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26 mrt. 2021




Bezig met laden.....

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Maurice Matla
Maurice Matla 9 dagen geleden
Rambo is going to win La Liga I hope.
Raul Martinez
Raul Martinez Maand geleden
22:22 "Isco! Give me your shirt!" 🤣
Naty5HD Naty5HD
Naty5HD Naty5HD Maand geleden
Leicester or Arsenal should sign Eduard and Dortmund should sign Daka and sell Isak.
Icewallowcome 1
Icewallowcome 1 Maand geleden
Dortmund don’t have isak bud
Luke Stassen
Luke Stassen Maand geleden
Daka shouldn't go to such a big club yet ... maybe West ham I'm thinking he should join
Charlie Dyson
Charlie Dyson Maand geleden
Eduoard is good, but he nearly got out scored by our right back this season, who is without a doubt the best player in our league, taverneir
Junoir Joseph
Junoir Joseph Maand geleden
ousmane dembele😁
ManLikeMrKhan Maand geleden
4:05 thats dougies prison mugshot 😂
Rory Blessington
Rory Blessington Maand geleden
Some Qs that need explaining? Future of Allegri? What can Ralph do at Saints? What will make PSG and Juve UCL Champs? Ronaldo's future? Ireland's next manager? Celtic ands Lampard?
Mo Maand geleden
Daka to Leipzig would be perfect, Nagelsmann would get loads of goals out of him
Mo Maand geleden
@Icewallowcome 1 and only Poulsen is good... the other three have a combined 6 goals lol
Icewallowcome 1
Icewallowcome 1 Maand geleden
Not like leipzig have about 4 strikers already
Dave T
Dave T Maand geleden
Imagine if Edouard had a more attacking and progressive coach than Lennon
simonguzza Maand geleden
Double L in spainish gives the ya sound, single L is just L, Morelos not Moreyosh
Timbabwe 51
Timbabwe 51 Maand geleden
Atleti fan here. El classico is coming up which might work in Atletico's favour. We're bringing it home again baby! Great shirt btw Dougie! Always had a soft spot for the Verdiblancos 👍
paulyk81 Maand geleden
I'd love to see Isco at Juve. We need some creativity in the midfield and I think he could play well in Serie A.
Liam Maand geleden
Does Baldy own any clothes that aren’t football related
Divyansh Bahuguna
Divyansh Bahuguna Maand geleden
How can you forget Jorginho for Italy?
Chico Bravado
Chico Bravado Maand geleden
I always buy kangin lee in fifa career mode good player
Cat Daddy
Cat Daddy Maand geleden
@Chico Bravado I'll give him a try 👍
Chico Bravado
Chico Bravado Maand geleden
@Cat Daddy its not high only 82, but hes young cheap and versatile and he is good buy if you using a team in the lower divisions. I also make up a fake scenario in my head that it will boost my clubs image in asia buy buying him
Cat Daddy
Cat Daddy Maand geleden
What's his pot
Aman Belani
Aman Belani Maand geleden
Emperor Santi
Emperor Santi Maand geleden
Daka representing 🇿🇲🇿🇲🇿🇲
gazamidori Maand geleden
Gareth has won and done everything club football. Can you blame him for cashing in on his name and robbing this idiot business men who are stupid enough to pay someone that much? Love the lad, he plays hard for country and blood.
Who is In Paris?
