The Future Of Reasoning 

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This video was created in partnership with Bill Gates and was inspired by his new book “How to Avoid a Climate Disaster.” Find out more here:

my twitter: tweetsauce
my instagram: electricpants

The extended mind thesis:

MinuteEarth video on how greenhouse gasses work:

Molecule animations from

"The Enigma of Reason" by Hugo Mercier and Dan Sperber:

"Do You Know Yourself?" Mind Field S1E8


Jonathan Haidt's famous "emotional dog" paper about moral reasoning:

Cognitive Niche:


Visual system diagram by RATZNIUM

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all from audionetwork unless otherwise noted

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28 apr. 2021




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Elias Khawaja
Elias Khawaja 36 minuten geleden
Vsauce 2013: Where are your fingers? Vsauce 2021: Where is your mind?
Chris Berry
Chris Berry 3 uur geleden
Bet you feel bad about that other video you made now huh, or maybe it's way deeper than that.
ulick 3 uur geleden
If real life was a book every single character would be perfectly written.
ok 4 uur geleden
Mind field season 4 soon?
Rakan Areekan
Rakan Areekan 4 uur geleden
Some might take this as a joke, which is fine. But damn... isnt he lowkey a great philosopher.
Farah M.D.
Farah M.D. 5 uur geleden
Bruh this might be biased but I feel like michael is the most knowledgeable guy in the universe
Riley Doraine
Riley Doraine 6 uur geleden
Criticism: (random decision makers) This sounds like a centralization on unelected (undemocratic) terms that would be impossible to ensure the selection was indeed random and the random individual is not influenced. This would allow elites to completely circumvent elections wherein at least presumably hopefully a majority approval is given and perhaps result in an increased rate of ruin. If we could ensure such a system were free of corruption, perhaps.
Riley Doraine
Riley Doraine 6 uur geleden
You made something of an error here. Many people would approach a person and "read" that they are feeling a certain way and INFER what that may be based on the knowledge of that individual or lack of. The analysis of body signals tells us what angle to infer from because we know at least subconsciously that this expression or posture or combination therein means typically this. This would be especially prevalent in individuals with social disorder who MUST analyze behaviors in order to understand society and basic socialization.
Yuto GX
Yuto GX 6 uur geleden
Man!! this was awesome.
A Face
A Face 7 uur geleden
I'm more amazed at how his videos manages to cause people to reflect on themselves rather than the actual science/reasoning lol.
Eyal D.
Eyal D. 8 uur geleden
It's called "reasoning", not "conclusioning". We find reasons for bias, not conclusions from reasons
Jakob Kruse
Jakob Kruse 8 uur geleden
Funny enough, in German the big-headed philosophers like Kant and Hegel have the word "schlussfolgern", which literally means "conclusion drawing". But of course what they did was very far detached from how real-world humans process and attempt to solve real-world problems.
RCP 8 uur geleden
This channel is awesome. The subtitles in this video are not.
Brandon Lynn
Brandon Lynn 11 uur geleden
Hey Michael I have a video suggestion that I think alot of families could benefit from, can you do a video on the impact of loot box style mechanics in video games and do a comparison with real world gambling and the psychological systems at work, my son is 8 y.o and loves exploring heavy topics with me but I don't know how to articulate everything involved, thank you 🙂
Timothy Z
Timothy Z 13 uur geleden
ugh 5:25 - "the way we deal with hyperobjects reveals a lot about the mind" but the way you partnered with Bill Gates reveals a lot about vSauce; also, I'd like to say that the lack of evidence of intelligent life may suggest a "Great Filter" - or just that the governments of the world want to hold onto their sovereignty and power by keeping it hidden... *goes full blown conspiracy theorist*
Scott Zetlmaier
Scott Zetlmaier 14 uur geleden
Owen V
Owen V 14 uur geleden
It’s always that “or is it”
TheSpeedymouse 15 uur geleden
I so agree. Randomly chosen people for decisions would be so much better. I hope our world continues to become a better place.
JR Williams
JR Williams 16 uur geleden
