The Ben Askren Interview: Knocking Out Jake Paul - IMPAULSIVE EP. 272 

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Olympic wrestler \u0026 former UFC fighter, Ben Askren, joins the boys to discuss his plan to KO Jake Paul on April 17th, the first thing he’d do if he won, seeing nightmares about Jorge Masvidal’s knee, Dana White betting $1 Million, why Dillon Danis is a joke, brutally honest thoughts of Logan Paul Vs Floyd Mayweather \u0026 more..

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Impaulsive is a significant break from the typical content viewers have come to expect from the vlog channel \u0026 we could not be more proud and excited to watch this unfold and grow. Please be advised that we will be exploring a wide variety of topics (some adult-themed) and our younger viewers (and their parents) should be advised that some topics will be for mature audiences only.

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8 apr. 2021




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Neza The fox
Neza The fox Dag geleden
Imagine being told in like 2014 that Jake paul would be a fighter like wtf
Marcelo 888
Marcelo 888 2 dagen geleden
Ben is an average 36 year old man, while Mike thinks he is still 23.
Marcelo 888
Marcelo 888 3 dagen geleden
Logan: *continuously pokes fun at Ben’s KO from Masvidal, makes fun of him, and put him down before his fight with Jake* Ben: I don’t think you’re going to win against Floyd Mayweather (literally one of the greatest boxers who’ve ever lived) Then Logan acts all offended lmfao
Chase 4 dagen geleden
21:53 this was the moment you are looking for 😂
Sayuri 4 dagen geleden
LMAFO he lost
King Used
King Used 5 dagen geleden
Bro logan and Mike watching Jake talk shit was the funniest shit
King Used
King Used 5 dagen geleden
I didn't realize he didn't think he was gonna win. His heart wasn't in it
Ross Moore
Ross Moore 5 dagen geleden
i like ben. Hes a critical thinker, good in the head, and interesting to listen to
D Lee
D Lee 9 dagen geleden
Logan is more tolerable than Jake.
Shawn Van
Shawn Van 9 dagen geleden
logan: “what do you think the chances are that you get knocked out by jake” ben: “highly unlikely “ 💀💀
La Catchwr
La Catchwr 3 dagen geleden
He's old my guy nobody knew he was gonna beat Jake everyone was hoping cuz yk Jake or Logan won't ever fight a real boxer there weight and size a fair fight for both boxers Logan and Jake pick there fights and never challenge themselfs
Burnt Taco14
Burnt Taco14 9 dagen geleden
I cringe so hard during jakes video
Be like Bro
Be like Bro 9 dagen geleden
Ben askren has the funniest face profile
Liam (Cloudy)
Liam (Cloudy) 11 dagen geleden
Its jjust awesome to watch this now, Ben talking about Jake as if he's not about to get knocked the fuck out come fight night. Priceless
Ben 11 dagen geleden
Mike was nice, I don’t like Logan in this podcast, Jeff was the same as usual.
Offshore Driller
Offshore Driller 11 dagen geleden
Stop calling it a “fight” “they’re fighting” it’s just a boxing match.
DEAD Mask 💀
DEAD Mask 💀 11 dagen geleden
I wake up in the hospital and my wife’s there and she’s says what’s up 😂😂 rolling
DEAD Mask 💀
DEAD Mask 💀 11 dagen geleden
Even though in a way Paul and Ben are rivals the respect is real and I respect that
Random White Dude
Random White Dude 12 dagen geleden
Ben's the better man. Maybe not the better Boxer but still. Much respect.
Drew Price
Drew Price 12 dagen geleden
He underestimated jake
Abnormal_Deformables 12 dagen geleden
Lol “honestly I don’t really know what DeFi is “
McTapoutos 13 dagen geleden
Is this the prick who record a man after suicide in JAPAN ?
Joel Avalos
Joel Avalos 13 dagen geleden
It's almost as if Ben ASKREN is preparing to lose...talking about I got knocked out by masdival so I don't care .... He knew he was gunna lose ... Rigged
Melissa Torrey
Melissa Torrey 14 dagen geleden
It’s not surprising he’s so smart!! My son has level 1(Aspergers) borderline 2 autism and one of the most common things they see with Aspergers (type 1 autism) is above average intelligence. My fears always been my son wouldn’t be a kid that fits in with his peers or has a hard time doing things other kids his age mastered long before then. Makes me happy and hopefully for to see Ben functioning and doing amazing things with life.
