The REAL Reason Bayern Munich and PSG REJECTED The Super League! | Explained 

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In our latest Explained we take a closer look at the reasons PSG and Bayern Munich stayed away from the European Super League from the start.

In Germany we explore how the 50+1 ownership rule would have made it very difficult for the Bavarian giants to join, even if they wanted, and how the strength tradition in the country meant other Bundesliga giants like RB Leipzig and Borussia Dortmund both said no to the competition.

Over in France, we flesh out the complex relationship between UEFA and PSG Chairman Nasser al-Khelaifi. An integral figure within Football’s governing bodies, the al-Khelaifi had a lot at stake when it came to preserving the status quo. While his other dealings including the Qatar World Cup, and beIn Sports media rights in France would have made signing up to the Super League a potentially devastating decision for his club and country!




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25 apr. 2021




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Alejandro Domingo
Alejandro Domingo 11 dagen geleden
PSG, MAN CITY, & CHELSEA will distroy futbol with oil and Russian $$$$$$$
DEATH IS INEVITABLE 28 dagen geleden
Bayern did it to save the very spirit of football and psg did it for its own selfish intrest
Terry (Godlon)
Terry (Godlon) Maand geleden
Plot twist : because they know they can't win 9 trophy in 10 season anymore. no more farmer league for them.. just kidding
Maik Otter
Maik Otter Maand geleden
Was ist mit dem AS Monaco? Dieses Fürstentum ist der Inbegriff des Luxus!
Martin Mold
Martin Mold Maand geleden
Why would Bayern who have been consistent winners of the German league since the early 70's want to move into an elite imternational league? Absolutely no sensible reason to do so..they must have won the German league well over 30 times.they are top dogs..I hesitate to say it, they have almost no consistent rivals,why would.serial top dogs want to move away from their comfort zone?.if Bayern Munich would have played in the English, Spanish or Italian leagues they wouldn't have WON 96% of their games...Good for them that they are so successful.. but it would be nice if the German Bundesliga was a little bit more competitive when it comes to challenging for the title.
elnick1000 Maand geleden
For me such a future league might be needed. Why, first because a lot of the smaller countries have not won such competitions. It has been for example some 19 years since a Dutch team won such a completion. From 1983 to that time, I do believe they had quite a few more. And lets not forget the previous 20 years. Think about this, what if you had a 24 team Super league, of two 12 team divisions, that play basically 34 games. This would have been based on coutnrtires who sent teams to the champion league knock out stage, and the final 8 team in the Europa league. You would have had a dutch tema, a check team, and a Croatian team, plus a portuguese team. Perhaps some very good players would have gone to play for those teams. As it is now, according to UEFA, the top 16 teams come from 6 countries. All the other leagues are basicallyminor leagues today. countries,
Mucknuggle 23 dagen geleden
@elnick1000 both mentioned leagues are going to form a cross-country league to increase competition and by that higher tv and advertisement revenues.
elnick1000 Maand geleden
@Guia Gaston yeah, DINAMO ZAGREB which made it to the quarters of the EUROPA LEAGUE,, and defeats I believe Tottenham which was supposed to be one of those super teams. Right now in Europe, the glamour leagues are in the larger countries, not the smaller ones. How is a team for example in Belgium going attract some great players, or the Netherlands for example? they won't because the countries are too small. But, if there were a European first division, and then maybe down to a forth, and then you would have countries that would be really minor leagues, but which could one day advance on, that might be something to consider. You also have countries that do well as national teams, Belgium to name one now, but there clubs can't really go anywhere much, but if for example, one of those teams played in a super league, they might certainly be able to attract greater talent. Same of course goes for the teams from the Netherlands,. Why shouldn't Ajax or PSV EINDHOMEN not be a glamours European team? Perhaps what I am suggesting is a EUROPEAN LEAGUE, where some clubs would be laying in, and not there national leagues. Unless of course do to relegation.
