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Hello and welcome back to Continental Club where today Dougie, Henry and McCubs are breaking down the best potential free transfers this summer.

With AC Milan’s Gianluigi Donnarumma interesting Chelsea, Sergio Ramos linked once again to Man United and Sergio Aguero out of contract at Man City with Barcelona and PSG considering moves, some of the biggest names in European football could be on the move this summer.

Everyone knows that Lionel Messi will likely depart Barcelona this summer with PSG and Man City considering moves, whilst the likes of Memphis Depay, Gini Wijnaldum, Angel Di Maria and David Alaba could all be secured on a free too.

As if that wasn’t enough we also break down Napoli’s clash against Juventus which could well cost Gennaro Gattuso his job and our favourites for the Champions League.

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12 feb. 2021




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Euro Football Daily
Euro Football Daily 4 maanden geleden
Which FREE transfer do you want your club to sign?! (Dougie)
Gurinder 3 maanden geleden
Sargio Ramos or Devid Alba to Liverpool
Tawedzerwa Zhou
Tawedzerwa Zhou 4 maanden geleden
McCubs looks like Andrew Garfield with covid
Rawashdeh 4 maanden geleden
Musa al tamari to real madrid
Daniel Dodds
Daniel Dodds 4 maanden geleden
Aguero to brossua dortmund and halland the other way aguero has been a legend at city but think he wants to leave and halland playing the way he is don't think dortmund would do it but lebondowsk proved older players can do it the German league
cookiesaccepted 4 maanden geleden
Danny Rose to PSG
Maks Krstic
Maks Krstic 3 maanden geleden
@MIKEMCCUB looks like someone that we used to know
HZRD Liffeman
HZRD Liffeman 4 maanden geleden
Hear me out, Mcubs looks like Laurent blanc
Danny Pugh
Danny Pugh 4 maanden geleden
Henry looks like bear grylls
Marios Lebe
Marios Lebe 4 maanden geleden
Florian Thauvin is going to be a great free signing.
THE KOLO 4 maanden geleden
21:30 moise is kean to stay 😂
Tucker Paddock
Tucker Paddock 4 maanden geleden
Atltico vs Barca final fuck it
Big Burrito
Big Burrito 4 maanden geleden
36:21 Dougie speaking of a certain club legend that recently left Chelsea here?
Jaz McG
Jaz McG 4 maanden geleden
Henry kinda reminds me of Sam the Eagle
Davinder Saini
Davinder Saini 4 maanden geleden
The proud engineering gratifyingly blink because police thirdly succeed times a nice match. scattered, entertaining crawdad
WOOOPdoctorFROGhere 4 maanden geleden
At 21 minutes he says Aguero and Messi are brothers in law. Is this correct? I thought it was Aguero was Maradona's son in law? Surely he can't have divorced Maradona's daughter and then married Messi's sister?
Barber 87
Barber 87 4 maanden geleden
Seems like during the pandemic these already multimillionaires want even more cash
Jamie McKell
Jamie McKell 4 maanden geleden
Aguero back to Argentina, unless he goes to Atleti one more time. Sergio to stay at Madrid. Messi to USA I reckon. Depay & Gigi to Barca Alaba is the best FREE AGENT available, probably reckon Barca could be a shout. Di Maria return to Madrid. Draxler to Everton maybe.
vy- w
vy- w 4 maanden geleden
1:36 The " Messy " Segway was smoother than a newly shaven " ball "
CockneyRed99 4 maanden geleden
Henry is only 5 years older than me but looks like he’s older than my dad
Darren Evans
Darren Evans 4 maanden geleden
Henry_hills bear grills maybe ? 🕵
Gian Gomes
Gian Gomes 4 maanden geleden
You don't renew a contract of a player basing it on what he HAS DONE for the club, but what he has TO GIVE still to the club. Sergio is always creating a spectacle when he renews a contract. Modric, Benzema and Kroos have not being seen creating such a spectacle.
Bedbugs 4 maanden geleden
Nobodyyy has ever told Mccubin that he looks like Andrew Garfield 😂😂
Idiris Abdullahi
Idiris Abdullahi 4 maanden geleden
Great show
Young Stars
Young Stars 4 maanden geleden
0:50 dang, I had never noticed this lol
andson02 4 maanden geleden
Aguero to Inter if Lautaro leaves :O
Chris Manocheh
Chris Manocheh 4 maanden geleden
Donnarumma moving to Chelsea is nothing more than fantasy football or football manager. It would be a downgrade for himself to move from Milan to Chelsea. Milan are a much stronger team than Chelsea right now, and are one of the absolute most dangerous clubs in Europe to challenge for trophies over the next several years. Also AC Milan are in a prestige tier far higher than Chelsea. There’s a difference between negotiating to get the highest salary he can, and actually leaving the club he loves so much. They will obviously work something out.
