The Aftermath of the Logan Paul vs. Floyd Mayweather Fight 

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Taken from JRE w/Josh Dubin:

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9 jun. 2021




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K Heim
K Heim Uur geleden
Jake Paul vs Logan Paul
ABC Abc does
ABC Abc does 3 uur geleden
Ahhhhh shit! Now im waitin on that fight!
Shir Pradhan
Shir Pradhan 3 uur geleden
In a few years, the biggest match will be between two minecraft streamers!
Joe Goes Gaming
Joe Goes Gaming 5 uur geleden
When he says “Mayweather” at 3:23 he’s not talking about Floyd. He means Honus “The Husband” Mayweather, a British prizefighter back in the 1880s who used to slap a local woman after each victory.
Magpie Media
Magpie Media 5 uur geleden
If Jake wanted to compete for world titles he would need to drop a couple of weight classes in my opinion he isn't big enough to be fighting as heavy as he is against pros.
Chuckles 6 uur geleden
Isn’t this the guy who said he despises Kamala Harris but still voted for her and Biden?
Brittney Molcan
Brittney Molcan 7 uur geleden
I just despise these ignorant NLblockrs... especially the Paul brothers & People don't hate them for doing nothing... People hate them for the accusations made against them, all the screwed up things they've done & their entitled attitude. Someone needs to get in that ring and feed Jake Paul his teeth
misterr50 7 uur geleden
not a fight, it was a staged dance for fools to pay to watch
ddslahs ddslahs
ddslahs ddslahs 7 uur geleden
Floyd learned from trump. People want to see them loose. They got famous first! Then people watch
WaapRepeat 12 uur geleden
It is WWE, nothing new.
wizeup 702
wizeup 702 13 uur geleden
White privilege is a hell of a drug 😂😂😂
d 2
d 2 13 uur geleden
Its like he is the heal in pro wrestling
Ben Nichols
Ben Nichols 15 uur geleden
daddy c
daddy c 15 uur geleden
Those NLblockr fights are fake lol
TobieSoft Studio
TobieSoft Studio 16 uur geleden
In my opinion, Logan hardly moved his head in the fight and his face met with Floyd's fits too often. I don't know what style if any Logan learned prior to his bout with Floyd but, those shots hurt. They could have been avoided. Floyd the greatest of all time? no. Smart and savvy fighter? very much yes. Boring fighter? yes. Entertaining and exciting fighters? Mike Tyson, Evander Holyfield, Muhammad Ali, Lennox Lewis, Tony Tucker, Sugar Ray Leonard, Manny Pacquiao, Roberto Duran, Riddick Bowe ect. My opinion 👌🏼
TobieSoft Studio
TobieSoft Studio 15 uur geleden
Marvin Hagler and Hearns as well. Those two giants 🥊
ROCK-SOLID 17 uur geleden
Joe Rogan: Jake Paul can fight! He can knock people the f**** out! That guy can punch. Guest : But can he knock out fighters though. Joe Rogan : I don't know. LMAO!! Man if u dont stop ruining your credibility for the sake of trying to be accepted by the Paul brothers Joe!
Mason Azlin
Mason Azlin 49 seconden geleden
Shop Talk
Shop Talk 18 uur geleden
bro is 💯 percent right! they have tapped into the same idea that has made floyd a billionaire! Embrace the hate... I respect them both
Mr Smith and the Outdoors
No different then the times of the Gladiator days many many many years ago. 🤷‍♂️
Brian Daly
Brian Daly 19 uur geleden
Andre “S.O.G.” Ward would teach Jake Paul many lessons in the ring but I doubt the NLblockr ever takes that fight.
M Alva
M Alva 20 uur geleden
Why would any right minded person be mad at this shit, lol
Ended-the-fed 21 uur geleden
Imagine being so stupid you bought that ppv
GivesGoodComment 22 uur geleden
Ok, I would pay to watch Taylor Swift vs Miley Cyrus
dahom plays
dahom plays 22 uur geleden
I'm not trying to discredit what Floyd does but this guy's talking it about like it's rocket science. I think everyone knows by now that being provocative and controversial sells fights
Evan Shively
Evan Shively 22 uur geleden
" the aftermath " lol... who cares about such nonsense.
ryan schmidt
ryan schmidt 22 uur geleden
That's why the fight game is jacked.
Adrian Dag geleden
Ben Askren clearly took a dive LOL. C'mon guys, what are we talking about here?