Guia Gaston
Guia Gaston Maand geleden
Yeah the whole point of the super League is not having To play against shite teams like the ones from Denmark or Croatia.
sarif samudra
sarif samudra Maand geleden
easy they dont need more money look the shareholder of bayer and PSG the still no minus inocome and debt
Mogli200 29 dagen geleden
Giovanni Perea
Giovanni Perea Maand geleden
Ppppppppfffffffff ..... Keep making UEFA and FIFA richer , UEFA and FIFA Means corruption.
Norbert Papp
Norbert Papp Maand geleden
Rumor says that the esl fundation money would come from Saud-Arabia. And Saud-Arabia and Katar=PSG not big friends so this maybe an another reason why PSG stay away from the esl.
JJ Samuel Gunn
JJ Samuel Gunn Maand geleden
This is stupid. PSG, City and Chelsea wouldn't want to join the ESL because the owners were not in it for the money in the first place. For decades, they have been willingly burn giant holes in their own pockets by pumping in money into the clubs, not the other way around. In fact, they are happier now that things revert back to status quo because the other big clubs won't be able to match their war chest. Don't go now and call them upstanding owners with integrity because not so long ago, you football fans were deriding them for 'buying success' with oil money.
Stekaren HD
Stekaren HD Maand geleden
Schalke should have joined 🤣
Marcomanseckisax Maand geleden
The FA & Premier League (and EFL) need to adopt the 50 + 1 rule.
Marcomanseckisax Maand geleden
@Markus “Unstobubble” What, even for the EFL? You are right to say that the German FA got in right at the start and only had to make "honourable exceptions" for Leverkusen and Wolfsburg. So the rest was easy, it was just a rule. But just because something is difficult doesn't mean you're excused from taking action. In the German case, politics didn't need to get involved. But what they have avoided in Germany is now the case in Britain, football clubs have become investment objects. This is killing the sport. Politics needs to ask itself whether it wants this.
Markus “Unstobubble”
they should but it is to late now. how should this work? take all Investors out of the Clubs mean this clubs are done, game over. they have to pay all money and Investments back. this would destroy many clubs, espaccially in the Premier League.
Stephen Hodgson
Stephen Hodgson Maand geleden
As more information comes out it is becoming clearer and clearer that this was an idea of a few American owners along with clubs that are in severe financial crisis. They appear to have lied and bullied others into getting on board with them. Some panicked and joined while others held their nerve. I suspect that making the announcement when they did the ESL were fearful that some who had signed up in the belief that others would join were beginning to ask questions and the orchestrators panicked in an effort to force the others to join and stop others from leaving and it all blew up in their faces. I suspect that those that are in financial crisis will now try to extort money from those that dropped out to try and shore up their finances with the reasoning that they signed legally binding contacts and will have to pay a fee to those clubs that still remain, namely the three clubs with huge debts they are having problems paying.
Stephen Ord
Stephen Ord Maand geleden
Bayern don't need oil money, fine as they are, simple, end of.
Stephen Ord
Stephen Ord 13 dagen geleden
Dumfries Spearhead
Dumfries Spearhead 16 dagen geleden
They have some. Qatar Airways sponsors BM to the tune of 10m euro a year.
wagbjorn Maand geleden
Bayern got themselves a bloody nose when “Der Spiegel” leaked that they ran scenarios by their lawyers to exit the Buli 3 years ago. They learned, good on them. I would ve cancelled my membership and that of my daughter, had they participated this time around. Good PSG didn’t join either. Whether their success was earned through historic achievements or via an investor, doesn’t play a role. Unfortunately the whole European football system is rotten. Even in Munich. Why have investors? Why build a CL that cements the top clubs status even more? Thats not much better than the ESL. Im not generally against a European Super League as long as it is part if the league structures, meaning if you play a terrible season, you relegate and are replaced by another club (maybe from your country?). Not sure how a system could be fair and balanced but for sure it has to respect the fundamentals of the game (you lose, you go down and another club comes up). It should also have an element of financial fair play and make sure it helps finance the lower (national) leagues with it’s earnings. It should be a true European Football League, not a ‘Financial Investors League”.