CBD Sloth
CBD Sloth 4 maanden geleden
"talking of Messi", beautifully placed in! :D
Richie Young
Richie Young 4 maanden geleden
I just think u look stoned high all the time especially when u smile Henry 😂
Ghost Familia
Ghost Familia 4 maanden geleden
Take a shot everytime mccubs says "Erm"
Alx 4 maanden geleden
Would be a good deal to get donnarumma on a free and then maybe sell kepa to ac miln at a cut price
Frandsen soerren
Frandsen soerren 4 maanden geleden
Messi and aguero are brothers in law? China still offering big contracts with wage cap?
J H 4 maanden geleden
Imagine Ramos saying impatiently, “Sod it!”
Jordan Hansen
Jordan Hansen 4 maanden geleden
mcubb looks like pavard especially the hair
Kevin McLaughlin
Kevin McLaughlin 4 maanden geleden
Somebody needs to count how many times @MIKEMCCUB says um throughout this video 😂😂😂
Prima HW
Prima HW 4 maanden geleden
Here's a fun game. Everytime McCubbin says "umm" take a shot of vodka and everytime he says "er" take a swig of beer. Then reply to this comment on how long it took you to get mashed up 😁
Jonathan Stewart
Jonathan Stewart 4 maanden geleden
Oof I see the sneijder comparison more than ever now dougs!
M S 4 maanden geleden
Ramos to Liverpool would be interesting since they need defensive bach up
Jake Cooper
Jake Cooper 4 maanden geleden
Henry Hill has a slight look of Mertesacker about him
Chris Manocheh
Chris Manocheh 4 maanden geleden
Mertesacker holy shit I completely haven’t thought about that dude in years! One of the most legendary names ever! Classic!
Deo 4 maanden geleden
Henry Hill looks like the poor man's bear grylls
Gabs Nandes
Gabs Nandes 4 maanden geleden
I reaaaly doubt ramos on united, cause psg still exists lol
Ticklishspoon17 4 maanden geleden
Here's a new one, McCubs looks like Adrian Rabbiot from Juventus
It ain't Obeezy
It ain't Obeezy 4 maanden geleden
42 mins let’s goo
X Saber
X Saber 4 maanden geleden
36:30 👀 me as Chelsea fan
Lobby The lobster
Lobby The lobster 4 maanden geleden
Stop saying um 😂
J haych
J haych 4 maanden geleden
Mccubs is a white salah
X Saber
X Saber 4 maanden geleden
As a Chelsea fan Mendy has proved that he is top 6 GK in Prem so there is no need for new GK,while Kepa is still at club
Mikolaj Gralak
Mikolaj Gralak 4 maanden geleden
I mean not mentioning Bayern in the convo for winning the champo is wrong, they are still probably the best team in the world especially with Lewandowski inform
Will Miall
Will Miall 4 maanden geleden
Haha more than welcome Henry. Always thought I'd be featured more for my footballing opinions but in the mean time... Sean Dyche it up! 😂
PogoProJay 4 maanden geleden
Did he say Messi and Aguero are brothers in law🤔
Scare666-ReggaeZombie420 4 maanden geleden
Bayern Munich destroyed Atletico
Jochem Dekkers
Jochem Dekkers 4 maanden geleden
You sleeping on Bayern Munich in UCL
Alex Salinas
Alex Salinas 4 maanden geleden
@y0u5uf Atletico might not win the ucl but I dont see Chelsea getting past Atletico
Icewallowcome 1
Icewallowcome 1 4 maanden geleden
@y0u5uf they’re the best team out of all those you said
y0u5uf 4 maanden geleden
nah they overrated this season . Atletico is gonna bottle this season in UCL and i hope man city will win but i dont think so . Barca if they defeat PSG can be serious contenders and Chelsea is the dark horse for me
Mindaugas Mazrimas
Mindaugas Mazrimas 4 maanden geleden
