The Napoleonic Wars - OverSimplified (Part 2) 

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itshopfrog 24 minuten geleden
It took my guy 7 1v5s to defeat him, when they all had the best everything and he just had a knife. What a legend.
gargi nagmajumdar
gargi nagmajumdar 24 minuten geleden
The best military Genarls list is so inaccurateI think khalid is 4th best and wellington is 2nd but it's fine great documentary
Logo Logan
Logo Logan 28 minuten geleden
He hit 5million let’s go
Forex Starcraft
Forex Starcraft 31 minuut geleden
Dementia joe
Snags_fromspace 44 minuten geleden
Please make another video
Metra force
Metra force Uur geleden
*Napoleons continental system enraged Britain, who punished Copenhagen severely*
I.S. Uur geleden
The biggest romance in history Napoleon and Alexander
XAminPlayz X
XAminPlayz X Uur geleden
shaurya Ajmeri
shaurya Ajmeri 2 uur geleden
Hey I just wanna say I am a huge fan of you but can you please make a video on Indian revolt of 1857 and Sepoy mutiny .love from india
scriptical 2 uur geleden
Now do the Vietnam War/American War that everyone is begging for.
Jovon Cronk
Jovon Cronk 2 uur geleden
Can u do the Russian civil war please
Jovon Cronk
Jovon Cronk Uur geleden
@Armakeen nah he did the revolution
Armakeen Uur geleden
I think he already did
huey ho
huey ho 2 uur geleden
The deadpan iraq summatively permit because hamburger currently buzz minus a pumped island. impossible, insidious siamese
Tex 2 uur geleden
This guy has more sponsors than napoleon had wars won
Ali Salloum
Ali Salloum 2 uur geleden
The Syrian war next please Boy it will be hard to oversimplify it😂😂😂😂
Kitten447 3 uur geleden
Wow,congrats on 5 millon subscribers!
GA f&h
GA f&h 3 uur geleden
Come on now 'oversimplified' You know Your "best military generals" list is utter rubbish. Putting napoleon over alexander the great, or hannibal barca Is, excuse my french, stupid at best. But, forgetting to mention THE SINGLE GREATEST CONQUERRER OF ALL TIME, of course i'm talking about GENGHIS KHAN, in that list Is just insane. Or shows a huge lack of historical knowledge. I expected you to do better.
GA f&h
GA f&h Uur geleden
@hello hello hello. No, it isn't a matter of opinion. We are not talking philosophy here, We are talking history. Facts. And the fact is that napoleon isn't even remotely close to beings as good a general as hannibal barca, alexander, or genghis. Not in conquest scope, cultural influence or military genious. He is a very good general, just not the best.
hello hello
hello hello 2 uur geleden
you do know that a list like that is a matter of opinion and he may not have instantly thought of genghis
GameXpro 2.0
GameXpro 2.0 3 uur geleden
Please make a video about Bangladesh Vs Pakistan war of Blood
Samandar Sidikov
Samandar Sidikov 3 uur geleden
PLEASE, make a video about PALESTENE and ISRAEL conflict
Maria Rodriguez
Maria Rodriguez 3 uur geleden
The rude astronomy decisively separate because impulse spontaneously wash following a trashy mirror. imperfect, typical sharon
منتظر منتظر
منتظر منتظر 4 uur geleden
We demand in Arabic
10The_Doctor10 4 uur geleden
29:31 No, no there is not and there never was.
Edoardo MANCUSO 4 uur geleden
The acrid bassoon inferiorly joke because tank unfortunatly admit to a stormy furniture. tired, far thing
Ivan the Spetznaz soldier
You gotta make a video about Sultan Mehmed II. and his siege of Constantinople.
Carson Ball
Carson Ball 4 uur geleden
Congrats on 5 mil
Steve on a tree
Steve on a tree 5 uur geleden
You should do the 7 years war eventually
Invader Flasher
Invader Flasher 5 uur geleden
Les go oversimplified got the 5 million
Bilbot 5 uur geleden
I'm french and the oversimplified way you explain things made it clear to me, much clear than the lessons we had at school to which I never understood anything There's lots of raging debate as to what to do with Napoleon as an french historic figure. On one side, he was a genius. On the other side, people here reproach him of being a slaughterer and removing women's rights, so some want to cancel him I feel if you cancel Napoleon, you basically cancel the whole of french history, and the whole of anything's history
W37k3r VIIIXVVV 5 uur geleden
The Invasion of Russia mistake was also committed by another guy. You know? That smol angry man with a silly mustache
Christian Santos
Christian Santos 5 uur geleden
Do Blackbeard history
LordJohnWellesley the soldier
Next up: English Civil War, by oversimplified
TopazTK 5 uur geleden
Okay, I am gonna say it. Kemal Ataturk deserves to be in that top 10.
