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Welcome back to the Extra Time podcast, which this week, where Dougie Critchley joins Patrick van Straaten in the video call to discuss the worst players at the best clubs. That's right, this week we're combing through the rosters of the big six (not really a thing anymore) to decide who can and should be culled, with both unsurprising and controversial results. It's a good opportunity to slander all your faves.
We also briefly discuss the Football v Transphobia campaign and the work going on to confront this issue, which affects all of us. For more information, head to or consider tweeting about the ways that trans fans, players, and pundits enrich your experience of the game.
Football is for everyone, and the only people excluded from this terrible sport should be the people with the good sense not to take an interest in the first place.

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31 mrt. 2021




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Football Daily Podcasts
Head to for more information on the Football v. Transphobia campaign - football should be for everyone.
Josiah Rylan
Josiah Rylan 6 dagen geleden
@Trey Izaiah Definitely, I have been using Flixzone for since november myself :)
Trey Izaiah
Trey Izaiah 6 dagen geleden
A trick: watch series on flixzone. Been using them for watching loads of movies during the lockdown.
Rory Blessington
Rory Blessington Maand geleden
Totally agree. It's the game of the people for the people.
Alex Byun
Alex Byun 21 dag geleden
Loved the last bit about being trans allies. Love this podcast even more now
Mahen Makmillen
Mahen Makmillen 24 dagen geleden
Happy birthday dougie!!!
Mickey Joyce
Mickey Joyce 29 dagen geleden
If Arsenal sell Bellerin, maybe Zinchenko could fit Arteta’s tactics as an inverted rb ? He was originally a midfielder Pep turned into a lb.. and I’m sure he is a replaceable player.. and would leave if promised 1st team football
Mickey Joyce
Mickey Joyce 29 dagen geleden
Keep Laca and sell xaka.. make Tielemans number one priority or Gravenberch
Mickey Joyce
Mickey Joyce 29 dagen geleden
Or both
Mickey Joyce
Mickey Joyce 29 dagen geleden
Saka Martinelli Pepe/Smith Rowe ? As a front 3 Odegard/Smith Rowe Thomas Gravenberch/Tielemans Teirney Gabriel ??? Bellerin Leno Attacking 433
Mickey Joyce
Mickey Joyce 29 dagen geleden
Arsenal and Spurs need to sign Gravenberch
Mickey Joyce
Mickey Joyce 29 dagen geleden
Winks to Leeds united
trt trtson
trt trtson Maand geleden
I respect pat a lot and usually I agree but seeking Xhaka really doesn’t make sense. I don’t think Real Madrid want to loan him out again. They’ll probably make us buy him and honestly I don’t think the fans nor Arteta wants that. If we then sell xhaka and guendozi ( sorry for spelling ) then we would only have one midfielder. I think it’s crazy how we are linked with so many attackers when we literally have no midfielders. We are insanely thin. Go into transfermakt website and search Arsenal, you’ll see that we only have one player listed as a C , and it’s not even our player. We have 2 players listed as AM and only one is our player. Therefor , we don’t afford to sell xhaka nor guendozi. Personally, I would go in with a hot take. Keep guendozi, xhaka and Lacazette. Sell bellerin and sell aubameyang cause he doesn’t seem to want to play at Arsenal anymore. I don’t know if arteta said anything about his mother but after his mom got sick, he doesn’t seem to like the club anymore. Use the money to buy odegaard and another central midfielder. Then we would have 2 DM , 2 AM and 3 M cause I would like us to list azeez as well , he’s good enough to try to prove himself along side guendozi. In attack we would laca, Pepe, saka, martinelli, balogun could even get a run of games. Maybe we could sell nkethia, in my eyes I don’t really see how he’ll ever be good enough but we could use that money for a player that can play RWB and LWB in case Cedric or tierney get injured.
M K Maand geleden
Ceballos 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Jr_ Xtreme
Jr_ Xtreme Maand geleden
Might be unpopular opinion but I'm glad the market is toning down a little due to financial restraints from Covid. After the sale of Neymar, things started getting a little crazy
Mickey Joyce
Mickey Joyce Maand geleden
Pato.. my man... Pogba for a penny less than 150mil is not going anywhere. IF someone coughed up that money straight away Youri Tielemans for half the price. Then you’ve got 70ish mil to splurge on wherever in your opinion needs attention
Mickey Joyce
Mickey Joyce Maand geleden
City are gonna lose Fernandinho and Aguero, they won’t sell anyone... IF Mandy was to leave I think PSG or Dortmund are the teams for him
Agastya Bahl
Agastya Bahl Maand geleden
bernardo is integral ffs
iTex Maand geleden
Dougie is 27 man he looks about 40
Stone Cold
Stone Cold Maand geleden
Honest question. Who's preventing trans folk from getting involved in football?
rocky1169pt Maand geleden
Love how Mendy just scored the 1st goal in the last game 😂
joseph pandini
joseph pandini Maand geleden
If McGuire cost Man U 90 I want 120 m for bennacer, arguably one of the best young cdms in the world
david Okk
david Okk Maand geleden
I can see now what Pato was saying Auba... But at the time it felt like it was the player to keep. Apologies for going off beginning of the season and on you Pato 😬. Xhaka needs to sold , Bellarin, Eddie, and a few other if we can . Happy Easter weekend to the FD team! Thank you for all the great content ❤️
Divyansh Bahuguna
Divyansh Bahuguna Maand geleden
We can sell Barkley,Bakayoko ,Tomori,Zappacosta and Emerson .
