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Jon Jafari - Director/Editor/Writer
Sergio Torres - Director of Photography/Line Producer/Creative
Andrew Reynoso - Key Grip/Creative
Lewis Bown - Editor/Writer

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7 jun. 2021




Bezig met laden.....

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Jake camacho
Jake camacho 11 minuten geleden
Stop taking sponsors for raid shadow legends
Marissa Hesselbray
Marissa Hesselbray 22 minuten geleden
The feels from that outro music though ❤️
Dahl Todd
Dahl Todd 42 minuten geleden
9:56, careful Nintendo might file a copyright claim for using 3 seconds of the Mario Kart theme. HAHA, glad to see that you're back making videos again. Keep 'em comin'!
NERD SAUCE 54 minuten geleden
m a g n i f i c e n t
Green Lion2
Green Lion2 57 minuten geleden
10:09 best clip
Dallas Ahart
Dallas Ahart 58 minuten geleden
Well OK time to wait another year until you post again
Victor Uur geleden
Father of Juicing - somehow it's not Zyzz, what the hell?
Oliver Klozoff
Oliver Klozoff Uur geleden
I know I have the humor of a 7 year old for this, but listen to 9:22 with your eyes closed.
OlafttheGreat1998 Uur geleden
17:20 AHHH THE NOSTALGIA Seriously though this song still makes me cry
Raddog Uur geleden
You should watch 1000-lb sisters.
Adam Hendler
Adam Hendler Uur geleden
Ahoy and JonTron are my favs.
Matt Campbell
Matt Campbell 2 uur geleden
3 min in and ive seen 4 adds. i hate this website.
Khantra 2 uur geleden
Even if he didn't live to be 100 according to his advertisement, 94 years still ain't bad.
orig4mi 2 uur geleden
That juice machine in the end is literally the Juice Losener from the Simpsons. Two whole ass carrots = tiny bit of juice
Allex G
Allex G 2 uur geleden
No Bull, my man looks and sounds great for being almost 90.
Detective Sargeant Bruce Robertson
JonTron - the man, the myth, the raid shadow legend
Lloyd Ndhlovu
Lloyd Ndhlovu 2 uur geleden
Wait dude are you the meme guy? First time here and I'm subscribing
Jerrell 2 uur geleden
Is JonTron gonna be okay?
Horror Fanboy 96
Horror Fanboy 96 3 uur geleden
Jon I’ve been watching your old Goosebumps/ Are You Afraid Of The Dark series and they’re so good! This Halloween I really hope you review some more!
ColdIceCubes 3 uur geleden
Beebis Weenis
Beebis Weenis 4 uur geleden
He has perfect supervillain eyebrows
OlafttheGreat1998 4 uur geleden
This guy is like a slightly less insane Kenneth Copeland
Jeff Indigo
Jeff Indigo 4 uur geleden
13:00 that was so well cut! lol
reuben thompson
reuben thompson 4 uur geleden
Does anyone know where he got that shirt? It’s fucking awesome!
Caleb Kettman
Caleb Kettman 5 uur geleden
Plants do keep you from become sick, but there are definitely some jumps in logic here
Max G3
Max G3 5 uur geleden
"live food = live bodies" did he just say we should eat forms of life, while they're still alive?
maxspecs 5 uur geleden
He hath ascended to immortality.
Charlie Burgess
Charlie Burgess 5 uur geleden
10:08 every hour on the hour
nebble58 6 uur geleden
I wish I was that gun
Santiago Vilela
Santiago Vilela 6 uur geleden
He is back!!!!!
Shir Pradhan
Shir Pradhan 7 uur geleden
I thought this guy said " What?!!"
LL Clawz
LL Clawz 7 uur geleden
Wait, so is Jay Kordich O.J. Simpson's dad?
Dimitri Warchief
Dimitri Warchief 7 uur geleden
Imagine watching this after finding that jontron corpse and being like” o oh…. He was that guy”
Bill DelFera
Bill DelFera 8 uur geleden
Hes been gone so long, he still has a Raid Sponser
Ribsy Dibsy
Ribsy Dibsy 10 uur geleden
Dave Chrome
Dave Chrome 11 uur geleden
2:28 the delivery of this kinda sounds like old 2012 era Jontron, back when he wore that hat. Idk why it gave me that vibe but it did
crapola67876578 11 uur geleden
Desert Chocolate52
Desert Chocolate52 11 uur geleden
How dare you put the juice book anywhere NEAR the beauty that is Animorphs.