INSANE DANNY 14 dagen geleden
0:22 who is that guy that Logan is talking to
Hitlistforthetube 15 dagen geleden
Ben is actually genuinely a nice guy
LAL SIN 16 dagen geleden
I heard Ben has a wife to cover up
Aswin Sudarsan
Aswin Sudarsan 16 dagen geleden
Y’all make jokes on him. If jake and Ben get into a street fight Ben can make jake sleep the thing is boxing is not his thing
Loui Mane
Loui Mane 16 dagen geleden
Being a Viner was a career? 😂
AvoxyWRLD 17 dagen geleden
Whos here when he got knocked the fuck out
Brutus Allen
Brutus Allen 17 dagen geleden
Woof woof
Kayleigh Kidwell
Kayleigh Kidwell 17 dagen geleden
J-Stutters /JustinJamieson
I'm glad I'm not the only one who has those dreams. Where the thing you're fighting moves at normal speed, while everything you do is in slow motion.
Ashley Rybeck
Ashley Rybeck 20 dagen geleden
Logan I would love to recreate your podcast studio! It really needs a uplift! It’s missing something. Love you still 😝
TheRealNecrocide GMD
TheRealNecrocide GMD 20 dagen geleden
Ben really didn't deserve
420 Smoka
420 Smoka 20 dagen geleden
Lol he said i have no illusion I am a good boxer, he honestly didn't give a shi if he won or lost
Galaxy Sharky
Galaxy Sharky 25 dagen geleden
Galaxy Sharky
Galaxy Sharky 25 dagen geleden
Galaxy Sharky
Galaxy Sharky 25 dagen geleden
Paul Manno
Paul Manno 25 dagen geleden
The rustic thursday neuropathologically explode because exclamation approximately request absent a noxious exclamation. volatile, various psychiatrist
Jacob Meise
Jacob Meise 25 dagen geleden
I'm mad that i'm being actually entertained by a Paul brother lmao
Devin N
Devin N 23 dagen geleden
thats pretty pathetic
xSusP3cT (SusP3cT)
xSusP3cT (SusP3cT) 27 dagen geleden
logan paul straight clowned ben this whole interview no cap on some sheisty shit
Man Of Contraband
Man Of Contraband Maand geleden
Rich Well
Rich Well Maand geleden
Ben, Logan Paul knows all about the 12-14 age group. That’s his entire audience. Lmao.
365 Label
365 Label Maand geleden
The guy who's wearing black dress and pleasure written on it, man he keeps on interrupting the conversation.
Moumen Moumen
Moumen Moumen Maand geleden
I need an American friend to practice english with So if you want to learn arabic or even for fun chat me 🙏🏻🙏🏻
the madclown
the madclown Maand geleden
The guy is getting old and just had his surgery. Lol what do you guys expect. Hes a nice guy who was willing to have some fun.
Chris Morgan
Chris Morgan Maand geleden
He looks like a greek God and his personality is gold. He is the coolest coolest guy iv ever met. Most men have that ego or toxic mentality. This man is perfect. Edit: (And I'm not gay im a female on my boyfriends account lol)
Devin N
Devin N 23 dagen geleden
you also can't spell
silvercomputer Maand geleden
Yeah I was about to say u were moving a bit mad
Kris Gardner
Kris Gardner Maand geleden
Gained a lot of respect for Ben here. Ehh Mike and George got on my nerves a little. Trying too hard.
DXRK INFINITE Maand geleden
Logan is like the younger version of Ben
Pato_Alv Maand geleden
"This didn't age well" Actually it did end well Ben predict after his win he'd done the same thing as if he'd also lost "Ill retire and coach" Big ups to Ben!!!!
TrashicPanda Maand geleden
Logan Paul has matured but theyre all still light years behind.
Jasen Arneson
Jasen Arneson Maand geleden
I came on here to say Mike's voice is super annoying and you should drop him and the Arabian guy I'm just saying they are annoying and make me cringe Logan is the only cool dude and dude I even care to listen to.. Mike talks too much way too.much and other dude doesn't add good enough content thinks he is funny and he's not Logan only and try some new partners guys are soo annoying makes me not even want to watch or listen.
the madclown
the madclown Maand geleden
Logan isnt going to drop them cause of your preference because there his friends. Although I do think mike need to improve in some things but at this moment he doesnt seem like a bad guy.
