That's GRAMMY-Nominated BTS to You! 

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James Corden connects with the members of BTS, fresh off their first-ever GRAMMY nomination. After James shares a video of them reacting to the news of their nomination, the guys share what the achievement means to them. And before the guys share a special performance of "Dynamite," James gets an update on Suga and the group shares a message with fans.
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24 nov. 2020




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James Henry Smith
James Henry Smith 16 uur geleden
I think ON and Life Goes On are their Kpop songs, not Dynamite.
James Henry Smith
James Henry Smith 16 uur geleden
If you're crying when you wake up that means you need a better bed or a better job.
James Henry Smith
James Henry Smith 16 uur geleden
Dynamite is an all-English song just like BVNDIT Cool. It is not a Kpop song like Life Goes On.
• Zainab Ahmad Joiya •
PaPa MoChI, I mIsS yOu - Baby Mochi -
Aditi Sukhthankar
Aditi Sukhthankar 22 uur geleden
The relationship between them is insane I need a collaboration
anonymous Dag geleden
The album "BEE"?
Nicole B
Nicole B Dag geleden
The Mochi family must be reunited. And it feels so good. 👍🏽🥰❤️😩 They need to write a duet-“That Mochi Love” 🤣
Trishani Chatterjee
Trishani Chatterjee 2 dagen geleden
I really want a spill your guts with bts🙂🙂
Salman Khan
Salman Khan 2 dagen geleden
We 💜 you
R&S Associates
R&S Associates 2 dagen geleden
Everyone:YOONGI WE MISS YOU! yoongi: i thought i should recover quickly because i feel people will forgive me😢
Lynn's Gaming World
Lynn's Gaming World 3 dagen geleden
I’m just making a comment to make a comment lol
NoctLightCloud 4 dagen geleden
did they win? I'm kinda living under a rock
NoctLightCloud 3 dagen geleden
@Lynn's Gaming World but they only said nominated? they also won?
Lynn's Gaming World
Lynn's Gaming World 3 dagen geleden
It’s in the vid
Lynn's Gaming World
Lynn's Gaming World 3 dagen geleden
Yea they did
NELLYY 4 dagen geleden
NEVER MIND 4 dagen geleden
The way Jimin was laughing at the end. I was surprised he didn't end up on the floor.
Ani Solo
Ani Solo 5 dagen geleden
I really hope that they get this Grammy. They are the best 🙏❤️
• Alice •
• Alice • 5 dagen geleden
5:42 Omg, his laugh is so adorable.
pretty girl
pretty girl 6 dagen geleden
Wtf RM swear 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Luzycat7 6 dagen geleden
I´ll never et over the fact that James called Taehyung out lol
حروف مبعثره
حروف مبعثره 6 dagen geleden
انا عربيه لا افهم شيء اضحك فقط😂🤞
Rachel Dass
Rachel Dass 7 dagen geleden
Rm: translating faster than I can speak!!!! Me: 👁️👄👁️
Accalia 8 dagen geleden
Suga? 😢 I'm missing you.
Jungkook 97
Jungkook 97 9 dagen geleden
Literally prayed to god that BTS win, papa mochi we won’t let you down.
MongAce !!
MongAce !! 9 dagen geleden
BTS will win their nomination.
Procrastinator 4 dagen geleden
Time will tell.
Lola mo
Lola mo 9 dagen geleden
James is their favourite host. Look at Jimin laughing 😂 lol
Nasteho Mohamed
Nasteho Mohamed 9 dagen geleden
What did Jin say at the end to RM at 5:50
Hiii helo
Hiii helo 9 dagen geleden
taehyung is always look at jhope eyes and jungkook couldn’t take his eyes off to taehyung💔
BwL BTS 9 dagen geleden
BwL BTS 9 dagen geleden
Min Yoon-gi
Min Yoon-gi 10 dagen geleden
J-hope siempre se esmera por su inglé pura energía 😂🥰 LOVE YOU Bangtan💜
Je Paco
Je Paco 10 dagen geleden
The way Taehyung answer that omg he is so done
Dipak Jha
Dipak Jha 10 dagen geleden
rm is the translater for us. who treanslated what jin said in korean to english. hope for international army
Paulette B
Paulette B 10 dagen geleden
We miss BTS 💜
Hatice Şahin
Hatice Şahin 11 dagen geleden
Almay Taberna
Almay Taberna 12 dagen geleden
No rm.?
Shubham Jain
Shubham Jain 11 dagen geleden
No suga
Elonda Hipkins
Elonda Hipkins 12 dagen geleden
The Grammy's have been delayed until March because of Covid increases in CA!!!