Jane Lopez
Jane Lopez 5 uur geleden
The wacky frame utrastructurally head because softdrink compatibly decorate round a early mercury. sick, slim parcel
Ludvig Ljungquist
Ludvig Ljungquist 5 uur geleden
Of all historical moments i have learned about and the knowledge i have got throughout the years is that ”when you are on the peak of your power, just don’t Russia”.
Airsickjester 6 uur geleden
congrats on the 5 mil over! I've been watching or vids since the first ww1 in 2016!
Ely Playz
Ely Playz 6 uur geleden
Basically the rest of Europes plan was just to run XD
Bimsara Gunarathna
Bimsara Gunarathna 6 uur geleden
This series is awesome ❤️
Just Harry
Just Harry 6 uur geleden
When is the video about the vietnam war coming out
Just Another Mortal
Just Another Mortal 6 uur geleden
Oversimplified please make a video about Korea 🇰🇷 🙏 😢
yasas chandrasekara
yasas chandrasekara 6 uur geleden
"There's still hope for Joe Biden" 😂
Jaxso Wasylyk
Jaxso Wasylyk 7 uur geleden
Do a Korean War or Vietnam war
Xarlillos 7 uur geleden
oh god, i laughed as i never did with dr. Bonaparte and the spanish family lmfao
Zane Evers
Zane Evers 7 uur geleden
Punic Wars pls!!!
Alpha Vex Studios
Alpha Vex Studios 7 uur geleden
Napoleon in the end became a shadow of his former self but you gotta admit that he did well, he was so feared by all of Europe that they literally had to contain him like an SCP.
MEREF 7 uur geleden
3:55 How to get friend
Alexander the 1
Alexander the 1 7 uur geleden
I kissed napoleon bonaparte: and yes he was avrage height for the time
Snowballz 6 uur geleden
did you enjoy it
Lightning The Wolf
Lightning The Wolf 7 uur geleden
"The Danish officially sided with France" *Norway get's turned to blue aswell*
Andronic Taisia
Andronic Taisia 7 uur geleden
The German unification and creation of the German Empire would be an interesting subject! (not me wanting to see Bismark)
GeorgeJR 8 uur geleden
Congrats for the 5million subscribers
Nico Nel
Nico Nel 8 uur geleden
Please do a video on Chernobyl!
Rugved Tamhan
Rugved Tamhan 8 uur geleden
Nepoleon to Spanish aristocratic : A ambitious random nobody is climbing up the ladder I don't like it. Me to Nepoleon : Look who's talking.
ProvidedKarma15 8 uur geleden
FRIENDLY HERO 9 uur geleden
Thats a legend world can't forget
Reusable Bowl446
Reusable Bowl446 9 uur geleden
You should make a mini wars on Pablo Escobar.
anarchyman 10 uur geleden
can you make a video about the vietnam war?
Kiran Ghodke
Kiran Ghodke 10 uur geleden
all would have been fine if Napoleon got help from the Irish against the British
Tejas Bhagat
Tejas Bhagat 10 uur geleden
Btw Not just Russia, dont fight Britannia, they block you with ships
Kiran Ghodke
Kiran Ghodke 10 uur geleden
so the age old question of what happens to poison after it expires had always had an answer
ridcu 11 uur geleden
Can you do the yugoslavia war next
ACEYSTICS BG 11 uur geleden
Congratulations 5M subs!
Tejas Bhagat
Tejas Bhagat 11 uur geleden
1:59 we have brexit now and well Copenhagen better be alert
Jihan Desai
Jihan Desai 11 uur geleden
Story: Austria going to war with France for the 3rd time. And so Napoleon punished Austria Severely
Lorie Cherry
Lorie Cherry 12 uur geleden
Could you do Mary Queen of Scots and Elizabeth. Or maybe Catherine de Medici
Laya Rares
Laya Rares 12 uur geleden
Hey can you make a video about the zulu war pls
Laya Rares
Laya Rares 12 uur geleden
memes by_eyeguy
memes by_eyeguy 13 uur geleden
Hoe to defeat napoleon :- run away. Excellent strategy
Ankle Drew
Ankle Drew 13 uur geleden
Another masterpiece. Bravo, Oversimplified. 👏👏👏 :')
Sibericus 13 uur geleden
Hey Oversimplified, we know that your recent videos from the American Civil War up to this were pretty heavy on you as you took soo much time creating them, and we appreciate this. I want to suggest to make it easy for your next video, how about making another Mini-War video? Just in case you're feeling too tired.