Who is In Paris? Maand geleden
Édouard has been one of celtics worse players this season looking lazy and unmotivated he will also be more than 20 million because PSG have a 40% sell on and he is no where near as good as Morelos since he joined Celtic
Timothy Smith
Timothy Smith Maand geleden
Can’t fully agree with that because of morellos record with cards and discipline though as a LFC fan I’d obviously like to see your guy be the more successful because of who your manager is
Aaquib Mohammed
Aaquib Mohammed Maand geleden
I think Abdallah Sima would have been a good shout out for an under 20M eur player. I could see him at a mid table English or a Spanish club
Dancehall entertainment
Rb Leipzig - draxler
Icewallowcome 1
Icewallowcome 1 Maand geleden
They usually only sign players u24
Tino Vejić
Tino Vejić Maand geleden
everyone to west ham😍
Alex Hale Coaching & Vlogs
Michael “You know” McCubbin
RAGHAV MOHAN 17 Maand geleden
isco and Draxler to WEST HAM!!!...they rebuilt minamino's and lingard's the current market and that west ham might actually qualify for UCL, anything is possible
Cat Daddy
Cat Daddy Maand geleden
They would fit in well and get West ham regular European football even if it is only Europa
Icewallowcome 1
Icewallowcome 1 Maand geleden
Both of them wouldn’t work for a hard working team Also minamino is at soton
Noel Bremer MLGY
Noel Bremer MLGY Maand geleden
Alexander Isak is a very underrated player
Richie Young
Richie Young Maand geleden
Dortmund I think will sign him back
Samron Dessalegn
Samron Dessalegn Maand geleden
big fax he’s very talented
connor parrish
connor parrish Maand geleden
Henry's headphones don't look quite right 😅
Timothy Smith
Timothy Smith Maand geleden
Right it looks like he’s got a wire going through his head
Joe Tate
Joe Tate Maand geleden
The reason why france produces so many players is because they steal half of them from Africa.
Steven McCarthy
Steven McCarthy Maand geleden
There’s a fair few players in the Stuttgart side that I think would walk into top sides! Wamangituka’s injury is a huge shame, but then again I think his identity issue would stop an English side signing him! But Sosa, Mangala & Kalajdzic would all be bargains for around the £20m marque! Little unsure on the Disasi shout...Monaco only signed him last summer & they paid £12m, so surely they’d hold out for a lot more?
Steven McCarthy
Steven McCarthy Maand geleden
@qkodkod 😂😂 Sorry mate! They’re actually my favourite side in the Bundesliga at the moment, I hope you can keep them
qkodkod Maand geleden
STOP ITTT, Stuttgart fan here. Do not give anyone any ideas 😢
Warren Burke
Warren Burke Maand geleden
Eduoard is in final year of his contract could probably get him for around £15M
Oliver James Samuals
Oliver James Samuals Maand geleden
With the way Arsenal have treated Saliba I think young French players may think twice about joining Arsenal.
Icewallowcome 1
Icewallowcome 1 Maand geleden
@Timothy Smith still diouf flopped and I’m just using this guys logic
Timothy Smith
Timothy Smith Maand geleden
@Icewallowcome 1 really aside from diouf and and the other guy diao that joined at the same time one wasn’t good enough and diouf was just trouble and didn’t deserve to play for the club who else became I think mane will say different to what you put since they are the only 3 Senegalese players to play for the club
Masculine Nerd
Masculine Nerd Maand geleden
If you look at majority london fans are arsenal, majority are black fans thats why alot of black players have a preference for arsenal as well as arsenal have a huge history of french footballers
Daniel Garcia
Daniel Garcia Maand geleden
The loan is completely fair. Arsenal have too many senior defenders
LedFoot Harry
LedFoot Harry Maand geleden
Silly comment what about all the young French players that have broke through at arsenal over the years. I'm a Liverpool fan and even I can see your talking nonscence
HHH1997 Maand geleden
Should chelsea sign a Haaland or should the club strengthen in the midfield or defense areas?
Christopher Ratheram
Christopher Ratheram Maand geleden
Eduard better than Morelos 😂😂 next joke please
Adamah Productions
Adamah Productions Maand geleden
@mikemcub I know this is so immature, purile and childish, but I can't resist ... "... he's great at pulling-off the last man, at the last moment ..." HA, HAA, HAAA, HAAAA!!!
J H Maand geleden
I’ll never get used to English media reading Korean names in the ‘wrong’ order. Sounds so awkward.
J H Maand geleden
Bryan Maand geleden
No mention of Jorginho in Italy's midfield when he is a starter for them uno... 😒
J H Maand geleden
Henry has a wire running right through his head!!
Gabriel Sales
Gabriel Sales Maand geleden
Origi + 15 mil? I think Edouard is worth more than 10 mil, thank you very much.