Mikael Eriksson
Mikael Eriksson 12 uur geleden
I always thought juicing was to go on steroids
andrew wieirhc
andrew wieirhc 12 uur geleden
did anyone else think this was going to be a mike ohearn documentary?
David Lovett
David Lovett 12 uur geleden
Brandon Stephens
Brandon Stephens 13 uur geleden
Just so yall know the human mouth and stomach are full of enzymes its also known as spit when in the mouth
LaserDroid 13 uur geleden
People like the juice guy will only drop the mask if you hold them at threat of their own demise but then you're just holding an old man at knifepoint for scamming millions, who's really the bad guy???
Toivoajarakkaus 13 uur geleden
The EYEBROWS. I’ve been thrown back into Christian Childhood, Larryboy and the angry eyebrows. How long until they pull up off Jay’s face and begin descending on poor captive audience.
Bish dish
Bish dish 14 uur geleden
Damm, he drinks oj Simpson?
TheDinosaurianStudios 14 uur geleden
Ahh mother of juicing
EpicAntos 14 uur geleden
JonTron himself should play Friday Night Funkin' for sure
Madara L Uchiha
Madara L Uchiha 14 uur geleden
Is the parakeet still Alive ?
Julian Cicchella
Julian Cicchella 14 uur geleden
I hesitated watching this video because Your videos are such treats so I wanted till I had a bad day so I can watch this to cheer me up and it sure as hell worked
Nelly Perez
Nelly Perez 14 uur geleden
He made it to 94 well at least he made it that far
Rene Simon
Rene Simon 14 uur geleden
Xqcs favorite video
Diana Graham
Diana Graham 15 uur geleden
My mom had one when I was like 12 and I can confirm she thought it would solve all our problems. I'm still alive but I'm gay so it failed somewhere
Hajime 15 uur geleden
Carrots don't have joice
Cronotekk 15 uur geleden
Dude lived to 96 must’ve been onto something
SabayZone 15 uur geleden
Earth worm be like : " fck it, i will just eat the soil directly so i can live forever " 😂😂
MiniCrafty 15 uur geleden
10:46 turn on CC why don't you try some juice out dude! XD
Embedd 15 uur geleden
Idk but o read it as “legend of fucking”
Archie 15 uur geleden
Juiceworlds dad
Nightpony inRface
Nightpony inRface 15 uur geleden
X3 That ending... It's beautiful~
bunkyspunkmeyer 15 uur geleden
I'm old! This kinda shit would be the only thing on in the early morning hours of TV! Yes the juiceman was legendary in my age group! His name wafted about in the halls of schools!
Jhonatan Martins dos Santos
rabbiTron: 12:51
A nice Guy just not a simp
The pogchampion among pog champs
Colton Develle
Colton Develle 15 uur geleden
The energy he puts into these is great!! Jumping into the water🤣
TheNecrofears 15 uur geleden
I don't know how Jon does it... but Jon's videos always bring me a sense of peace. They give off a 2000s vibe and I love it. Thank you Jon for making such awesome videos that make come back whenever I have a bad day. 💕
TFear Stashbox
TFear Stashbox 16 uur geleden
I thought you got fatter, so I went back to previous videos to check. Same amount of fat. Sorry.
Davkms 16 uur geleden
Xqc when he gets old
Voorhees3388 16 uur geleden
That Ristar music tho :')
Alfonso Romero
Alfonso Romero 16 uur geleden
He looks like a fusion of all my grandparents
The Black Wolf
The Black Wolf 17 uur geleden
Watch the slap chop commercial
MrToxic -
MrToxic - 17 uur geleden
Looks like u got the juice now 😂
Link Dunn
Link Dunn 17 uur geleden
Well fine, if you want to go there let's go there. She...wasn't going to live forever. I killed my wife. She had to pay the ultimate price, she put my carrots into her mouth. You see the problem was I told her to take the carrots and juice them! But she chose to disobey me when she took my carrots and she just opened up.....and so I took that bitch and threw her into the juicer alive. And you see I had told her from the beginning again and again and again and again I bet you're all probably wondering how did it feel to get sweet revenge over my disobedient wife..and I'll tell you this it tasted as sweet as the carrot in her mouth.