Markus “Unstobubble”
they only need to Check, they have to. dosn't mean they want it.
Telcontar1962 Maand geleden
I had to laugh at the Germans playing the part of "saviours of football". Rummenigge himself being oart if the German team that bribed its way to the cup final in 1982 abd stood by a goalkeeper who literally deliberately went to cripple and could have killed a player en-route. Allied to the fact the Franz Beckenbauer is up to his neck in corruption, they had tax fraud in Uli Hoeness at the helm and heaven knows what other skeletons are in the cupboard that names the German League a one team monopoly. Its all.smoke and mirrors. The game is finished. Its a corporate entertainment business as corrupt as uts possible to get with the "fans" if they can be described that generously, merely customers with their noses pressed against the glass to see the latest "new thing" in mercenary ball juggling. Its worse than watching paint dry.
Haden Wesley
Haden Wesley Maand geleden
Kudos to Bayern, PSG, Dortmund, and RB L...buuuut does no one remember that Bayern hired lawyers to look at breaking from the Bundesliga to create a league about 3 years ago?
Markus “Unstobubble”
they have to, doesent mean they want do so.
Stephen Ord
Stephen Ord Maand geleden
But they didn't.
Ben Mowle
Ben Mowle Maand geleden
I started following Bayern about a decade ago because I was a huge fan of Phillip Lahm, saying no to ESL made me like them even more
Giancarlo Giambarresi
Giancarlo Giambarresi Maand geleden
Thought PSG weren’t invited.
Don Juan
Don Juan Maand geleden
Bundesliga, the only league that protect the core value of football AND fans.
Vijay KA19
Vijay KA19 Maand geleden
Monopoly of Bayern Munich
ATM_nerd Maand geleden
And psg don’t forget them
Jari Gustafsson
Jari Gustafsson Maand geleden
football needs to put a limit on the transfer fees and astronomical pays players get and bankrupt idiot clubs like Barcelona & Real Madrid.
Tim Maand geleden
That would likely mean the best players would not play in thosw countries.
anshul jain
anshul jain Maand geleden
Because they are in the league where they will win every year. They have no real challenger and they dictate terms of negotiations for tv rights money. Why the hell would they want super league
Blake Birchall
Blake Birchall Maand geleden
Qatar human rights is brushed aside using slaves to build the world cup venue's
Fuzzy Grizzly
Fuzzy Grizzly Maand geleden
I love how people blame capitalism but they forget that them raising their voice and actually causing the project to fail is a act of capitalism itself.
Fuzzy Grizzly
Fuzzy Grizzly Maand geleden
@LeikFroakies There are many different views. Mine is close to laissez-faire capitalistic system
LeikFroakies Maand geleden
@Fuzzy Grizzly Hmm. You have an...intersting definition of capitalism
Fuzzy Grizzly
Fuzzy Grizzly Maand geleden
@LeikFroakies yes it was. People used capitalism to turn it into a anti-capitalist system. It can happen!
LeikFroakies Maand geleden
By that logic the russian revolution was SUPER capitalism
Noah Bowie
Noah Bowie Maand geleden
Absolute master stroke by PSG. Well played
mr. blue
mr. blue Maand geleden
That was great PR for psg now everyone wants them to win the champions league
Pony Boy
Pony Boy Maand geleden
As an Arsenal fan I think its absolutely disgusting and typical of our owners to try and join a league guaranteeing qualification rather than invest to ensure we earn it.
Tarik Fretes
Tarik Fretes Maand geleden
Jp morgan who is him 😂
Mango 4ttwo
Mango 4ttwo Maand geleden
PSG for the CL. And ffs, throw Madrid out and any others who do not prove they are categorically out of the SL
ThatRedHairedDude Maand geleden
Monday night football is quite enjoyable though, sorry Germany
Fkathebody Maand geleden
PSG got oil money thou they good
Sadaf Husain
Sadaf Husain Maand geleden
Man city has even more of that but they still got greedy. Unfortunate as they were finally establishing themselves as a respectable club with a good academy instead of only be known for being rich with big name players. Bad business choice.