Divyansh Bahuguna
Divyansh Bahuguna Maand geleden
I think Pato is being harsh on Jorginho
Alfie Cornelius
Alfie Cornelius Maand geleden
I’ve never agreed more with an opinion on Xhaka 😂
Nicholas Barbella
Nicholas Barbella Maand geleden
Happy Birthday Dougs! (Doug is plz respond)
MrTom28 Maand geleden
Starting up this video? Will they only talk about the big 6 and Arsenal? Man City, Man Utd, Chelsea, Liverpool, Tottenham and Arsenal are covered in this episode.
Tigran Sarkissian
Tigran Sarkissian Maand geleden
Brothers, sisters, comrades. Pat unleashing his inner Hitchens
Josh Mason
Josh Mason Maand geleden
Dougies fucking clueless
james marangu
james marangu Maand geleden
james marangu
james marangu Maand geleden
in liverpool i would let salah GO
james marangu
james marangu Maand geleden
james marangu
james marangu Maand geleden
for cheslsea i would sell kepa and cabalero bring dororuma and let him be a the number one and mendy the number 2
Libby_ B01
Libby_ B01 Maand geleden
As an arsenal fan completely agree with Patrick on Xhaka. Unreliable and not good enough
Luis Guerra
Luis Guerra Maand geleden
Tobias Kalcher
Tobias Kalcher Maand geleden
Victor Leth Nielsen
Victor Leth Nielsen Maand geleden
De gea should also have an shout that needs to go
Tom G
Tom G Maand geleden
Have to disagree about Bernardo Silva. He has been integral to the Man City side this season.
unstoppableExodia Maand geleden
Kinda funny that when discussing the RB situation they mentioned that Emerson is arguably a better right back than Bellerin. Funny because FC Barcelona were mentioned as a possible destination for bellerin despite the fact that they already half own Emerson and once the season has ended they’ll have the opportunity to buy out Betis’ half and make their ownership complete for just 9 million euros. It would be complete madness to sell Emerson just to blow it all on bellerin. I would really hope Barca under Laporta would not make that mistake. I’d prefer to see Barca keep Emerson and have him and Dest compete for the RB slot and sell Sergi Roberto.
Eamonn Russell
Eamonn Russell Maand geleden
2:34 the face of a man who knows Project Mbappe will be delayed
Moose Lord
Moose Lord Maand geleden
How does a ninja kill a non binary person? They/them
The 9th Round
The 9th Round Maand geleden
As a Liverpool fan I'd let Firmino go for £35/40m. Like you say, fantastic servant and he'll be remembered for the fantastic samba style he brought to our team.
Devraj Sood
Devraj Sood Maand geleden
Loved this episode!
Edward Maand geleden
Happy birthday Dougie, I’m 42 and have looked 42 since my late Twenties, I’m just more tired and jaded. Happy birthday Dougie
Euro Football Daily
Euro Football Daily Maand geleden
Thanks mate! Sure we aren't related?! (Dougie)
TheCrazykicks07 Maand geleden
Pvs character development is elite. Been watching since 2016 big up FD
IA 3p
IA 3p Maand geleden
Pat tell me the lottery numbers
aditya sharma
aditya sharma Maand geleden
C'mon Dougie don't beat yourself up You look noice🤭❤️
Ethan Crane
Ethan Crane Maand geleden
So how is Benjamin Mendy a star exactly ?? ....
Big Burrito
Big Burrito Maand geleden
Liverpool should do their best to sell Firmino and Mane and use that money to sign Malen and/or Boadu. Jota needs to start next season and Salah is definitely worth keeping, there will also likely be money left over to spend on defensive depth
Rory Maand geleden
Pat, as a city fan I think bernardos work is extremely underrated and one that is not necessarily picked up through numbers like goals and assists. Pep himself has said he’s a better all round midfielder than KDB and what he brings to the team means he is a definite keeper for city
Kweffed TV
Kweffed TV Maand geleden
@cogamers84 agreed he’s vital for the press!
cogamers84 Maand geleden
We play better when he plays. Simple
Emile Zola
Emile Zola Maand geleden
I think we overrate the Spurs Team. Yes they are good, but they are not a PL winning team and the reason is, these players got Pochettino sacked, and replaced him with a proven winner like Mourinho. The Dinamo Loss is because the players, because Mourinhos Inter, Porto, Chelsea and even United would never let him down in a "Europa League" game. Yes Mourinho's football is outdated, but trust me, the Spurs players would get managers like Nagelsmann, Guardiola, Klopp sacked. Why? Because they are bottle jobs!