J H Maand geleden
Luke Marsh
Luke Marsh Maand geleden
If psg don't sign moise kean they should get daka. Or Liverpool
Saul Edwards
Saul Edwards Maand geleden
Italy’s future midfield is gonna be crazy
K Sabin Kush
K Sabin Kush Maand geleden
Top 5 best young Italian players??!
Brandon Sandman
Brandon Sandman Maand geleden
I was waiting for this all week!
Josh Cr3
Josh Cr3 Maand geleden
Respect seb Larson imo
FormerSmudge Maand geleden
I still rate Isco, but paying more than £35m for him would raise some eyebrows. There’s a good player in there, would be interesting to see him in a good Premier League side (like a 6th-10th place side, would look a bit out of place at a City or a Liverpool imo). But I think he’ll probably end up in Italy. I hope he doesn’t go to Inter Milan, there’s not really any place for him there. I don’t think any of the teams you mentioned are all that clued up on Patson Daka. I would love to see him at Arsenal or even United, but sides like that are usually too busy trying to snag big name players for ridiculous prices. The Czech Republic are really fun to watch. I think they’ll do well in the next few years, provided Souček and Coufal kick on. Vaclík is a solid option between the sticks and Schick and Jankto are decent too.
Dave T
Dave T Maand geleden
Isco's attitude is the biggest issue. Has a lot a talent but lacks drive
Tomasz Elliott
Tomasz Elliott Maand geleden
Darida and Barak too
Mauri 1991
Mauri 1991 Maand geleden
I think the dark horses for the Euro will be Denmark, Ukraine and Turkey
Michael Herbstmann
Michael Herbstmann Maand geleden
I'd like to see Dortmund go for Edouard should they choose to sell Haaland. I think he'd be great for them with all that creative power behind him. Maybe two or three seasons there, basically until he hits his peak, and he could be ready for a super club.
Shagger Maand geleden
Good one 🤣
Dhruv Tyagi
Dhruv Tyagi Maand geleden
Draxler to arsenal if odegaard deal doesnt happen. Arsenal loves a free transfer as well 😅
B C Maand geleden
Kang In Lee is a proper talent
David Smith
David Smith Maand geleden
French eddy is 23 🤣🤣 closer to retiring than being “young”
Icewallowcome 1
Icewallowcome 1 Maand geleden
Must’ve been playing a lot fifa recently and think 25 is like Alan shearer age
Hamzeh Janakat
Hamzeh Janakat Maand geleden
Can't say I can give an opinion, as for some reason I found Henry's headset very distracting
aditya Sunil
aditya Sunil Maand geleden
edouard just seems the perfect signing for arsenal with arsenal looking to sell laca and nketiah
Andrew Ragoo
Andrew Ragoo Maand geleden
Selling laca makes sense. Selling eddie doesn't. Eddie might not be amazing but he can get better. Also, we'd need 3 players for the CF slot and Balogun is most likely leaving so..
Sebastian Lundgren
Sebastian Lundgren Maand geleden
Sweden won bronze at 1994 world cup... Don't come here and 50 years or 60 years me :D
Frank Lundqvist
Frank Lundqvist Maand geleden
Sweden finished 3rd in the 1994 world cup so best world cup finish in 27 years
Jodeceii Maand geleden
Patson Daka would be ideal for Southampton if Danny Ings leaves - especially under Ralph Hasenhüttl
Richie Young
Richie Young Maand geleden
Good shout
Oscar Haines
Oscar Haines Maand geleden
Good old Alfredo moreyosh
David Kerr
David Kerr Maand geleden
Its bizarre that even people who know a bit about football are sleeping on just how big a club Celtic are. Just because sfa are incompetent and cant get a reasonable deal for spfl tv rights
David Kerr
David Kerr Maand geleden
@illuminated your hilarious. Just equating how much you pay for your team to quality. A good number of Scottish tames would survive in the prem and the old firm would be in and around top 4. Its not likr the prems the same level as Germany or Spain where they develop top talent and suplament it with good investment rather thank getting whos got a insta following
illuminated Maand geleden
And maybe because the quality is soo low.. The football is boring and two teams dominate year in year out 1/12 odds on Glasgow of any kind too win any game shows. No one outside of Europe wants too watch the spl therfore the low TV deals.. Your lost.
illuminated Maand geleden
They wouldn't even make the top table in the prem..