Higgs Boson
Higgs Boson Maand geleden
BS. The Bundesliga is run by and for the benefit of Bayern Munich. In a European Super League, they'd have been a minor partner. They were never going to abandon a league of feeder clubs. The remaining teams including PSG, were never invited to the party.
Joseph Fayek
Joseph Fayek 18 dagen geleden
@Ravan Pee yeah exactly
Ravan Pee
Ravan Pee 18 dagen geleden
@Joseph Fayek Yes, you're right. The problem isn't that Bayern is to strong, but the othler clubs are too stupid to seize the ooportunity when Bayern struggles e.g. BVB or Leipzig lose a "must win g ame" against relegation clubs. It's a lack of mentality and greed for the title. In the case of BVB I would blame the management. They kicked out Tuchel, because he isn't Klopp, and here we go
Joseph Fayek
Joseph Fayek 18 dagen geleden
@Ravan Pee ​well, in BL i want them or leipzig to win not just compete in the first half and bottle everything in the second half, and they should be doing better in CL, like reaching semi finals and quarter finals at least twice every 3 years I think they don't have the right winning mentality and they don't care abt the clubs future, only about progressing their careers somewhere else
Ravan Pee
Ravan Pee 18 dagen geleden
@Joseph Fayek Does we talk about CL or BL? I meant more the general situation, why they struggle against "top Clubs" After they lost Klopp they have had a new manager every year. They wanted always rather a Klopp 2.0 than an trainer with an own Idea. Basically the management (Watzke, Zorc) and the Fans lived for to long in the past
Joseph Fayek
Joseph Fayek 18 dagen geleden
@Ravan Pee but why? why can't they be competing with the rest? they have enough money to get competent players and a competent team, why can't they compete? do players not think they can compete or what?
Agyar Hardjasudjana
Agyar Hardjasudjana Maand geleden
Instead of coming up with a good solution against UEFA and FIFA, these 12 jokers just "ran away" and executed an Ill conceive and greedy plan. Now UEFA and FIFA just "won" the battle. The fans expect more from these "elite clubs"....
Antares Maand geleden
How the fuck are you supposed to break away from UEFA then? by asking them politely?
arturo Maand geleden
Psg president out here pulling the strings, on his way to becoming the most powerful man in football
carl cederhorn
carl cederhorn Maand geleden
Rather sell their team to some slavemasters then play in the superleague
Count Fosco
Count Fosco Maand geleden
I had to rewind this video several times because the commentator has a lazy tongue. Not ideal.
KingDoms Kingdom1985
KingDoms Kingdom1985 Maand geleden
@Raul “raulinho” Martinez they're known as a very liberal, understanding and a placid country aren't they? No? *SHOCKING!!!* 😂
Raul “raulinho” Martinez
Qatar a country with a long football history, tradition and human rights 😅
ankon Maand geleden
he is Qatar's ruler's puppet
Seena Hashemi
Seena Hashemi Maand geleden
As usual Bayern showing other “big” clubs what it means to be a great club.
Joseph Fayek
Joseph Fayek 19 dagen geleden
@Aalam Ahmad and bayern have no dept either, they know how to manage everything in a football club, not just a selfish business
Joseph Fayek
Joseph Fayek 19 dagen geleden
@Justin Sullivan everything you say is fax bro bayern are very well run and are so smart, I have to say, dortmund and other german clubs aren't as well run (they don't invest and save how they should, the board just wants money, they don't actually get good players, only sell young prospects)
Joseph Fayek
Joseph Fayek 19 dagen geleden
@Justin Sullivan high respect for you bro
IshavedChewbacca 21 dag geleden
@Blu Avenger so? Success breeds success. Bayern is the best team in the world, if they were in the Spanish or Italian Leagues they would dominate just as much. No surprise the other BL teams can shine in Germany. But they are in Europe tho, Leipzig and Dortmund do well constantly, and even Madrid barely scraped a last minute draw against Gladbach both times this season
Blu Avenger
Blu Avenger Maand geleden
@IshavedChewbacca Spain has always been 2 horse race with Athletico viable challengers, Italy is just as bad as Germany except this season. But Germany is awful go look at the gap of all Bayerns title wins, majority are double digits loooooool, try again.
