The 10 Most Undeserved Title Shots In UFC History 

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18 apr. 2021




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ben fields
ben fields 22 uur geleden
Conor was already the 145 champ, sure he fought Nate at welterweight. You have to remember Dana has always said “there are no warm up fights in the UFC” and the fact that he was the champ. Is perfect grounds for a lightweight shot. He earned his shot being the best in his weight division which he could barely make weight in, if you become world champ u can fight any world champ in any weight class cause ur at the top. The Khabib match was legit bc when he left he was the 1st ever double champ champ he was being regarded as one of the goats at the time. He took a year off. Conor wasn’t beaten he had to vacate so for him to fight Khabib is perfect bc Khabib never beat him. Plus if he took off 5 years I’d say no but it was 1 year. I sort of agree with you about the Aldo shot, but you have to remember Conor DOMINATED everyone COMPLETELY, pre mendes fight. Just bc of how dominate he was on a 5 fight win streak I say was legit enough.
Bradurjen MC
Bradurjen MC 22 uur geleden
It just makes it so much better that masvidal got killed in that fight. Especially because this channel called it
TAX LAW YU Dag geleden
NO.1 HOLLY HOLM actually deserved every title shot,she was the champ before lost to MIESHA TATE due to a fifth round choke... it was quite justified..
Angelo Maraboli
Angelo Maraboli Dag geleden
Frank SHOULD be in the ufc HOF!
Steven Mansfield
Steven Mansfield Dag geleden
Jorge Masvidal woke up from that KO and thought trump was still president 😂
Ivan Iglesias
Ivan Iglesias Dag geleden
Man you are lameo
ati yiese
ati yiese 2 dagen geleden
What about Anderson Silva? Jon Jones don't deserve title shot too after failing drug test. No black fighters in the list is total bs!
Mark Dem
Mark Dem 2 dagen geleden
Masvidal did better on a 6 day notice than he did on a full camp 😂😂😂 Usman delivered the whole 10 piece family meal for Journeyman Jorge, but he died eating that Popeyes biscuit. No drink was included 😂
Paul Bagnoli
Paul Bagnoli 2 dagen geleden
the first entry on this list has aged like fine wine lol
Christopher Carrigg
Christopher Carrigg 2 dagen geleden
I only think mcgregors shot against khabib was unwarranted
Jimnosnow 4
Jimnosnow 4 2 dagen geleden
Wtf no.10 should be no.1 easily. Watched mma for so long and I’ve never seen a more undeserved title shot. In fact, only 2 title challengers have had immediate title shots. Rizzo and Shogun, they were both involved in razor close fights. Masvidal got 50-43’ed
MK Ultra
MK Ultra 3 dagen geleden
I’m from Lake Charles Louisiana... I can confirm it’s a shithole
Derek Boone
Derek Boone 3 dagen geleden
“Lake Charles, lousiana” and I took that personally
Robert Newell
Robert Newell 4 dagen geleden
UyemaTheGoat 4 dagen geleden
The Chad Mendes and khabib fights I can understand but the Alvarez one I disagree becoz as we've seen if ur the champ and want to go up all u have to do is ask. Adesanya did it Conor did it Henry did it
X6D 4 dagen geleden
Dylan Alberta
Dylan Alberta 4 dagen geleden
Yo what do u mean undeserved n show gambred u r mean af bro he has deserved more then 1 he fights anyone they call him to fight a tru soldier .
Carbozine 4 dagen geleden
I would have put mcgregor at 1 and Holm at 2. Mcgregor is over rated pure hype
WillJM81280 4 dagen geleden
Bisping himself was gifted a title shot. The only big names he’s beat were way after their prime. Oh and Hendo still jacked him with the overhand multiple times in his late 40’s not less.
Red Rain
Red Rain 4 dagen geleden
Bisping himself was past his prime, *and* with only one functional eye. Oh, and Danny boy was on trt for most of his career.
Isaac Chua
Isaac Chua 5 dagen geleden
Both Mcgregor's lightweight challenges should be here
DyLi -
DyLi - 5 dagen geleden
If it makes dollars, it makes sense.
shubham tamse
shubham tamse 5 dagen geleden
Chandler should be on this list.