DJ Emerry
DJ Emerry Maand geleden
don’t watch or listen then
Jony Hossain
Jony Hossain Maand geleden
Who’s here after askren vs jake😂
some random idiot
some random idiot Maand geleden
More like Ben Asskren
Devin N
Devin N 23 dagen geleden
more like your parents dont love you
Send Aholics Anonymous
Floyd won't have a chance against any of the pauls
Send Aholics Anonymous
Send Aholics Anonymous 23 dagen geleden
@Devin N I don't know shit about boxing. Growing up as kids inspired to be men. We used our bare fucking fists. 😂😂😂😂 I know more about fighting than I like to admit. Since about 09 all the fuck boys in the world are fighters all of a sudden 🤣🤣🤣
Devin N
Devin N 23 dagen geleden
you clearly know nothing about fighting
Liz BMG Maand geleden
nobody: ben’s side profile:🗿
Andrei Hinculov
Andrei Hinculov Maand geleden
Dominic Colangelo
Dominic Colangelo Maand geleden
Nate Robinson
Luis F Saenz
Luis F Saenz Maand geleden
I would like to see them wrestle
poppin’ fresh
poppin’ fresh Maand geleden
all that money and he can’t buy a toothbrush
Cluff Will
Cluff Will Maand geleden
Ya I don’t like mike
Ernest Claybon III
Ernest Claybon III Maand geleden
Good interview
Aeonik Maand geleden
this and some lofi in the background is amazing loll
s-tier plank
s-tier plank Maand geleden
Phat boy productions
Phat boy productions Maand geleden
I’ll fight jake
No Maand geleden
In a cage?
Phat boy productions
Phat boy productions Maand geleden
@Nick Little no I wouldn’t I have fought bigger and better
Nick Little
Nick Little Maand geleden
You’d get demolished dude
J .Woods
J .Woods Maand geleden
This has not aged well
Lost Sheep of Yasharahla
Damn kids are so disrespectful and interruptive. Please just let your gusts finish a sentence before interrupting them.
No Maand geleden
@Lost Sheep of Yasharahla how
Lost Sheep of Yasharahla
@NeKroS I don’t like to do that because it can be misleading.
NeKroS Maand geleden
@Lost Sheep of Yasharahla do you know you can just edit your comment
Lost Sheep of Yasharahla
Guests* not "gusts".
Mini Erika AKA Kayla Richard
But my step dad robbed more Douglas doesn't think you are going to do
Mini Erika AKA Kayla Richard
Actually what's taking you so long to be actually doing podcast cuz I'm 13 years old and I just want to know when you're doing podcast today if you're not that's great for you I mean Floyd Mayweather is not going to be you because you're the strongest man on earth besides your brother and I know that he's little than you and you're like more stronger more muscle you could take him down in like 2 seconds
No Maand geleden
Stronger doesn't equal better
SHARIQ YUSUF Maand geleden
Who is here after the fight?
josh dombrowski
josh dombrowski Maand geleden
I truly hope Logan prepares & rises to that level Honestly knocks Floyd M the F-Out Seriously not a 1st round but 4th or 5th maybe to 7th round at the very least (also you’re all Lying about DOGECOIN) & Coinbase will grow & rise.
josh dombrowski
josh dombrowski Maand geleden
This show seems like the fighters(CareerKillers) come to kill a career. Lol hahaha
Ella D
Ella D Maand geleden
How did this “not age well?” He’s a *wrestler* and admitted if Jake actually is a good fighter, he’d lose. He should’ve trained and taken it more seriously, but fr if you’re a retired OLYMPIAN from another sport and some annoying, bitch ass kid like Jake is claiming to be better than you, it’s hard to take seriously. Plus he made bank in 2 min just for putting up with Jake’s childish crap. Who gives af if he lost. He was extremely successful in his fighting career and Jake is still trying to be taken seriously in his. Joke’s on Jake 💁🏽‍♀️
Schteeve Maand geleden
Is that right is it aye?