I find your videos scintillating and mentally riveting. However, climate change is imminent and cyclical and even if you are a zealous adherent to say a “climate change is the number #1 enemy to our country” position; it is a moot point because as long as China is emitting more greenhouse gases and polluting more freshwater than the rest of the world combined the only recourse is to focus on your own country’s future and any contiguous neighboring countries who share the same worldview. I digress, alas the great filter isn’t climate change, never was or will be, rather instead of building up our military arsenals we should be more keen to establishing a cohesive international interstellar probe ring scanning for planet killing asteroids. They are our biggest enemy and even now with a 6 month alerted lead time there isn’t a damn thing we could do right now to stop a 3-4 kilometer freight train from decimating civilization as we know it.
Luke Powers
Luke Powers 16 uur geleden
If the universe exists infinitely there is effectively an infinite chance that at some point in the future a collection of atoms will rearrange itself into the exact state your brain was in when you died so that you kept living. This also means you will continue living infinitely from then on in infinite states that all experience an infinite variety of experiences. Worse than being dead? Who knows? Sounds too outlandish and made up for this universe but all of this can be inferred from my first proposition. Because a universe cannot come from absolutely nothing the universe must have existed for forever before this and therefore will exist forevermore. Also time is just a component of the universe so time cannot exist without the universe. Oh no...
Luke Powers
Luke Powers 17 uur geleden
Well now I understand how people can seem dumber than animals yet boast an incredibly complex and powerful brain simultaneously. The answer is that they aren't dumber than animals, we often reason for the sake of personal gratification and that can lead to a large variety of viewpoints through self re-enforcement.
veljko angelovski
veljko angelovski 18 uur geleden
wait he has 4k video resolution now!!?? hell yeah now i can watch funny bald science mans face in 4k
Eduardo Arellano
Eduardo Arellano 19 uur geleden
Where are the downvotes coming from?
SuperTight Panda
SuperTight Panda 19 uur geleden
Its almost like you need something like covid to help the world unite into a single manipulatable machine..and you throw in the bill gates team up haha ehh so its agreed..we do need to control population etc no doubt
Blue Sparkles
Blue Sparkles 20 uur geleden
Who else is fried asf
Studio Terrible
Studio Terrible 20 uur geleden
This speech proves that it's not only because of the haircut that I want you to be the next Captain Picard.
PariSitic Pictures
PariSitic Pictures 21 uur geleden
So it seems what we need is a True Democracy. We Americans seem so proud of our “Democracy”. It’s bullshit. The largest votes from our citizens don’t seem to really matter. The bad guy usually wins regardless even if the numbers prove they are not wanted. The only True Democracy I’ve seen that proves what’s right and what is wrong is IMDB and NLblock likes and dislike ratios. And I’ve just recently realized youtube has removed the dislike count. Plenty of talking head, biased, bigot political tv people speak their complete bullshit opinions as facts and us average people prove they’re wrong with the giant number of dislikes they get. And now youtube took those numbers away? Why. IMDb. The internet movie database. They have an ever changing highest rated 250 films list. Number 1 is The Shawshank Redemption. By A Lot. Number 2 is The Godfather. And these rankings on these great movies aren’t decided on the rich and “powerful” that mostly seem to have no Fucking clue about Anything. Just their own bigotry beliefs and ideas. Those Films sit on top of every movie made thus far because of normal, average people like you and I because of how We have voted and rated them. That’s what Democracy should be. But I really don’t feel that’s how America operates on more important matters. Though Film, Music, Art, Friends and Family are what Truly mean the most to me. Dip shit bosses always have said to me “the numbers don’t lie!” Implying that trusted employees do. People can easily make the numbers lie with simple math when it comes to reading about sales and shit to make sure no money is missing. People voting on something they actually truly care about with basically no restrictions to do so, that’s where you’ll see Truth. 6.15.2021 - Your Friend, Jordan Hackney (Born in Paris, Texas 1987) (; Yes... Texas. And I just said all of that knowing the majority of Texans will just immediately, ignorantly be highly angry over it. Strange how Truth seems to piss everyone off. ;) ✌️♥️🎵🎥♾