Osareme Edosomwan
Osareme Edosomwan Maand geleden
England need to learn from Germany system
Michael Michael
Michael Michael Maand geleden
1 champion 10 year's in a row? No thanks who would want to watch that
Joao Albuquerque
Joao Albuquerque Maand geleden
@elnick1000 Remember you only had one winning it in the 90's. Ownership is the reason, nit many more reasons than that. The thing is, ownership sometimes make your club's identity go away (Arsenal, Chelsea, Man City). And you lose your indepence from big money. A prize to pay I guess
elnick1000 Maand geleden
Why it would be good perhaps to learn from this system, look how many teams from England have won European competitions in this Century. We may have a forth from England coming up soon, in Manchester City. Only team from Germany to win is Bayern Munich.
Joao Albuquerque
Joao Albuquerque Maand geleden
@Kakarott So Bayern had more consistency and winning mentality you mean? So... that's kinda irreparable isn't it?
Kakarott Maand geleden
@Richard Horrocks wont Happen in England. The champions-league Made the difference. Bundesliga wasnt always like that. Watch the 90s. Kaiserslautern became Bundesliga winner in 98 in their first year in the league. Dortmund Won the league 1995 and 1996. Werder Bremen was a great Team Stuttgart too. FC Köln Schalke Leverkusen and Hamburg were top teams. The Problem was that Dortmund financially collapsed which wouldnt be possible because all of your teams has Investors. Werder Bremen too. And Bayern played champions-league every year which Made them the no. 1 with nobody to fear
Rishi Joe Sanu
Rishi Joe Sanu Maand geleden
Germans saved football. Big ups to Bayern and Dortmund.
B-D Tchik
B-D Tchik Maand geleden
@Shashwat Gupta Happened to have different interests
makke vakke
makke vakke Maand geleden
The fist grab @8:50 tho 😂
Thomas Mauritsen
Thomas Mauritsen Maand geleden
Great summary, respect Danny! Thanks
jumpfer Joy
jumpfer Joy Maand geleden
I dont think the "bastard 12" club owners realise how much damage they have done to their assets stock value and marketability. It was without doubt the most stupid of business decisions since Dick Rowe turned down signing The Beatles.
Columbo Maand geleden
yes danny pape . MMMMbpape
Rishi Dutta
Rishi Dutta Maand geleden
JBL 3000
JBL 3000 Maand geleden
is that mustafi at 4:25 having a beer? xD
CRS 7 Maand geleden
are there still fans that say football is off the fans ?? If they don’t see that football is part of a company that has total control over this loved sport are blind. Fifa is a company that is known for corruption stealing money from clubs and don’t forget all the Interpol investigation on members because of crimes against humanity and members suspected of war crimes 😂. Instead of the clubs the leagues should seperate from fifa in that way also the small clubs would profit and the national teams would not have a problem. That would also be the perfect way to let Fifa lose all their money. But all these football leagues executive members get a lot of money from Fifa to stay on their side just look at what the PSG guy just did. Football fans have become delusional. I thaught football was bigger than just a sport so why accept the things Fifa does to all us supporters and other humans ?
Terry M
Terry M Maand geleden
If these clubs got fined dont you think that a waste of money?
Paul Hailes
Paul Hailes Maand geleden
Great work guys
William Starck
William Starck Maand geleden
I have less than zero respect for PSG.
nacim souni
nacim souni Maand geleden
Luis Alvarado
Luis Alvarado Maand geleden
Perez is full of shit, really can’t trust what he says.
David Said
David Said Maand geleden
Bayern and Dortmund. PSG were not invited.
nacim souni
nacim souni Maand geleden
How can you fall on that. Perez just said that because he was salty. We all know in France that PSG took part in the negiciations and refused
Will Joseph (Djousef)
Will Joseph (Djousef) Maand geleden
PSG is a juggernaut because it has a powerful sugar daddy. Ajax, Lyon and FC Porto for me deserve way more respect. Just because a club has Neymar and Mbappe doesn't make it more important than other clubs with more trophies and European history.
