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Hello and welcome back to Continental Club where today McCubs, Henry and Dougie are discussing which club is set to break into the elite over the next few years. Which clubs could win the Champions League or get into the mix in their own League?
We believe Barcelona are showing green shoots of recovery right now with the likes of Ousmane Dembele, Frenkie De Jong and Pedri leading them right into La Liga contention. If they can successfully transition away from the GOAT Lionel Messi in the next few years, a first Champions League since 2015 isn’t out of the question.
Inter Milan may have a fairly poor recent Champions League record but under Antonio Conte the likes of Romelu Lukaku, Lautaro Martinez and Milan Skriniar are thriving, with Serie A all but wrapped up could they challenge in Europe next season? And what of Chelsea under Thomas Tuchel, unbeaten under his stewardship, can Kai Havertz, Mason Mount and Timo Werner lead the Blues to just their 2nd Champions League trophy?
As if that wasn’t enough we also breakdown RB Leipzig vs Bayern Munich, and discuss the massive signings that could happen this summer!

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2 apr. 2021




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Euro Football Daily
Euro Football Daily Maand geleden
Did we miss out any other potential super clubs?! And who is going to win between Bayern and Leipzig? (Dougie)
ben Patterson
ben Patterson Maand geleden
Leicester mabye real soceidad in terms of league success in the future
Bharani Kumar
Bharani Kumar Maand geleden
Can you put up time stamps showing which club you are talking about at that time it is a really long video and will certainly help fans of particular clubs to choose the section they want to hear first
Kalle Kalashnikov
Kalle Kalashnikov Maand geleden
Not really but i think u forgot to mention that Dele Alli might leave this summer in the quickfire question
حسسين العجميء
حسسين العجميء 24 dagen geleden
Real will always be number 1
Daniel G. Jensen
Daniel G. Jensen 24 dagen geleden
Mane will go to psg
Michael Todd
Michael Todd 26 dagen geleden
Liverpool performance was definitely more injuries than the squad requiring major transition
bjkactivities 26 dagen geleden
Koeman needs some credits as well for barcelona. If these youngsters stay and if he stays their coach barcelona can become a real scary side.
Gian Cassa
Gian Cassa 27 dagen geleden
Let’s hope at least we get to quarter finals or semis 🖤💙
Deivid Sapoval
Deivid Sapoval 28 dagen geleden
9:07 :D
Ruben Winter
Ruben Winter 28 dagen geleden
Both, Wolfsburg and Frankfurt, will not be able to repeat this season. 1. They are not engaged in any other competitions (as is Borussia Dortmund and as were Bayer), so they could focus on the Bundesliga. 2. Eintracht will have a difficult time to hold the team together. They will lose Bobic, the mastermind behind the transfers and there are rumours around Hütter as well. There are (in my humble opinion) only 2 and a half team able to win the Bundesliga in the next years: 1.Bayern 2.Leipzig (3.Dortmund, if they get their sh#t together)
WRETCH9SKILLS 29 dagen geleden
Forgetting Blackburn rovers won the premier league 😤😤😤
Hrishiraj Rabha
Hrishiraj Rabha Maand geleden
10 minutes of Barca by @Mikemccub was boring lol.
Yuzan Baldwin
Yuzan Baldwin Maand geleden
grinta style
Levi Mirza
Levi Mirza Maand geleden
Levi Mirza
Levi Mirza Maand geleden
I can honestly see lille do something in europe or the league in the future all comes down if the player and coach stay but also transfers.
Levi Mirza
Levi Mirza Maand geleden
@Haaduri A3 yeah well maybe nobody will buy there players. Doubt it but there's a chance they can keep most of their squad.
Haaduri A3
Haaduri A3 Maand geleden
Would be nice, but im afraid the same happens what went on with Monaco when they won the league. The best players will be bought. If the board of the club will re invest it may work out like at Ajax.