David Kerr
David Kerr Maand geleden
Just a very English Brexity insular views
Luke Marsh
Luke Marsh Maand geleden
@David Kerr pfft what's right with it 😂 it's shit. Maybe if the goals were smaller and the pitches. What's being English got to do with it lmfao 😂
ZERO Dsouz
ZERO Dsouz Maand geleden
I think daka should go to Southampton will get to play in the same system under a coach who has similar principles n then move to a bigger team
Cat Daddy
Cat Daddy Maand geleden
He could very well follow in Mane's shows
Ryan Yowell
Ryan Yowell Maand geleden
I’m stoked to see where Koopmeiners ends up. He reminds life me of a young, more athletic Busquets. Thinking a Barcelona (duh) or Manchester City/United?
Richie Young
Richie Young Maand geleden
He looks brilliant and I think is ready this summer to move
mattkorecki14 Maand geleden
Young busquets with g/a of a striker
Max Boyo
Max Boyo Maand geleden
Edouroud never scored 5 in europea league 😂😂😂 morelos scores minimum 5 a season
Gustav Harndahl
Gustav Harndahl Maand geleden
In 7 games
Gustav Harndahl
Gustav Harndahl Maand geleden
He has scored 3 goals in EL and 1 in CL?
Kalle Balle
Kalle Balle Maand geleden
You also have to take a look at Jesper Karlsson from sweden playing for AZ Alkmaar. Real baller
Missie Milon
Missie Milon Maand geleden
@K Sabin Kush hard to say, malen, madueke, gravenberch, wijndal, koopmeuners, boadu, schuurs, brobbey, gakpo, ihattaren are the best ones. Stengs i dont rate as much
Kalle Balle
Kalle Balle Maand geleden
@K Sabin Kush he has the second most G/A in AZ behind Koopmeiners in the league but I woukd say they are about the same, Karlsson might be a bit better with his skills
K Sabin Kush
K Sabin Kush Maand geleden
Is he better than stengs?! And who are the top 5 best young players in the eredevise??!
Mike Oxlong
Mike Oxlong Maand geleden
Teemu Pukki is where it's at boys!
Kalle Balle
Kalle Balle Maand geleden
I would say maybe Sasa Kalajdzic from Stuttgart would be good. He has been really good recently for both club and county
Axel Larsson
Axel Larsson Maand geleden
@mccubs 2018 swedens best wc finish in 60 years? Nah we finished 3rd in 94, unfairly kicked out by Brazil as they had one more day of rest. Also, seb plays cm for Sweden, kulu on the wing; Berg didn't even get a sniff.
Andres Nava H.
Andres Nava H. Maand geleden
Henry, Morelos is not 'Morelosh'-it really is just 'Moh-reh-loss' (stress on the reh). He's South American, not Portuguese. I'm sorry I keep doing this but it's the least I can do as someone whose name has been mispronounced his whole life.
John-Adrian Coker
John-Adrian Coker Maand geleden
@Euro Football Daily @Euro Football Daily Barça should've signed Isco as Iniesta's successor before he was approached by Madrid. As they already had Xavi's successor, in Thiago but unfortunately couldn't be that simple. Succeeding Xavi, Iniesta & Busi would've cost them a mere €45m, had they signed Rodri when Villarreal offered him to them for 20m. Barça shouldn't make the same mistake again & overlook a 28yr old Isco, albeit who'll cost €20m more, than a 30yr old Wijnaldum for free. Barça need to be restablish their shrewdness in the market, especially in their current financial situation. Signing Isco would be the only way selling Coutinho would be acceptable, not that he should be sold in the first place. As Coutinho, despite not having hit the unfair expectations placed on him, not that Griezmann & Dembélé have, fits Barça far better than them, as does Isco. Barça would be far better off with Coutinho & Isco over Griezmann and Dembélé.
roddy2body Maand geleden
Andres Nava H.