Luciano Arebalo
Luciano Arebalo 13 uur geleden
Why would the people get rid of Napoleon and put back the same king they sought to get rid of in the first place? People are so dumb sometimes
Chris Yentastic
Chris Yentastic 13 uur geleden
Can you do an video on Ghengis Khan?
Marco Luis Santos
Marco Luis Santos 13 uur geleden
Please make vietnam war next or korean war
Chunky Delicous
Chunky Delicous 14 uur geleden
Congrats on 5M
Tuck and his Toys
Tuck and his Toys 14 uur geleden
This is the story of the power of freindship
Garrett Whitehead
Garrett Whitehead 15 uur geleden
Can you do the war of 1812
Braden Christie
Braden Christie 15 uur geleden
Do the Alamo battle next, more wars over the land of Israel
Kenneth 15 uur geleden
Can you do a video on Julius Caesar or the Roman Empire please?
You Are Entitled to End your life
I mean he got a kiss
Ahmed Rashad
Ahmed Rashad 16 uur geleden
very nice video , informative and fun as well even for people who already know the story
ISLAMALI KIREEV 16 uur geleden
To inform: Kazakh batyrs had shased away napoleonic army! Not even russian kazaks. Learn the history!
rc media
rc media 16 uur geleden
Can we all agree that he needs to make a oversimplified on the veitnam war I need that to happen
Terence Winters
Terence Winters 16 uur geleden
Pretty well done .Berlin and Milan accords ? The Marshall's referred to can be found in citadel presses military 100.
Marcos Hernandez
Marcos Hernandez 16 uur geleden
Can you make a Vietnam War vid plz
Davis Eaken
Davis Eaken 17 uur geleden
There's no hope for the illegitimate President Joe Biden
Carrot Thompson’s vids
That’s Napoleon 18th century not Joe Biden 20th century
Carrot Thompson’s vids
That’s not even in this don’t even this is Napoleon 1800s not Joe Biden 20th century
andrewjkas 17 uur geleden
Could you make a Vietnam war vid please you hinted towards one in ur Cold War vid and I couldn’t find one idk if you made one or not if you didn’t could you?
Bread 17 uur geleden
Who came here after people tried to cancel him lmao
Lonely Weeb
Lonely Weeb 17 uur geleden
Lets be Honest you came here for The "Horses make Horses part"
Svyatoslav Maftey
Svyatoslav Maftey 18 uur geleden
It would be cool if you made Operation Valkyrie
Ned Noah
Ned Noah 18 uur geleden
I love this channel
Kristopher Kling
Kristopher Kling 18 uur geleden
Lmao hope for Joe Biden, yeah right he falls down every set of stairs and forgets what cafe he's in 🤣🤣🤣
Kristopher Kling
Kristopher Kling 17 uur geleden
@gaming guy Stairs lol
gaming guy
gaming guy 18 uur geleden
Who will win stair or joe Biden
CharlieRashi 18 uur geleden
Napoleon: *Messes a wining war up by invading Russia* Hitler: “Hmmm...?”
Blught 5 uur geleden
Huh. So history does repeat itself.
Karim Se
Karim Se 19 uur geleden
KidMinecraft0612 19 uur geleden
Congrats On Five Million! I love your videos!
Muhamad Arief Rahman Hakim
4:25 got me chuckle everytime
Tristan Álvarez Castanedo
Spanish Civil War
Morgan Grey
Morgan Grey 19 uur geleden
Are you Kidding me?...Biden can't even make a complete sentence, much less wipe his own ass....bringing him insulting the french.
FenceThis 19 uur geleden
I really think you're oversimplifying the Napoleonic wars !
Will Ro
Will Ro 19 uur geleden
Napoleon was the real life equivalent of Edo-Madara
Coasterhocky Gaming Boy
DeviL RedEye
DeviL RedEye 19 uur geleden
Man like always this was amazing btw do one on korean war or vietnam war
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