Giovanni Fiore
Giovanni Fiore Maand geleden
8 points clear now haha ;)
Charlie Dyson
Charlie Dyson Maand geleden
Glasgow rangers lol why not
Manolo 9Eleven
Manolo 9Eleven Maand geleden
Messi is not the best player in the world and he's never won a UCL title single on his own, too mucho hype from McCubs
sk8erboi2203 Maand geleden
Will Ferrell
WEPS 89 Maand geleden
Doogie looks like a hairy toilet brush
Nero Maand geleden
My lord what on Earth happened to Chelsea yesterday then 🤣
glenn symmons
glenn symmons Maand geleden
Cubbs surely didn't just say that Messi is the current best player in the world. Disgusting
raphael biju
raphael biju Maand geleden
After this Chelsea lost 5-2 west brom
PM179 Maand geleden
did this man just say juve have a better europan history than barca ?
Euro Football Daily
Euro Football Daily Maand geleden
Just said they'd reached more European finals. Definitely don't have a better European history! [Michael]
Dante Butelli
Dante Butelli Maand geleden
‘Gringa’ cmon henry its ‘grinTa’
WhiteBoy Maand geleden
McCubber it is..
Robert Torres
Robert Torres Maand geleden
This long videos are the worst HTCI is way better channel
Richard V.
Richard V. Maand geleden
Jesus McCubs needs a trim!!!
Dave K
Dave K Maand geleden
Ajax, If the benelux league is formed. They don't even have to sign players,just retain their best players rather then selling and they will consistently be a frontrunner.
nahBiggie Maand geleden
Inter Milan are definitely a team to beat next year!
Ninter 4
Ninter 4 Maand geleden
Loved the Inter segment. Nice to be in the limelight again after 6 truly horrendous years followed by a Spalletti revival. Hopefully Samir finally lifts the trophy he's deserved instead of saving us from relegation once again. Shout out to Dougie for always reppin' Inter with those awesome shirts
Euro Football Daily
Euro Football Daily Maand geleden
Pleasure boss! (Dougie)
Football Watch A to Z
Football Watch A to Z Maand geleden
Arsenal to win the Premier league in the season 2022/23 after the world cup.
Phoenix james Brewer
Phoenix james Brewer Maand geleden
Another class showing
Klaus Matrajt
Klaus Matrajt Maand geleden
Henry dropping that fifa RTG tip!!
collin8915 Maand geleden
If these teams in dire financial straights can find a way to start printing money underneath their stadiums so they can keep their teams together. They may be in a position to challenge for the champions league.
Christian Vargas
Christian Vargas Maand geleden
Cool thumbnail
Filip Vranesevik
Filip Vranesevik Maand geleden
Good content as always, but here is a question to all of you, even the comment section. What are the top 5 clubs in European football. I'll start. Real Madrid, Bayern Munich, Barcelona, Man United, Milan. Maybe Liverpool and Juventus deserve a shout 🤔
Filip Vranesevik
Filip Vranesevik Maand geleden
@Thomas Vrielink I would probably pick Benfica as they have more domestic success. Good debate tho, appreciate that you have replied to my comment. All the best dude, stay safe 🤝
Thomas Vrielink
Thomas Vrielink Maand geleden
@Filip VranesevikI don't think any French club has achieved enough to get into the top 10. Marseille won the CL only once, got to only one other final, and won no other European trophy either. PSG will probably get there soon, but has nothing to show for their quality yet. Following from my top 5, Juve, Man Utd, Inter and Ajax need to be in the top 10. Then the 10th spot is a toss up between the Portuguese giants Porto and Benfica. Benfica has 2 CL wins out of 7 finals, but has no other trophies in Europe, and their success was a long time ago. Porto has 2 CL wins as well, and has 2 EL wins, but has not gotten far in Europe as often as Benfica. I'd go for Porto, as they've had more success and have had it more spread out.
Filip Vranesevik
Filip Vranesevik Maand geleden
@Thomas Vrielink yeah I can see where you are going with Liverpool. Then we agree at least for the top 3. Real, Bayern and then Barcelona 🧐. Also about Ajax would you put them in your top 10. And have any French side deserve a shout for the top 10. Maybe Marseille, they are the only one to win the UCL, and I think they did it in the first year of the rebrand of the competition.