HATE is a sign of ENVY
Floyd is a Warrior and scientific when it comes to boxing and capitalizing. ACCEPT IT HATERS 😅
ay_dee_an Dag geleden
There is nothing more boring to me than a boxing match, put these influencers in the cage and then we’ll see an absurd amount of viewers, logan is thinking abt it so yeah
Jane Dawson
Jane Dawson Dag geleden
Logan Paul may be a lucrative commodity, however, that doesn’t mean that the UFC or IBF, etc. needs to allow it to happen. It’s disrespectful to the fighters and it cheapens the sport. Dana White is already filthy rich. He should show some integrity and keep internet clowns out of it.
Spiritual Leader
Spiritual Leader Dag geleden
Yoooo joe is littttt😂
Sean Saville
Sean Saville Dag geleden
Same as music. How did justin bieber and drake get so big. Not because their music is outstanding, but its cause theres that much babysitting money going around.
usmc72409 Dag geleden
Oooooo what a spot to end that clip. Making me switch apps and shit! 😑ur intelligence never fails, you.
H Almod
H Almod Dag geleden
Boxing has become a joke
SurgicalGlitch Dag geleden
It's sad. That we as a society reward behavior and outlandish acts by the likes of people like the Paul brothers. Capitalism has seriously damaged the behavior of society to the point where massive corporations and companies will pay top advertising dollars to some of the most bizarre, offensive, and ugly society has to offer. Because news and attention whether it be bad or good equates to views and views equal money. We used to reward intellect and skill, now it has been sidelined for the likes of 'views' and 'likes'.
O T Dag geleden
Maybe you could tell the USA Women’s soccer team that
Shannon Sargent
Shannon Sargent Dag geleden
Mayweather not the best fighter to ever lived Joe Rogan grow up I love to have 10 minutes with you so I can whoop your ass you be scared of me talk that you're bad but when you seen that you have to really fight you be scared I'm only 14
Michael Cristobal
Michael Cristobal Dag geleden
There's a reason why I stopped listening to Joe Rogan years ago
Patrick Baseler
Patrick Baseler Dag geleden
Floyd has made a blueprint for people to emulate like Jake Paul. In combat sports especially it is more important to be the one everybody pays to see lose than win.
Black Ink
Black Ink Dag geleden
Who's this dufus u tlkin to
Paradopx Dag geleden
Joe looks so baked in the thumbnail lol
Deplorable Spartan58
Personally I wouldn't give a ounce of my dirty piss to watch either of those douche Paul brothers do anything.
Brandon Terlecky
Brandon Terlecky Dag geleden
It’s about money. We need to stop the “No love for the game” bullshit. People are getting paid more and more and that’s just what it’s about today. Enjoy it and shut the fuck up.
Mark Follosco
Mark Follosco Dag geleden
Tommy Fury VS Jake Paul
Patrick Bateman
Patrick Bateman Dag geleden
There’s is no way Jake would take the Ward fight 😅
James Eskdale
James Eskdale Dag geleden
The bottom line is to sell tickets a fight needs a question. Usually the question is "who is the most elite?" But in these marquee fights the question is often different and interesting. Can Askren an Olympian, learn to box in 6 weeks, will he be good enough? The question and the story sells the fight. In sports the question is usually whos the best, which has a purist appeal too.
Kevin Mack
Kevin Mack Dag geleden
Don't Hate the Freak... Hate the Freak Show.
Correct SPEEELLING Dag geleden
Joe Rogan is 5 foot 1!
3-Methylindole Dag geleden
Joe, you really HAVE TO get William Leonard Pickard on the show, he has a LOT of stuff to tell. He'd be one of the most interesting guests you ever had.
Unco Ant
Unco Ant Dag geleden
What about a female UFC champ calling out a male boxxer to an mma fight?
James Heffernan
James Heffernan Dag geleden
$100m Floyd vs Canelo round 2
Ernie Beltran
Ernie Beltran Dag geleden
@2:45 no he doesnt.... I would walk into that same ring and "fight" Mayweather for a fraction. Of that money... there is no risk it's as dangerous as WWE...
Bojokowski Dag geleden
It was real like WWE.
Kevin Weakley
Kevin Weakley Dag geleden
Jake will get “retired” soon enough !
Jeffrey Youngblood
Jeffrey Youngblood Dag geleden
I'd love to see Jake Paul fight Tyson. Tyson might end his clownish career.