Football Watch A to Z
Football Watch A to Z Maand geleden
Happy birthday you Legend Dougiecritchley. 🎂
furnace Maand geleden
man PVS has gone from grumpy old man to joyful old man. My favorite in the FD mediaverse.
Karl Said Pace
Karl Said Pace Maand geleden
Personally I think Kante is very sellable, he is getting quite old and since he is having a renaissance recently his value would surely be of 80mil and with that money you could easily get ndidi and have some money left over.
Karl Said Pace
Karl Said Pace Maand geleden
@Fathel ndidi doesn't need to be foward thinking when he is playing alongside mount, kovacic and havertz
Fathel Maand geleden
Ndidi lacks kante's ball progression and creativity.
Oliver Thorby
Oliver Thorby Maand geleden
Stop pretending 28 Is old
Football Daily Podcasts
Statistically 28 year old footballers are more than halfway through their pro careers
ryan smith
ryan smith Maand geleden
It's older than ages 0-27.
Bubz Maand geleden
Bernardos off the ball work is superb. Without him city’s system doesn’t work. You don’t sell him at all.
Anthony Ferrante
Anthony Ferrante Maand geleden
Happy birthday Dougie!!!
Ivan Donson
Ivan Donson Maand geleden
City dont need to sell Bernardo. It is form issue, Stones was dead last year, now best English CB. Bernardo can be great next season or something Pogba, Martial, De Gea, Mata, Lingard, Pereira, Dalot, Romero, Matic need to go. That is over 150m in transfer fees and probably about 60-65 m of yearly wages that could be reinvested into squad.
west ay
west ay Maand geleden
32:53 RIP claude :(
Anthony Dunne
Anthony Dunne Maand geleden
Dougie saying Bayern are alrdy in the semi made me so happy but don't think he knows lewa is injured for both legs of the PSG game :(
Anthony Dunne
Anthony Dunne Maand geleden
@Euro Football Daily me too the squad overall had been great this year and very fun to watch if they can win this leg it would still be very impressive to see, also keep up the great work as always dougie :)
Euro Football Daily
Euro Football Daily Maand geleden
Unfortunately we shot this before the announcement, still think they should have enough though (Dougie)
dodo Maand geleden
Dele Ali needs to leave spurs to save his career. He is just 24 and Spurs will get good money for him
Ethaniel Clyne
Ethaniel Clyne Maand geleden
Xhaka isn't that good but he adds stability, he's unreliable but at least he adds a bit of steel and calm while ceballos is a bit more risk taking which alongside the also risk taking partey doesn't always work
Random Peer
Random Peer Maand geleden
Pat can you plz talk about the Netherlands national team and how bad they are
Will Cawley
Will Cawley Maand geleden
That Segway from Dougie was top class
Sebastian Rodriguez
Sebastian Rodriguez Maand geleden
Support trans rights, LGBTQ+ rights, and BIPOC rights. Thanks Patto for taking time at the end to talk about these important topics in our global sport.
Vidur Arora
Vidur Arora Maand geleden
Also happy birthday dougie...and pat looks more like a 27 year old ,😶
Eli Nadd
Eli Nadd Maand geleden
How can someone accidentally search themselves?.
Vidur Arora
Vidur Arora Maand geleden
Dougie is my age????!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😱😱😱
Joseantonio Garcia
Joseantonio Garcia Maand geleden
Happy b-lated Birthday Dougie
Ed R
Ed R Maand geleden
I love Patrick’s logic. He sees things so clearly. #PogbaOut
DerKaiserXio Maand geleden
Dougie is younger than I am???!!! WTF😂😂😂😂
Kanish K
Kanish K Maand geleden
i think for Chelsea we have to sell Tammy abraham just because there are so many attacking options even at striker postion like werner, giroud and even havertz can play as a false 9 as well.i think it suits well for tammy as well as he cannot get minutes in Chelsea.
Saurav Giri
Saurav Giri Maand geleden
claudio bravo mate, absolute flop
Ai Maand geleden
Hakim ziyech is arguably Chelsea’s best attacker this season and you want them to sell him 😂😂😂 are you still burnt that ziyech went to Chelsea and not Arsenal or burnt from him picking Morocco over Netherlands
Jack Loftus
Jack Loftus Maand geleden
Ziyech is not even close to Chelsea’s best attacker
kabir hosangadi
kabir hosangadi Maand geleden
we love the outro, thanks you don't know how much this means to the community
Euro Football Daily
Euro Football Daily Maand geleden
You are very welcome Kabir (Dougie)
Don't Know Drew
Don't Know Drew Maand geleden
Love this podcast man. Uncut, long-form, educated football discussions from these lads are quality.
