The 3 Most SATISFYING Puzzles Ever!! 🤤  

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3 jun. 2021




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M3mes f0r d4y5
M3mes f0r d4y5 44 minuten geleden
We're did he get the last one
Asylum of Games
Asylum of Games Uur geleden
Asteriax x
Asteriax x Uur geleden
What are these called? Cant find them when i search for puzzles :(
PokéRock Uur geleden
I thought that first one was a butt flute
john bernard vargas
john bernard vargas 2 uur geleden
I loved puzzles i want all of them especially the second onr
REZcros255 _Anthony
REZcros255 _Anthony 2 uur geleden
my brain lagging
Floofles LIVE
Floofles LIVE 3 uur geleden
1st one looks like if pyramid head was a butt plug
GKH Playz
GKH Playz 3 uur geleden
Whoever made this should be a wanted man for discovering the fourth dimension
ADITI _08 4 uur geleden
Pagal...fuddoo contAaaaant
Maki 4 uur geleden
I thought it said most terrifying
PittiePor 5 uur geleden
Naw fr what is the first one called
Republic of Armenesia
Republic of Armenesia 5 uur geleden
Eeee nice ig
Aiden Wetherington
Aiden Wetherington 5 uur geleden
These don't look physically possible
Krokey 6 uur geleden
Wicked buttplug collection bro!
MrLemons 6 uur geleden
Thought they were buttplugs lol
Saúl Julian Rodriguez
I can casually put them in my ass
Froggy 7 uur geleden
The first ones are some kind of plugs 🤔
Reapexy 8 uur geleden
I have number 1
Alanta Meyza
Alanta Meyza 8 uur geleden
Rubiks cube got competition 🙄
kingtitan 9 uur geleden
What is the first puzzle name
Death Strike 22
Death Strike 22 9 uur geleden
For sure getting the triangle one for me and my girl
DumbStuff LMTD
DumbStuff LMTD 10 uur geleden
Looked like butt plugs at 1st
Rodney J Allen
Rodney J Allen 11 uur geleden
Can someone tell me where I can order the last puzzle heart for my gf?
Anthony Mejia
Anthony Mejia 12 uur geleden
Anyone know where to buy these???
Victor Garnier
Victor Garnier 13 uur geleden
Those puzzles looks like ancient powerful artefacts
Vanessa Beaven
Vanessa Beaven 14 uur geleden
I have the second one
DreamLand ¡Play!
DreamLand ¡Play! 15 uur geleden
The Triangles Looks Like Plugs For Some Reason-
Roblox Bot
Roblox Bot 15 uur geleden
Where do you get it?
YvnG Psyk0
YvnG Psyk0 15 uur geleden
The first one tho- I need it
SOOKIE! 15 uur geleden
ngl that first one is legit a butt plug as far as i’m concerned
IRA CRUTCHFIELD 16 uur geleden
Be my heart
Peridot Dioxide
Peridot Dioxide 16 uur geleden
Go to the reply section of this comment
Braxton Burnau
Braxton Burnau 16 uur geleden
Where can I get them and what are they called
Kenny Gandy
Kenny Gandy 17 uur geleden
Where do you find these???
lukey dukey
lukey dukey 17 uur geleden
You unearned yourself a like due to the fact that my OCD could NOT handle that you could not reset the second one back lol
AntiSocialBlender 17 uur geleden
The one with the sphere in the middle was my first puzzle ever
PLUTO KUN 17 uur geleden
I thought that was a butting
Arvayah Rozier
Arvayah Rozier 17 uur geleden
Where can I get these!?!? I need a link.
peadar gaffney
peadar gaffney 17 uur geleden
Where can purchase selection from?
random • ace
random • ace 17 uur geleden
ohh you’re the big trick energy dude-
Gr4vityJuli4n 18 uur geleden
I can think that the 3rd puzzle is used as a necklace Design
Herro Jonah
Herro Jonah 18 uur geleden
I’ve had the second one for years
LuiGamingYT 18 uur geleden
Where can I get all three of the puzzles?
Heavy Joe Chipman
Heavy Joe Chipman 18 uur geleden
Very cool. Where can I purchase those?☺💜👍
Nate Jansen
Nate Jansen 18 uur geleden
For whatever reason the second one with the sphere reminded me of the box from Hellraiser
Martin M
Martin M 20 uur geleden
All of them have cool shapes and look awesome, but why is the last one kind of two ovals together? Wierd shape
MD Nahid
MD Nahid 20 uur geleden
How I get this???