fareed shklarski
fareed shklarski 23 uur geleden
Mind in both brain and heart
Mr. WaterBottle
Mr. WaterBottle Dag geleden
Vsauce: because of people, using commu me: communism Vsauce: communication
ZachStarAttack Dag geleden
14:16. I literally have to do that though and get it explained to me D:
Actually Apathy
Actually Apathy Dag geleden
the closed captions on this video could use some editing
Red_Dragon_Scale Dag geleden
I'm down for a lottocracy
DumbassDucky Dag geleden
Micheal may not be an Elephant, but he sure is awesome
Dharma Dag geleden
11:42 XD
Sarah Hannah
Sarah Hannah Dag geleden
It’s so crazy how humans created a way of communicating with out communicating
Lucas Oliveira Teixeira
holly Molly - that thing about the future people "reviving" us fkd my head real good
UnnTHPS Dag geleden
It's a great video and all but I can't focus on it, I'm having compulsive thoughts about putting climate disaster deniers and antivaxxers in prison.
Navinesh Chand
Navinesh Chand Dag geleden
Vsauce your now like a meme and they even add in roblox don't press the button im not hating but it was funny
Commodore Chaos
Commodore Chaos Dag geleden
As a person who struggles with autism I'll have to disagree on you with the recognizing facial patterns. It takes all of my energy just to understand how other people are feeling.
Commodore Chaos
Commodore Chaos Dag geleden
Kind of insensitive @vsauce
Jack Dickinson
Jack Dickinson Dag geleden
When I watch these videos It really messes with my head. Some stuff he says really clicks on my head but then I feel like Micheals job is just to say really confusing shit and then vaguely explain that shit and then frictionlessly glide into another confusing statement that just give me more questions. Then boom I've watched a 30 minute video and my head just hurts
Logan Wildermuth
Logan Wildermuth Dag geleden
Hi Michael, wondering if you've ever done an AMA or anything of the sort? been watching for a while, and I think it'd be cool to learn a bit more about you. Nothing creepy.. lol just like fav music and that kinda stuff. If not, is it something you'd be interested in, maybe even as a collab on someone else's channel/podcast? (so as not to hurt your channel algorithmically)
Brandon Cukrow
Brandon Cukrow Dag geleden
I feel like I’m having an existential crisis and existential hope at the same time watching these videos.
Jakob Kruse
Jakob Kruse 8 uur geleden
That seems pretty appropriate for the situation humanity is in in this century.
John Clark
John Clark Dag geleden
Paul's married to Mark
oomlll • 55 years ago
How to basic
BananaGaming Dag geleden
I couldn't stop thinking about MBTI while watching this. So many interesting connections.
Maluwen 21 uur geleden
Whats MBTI?
Col Wars Studio Brickfilm and more!
9:10 chimps have joined the chat.....
fqves Dag geleden
When the aliens come, we should send Michael
Eric Nail
Eric Nail Dag geleden
The idea that vsauce learned anything from Bill Gates is laughable. Vsauce is a hero, Bill Gates buys influence and pedals vaccines while being the creator of the most virus-infested product OF. ALL. TIME.
DarkC Z
DarkC Z Dag geleden
Bruh i just think about whats a mind if we have a brain
WaQbwyAYt5hm HDuQx1lS
Of course crowd reasoning and open discourse is good, that’s why social media bans users 🤣
WaQbwyAYt5hm HDuQx1lS
Of course crowds have no biases. That’s why humanity believed in spirits and gods forever 🤣.
WaQbwyAYt5hm HDuQx1lS
If too much population disturbs weather patterns and makes food production more expensive, there you go, that’s your limit on population. We don’t need a technocratic world government.
Domasiukas Dag geleden
After being suicidal for a long time, I have just realized that the reason I am still alive is because I feel like Vsauce would be hella disappointed in me if I actually did it LOL
MrZeroin Uur geleden
yea, Michael energizes life. And inspires us not to give up and be awed of it.
Sauced on
Sauced on Dag geleden
the Einstein of youtube
Daniel Murimi-Worstell
Vsauce discussing what sounds a heck of a lot like Anarchism. Based!
Julia Mountainstream
Hey! Could u do something on reality shifting? Idk if u believe in it or anything but I would love to hear more about it
Lynwood Jackson
Lynwood Jackson 2 dagen geleden
"The world is not a logic puzzle." Bull. Pics or it didn't happen.