Emerito Nacpil
Emerito Nacpil Maand geleden
Did he say SUPER YUMMY MUMMY area??? 🤣🤣🤣 keep the small talk all the time its great
L.Z TT Maand geleden
Reckon you should start a podcast purely about baby names 😂
Jithin Maand geleden
Congratulations Patrick on your baby girl❤
Daniel Baisch
Daniel Baisch Maand geleden
Patto giving off Paul the octopus vibes
Rory Blessington
Rory Blessington Maand geleden
Great content again lads. Better than ESPN FC any day of the week!
John Smith
John Smith Maand geleden
Mate... Don't even compare those ESPN FC wankers to FD
Ron81206 Maand geleden
tomas L
tomas L Maand geleden
Pat and dougie are the favorites
Kanwar Shivraj Singh
Kanwar Shivraj Singh Maand geleden
Leicester be like....what do I have to do ....for people to take me seriously (top 6 side)!!!
Kane105 Maand geleden
Finish in the top four more than once maybe
Vincent Jan
Vincent Jan Maand geleden
The intro made me google "Patrick van Straaten" and the top suggested result was "Net Worth" Results: Estimated Net Worth in 2020 :$1 Million - $5 Million (Approx.) Previous Year’s Net Worth (2019) : $100,000 - $1 Million Thought's on how my dude has potentially increased his net worth 50 times in one year?
Football Daily Podcasts
Jesus you'd be lucky if the everyone at FD combined was worth that much
Anthony Ferrante
Anthony Ferrante Maand geleden
Selling hardcore drugs I heard
luis porras
luis porras Maand geleden
Happy to see these 2 FD members on the podcast. Always a very good listen when they link up
Chris Martin
Chris Martin Maand geleden
In regards to Spurs, I’d happily sell Hugo lloris this summer as a big player. Yes he’s captain but he hasn’t been good for a year or 2. Really should take this opportunity to get a younger top quality keeper in and use gazzaniga as a good quality backup
Joe Tate
Joe Tate Maand geleden
Bellerin, gwenduzi, torreria need to get rid. Then xhaka and laca.
Sam Whitham
Sam Whitham Maand geleden
How about Tammy Abraham to Man City. Decent with the ball at his feet, no slower than Aguero, a great finisher and superb in the air. It would give City a great option to change the system and would not put Jesus out of the team outright as they are very different players. I’m a Liverpool fan by the way ( although I don’t know that it has any bearing ), but think Tammy is a class player and deserves to be getting more minutes.
cogamers84 Maand geleden
Abraham is not good enough for city
samcdisney17 Maand geleden
congrats on the baby girl pato!
Wacky Ash
Wacky Ash Maand geleden
happy birthday doug much love
Kaushik Debnath
Kaushik Debnath Maand geleden
Happy birthday Dougie ❤❤❤
Scott Young
Scott Young Maand geleden
Dougie: Its time to go me: Its too soon 😥😥😥😥
DohnJoe Maand geleden
Lol I got 125 spot on for Mendy. Just find that funny after the McKayla thing
Theo Paul
Theo Paul Maand geleden
Happy birthday Dougie. Lovely to see this great combination.
Ryan Jones
Ryan Jones Maand geleden
I have a feeling Peps respect for Arteta will stop him from buying Tierney.
james fisher
james fisher Maand geleden
I think people were harsh on Rodri purely because he isn't Fernandinho. Which isn't necessarily a criticism. Fernandinho was immense in the season before Rodri joined
aliyan Mohammed
aliyan Mohammed Maand geleden
As a fellow Sunderland fan I hope Sunderland win the league Dougie it would be a perfect birthday gift for you. Haway the lads
Tommo Maand geleden
up the posh
Euro Football Daily
Euro Football Daily Maand geleden
me too Aliyan me too! (Doug)
Michael Barry
Michael Barry Maand geleden
Another fantastic vid guys!! Keep it up 👍
Bongtimus Prime
Bongtimus Prime Maand geleden
Happy Birthday Doougs!
Hari Haran
Hari Haran Maand geleden
Happy birthday dougie
nihal kotwani
nihal kotwani Maand geleden
i would like timo or tammy at man city
cogamers84 Maand geleden
No and no
Charlie Carey
Charlie Carey Maand geleden
“They call me mystic pat because I predict these tings “
anthony pickles
anthony pickles Maand geleden
would not be upset getting 50 for Firmino love him still but yeah i'd snap your hand for 30 as well
cogamers84 Maand geleden
I genuinely think he’ll leave for as low as 16 million
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Making transparent wood
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