Aliana Weentherzon
Aliana Weentherzon 12 dagen geleden
Querido James adoro cómo es tu amistad con los chicos de BTS Dios los bendiga a todos.
Korosh Gharib
Korosh Gharib 14 dagen geleden
They are Number One
Edwin Munoz92
Edwin Munoz92 14 dagen geleden
When you turn on the subtitles on 0:12 it’s say “BEE” instead of BE lol 😂
Hermoine Granger
Hermoine Granger 14 dagen geleden
I really missed Yoongi here😣
David Álvarez Rodriguez
David Álvarez Rodriguez 14 dagen geleden
SUGA SUGA SUGA SUGA SUGA SUGA SUGA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😭😭😭😭😭
L U J A B AJ 15 dagen geleden
Winter Bear
Winter Bear 15 dagen geleden
I miss Yoongi
Jungkookie 97
Jungkookie 97 15 dagen geleden
RM: it makes us wonder how proud our fans are right now Me: if I write a book with 1,00,00,000 pages on the topic of how proud I am (but not surprised bcs u guys are Amazing😎) it still wouldn't show how proud I really am I even cried when they won Love you Bangtan×A.R.M.Y💜💜 사랑해 Bangtan×A.R.M.Y💜💜
Arci Gurl
Arci Gurl 15 dagen geleden
Please measure Namjoon's height he's been 5'11 for too longgggg😃
Sharad Dubey
Sharad Dubey 16 dagen geleden
I think the 3 in 23 to jungkook means not zipping the 3 buttons if your shirt. I'm not saying I mind it
Menaka menaka
Menaka menaka 18 dagen geleden
Purple u BTS💜💜💜miss uuu suga hyung😭😭😭💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜
Cecelia Gilbert
Cecelia Gilbert 18 dagen geleden
"I cry every morning when I wake up". Honestly, James Corden is such a mood; same.
Queen POTATO 18 dagen geleden
I'm so proud of them omg. PROUD ARMY FOREVER
Mimi Zelinka
Mimi Zelinka 19 dagen geleden
I wish that I could have powers. TO DASH THIS COVID-19 AWAY. GRRRRRRRR I HATE CORONA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Clarissa Claudio's
Clarissa Claudio's 19 dagen geleden
i love bts one of them is my son that's my jimin my baby mochi
Anannya Roy
Anannya Roy 20 dagen geleden
Where is Suga??
Lola mo
Lola mo 9 dagen geleden
Norsyamiha Afiqa
Norsyamiha Afiqa 21 dag geleden
i do miss papa mochi and his baby
crispy tripsy
crispy tripsy 21 dag geleden
GRAMMY is overhyped and corrupted too, BTS would have already won many GRAMMYs if nominations were done fairly
Kimberlly Gabriela Andino Garcia
Papa mochi i miss you ❤️
k_ mousseau
k_ mousseau 21 dag geleden
Was anyone else expecting Jimin to fall out of his chair while laughing at the end? Just me? Ok
k_ mousseau
k_ mousseau 21 dag geleden
J-Hope's English came out of nowhere!! I'm Jungshook
Tanush 21 dag geleden
You need to correct your subtitles like cmon the album is BE not BEE 🐝🤷🏻‍♀️ 0:12
Sophie 22 dagen geleden
Procrastinator 18 dagen geleden
Mem Welly
Mem Welly 23 dagen geleden
papa mochi and baby mochi part is sooooo cuteeee🤗🤗🤗🤗
NervousBunnyGaming 23 dagen geleden
ya'll don't even know how proud we are you guys T-T T-T love you so much!
M Smith
M Smith 23 dagen geleden
I think *EVERYBODY* has listened to Dynamite *at LEAST* 40 times since they released it a few months ago. Pick a song that we *haven't* listened to before.
Vinos Mosa
Vinos Mosa 23 dagen geleden
is no one gonna mention how much j hopes english has improved????
Just Awake
Just Awake 23 dagen geleden
I love the fact that the staff were casually laughing at watching Baby Mochi and Papa Mochi interact and they kept them in. The Late Late show Loves BTS I'm sure.