Cooder Koonassgrabber
Cooder Koonassgrabber 20 uur geleden
Why waste money on that shit, satisfying? Like purchasing a head fuck for no good reason
Dr Strange
Dr Strange 21 uur geleden
How is that broken leg
Dylan Carroll
Dylan Carroll 21 uur geleden
Whats the third one? Perfect gift for a girl fr fr
بيتر غريفين
بيتر غريفين 23 uur geleden
These are the three most satisfying… puzzlesintheworld
Gorge Hernandez
Gorge Hernandez 23 uur geleden
How and where can I get the 💙 puzzle one..?
rejeanthomas0324 Dag geleden
Ok ok, I can't be the only one who thought the first ones were butt plugs
Chase Niebeling
Chase Niebeling Dag geleden
Where do I get the heart one?
Your Bro Fenzilo
Your Bro Fenzilo Dag geleden
The last is easy
Christian Pereira
Christian Pereira Dag geleden
Nice tattoos
Lord Vile DB
Lord Vile DB Dag geleden
Can u send the names?
Owen Simpson
Owen Simpson Dag geleden
The first and last one was so easy I figured it out before he even moved them. Nothing satisfying about completing something that isn't challenging
Mason Soileau
Mason Soileau Dag geleden
What's the first one called plz tell me so I can get it I have the second one though
Josh Relf
Josh Relf Dag geleden
Forbidden butt plug
Ryan Gaming
Ryan Gaming Dag geleden
The forbidden butt plug
brooklyn Dag geleden
Random 16 yo boys: I can do that easy bruh you cappin🙄
Zxjkjk the gamer
Zxjkjk the gamer Dag geleden
Where can i buy the first one?
Pepsi Man
Pepsi Man Dag geleden
forbidden anal plug
Retro drago 2
Retro drago 2 Dag geleden
Where can I buy those
minij hooi
minij hooi Dag geleden
I can feel the joy in this man voice.
Fabian Garcia
Fabian Garcia Dag geleden
Damm is this so voodoo magic
R van Dyk
R van Dyk Dag geleden
The 💁‍♂️ please like this video made me push that like button!!
🔪😃👌🏾 Dag geleden
Lemme guess: These were made by japanese
Git Johnson
Git Johnson Dag geleden
Aren't those buttplugs?
minij hooi
minij hooi Dag geleden
That is so cool i wish i hade one
Hillary Harrington-Haskins
I liked and subscribed and shared can you please give me a shout out I love your vid’s
BestShadow Dag geleden
I would be too afraid to break them
hello 😃✋
hello 😃✋ Dag geleden
bro I'm freaking out because the last one too good ☠️ and it's 6:25 am 👏😌
Blink Dust
Blink Dust Dag geleden
Where can i buy this? I hope Philippines has this stuffs, Mostly the last one i wanna buy that for me and my BFF OMG
DerpyDuckling Dag geleden
I want the last one. When I fall in love one day I can put our first initials on there and whenever we hold hands I could put the two together if I position it right.
kafuu Dag geleden
they be like the active site of an enzyme
IAmTinyNarwhal Dag geleden
Ayy bro why you have Alex from Minecrafts toys
Gabriel Mikhail
Gabriel Mikhail Dag geleden
The stuff is so fun most people might think Xbox is better but when your power is turned off during the biohazards which is called a severe thunderstorm or tornado this is all you got because you got no f****** power.
Joel Cataylo
Joel Cataylo Dag geleden
Link for the heart one?
Ima Polemicist
Ima Polemicist Dag geleden
Josh Kelly
Josh Kelly Dag geleden
Evalynn Cardenas
Evalynn Cardenas Dag geleden
Those are so amazing I wish I had one
Hope Lemieux
Hope Lemieux Dag geleden
That is so cool i wish i hade one
LApolice Depot
LApolice Depot Dag geleden
Where can I buy these 4 dimensional butt plugs?
Liam Pitney
Liam Pitney Dag geleden
Where can I find?
Кутман Маратов
Where can I buy lust one?!
TLMM (timlikeminecraftman)
i seen those first ones in my sisters drawer and they smelt awful
Fea Kreuz
Fea Kreuz Dag geleden
Resident Evil basically
Felix M.
Felix M. Dag geleden
Where can one find these ?
ItsSupaflyTNT Dag geleden
When you complete them all the cenebites come for you
Tori Vandetta
Tori Vandetta Dag geleden
Hanayama puzzles... Very satisfying. they're like low level ones but still satisfying. Try one of the level 6's
Sean Burton
Sean Burton Dag geleden
That looks like my life!
ItsMrRager Dag geleden
Walter Xiao
Walter Xiao Dag geleden
Looks like a butt plug
I actually have the second puzzle
Gráinne_Róisín Dag geleden
Two words oh and yeahhhh
zoom X3
zoom X3 Dag geleden
We're do I get the last on I want it for me and my girl
Nick Schu
Nick Schu Dag geleden
Bruh dislike, last one was not most satisfying. 2nd one was