truthsurfer808 2 dagen geleden
Wow, I didn't know we were going to get more climate change propaganda from Vsauce. Sad.
Zzudwa 2 dagen geleden
Seems like in the end of his speech he invented soviet(council) authority but dodged of calling the names.
rdrnn 2 dagen geleden
the mind is stored in the balls
Tornagh Malumenis
Tornagh Malumenis 2 dagen geleden
That's a long time to say "capitalism is killing us all"
Fajri Nafisa
Fajri Nafisa 2 dagen geleden
Jakub Vobořil
Jakub Vobořil 2 dagen geleden
if you make school.. I come learn :) edit: thanks for you.. This video is gem!
ArtwithKrissy 2 dagen geleden
ew concrete.
ArtwithKrissy 2 dagen geleden
This Cornish lass doesnt like all this 'growth'
mrws 2 dagen geleden
So if you're already were right, you need to go left!
OrangeFries 2 dagen geleden
I really like how he talked about climate change and green house gasses without saying either of those words
OrangeFries 2 dagen geleden
@leafster it was very *reasonable* of him ;]
leafster 2 dagen geleden
those phrases bring up shields and spears on both sides, so best not use them
Blue Square
Blue Square 2 dagen geleden
Yeah it messes with your conception of free will when you think about how you don't really have good reason for most of the decisions you've made. And then when pressed you have to work backward and construct some 'reason' for why your life is the way it is.
Repiróu 2 dagen geleden
Por qué será que todos estos sujetos simplemente aceptan que la mente existe si eso no ha recibido demostración? Por qué ese afán de hacer del humano algo especial en el universo? Tanto les cuesta aceptar que no somos especiales ni tenemos ninguna clase de conexión con algo metafísico ni tenemos una parte "espiritual"? Habría que preguntarse en lugar de "dónde está la mente" Y si no hay mente? Pues qué sucede? Pues nada, todo sigue igual.
NotThisTime 2 dagen geleden
What is your guy's thing with using the picture "School of Athens?"
tinyawka 2 dagen geleden
14:18 that's exactly how I'm doing social stuff
Cheddar 2 dagen geleden
Let's all remember this is the guy that made Mario farts
QueenieMouse 2 dagen geleden
I love you. I miss you!
Gino 2 dagen geleden
Like/dislike ratio is F888ing sweet
Luigina Trotta
Luigina Trotta 2 dagen geleden
l o l
Jeremy Cogan
Jeremy Cogan 2 dagen geleden
Watched this while eating
Ray T
Ray T 3 dagen geleden
Great video!
phonvoli ormogwey
phonvoli ormogwey 3 dagen geleden
> humans prefer the one with more functions HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA Let me tell you about a company called Apple
OverThinker 3 dagen geleden
Hey Vsauce, Michael here... Or am I?
Lor.D FleXanour
Lor.D FleXanour 3 dagen geleden
Wait so if you think like 14:22 are u considered abnormal?
Cjdippa 3 dagen geleden
Hey vsause Michael here
Cama Mac
Cama Mac 3 dagen geleden
If aliens ever ask me to take them to our planets best representative I'm taking them straight to Vsauce. The guys one of the best of us. A thirst for knowledge and a passion to share said knowledge. Never going to unsubscribe. Legend.
jacob welsh
jacob welsh 3 dagen geleden
This guy is an anarchist! The techno salvation he mentioned is his way of explaining technocracy
Pedro Dag geleden
@gug a patriarchal society is the closest thing that can work, where every family has a leader, usually the elder, called the patriarch. He is much better than any politician or "representative" because he is working for his own family's interests. Every patriarch discusses their issues and get into agreements about what their families will follow.
jacob welsh
jacob welsh Dag geleden
@gug id say if a person owns some land, theyre the ruler over that land and gets to say what happens, if you only live their its either your choice to follow the rules or leave. if theres a community of people, each person owning their own land, no rules can be made up. The natural laws of wrong and right which already exist are the only rules we can be governed by. if somebody did wrong, the wrongdoer owes back the equal value of what they ruined plus more to make up for the inconvenience of them behaving badly in the first place. Thats where community comes in, to collectively make an effort to hold people accountable to their wrong actions. other than working together on projects and holding criminals accountable, there is no reason or use for a community. once you start electing people to make decisions you get right into tyranny no matter what. and thats because people end up putting their faith in a charismatic leader who has everyones worse interest in mind. hope that nakes sense, what im trying to say is that when we collectivize we dont think clearly and we assume the collective has more rights than the individual. ive seen it happen in libertarian freedom communities where they forget the whole reason theyre together and start kicking people out for no reason, acting like the collective has more rights over individuals. which the collective is only an abstract concept, the actions coming from each individual within the collective is the only thing to actually exist