epic 17 uur geleden
"Every hour! On the hour! JUICE JUICE JUICE JUICE"
Marie Sidman
Marie Sidman 17 uur geleden
Ever since I started juicing I've also gotten alot stronger. I don't mean carrot juice I mean the sazule
Owen Montgomery
Owen Montgomery 18 uur geleden
shit eshay baaaaaaa
RolanGames 18 uur geleden
YEET the Juice
Saeran Taehyung
Saeran Taehyung 18 uur geleden
this is just dan aykroyd in a different font
Rebecca Gomez
Rebecca Gomez 18 uur geleden
you make me laugh so hard!!
HotSocKs 89
HotSocKs 89 18 uur geleden
Raid shadow b'what now? Someone turn this machine off.
JazzYolo 19 uur geleden
theres something about jay kordich's voice that's mesmerizing. he's like a sinister roger corman
tOSdude 19 uur geleden
Why does this infomercial from 2011 look like it's from 1986?
Commen Cat
Commen Cat 19 uur geleden
OUR SAVIOR HAS RETURNED TO GIVE US...... oh wait never mind he supports raid shit legends hurt him
ThatGhettoPunk 19 uur geleden
Hispanyola 🤣
Maruko Sama 99
Maruko Sama 99 19 uur geleden
has anyone ever told you that you sound like Nathan Lane?
mrbrian 19 uur geleden
Hello people.
Donny D
Donny D 20 uur geleden
I thought by the video it would be about Mike O’Hearn
Matthew Young
Matthew Young 20 uur geleden
Lmao. Dude funny
FD_Trueno 20 uur geleden
At 4:18 I almost chocked.
Hyped Snake
Hyped Snake 20 uur geleden
Is Jon dead?
Think Before You Sleep
Think Before You Sleep 20 uur geleden
The Shadowkin Jontron? New? That was like 2 promotions ago. Your sellout game is weak. My followers already redeemed their new sign up bonus that included Jotun by clicking on the pinned comment below or scanning my QR code back in April. My followers have already unlocked Yoshi the Drunkard while you have kept everyone who watches your channel completely in the dark about the amazing new content that RAID: Shadow Legends consistently provides. No game has better stories. No game has better action. AND NO GAME has better graphics. Honestly, what in the hell are you guys waiting for? Download RAID: Shadow Legends TOday for your phone or PC and get 1 billion silver pieces, 5 ancient shards, 30 gems, 1 dragon, 10 new customizable outfits for your favorite champions and FOUR GOLD KEYS!!! You have to be quick though because new players are only going to have access to all of this great stuff for the next 30 days.
Pikachoo 19 uur geleden
RETR0JOE 20 uur geleden
Jack Lalanne is the real father of juicing...
Shade Tavish
Shade Tavish 21 uur geleden
I can't fucking see that fucking one set without thinking about the Jaboody Dubs video
XX K 21 uur geleden
What happened to rocktin
XX K 21 uur geleden
Green Raccoon
Green Raccoon 21 uur geleden
5:08 Wow, Nintendo Power was SAVAGE back in the 90's.
Jack Ashmore
Jack Ashmore 21 uur geleden
Telling my kids this was Joe Biden
TheFastFool K
TheFastFool K 22 uur geleden
Yoo Jon, love the videos man but can you get 4k videos out ?
M T 22 uur geleden
Jon litrally dropped himself in to a large body of water to make us laugh
Sean Jacquot
Sean Jacquot 22 uur geleden
Yo, Jon! I don't know if you've seen it yet, but Paramount has been reviving a lot of Nickelodeon's old shows, and Are You Afraid Of The Dark? is one of them! You should do a video on it!
S H.
S H. 22 uur geleden
Jon "Gene Pool" Jafari is back with more hilarious content!
TheRealmJumper 22 uur geleden
I don’t know why Jon expected the juicer wouldn’t break when he shoved two carrots too many into it.
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