Thomas Vrielink
Thomas Vrielink Maand geleden
@Filip Vranesevik I can see putting Barca over Liverpool, they are both in my top 5 anyways. What I don't see is how Liverpool are discounted for being poor in the 90s and 00s (but were still winning stuff in Europe) but with Man Utd it's ignored that they've been irrelevant in the 70s and 80s (and were not winning stuff in Europe). Of course, we've both seen Liverpool be poor and I don't know about you, but I wasn't there to see that for Man Utd. But to me that makes your argument for discounting Liverpool invalid. The fact is they've proven themselves more often in Europe, and they have also been the best more recently in Europe. And there's something special about them in Europe, which makes them relevant there even if they're not relevant domestically. Thus, Liverpool are firmly in my top 5 and Man Utd aren't. I have to admit that it bugs me Man Utd are often seen as the upper echelons while having fewer achievements in Europe than Ajax, but I wouldn't put Ajax as top 5 either. I'd go with either Milan, purely based on their past, or Juve for a combination of history and current status (though their status has vastly declined over the last 3 years so maybe not).
Filip Vranesevik
Filip Vranesevik Maand geleden
@Thomas Vrielink I'm a Bayern fan. I get your point about Liverpool, but I'd still put Barcelona over them. Simple examples are Suarez and Coutinho who wanted a new challenge in Spain. Suarez became the best striker at one point at Barca. I still think that the big two of Spain are bigger clubs that anyone from England. Also United over Liverpool purely because for 15 years they were irrelevant for the title chase in England, although that game against Milan they were nowhere near of that amazing Milan side (purely when you compare the two XI). Also Ajax is in top 10 biggest clubs in Europe, maybe the only one who is not playing in the top 5 leagues. Maybe Benfica deserves a shout they were amazing back in the days.
Freya murtem
Freya murtem Maand geleden
The next superclub is a hard one but if i had to choose one it would be chelsea or man united if they buy either haaland or sancho.
Jude Ake
Jude Ake Maand geleden
With the way things are going, AC & Inter Milan will be the next super clubs
Jude Ake
Jude Ake 27 dagen geleden
@Azlan Khan history wise, yes they are. A few years back they took a slight dip in form, now they’re back.
EdElFigo l 液体
EdElFigo l 液体 27 dagen geleden
@Azlan Khan AC Milan have been a super club for 100+ years, AC Milan, like Real Madrid and Barcelona is a destination club, problem is the past 8 years have changed the overall perception of the club a lot, within the India and Africa internet boom, and the new American fans coming into the sport, the majority of football fans have no idea how big AC Milan was and should be
Azlan Khan
Azlan Khan 27 dagen geleden
AC Milan is already a superclub in terms of history. They have more Champions Leagues than any other club in the world (except Real Madrid).
EdElFigo l 液体
EdElFigo l 液体 Maand geleden
@J23 - AC Milan are fine financially, while Inter will not need to be selling players, they just need liquidity and aren’t actually going bankrupt or anything
Marco Verratti
Marco Verratti Maand geleden
@J23 - the money lukaku will rake in if he gets sold should be enough, not necessarily for another striker. And what EFD didn’t touch on is that fact that I think Conte is gone next year. He’s not good enough for europe, and he always has meltdowns and falls out lol. With that said, if Lukaku is sold, and Conte being out, the whole system wouldn’t need two strikers and I don’t think that’s a bad thing. Our squad is very good and I believe Lautaro with the way he is developing will hold it down. On top of all that, I highly doubt Lukaku will be sold. He’s in the form of his life, he most likely (hopefully) will win inter’s first scudetto in a decade, I just don’t see him leaving at all.
mark bevan
mark bevan Maand geleden
Something about a.c and inter as clubs is pretty damn sexy. Cant put my finger on why though.