Adam Whathough
Adam Whathough Maand geleden
He did Ben so dirty at 0:08 OH MY FUCKING GOD LOGAN don’t do him like that 😀😀😀😀😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂☺️😂😂😂😂😂😂😂☺️😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Monique Maand geleden
George said I’m like Superman in my dream 😂😂
Ben is so chill he didn’t even care he got knocked out 😂 he made that bag.
La Catchwr
La Catchwr 3 dagen geleden
And he knows it I can read his face hes just laughing at these kids inside every joke they make ain't funny Logan your paying people to teach you to fight don't mean your a real boxer nigga you ain't boxing for your life your boxing for fun
Parker Boone
Parker Boone 17 dagen geleden
This was before the fight
Al-Shaikh Al-Shayook
Al-Shaikh Al-Shayook 19 dagen geleden
@365 Label yeah, being there for a paycheck is a loser's mindset. just a level up from a participation trophy. Winner's always make more $$. Jake Paul is the winner by every objective metric.
365 Label
365 Label Maand geleden
If this was not about money, Ben would've actually eat jake Paul in his breakfast
Drew Mon
Drew Mon Maand geleden
He literally won in my eyes, massive payout
Aadil Saudagar
Aadil Saudagar Maand geleden
Ben's a really decent guy.
Jeff Rabin
Jeff Rabin Maand geleden
Ed Norm
Ed Norm Maand geleden
how can you not like Ben askren. hes everybodys guy
Ricardo Alvarrez
Ricardo Alvarrez Maand geleden
Sucks that he lost
B Cannon
B Cannon Maand geleden
ben: “i have no illusion that i’m a good boxer” “if jake is good, he’s probably gonna beat me” everyone in the comments: “this did not age well! 😂”
Shawn Van
Shawn Van 9 dagen geleden
logan: “what do you think the chances are that you get knocked out by jake” ben: “highly unlikely “ 💀💀
Austyn Collins
Austyn Collins Maand geleden
No Maand geleden
Jake fanboys are just stupid lmao
Fatima Khan
Fatima Khan Maand geleden
21:50 man i’m seeing this for the first time after the fight and uhmmmn oopsie??? 😬
Yamzie Moyo
Yamzie Moyo Maand geleden
15:06 "Welp, I'm his b*tch now." LOL
Billie Taylor
Billie Taylor Maand geleden
that nose got me dying
Dwight Yawg
Dwight Yawg Maand geleden
Props to Ben for being so cool about everything & even doing this
Silver And Gems
Silver And Gems Maand geleden
Mike called Jorge Masvidal “Ben Masvidal”
alois hermida
alois hermida Maand geleden
Yo I hated Ben cause I didn’t know him but now he’s so likable , I like him . Jake needs to fight a real boxer
Lemontarts01 Maand geleden
I've nothing against paul, but dawg if you beat meyweathwr whilst weighing idk how much more than him I wouldn't feel like i won - ESPECIALLY against the man that all consider unbeatable
Caleb Lambert
Caleb Lambert Maand geleden
Poor Ben ass kicked should have never did this show.. lol
Abid AHAMMED Maand geleden
He lost
Devin N
Devin N 23 dagen geleden
holy shit your so smart
George Knapp
George Knapp Maand geleden
he’s so cool
Michal Tomasz
Michal Tomasz Maand geleden
I wont lie. I thought you were a joke of a boxer when you started out. But the leaps in skill youve made is impressive. Crazy good. You thought you had the skill to fight then realized you didn't. I know you had to work hard a fuck to be at your level now. Keep it up and i truly think you can make history. 50-1
Sean H
Sean H Maand geleden
seems like a great guy
Tzar Nick
Tzar Nick Maand geleden
hey jake, fight Tommy Fury. i guarentee he good nights u
James Wolfe
James Wolfe Maand geleden
Wtf... no wonder... Ben was just making some money and taking one for the team.
M. Baker
M. Baker Maand geleden
How can you not like this man lol
Jaxson Raybon
Jaxson Raybon Maand geleden
You need to call out another NLblockr
Stanimir Rankovski (Bularistanch4o)
Can we have him on the podcast again? Please! :D
Parallax Maand geleden
Ben is actually making decent comments and being insightful. Logan: “that’s my blood ur fighting me”
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