Donnaruma is an attractive player for any top club in the world based on his age alone. He’s been playing at the top of Seria A for years and has bags of experience which is a great starting position if he were to move on to the Prem where players from top to bottom of the table are capable of banging goals in. But he is only 21 at the moment and has another 20 years (If he stays healthy and motivated) left in his career so if he were to make a switch to a club that expects greatness out of the gate and has no patience for players settling in (Like Chelsea) hes going to be moved on constantly with his reputation shattered and youll make a video called “10 Biggest Hyped Up Flops” or some shite and he’ll be on the list, playing somewhere like Portugal at 27 and considered washed up. I think when the old guard retires, Donnaruma could be held in the same regard as De Gea, Oblak or Neuer but thats not going to happen if he stays in Seria A with AC. That club aint even competing in their league never mind on the world stage. I think the only way he comes to Chelsea is if Chelsea can do a Kepa+Some cash deal because theyre not going to recoup a lot of the money they spent on Kepa if they were to sell him out right and maybe they can knock 20-40m off of AC’s asking price for Donnaruma if not Donnaruma goes to Juve or PSG
Icewallowcome 1
Icewallowcome 1 4 maanden geleden
@Mohammad Bakeer during their takeover they’ve won multiple titles ucls and cups
Mohammad Bakeer
Mohammad Bakeer 4 maanden geleden
@Icewallowcome 1 can u please inform me on what chelsea are trying to do? all i see is a rich owner who throws money at his problems. and when is the last time chelsea had a manager more than 3 year. i dont think chelsea have any structured plans could u inform me on what their trying to do
Mindaugas Mazrimas
Mindaugas Mazrimas 4 maanden geleden
@Mohammad Bakeer You think half a season of good performance erases the last decade of complete shite? Come on. Use your brain
Icewallowcome 1
Icewallowcome 1 4 maanden geleden
@Mohammad Bakeer they took tomori as a backup loan cause he’s young I wasn’t talking about ac milan but saying chelsea doesn’t have a direction is stupidity
Mohammad Bakeer
Mohammad Bakeer 4 maanden geleden
@Icewallowcome 1 milan has lost 2 of their last 38 games and have a strict policy that buy young players keep wage bill low and keep the players. and r currently in first place. how could u say chelsea has direction? they have spent 200 million and are sitting in 6th to show for it. milan have spent nothing and r in first. even took tomori off chelsea
Jaiden Parker
Jaiden Parker 4 maanden geleden
The three best presenters on FD!
Aman Mitra
Aman Mitra 4 maanden geleden
Henry looks more like a thumb each episode he's in
Aitch 4736
Aitch 4736 4 maanden geleden
City offered fernandinho an assistant coaches job I think
Icewallowcome 1
Icewallowcome 1 4 maanden geleden
Jamail van Westering
Jamail van Westering 4 maanden geleden
Dougie looking like Sneijder? I can't really see it. maybe Robben but also if he gets a bold head on top, maybe more a non football player like Dara O'Briain
J H 4 maanden geleden
Greatest football analysis show
Jamail van Westering
Jamail van Westering 4 maanden geleden
@Euro Football Daily yeah you do, Dara isn’t fully bald, you’re able to see he does have some hair still
Euro Football Daily
Euro Football Daily 4 maanden geleden
Come on Dara O'Brian is just bald... we don't look at all similar! (Dougie)
Freya murtem
Freya murtem 4 maanden geleden
The most deadly front three in europe together again.
cookiesaccepted 4 maanden geleden
Continental Club with the trio! Best way to get the weekend started. Thanks guys!! Also: Love Henry's moves after 8 min 😅
Shadow Football
Shadow Football 4 maanden geleden
If Milan let Donnarumma go for free, then they might as well have lost all integrity
Icewallowcome 1
Icewallowcome 1 4 maanden geleden
The club don’t let players go The player has a choice
Mohammad Bakeer
Mohammad Bakeer 4 maanden geleden
raiola is his agent
GlesgaGreg 4 maanden geleden
De Zerbi would be good at Napoli but Mazzari would be a real blow for football
Nick Grant
Nick Grant 4 maanden geleden
Also I thought I was on euro football daily? What players can UTD/Chelsea sign and Aguero leaving city....
Nick Grant
Nick Grant 4 maanden geleden
@Euro Football Daily with respect then shouldn't the topic be what by free transfers can European clubs make?