Jono_Number _01
Jono_Number _01 25 dagen geleden
“How is suga doing?” BTS: *a mess*
Mohanan Chakkery
Mohanan Chakkery 25 dagen geleden
Bts I purple you..... I miss you ma suga oppa. ........
kook attack
kook attack 25 dagen geleden
bts u nice keep going
Lutfun Nahar Oisi
Lutfun Nahar Oisi 25 dagen geleden
Our papa mochi is sooo proud of his baby mochi......Love you papa mochi!!!!!!!!!
hyunjin’s black hair
hyunjin’s black hair 25 dagen geleden
Sf9gends 25 dagen geleden
Suga's soul entered V's body during the reaction
MM Carts24
MM Carts24 26 dagen geleden
The aromatic butane notablely attract because transmission ethnopharmacologically transport underneath a laughable quotation. difficult, quiet bookcase
Kim Vuong
Kim Vuong 26 dagen geleden
Linda Marsh BTS-ARMY
Linda Marsh BTS-ARMY 14 dagen geleden
its the 1 subscriber and no content for me.
n o
n o 26 dagen geleden
seems like you like them enough to waste time of ur day to comment something this useless😸
Johny Garg
Johny Garg 27 dagen geleden
pahuni 27 dagen geleden
Hobi's english though👏👏❤❤
Belen belu ARMY
Belen belu ARMY 27 dagen geleden
Plus sub español???!!!🙏🙏🙏😘♥
Parthiv Majumder
Parthiv Majumder 27 dagen geleden
They truly deserved this!!! 💜💜💜💜💜💜💜
Nimela Aiden
Nimela Aiden 28 dagen geleden
The agonizing fold initially mine because venezuelan natively clean anenst a adamant toast. rainy, neat wallet
jake hoon
jake hoon 28 dagen geleden
jake hoon
jake hoon 28 dagen geleden
Jimin and James cordon in the end🤣🤣
omigiris 29 dagen geleden
"I cry every morning when I wake up" I felt that.
Ailene Romanlab
Ailene Romanlab 29 dagen geleden
I miss Suga❣️❣️❣️
kim taegi
kim taegi 29 dagen geleden
D. Decker
D. Decker Maand geleden
The way Jimin asked James if he have listened to their album was so sincere and candid. He really wanna know what his “Papa Mochi” feels about it. 💜 Also, their interactions at end of the interview were so adorable!
sandra Maand geleden
“i cry every morning when i wake up” MOOD LMFAOOO😭😭
Sloan E.
Sloan E. Maand geleden
When excited news is given, some people cheer, some cry, and Taehyung.... His nostrils flare up.
beatriz caamaño
beatriz caamaño Maand geleden
KIM TAEHYUNG♥V♥Big hit stop with TAE♥
Sita Rani
Sita Rani Maand geleden
" We're here with The biggest *POP* Gro--" Me: WHERE'S THE LIKE BUTTON
Alice Johnson
Alice Johnson Maand geleden
V: * doesn't react * Flash back to "what are your favourite lyrics?" V: oh nananana😐
Sumani Yasmin
Sumani Yasmin Maand geleden
I am living for Jimin snatching all the Talk Show hosts~
Caiel Armbrister
Caiel Armbrister Maand geleden
"Papa Mochi i miss you" In actual tears 😭😭😭😭😭
susana mendez
susana mendez Maand geleden
vamos por ese premio para hacerlos felices
Sarah de Louw
Sarah de Louw Maand geleden
A not bts fan: Omg this song is sooo amazing me: oh its from bts That person: who is bts? me: explaining that they are korean that person: i dont like it anymore me: because they are korean? that person: goes away me: giving dirty look MORAL OF THE STORY: DO NOT JUDGE PEOPLE BY HOW THEY LOOK OR WHERE THEY COME FROM AND: BTS IS THE BEST
TheBookCover12 Maand geleden
When jimin asked James whether he had listened to their album & he raved about Dynamite, I low key feel like he did not listen to their album. LOL but then again these hosts are so busy and has so many artists on their show that they probably cant keep track of albums and stuff like that anymore.
ami 26 dagen geleden
Yeah... It still kind of hurts yk, it seemed very obvious he hadn't listened to it. Specially since they're supposed to have this 'friendship'
acid briana
acid briana Maand geleden
Same. The whole video was really awkward and James basically reduces BE to Dynamite. Also, the boys seemed uncomfortable when they talked about Yoongi. I hope he's actually ok.
SoberWitch Maand geleden
I'm not used to seeing 6 members so I keep searching for the 7th member but then I realize
God's babygirl
God's babygirl Maand geleden
Jhope screaming "WE DID IT!!✊" made me so happy!! May GOD bless you more BTS 🦋❤
whether Namjoon already has a fiancé ??
sapna sinha
sapna sinha Maand geleden
Jin always - world wide handsome, also jin - thank you army!
Irene Baganda
Irene Baganda Maand geleden
I know that will be their best performance so far. The way they have all been waiting for this. They deserve this so much and I couldn't be happier for them.
jajala balaraju
jajala balaraju Maand geleden
where is suga in this interview
Rozeena Alam
Rozeena Alam Maand geleden
Get well soon shooky
PIA EDANG Maand geleden
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