Willy Maand geleden
Dougie or Pau Lopez 🧐
Euro Football Daily
Euro Football Daily Maand geleden
Not the first time I’ve had that actually! (Dougie)
Rob Maand geleden
Chelsea needs stability and to stop changing managers every other week
Tinsae Deresse
Tinsae Deresse Maand geleden
Manchester City
Duarte Salgueiro
Duarte Salgueiro Maand geleden
Please, do a video on Sporting Clube de Portugal
Gabriel Yeargan
Gabriel Yeargan Maand geleden
Atletico? If they win the title and bring in a few signings they could win the double next year.
Dibya Ranjan Mishra
Dibya Ranjan Mishra Maand geleden
why u have barca in the thumbnail? They are just straight trash
VIS MONG Maand geleden
@Dibya Ranjan Mishra in the 2nd leg we did so well the first big performance.. in many year sin the UCL..
BANYHU123 Maand geleden
@Dibya Ranjan Mishra It’s not the same domestic brilliance as in previous seasons. This year we dumped the old guard and started playing youth like Pedri, Araujo and Mingueza as starters, a fit dembele, and others like Dest, Ilaix, and Ansu still to come. Watching how they play should also encourage you. This is the first time in years that I’m actually excited to watch the team. Had we been on this form prior to the 1st leg in Paris, I think we woulda gone through. Much to look forward to.
Dibya Ranjan Mishra
Dibya Ranjan Mishra Maand geleden
@AZ ED Yes they are in form. But does that matter? they have been pretty incredible in the domestic league for last decade or so. But when it comes to the champions league, they have fumbled quite a lot. And the uncertainty around financial conditions, Messi's future plus the coach's philosophy+ trying to sign Agüero/Wijnaldum/Memphis is not really inspiring. But having said all that I would be so happy if they prove me wrong.
Bankroll Edgar
Bankroll Edgar Maand geleden
do you even watch their games ?😂
AZ ED Maand geleden
@Dibya Ranjan Mishra You’re a Barca fan and you’re saying this ? 😅 it’s shameful. Barcelona is the best team in form in Europe’s top5 currently.
Joe 33
Joe 33 Maand geleden
I'm very very aware that this is my problem... But Henry bugs me like you can't imagine
Saxena Sahab
Saxena Sahab Maand geleden
Well there has always been a linkup between austria and germay iykwim
Levi Kater
Levi Kater 29 dagen geleden
Chamberlain: no you can't just annex Austria. Hitler: haha, Anschluss go brrrrr
Cristiano Marius
Cristiano Marius Maand geleden
In the next few years, Barca will still be far away from winning the CL. Trust.
Shadow Boi
Shadow Boi Maand geleden
@Bankroll Edgar I say Barca at top 3 or 5 there’s many great academy ajax the big 3 Portugal teams (they have amazing academy) but also the likes of Man Utd it’s hard to say but Barca has a very very good academy
Bankroll Edgar
Bankroll Edgar Maand geleden
barca will dominate football again they’re heading in the right direction and have one of the best if not the best academy’s
Oscar Aquino
Oscar Aquino Maand geleden
who are you ?
Yuvraj Singh
Yuvraj Singh Maand geleden
Controversial but I think AC Milan and Bayern deserve a shout
NJsfinest732LKW Maand geleden
@hallvard tehel Ac Milan are a sleeping giant
hallvard tehel
hallvard tehel Maand geleden
Bayern are already a superclub
Kyle Orndorff
Kyle Orndorff Maand geleden
I would absolutely love Milan to join the top clubs of Europe again
DaKid Biscuit
DaKid Biscuit Maand geleden
All I know is that it wont be any of the clubs featured in the thumbnail
Mujeeb Ahmed
Mujeeb Ahmed Maand geleden
TonBe 01
TonBe 01 Maand geleden
I hate when they talk about clubs that they dont know nothing about
Tomasz Elliott
Tomasz Elliott Maand geleden
Shut up mate
James Blake
James Blake Maand geleden
Big double negative there aswell sort out the grammar before you step to EFD.