Adul Krishna
Adul Krishna Maand geleden
@Parin Bhagat my dear doggy. i meant that the takeover was completed in 2010 and 2012 for city and psg.
Parin Bhagat
Parin Bhagat Maand geleden
@Adul Krishna my child get ur facts right again PSG formed in 1970 whereas man city formed in 1880.I hope u would follow the advice and "stick to cricket"
Parin Bhagat
Parin Bhagat Maand geleden
@Adul Krishna in the semis 🤡🤡
Adul Krishna
Adul Krishna Maand geleden
@Parin Bhagat no dog. bcause these clubs were formed aftr the 2000's. this is what u guys do. just start barking about some history when u cant even cross the round of 16"s now.." we had 10 ucl's 50 yrs ago".... doesnt make u better!
Parin Bhagat
Parin Bhagat Maand geleden
@Adul Krishnahave deployed NASA satellites to find out if anyone of those have a UCL🤡🤡
l Bach
l Bach Maand geleden
Fun fact, Bayern is a member of the basketball Euroleague, which happens to be as closed competition as the ESL.
tony bravo
tony bravo Maand geleden
Basketball Euroleague u have to win in your domestic league or second. in Football Euroleague it was teams like Tottenham and Arsenal who can't finish at top four. Big difference
White Strake
White Strake Maand geleden
Basketball is not that popular in europe i guess
Blu Avenger
Blu Avenger Maand geleden
@l Bach Thank you, I been preaching this, nobody really cares about the ESL it's just fake outrage.
l Bach
l Bach Maand geleden
@FighterCK exactly, that’s the point, no one cares because media and most fans are hypocrites. All they want is their team to be sold to any Sheikh.
LPS Maand geleden
Can' really compare a mostly american sport to football.
Aristo Saadi Putra
Aristo Saadi Putra Maand geleden
Considering the backlash of course they reject the super league. Imagine if it's well received, those club would be begging to join.
Lee Maïtuerø
Lee Maïtuerø Maand geleden
@Tom Prew 😂
Tom Prew
Tom Prew Maand geleden
@Lee Maïtuerø 1horse league haha
Lee Maïtuerø
Lee Maïtuerø Maand geleden
@LPS why would they leave their one horse league lol?.
LPS Maand geleden
didn't you watch the video? Bayern is 75% fan owned, no way they would agree to join
Junior Darboe
Junior Darboe Maand geleden
Say no to super league
Wes Indian flows
Wes Indian flows Maand geleden
Big up Danny!
Danny Nufer
Danny Nufer Maand geleden
Cheers bro 👊
DS Boss
DS Boss Maand geleden
@Swagato Sarkar Pretty sure the narrator is Henry Hill
Swagato Sarkar
Swagato Sarkar Maand geleden
@The Poltical One editor
The Poltical One
The Poltical One Maand geleden
Who's Danny?
Euro Football Daily
Euro Football Daily Maand geleden
Absolute hero! (Dougie)
Freya murtem
Freya murtem Maand geleden
Super league is just boring now. Its not happening for now stop covering it in different ways.
Massive Coconuts
Massive Coconuts Maand geleden
I disagee. In fact it's more interesting now because we have Perez saying the English clubs have signed the contracts and they can't back out of it. It also interesting how uefc punish those clubs without shooting themselves in the foot. My advice is you is don't click on a video that has Super League in the title if you find the subject boring.
Min etlaV
Min etlaV Maand geleden
I don't understand while Real Madrid are the rich club in the world and they need ESL to get money for the club for whatever they're gonna spend
Ravan Pee
Ravan Pee Maand geleden
@Min etlaV They are in serious debt
Min etlaV
Min etlaV Maand geleden
@Markus “Unstobubble” they are rich and they want it more. How can someone be that....???... They are absolutely filthy rich
Markus “Unstobubble”
the truth is, Real madrid isnt that rich. they need this ESL money. Spend hundreds of millions more then you get, you become serious Problems.
wagbjorn Maand geleden
Because Madrid has 900 Mil EUR debts, Barca 1.2 M EUR. They all have with a few exceptions (The Buli clubs for example). The English clubs ste healthy but a milking cow for their owners. Without the ESL, Barca and Real might be looking at bankruptcy soon.