Tony C
Tony C 6 dagen geleden
Vettori getting a title shot over Whittaker. Chandler getting a shot over Gaethje after one UFC fight over a guy that wasn't top 5.
Daniel Beesley
Daniel Beesley 6 dagen geleden
Chael P. Sonnen, and the P stands for “undeserved title shot”
Samson Guzman
Samson Guzman 6 dagen geleden
Conor mcgregor deserved a title shot
Conor Condon
Conor Condon 7 dagen geleden
Why won't conor face khabib the champ who never lost his belt v the guy who now holds it
Andy H
Andy H 7 dagen geleden
Not always fair but keeps the magic in UFC.
John M
John M 7 dagen geleden
POV: you're watching this after Masvidal damn near got decapitated 💀
Thicc Ricc
Thicc Ricc 7 dagen geleden
The UFC is not a sports organization until fighters cannot pick and choose who they fight and there is a system in place to determine who gets what title shot. As long as its left to the discretion of the suits, its entertainment, not unlike pro wrestling.
tujefa1981 8 dagen geleden
Why are people in denial about this? Yes popularity and drawing power is just as important as winning! Who gives a shit how good a fighter is if they have the personality of fly paper!
LKL Chriss
LKL Chriss 8 dagen geleden
And masvidal got knocked tf out while more prepared 🤦🏾‍♂️
the notorious one
the notorious one 8 dagen geleden
Cruz vs cejudo had to be here Last fight he lost to cody in 2016 and got a title shot after 4 yeal lay off due to injuryes
Its LumberJack
Its LumberJack 8 dagen geleden
Couture was a true savage
Sun Tzu
Sun Tzu 8 dagen geleden
Here to add Marvin Vettori
Jordan 7 dagen geleden
@Sun Tzu Whittaker was offered a title fight and said no.
Sun Tzu
Sun Tzu 7 dagen geleden
@Jordan he also beat three top contenders after that what are you smoking
Jordan 7 dagen geleden
@Sun Tzu He got knocked out by Izzy 2 years ago.
Sun Tzu
Sun Tzu 7 dagen geleden
@Jordan literally Robert Whittaker
Jordan 7 dagen geleden
Who else is there at mw tho?
Broke Man Fishing
Broke Man Fishing 8 dagen geleden
No uriah faber!? I remember they tried so hard to give him a belt towards the end of wec and into ufc
curlyhairedsimp 9 dagen geleden
why does Lober look like a small, less crazy Tank Abbott
Xander Quilter
Xander Quilter 9 dagen geleden
Atleast we say masvidal get absolutely clattered
josh mulligan
josh mulligan 9 dagen geleden
Masvidal got ONE lucky k.o. hes a bum backyard fighter who was in the right place at the tight time
Public Enemy
Public Enemy 9 dagen geleden
Jorge is all hype glad Kamaru humbled his ass
MrsB8T 9 dagen geleden
I agree on masvidal but its hard to argue about lesnar when he won
Dy Dy
Dy Dy 9 dagen geleden
Uhh... Didn't Cyborg actually called out Holm for that fight??? 😅
Steve Sayos
Steve Sayos 9 dagen geleden
He got knocked the f***** out lol
ArlindBlaze 9 dagen geleden
i wouldent say usmans first title show was undeserved. he beat darren till, who fought for the rirle right before he masvidal beat him, and he beat askren in quick success when askren was the talk of the town back then.
Dominic Stevens
Dominic Stevens 10 dagen geleden
He really just had to call us out in lake Charles 😂
Domkus Aivaras
Domkus Aivaras 10 dagen geleden
i thought biggest bs ever numer 1 would be michael vs olivera, i mean what dana is smoking.
Brojen Naorem
Brojen Naorem 10 dagen geleden
Well at least he deserves that KO. Super necessary
Tristan Symonette
Tristan Symonette 10 dagen geleden
#10 aged prophetically
Johnny Condit
Johnny Condit 10 dagen geleden
How about Jeremy Horn taking on Chuck Liddell at UFC 54
squizill 10 dagen geleden
Colby Covington the 🐐
J Bart
J Bart 10 dagen geleden
I always says that masvidal doesn't deserve a title shot, not even the rematch, but im glad that happened, black jesus got baptized and humbled.