Euro Football Daily
Euro Football Daily 4 maanden geleden
They were the biggest names that weren’t Messi! We also talked Depay, Di Maria, Juve vs Napoli and the UCL so think there was plenty of European content! (Dougie)
Joel Middleton
Joel Middleton 4 maanden geleden
Henry looks more like Bear Grylls
Divyansh Bahuguna
Divyansh Bahuguna 4 maanden geleden
Henry is looking like Bear Grylls 😎
Divyansh Bahuguna
Divyansh Bahuguna 4 maanden geleden
Henry is getting old 😂
nadeem shaikh
nadeem shaikh 4 maanden geleden
Good to see “Griezmann “ part of the discussion 😝 Great look Mccubs
AS SA 4 maanden geleden
dont really think expected save is the stat that should be used when comparing goalkeepers with little difference. Mendy has been descent for chelsea in terms of shot stopping .He has looked a suspect in recent games but that is sometimes due to defensive mistakes and slightly poor judgement while catching a ball. I have seen Donnarumma and while he makes some awesome saves .In serie a pressing is not that much and he never really takes chances while passing at the back so dont think he can be a massive improvement for mendy. Gk is a position where I think stats can not differentiate between a good and a great goalkeeper. You cant quantify their composure while dealing with aerial ball. I can give example of Leno as an Arsenal fan .Leno is a great keeper but is a big suspect in air and in making important decisions(red card against Wolves ,conceding a bad corner against Olympiakos ,catching the ball against Chelsea etc)same goes for De Gea and Lloris .All three are massive in shot stopping but suspect in other areas.
Mohammad Bakeer
Mohammad Bakeer 4 maanden geleden
donnarumma when he as starting out everyone said that he needed to work on his feet. he has grown into playing out of the back now if u have not watched any milan games all tomori does is pass it back to donnarumma
Nick Grant
Nick Grant 4 maanden geleden
There's rarely any context given to stats which makes these quite a bore.
Daniel Dodds
Daniel Dodds 4 maanden geleden
Donnaramma would be a great signing for anyone he's such a good player for being so young milan should offer wot he wants
Daniel Dodds
Daniel Dodds 4 maanden geleden
They all look like three generations of the same man Dougie the oldest Mike the youngest and henry in-between feel like Mike was the hippy time or maybe college years lol
Daniel Dodds
Daniel Dodds 4 maanden geleden
Wasn't in no means trying to slag boys love the channel
L T 4 maanden geleden
Henry is Bear Grylls son, surely!?
ANi 4 maanden geleden
Haha Sean Dyche 🤣 he is fun
Rafael Martic
Rafael Martic 4 maanden geleden
Funny how Bayern is not even considered in the race for the CL title. Y'all forgot how they beat Atleti 4-0?
rocky1169pt 4 maanden geleden
And the current Champs.
Mark Royter
Mark Royter 4 maanden geleden
Donnarumma has a chance to become one of the greatest one club men. Hope he stays
Empire Tesoro
Empire Tesoro 4 maanden geleden
reading these comments i can tell no one has seen donnarumma play. unless you are a Chelsea fan you DO NOT want him in the PL. he is the best shot stopping keeper of all time already and he is 21. he just has to develop playing with the ball at his feet and he is still 21 so u don’t want him at Chelsea unless u want ur life to be a lot harder
CF19 4 maanden geleden
Bit of an outrageous call there
Doraigaya Ragok
Doraigaya Ragok 4 maanden geleden
Dougie - Bas Dost
Euro Football Daily
Euro Football Daily 4 maanden geleden
Good shout actually (Doug)
Andy S
Andy S 4 maanden geleden
Donnarumma not leaving Milan and the only place he would go if he leaves is maybe Juventus
Cem Spicer
Cem Spicer 4 maanden geleden
i mean mccubs looks exactly like my best friend, so they wouldn't be able to see what I mean but it does make watching these videos weird for me lol
Leo Kovac-Zrakic
Leo Kovac-Zrakic 4 maanden geleden
Dougie, Henry and McCubbin is the deadliest trio since MSN💪 keep up the good work lads!
Euro Football Daily
Euro Football Daily 4 maanden geleden
Yes Leo! (Doug)
henry stanley
henry stanley 4 maanden geleden
This would be great as a podcast as well
Luke Rea
Luke Rea 4 maanden geleden
Yes boys!
aditya walde
aditya walde 4 maanden geleden
Sean dyche without a beard back in 1985
Daniel Sanchez
Daniel Sanchez 4 maanden geleden
I don’t think donnarumma would be free but I would like to see him at Chelsea even though I’m an Arsenal fan
Mohammad Bakeer
Mohammad Bakeer 4 maanden geleden
his contract is expering in june
Empire Tesoro
Empire Tesoro 4 maanden geleden
u don’t want that trust me
Andy S
Andy S 4 maanden geleden
no u don’t lol. he is literally a wall
Sha Grrr
Sha Grrr 4 maanden geleden
Pretty sure Donnarumma is going to re-sign with Milan off of latest reports
Minikkh Shaaan
Minikkh Shaaan 4 maanden geleden
@P Shangzinho gonna bleed Milan dry then take him to Real Madrid.