Euro Football Daily
Euro Football Daily Maand geleden
Which clubs do you mean?! If we have a different opinion to you that’s life... (Dougie)
Ammar Syr
Ammar Syr Maand geleden
bruuuh barca lost 5-2 on agg how is that not a humilation 😂😂
VIS MONG Maand geleden
@Ammar Syr nah their goals where all in the box gaols in the mistake of the defenders.. we’re 2 completely different teams in the different kegs
Ammar Syr
Ammar Syr Maand geleden
@VIS MONG they didn't even try if they want to attack they would finish barca in 30 min
VIS MONG Maand geleden
@Ammar Syr our best plays came in the 2nd leg while they were parking the plane.. so if we played like that in the first leg then they are done out
Ammar Syr
Ammar Syr Maand geleden
we all know that psg where coming to defend they had to intention to attack even mbbape didn't make any sprint
Bankroll Edgar
Bankroll Edgar Maand geleden
pov : you dont watch football at all
Coked Up Krabs
Coked Up Krabs Maand geleden
I’d like to see Haaland to Chelsea Mbappe to Liverpool Messi to Man City Ronaldo to Man U Doubtful of course but would be fun to see
nikhil karamchandani
nikhil karamchandani 24 dagen geleden
@Giorgio Ruhupatty true....I absolutely despise Werner...he's the worst attacker to play for chelsea in the Roman era
Giorgio Ruhupatty
Giorgio Ruhupatty 24 dagen geleden
@nikhil karamchandani ok, good evidence! However, u still need to lose ur addiction to 😂😂😂😂 emojis
nikhil karamchandani
nikhil karamchandani 24 dagen geleden
@Giorgio Ruhupatty winning penalties....I'll give u evidence...12 of his 14 g+a in the the league has come against Sheffield Newcastle Southampton Brighton and other relegation teams....4/5 of his g+a in the UCL have come against Rennes and krasnador 3 of which r pens...his fa cup g+a against 3rd division teams.....😂😂😂😂
Giorgio Ruhupatty
Giorgio Ruhupatty 25 dagen geleden
@nikhil karamchandani troll all u want, but while he has missed some big chances, he has done the job in winning penalties, getting assists, etc. Make another comment with 4000 laughing emojis, but without proper evidence you cant change my opinion as its based on stats and tactical analysis
nikhil karamchandani
nikhil karamchandani 26 dagen geleden
@Giorgio Ruhupatty 😂😂sure he has 5 goals this season...morata had 12 in his first season 😂😂😂😂😂 chelsea aren't paying him 200k plus bonuses for running around its for goals
Rakshin R.N
Rakshin R.N Maand geleden
I think barca will go on the rise again, we are oy unbeaten team in this year, we are in crazy form.
Icewallowcome 1
Icewallowcome 1 Maand geleden
@laz- tell killua I was trolling him
Icewallowcome 1
Icewallowcome 1 Maand geleden
@laz- that what I did then I got muted in 4 hours
laz- Maand geleden
@Icewallowcome 1 yea wait like two days thats what i did
Icewallowcome 1
Icewallowcome 1 Maand geleden
@laz- I’ll come back tomorrow and message less until Sunday,I was told you I got muted in one day because of either mass report or “spam”
Icewallowcome 1
Icewallowcome 1 Maand geleden
@laz- I’ve been muted for a days :(
Tom Crookes
Tom Crookes Maand geleden
I forgot about Big Weghourst. I reckon that would be a great signing for spurs sell kane buy him and use the rest of the kane money plus any other player sales to get great defenders
Tom Crookes
Tom Crookes Maand geleden
@Richie Young I agree but I can only hope
Richie Young
Richie Young Maand geleden
I can't see any team meeting Kanes valuation, 150+m is alot for a player around 28 and is injury prone
Joshua Black
Joshua Black Maand geleden
Great video.👍🇺🇸
Yassine VJPro
Yassine VJPro Maand geleden
4:25 Juve did reach the CL final 9 times and lost 7 BTW
Bachir TBD
Bachir TBD Maand geleden
If Barcelona would stop these overpriced signings and start to care about La Masia gems like Alejandro Balde , Alex Collado , Arnau Comas , Inaki Pena , Jandro Orellana , Oriol Busquets , Nico Gonzalez , Gerrard Fernadez , Iker Bravo cause we've alrady got a glimbse of what la masia has been producing with what Ansu Fati , Iliax Moriba , Riqui Puig , Minguiza have shown us on the field and with Laporta in charge and the way they've been playing recently + Plus some Excellent well studied signings that suit their style and Philosophy of play like Pedri De Jong Araujo Dest : No team in europe would stand in their way just like the good old days
Bachir TBD
Bachir TBD Maand geleden
@laz- Knows what ?? 😂😂
Bachir TBD
Bachir TBD Maand geleden
@S S I was talking about youngsters and youth, Messi is the Roof of this team and the Players I've mentioned will be the Pillars and together they will rebuild the Barcelona house
S S Maand geleden
And don’t forget the big one: Messi
laz- Maand geleden
iker bravo! this guy knows
fullybad boss
fullybad boss Maand geleden
Guys cut up the video and post's way too long
James Blake
James Blake Maand geleden
Its a podcast basically it's quality content. Also I'm basically a cheerleader for EFD atm 🤣
Mujeeb Ahmed
Mujeeb Ahmed Maand geleden
Just a suggestion.. watch it in 2x playback speed!