Joshua Patrick
Joshua Patrick 10 dagen geleden
3:45 you wouldn’t be saying “ no offense” if you had ever been there. There’s a reason Nature repeatedly tries to destroy it off the face of the earth with Massive hurricanes and coastal erosion
Joshua Patrick
Joshua Patrick 10 dagen geleden
Masvidal is always a guy coming off the couch to every fight he’s in, he’s just not a top 5 contender, has never been one and will never be one
Joshua Patrick
Joshua Patrick 10 dagen geleden
Jorge definitely at the top of that list, he’s a scrub who had 3 mediocre victories against 3 mediocre opponents then turned on the hype Machine, and I’m no longer afraid he’ll find me and hurt Me because he resides in the shadow realm now..
lerch400block 10 dagen geleden
I miss the trt days
Antonio Bridgeforth
Antonio Bridgeforth 10 dagen geleden
Popularity Contest
Jesse Artrip
Jesse Artrip 10 dagen geleden
Man Masvidal looks even more out of place in that 2nd title fight now that he got flatlined.
Zack Knowles
Zack Knowles 10 dagen geleden
People don’t realize chael was 30 seconds away from being LHW champion, Jon broke his toe that round which would’ve required a stoppage
Landon tucker
Landon tucker 10 dagen geleden
Masvidal NEVER earned a shot
KR811 10 dagen geleden
He did but he turned it down and then took it up when Burns got COVID
Kev Madison
Kev Madison 10 dagen geleden
jorge definitely don't deserve it
joshx413 10 dagen geleden
I guess you could say Jorge got what he'd Ben Askren for
Snark Attark
Snark Attark 11 dagen geleden
Putting Jorge in the thumbnail is a decision that aged well
Matthew LaFleur
Matthew LaFleur 11 dagen geleden
I’m from Lake Charles Louisiana 😭😭
Cash Kearns
Cash Kearns 11 dagen geleden
Damn, you were right
Saint Pablo
Saint Pablo 11 dagen geleden
Top ten fighters who finished their opponent after being taunted during a fight
bcrpfc 11 dagen geleden
whos here after they literally just announced adesanya vs vettori 2 instead of whittaker
bo duke
bo duke 11 dagen geleden
I think Conor deserved the Aldo fight. Aldo had already beat everyone else if nothing else.
Johnathan Carr
Johnathan Carr 11 dagen geleden
Mas has just had his rematch and I know y’all saw it....
Dee Doo
Dee Doo 11 dagen geleden
you don't scare me bro
Branden Gilbert
Branden Gilbert 11 dagen geleden
Update: Jorge got rocked into the neatherealm
AMAN SOREN 11 dagen geleden
Anybody here after masvidal getting knocked out..?
orange tango
orange tango 11 dagen geleden
Oberrific 11 dagen geleden
Top 10 TUF contenders
Keegan •
Keegan • 12 dagen geleden
Add Marvin The Italian Dream to this list...
Moviefan 12 dagen geleden
Marvin Vettori now I get he’s on a winning streak but Whittaker has earned the title shot beating cannonier till and gastleum
Damasek 219
Damasek 219 12 dagen geleden
Street Jesus was a cool guy, until he converted into Corporate Clown.
Jeremy Walsh
Jeremy Walsh 12 dagen geleden
cmon think logically ... Jorge took the 1st first on 6 days notice ,, Usman still wasnt able to finish him which left a thorn in his backside .. Usman headbutted him twice hugged him and foot rubbed him 5 rounds and still wasnt able to finish him .. thought Usman is meant to be a high level grappler .. if so he should have been able to finish him right .. specially when is opponent took the fight on 6 days notice with a small fight camp . i understand why that left a thorn in his backside ... now logically think what a full fight camp is going to do .. #AndNew .. this is my prediction
Remy 10 dagen geleden
This didn't age well 😂
Cullan Wiltshire
Cullan Wiltshire 12 dagen geleden
Disagree with the mcgregor comment on Chad... Conor was coming off 5 wins in a 4 fighter division.... who else should he have fought before mendes?
