiums. Now think of those 12 teams, how much in salaries do they have to spend? The TV rights are not the same now as they used to be, plus they all have to share those I imagine. Yes, it was a business decision but anyone who is into business knows they have to survive, there's a saying in Spanish "Nadie trabaja por amor al arte" roughly translated like "Nobody works just for the love of it" they all want to make money and we all love watching those super star names, top teams but the money has to come from somewhere. Uefa only awards €120M I think it was to the winner of the Champions, now anyone knows how much money they make out of it, every year? That's one of the reasons Florentino and the others decided that the team owners/presidents/boards whatever should get that money instead of filling in someone else's pockets while important issues like racism, inequality, schedule conflicts were all being overlooked. I'm not saying the ESL is perfect but neither has been the CL or any UEFA or FIFA event. It's a shock, yes, definitely but I'm sure it was a shock at the time when the teams got together to form the European League or whatever the Champions League was called before n I read that it was opposed at first too by Fifa. Can someone really tell me, out of those who are opposed to it, that you won't watch those games? Are you so pure and perfect that watching the games will burn your eyes? If so then watch mediocre football the rest of your lives. Football has been a big business for a while now and whoever doesn't realize that has been living under a rock or simply doesn't wanna open their eyes to the reality.
Flo Marcelin
Flo Marcelin 16 dagen geleden
'The clubs don't care about the backlash and opinions of the fans' Well...the billionaires can play for their teams and watch their own games'
LeBryant Howard
LeBryant Howard 16 dagen geleden
Because there will be no backlash. We are boycotting it now, but trust me when the new season begins there is Barca vs Man City on ESL and Ferencvaros vs Dynamo Kiev on UCL, fans will choose ESL easily.
Adwait Deshpande
Adwait Deshpande 16 dagen geleden
I started watching football in 2018 and loved it bcoz of DOMESTIC LEAGUES AND CHAMPIONs LEAGUE....and i Dont wanna watch any made up league only for money :(....ig now i AM a leicester and west ham fan
Insane Thoughts
Insane Thoughts 16 dagen geleden
Raise your voice against ESL.✊
kev Spam
kev Spam 16 dagen geleden
Is a lost for both side. Whether is the UEFA and League Owners or The European Super league.. But I feel like the UEFA and League owners will lose a lot of interest if this is ever going to happen, especially with big names and big players.. In order to solve this UEFA needs to generate more money and raise the prize pool because it's not enough to solve their solutions. Also Clubs should hire someone to control their financial properly because they seem to throw out a lot of money and not generating, like it's nothing to them and later start blaming at the president or the players wages or etc.
Mahadeb Mahato
Mahadeb Mahato 16 dagen geleden
There will be no importance to big matches as they will play each other every week or so ...
gym junkyz
gym junkyz 16 dagen geleden
Seeing Bacerlona beating those English teams weekly will be very satisfying 🤣
Samuel Appiah
Samuel Appiah 16 dagen geleden
I don't think it's going to happen,, it's just for hype
Samuel Appiah
Samuel Appiah 16 dagen geleden
I don't it's going to happen, it's just for hype
ChaRmInG 16 dagen geleden
Maradona was really lucky that he didn't witness this ESL cause it's a completely mess up🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺
Abhinav Goswami
Abhinav Goswami 16 dagen geleden
Barcelona in Dirty Dozen 😭😭 simply pissing on us
Abhinav Goswami
Abhinav Goswami 16 dagen geleden
I'll stop giving fucks about this club anymore if this happens for real rather I'll support Villarreal or Leicester
justmelt 16 dagen geleden
People who think this is a good idea haven't got a clue about football if these clubs and owners weren't haemorrhage money they wouldn't be in a situation like this it's all about the owners making more money.
Sadakatsiz 27. Bölüm
Sadakatsiz 27. Bölüm
A Mercedes F1 drive... soon