Andres Nava H. Maand geleden
@Euro Football Daily Of course! it's to be expected, and you all do quite the job at it. As for the show, best in the biz as usual. Good to see you on the pod with Pato this week too.
Euro Football Daily
Euro Football Daily Maand geleden
Thanks for the feedback! By virtue of covering football from across the continent and beyond we do make the odd mistake, so I apologise. Hope you enjoyed the show apart from that! [Henry]
GamingQuickie Maand geleden
Alfredo moreosh sounds like some player lmao
Richie Young
Richie Young Maand geleden
@Euro Football Daily Henry 😂😂😂👋👋👋 good answer
I am Stevo
I am Stevo Maand geleden
@Euro Football Daily well played h balls
Euro Football Daily
Euro Football Daily Maand geleden
Channelling my inner Sean Connery [Henry]
Connor Abernethy
Connor Abernethy Maand geleden
He’s a fanny
Luke Ferguson
Luke Ferguson Maand geleden
😂😂😂 unrated comment
Alistaire Bosman
Alistaire Bosman Maand geleden
Edouard to Spurs would be a good shout.
Andrew Ragoo
Andrew Ragoo Maand geleden
Unaware of Kane's contract situation but if he stays I'm doubtful Edouard will join them
marcus mclean
marcus mclean Maand geleden
Jesus Edouard deserves a lot better than Spurs
Akimbo Cookie
Akimbo Cookie Maand geleden
Patson Daka is a beast.
Tomasz Elliott
Tomasz Elliott Maand geleden
He is going to the very top
claudio cruz
claudio cruz Maand geleden
Edouard to Southampton if Ings leaves? Could be a place for him
Macdonald Tk
Macdonald Tk Maand geleden
Leicester perfect for him
Feet Doritos
Feet Doritos Maand geleden
It would be a good place but Edouard most likely wouldn’t want to go there as he knows that bigger clubs are in for him.
Sylvin Kabongo
Sylvin Kabongo Maand geleden
Edward to Arsenal I don't think Arsenal should go for it. Arsenal need a Calvert-Lewin or Wilson.
Cat Daddy
Cat Daddy Maand geleden
@Andrew Ragoo Wilson ain't a bad player he will score goals
Andrew Ragoo
Andrew Ragoo Maand geleden
@Stan Harris I agree with your take on DCL. Arsenal taking wilson on would be a laugh for the world and money wasted for the club. A couple years ago, made sense but now, not at all. At least imo
Stan Harris
Stan Harris Maand geleden
I think Wilson would be good as a short term option as rotation with Lacazette but not sure he is a player for the future. I don't think DCL would join Arsenal tbh. I think he is better off staying with Ancellotti and Everton to really progress and improve. Maybe Man City or Man United will try and buy him in 18 months time
Sylvin Kabongo
Sylvin Kabongo Maand geleden
I agree with the Isco to Roma. Isco to Milan would be good to.
Benjamin Neville
Benjamin Neville Maand geleden
Friedkin's actually a good owner, he won't blow money on someone like Isco.
Jesse Gachuna
Jesse Gachuna Maand geleden
Isco to spurs
PietroFootball TV
PietroFootball TV Maand geleden
Only if calhanoglu doesn't sign a new contract
No Feet Memestealers
No Feet Memestealers Maand geleden
Isco to Roma
Timothy Orlando
Timothy Orlando Maand geleden
Isco to roma. 😐
Shervin Loghmani
Shervin Loghmani Maand geleden
Isco to Roma? Discuss.
Caiden Wilson
Caiden Wilson Maand geleden
Ground breaking stuff being talked about here!
Daniel Krob
Daniel Krob Maand geleden
What a heated discussion!
Liam Cunningham
Liam Cunningham Maand geleden
Happier Than Ever
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Happier Than Ever
Weergaven 10 mln.
F1 Drivers' First Cars 👀