Gatlin Claybern
Gatlin Claybern 12 dagen geleden
In my eyes no title shot is undeserved because it’s prize fighting. They are trying to get the biggest amount of money with the most entertaining fight. I understand that guys work their way up the ladder and even how some match up could have been better, but at the end of the day every fight is made to make money. Not sense.
Mark O
Mark O 12 dagen geleden
Holly Holm has had the toughest career of any human. All they've done is give her absolute killers.
OUF ouf
OUF ouf 12 dagen geleden
I mean, mcgregor defo didnt deserve a shot against Eddie or khabib, but cmon man, he beats 2 ranked contenders and you say he didnt deserve that interm title shot against mendes as much as masvidal deserves another shot at usman? I mean thats just bs...
Wayne Drew
Wayne Drew 12 dagen geleden
DEAL WITH IT. Savage Tommy
Joshua Thurgood
Joshua Thurgood 13 dagen geleden
Wrong right off the bat, put 3 title shots on any card and it'll sell.
Dklpep Dklpep
Dklpep Dklpep 13 dagen geleden
Just because Masvidal lost 4 rounds doesn’t mean it wasn’t competitive... losing a round doesn’t mean it wasn’t a competitive round
J.A.M 13 dagen geleden
It wasn’t ever about the Till fight.. it’s what happened afterwards with Edwards, the “3 piece and a soda”... then next he finally used his fight IQ to be the first man in MMA to defeat Askren. ...but the reality is, Mas hasn’t won more than 3 in a row in over a decade!! I was a Mas fan since 2011... but I hate how he’s been acting since the blowup. Almost everyone he talks ish about has a way better record than him. Soooooo. C’mon Mas. If he beats Usman than congrats... but I doubt it will happen...and it’s his SECOND chance in the same year! He’s very lucky, so I hope he’s training his ass off.
Joshua Alexander
Joshua Alexander 13 dagen geleden
man holly holm looked smokin in that black dress
Leny Corrales
Leny Corrales 13 dagen geleden
10 fighters who deserved a title shot but didn’t get it
Jaylen Lenear
Jaylen Lenear 13 dagen geleden
I kinda hate how fighters never protest stupid decisions made by the organization
Emmanuel Wharton
Emmanuel Wharton 13 dagen geleden
Do fighters that deserved a title shot but was overlooked
Jon Pell
Jon Pell 14 dagen geleden
Petr yan in his fight with aldo ( aldo should also be here but he has legacy value). Yan beat dodson and faber and gets a title shot lmao
Bradley Hagen
Bradley Hagen 14 dagen geleden
Nate Quarry vs Rich Franklin?
Jedaiah Henry
Jedaiah Henry 14 dagen geleden
Michael Chandler
CezrDaPleazr 14 dagen geleden
Michael Chandler gonna be on this list next time
Joseph Tenezaca
Joseph Tenezaca 14 dagen geleden
Holly Holms is like every fighter... I WANT ONLY TITLE SHOTS FROM HERE AND NOW
Chris L
Chris L 14 dagen geleden
Honestly colby should have gotten the title shot
white wolf
white wolf 14 dagen geleden
Holly was dominating Tate till the submission Division was light 2nd loss controversial
Wonderweiss Margela
Wonderweiss Margela 14 dagen geleden
yeah like conor wasnt on a 16 fight win streak and beat Holloway , Dustin aswell
holden cawffle
holden cawffle 14 dagen geleden
masvidal will get his ass kicked. WHO WANNA BET ME AND LOOSE MONEY???
A Var
A Var 14 dagen geleden
Ben rosette, your music absolutely sucks
Jayson Rivera
Jayson Rivera 14 dagen geleden
You going off "score cards" now a days is funny as hell lol according to Jan vs Izzy score card izzy got starched lmao fuck outta here
Yahia Khaled
Yahia Khaled 14 dagen geleden
Mcgregor vs Khabib was deserved because Mcgregor never lost the belt. Any other fighter in his position would've gotten the same
Yahia Khaled
Yahia Khaled 14 dagen geleden
Brock should've been higher on the list.
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