gug Dag geleden
@jacob welsh Democracy as in every individual gets a say in what's happening in the community. Not a ruler, but a representative of the community who meets with other representatives, who elect one of their own as a representative of the area, eventually leading to a council of representatives that can openly discuss how a nation should be run. Each life being equal to any other, with no singular ruler. Maybe a representative of the nation itself for diplomatic purposes, but no emperor in a palace or president in a white house. Leaders, but not rulers.
jacob welsh
jacob welsh 2 dagen geleden
@gug Democracy as in you choose who gets to rule over you?
gug 2 dagen geleden
Definitely, people who think everything was perfect when they were a child or that Elon Musk is going to save us all and take us to Mars are foolish to say the least, I'm glad he mentioned the importance of direct democracy
John Haney
John Haney 3 dagen geleden
I'd like to have something, some viable reason to talk to Bill Gates someday. Im sure I could sound smart enough if I had that line of reason. You live a charmed life Mr Stevens. You can afford to think and write about these things with your time. I have to sit here wondering if I want to wake up tomorrow.
Austin Fowkes
Austin Fowkes 3 dagen geleden
One of the best videos on NLblock
2 Shots
2 Shots 4 dagen geleden
There are so few videos i wish i could like twice. All of them, though, are by Vsauce
KleinkMusic 4 dagen geleden
These feel like sermons. I love it.
Sana N. M.
Sana N. M. 4 dagen geleden
Videos on topics that no one think are important are si rare and to find one of such great quality is always a pleasure. I'm always grateful to Michael for sharing such awesome free knowledge with us 👏🏻👍🏻 keep up the good work.
mr kat
mr kat 4 dagen geleden
hey vsauce.. I have a question and its killing me.. is it possible to stab someone with a brick? bare hands... I was it proven experimentally not theoretically
Atheer 4 dagen geleden
Please can you add Arabic translation
EDI3Z 4 dagen geleden
D R A G X 4 dagen geleden
A question for u Micheal what is mind in terms of science is it energy, a single atom, or a living being in our head?
Sunil Khadilkar
Sunil Khadilkar 4 dagen geleden
Harley Dendinger
Harley Dendinger 4 dagen geleden
I had to leave the video after he mentioned his affiliation with Bill Gates.
gug 2 dagen geleden
You can clearly tell he doesn't like it, but an opportunity is an opportunity I suppose
Indeedus Prime
Indeedus Prime 4 dagen geleden
As a wise man once said, "Memories can be vile, repulsive little brutes. Like children, I suppose. But can we live without them? Memories are what our reason is based upon. If we cannot face them, we deny reason itself! Although why not? We aren’t contractually tied down to rationality! There is no sanity clause! So when you find yourself locked onto an unpleasant train of thought, heading for the places in your past where the screaming is unbearable, remember there’s always madness! Madness is the emergency exit… You can just step outside, and close the door on all those dreadful things that happened. You can lock them away… FOREVER."
Wherearemyseeds 4 dagen geleden
Imagine getting a sponser from THE BILL GATES
yo zae
yo zae 4 dagen geleden
hey people from 2040
AdamsApples999 4 dagen geleden
People not only believe in different things, but they have DRASTICALLY different Thought PROCESSES … A.k.a. Mind Blown 🤯
Kaleb Vazquez
Kaleb Vazquez 4 dagen geleden
Twitter ain't gonna like this one
AdamsApples999 4 dagen geleden
I would like to talk to Michael about the universe and see what he has to say about my thoughts and opinions
Venator 5 dagen geleden
i wonder what's the probability of a random ballot election randomly selecting people who'll form an evil government, and how that compares to the probability of trump being reelected under the electorial college system...
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