Lee 47 minuten geleden
him fighting tyson wouldnt end his career unless tyson cripples him
D Smith
D Smith Dag geleden
Floyd Mayweather jnr lost the fight. Logan Paul knocked him out in the 2nd round. But thankfully, The Time Variance Authority (TVA) have since caught the Logan Paul variant and have now corrected the timeline.
BaalXXX Dag geleden
Floyd accidently knocked out Paul and then held him to keep the show going and everyone saw it. Combat sports has become as fake as WWE nowadays. Was not a big surprise Askren to be a sold-out, but Mayweather? Well why wouldn't you make a dumb freak-show for millions of dollars, sure. But there are bunch of fighters who are challenging Paul and he is withdrawing, because he know that they would literally kill him in the ring if they wanted to. Well, I hope someone will at last put an end to this bullshit and embarrass that clown.
Jo Smotherman
Jo Smotherman Dag geleden
Stop trying to make it so intellectually complicated. It's show bid'ness.
brandon holt
brandon holt Dag geleden
Beef and cheese
HATE is a sign of ENVY
Floyd made a bag to go play with his food. EASY MONEY
Sebastien Villalon Alejandre
Floyd's team bet on him to win at the same time betting on logan to survive all rounds therefore doubling their winnings
taiyoctopus Dag geleden
that said nobody has to like logan paul or jake paul. If they both died in a plane crash together I wouldn't bat an eye lmao
mmm ggg
mmm ggg Dag geleden
It’s impossible to hate on the Paul bros they’re doing their thing point blank period. But I do want to see them get starched
Jonnathan Mota
Jonnathan Mota Dag geleden
The Paul's are just watering their grass.
√47Squared Dag geleden
Before this Paul brother fighting streak, no one would give any PROFESSIONAL boxer a chance in the ring with an mma fighting at tyron woodleys level, so to hear Joe Rogan of all people be indecisive on picking a winner between someone like Woodley against someone thats not even a professional boxer just shows the amount of respect boxers are starting to get again. People are even giving Logan who is now 0-2 as a boxer a chance in an mma ring because of his wrestling background.
WJ67 Dag geleden
Listen... I'm fine with people making money, but this was a joke. Pathetic. So glad I didn't pay for it. You discribed it correctly it was a Freak Show.
davetileguy Dag geleden
Joe Rogan vs Logan Paul 200 MILLION !!
Guilherme Santos
Guilherme Santos Dag geleden
Good on Joe for interviewing Masvidal's older brother.
Xtreme Creations Pool & Spa
Now they know what Teachers and Cops etc feel like lol
Kara & Graeme
Kara & Graeme Dag geleden
Actually Jake was on Disney. Logan was not.
rich ernest
rich ernest Dag geleden
Never have since Douglas/ one cares unless its free.
James Caballero
James Caballero Dag geleden
Interview the president of EL Salvador he just make Bitcoin a legal tender
Herman Donado
Herman Donado Dag geleden
Here's why peopel hate the Logan brothers and they know it. 1: they're white 2:they're youtubers 3:cocky that equals to: $$$$
Chocolate Bacon
Chocolate Bacon Dag geleden
My nigga Rogan is high as a kite lol
NFORCER Dag geleden
Reminds me of another person that sold out for a 100 mil.
Aaron Dag geleden
i get that they made money but if you're Mayweather you just ended your career best boxer on earth and can't even beat a random nobody with zero skills
Psycho Dad and J Fit
I seriously doubt they made that much.
toijg avnnr
toijg avnnr Dag geleden
"It was a fight?" Sums up my reality.
nickbh15 4 uur geleden
How much of a loser do you have to be to copy a comment on a NLblock video word for word to try and get likes lmao
RoidWatch Dag geleden
lol @ the usual pretentious drivel. They're called boxing exhibitions, Joe. They've always happened. The fact that you somehow still can't understand this is mystifying.
cometpants 2 dagen geleden
it doesnt matter if you are good or not. what matters is how bad people want to see you. you dont think people would pay big bucks to see robert de niro and al pacino fight eachother?
The Baltimore Perspective
Jake paul vs prince naseem
toijg avnnr
toijg avnnr Dag geleden
Canelo Alverez would fuck him up.
Yogrannyloveme Yomamaloveme
Mayweather is the reason boxing it’s going to shit, this is his legacy.
Ted Jr. Sullivan
Ted Jr. Sullivan 2 dagen geleden
Thats why Stipe was hated by Dana for so long. The best HW of all time, but wasnt the draw Dana wanted. Frances is, Brock Lesnar, all these freqks of nature.