Steve Nicol
Steve Nicol Maand geleden
@1stMate Rayleigh you’re spot on they are absolute madmen. I remember when they gave bale 300k a week ages ago and then a 600k a week extension. Complete lunatics.
Alex Maand geleden
Footbalk daily really milking the super league
Massive Coconuts
Massive Coconuts Maand geleden
Not really
Tarius “XtremeMentos” Saggi
The collapse of Super League is just the beginning..This is the FRENCH REVOLUTION Of FOOTBALL!!
Tyrone Valdéz-Krüger
Alez le Guillotine oui oui! Florentine Antoinette chop chop...
Tarius “XtremeMentos” Saggi
​@Freya murtem Debatable? People in French startet a riot against the King. Removed him (Killed him) took the power and declared a republic. That Revolution ignited a spark of hope to other countries and sat the stage for democracy. You assumed I meant that The French revolution and football are equally important. I explained What I meant and that is not the case. instead of admit that You instead make up a story of debatable history? I hope you are not one of those flat earther. !
Freya murtem
Freya murtem Maand geleden
@Tarius “XtremeMentos” Saggi there are no similarities because its still debatable why and what happened during the frwnch revolution because it is history and it holds some signifocance people have differing school of thoughts so you really cant be sure . So hence there are no similarities.
Tarius “XtremeMentos” Saggi
@Freya murtem U dont seem to get the point. I am not measuring the IMPORTANCE of those two events in history, but the SIMILARITIES between the 2. No need for Your mocking attitude by the way.
mata Hari
mata Hari Maand geleden
@Tarius “XtremeMentos” Saggi uefa new ucl format will fuck you up tbh
Adil Razak
Adil Razak Maand geleden
All content creators milking the super league rn as we speak
Massive Coconuts
Massive Coconuts Maand geleden
Geez maybe just maybe it's because it's a massive subject
Charlie Glover
Charlie Glover Maand geleden
Well it is one of the biggest events in football history
sami bara
sami bara Maand geleden
PSG didnt beacuse their owner is the owner of bein sports who have massive contracts with uefa and have rights to all uefa contracts but also because the owner ow psg is a friend with uefa presient sefrin
Bruno Reis
Bruno Reis Maand geleden
We know, we watched the damn video
yuriydee Maand geleden
@Jack Lowe Thats exactly why Ceferin stated that Angeli's betray was like a stab in the back and called them snakes (or rats I forgot).
yuriydee Maand geleden
Look at it this way, in no way are UEFA good guys. They just happened to be on the same side as football fans. They were trying to protect their money-maker aka the CL.
Nick Cicione
Nick Cicione Maand geleden
Thank you for the truth, now it makes sense.
sami bara
sami bara Maand geleden
@Jack Lowe ye i guess so but this idea will come back again if regulations and the way clubs are run doesnt change
Omar Yahya
Omar Yahya Maand geleden
Bayern rejected cos if their fans but PSG I am not too sure
JOKER Maand geleden
Cant you people stop making these content about the super league it is starting to get boring
Massive Coconuts
Massive Coconuts Maand geleden
Then don't watch it then you mouth breather. You clicked on the video knowing what's it's about. Lets your clicks do the talking. If you don't like the content then don't click on it. If super League don't get the views and comments they will not create the videos. You complaining about it is still giving them the clicks.
Adhan “Twitter is ndladan” Miah
I feel like majority of these videos were films during that period of uncertainty and they filled a lot of videos in advanced
jack gamer
jack gamer Maand geleden
Psg didn't split because the owners have the world cup
Ali Alshamsi
Ali Alshamsi Maand geleden
Life Advice w OnlyJayus - #Shorts