Euro Football Daily
Euro Football Daily Maand geleden
No one is forcing you to watch it in one go!? (Dougie)
A B Maand geleden
Every dog has it day and clubs like Barcelona are going through transition as is Chelsea Real Madrid and maybe United. The best team in Europe rn imo is PSG or Man City. Bayern are not the same as last season so they probably will not win the cl this season. If I was a betting man I would bet PSG to finally win the cl this season
Rayyan Abedullaziz
Rayyan Abedullaziz Maand geleden
Real Madrid are not in transition.
Nidhish 07
Nidhish 07 Maand geleden
Please man city win CL for aguero(Barcelona fan)
Nidhish 07
Nidhish 07 Maand geleden
@A B Man city have squad depth and pep guardiola. Without even with their star striker they are so much ahead.
J B Maand geleden
@A B they aren’t even clear of their farmers league
A B Maand geleden
@J B PSG have net mar mbappe veratti marquinios keylor navas ect they stand a very good chance of winning the cl especially if they beat Bayern
Lorenzo Munisami
Lorenzo Munisami Maand geleden
"They not gonna spend over 60m on someone" lol they must not now Laporta.
K'os Maand geleden
Harrison Hennessy
Harrison Hennessy Maand geleden
Must not now they have no money
NO EXCUSE Maand geleden
Mbappe & Haaland to Real Madrid?
Football 4 Life
Football 4 Life Maand geleden
@Rayyan Abedullaziz better than penaldo lad. Your fans are the worst.
Rayyan Abedullaziz
Rayyan Abedullaziz Maand geleden
@G A Better than Pessi lad, you fans are the worst.
G A Maand geleden
@NO EXCUSE better than penaldo lad. Your fans are the worst
NO EXCUSE Maand geleden
Pessi is overrated, we don’t want him.
George Heaver
George Heaver Maand geleden
And messi
Hrishikesh Shinde
Hrishikesh Shinde Maand geleden
Aiden Sweeney
Aiden Sweeney Maand geleden
King Zouma is the next super club!! #Goddess
CFCvideos 1905
CFCvideos 1905 Maand geleden
If Chelsea get Haaland, we are the next super club, especially with all the young talent and new manager we already have
Vicarage 28 dagen geleden
@Ice wallow come West Ham are ooops
Nishant De
Nishant De Maand geleden
How are West Brom?😂
FerdiGriffonPierrot Maand geleden
And why would he ever go to such a small club 😂
Ákos Vincze
Ákos Vincze Maand geleden
Tuchel will be sacked in like 2 years.
Ice wallow come
Ice wallow come Maand geleden
@Elliott Singh who cares Elliot?? We’re fourth. 🤡🤡🤡
The Poltical One
The Poltical One Maand geleden
Jheez in before all the ads
Moueish Paul
Moueish Paul Maand geleden
Max Walker
Max Walker Maand geleden
Good vid lads
Crew-1 Mission | Return
Weergaven 3,2 mln.
Crew-1 Mission | Return
Weergaven 3,2 mln.