Tim Stewart
Tim Stewart 2 dagen geleden
It’s all a set up if you hurt this kid jake you lose your money it’s all bullshit
mk L
mk L 2 dagen geleden
Paul Daley and Logan Paul
Jay Remie570
Jay Remie570 2 dagen geleden
Logan Paul is a turd. The Mayweather fight was a turd as well.
Kwatsan Affiliate.
Kwatsan Affiliate. 2 dagen geleden
This is how men talk.
Juan Perez
Juan Perez 2 dagen geleden
cmon man just come back to youtube
Jon Hutto
Jon Hutto 2 dagen geleden
So what your saying... is a male and female UFC fighter need to do a Kim K style tape and 'accident' post it a week before their fights...
Jake 2 dagen geleden
Detonate Wilder vs any of the Paul Brothers
Labos 72
Labos 72 2 dagen geleden
Jp will beat tw in a boxing match no doubt about it.
Murray Saucedo
Murray Saucedo 2 dagen geleden
Singlehandedly, this is the Ali-Frazier of the Millennial Generation! It is the fight that defined a generation! People aka critics might've knocked or dismissed this fight but you gotta understand it's a different generation. This fight was historical in its own right same way Barrera-Morales I was historical in how it was the first all Mexican fight to be held at a mainstream venue in the USA and got the attention of US fans. Trinidad-De La Hoya was the first all Hispanic main event headlining a major boxing PPV. Mayweather vs Logan Paul has its own merit as well so either like this fight and consider its historical accuracy or consider yourself a fan of boxing no more!
Murray Saucedo
Murray Saucedo Uur geleden
@xic777 he is a fighter and I am not dissing the sweet science at all this was a serious fight and both fighters conducted themselves as such. Again, this is the Ali vs Frazier, Leonard vs Duran, Ward vs Gatti of our generation and it should be seen in such light and held to those regards
xic777 Dag geleden
@Murray Saucedo logan aint no fighter, stop dissing professional boxing
Murray Saucedo
Murray Saucedo Dag geleden
@xic777 no, you’re being completely unjust. Mr. Logan Paul is a hell of a fighter with a decorated amateur wrestling background. He and Floyd just had a minor disagreement and decided to settle this like true warriors. Millennials are proud, discerning connoisseurs of combat sports and it shows why they flocked with their hard earned dollars to support this event because THIS WAS the Ali vs Frazier of this generation. I hope you’ll reconsider your views on this great fight that took place before our very eyes.
xic777 2 dagen geleden
@Murray Saucedo this logan fella is not an eqaul to any professional boxer on any level this event was a joke and not something that should be watched as boxing or considered a fight. and don't disgrace millenials with that rubbish of a man. ppl shouldn't glorify the weak
Murray Saucedo
Murray Saucedo 2 dagen geleden
@xic777 no, it’s just this is more of a millennial take on boxing and just like everything generational will take a while to get used to. Every time 2 warriors, 2 gladiators, step into the ring is not a disgrace. I just thought Floyd was so excited for this fight that maybe he got carried away if he said that but he clearly didn’t mean it.
S197 GT
S197 GT 2 dagen geleden
This guy mentioned Andre Ward lol
Katie Vergara
Katie Vergara 2 dagen geleden
Its so sad to see a man would sell their reputation for the rest of their legacy. You already have had millions. How much money do you need?
Zachary Manning
Zachary Manning 2 dagen geleden
I like Joe cause he sees the big picture
Katie Vergara
Katie Vergara 2 dagen geleden
Canelo Alverez would fuck him up.
AmbitionZ VapeR
AmbitionZ VapeR 2 dagen geleden
He’s a pro boxer bro lol the best ever Jesus that was a cake walk for may! Easy money. Wtf y’all talking about?
vliduu zeeb
vliduu zeeb 2 dagen geleden
2:43 I've heard that he only has one ball, actually.
Corey Bravo
Corey Bravo 2 dagen geleden
As a fighter tho, how could you ever be intimidated or scared of person who is larger than you. Win... lose it’s about going at them with everything you have and accepting the outcome. And Floyd is a fighter.
SIFU SAYS 2 dagen geleden
Let's face it Boxing at the end of the day is Entertaining like any other sport would I rather watch pros or Amateur with less skills absolutely .Do I enjoy little League baseball and much as MLB some times more .Jake and Logan are modern day Entertainment and People are buying it God Bless .
see you soon
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