P Shangzinho
P Shangzinho 4 maanden geleden
Latest report is that Raiola rejected the deal and wants a fkin 2 year deal instead of 5 with 10 million a year
Ashu Prabhakar
Ashu Prabhakar 4 maanden geleden
Would love if you could create the "chapters" in the video. So we can get to our fav topic right away.
Inesh Lokhai
Inesh Lokhai 4 maanden geleden
Yes great idea, even tho imma watch the whole show.😂👍🏾
Josh W-G
Josh W-G 4 maanden geleden
Don't care if ramos is old or on high wages. United should be all over him, considering maguire and lindelof together has a defending IQ of 7
Gaffer 4 maanden geleden
@Guleed Abdule i disagree
Guleed Abdule
Guleed Abdule 4 maanden geleden
@Gaffer He can, being a bit rash doesn't mean he can't defend.
Gaffer 4 maanden geleden
@Guleed Abdule ye i 100% agree with that, he's a great leader and scores goal, but he cant actually tackle/defend
Guleed Abdule
Guleed Abdule 4 maanden geleden
@Gaffer He's a leader who can organise the backline. Please use your brain.
Gaffer 4 maanden geleden
Ramos can’t actually defend though
Calum brooks
Calum brooks 4 maanden geleden
Brilliant lads thank you kindly!❤️❤️✌️
Euro Football Daily
Euro Football Daily 4 maanden geleden
Top man Calum! (Dougie)
Jimmy Knizzle
Jimmy Knizzle 4 maanden geleden
Digz 4 maanden geleden
Donnarumma will sign a new contract with Milan.
Mohammad Bakeer
Mohammad Bakeer 4 maanden geleden
@OKC x lile have game in hand. milan is also big club and saying something is a money project has no meaning i can say milan has a money project u donut.
Dexter Croal
Dexter Croal 4 maanden geleden
I hope mino sends him to juve😍
OKC x 4 maanden geleden
@Mohammad Bakeer PSG are first, Barca are top 3 biggest club, Chelsea is a big money project
joseph pandini
joseph pandini 4 maanden geleden
Idk why everyone thinks he’ll leave, no one remembers the original negotiations???? Team in tenth place literally in shambles, fans throwing fake money and criticizing him but now that we’re doing great, have an amazing board that will do everything to keep him and surrounded him with great talent, now he leaves 😂
Mister S
Mister S 4 maanden geleden
Donnarumma is 21!!!! 21!!! I feel so Old😭😭😢😢
OB1 Kenobi
OB1 Kenobi 4 maanden geleden
Fifa ultimate team and football kinda the same. The menu and transfers are more interesting than the actual game
Oliver Kadel
Oliver Kadel 4 maanden geleden
Henry - Bear Grills
rocket saha
rocket saha 4 maanden geleden
Good comment
Kristian Zaya
Kristian Zaya 4 maanden geleden
Guys don't forget that bayern crushed Atletico in the first leg and then drew with them using their b/c team
Anish R
Anish R 4 maanden geleden
@Kristian Zaya I think now we can clearly see this is not the same Barca team of the past after that game
Kristian Zaya
Kristian Zaya 4 maanden geleden
@Anish R psg are third in the French league mate they're losing 5-2 on aggregate mark my words
Anish R
Anish R 4 maanden geleden
@Kristian Zaya I don't I'm just really low on Barca the season PSG in my opinion should win even without Neymar
Kristian Zaya
Kristian Zaya 4 maanden geleden
@Anish R I would agree about psg if I thought they'd win against barca however with neymar out for the first leg I think barca will beat them
Anish R
Anish R 4 maanden geleden
@Kristian Zaya I don't know I feel like the Bayern team at the beginning of the season was in much better form than they are now but agree along those 3 and PSG are my favorites to win UCL
marcus mclean
marcus mclean 4 maanden geleden
Henry is looking older by the episode
HARLEM 4 maanden geleden
Well ur not wrong
Your Dad Has A Dog Filter
Your Dad Has A Dog Filter 4 maanden geleden
@J L His mate did him dirty
J L 4 maanden geleden
He just looks terrible in this video
William Howell
William Howell 4 maanden geleden
chris scott
chris scott 4 maanden geleden
McCub is 100% either callum styles or skov
Paulo Melo
Paulo Melo 4 maanden geleden
Mccub looks like Pablo Aimar.
ExiledYT 4 maanden geleden
Inject it!!!!
JAYS WIFI 4 maanden geleden
Long Head, Round Head, Long head
What what Pokemon
What what Pokemon 4 maanden geleden
When Intelligence is Used to Play